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Valentine’s Day Special #2

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language

Word Count : 2,434

Three knocks, that’s all it took before Steve opened the door. He stood there, wearing a tank top and sweats, and his hair damped from sweat, which only meant he just came back from the gym.

“Hey, didn’t expect you here today.” He smiled, waving you in.

“I know, but I needed to talk to you.”

You walked in to his apartment, and plopped down onto his couch. His place was like your second home. You were always there, and if you weren’t, then you two were at your place.

“Beer?” He asked, walking to the kitchen.

“Nah, just water.”

Steve tossed you a water bottle, as he started back toward the living room where you waited.

You took a big swig of the water and felt the cold liquid trickle down your throat. Making you feel somewhat at ease.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” Steve asked, leaning against the wall across from you.

For some reason you were feeling nervous. Which was strange. Steve was your best friend. You two were so close, you were able to talk to him about anything. He’s seen you in sweats with no makeup on. He’s helped you when you were a drunken mess. And yet, you were somehow nervous about this topic.

“Y/N.” he snapped his fingers, catching your attention. “You okay?”

You slowly nodded, running your hand through your hair. Something you did when you were nervous.

“So my sister is throwing a couples party tomorrow night, and when I RSVP’d a month ago, I was dating Jared-”

“The asshole.” He cut you off.

“Woah, language.” You teased.

He dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Anyways, go on.”

“As I was saying, I told her I’d go and now she’s expecting me to be there.”

“So?” He drawled out.

You swallowed hard, meeting your best friends gaze.

“I was wondering if you can go as my fake boyfriend.” You slightly winced as the words finally fell from your lips.

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I hated you so much that I forgot about your good qualities. I forgot you even had good qualities. So when you came up to me, eagerness filling what awkward tension I’d created, I turned toward the other direction and gestured for you to follow me. Small talk became our normal, until you asked how sick I was, while you folded me into a hug and within a matter of half a second it hit me, this is what I’ve been missing out on. That void you created two years ago disappeared, and in replacement heartbreak took its place. Your hug didn’t convey sexual desire or wanting something more, but instead an undying passion and a need for the one person who truly knows you to stay. And I guess that’s what I’ve been needing, because you are the first in such a long time to comfort me with actions instead of words, the first to tighten your grasp around my waist instead on letting go when I started to get comfortable. The crease in your neck feels like home, a place where only you and I can escape. I"m not going to give you an “I love you” or “I want you back” because that’s far from how I feel, but I will say this: The moment you walked back in, the moment I started feeling the way I should. You’re far from what I want, but you know what I need. Denial had taken a place within my undeveloped mind for so long yet when it slipped away, the sudden realisation came to me that maybe you do know me better than I know myself, like you’d always exclaimed to me in moments of pure sadness. I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing, or whether I should be happy or not, and this may be the last time I write about you but please don’t leave. You’ve destroyed me in a matter of seconds, but you also know how to rebuild me. I am a mental catastrophe, a psychedelic mess, and I can’t bare people leaving anymore. Not when I have no one left.
Preference - How they kiss you

Jeff Atkins

Jeff is very touchy when he kisses you, and it’ll almost always turn into heated make out sessions. He loves to grope your ass or thread his hands in your hair. Jeff will go to kiss your lips while your at your locker and he’ll secretly snake his hands around your waist, lowering them to grab ahold of your butt. He’s very into French kissing too, and being with Jeff means A LOT of PDA. He’ll start making out with you in the school halls, and you’ll have to remind him that your in public. After kissing Jeff, you’re most likely always sporting a couple of hickeys around your neck and collarbones. Jeff will always leave you breathless after one of his kisses, wanting for more. 

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Alex Standall

Alex’s kisses are gentle but very passionate. He pours all of his feelings for you when the two of you lock lips. He’ll gently thread his hands into your hair or cradle your face between his hands. If the two of you are not in public, Alex will get more handsy with you and grab your butt, pinching it slightly while the two of you kiss. He’ll trail kisses down your neck and suck harshly on your sweet spot, leaving his mark. 

