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Summary of my time in new department: 1. Accidentally forgot to clock in even though I was ready to work (3 coworkers can vouch for me) and had to do a clocking correction.
2. Was I can’t take break where I did because it’s too close to my department and therefore unprofessional.
3. Had a customer complain I refused his return (he had a product box from a leased brand, which those managers have been very firm about us not returning those). It was actually holding clothing but he didn’t tell me that and I was just trying to follow company policy. Past coworkers and managers can attest to the fact that I would never deny assistance to somebody, and am very good at dealing with difficult customers.
4. Had a customer definitely try to commit fraud. He tried to return two $100 gift cards/or get the original transaction receipt (which can be used to file a claim with customer service and they can refund it) that we could not verify purchase of, even with a manager looking it up. He wanted cash back. We don’t return gift cards anyways. He proceeded to file a complaint. I did contact our asset protection team and gave them his description so that they could see if he tried it somewhere else which is good I guess.
5. Customer needed a tag removed because the associate didn’t do it at point of sale, and so I told her I would go and remove it. For some dumb reason we only have one in the store in our security office. Despite asking her to take a seat, she followed me. Then security chewed me out for showing a customer where our asset protection office is. The customer said I was amazing and apologized that I got in trouble and was grateful for my help but she couldn’t be bothered to tell a manager how helpful I was, like fuck dude, I got in trouble and all you could say was thanks? I don’t think they realize how valuable and beneficial telling a manager or filling out a survey is to the associate.

This has all been within 4 shifts.

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So I got progesterone cream and no lie, it has a warning because progesterone is "a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer." -_- I swear. I know overuse of progesterone can have carcinogenic effects but it's also a naturally occurring hormone. Points to Cali for scare mongering, I guess.

I actually noticed that on a Harley bag my dad gifted me with, they had that same warning label on the price tag! I mean, I’m not going to eat the bag, how else would the plastic fibers hurt me???

But yes, use progesterone responsibly and only when needed, and you will actually have many health benefits! I hope your cream helps you. :)

The Forgotten Chapter 4

Title: The Forgotten 

Author: Nam

Warnings: Description of gore

Genre: Werewolf Au!, Smut; Fluff; Angst

A/N : I finally learned how to code italics and stuff. By the way if you are ever looking for other chapters, just search for the Forgotten using tags. Or just ask me for links. 😀😀😀😀

By the time English had come, I was practically having a nervous breakdown-on the inside.  I slid into my seat, only looking at my desk.  If I made contact with anyone else, I would burst into tears.

Mr.Kim strode into the classroom with a bunch a papers. I could only guess what they were and stifled a groan

“Hello class. I would like to believe that you read the assigned pages. You have a quiz.”

Crap. I forgot to read the darn book. At this point I was going to have to wing it and pray that the questions were regular stereotypical questions about the exposition or whatnot.

Mr.Kim passed out the quiz and the class was filled with scribbling. There were three specific questions:

1.What was the color of the paper Noel drew the map on? What did she draw it with?

2.What park did Noel put her treasure?

3.Why is Noel sad?

So much for the exposition question; I would have had to read the sentence closely to make  sure I did not skip anything to answer these.

Y/N. You know these answers.

That voice scares me.  

Doesn’t the title of the book seem familiar?

I glanced at the top of the test where the name of the book was–Tempted. There was a tiny flicker of recognition as I remembered seeing the cover from somewhere….

“Y/N, pick a book to read,” my father demanded. It was Family Night and it was the day that Dad wanted me to choose a book from his library. We had been through most of them except one with the female lying in the grass.  It had been Moonlight before the publishing company changed it.   

Snapping out of the vision, I glanced around to make sure no one had noticed I had dozed off.  Temptedwas  my father’s favorite book because…My aunt Noel wrote it under the pseudonym  of Frannie Jekkles.

The question seems easy now?

1.The color of the map was blue and she drew it with charcoal.

2.The park was Lincoln Park.  

3.Noel is sad because her parents were killed gruesomely.

Father had never told me how my grandparents had died. But I remembered what my aunt had said because it was so horrible.

I found my mother’s body in the car. My dad’s body, in tiny pieces, was in her purse.  How I knew it was my father? A sticky note was placed inside.

If this is Noel or Jao, heed this warning for you will be next. Your father, who is in inside you mother’s purse, had married before he matured– along with that, he married a human.  I spared your mother his fate since she is not a ****. Hence so, if either of you shall marry a human or before you mature, I will find you and rip you to pieces.  

                                                                                                     Signed, The Council

Yes.  My father had married when he turned 17.  He knew the laws yet he had risked everything for his love. In the laws of our world, you may wed a human  but you have to mature. There is no in-between….

