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“Benim de kusurlarım var, ama akılla ilgili olmadıklarını umarım. Yaradılışımı savunacak değilim. Sanırım pek sevimli değil. Herkesin çok hoşuna gidecek kadar değil. İnsanların ahmaklıklarını, kötülüklerini ya da bana yönelik kabalıklarını gereğince çabuk unutamıyorum. Kimse duygularımı kolay kolay kışkırtamaz. Yaradılışım için kinci diyebiliriz belki. Birinden bir kez soğuyunca ilelebet soğurum.”

okay I’ve been thinking about this a lot today, so lemme just Jane Austen vent for a bit:

The thing is that I want as many diverse and queer adaptations of Austen’s work as possible. Please. I really want to write a Sense and Sensibility modern adaptation where all/the majority of the characters are wlw, and that’s the reason Edward (Edwina?) keeps her engagement secret from her family and Elinor, she’s terrified of being disowned. An actual dream of mine. Or an adaptation of Persuasion where the leads are bi women and they were both convinced to look for men cause that’s what will make them truly happy and then it’s like nope. Love isn’t about gender. However what I’ve been thinking about all day is that P&P adaptations are strongest when Darcy is a straight white male. Why?

  1. Darcy is an idiot at the beginning and let’s be real, a lot of straight dudes are idiots. Especially straight white dudes.
  2. Darcy’s privilege is a major point in the novel. He has the highest social standing of anyone (sans Lady Catherine), which is why he thinks he is so above the Bennets. And even today, the people who have the most privilege are straight white men with money. In his proposal he tells Lizzie that it hurts him to propose to someone so below him but he loves her just that much. He sees it as a compliment but she recognizes what an insult that is and that his social standing doesn’t make him better at all.
  3. If Darcy remains a straight white dude and Lizzie becomes anything but, their contrast becomes even more interesting. This is why despite a lot of the problems I had with Bride and Prejudice, I loved the ideas behind it. Because adding that extra element of race and different countries added even more context to Darcy’s prejudice. In fact I think it makes it more interesting when Lizzie is a woman of color, because she goes through injustices every day that Darcy doesn’t understand.

So unless you want to put Darcy in a modern matriarchal society, such as Mosuo, (which I would pay fucking top dollar for oh my god), you can’t really understand why Darcy is an asshat unless he stays the most privileged person in the environment. 

But in conclusion even if you adapt it where Darcy and Lizzie have the same amount of privilege I’ll probably still watch it cause I love everything about Pride and Prejudice.

Klance - Prejudice and Acceptance (much fluffier than it sounds)

So this is a headcanon that came about as I was talking to @librebananr about what we wanted in season 3. One thing we want to see more of is bonding between Keith and Lance, when they are both CONSCIOUS. This is the result of me being on that train of thought:

Keith and Lance are on a mission to rescue some aliens. However, when they meet them, Keith is accused of being a Galra, and the aliens start saying how they’ll never trust one of them, no matter whether they are only part Galra or not.

Keith is just trying to hold back his temper as their arguments increase, and just when he’s about to snap, Lance suddenly explodes. He starts accusing them of being ungrateful. Of judging Keith without even knowing him.

Let’s say the aliens had a bad reputation amongst others (but Allura insisted they had to save all innocents) and Lance tells them about how hypocritical they are of expecting others to give them the benefit of the doubt, despite their own reputation. He is really getting into it, gesturing wildly, flinging his arms as his voice continues to rise in volume.

Keith is speechless. He’s never seen Lance like this. He always acts so chill or silly. And KEITH is supposed to be the “Hothead”. He calls Lance’s name, saying maybe he ought to get Hunk or someone else to give Lance backup. That it might be better if he left.

“NO! They have NO reason to be picky! If they don’t want our help, that’s their problem. They can wait for someone else to come to their rescue!”

Keith tries again to placate everyone, but it’s hard. Lance, meanwhile, is confused why he’s letting them say this, but then sees how Keith is shaking at the effort of holding back. Notices how his voice is breaking when he calls his name. He realises, it IS hurting him. That Keith’s trying to hide it. He turns back to the aliens.

“Well, if you don’t want our help, we won’t force you to be rescued. Come on, Keith, let’s go!” He grabs Keith’s elbow and starts marching off back to their lions.

Just as they get within a hundred metres of their lions, they hear the frantic calls of the aliens.

“We’re sorry! We’re sorry! PLEASE don’t leave! We need your help!” Lance doesn’t turn to face them, but he’s stopped pulling Keith along. Keith glances over his shoulder at the aliens and sees how desperate they are. He lightly shakes off​ Lance’s grip and walks in front of him to see Lance’s scowl.

“Come on, you know we can’t leave without them.” Lance purses his lips before letting out a sigh, glancing at Keith before turning back to the aliens.

“Even if Keith is the one saving you…?”

“Yes, yes! Please help us, we’re so sorry!” Lance sighs and relents. As the aliens start to lead them to the threat, Keith nudges Lance’s arm.

“Hey, I’m not ungrateful or anything but… what was that?”

“/You’re/ asking /me/?! What about you?! Why weren’t you speaking up?!” Keith just blinks at him for a couple of seconds before replying.

“Well, I wouldn’t appear less threatening by getting angry. It would’ve just made the situation worse, and strengthen their beliefs…” Lance gives him a look that shows his surprise at Keith’s reply.

“W-Well, I suppose. Still, you shouldn’t have let what they said get to you. They’re stupid for judging you because of what, not who, you are. Now, they realise that too.” Keith smiles.

“Well, thanks for sticking up for me…” The softness of his look and words makes Lance’s chest feel tight. He slaps Keith hard across the shoulder, causing him to stumble forward a step.

“Come on, bet I can get there before you!” he shouts as he runs ahead.

“Hey! No fair! You got a headstart!” But Keith can’t hide the giddy laughter bubbling in his chest as he chases after the blue paladin.


I’ve been coming up with lots of Voltron headcanons recently, so I might post some more soon. Again, I welcome requests, but I can’t promise when I’ll get around to them, and I shan’t write anything I’m uncomfortable with.
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Hey, look what I updated, as informed by way too much knowledge I picked up about bullfighting while honeymooning in Spain. I couldn’t straight off remember or find anything about Spanish dragon taming practices so hopefully this isn’t too off the mark! 

when you need to get back into the writing game and so commence a Super Secret regency era au fic for none other than @chut-je-dors because she’s actually my wife

  • expectation at age 13: will grow up to become the extroverted, witty, and enchanting elizabeth bennet
  • reality at age 22: has grown up to become the introverted, awkward, and stressed out fitzwilliam darcy

look, if you’re looking for a perfect (or near-perfect) adaptation of “pride and prejudice,” definitely go for the 1995 miniseries. it’s a wonderful miniseries with colin firth, and book purists love it for a reason. but, as a movie, as an experience, as a thing that generally turns me into a squeeing, mushy pile of goo that believes in true love… the 2005 movie OWNS. MY. ASS.


modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet