no problem is too big for him to handle


This was my favorite part of this episode. Here’s why:

So here comes Daesung, trailing after Seungri, hands full with bowls of washed lettuce and whatnot. He’s taking his sweet time and, in typical introvert fashion, complaining about how he isn’t ready to return to camp yet (“I don’t feel like going back”)… but the second he sees TOP tending to the fire his demeanor changes.

He’s all, “Whoa, look at that fire! You okay over there?” There’s a teasing note to it, yes. Because he’s already been on TOP’s case once today about the importance of washing his hands before handling meat that they’re all going to eat, come on, hyung.

But just underneath that there’s genuine concern, too. Because Daesung cares. And TOP is Big Bang’s big baby, after all. Someone’s gotta look after him. Daesung doesn’t call himself his nanny for nothing; one look at TOP dutifully manning the grill and he knows he’s having a hard time.

At Daesung’s voice TOP turns and– finally, someone who will listen to him! “The tongs are too short,” he complains, though by now he’s laughing at himself a little too. He knows his problems are trivial, but he just… he needs to unload on someone. The fire is hot! It hurts his hand! Why won’t anyone acknowledge that he’s struggling?

Poor TOP, the others all shot him down when he made a fuss about the heat from the fire burning his hand: “What do you want! Leave me alone!” They were so done with him right from the start; they had work of their own to do and no patience for his whining. But then along came Daesung, offering him an ear and an opportunity to vent his frustrations a bit. And really, sometimes that’s all TOP needs to keep going: someone who recognizes that, above all, he just wants to be heard.

Daesung is so good to him. 😭 😭 😭

anonymous asked:

deadass wanted to kms seeing minho meeting melania. like uhm, do ya kno, how shitty, her shit bag, of a husband, is??? i was shook that everyone was just like "omg lol he's with melania wow," like all yall really jus gon act like shes not also a part of whats wrong with america atm. idk das jus me, im disgusted and like shook B.

I agree. I didn’t post any pictures because she and her husband have personally targeted people like me and many of my followers on a varying level of grounds, whether it be on basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, you name it.

However, take solace in the following:

Minho did not volunteer to meet Melania. Minho was slated to appear at this event months ago; the purpose of the event was to promote women and girl’s athletics. The underlying reason was to get people excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics, and big names were present at the event.

Minho, then, was at this event to encourage younger girls to follow their dreams of athletics, irrespective of what society tells them they should do; the summary of his speech was, if you wanna be an athlete, follow your dream and don’t let society tell you no.

So why was Melania there?

Well, the event took place at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, who hosted the event. The Trumps are currently on an Asia tour and while Minho has been slated to appear at this event for several months, Melania has not. Melania was there because Cheeto-in-Chief was speaking to South Korea’s current president, Moon Jae-In. Her speech discussed the importance of teamwork in sport, and she advocated for allowing girls equal access to sports facilities before encouraging those present to tune in to the WInter Olympics this February to see what countries would win the gold.

Now, my opinion on this is, as always, Melania is tone deaf. Because of Scrooge McDuck’s laundry list of sexist comments, actions, and legislature, her words hardly mean a damn thing. But on top of this, she is not addressing the real issue like Minho is. Melania’s comments imply women do not have access to sporting facilities in Korea. Korea has a big sexism problem when it comes to many issues. However, people, irrespective of gender or race, have equal access to facilities. Minho addressed the real problem; there is a very negative culture around women in athletics. Minho’s words, which encouraged young women to defy societal expectations and be who they truly want, actually addressed this issue by, for one thing, getting the problem right, and for another, advocating for real change. 

So, yeah. Minho was slated to be there before she was and he handled the topic at hand far better than she did. I hope people are not upset with Minho for this, because Melania’s appearance and words were not something he had any say in (and did you see the way he physically recoiled when she touched him?).

There’s a big difference between (incorrectly) pointing out a problem and saying “Girls can play too!” like Melania did (those are exact words), versus encouraging people to be a part of what CHANGES it. And that’s exactly why Minho nailed it.

Bad Moon Rising (Part 3)

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 4,400ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Hope you enjoy this final part!…

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Question, what was all that about the sacred oath? If you have the time to explain shortly I'd be grateful :)

Hi there! I’m guessing you’re catching up with S12? The short answer to that is, We don’t know, exactly, but Steve Yockey is doing the Lord’s work so it must be something awesome and #BLESS.

