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  • Wickham: are you a big spoon or a little spoon? ;)
  • Lizzie: I'm a knife and I'm going to stab you in the goddamn eye.

Kara Danvers: Hmm maybe I was wrong to be prejudiced against a Mon El because he is from Daxam. Surely the stereotypes that they are selfish cowardly lying people were exaggerated. Stereotypes bred from cultural prejudice right?

Mon El:  Was a slave owner, let his lover die without even trying to help her,  spent months lying to Kara, keep invading her space even after she broke up with him, refused to go back and help his society become better because he likes being around Kara

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Is there a particular character you find easier or harder to write?

Depends on the day, the story, my mood. As far as particular kinds of characters… that’s a stumper. I just have to watch that I don’t write the kinds of characters I dislike as one note. I have to make them a full human being. Given my prejudices, that’s not always easy. 

I really dislike bigots. I dislike liars. I dislike politicians who tell you what you want to hear and then go and do something else. But general types of characters I have consistent trouble with, not really. Just remember that they’re people.

What I think needs to be said

Dear absynthe–minded,

I’ve been following you since you declared you would make a new dress in reaction to the 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie, which I think is an admirable project.

In response to the recent controversy, I would like to make several points.

Point One:  Why the costuming in the new movie is a big deal, and why people should care about it

I’ve got no clue about fashion and periodic clothing, but even I can see that the costuming in this movie was done badly, and with barely any regard to social norms and fashions at the time; and more importantly without any apparent respect to the actual costume designer. I’ve looked up Jacqueline Durran’s work and it’s absolutely incredible, I am absolutely in love - I never realised that she was responsible for the amazing costumes in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina.

It is fairly obvious that if she had any input or advice for the costumes in Beauty and the Beast, it was disregarded. So I do not understand how those anons can hear about this and say, “Why do you care about this, it’s got nothing to do with you, get over yourself,” etc.

Because costume design is Durran’s life. It is a job she takes obviously takes pride in. She is internationally renowned in her field and winner of numerous awards, among them an Academy Award for her work on Anna Karenina. And it is not just job, it is art. As an artist myself, I know that when you make art, a bit your heart and soul goes into every piece you make.

And I love and admire Emma Watson, I really do. But taking control of an artist’s work the way she did is Not Okay for so many reasons.

The general opinion seems to be that Watson’s goal was to make this movie more feminist, and to have her costumes reflect that. But this raises the question - how is it okay from any feminist standpoint to walk all over a fully capable woman’s work? How is it okay to take a woman’s art - her job, her life - and decide that it is not good enough?

I’m not sure that that is what actually happened, but this certainly sounds as if Durran - even though she doesn’t act offended by this, so there is an unlikely chance that she was okay with it - had a plan, and Watson stamped her own opinions on those without fully understanding the intricacies of periodic clothing and the importance of fashion actually had in that period of time, never mind her lack of experience in costume design. If she had been an expert in the field, it would have been different. But she is not, she is an actress, and so she comes across as a woman who appropriated another’s work and forced her stamp on it.

So I fully understand your outrage. It is even more personal for you because this might be your future. Your work that you love and take pride in might be taken and twisted to suit someone’s opinions, and be used in a fashion that offends you personally.

(Such as wearing a dress and hiking up the for the sole purpose of revealing the bloomers worn as underwear. Honestly. No.)

Point Two: Why the changes to Belle’s characters are such a big deal

Again, People have been questioning in varying levels of politeness if you are justified in being revolted to the point of tears by the new movie.

The answer is: You are. You definitely are.

For one, and this should be a no-brainer, you have the right to have opinions, and you have the right to defend those so long as you don’t force them on anyone, which I don’t think you have done at any point unless I misinterpreted or overlooked something.

I am honestly appalled at the awful things some of those anons have been saying, and admire the bravery with which you face their hate - I for one would have a great deal of trouble dealing with that kind of toxicity.

For another, and this is the point that people just don’t seem to understand, so I will spell it out for them.

2017’s Belle is not a new Disney Princess.

“Of course, we know that, it’s a remake, dumbass.”

Yes, of course. The point is this:

The remake of Beauty and the Beast has been advertised heavily as not just that, a remake, but a movie that surpasses the original and adds to it. A movie that brings a modern Belle with it. An improved Belle.