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Zach Dempsey 

Zach is a GOD when it comes to kissing. Sometimes he kisses you with so much love and passion that you’re tummy is doing little flips. He’ll cradle your face between his big hands and softly press his lips against yours. Other times he kisses you with a raw animalistic need. He’ll pin you against any surface, or have you straddle his lap, kissing you fiercely, lust evident in his eyes. He’ll rub your centre against his growing bulge, groping your ass. Zach will shove his tongue in your mouth and dominate you completely. After kissing Zach you’re always left all hot and bothered. 

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Justin Foley

Justin is either super sweet when he kisses you, pecking your lips lightly or kissing your nose, he adores the way you wrinkle it when he does. Or he is super naughty. He’ll pin you down on his bed, squeezing you ass or breasts while trailing hot, moist kisses down the column of your neck. 

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Tony Padilla

Tony is super gentle when he kisses you. He’ll lightly press his lips onto yours, savouring the feel of your mouth against his. Tony is gentlemen, and always respects your boundaries. So he is pretty cautious when it comes to more heated kisses, always asking you if what he’s doing is okay. He loves to thread his hands in your soft locks when he’s kissing you. Kissing Tony is like a fairytale dream come true, it truly is magical. 

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Clay Jensen

Kissing Clay is heaven. Clay is one of the sweetest guys you have ever met, and his kisses are even sweeter (if that’s possible). He’ll cup your cheek in his hand, slowly leaning in and pecking your lips once, before diving back in for another kiss. He’ll swipe his tongue against yours hesitantly, asking for entrance. Which of course you grant him. You’ll always have to coax his tongue with your own to explore each other’s mouths. 

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Hannah Baker

Hannah’s kisses are really passionate. She’ll start off by kissing you with a sort of delicacy but the kiss will soon turn more sensual. She’ll thread her hands in our hair and lazily drag her tongue against yours. Hannah is not big on PDA, so she’ll always kiss you in non public places, like at home. Sometimes your kisses with Hannah do tend to get a little heated… 

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Montgomery de la Cruz

Monty will kiss you with so much lust and want, it takes your breath away. He’ll come up behind you at school, pinning you against your locker and shove his tongue in your mouth. He’s BIG on PDA because he likes everyone to know that you’re HIS, and only his. 

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Jessica Davis

Jessica’s kisses are gentle, sweet, and loving. She’ll constantly be giving you little pecks on the cheek at school, or lightly kissing your lips. She does get carried away sometimes when the two of you are in public, especially at dances or parties, and will kiss you with more fiery passion, clinging onto you in want.

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Ryan Shaver

Ryan is very forceful when he kisses you. He’ll pull you against him and force his tongue into your mouth, stealing the air right out of your lungs. After kissing Ryan, you’ll have dozens of hickeys that are pretty hard to cover up. 

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Tyler Down

Tyler is very timid when kissing you. It usually has to be you that instigates the kiss. But once he gets more comfortable with this intimate gesture, he’ll run his hands up and down your back, sometimes daring to cup your butt, and kiss you into a breathless oblivion.

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Suga Daddy: Part 9

Suga Daddy: Part 9 (m)

Word count: 8.2k

Genre/Warnings: angst, smut, dom!Yoongi, dirty talk, role-play (I’m sorry Yugyeom)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: It’s finally time for your showcase but Yoongi is nowhere to be found.

I know some of you have been reading this since the beginning and that’s crazy to me. Thank you so much for the constant support. I love you guys and Yoongi so yeah, onto the next chapter :) 

 Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

This week had been nonstop practice for you. You spent so much time at school or in your dance studio. The dance showcase was getting closer and closer but you were damn well ready. Plus like you had said, Yoongi was now at your place, at night like nothing had happened. He would come to your home, spend wonderful passionate nights with you, play with the dog and be gone before you woke up the next morning.