What did that mean I don’t know, but I was too young to know that it meant anything in particular. I just thought Aunt Noel was a really great thriller writer.  I slightly remembered where my father had put the map–in his bedroom, in a little hidey hole under the bed.

Y/N~Snap out of your thoughts.  The bell just rung and you have not answered a single question.

Looking down at the piece of paper, there was nothing on the paper but my name. Shoot.

I hurriedly scribbled my answers on the document and race to hand it in. I didn’t need to, but finishing a quiz before anyone else was a pet peeve.

“Y/N,” Mr. Kim placed the test on the others, “I heard you were coming over today. “

“I am,  but I don’t intend to stay long. I just want to know why Jimin vanished into thin air and why you are all bothering me,” I  deadpan.

Namjoon groaned, “You can’t live by yourself forever. We aren’t trying to treat you like a child-”

“I know you aren’t. But I choose to live by myself.”

A cold shiver passed through me.  I could’ve swore I saw his eyes flash.

“Y/N, you could learn some things about yourself that your father might have hinted at. “

I raised an eyebrow, “How do you know my father?”

I could see his hesitation, “I can’t tell you at this moment.  You’ll have to wait until we get you to our home. Meet us at the car as soon you’re done with your locker. “ And with that, he left.


The halls were empty as I trudged to my locker.  There were many things that he knew about m that I don’t?  And did-no-would-  I believe him?  I couldn’t just ignore the fact they had something that was different about them.

There was Jimin who pop into my  head and then vanish… Why didn’t I nor other students freak out about that? Then there was Taehyung who could do manipulation  voodoo macho with his voice. I  had an indistinct feeling that Jungkook was a muscle pig, but he had been quick to speed over to me.  The dots were slowly connecting. Could they be some supernatural thing?

Outside, I see Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin waiting. Mr. Kim was nowhere to be found.

Jimin spoke as i neared them, “Namjoon went ahead in the car. We’ll be walking. It’s not that far.”

With that, we began strolling towards their home. For three minutes, I managed to stay quiet, but I had too many questions.

“So Mr. Kim-”

Taehyung interrupted, “Namjoon.”

“Namjoon said there were seven of you.”

“Yah, there is SeokJin, our mom, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon- my dad- Jimin, Taehyung, and me,” Jungkook answered.

“SeokJin is a man?”

“Yes why?”

“Nothing.  So he called you a pack?”

This time Taehyung answered with the snootiest attitude, “Jin will answer any questions you  have. “


“No buts.”

I grumbled but continued walking. We entered the woods and I was slightly afraid.  

Y/N-they won’t do anything to you unless I tell them to.

I hope whoever is thinking to me is telling the truth. If I end up in a ditch somewhere I’m haunting all of them.   I quickly caught up to the boys, “So where exactly do you live?”

The three of them simultaneously spoke, “ A cave.”


Jimin pointed to something in front of us.  

When I think of a cave I think of a bunch of rocks with an open entrance with an endless dark tunnel .But this “cave” was pretty in a sense. It wasn’t a pile of rocks creating a dangerous structure, but an house. The rocks were pretend bricks, and were stacked eloquently to create a three story home.  The entrance was paved with colorful flowers surrounding the door, creating a friendly vibe.  There was a small garden with different types of vegetables. There was a broad-shouldered man tending it.  Jungkook dashed over to him, almost knocking the poor guy over.  I also noticed that he shot over there in 4 seconds.  

“JK! JK! You’ll kill me before Y/N even gets here,” The man cried. He had a soft voice, not to gruff like Taehyung’s and not too high-pitched like Jimin’s.  

“She’s already here,”  Jungkook hefted himself and pointed in my direction. I shrank back in instinct not wanting the attention.

The man turned toward and I blinked twice.  He was handsome but in a lighter tone than Jimin and Jungkook. The term sexy fit them better but the gardener deserved to be on the cover of GQ.  He had full lips and double-lidded eyebrows and a cute little nose. And to top it off, his skin was perfectly tan.

Hello Y/N.

I gasped.  So he…

My name is SeokJin as you probably don’t know. I’ve been inside your head for a while without ever seeing you.   Goes to show ego boy over there that I am more powerful if only  a little.

“Hey! I thought we agreed that we will speak instead of mindspeak with her,” Ego boy Jimin complained.

SeokJin chuckled, “ You agreed. I was cooking.”

Jimin grumbled under his breath.