Basically, we are told that the original Belle and her qualities are no longer valid. The New Belle is the improved and better version, a modern woman™, they are telling us that the New Belle is what women should be now. They are telling us that we should replace the Belle we grew up with and loved with the New Belle.

“So what? They’re the same character!”

Sure. They are the same character. But they are not the same person.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the original Belle and the New Belle had the same personality, now would it?  But here’s the thing. They are not.

The original Belle is lovely. She’s graceful, she’s intelligent, she is sweet, kind and selfless. She‘s also soft and she gets scared, and likes pretty things, and she sees the good in people. And she’s misunderstood and an outsider in her own city, people look down on her ideals; she’d like to break free of her life, feeling that there is more for her out there.

New Belle is actually a lot of those things. But the thing is, they are prioritised differently, and it makes her different.  

I’m just going to highlight the most important differences, I’ve only watched the new movie once which isn’t enough to fully analyse a character.

So. Is New Belle graceful? I would say no. Again, she hikes up her skirt and shows off her bloomers, among other things.

Is she sweet? No, not really. She’s confrontational. She had her moments, but it’s just not a defining characteristic.

As for kindness and selflessness - she was those things, but it wasn’t as pronounced as the original Belle. In portraying Belle as a strong female character, she was made more grab-the-bull-by-the-horns and less accepting.

And this New Belle doesn’t value pretty things as much. Or material things, period. She’s less soft, and more importantly, I got the feeling that she was jaded towards people - hence she was confrontational. She didn’t believe in the good of people as much. Actually, she seemed to look down on them.

I’m not saying that New Belle is a bad character per se - but she is very much different, and again, we are encouraged to look at her as better. As stronger.

Now here’s the thing that makes all of this so important.

Original Belle isn’t weak. She is strong and brave, precisely because she is kind. Because there’s incredible strength in kindness. To go out every day and be praised only for your looks and ridiculed for who you are, for your ideals, for your intelligence, for what makes you you, and still be able to smile at people and be kind to them. Original Belle never rolled her eyes. She never sighed in aggravation, she didn’t do sass. She went on with her life and stayed kind even when others were unkind towards her.

And New Belle doesn’t have that quality and she’s portrayed as strong because of it. This is the real problem. The 2017 movie tells us a woman is strong when she’s talking back and wearing bloomers, when she refuses to wear corsets, when she confronts others, when she fights. And - and this is a pretty important point actually - it tells us this vehemently. The strong™ Belle moments are all emphasised in some way (like the costumes, as you’ve pointed out), we basically get the feminist messages shoved in our faces. The movie doesn’t give us a subtle message to consider and think about at home. No, we are told a point and we are told to accept it, and fast. At least, that is the impression I got from it, and I found it uncomfortable.

The original movie doesn’t tell us about how a woman needs to be. It’s not about feminist propaganda. It tells us a story in which the heroine is kind and stays that way, and makes the best out of a bad situation in a quiet and gentle way. She’s gentle and peaceful, and that is okay. It has a love story in which one learns to look past the other’s terrible looks and sees the good within, and the other falls in love because of the qualities others laughed at her for. To me, The Beauty and the Beast is a story of acceptance.

Again, I’m not saying that New Belle is bad.

But in replacing Original Belle with New Belle and told that the latter is better and modern, we are told that the original Belle’s in this world are outdated. A thing of the past. That we should change to be like New Belle. That we aren’t enough anymore.

So this isn’t actually just a little problem. Because maybe 9 out of 10 people don’t see it that way, but the tenth? The one who grew up wanting to be just like Belle, who had posters of her all over their bedroom, who felt this Belle was their friend who would love them if they were real, who felt encouraged every time they watched the movie?

To them, seeing the new Belle will be disappointed at best, and devastated at worst. It’s like seeing a beloved friend pushed into the shadows for the louder and shinier twin sister, and not being able to do anything.

And what makes this even sadder, there will now be children who’ll grow up never knowing the original Belle.

I don’t know about you, but I think that prospect sounds really lonely.

So I hope that some people will now better understand the significance of this controversy. Absynthe–minded, I fully support you, and I wish you courage. Please know that you’re opinions are valid, you are valid, and what you do gives courage to a lot of people out there.

Thank you for being you.

okay like

this is the nicest thing anybody has said to me about this project? And also just… thank you. For understanding, and for Getting It. Thank you so much.