As for the long answer: the concept of ‘sacred oath’ was mentioned once in the episode Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets (S12E10). In a flashback to 1901, we see Cas - in a different vessel - explaining to his brother Akobel why a unit of angels is there to kill him: “You have broken our most sacred oath, and the penalty is death.”. From the context, it’s unclear whether Cas is referring to the creation of a Nephilim or to the fact Akobel’s chosen to leave Heaven to share his life with a human or even to the sexual congress between an angel and a human, and of course - the implications, especially concerning Destiel, are huge, which is why I seem to remember the fandom lost its freaking mind for entire week and everyone was just running around like -

Originally posted by nikolunasuicidamas

Now, Yockey is officially my favourite writer on Supernatural, which means every single thing he writes is more canon than canon to me, so this is how I read it - there must be a promise of some kind - if not a physical thing and angels spitting in their hands and cutting their palms open and chanting in a circle, then a sort of rule they are born into and no one breaks - something which is about not getting too close to humans, or else. It’s likely the death sentence is carried out for those angels who create Nephilim, since Nephilim are dangerous and more powerful than angels and also wildly unpredictable and difficult to hunt (we know angels can feel when a Nephilim is conceived but can’t actually find the thing, so that’s a problem for them), but we know for sure developing feelings for human beings and jumping in bed with them is not particularly encouraged either (in fact, as far as we know it’s severely punished). In fact, I can think of only a handful of angels who crossed that border and they’re all rebels and fugitives: Balthazar, Gabriel (who, now I think about it, actually had sex with images of women he created himself and a goddess from a different religion, so he might actually be off the hook), Lucifer (whatever sex he had with Sam was about torturing him, but it’s undeniable that at one point he did feel something for Sam, and maybe it wasn’t anything positive but it was too much anyway), and, of course, Cas himself. 

(Plus Anna, and maybe someone else I’m forgetting?) 

Anyway, proper angels, like Hannah, have showed distress in being subjected to human feelings, and understanding humans is canonically presented as difficult and frustrating and something angels don’t handle very well, if at all (see: Cas’ entire history with Dean). Now, in S12E10, Ishim confirmed once and for all something we’d long suspected: that the big problem for Heaven is not that angels are a threat to humans, but that humans are a threat to angels; that by developing feelings, angels may become vulnerable. This, of course, is not a new idea and it’s also a concept Supernatural has been toying with since S4 - hence Cas’ unwilling admission to Dean, remember? “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. To you. Even to your brother. They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment.” (S04E16). What’s more or less new is that with time, Supernatural has shifted a central issue that used to be mostly between Sam and Dean so it would include every major player in this universe, and arguably made it into the most important question on the show: does love make you stronger or weaker? In the case of non-human characters, so far the narrative hasn’t been very forgiving: love made both Crowley and Cas more vulnerable, and led them to self-sacrifice or questionable choices more than once. Love is also the reason why Benny is still living a shitty life in Purgatory and - in a way - the reason some people chose ‘death by Winchester’ rather than being turned and harm their loved ones (think Madison, for instance). As for humans, well, things are somehow even bleaker. Love is why Amelia Novak lost her mind and sacrificed her daughter, and why Jimmy Novak lost his life and his family (his love for God at first, and for Claire second). Love is why Mary sold Sam to a demon, and why both John and Dean went to Hell, and love is also where Sam found enough strength to conquer Lucifer and jump into the Cage, thus damning himself to an eternity of suffering. The list goes on and on, and while loving one another can lead to good things for our heroes (like Dean saving Cas from mind control with the power of his purely platonic affection), it can also cause the death of hundreds, if not thousands, of regular people (think Sam and Dean choosing not to close the Gates of Hell). In this sense, Steve Yockey’s insertion of a ‘sacred oath’ preventing angels from, let’s say, have sex with humans under pain of death is perfectly coherent with the narrative and also putsanother obstacle on the path of our favourite subtextual love story: Cas is already despised by his kind for a number of reasons - and, at this point, it’s safe to assume many of his brothers think he and Dean are definitely doing it - but this oath is both a binding law and an internal boundary for him - something he’s carried within himself for millions of years. We know sex is something Cas knows well from a theoretical point of view and also something he actively enjoys; we used to read the fact he hasn’t sought any partner for himself (and deliberately pushed Hannah away) since he regained his Grace as a) a consequence of the world basically burning up in flames around him week in, week out and b) his profoundly non-romantic friendship with Dean, but maybe there’s this other thing we need to factor in - a last connection to his truest angelic self and the first of Heaven’s laws - an almost innate wariness and distrust and fear of such a deep connection - not only of sex, but of sex with someone with whom he’s shared way too much already. 

