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"I would be petty and have Stefan die so Elena stays in her coma forever and Damon has to live with knowing he can’t wake up his girlfriend because her true love is dead 🙃" LOVE this! Since Plec wouldn't allow Damon to die a painful death where the MF gang could care less than this is the next best thing- his miserable self living in misery. Also agree w/you about 6x08, that scene felt more SE. Steroline wasn't shoved in Elena's face like D/E was for Stefan which I find very interesting.

The interesting thing about 6x08 is that the two of them use each other as a point of reference for their respective current relationships. Like that phone call is Elena asking Stefan how he knew he could trust her with his secret, it’s not like she said, I’m thinking of telling Liam the truth, what do you think or how do I go about doing that or do you think I’m ready? It’s not like she asks about how she felt with Damon, she centres their relationship 

and then they both pause to remember it

and then act accordingly based on what they felt as they remembered this moment and pausing and thinking about their relationship and what it means to them and what it still means to them is something that actually happens a lot in season 6

even when it seems like the show is tearing them down

which is why I just went “I disagree” to that other anon because it’s so clear they both carry their relationship with them in a way that isn’t this far-off distant happy memory. 

And yeah, I would be totally petty and have Damon live with it, I was also thinking of having a series finale like a POTC: Dead Man’s Chest ending? Where you see a montage of Damon living with the knowledge that Elena won’t wake up because she needs true love’s kiss with Stefan and see him drinking and sad and cursing Stefan at his grave and cursing Elena in her casket and then Bonnie bangnig on his door iin the middle of the night after five years and going, “We’re going to bring Stefan back so he can wake up Elena!” and then him going, “How? He’s at peace, he can’t return, Bonnie, there are no loopholes, you said so” and then her going, “I think I found one.” “What is it?” and Bonnie opens her mouth and then it ends :) 


Can we just talk about that delena kiss after that traumatic incident with sheriff Forbes. Can we just talk about how so inconsiderate it was and the timing was completely off ??? I didn’t feel no type of way about that kiss. I was so disgusted on how Julie plec would allow that to happened after a moment like that. I cringed I really cringed when I saw that. I just couldn’t believe elena would make it about herself them kiss the man that she says is a monster..a brother killing monster.. I.. Have no words

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"I am warning you from now it gets utterly and thoroughly terrible." No lie. I'm glad you're warning that poor person. I have never seen Buffy but the more I hear about it and see (like your parallels) I can't believe Joss allowed Julie Plec to take that much liberty with his work!

Lol I’m convinced that Julie never paid attention to btvs because the shit she says…

Julie Plec can’t even allow a guy to be interested in Bonnie for more than 2 seconds...

If even at all. And if you don’t see that after what she said tonight, then you’re blind as fuck.

And good luck to shipping her with whomever you ship her with. I doubt Bonnie will end up with anyone at this point.