You See .....

I shuffle down the street, a man of eighty years
I was once young but youth now distant
I wish I could remember youth
But I just remember piles of bodies
Death all around, naked skeletal bodies
The smell of gas chambers
You say
“Stupid old man get out of my way!”

I sit on the floor of a doorway, on blanket in the rain
I look at my life’s possessions in that bin liner
I think about the house I had, the glorious 9-5
I think about my wife. I miss my kids.
I still feel the pain of being laid off
The house repossession.
My depression
You say
“Lazy dropout get a job!”

I walk the street pushing my pram. I adore my baby.
I think about how I was going to college,
I was going to get a degree. Be a teacher.
I think about how I wanted kids. I wanted the ideal family.
I think about my school sweetheart,
I think how he meant the world to me.
About how we waited. Just the one time.
I was only 17.
I think how he said it was safe.
I miss him
You say
“Have you never heard of contraception?!”

And so I could go on ……………..

What you see
Is not necessarily
How it is

Let's have a chat.

As someone who has been in a toxic, manipulative and abusive relationship, I get so frustrated hearing all about how Mon-el is so abusive to Kara. Why don’t we take a step back and look at what’s going on.

1. He lied to her. Yes he did. He knew what her prejudices were towards Daxamites and he chose to guard himself and keep it from her that he was the Prince. He knew that his past was flawed and that he was wrong. Instead of bringing that up, he chose to change how he was and tried to learn to be a hero. Maybe to make up for what he had done?

2. Did they move on from that fast? Yes they did. But often times in ADULT RELATIONSHIPS, you can see things from the persons point of view and move on. She saw that his lies were facetious and that it wasn’t to intentionally hurt her, so she forgave him.

3. Her father created a biological weapon that was used on him and almost killed him. Did he freak out and blame her for it? No. He told her that it was anything but her fault and comforted her while he was on his death bed.

4. He is new to earth. He doesn’t understand our customs and has to learn everything over again. Remember, he’s had 20 some years as the Prince of Daxam and learned habits that are hard to break. But that’s the thing, he’s trying to change. He’s trying, researching and asking advice on how he should act and what he should do in certain situations.

These are just a few things I wanted to point out.

Is he abusing her and forcing her to do things? If you ask me, I don’t think that you could force Supergirl to do anything. She’s a strong woman who can make decision made for herself. If she believed that he was abusing her, I guarantee you that she’d leave.

It is insulting to me that people think this is abuse. This is not abuse, this is learning and growing up.

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Hello, I recently got inoculated and people have been telling me to avoid someone named Merle? I assume its because I'm a Dryad and he has some sort of prejudice, but whenever I ask anyone they tell me that its "better if i continue to believe that" and give me pitying looks. Is there something I should know?

Oh you poor sweet soul

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Personally I don't mind much the forgiveness but I do hope they have a conversation about how mon el was on daxam,I think it would be good for both of them,they can't get rid of the past unless they confront it and maybe it will help kara in a way to let go of her prejudices because she still has them even if they are toned down a lot around mon el.

I agree. They can’t turn the page if they haven’t dealt with what happened. I want a really deep conversation where they just get everything out on the table. 

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I'm a black American. And I wanted to know what do you think of the Anti-Asian (ness?) in the black community? I know there's anti blackness across all communities. But I never hear about Anti Asian(ness? Idk what other words to call so I'm so sorry for my ignorance).

Hey there!

Well, you’re the first to ask me this on Tumblr so you get the honors lol. But in all seriousness, this is a very sensitive topic so you will get a long answer. I do acknowledge that I am Asian so I hope that some things I say don’t come off as anti-black and if anything does, I deeply apologize as it’s not my intention. I should also note that I personally don’t use or like the terms “anti-Asian(ness?)” or “anti-Asian racism” as I feel like they both appropriate off anti-blackness and anti-black racism. I just say “racism (or prejudice) against Asians.”

Now, some people will say that prejudice against Asians don’t exist in the Black community but that is absolutely foreign to me. Maybe it may not exist in other parts of the country but where I’m from (I won’t say), there is A LOT of prejudice and microaggressions against Asians that come from the Black community. And I will definitely acknowledge there is anti-blackness in the Asian community as I wrote about it here, here, here, and here. But this ask isn’t about anti-blackness in the Asian community so I will now focus on my own experiences.