“Y/N, you must be tired of these lankies showing off around you. I know you want the story of your life but I suppose you need to relax with us in the living room in order to get the full review.  Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hobi are already waiting. I made cookies. “

Jin showed us inside the house. I was not surprised to see the carefully decorated living room as the first room of the house. The walls were painted a rich creamy brown with a hint of tinted green hidden in the art. Pictures lined the walls leading up to the family picture that hung above the fireplace. Couches created an oval and a simple coffee table sat in the middle of the decor.  

Namjoon and two other men sat on one of the couches.

The one with mint-green hair eyeballed me before looking away blushing.  The other with jet-black hair flashed a white grin- I couldn’t help but send one back.  

“Y/N. You made it. “

Taehyung rolled his eyes,”Of course she did. Why wouldn’t she?”

Namjoon glared at Taehyung who fell silent, “Now that everyone is situated. We will begin to explain to you why you were asked to come here. I am sure you have suspicions-”

“Are you all gangsters?”

Jet-Black giggled while Mint groaned

Namjoon stifled his own laugh and told me, “No Y/N. We’re better than that. We are wolves. Werewolves to be formal. “


SeokJin interjected, “ I saw that you had noticed our little powers. Well werewolves are born with them. Born or bitten shall we say. You were also wondering how Namjoon and I had a child. Well…. I’ll let Yoongi explain that.”


Jet Black sat up and looked me square in my confused eyes, “ Werewolves are different from any other creature. Our males can have babies as easily as female wolves can.”

SeokJin and Namjoon both smiled at Jungkook.


I was more than shocked at this point. A werewolf? How? When? Where? Why? I wasn’t freaking earlier, but I was going to definitely freak now. This had to be som cruel prank video! Where’s the camera?

“Joke’s over! I don’t find this amusing.”

“But it’s true-”

“I don’t care!”

Namjoon’s eyes flashed and I instantly calmed down. I had no idea what he was capable of doing, and I didn’t want to find out. “Let me finish. Your father had been a werewolf. Your grandparents had been werewolves. They, also, had been Royals. Royals are the alphas that fall in love, or imprinted, on another alpha. There can only be on couple. They are what humans call king and queen. We are part of the Royal Guard; we protect the Royals until they retire. Unfortunately, being a Royal has it’s limits. I’m sure you’ve learned this already, but you have to mature into our alpha before you can wed. And even more tragic, the law was placed as your grandfather was married to his wife.  Attacks were played on the King and Queen, but they never succeeded. Until the Council was created. We tried to stop the council from doing any damage but they tricked your grandparents into a dinner party where they proceeded to murder them. You father and his sister were hidden from preying hands. Your father did not listen to our warning and married your mother, who was indeed another species of supernatural….”

Hoseok glanced at me, “Y/N kind of fainted.”

Top Six Things People Misunderstood About Drake Bell

From someone who followed Drake from the beginning, here are the facts that people have either failed to look up or choose to ignore, because I am so tired of everyone shitting on Drake for things from a long time ago or isn’t true:

1. He’s Transphobic

Okay, I realized what he said about Caitlyn Jenner was rude, but he apologized and hasn’t mentioned it again. Caitlyn was hardly bothered by it, so I guess it’s safe to forgive and move on. Imagine if all the horrible stuff you said in the past came up and everyone kept a grudge on you for it. Also, some celebrities have done worse, including Caitlyn herself(she killed a man with a car and isn’t doing time for it, for crying out loud) yet everyone is saying we should forgive them. Why can’t we do the same for Drake?

Also, why not teach the damn guy on WHY he should accept Caitlyn or trans rights instead of just telling him to accept it, because not everyone gets it? Also, people tend to be thrown off more when you insult them. #eyeforaneye. I don’t understand some things and I’m respectful about it(by keeping my mouth shut and listening), but not everyone will be.

2. He’s a racist

Bitch, where? There’s literally no proof that he’s a racist. He’s always taking pictures with minorities and he supports everyone regardless of their background. Forgive him, if he’s not treating a certain race even more special than the other or that he doesn’t have black lives matter on his feed.

Also, with the whole Nightwing thing, I doubt he had any bad intentions when he auditioned for the role. Batman is his favourite superhero and I bet he wanted nothing more than be apart of the new film. And because his name Drake, I bet he found it punny to play a character with the name, Tim Drake. I bet he wasn’t thinking of the race or any of that source. So quit giving him hell for it.

3. He’s homophobic

Only proof of this is that he once retweeted a tweet that used the f-word in it, but he immediately unshared it and apologized, because he was uncomfortable with the word as well. It could have been one of those, retweet without actually reading it first thing, who knows? Otherwise, he’s always defended the LGBT+ community. He’s always the first celebrities I know to support anything related to pride. He even celebrated when LGBT+ rights went national and he also defended the gays whenever Beliebers attacked him for his sexuality by saying to not use gay as an insult.