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Shy (Harry Hook X Reader)

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A/n: This is probably my favourite idea for an imagine that I’ve had in a long time. I hope you guys like it
Requested: Yes!
Words: 3770
Warnings: Angst (not a lot but it’s there)

A: It’s just…. It’s just that people like you shouldn’t fall in love with people like me
B: Are you fucking serious
A: What?
B: I get to decide who I do and don’t fall in love with. That’s mine okay?. No one else’s choice, not even yours. It belongs to me. I. Love. You

You had always knew you were different to the other kids on the Isle. Always. Even as a toddler you were clearly set apart from the other villain children; choosing to sit and watch their boisterous behaviour instead of partaking in it yourself. You were unmistakably good, there wasn’t a hint of bad in you. Unfortunately, your father Shan Yu, possibly the most ruthless and merciless of the villains, was not the most accepting of your passive behaviour, so you dreamed of Auradon, a place where thought you wouldn’t feel like a stranger in your own home. You couldn’t help it, you had no interest in terrorising others or making their lives miserable, instead you wanted to make friends, you wanted to help people, you wanted to learn.

When Ben eventually accepted all of the villain kids into his kingdom you thought all of your wishes would come true. You had a fresh start, a chance to surround yourself with people like you, a chance to be happy. It turned out there really was no people like you. You were instantly shunned by the princes and princess’ at the school once they figured out who your father was, turning there backs on you immediately as if his actions where your own. There was no chance of forming a friendship with any of the VK’s, you had exhausted that possibility many years ago, you were too fundamentally different to them, so you found you were left by yourself once again. To be honest, you had kind of grown accustomed to your own company and didn’t mind being alone. You began to realise that Auradon wasn’t so different to the Isle, sure it was cleaner and fancier but it could be just as lonely and isolating.

Despite little change when it came to friendships, you had discovered one new thing about yourself since arriving at Auradon; a distinct love for reading. The first time you stepped foot in the school library, you felt suddenly giddy, hardly able to contain your excitement as you stared at the seemingly never-ending shelves of hardbacks, tracing your fingers across the spines. As reading and academic interest in general was frowned upon back on the isle you had never even known libraries existed, so you took it upon yourself to make up for lost time. Any spare time you would have you would spend reading, curled up in your special corner of the library as you slowly worked your way through the endless collection of novels. It was quiet and you rarely saw people there but it was just how you liked it, peaceful and un-interrupted, fully submerged in whatever universe you were reading about. Then one day, completely by accident, everything changed.    

Harry ran down the corridor, a wicked smirk plastered across his face as he sprinted from the enraged Tourney players behind him. The pirate may have been fast, but he knew they were faster, Chad leading the angered mob. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to put fish guts in their Tourney helmets, he thought to himself as he sped around a corner. Then he glanced back at the remnants of the slimy filth dripping from Jay’s hair as they charged after him and sniggered. Who was he kidding? He lived for the adrenaline rush. Still, while they were still behind him, he ducked out of their way, running through the doorway of a random classroom instead of continuing down the hallway. He pressed his face against the glass panel in the door, crouched down watching the Tourney players run straight past where he was hiding, sighing in satisfaction. Harry, slumped with his back to the door, laughing to himself as he caught his breath, slowly looking around the room he was in. It was bigger than he had anticipated and certainly not a classroom, the space occupied by neat rows of bookcases, overflowing with novels but was seemingly empty. His blue eyes scanned the corridor, in case anybody was still out there looking for him. The coast was clear, so he jumped up, gripping the door handle before stopping. Harry’s head whipped around as the pirate froze. He could have sworn he heard a noise.

