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"If she was such a survivor, she would’ve ran away with Elena’s body and use those “amazing” skills she used to hide from Klaus to hide from the Salvatores but no.." RIGHT?! lol I had already lost interest in Katherine but appreciated Stefan easing her painful memories in her head...but then they ruined a decent goodbye for this? Dries/Plec really couldn't allow a semi decent idea alone? they had to ruin it with the body swap? Another example of foolishness at the helm.

Yeah like I enjoyed Steferine in season 5 quite a lot but as an individual character Katherine wasn’t doing much for me and then there was that whole “redemptive” arc with Stefan and it felt closed then the show inserted Katherine hijacking Elena’s body at the last minute, Caroline Dries came up with it like after they wrote everything and it’s very clear that it wasn’t planned and then what she does is … SO basic and ALSO something that happened in Buffy but it MADE SENSE.


Can we just talk about that delena kiss after that traumatic incident with sheriff Forbes. Can we just talk about how so inconsiderate it was and the timing was completely off ??? I didn’t feel no type of way about that kiss. I was so disgusted on how Julie plec would allow that to happened after a moment like that. I cringed I really cringed when I saw that. I just couldn’t believe elena would make it about herself them kiss the man that she says is a monster..a brother killing monster.. I.. Have no words

Julie Plec can’t even allow a guy to be interested in Bonnie for more than 2 seconds...

If even at all. And if you don’t see that after what she said tonight, then you’re blind as fuck.

And good luck to shipping her with whomever you ship her with. I doubt Bonnie will end up with anyone at this point.