Hell, who knows. That’s how I like to read the situation because, again, I like Yockey’s take on this world, but as I said above, we actually don’t know much about this ‘sacred oath’ thing - it’s just yet another tantalizing tessera of a world we somehow still can’t grasp, not fully - something enormous and life-changing and incredibly interesting which, I’m betting half my liver on this, will never be mentioned again.   

anonymous asked:

Kagehina + 11? :0

#11 - partners in crime au (this ended up being a first years leverage AU? I hope that’s okay)

“You shut your entire face.” Shouyou whispers into the coms while he waits for Tobio to get to him.

“Don’t tell me what to do when I have to bail your useless ass out yet again because you can’t do a simple lift.” Tobio snaps back, huffing a little bit between his words. He’s probably running. Which is good because Shouyou doesn’t have a lot of time.

“Well at least I can talk to people, unlike some antisocial thieves I could mention.”

“No one gives a shit about talking to people.”

“No, you don’t give a shit about talking to people.”

“Guys, if we’re made because of you I’m going to be extremely disappointed.” Yamaguchi interrupts with a casual murmur, trying not to be too obvious since he’s down in the main hall with a whole bunch of random people and the mark. Shouyou and Tobio both shut their mouths, the audible click making Tsukishima laugh because he’s a big fat jerk.

Shouyou tries not to look too suspicious as he hangs around the locked door he’s supposed to be going through. Not that he couldn’t handle anyone who gives him problems, but a person laying on the ground out cold is more suspicious than someone just standing around so he’s trying not to knock people out today. Which is why he was supposed to lift the key from the guard but his thievery skills are poor at best and he had ended up with no key and the guard already through the door.

So Shouyou listens as Yachi and Yamaguchi tag team the mark, playing him like some kind of musical instrument, and starts to get impatient. He’s just about to ask Tobio what’s taking him so long when Tobio comes running around the corner. He looks pissed but that’s completely normal.

“Finally, what took you so-”

Tobio runs straight into Shouyou and pushes him up against the door. The lock is digging in to Shouyou’s back but he’s a bit too busy kissing Tobio to complain. He wants to ask what is going on but one of Tobio’s hands is palming his ass while the other works on the lock and Shouyou can’t help but make an appreciative sound in his throat.

Someone behind Tobio clears their throat and it’s like a bucket full of ice water for Shouyou’s libido. 

Tobio pulls back from Shouyou and cranes his neck to glare at the intruder. His cheeks are a little pink but Shouyou is the only one who is really breathing hard. Behind Shouyou Tobio’s deft fingers keep working on the lock.

“What.” Tobio snaps, it’s not a question.

“Uh-” The guy starts but Tobio just keeps on going, making his glaring face work for him.

“We’re busy. Get lost.”

Shouyou gets what Tobio’s doing. This isn’t the first time. He helps Tobio along by leaning up to bite at Tobio’s neck. Tobio shudders above him.

“When you’re done, if you could just-”

“Get. Lost.” Tobio repeats.

The guy nods and backs away quickly. Tobio leans forward and kisses Shouyou again, even though there’s no one around to perform for. Behind Shouyou the lock clicks and the door opens and Tobio pushes Shouyou back through it and against a wall in the room beyond.

“Why is that lockpicking thing so hot?” Shouyou asks him between kisses.

“Gross.” Tsukishima says over the coms.

“This isn’t a pleasure cruise.” Yamaguchi reminds them softly.

Tobio pulls back and the look on his face tells Shouyou that they will finish this later.

“Let’s go steal this guy’s entire company,” Shouyou tells him.

I’m still filling prompts for this post today~!