4. He voted for Trump

Again, bitch, where? He posed with people who had the hat, so what? That really doesn’t mean anything. He may respect other people’s opinions, like we all should. Drake is also a full, American, grown adult. He can vote for whoever he wants. Last year was a shit show and both Trump and Clinton were poison for the country. I voted for Clinton, only because I thought she would be better than Trump and because I wanted a woman as a president. Some people didn’t think that was good enough. Some people voted for Trump simply because they had a better experience meeting the guy rather than they did with Clinton, should that not count more? Even then, Drake’s vote is the 1% of the population that didn’t count, because the electoral college had the final say. Or, did we all forget that Clinton had the majority votes? Also, quit ignoring the fact that not everyone who voted for Trump was a white, cis-het, male. Drake also follows Donald Trump on Instagram, but he also follows Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Check it out right now if you don’t believe me. I don’t know why. Maybe it was a bot, a celebrity thing, or he didn’t want to seem biased. Honestly, that’s none of our business. Drake also shared the ‘Make America Drake Again’ memes and the Hilary Duff meme, but I bet you that was just for laughter. Again, last year was a shit show, so Drake probably thought we could use the laughter. Also, not everyone who voted for Trump is a bad person, just like not everyone who voted for Clinton is a bad person.

5. Drake and Josh weren’t in contact in years

Earlier this year, Drake has done plenty of Instagram Live posts. In one of them, someone mentioned Josh and he admitted that he attempted to contact Josh, only to not get a response. What was Josh doing at that time? Filming videos for the internet with a guest star of their show and the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl, who in that video WERE ALL USING DRAKE AND JOSH REFERENCES. I, too, would be hurt if I were Drake. Also, did we not forget all the times they were at the KCA after the show ended 9 years ago(10, if you exclude, ‘Merry Christmas Drake and Josh’)? That Drake used to say that they were always in contact and that they would always hang out, even after the show ended? Or when Josh made a surprise visit to Drake’s album party in 2014? Or that Drake guest starred in Josh’s show with John Stamos, ‘Grandfather’, last year? I don’t know about you, but that to me seems they were in good contact with each other until some time late last year or early this year. PLUS, this isn’t the first time Josh acted shitty towards his old co-workers. Drake was at the hospital with Amanda Bynes when she had her mental breakdown to make sure she was okay. Josh barely mentioned Amanda. And before you get on that Josh, too, may not had contact with her, neither did Drake or Nick Cannon or Lance Bass. But they all made an effort to make sure that she knew they had her back.

Also, earlier this year, Drake was doing the whole “where’s Walter?” thing and everyone participated in it, except for Josh and Miranda. Even the actors of Craig and Eric were in contact this year. In fact, everyone on the show has said that they wanted a reboot(except Miranda) and now that they had the opportunity to do so on Drake’s channel the 2/3 of the main actors that made the show, weren’t on it. I think that says a lot.