A soft giggle, barely audible but a giggle all the same, that’s what Harry thought he heard. He brushed it off, putting it down to paranoia, and went to leave the room again. He was interrupted. Another giggle, this time louder, more prominent. He knew he wasn’t hearing things then and took a step towards the noise, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he tried to work out where it was coming from. He trod carefully through the maze of book shelves, trying not to make a sound when he saw you. Instinctively he ducked down, hiding behind more books as a small smirk stretched across his lips.
“Now who are ye?” he whispered to himself as he fixated on your small frame, curled up beside a fireplace, holding an old book in your hands. A hint of recognition flickered across his eyes as he watched you grin at the hardback, beginning to laugh even louder at whatever you were reading. He was mesmerised by you, intrigued by how absorbed you were in the story, grinning to himself as huge belly laughs escaped from your lips.
“Where do I know ye from?” He said to himself, chuckling quietly from your infectious laughter. He rested his hand on a pile of binders as he craned his neck further to study you better, jumping backwards as he knocked them to the floor.
Your nearly jumped out of your skin, dropping the book you were reading and shooting up.
“Hello?” You called out, hoping there would be nobody there to answer you.
Harry was half-way down the hallway before you could take another step.

He was back again. Why? He had absolutely no idea, but the next night he found himself back in the library, hoping you would be there too. Harry wasn’t disappointed, as after filtering through the aisles of books he found you in your familiar corner, this time wrapped under a blanket, a small lamp beside you. Making sure he was hidden from view, he watched you again, trying to stop himself from chuckling.
You were reading a horror book and it was fair to say you weren’t enjoying it, but you had vowed to read every book in the library in alphabetical order and you could hardly back out half way through the the ‘A’s. You read a particularly frightening sentence and slammed the book shut, holding it at arms length away from you, before painfully slowly re-opening it. You read another word and shut it again, this time staring at the novel as if it was the devil incarnate itself.
That was the point when Harry lost it, having to bit down on his own hand to stop himself from bursting out laughing.

It had been over a week since Harry saw you the first time, and he had returned to the library everyday to find you. Every time he would find you in the arm chair beside the open fire, the little crevice of the castle you had claimed as your own. It had been over a week since you had felt like you were being watched, and you were starting to feel slightly unnerved. Every time you would convince yourself you were just feeling paranoid but something was telling you to trust your instincts.

When Harry entered the library one evening he was confused. As he walked towards your usual spot,  but he couldn’t hear a thing, no snorts of laughter, no gasps, no occasional tutting. Silence. He frowned a little before it clicked. You weren’t there. The armchair was complete empty, the fire hadn’t been started, there was no pile of books on the floor.
“Where are ye then?” He asked himself, puzzled.
“Who? Me?” You replied triumphantly from behind him, arms crossed and tapping your foot as you gave the pirate boy a knowing look. He shot around, unable to figure out a response, so instead choosing to stand with his mouth open. So you weren’t going crazy
“Oh come on,” you laughed, no longer intimidated by the boy “Don’t tell me the infamous Harry Hook is at a loss for words”
Harry relaxed, slightly shocked that you weren’t weirded out by him, and flashed you one of his signature smirks laced with a little insanity. He was curious as to how you knew what he was.
You grinned back at him, as if reading his mind.
“I mean, this kind of gives it away doesn’t it,” you motioned towards the sliver metal of his hook, glinting in to the dim light.
He smiled again, licking his bottom lip slightly.
“Ye know for someone who spends all there time in a library ye don’t half talk a lot” Harry teased, regaining his smug demeanour and taking a step towards you.
He tried to reach his hook to meet your face but you turned on your heels before he could.
“And for someone who spends all there time stalking people you are oddly confident”
“Touché” Harry laughed, following you as you collapsed into your armchair.
“What do you want Harry” you grumbled, unimpressed that the boy was invading your reading time.
He leaned back on the arm rest and grinned at you, deciding that he wanted to know more about the mysterious library girl.
“Nothing,” he said innocently enough but still with a devilish gleam in his eyes “I came here to read”
You rolled your eyes.
“We’ll go do it somewhere else, this seat is occupied” you replied, retrieving a book from your bag and opening it to the first page.
“Well if ye insist,” whispered the pirate, walking away from you.
You tilted your head, that was far too easy. You were kind of disappointed that Harry had left so soon but you dismissed the thought and started to read, happy to be left in the quiet. That was until, you hear the screech of wood against the library floor.