As I’ve been thinking about Defenders (which is really a problem, I don’t have time to watch it again, I have to work) I’ve realized that I’m pretty pissed about how Claire and Matty were handled in the show. I get that Claire was a big part of Luke Cage and Iron Fist but her start was on Daredevil. Even if their romantic relationship didn’t work out, Matty was the one who introduced Claire to the other side of New York City. And the excuse of him putting her in danger constantly and her being too torn up about the incident at the hospital doesn’t work. I’m not saying those things weren’t important or life changing, because they were for Claire. But she was in dangerous situations with Luke and she went to freaking China with Danny. She was in the middle of things with the Hand, almost more than she had been with Matty. So don’t tell me she can’t handle herself or stressful situations. She’s clearly learned how to. So why couldn’t Claire and Matty reconcile in Defenders? Why couldn’t they take just a couple minutes to let them acknowledge each other and what they used to mean to each other? Claire knew all of the Defenders before they came together, not just Danny and Luke, and maybe not Jess very well but still. Don’t sweep her individual relationship with each hero under the rug because you want to focus on her relationship with Luke. She knows them all, she’s helped them all, and she’s also a strong woman outside of them. Because of her interactions with each hero, she’s grown stronger so don’t hide away how they’ve helped her grow.

Bill is a safe harbor. For Fleur, for his too-pretty-wild-child children, for his mother, for his brothers, he is something tall and strong and smart. He soothes, he solves, he takes problems onto his broad shoulders like a proper husband, father, oldest brother, son. 

He forgets sometimes that he is not made of strength - that his muscle and smooth magical competence and ponytail do not afford him freedom from his emotions. When he’s sad, or angry, or hurt, or dealing with things too big to handle himself, it puzzles him. He pushes it away, tries to do it anyway. 

It’s Fleur who offers him a place to be soft, vulnerable, exhausted. She kisses his strong shoulders and strokes his rebel hair, and reminds him that she loves him for all of the falling apart he needs to after spending so much of his net energy holding his world together. 


pairing: Gaara/Sakura with some Neji/Sakura

summary: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ But just about everything is a possible enemy in a zombie apocalypse. Sakura crosses paths with a particular thief once more and has an unexpectedly pleasant night, trapped in a condemned building’s basement. 

notes: i’m like 3 hours late for @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone fluff friday, enemy prompt, but eeeeyyyy better late than never. some fluff in a pretty grim setting hello did you know i have a zombie apocalypse au (i have a couple other drabbles set in this universe that i wanna write one day)

Konoha had been more of a tourist destination – a vacation retreat – than an actual town. With the large fortress and temple, the meticulously cared for gardens, hot spring, multitude of places to eat, and the tall, sturdy, stone wall that encircled the village, tucked away in the middle of the forest, it all seemed like something out of a folk tale.

In the end, it was the wall that saved them.

When people first started to get sick, the townsfolk didn’t think much of it and simply cared for their ill as best as they could, slowly becoming more worried as they listened to the news that an epidemic had spread across Japan.

Had spread across the world.

When communications to the outside went down and those who had fallen ill began to… react, there was mass panic throughout the country.

It was that tall wall - strong and stone and unrelenting - that kept the walking corpses out and the people of Konoha safe.

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lizardcool17  asked:

Drag AU. It's Sara's birthday and as a present Mickey allows Sara to do what ever she wants. So with this opportunity Sara decides to get a little revenge on her brother by giving him a full drag make over and then go clubbing with him. Mickey tolerates Sara's demands because he wants to make his sister happy but while at the club he runs into Emil.

I know I’m still on vacation and my tabtop (tablet laptop) is not the easiest to type on, but I had to answer this ask.

Also, I changed it from their birthday to a lost bet. Mostly because I imagine they’d want to celebrate with all of their friends for their birthday~

“Absolutely not.” Michele crossed his arms over his chest, narrowing his eyes at his twin sister. 

“Fair is fair, Mickey,” she sang, lacing her fingers and grinning like the Cheshire cat. “I won, so you have to do anything I say.”

She was right, of course. But Michele didn’t want to admit it. He was so certain he would be victorious, that he didn’t stop to consider what would happen if he actually lost.

And here he was.

Now Sara wouldn’t have to wait until she was thirty to start dating - his terms - and he had to do whatever she wanted.

Just great.

“I won’t do it,” he insisted, eyeing the skirt she held in her hand.