6. The Whole Justin Bieber Feud

Literally, that whole feud was spawned off of one tweet, “I wouldn’t bash @katyperry…Bieber however.” That is literally all that he said and hell broke loose. I understand Drake is an adult and he has the upper hand to control himself, but did we all think he wouldn’t be offended by death threats? Did we all forget that celebrities are literally humans as well and they have feelings? I promise you, if some Beliebers could have accepted the idea or just simply learned that not everyone is going to suck Justin’s toe, the whole thing would have ended with just that tweet. Drake didn’t want to go at it, because he said that in the past, he was concerned about his image and being a good role model to his youth, but because of beliebers’ constant attacks, that’s why the feud turned into a feud. At the same time, he could’ve apologized for that one tweet and moved on, but his choice. (I lowkey wouldn’t apologize to a bunch of terrible people saying terrible things about me, but I’m also the kind of person who wants to avoid conflict at all times, so I would). Now, I must admit Drake went overboard with the posts. I was really turned off with some of the things he said and at one point, it felt like it was way too long. Because it WAS way too long. Before the whole Bieber thing happened, Drake only made one comment about him during an interview. He never said he loved or hated Bieber, but he did give Bieber a head nod for not only getting a career off of YouTube, but maintaining the career as well. By 2012, I heard so much about Bieber I really wanted to get away from it all, but I couldn’t. There was no way. Everywhere I went I saw his face and/or heard his name. I only couldn’t care less, because to me, he was just another found crappy singer from Youtuber, who we would all forget by the next year. I literally found out about Bieber on the cover of a teeny bopper magazine that I found at Walmart. Some celebrities whose faces were on J-14 or something, usually never last long. I even thought ‘Baby’ or something, was a Miley song that I never heard of before. Clearly, I couldn’t be even more wrong. But anyway, my opinions about Bieber is for another post. Drake was supposed to be a safe haven, because I loved him. I loved the guy so much, I was obsessed. Why wouldn’t I? Before the feud, he really was just a quiet soul with a guitar. Though he was the hotter one from Drake and Josh, he wasn’t over exaggerated like the Jonas Brothers or Jesse McCartney was at the time. That’s why I loved Drake in the first place. He seemed really down to earth, so when I met him in 2011, I wasn’t too surprised. So by the time it was 2014, it literally felt like Drake’s Twitter was just a Justin Bieber gossip page. It was so annoying. I only witnessed it because it was Drake. I didn’t want to believe that he was a douche, but I did acknowledge that he was acting like one. I know he didn’t mean to come off as a bully, but his actions clearly showed off more than his intentions. I supported him defending himself from the Beliebers, but I didn’t support him spending his precious time, bullying little girls. I mean I am one of his fans, who wanted his attention as did many other Drakesters. Please tell me why did Drake give more attention to those who hated him than the ones who loved him and wanted nothing more than a tweet/retweet/like/follow from their favorite artist/actor? But after three long years, he cooled down. He stopped, only going after Beliebers occasionally when they went after him. Drake apologized and even covers Bieber’s songs from time to time. Now that the whole thing has died down, I can only see the occasional Justin fan saying hateful things to/about Drake, tagging him as if they didn’t have anything else to do. I guess this proves who “won” or who “wanted” the feud more. I hope that made sense. The point is there WAS a reason to the feud.

I’m not saying that Drake is an angel, because that’s honestly up to you. That’s your opinion, I can’t change that. But please don’t trash Drake without checking your sources first. I’ve met Drake and I loved every minute of it. I’m sorry that some of you have had a poor experience. I have no words for that, except my heart is with you. But I had a more than a positive experience with Drake, and I’d be more than honored if I ever have that opportunity again. I’ve followed Drake since seeing him on the Amanda Show, and I will continue to do so, regardless of what anyone says.

Also, no, I’m not a big fan of post-2012, Drake. But I also want to give him the benefit of a doubt, because I know the old Drake is there. But again, my opinion.
So... co-worker found my Tumblr the other day

Him: So… your blog.

Me: *idly tinkers on computer*
Him: *turns abruptly to me*

Me: *starts sinking to the ground while still laughing*
My supervisor:
Me: Oh, you found UTW, too?
Him: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU… are any guys writing this stuff? Cause I get it from a girl POV but idk if…
Me: … we’re all women, bruh.
Him: oh.
Me: yeah.
Him: *turns back to his computer* … *shakes head*
Me: … look, I told you before, I’m trash.
Him: THAT’S NOT TRASH THAT’S… you just need Jesus.

Nah, son. I don’t need Jesus. I just need Ignis. Which I guess is the same thing idk

…you know I’ve reached a new level of shameless when I don’t particularly care that the degrees of separation from my smut life and work life are thin.

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Wouldnt techincally cherry quartz be gigantic like sugilite? because I mean steven is still a quartz , more or less likely stronger than ame in a sense, so would it be a big fusion? (Im going off the lil' drawing you did of them with opal)

I guess so yeah! TBH I have no set heights for my fusions, someone else pointed out that Cherry seemed too small.

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  1. Welcome to Lunar Industries - Clint Mansell (Moon soundtrack)
  2. Riverside - Agens Obel
  3. Perfect Places - Lorde
  4. Rooting for You - London Grammar
  5. The Hanged Man - Inon Zur (DA2 soundtrack)
  6. Cruel World - Phantogram
  7. Warmth - Bastille
  8. The Mortal Boy King - The Paper Kites
  9. Strange - Laura Marling
  10. Hard Times - Paramore

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Falling In And Out Of Love (3)


Part 1 here.  Part 2 here.
Plot: Reader is Jacob’s best friend and has been harbouring feelings for him for a long time.  He finally takes her to meet the pack and Embry imprints on her.

Word Count: 1255
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms, please send your requests here.  You can read all request info here.

I think this will be the final part, hope you have enjoyed it!