For the past 23 years out of my 2X years, I’ve lived almost exclusively among People of Color (Asian, Black, and Latinx) and though I went to a middle school and a college that was predominately white, I only grouped up with fellow students of color. So now you know some of my background, I can say that there is a lot of prejudice and microaggressions against Asians from the Black community, or rather I should say Black individuals. Some personal experiences will be shared:

  • When I was in high school (predominately People of Color), I was “with” a Black girl and Black students were always quick to point out my race, guess what I was, teased her because she liked me then whenever other Asian guys would pass by they would tell her there’s a bunch of Asian dudes for her, or say things like, “(Name) got herself an Asian!” as if I was some object to be “gotten” or something.
  • I clubbed a lot throughout college so I obviously loved clubs with predominately Black people because in my opinion, the music and dancers are just generally better lol. But anyways, there were times when some Black people would say things about Asians and I knew they were talking about us but I just ignored them.
  • A few months ago, I was with my female Asian friends and we were walking to a club then a Black woman made some nasty comments about them. While it wasn’t directed towards me, I felt it and it really bothered me throughout the night.

These were just some experiences of prejudice comments or microaggressions that bothered me personally but now I’ll move on to the more serious matters.

I haven’t kept up with any of these areas as of lately but there were lots of crimes last year where Black people were targeting Asian people.

In Philadelphia:

In Houston:

In Sacramento:

In Fresno:

I can keep going with this but crimes against Asians/Asian Americans are extremely under-reported and the only way you would know is if you kept up with the news and crimes against Asians, have friends and/or family that were targeted, or were targeted yourself:

  • My friend’s grandpa was tied up and robbed.
  • A family friend’s house was robbed but luckily the daughter was home and got the robbers caught.
  • Last month, a family friend’s house was robbed and the son was beaten up badly and had to be hospitalized.
  • My mom was robbed.
  • And much more where this comes from.

The common tactic seems to target Asian business owners, immigrants, elderly, or women because there’s an assumption that Asian people can’t speak English and have a lot of money. Though for some cases this may have been true, it’s still prejudice to apply these stereotypes just because someone is Asian and not only that, but to then act on said stereotypes.

I don’t mean to put any Black people on the spotlight or anything but do you get where I’m coming from? There is a lot of prejudice and microaggressions against Asians among some Black people that is largely ignored or not talked about, at least in some places. Obviously it isn’t systematic or institutionalized like anti-blackness so it isn’t the same but that doesn’t mean prejudice against Asians should be ignored.

But like my mom, we know that not all Black people have prejudice against Asians/Asian Americans and that what some Black individuals do is not reflective of all Black people. Overall, regardless of what I’ve experienced, what I’ve seen, or what my friends and family have experienced, none of this has changed the fact that I want to see all Black people uplifted, empowered, to get justice, to truly be free, and to exist anywhere without facing prejudice or racism by anyone.

And I definitely apologize if anything comes off as being anti-black as it’s not my intentions. Thank you for asking and sorry for the long reply.

Angry Asian Guy

So I read a post complaining about how fast Kara forgave Mon-El because it took her so long to forgive James and Winn about the Guardian thing…but they are two separate issues entirely.

Her anger towards James and Winn stemmed from her fear of them getting hurt and her feeling like they were being careless. They didn’t stop what they were doing, so it was about her accepting their choice to pursue something dangerous.

Her anger towards Mon-El was out of betrayal and a little bit of prejudice. She couldn’t see past her hurt to even consider why he didn’t tell the truth, and couldn’t see how far he’s come from that person he used to be. This was about recognizing and understanding, not necessarily accepting, his choice to hide something he was ashamed of, something he wanted to forget because he was afraid to lose her.

Huge difference. So no, I don’t think her forgiveness of Mon-El was rushed. I think it was excellent.

Six Movies I Can Watch Anytime

thank you @canumoveyourseatup-no​ for tagging me!! this is gonna be fun omg (also they’re in no particular order bc i hate choosing favourites)
Also i’m sorry for not putting any marvel lmao

1. Pride and Prejudice (2005) : this movie is an almost immediate pick me up tbh - but like… the worst movie to watch if i want to sleep bc i get so excited/worked up over it. (that doesn’t stop me though) also just??? incredibly visually pleasing, an A+ soundtrack, beautiful people, AND THAT SEXUAL TENSION THO

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3. The Martian (2015) : this. movie. is absolutely a m a z i n g.
You’d think it would be super stressful to watch a guy stuck alone on mars trying to survive… but it’s actually so funny? 
If you like the movie, read the book. It’s even better. 