“Oh, Mickey. It’ll be just like when we were little and we used to play dress-up in our-”

“You promised to take that to your grave,” he hissed, glancing from side to side as if someone could somehow overhear them through the thick walls of their shared apartment.

“Okay, I won’t mention the gowns,” she began, “Or the necklaces, or the heels-”

“Sara,” he warned.

“Or the tea parties,” she added quickly with a smile. “You know, Mickey. It’s completely acceptable for a man to like those things.”

“Of course it is,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “But I don’t need it getting around to the other skaters, okay?”

“My lips are sealed,” she swore and then held the skirt up again. “So, makeover first and then,” she paused with a wicked little grin, “we’re heading to the club.”


Michele was aware of every pair of eyes on him as he stepped into the club behind his sister. He was already a good head taller than her as it was, but with the heels on, he felt like a human tower.

As he walked, he suddenly wished he hadn’t scoffed at the tights she’d offered him and actually accepted. His legs were still smooth from his last wax, but he felt so exposed with the skirt, which now felt ten times shorter than it had at home.

“C’mon, Mickey,” she called, waving him closer and heading toward the bar. He followed behind her, wishing desperately that they’d decided on an alias for him, just for the night. “Two of the special, please,” she ordered.

“Sure thing, ladies,” the bartender replied and turned his back to fix their drinks.

“Sara,” Michele whispered, moving closer to her and clutching her arm, the gazes of the other club-goers finally getting to him. “I want to go home.”

“No way, Mickey.” She pouted up at him. “We just got here.” Then she added, “And we agreed it would be a full night out.” 

Michele groaned and leaned against the bar. “How many hours is that?”

The bartender brought their drinks over and set them down. Sara thanked him and grabbed her glass. bringing her straw to her lips. “I haven’t decided yet.”

He sighed and picked up his own drink, brushing away some of the stray hairs from the wig he wore, which had stuck to the obscene amount of gloss his sister had slathered onto his lips.

“Excuse me, miss,” someone drawled from beside them. “Would you care to dance?”

Michele’s blood began to boil. How dare someone proposition his sister right in front of him?! He opened his mouth, but remembered himself, speaking in a slightly higher pitch than normal.

“She’s not interested,” he spat, eyes blazing.

“Oh, well,” the man floundered, his cheeks pink. “Well, I, um, I actually meant-”

“Did I not say it clearly enough?” Michele stood up to his full height, even taller with the heels on. “Not. Interested.”

“Right, uh…” He cleared his throat. “Sorry, then.” And then he backed away, disappearing into the throng of people on the dance floor.


“Like I’d let that lowlife dance with you.” He sneered. “What a-”

Mickey,” she said again, louder this time. “He wasn’t asking me to dance.”

He furrowed his brow, blinking in confusion. “Of course he was.”

“No.” She barely hid a smile as she rolled her eyes fondly. “He was asking you.”

“He was not,” he began, but Sara shook her head and gestured toward a group of men who were looking their way, but quickly busied themselves when pointed out. “He…was?”

“You’re quite popular, it seems,” Sara said, puffing out her chest proudly. “I’d say it’s my flawless makeup technique, but I think it has something to do with those legs of yours,” she teased.

Michele unconsciously tugged his skirt down. It felt even shorter than ever.

“Anyway, I’m going to slip into the bathroom to powder my nose,” Sara said. “But at least I don’t have to worry about protecting my big brother.” She grinned. “I think you can handle yourself for a few minutes.” And then she, too, was gone.

Michele fiddled with his straw, bringing it to his lips and chewing on the end as he waited for her to return. He knew he could send the next guy packing, no problem, but he really didn’t feel like talking to anyone else.

Maybe when Sara got back, he could talk her into dancing just the two of them and then, after a suitable amount of time had passed, they could leave.

He was deep in thought when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss, but I think you dropped your-” But the man froze, his deep blue eyes going wide. “Mickey?”

Michele swallowed, icy panic settling in his stomach. He licked his lips nervously before stuttering a quick, “Emil?!”

Ah ha ha. Well, Emil was in this for about two seconds, but…
I got excited about Mickey in a short skirt and heels. The world needs more of that.

Thanks for the lovely prompt and sorry it took me so long to respond!! 


Come a Little Bit Closer

Peter Quill x Reader Oneshot

Summary – Peter Quill is an intergalactic ladies’ man, but there’s one woman who seems to be immune to his charms.  Will a chance encounter with a jealous suitor help both of them see that they were meant for one another?  Based on Jay and the Americans’ Come a Little Bit Closer from the GotG Vol. 2 soundtrack.

Warnings – Fluff, a very foul-mouthed Groot, and drinking

Word Count –3K

Notes:  This was my first foray into writing Peter Quill…I hope you enjoy! 


YN was awoken from her nap as the Milano touched down.  She was a bit confused since they’d just been on Xandar awaiting the return of Rocket, Gamora, and Drax.  It was only supposed to have been a short stop for supplies, so she’d opted not to venture into the capital city.  They’d just had a nasty run in with the Skrulls and she was exhausted.

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Dating Jason Todd Would Include....

Request: Wow welcome! Excited for your blog I’m a huge Jason Todd fan so any headcannon would be amazing and some headcanons about jason todd pls? thanks and welcome to tumblr from anons.

I hope you like it.

  • Him calling you babe, baby, or doll
  • You calling him Jay
  • Stealing his leather jackets from him to wear
  • He loves it when he sees you wear them
  • Smart ass comments to each other on a daily bases
  • Him cooking for you
  • He would make an all out dinner for you two if it was for something special like your birthday or anniversary
  • You love learning how to cook with him
  • You guys make it into a fun date night
  • Sometimes you guys play fight
  • You didn’t know he was the Red Hood until he came into your apartment with a bullet in his stomach  
  • He gave you step by step instructions on how to clean and stitch the wound
  • Afterwards he would explain everything to you about his death to him and Bruce not getting along
  • After he told you he expected you to leave him because he was too much work and had too many problems
  • But you did not think that
  • You thought the opposite and you knew that he needed someone to love him and make sure he is not alone
  • You were hoping that you were that someone
  • He knew at that moment that he was falling for you, hard
  • Learning how to stitch him up
  • Learning self-defense because he needed to know that you would be safe at all times even when he is not there to protect you
  • Everybody thinks he is all big and strong and can handle himself
  • They were all wrong
  • He is a big softy and has a big heart
  • You brought that out in him
  • Playing with his white streak
  • Convincing him to talk to Bruce again
  • The whole family is surprised that he found a normal woman to date him
  • Even Damian likes you
  • He will protect you from anything at anything
  • Helping him with his nightmares
  • He is normally the big spoon, but if he had a nightmare he is the little spoon
  • Learning and shooting different types of guns
  • Besties with Roy
  • Books
  • Like a lot of books
  • Lots
kara sevda | m. yoongi

Originally posted by sugasuite

Kara sevda (Turkish) Have you ever loved someone so much that it is actually painful? Literally translating to “black love,” this lovesick term describes that passionate and blinding love you feel for another person.

Genre: angst, hanhaki disease!au, superhero!yoongi, slight fluff
p.s what is this shit. aghhhhhhh im so sleep deprived

The wind breezes over the city of Seoul. Everyone either shudders or basks in it. Not everyone has the same preference for the weather. The people of Seoul is as busy as ever, bustling like bees. Seoul is a busy city, after all. It is so busy that no one notices the small figure stepping out the window, ready to jump.

Min Yoongi, 16 years old.

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antoine roussel // rules of marriage

requested by @dertiger31

warnings: slight cursing

who: antoine roussel x reader

premise: you get into a fight with your husband, Antoine

a/n: I wanted to try writing this in a bit of a different style: please let me know how you all like this style of writing!


Rules of marriage #1: Communication! Don’t be afraid to tell your spouse if something is bothering you, chances are it will only be a small issue that will be easily fixed with compromise. If you choose to forego communication, small problems build and become bigger problems and that’s where the real troubles arise.

When you were 24, young, hungry and fearless, not to mention madly and newly in love, you thought you could take on the world. There was nothing it could throw at you, no problem too big, that you couldn’t handle, especially with Antoine at your side. You two married, a small ceremony, and set off into your new life, happy and excited.

3 years later, and the honeymoon was certainly over. Life was now daunting and stressful, each day posing new obstacles. The life of a hockey wife, which once sounded luxurious and fun was now revealing itself to be, on most days, lonely. You had picked up your entire life and moved to Dallas for Antoine, just to spend most of your days without him as he traveled on the road.