As Jake kept dragging me along to hang out with the pack, I gradually stopped complaining and trying to worm my way out of it.  They were nice, nicer than I had expected, and it was fun.  Although Jake did frequently leave me to entertain myself, I found myself hanging out with Embry a lot, which was strange and unexpected but, nice.  Slowly I got used to the pack and their wild ways, and I was glad that Jake had managed to convince me to come along.  Not just because it got me some new friends, but because in getter closer to Embry I found myself thinking of Jake less, and I caught myself staring at Embry in the way I used to look at Jake.  It was nice to feel myself finally letting go of the feelings I had been holding close for so long, and I found myself feeling happier, without the constant pressing knowledge that he would never look at me the same way.  Maybe things would be better now, now that I was looking at him in the same way he looked at me, now that we could truly be just friends again.  

Just as I was beginning to enjoy going along with Jake and meeting the pack, hanging out with Embry, and making friends as Jake had insisted I needed to do, the visits stopped.  Jake just stopped inviting me, he wouldn’t tell me when he was off to meet the pack, and if I found out and asked about going along, he would tell me it was an important pack meeting, one that I couldn’t attend.  I just couldn’t understand it, why all of the needling to get me to come along just to let me make friends and then force me to abandon them.  I still said hi to them whenever I saw them around school of course, and although we shared no classes Embry still showed up at my locker or behind me in the lunch line to say hi.  Jake was never far behind.  It was when Embry began texting, asking why I wasn’t with Jake, that I realised Jake was purposely going to see the pack behind my back, trying to hide where he was going from me, so I wouldn’t want to come along too.  He was spending more time with me too, which I was almost certain he was doing deliberately, and I began to suspect that his constant popping up whenever I was with Embry wasn’t entirely coincidental either.  

I didn’t mean to go behind Jake’s back, I honestly don’t know how it started.  He was avoiding telling me things, sneaking off to meet the pack behind my back, and I was mad, and confused, so when Embry asked me to go grab some ice-cream after school with him, I didn’t think anything of not telling Jake.  If he could go off to see his friends without telling me, I was entitled to do the same thing.  And why should I tell him?  It wasn’t any of his business was it?  And why should he tag along on dates?  Because I was pretty sure that’s what it was.  He found out anyway though, he must have heard it from Embry, after all, he could hear his thoughts.  After that he made a point to offer me a ride to school and back, if I declined he knew where I was or where I was going, and came along with us, even when we tried to hint to him that we didn’t want him to be there.  I say hint, I’m pretty sure Embry was very obvious with his ‘hinting’, guessing by the glares he shot Jake.  There was probably some mind yelling going on, but Jake never seemed to care.  Every time Embry tried to hang out with me, Jake would show up and either tag along or try and get me to go somewhere else with him instead.  It almost seemed like he was jealous, which was stupid, he was my best friend, I wasn’t just going to replace him.  There wasn’t anything wrong with me being friends, or possibly more, with Embry.  He was constantly drooling over Bella, and I never complained, at least not out loud anyway.  It wasn’t until Embry properly explained that I began to understand.

We were enjoying some rare alone time, Embry had managed to catch me while Jake was off doing patrols so we were safe from interruptions.  We were sitting on the beach, even although it probably wasn’t warm enough yet, we didn’t care.  I could tell he wanted to talk to me about something serious, and honestly I thought he was going to talk to me about Jake, about how overbearing he was being.  It was suffocating, but instead he said we needed to talk about us.  He looked really nervous, his eyes darted all around, as if he was waiting for somebody to leap out at us.  And, with hindsight he was probably prepared for Jake to pounce at us, knowing what he was about to say.  His leg bounced up and down and he stuttered as he tried to explain, so much so that I reached out and took his hands.  “Hey, whatever you need to tell me, it’s okay, just say it.”  He visibly relaxed at my touch, his leg stilling and his eyes focusing on mine.  He sighed.  “I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while.  I mean, I probably should have told you straight away, you already know about us so it wouldn’t have been hard.  It’s just, oh…”  He trailed off and I gave him an encouraging smile, even although on the inside I was beginning to get a little scared.  “It would have pressured you, and I wouldn’t want you to rush into something you don’t want.  But I have to tell you, I know I do…”  I squeezed his hand.  “What is it Embry?”  He was rambling, I’d noticed him doing it before when he was nervous.  “Do you know all of the stories?  Has Jake told you everything about us?  About our relationships?”  I frowned, not sure where he was going.  “Yeah, I mean, I think so.”  He nodded, taking a deep breath to prepare himself.  “You’re my imprint.”  

