no progress without struggle!

the episode was fake

[clutching shock blanket]

i don’t care if people call me crazy at this point

here is the evidence that makes me still believe in this god forsaken show against all odds:

- why would the tagline from the season 4 promo pics be directly lifted from clue unless they were intending on presenting us with multiple alternate endings to the series
- why was john chained to the bottom of the well and then able to be rescued by a rope, despite the show’s extremely close attention to detail other than to demonstrate that those who don’t look closely, or even logically at a show are going to be the ones to completely ignore all of its subtext
- why would there be so much emphasis placed upon ‘making television history’
- where was the rug pull
- what about the LGB report
- what about The Gay Pilot
- what about moffat and gatiss’ description of surprises and ‘traumatising a generation’
- why reference oscar wilde in TFP unless it was intended to demonstrate how in this alternate reality we are being presented with a story that caters to the heteronormative masses
- why would sherlock, obviously gay sherlock, kermit fucking sherlock, who knows next to nothing about politics except for the significance of margaret thatcher (honestly i could go into more detail on this, people already have) - why would HE not know who oscar wilde is
- what was the significance of the twitter game if not referencing real events within the show related to mary’s death, unless these events are directly a result of sherlock and john’s relationship and therefore unable to be shown in the decoy episode
- why is TFP so drastically different from the rest of sherlock? because it’s deliberately crafted to show us a reality in with their relationship isn’t the fundamental basis of the narrative
- why include the umbrella knife sword gun / killer clown / paintings crying blood etc. other than to demonstrate the absolute ridiculousness of this episode, highlighting just how fake it actually is
- why was john able to escape from being “shot” by eurus and why was he not visibly harmed or concerned in any way
- why was john’s character arc and internal emotional journey cut short? because it cannot progress without it becoming textually clear that his struggles are linked to his romantic feelings for sherlock
- why was the smoking gun shown to us in TLD not the same model as the one eurus used to “shoot” john?
- why include so many elephants? hint: there is no other reason for there to be elephants. this is not queerbaiting. this is an intentional TJLC nod.
- what was the narrative significance of TAB if not to show us the outcome of the series?
- why draw so much attention to conspiracy theories and “invisible armies”? another TJLC nod.
- “is cup of tea code?” … “wouldn’t you prefer coffee?”
- why suddenly and inexplicably give mary a redemption arc despite her being a mirror for a character who uses her death to drive sherlock and john apart? because it’s linked to their romantic relationship.
- why did john suddenly forget completely about his wife’s death despite being obviously deeply affected in the previous episode? again, because furthering his emotional arc would mean making johnlock textually explicit.
- why place such emphasis upon “romantic entanglement”?
- why say that sherlock is “back - and this time in love” in all of the advertisements?
- why would all of the actors be so proud of making TFP if it was a lower standard than all of the other episodes combined?
- why do people “always stop at three”?
- why is moffat supposedly more proud of TFP than ASiB?
- why would they allow the full episode to be leaked twice when they have been so quick to shut down any potential leaks of just promo pictures for previous episodes?
- why would they post about the leak on the sherlock facebook page other than to draw attention to it?
- why would gatiss ever make a show using queerbaiting when he’s literally a gay man?
- why would moffat and gatiss, writers who have spoken emphatically about the need for LGBT+ representation, go so drastically against their own moral principles?
- why would the parallels in season four imply that the final episode was supposed to mirror ASiP and then have that dropped?
- why were we presented with an episode that draws absolutely no reference to anything that has ever happened in the rest of the show when the narrative is based upon mirrors, parallels, and references?

because we didn’t see the actual episode

instead we saw moffat and gatiss demonstrating how terrible the show would be if sherlock and john weren’t romantically involved. this is to put emphasis upon how crucial their relationship is to the narrative and brilliance of the show.


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The Lotus Can Grow Only from the Mud: Acceptance Practice

‘Being aware of our jealousy, judgments, and fear is already a positive step towards acceptance. When we accept ourselves as we are, we do not any longer need to fight to change ourselves. The moment we become aware that we are being to critical of ourselves and we accept our negative seeds, we are already making progress. People who are unaware of their negative energies will have difficulty making progress.

Even so, striving to increase our compassion does not mean that instantly there are only positive elements in us. If this were the case, there would be no need to practice. It is exactly because we have the seeds of negative energies in us that we continue to practice. The practice is easy: just become aware of our negative energies, and in just cultivating this awareness, we will make steady steps on the path. Conflict is not necessary.

We practice like the lotus flower and the mud. The lotus flower does not think, “I do not want the mud.” The lotus knows that it can bloom beautifully only because of the mud. For us, the same is true. We have negative seeds within us, the element of mud; it we know how to accept this, we accept ourselves. The flower does not need to get rid of the mud. Without mud, it will die.

Unless we have garbage, we cannot have flowers. We should not judge ourselves or others. We only need to practice acceptance and there will be progress without struggle. The process of transformation and healing requires ongoing practice. We produce garbage every day, so we need to practice continuously to take care of our garbage in order to make it into flowers.

There may be friends around us who seem to practice better than we do, but it is important to accept who we are and not reject ourselves or our efforts. If we have within us only 10 percent flowers and 90 percent garbage, we may wish we had 90 percent flowers and only 10 percent garbage, but this kind of thinking does not help. We have to accept the 90 percent garbage in order to be able to increase the 10 percent flowers to 12 percent, then 14 percent, and then 20 percent. This acceptance will bring us peace, and then we will not be caught in an inner struggle. Even those who produce many flowers daily have garbage and must practice continuously. It is okay for us to have the mud of suffering if we know how to practice. The Buddha said, “You cannot grow lotus on marble. You have to grow it in mud.”

Even an enlightened person has to practice like this. You might wonder why a person who has accomplished so much still needs to practice. She does it in order to continue transforming the garbage. You might imagine an enlightened person is someone who does not need to practice anymore, but this is not true. She needs to practice to continue being happy, just as you and I do. She never stops practicing mindful breathing, smiling, and walking. This way she continues to generate within herself the flowers of joy.’

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Creating True Peace: Ending Conflict in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community and The World.

10 Facts that will simply your life

 1. That moment when you randomly feel depressed for no apparent reason may indicate that you’re actually missing someone.

2. A girl’s favorite song will tell you more about her feelings than her lips ever will.

3. People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better, both physical and emotional.

4. Some people are funny. They spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t even like.

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“On some days, it feels like my scholars are drifting out into the ocean, and I’m trying to paddle toward them to save them, but they keep getting farther and farther away from me. It can be tough to keep them engaged. Many of them don’t believe in themselves. If the material gets too hard, they’ll lose confidence, and try to find ways to not deal with it directly. Instead of struggling, they’ll decide not to care. So we try to teach them that struggle is necessary, and it’s alright. I always remind them of the Frederick Douglass said: ‘Without struggle, there can be no progress.’”

Have you ever felt stagnant in your writing? Like you’re writing about the same thing, in the same style, over and over again, without making any progress? I’ve been struggling with that feeling off and on lately. Some days I get so low about it that I won’t write anything. I’ve been spending so much energy on this book that I’m not putting up nearly as much new content as I normally do, so I’ve been digging through my archive. To see the differences between my writing two years ago, and my writing today was pretty fucking amazing. Even if you don’t think you’re improving, or getting anywhere, you are, you just don’t realize it. If you have ever felt that way, take a look back at some of your earlier stuff. You’ll be surprised at what you’ve accomplished. Also, if you have just started writing, keep at it, and know that in time you’ll get better.