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lily evans and the way she says his name

potter she growled, annoyed with the way he thought he could get away with anything. the way he thought he could do whatever he liked to sev just because he was a slytherin. she said the name as though it was vile, as though even speaking it physically pained her

potter! she exclaimed in surprise when he came out of nowhere to her defense when some blood purist boys were bullying her for her muggle parents. she tried not to sound too grateful, too needy. she didn’t need his help, she could handle her own problems, but merlin if he didn’t look better when he wasn’t being a complete prick.

potter? she questioned when he didn’t reply to her teasing after gryffindor won the big match. she worried she had actually offended him this time (because she really didn’t want to hurt his feelings - it turns out he has them) but after a moment of silence he leans in and kisses her and his lips taste like pumpkin juice and victory and tremble when they make their first move. 

potter she sighs as she shifts around half asleep, his long arms wound around her as they attempt to sleep together for the first time. he breathes too loud out of his mouth and her hair is far too long and gets in his mouth and their limbs are too disproportionate to each other but he is so warm and he mumbles in his sleep and when he says her name right back almost teasing her she can feel everything inside of her becoming warm.

potter! she laughs as he picks her up and spins her around on their wedding day, still not used to the fact that technically she’s potter too. she can’t keep the smile off her face and she can’t stop thinking about kissing him and the future seems limitless and endless because when love like this exists in the world there is no room for sadness.

potter? she whispers one last time before she protects their only son from their only fear. the boy with the loud laugh and big grin and messy hair who makes her feel as though she could never die has death in his eyes and fear in his voice and though his words and actions are brave she wishes nothing more than to protect him from all the bad in the world. she wants to hear him tell her it will be alright one more time but there is time for them to meet again and two people who love like they do will never ever truly die.

balloon-mom  asked:

How well can all the Ro's hold there alcohol??? (me and rose think mars is a light-weight btw)

I think i have a question like this queued up but my queue is over 100 posts so i’ll just answer this now 

from best to worst tolerance:

  • Faith (she….may just have a drinking problem, so she drinks a lot. in that way, it takes more to get her drunk, but she’s drunk very often)
  • Yoon (as a fey, it takes more to get him drunk, which is why he has an unfair advantage)
  • Sid (he’s a big guy! so he can handle a lot!)
  • Camille (out of sheer will power she refuses to exhibit any symptoms of intoxication)
  • Mars (yeah, he’s a light weight! but mostly because he never drinks. when he is drunk he doesn’t….seem too drunk? if that makes sense. he’s the most normal after drinking)
  • Adelaide (can’t handle anything)

Be More Chill Adopted Jeremy AU: Under the Knife

“Hmm?” Michael sat up, his head pounding as his vision came into a blurry focus. Rubbing his head Michael winced as he hit something hard making him hiss in pain. Now seeing where he was Michael was confused as he realized he hit his head on the edge of a toilet seat.

‘What the hell? I’m still in the men’s room? What happened?’

Standing up Michael remembered what happened earlier when he ran into the two men. Being hit across the face then…well everything after that was black.

'Jesus I should probably call the…police…shit,’ Michael thought as his hands trailed into his hoodie pocket to find everything including his phone missing except for his deck of cards, 'those assholes took my phone. Whatever, when mom gets home I’ll use her tracker-Oh shit Jeremy’s probably waiting for me.’ Leaving the bathroom Michael hoped his new friend hadn’t come looking for him and gotten lost along the way. The amateur magician shook his head trying to worry so much. 'It’s probably just been a few minutes. I mean what’s the worse that could’ve happened?’


Jeremy was tired as he finally managed to get his eye lids to move up despite their unwillingness. Bright white greeted him as Jeremy felt his body love like it wanted to wince but it couldn’t. His eyes darted around as he found he couldn’t move anything else in a panic. He remembered this room. This room…not even his friends could come in this room. He was on the table again, strapped down as a nearby heart monitor beeped. Jeremy closed his eyes trying forget he was there as he remembered the last time he was in this room two years ago.

’-Jeremy, you need to hold still!’

'I don’t want to! Please, it hurts.’

'What did I say about crying? Now quit being a child and sit still or I’ll make you.’

The only thing Jeremy felt change was the feeling of tears running down his face. The door opened and Jeremy’s eyes opened to see Squip who smiled as he came over. The man was now wearing an apron and gloves while he carried a bag in with him that he set on the table next to the heart monitor.

