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a) Wow! your new SE vid is sadly beautiful. Watching it makes one think that the writers didn't screw their love story up. Seeing how you talk about Goblin and the few scenes I've seen of them do remind me of SE in the earlier seasons and just makes me frustrated thinking about the scenes we should've had with them. Damon should've stayed the obstacle he was suppose to be and will be bitter that Plec allowed fan service to ruin what could've been a beautiful redemptive love story. Simply amazing

I didn’t get your b! But thank you so much! Yes, I think that Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin in Goblin are an even more intense SE which is why I ship them so much but yes, Damon was always supposed to be the obstacle that made an SE reunion sweeter, like it was always supposed to be Stefan and the show went back on that.