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The 9th House

sun in 9th: idealistic, highly curious, philosophical, spiritual, loves learning, sincere, wise, lucky, humanitarian, can be bad tempered, inspiring, good teacher, constantly searching for purpose, tolerant, open minded, optimistic, self righteous

moon in 9th: lacks practicality, imaginative, spiritual, curious, restless, longs to travel, cultured, wanderer, likes change, inquisitive, intellectual, easily bored, fast paced

jupiter in 9th: wise, true humanitarian, knowledgeable, energetic, enthusiastic to learn, endlessly curious, open minded, can be scatterbrained, independent, has naturally good fortune, intuitive, visionary

mercury in 9th: intellectual, lively, consistent, adaptive, philosophical, always wants to learn more, loves conversation, decisive, can be judgemental, doesn’t pay attention to details, good teacher

venus in 9th: passionate about learning, philosophical, spiritual, creative, charming, values independence in a relationship, zestful, free spirited, falls in love easily, decisive, fast paced, adventurous

mars in 9th: strong morals, full of ideas, restless, adaptable, compelling, explorer, often active/athletic, straightforward, likes debating, sincere, open minded, social butterfly, busy mind, unorganised, humorous

saturn in 9th: intellectual, stubborn, firm beliefs, can be seen as orthodox, inflexible, skeptical, often religious, conventional, can be narrow minded, responsible, enthusiastic about learning, rational

uranus in 9th: open minded, loves learning, loves travelling, original thoughts, imaginative, flighty, expansive, optimistic, intuitive, unique views, rule breaker, hates restriction, despises the status quo

neptune in 9th: mystical, has big dreams, optimistic, wears rose tinted glasses, inspirational, prophetic, balanced, lacks focus, psychic, sensitive, lacks discipline, confident in ideas, faithful, attracted to exotic things

pluto in 9th: loves travelling, busy mind, impatient, enthusiastic, optimistic, fears opposing ideas/beliefs, can be argumentative, creative, analytical, needs meaning in life, dislikes hypocrisy, interested in law

aries in 9th: finds identity through philosophy/religion, impatient, spontaneous, attacks corruption; protester, quick thinker, adventurous, optimistic, can be insensitive, adaptable, brings ideas into action, calm under pressure

taurus in 9th: tends to be traditional, cautious when travelling, unchanging beliefs, patient, persistent, practical, drawn to earthy tones, likes visiting places to do with nature

gemini in 9th: easily bored, adventurous, curious, always wants to try new things, can lose enthusiasm easily, challenged by authority figures,  has a mixture of beliefs, communicates understandably & effectively, interested in literature, finds meaning in everyday life, logical

cancer in 9th: intuitive, finds protection through spiritual/philosophical beliefs, can be self centred, emotional attached to beliefs, defends beliefs, needs instruction to grow, selfless worker, adaptable

leo in 9th: optimistic, bring ideas into action, calm under pressure, likes travelling, self confident, ideas are lofty, likes learning, enlightens others

virgo in 9th: interested in word events, ideas are orderly, strictly follow rules, can be judgemental of others beliefs, seeks higher knowledge, abstract thinker, down to earth

libra in 9th: likes to travel, wants to be in a harmonious environment, strong sense of equality, respects all beliefs, enjoys learning, indecisive about beliefs, intellectual, artistic, tactful

scorpio in 9th: interested in conspiracies, secretive, prefers not to travel, emotionally invested in beliefs, critical, can be judgemental, likes to research, loves culture and religion

sagittarius in 9th: positive, expanding mind, open minded about belief systems, ever changing mind, likes to travel, passionate about teaching, wants to discover the ‘ultimate truth’, philosophical, versatile interests

capricorn in 9th: conventional beliefs, requires facts to believe something, normally doesn’t like to travel, street smart, often wants to be the authority figure, traditional, ambitious, practical

aquarius in 9th: unconventional beliefs, progressive, enjoys to travel, interesting teacher, advanced thinker, can be aloof, eccentric energy, embraces other cultures

pisces in 9th: fiercely spiritual, likes to be around water, too trusting, creative, selfless, compassionate, believes everything is connected, can have delusional beliefs

The Hardest Love Aspects & What They Mean

Sun Square Venus: Being over-indulging, playing games, being passive aggressive, and charming people into doing what they want. Sun Square Venus often sets expectations too high and always ends up disappointed. If there is a breakup, it could lead to hatred.

Moon Square Venus: Feels they need approval and has hunger for affection. They can be possessive, lazy, and self destructive. Moon Square Venus has strong emotions and needs and often fears loss or disapproval. The Aspect’s insecurities and fears result in a negative behavior that can create a rough relationship.

Mercury Square Venus: The balance with this placement is learning to hear both’s opinions, feelings, and ideas. This aspect creates images of positive ideas rather than looking at the negative side of one’s own relationship. Sensitive to one’s views. Can have difficulties communicating.