“Jeremy, you’re already up,” Jeremy’s guardian opened the bag to reveal a scalpel making the teen’s eyes widen, “I’m afraid I’m out of tranquilizer now but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle this. After all you’re a big boy. I’m sure you won’t mind any problems.” Jeremy rapid blinks told him otherwise annoying the man slightly who ignored it as he set the medical too down, instead grabbing a pair of scissors he used to cut off Jeremy’s shirt. “I always forget to do this before I put you down.” Jeremy stared at the man confused.

“You’re probably very confused right now, don’t worry. I’m going to make things better for you. Those voices in your head are getting worse, making you go outside and now you’re actually convinced one of them are real? Your condition keeps getting worse and worse, you probably can’t even remember it anymore.” His hand traced a previous scar on Jeremy’s chest that went from his navel up to his thorax. “I thought I’d only have to do this once. You probably don’t remember the first time. When you were seven? And you crawled out to the backyard through the dog door? You ran into the street because "Rich” told you too and you almost got hit by a car.“

That Jeremy could remember. That was when he first made Rich who said they should go play outside. He accidentally walked into the street but everything after that was…blurry. Squip made this room after that. A place where he wasn’t allowed to take any of the friends. Ever.

"This is just going to help remind you that your "friends” are imaginary and hopefully fix some of your other problems too.“ Jeremy closed his eyes again as he felt the pain of the scalpel digging into his chest. This time none of his friends were there to help him.

Shopping: All Might Onesie

“Moooooom!” Midoriya cried happily, the five-year-old tugging at her hand as they walked around the store. He was pointing to a new onesie they had. Of course, the second he had set his eyes on the new version of All Might’s Pro Hero costume onesies he was sold. “Look, mom, it’s All Might’s new costume!”

“Hold on, Izuku, let’s walk there okay? It’s not going to vanish, I promise,” Inko smiled as they got to the new pajamas. She let him look over them as her son cried happily picking one up in his size. “Is that the one you want?”

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Child Play

Luke, Han/Leia

Summary: Luke feels as if Han and Leia treat him as a child, and he starts disliking it more and more.

A/N: I feel as if I rushed it toward the end and that I haven’t fully gotten to explore the characters - I particularly feel as if Han is a bit ooc - but this is my first fic of the original Star Wars trio and I’m proud of it. I’ve had this idea for months, so I figured it was finally time to write it down. I hope you like it, and please do consider sending me feedback!

Words: 1 591

Luke sometimes felt, occasionally unjustifiably though usually rightfully, as if Han and Leia saw him as their way-too-wild-for-his-own-good younger brother, or possibly even child, as cringeworthy it was to think that of his own twin sister and her husband. He’d come to this realization quite suddenly, years after he’d finally freed his father from the prison that was Darth Vader. You’d think an act like that would’ve earned him respect, and it had. A lot of it. So much so that he was surprised it had taken him so long to discover that the people closest to him still saw him as an inexperienced infant of some sort.

To be fair, it rarely bothered him to the point of properly upsetting him, but now that he was aware of it he couldn’t ignore it. Every word, every action that was somehow associated with them maybe not taking him seriously enough became a source of obsession, and soon he could barely spend a day without overanalyzing the way they treated him.

It became quite a mess to try to organize their lives and this resistance thing with Luke scowling over insignificant things simultaneously. Soon he didn’t blame them for taking on the roles of the parents, though he would never quite forgive them for forcing him into the role of the child.

Maybe he was just being dramatic.

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“I’m so sorry, we’re so sorry y/n.”

Your apartment was gone, destroyed, by the same people who wanted Frank dead. You were fired from your job for being associated with him. Everything was unraveling, falling apart, right before your eyes. The life you build was being threatened. Karen apologized, but you knew what you were getting yourself into. You knew there’s be a big, bold target on your back as long as you helped him. It hurt, but you were expecting it. 

Frank had warned you, too. Even pushed you away, told you not to get yourself involved in his problems, but it wasn’t hard to see he couldn’t handle it all himself. He was losing it. Growing paranoid, skeptical, always looking over his shoulder. The fear was taking over, it wasn’t the Frank Castle you knew. 

“Don’t be.”