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3. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004) : It’s a longer one but absolutely hilarious. Plus, it has one of my all time favourite soundtracks and it’s just super funky? Even just the visuals cheer me up so much ! 
(Fun Fact: if u look closely u can see a baby Matthew Gray Gubler as an intern on the boat… and he was actually a real intern working on this movie lol) 

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4. Testament of Youth (2014) : ok so this one will make you sob… hysterically… but i’m still head over heels in love with it. It’s based on the real life memoir of Vera Brittain and recounts her experiences throughout the First World War. 
If you’re a huge fan of poetry, good cinematography and soundtracks + you’re lowkey a massive world war history nerd (like me)… than this movie is an absolute gem
Fair Warning: it will rip your heart out and tear it to shreds.

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5. AustenLand (2013) : my #1 instant pick me up and all-time favourite chick flick! Honestly, this entire film is just so incredibly ridiculous and goofy (but also heartwarming and romantic?), it never fails to make me smile.

Whenever I’m feeling depressed or I’ve had a really bad day, I automatically go to this one :) If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it!

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6. The Bronze (2015) : Although this movie really is an acquired taste, i love it to bits. Very few films make me laugh as hard as this one does (like.. literally only the other comedies on this list can) and if you can stomach outrageously inappropriate jokes, over the top sex, and just horrible people being horrible… it doesn’t hurt to give it a try? Just like… it really is a shocking film lmao 
(also do not watch this movie in public.. or if you’re younger than 18.. pls)

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If you haven’t already done it, I’m tagging: @givemethatgold @swtltlmrvlgrl @andabowlofpetunias @buckyismyaesthetic @james-bionic-barnes @wordsturnintostories + anyone else who wants to!

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Hi! So I'm looking for this book I dont know the title of - only the ending - help me please. It's like a love book from a long time ago like before the time Pride and Prejudice took place. At the end the couple fake their own death to be together since they are from a different social class and can't be together or something like that. And I remember also that another guy wanted to mary the woman but I can't remember their names. Help me please?

This sounds so familiar! I just did so many Google searches trying to figure this out, but again I have had no luck. :( Does this sound familiar to anyone else? 

Mass Effect LGBT Fan Rant (Be Warned very tired while posting this)

Like if you really look at it, despite whatever the fuck they said, all the mass effect team ever really wanted from the start was feminine-focused-space-porn. All they do aside from that is throw in a few other male options for hetero female players, cause the team never really gave a shit about the full diversity of their players.

Once they started to include some m/m shit in me3, they just cut it all out in the new one and you can only have like a fade to black fling on the side as a gay male. Like god fucking damn is that prejudice and choosy of em, especially when they developed bi options for Thane and Jaal, then cut em out RIGHT before release. Like what even is the point of cutting it all out when its all fucking programmed in there??? I’m sorry, but that is extremely prejudiced against bisexual/gay men.

Loved the potential idea of finally getting my character involved with a m/m main story romance, preferably with a unique alien character, and maybe, just maybe, theyd focus on the development of that as much as they did the hetero romances, but hey, apparently that idea is completely un fuckin realistic in an open world sci-fi rp apparently.

Mass Effect: where the development of the game left the fanbase in more tears than the actual fuckin story did.

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So, more informations about Brazil: Our country is divided by regions, the southeast is the richest one. The northeast region is one of the "poor" (for lack of a better word) regions and is quite common to see Brazilians from the southeast mocking and being "xenophobic" those who are from the northeast region. It doesn't matter if they're POC or not. A good example is this comment i saw on facebook: "i don't understand racists, but i think those folks from northeast should die lol." (1/2)

(2/2) another good example: one of the states located at the northeast region, Paraíba, is used as insult (similar to idiot, stupid) there’s even occurrences of beatings because some prejudiced idiots noticed someone had “northeast accent”. It’s pretty fucked up. It even happen between minorities: my brother is transgender and he found lot of prejudice from other members of the local lgbt community on São Paulo because his from the northeast region.

In reference to this ask 

Thanks for the additional information! Xenophobia is awful :/

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