Venus Square Mars: Venus Square Mars is a true romantic who needs an active romantic relationship and sexual life. This aspect deals with marriage and romantic difficulties. Although Venus Square Mars is faithful, they can be demanding. Challenges sometimes can be behind the kind of art they make. It can be difficult for them balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

Venus Square Jupiter: Indulging, carelessness, and arrogance. They have problems sticking to one idea. They feel a need to be free and not be controlled by what their partners says or wants to do. They want to make the adjustments and that’s what makes them happy. But when it doesn’t happen their way there is an empty gesture.

Venus Square Saturn: There’s a detachment with this aspect. They’re good at protecting their own feelings and needs. Does have a hard time expressing how they feel. Sometimes can be negative towards a relationship. This is a very reserved aspect and has a hard time trusting people which can lead people into thinking they’re not in love.

Venus Square Uranus: They can confuse their partners with their indecisiveness. They’ll often cover up how they feel. Therefore, it’s hard for Venus Square Uranus to open up to one’s feelings. This aspect is all about learning to balance things out. From too much space to no space at all and their need for closeness to a need for personal freedom.

Venus Square Neptune: This aspect naturally accepts unnatural behaviors because of their openness and kindness. They create a vision of what they want their relationship to be like. Whereas on the other hand, their vision is not what it’s like in the relationship.
They often cling themselves to romance relationships. The disappointment for them is learning that they need to live in reality and accept the natural good traits from their partner that they weren’t picturing.

Venus Square Pluto: This aspect is controlling of their relationship. Their feelings and expectations can be intense. Sometimes Venus Square Pluto can attract Love-Hate relationships. They can easily put pressure on their partner while expecting loyalty in return. This placement is all about learning about themselves through relationships. Also breakups are hard for this aspect.

Blue Diamond Theory

Stop me if y'all’ve heard this before, but I just brought together a Steven Universe theory. 

So there’s a theory going around that White Diamond has the power to alter memories, right? This is supported largely by Centipeetle’s drawings where her memories are ‘whited out.’ 

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She also draws her and her crew with green hair in all pics before the Whiteout. That could just be for the sake of ease, but you never know.

It’s also generally accepted that the attempt to remember is what worsens the corruption.

Now this’ll seem like a tangent, but it’ll all come together by the end.

We are all pretty familiar with this image by now:

Now I’d like to juxtapose the above with the following, focusing mostly on the hair.

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You could try to say that the dark blue hair in the mural is just her cowl, but take a closer look at the gif. Even if that is the case, something is off.

While we can’t very clearly see her hair color in the above gif (though given that it’s the exact same shade as the rest of the cowl when there’s enough light to shine on both her lips and her diamond makes me inclined to believe that it is a shade of blue, rather than white), we can see that it does not go across her chest as it does in the modern day:

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Now, some people who have pointed out the hair change just chalk it up to the crewniverse having been unsure of her design. While that’s not impossible, it does seem super unlikely lmao.

What seems more likely to me personally, and this is where I’m gonna tie it all back together, is that Blue changes because of White Diamond (or her currently unknown agents) directly.

See, we know a couple things. One, that Blue believes that Pink was shattered by Rose via a Sword:

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(Can’t find a subbed gif, but there’s her whole “It was a SWORD” thing during the trial.)

Two, that Rose’s sword can never shatter any gem, much less a Diamond:

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So here we have:

* Centipeetle having a tampered-with memory
*Centipeetle having white hair (but drawing herself and her crew with green hair before the white diamond memory tampering)
*Centipeetle having named the diamond authority as the people who tampered with said memory
*Centipeetle being corrupted as a result.

*Blue having blue, or at least, noticeably different hair before Pink’s shattering
*Blue having misinformation (or faulty memory) regarding Pink’s shattering
*Blue now having white hair.

Soooo tldr: White Diamond fucked with Blue’s memory just like she did with the Centipeetle crew’s. This left all of them with white hair.

And just for shits and giggles, let’s have a bonus round.

Guess who else has solidly white (and not tinted, as with Holly Blue, Opal, Malechite, Jasper pre-corruption, etc) hair?

Another corrupted gem.

Bonus bonus round:

If White Diamond tampering with memories gives gems white hair, and if that is also tied to gem corruption, and if touching on the forgotten and/or altered memories quickens that corruption, it would add an entire other dimension to Yellow Diamond wanting to get the trial over with as quickly as possible. (Also, why she wants to keep Blue away from all of Pink’s stuff, beyond that just being her style of grieving)

If White Diamond altered Blue’s memories, as I suspect she did, then Yellow (who hasn’t changed, as far as I can tell) would want to prevent any corruption of Blue that might come as a result.

 ♫ Wouldn’t you rather forget her? ♫ 

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