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  Imprint?  I supposed it explained his interest in me, the looks he gave me, why he was nervous around me, but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting him to say.  He rushed to continue.  “It doesn’t have to be romantic, not if you don’t want it to be.  We can just be friends, I just want you to be happy.”  He was rambling again.  I smiled at him, watching the way the sun lit his face, shone off his hair, glinted in his beautiful eyes.  And as I watched him, I knew for sure that the feelings I had once had for Jake were long gone, this was real.  I curled my fingers into fists, my mind whirring at a hundred miles an hour.  I liked him.  I really liked him, more than I’d liked anybody.  I liked him enough to lean forward and kiss him, the touch of my lips silencing his endless stream of panicky thoughts and apologies.  He froze for a moment, as if he didn’t believe that this could possibly be happening, but it was.  I was kissing Embry.  I was kissing Embry.  Until Jake arrived that is.  “EMBRY!”


RWBY in a nutshell

100 points for guessing the one above the Reese’s chocolate 

Man I do a lot of thinking about Karamatsu aha… Especially concerning how he got from Osomatsu-Kun to Osomatsu-San. We’re given basically 0 info on how their teen years were so I’m just gonna… Make some up of my own under the cut! 

(Oh also as for Ichi’s weird school photo, I feel like he was totally that kid that was always photographed mid-sneeze, and that no one ever took the time to retake any of them.)

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Art vent (don't repost stuff kids)

If you don’t like vents then skip ahead to when I post something else. I call my self a artist because I DO MY OWN ART. If you repost something of mine I would like to know before hand and give the ok because I would prefer someone who would give credit over someone who just says “credit to the artist”. Just because you say “credit to the artist” doesn’t mean you’re respecting the artist and if the artist says don’t repost, DONT REPOST THE FUCKING ART. I see this all the time with artist asking for people not to repost it and yes some people who repost it give credit but they ask for people not to, please respect people’s decisions. For example someone who WAS mostly know in the eddsworld fandom was “princeofmints” or known for his old nsfw account “tentacle-feast” he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the fandom and if anyone repost any of His old eddsworld art or nsfw stuff he would be upset or hate whoever did. Now for some reason people still repost his stuff why you may ask? Because most of them are 12 year olds rping with his art and you can NOT tell the THIS isn’t true because if you look on the fucking instagram tag for any eddsworld stuff or tomtord stuff you’ll see his stuff and posting posting it like “oh yea~ Daddy’s so big and tall for me~” it’s fucking gross. AND MOST DONT EVEN GIVE CREDIT. I completely respect anyone who leaves the eddsworld fandom (or any fandom) it’s toxic but if a artist says no to something it means NO. On the other hand of the topic some (maybe one or two) artist are ok with repost but that’s them and their art THEY decide what they want to do with it no you and please, if you’re younger then 18 don’t repost shit you know you’re not supposed to (nsfw stuff or implied) because i will personally hunt your parent/Guardian down and show them what your doing I’ve done it to a family member I’m not scared to do it to a random person.

Personally I don’t really feel comfortable with reposting my art unless you ask me and like I said I have to check you out before anything but that’s me. I recently had someone repost my art and i messaged them about it to take it down but after I talked to them about it i was ok with it because they DID give me credit but just didn’t ask they where also very respectful and mature about the whole thing. If you ever think about reposting art ASK if you can and if they say no don’t do it behind their back and do it anyway, no means no. I know that the age range from this can go up to 10-20 or maybe less or more. Personally I’ve seen around 9-14 year old reposting art that is or isn’t nsfw. I’ve had to BLOCK people from my Instagram because the repost shit or they trace stuff (don’t get me started on that topic) how many times do I have to say that’s not ok! That’s not how you learn how to draw!! You can’t just repost or trace something and say it’s yours people WILL call you out and you CAN get arrested for it!!! So many kids don’t know that but you can get in huge trouble for taking art that isn’t yours. This topic can go many different ways like copying but taking out the artist name, bases, or drawing over the image. But I’m not getting into that.

If you like art that’s fine! If you love it even better!! Maybe reblog it or better yet if you want the image save and AND keep it to yourself!!!! Respect the artist and idk if you like their art why not ask how they did something?? Maybe you like the kind of eyes they do or how they shade in stuff, maybe instead of copying it why not ask them. I know, I know “I’m to scared to talk to them!!” There’s this thing called Anonymous and a simple “can you do a tutorial on-” and BOOM in a few hours/day(s) you can get a personal tutorial. And hey! If you like the artist enough maybe you can idk pay them??? I mean if you repost art that must mean you like them right fuckin pay them for what they do if you’re one of those people. You don’t have to be one of them to appreciate them you can pay them for something you would like them to draw. You don’t even have to pay them for them to know you appreciate them just send a

“hey you’re a amazing artist and I love how you__ with your art”

People don’t know how good it is to see that as a artist. It’s like when your crush points out some weird thing you do and likes it. It’s a good feeling. Amazing even. Even if a artist gets it a lot of messages like that sometime they may not feel like they like their art and that one message will help them. It’s currently 6:30 am and I haven’t slept yet hopefully this will get threw someone’s head. If you are one of the “repost” people who are disrespectful to any artist youuu can idk maybe unfollow me or send me a message so I can block you??? If you are not I’m grateful for you being yourself!! You keep being you!!!!

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I tried to make an ARMS FC/OC that was a jiangshi… b-but then I saw someone else had come up with a similar idea, and now I feel bad. It was a complete accident, I swear. ;;

I guess you could say, I was beaten to the punch.

Loads of info under the cut.

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Tag 9 People Thing

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Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better


Relationship status: Taken by the best girl in the world ❤️😚

Favorite color: Periwinkle

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last song I listened to: Nine Point Eight - Mili

Last movie I watched: The Good Neighbor

Book you are currently reading: 1984 by George Orwell

Top 3 characters:

Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan

Coraline - Coraline

Six - Little Nightmares

Top 3 ships:



Otonashi x Naoi from Angel Beats (…OtoNaoi…?)

Top 5 musicals:

I’m not too into musicals really…  The only two I really know are Heathers and Hamilton since my friend showed me them, so those two I guess?

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doctorcontent. com/2017/07/17/death-by-a-thousand-yards-a-dive-into-jon-bois-17776/ Here's a cool article analyzing the themes of 17776 in light of the author's previous works. It's really interesting!

yeah i read this! it’s really fascinating. here’s the link if anyone else wants to read it

i agree with its analysis of 17776, though i’d personally still find myself rather unhappy in that world.

well, i guess it’s just my personality, but the idea of humanity at some point not being able to advance and improve anymore really saddens me. i personally have based my entire life around forward forward forward, keep moving forward, i love children, and of course im rather suicidal, so a world in which all of these things are denied is just. i wouldn’t be happy.

but i also cannot deny that like, humanity as a whole? doing pretty well. no capitalism, no sickness, everyone treats each other better, etc etc etc, it’s all pretty great for them? 

it’s not…Overall unhappy, their society is great, but the immortality and lack of children is </3

i feel like 17776 was definitely written to portray this as a happy thing overall even if it feels sad to us, really. this is more about how i experienced it than trying to say “this is what the comic was implying”

im sure lots of people are happy in this world and i’d be happy for em! but the whole comic hurts my heart so much. (and i love it dearly)

i feel like the searches should rly all just be exclusively tags tbh..

like theres so many posts that ppl dont intend to get picked up, but do bcus they just say one word n it appears in searches..

n i just feel like it all should be for tagged? like, its neat thats an option now but i feel that should be the default.

and im pretty sure it used to be like this.. i mean its like what else is the point of tags u kno if it picks up all mentions? like i feel like finding stuff should almost be reserved for those wanting their tags to be picked up..

though i guess that is why people on tumblr developed rly specific tags, to get around this whole system of searching n finding any post that mentions the word.

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i feel you, western fandom is so fucking rude with posting their unwarranted hate. i dislike one of the good guy pt members but i keep quiet about it, shame akechi haters can't do the same bc they assume we must all hate characters for the same reason they do.

Like, I don’t care if they hate him, I just don’t want it on my posts. Or his main tag because lots of fans are now scared to go into it in fear of seeing more hate than anything else?

Why do they believe that mocking me and other fans like me who like him will make us dislike him or something? 

At this point, I feel like they are doing it for their own satisfaction and just because I told them not to do it. Already had to block some people over it. Like, hate him but don’t post about it? Isn’t that considered to be the nice thing to do?

But I guess every fandom has fans like that, so nothing to be done about it aside from ignoring them. Like, I’m not that fond of Makoto and her canon portrayal myself, but I don’t tag any posts I make on my side blog about her with her main tag. I use stuff like //makoto or something. I only use her main tag if I’m talking about similiarities between her and other Persona characters, for example.

Oh well *sigh*

I have been tagged by @spilledkauffie to do this thing where I write down 5 things I like about myself (which isn’t much) Anyway here we goes it :

1. I guess I’m somewhat good at art

2. I’m good with tech and engineering I guess

3. I’m sweet but I don’t take shit from anyone

4. I’m like that I’m good at science

5. I’m a good actress ( I can make a song even more emotional then it is to the point of tears )

Uh idk what this is but I’m gonna tag some people you don’t have to do this but if you want here : @that-gay-fangirl @des-thy-random-fangirl @i-d-e-k-any-more @pengychan (honestly I don’t know who else to tag 😅😅😅)