“Harry! I told you to leave!”
“Nu-uh, ye told me to get my own chair,” he said smugly, dragging one of the libraries benches from the other side of the room to the fireplace “So I did”.
He winked at you
“You are ridiculous”
“I think ye mean endearing”.
The bench was now directly next to your chair, Harry sprawled out on it, his hands behind his head in a mock super model pose. You giggled.
“You’re not seriously, going to stay here are you?”
“Ye already know the answer to that question sweetheart” Harry whispered.
“I can’t believe you” you said under your breath but seeing Harry’s two piercing blue eyes stare back at you charmingly, you relented.
“Fine, read this” you thrusted a book into his arms, “But I have rules. You don’t talk to me and I don’t talk to you”
Harry smirked.
“You won’t even know I’m here”

You knew he was there alright. Every five second the boy tried to talk to you and in the hour you had been sat there you hadn’t even finished the first page of your book.
“Just put me out of my misery sweetheart and tell me ye name” he pined, creeping closer to the end of his bench and you.
“Shut up and read your book Hook”
“I am reading,” he protested “Ye know I can be very persuasive when I want to be”
Harry was whispering to you, his lips brushing against your ear. You shuddered a little, not used to being this close to somebody. Annoyed, you pushed Harry playfully by the shoulder away from you.
“If I tell you will you leave me alone”
“I’m not making any promises” You jabbed him in the ribs “Okay! I’ll leave you alone”
Harry wiggled away from you and picked up the book, pretending to read it. You did the same, returning to your novel. Neither of you could concentrate on any kind of story, taking it in turns to steal glances at one and other when you thought they weren’t looking. It was Harry who caught you first.
“I can see ye looking at me ye know” he said raising an eyebrow.
“L-looking at you? Pffft I’m not….. looking at you” you stuttered embarrassed at being caught. You were a terrible liar.
“You’re sitting right next me. I can see ye”
“W-well then you need to get….. some glasses”.
After realising how terrible your excuses were you made eye contact with Harry again. The two of you tried to keep straight faces but faltered, laughing until you cried and your sides actually beginning to ache. When the sniggers finally subsided you turned to the pirate.
“My names Y/N Yu,” you said at last causing Harry to sit up.
“I thought I recognised you from the Isle” he replied, looking at you slightly differently.
“I doubt it. I have never really been a people person. Nobody really remembers me”, your voice sounded slightly sadder than you had intended it to, so you shut your mouth abruptly.
“I remembered you” Harry stated quietly, before, for the first time that night, picking up his book and  starting to read it.

It had been months since your first encounter but you and Harry had grown in-separable. It baffled everybody, the quiet shy bookworm and the obnoxiously flirtatious pirate, it wasn’t a mix that most expected to work. But it did. Soon friendship progressed to something much more. You understood Harry unlike anybody else, your relentless kindness something he had been missing but craved. Harry was fiercely protective of you, threatening to hook anybody who gave you any trouble. Yes, you knew it was a little much, but he was trying. Neither of you had any trouble admitting you were madly in love with the other. You and Harry still had your nightly reading sessions, only now you shared the armchair, you curled up on his lap, your head against chest. Harry would rest his chin on the top of your head, reading over shoulder and kissing your forehead occasionally, your bodies engulfed by a thick tartan blanket. Often, you would fall asleep like that and Harry would carry you back to your dorm, careful not to wake you. It was perfect.
For a while.

*teeny tiny time skip*

“It’s the end of the world as we know it!” You exclaimed, you pouted at Harry who just laughed at you and ruffled your hair.
“Has anybody ever told ye you’re over dramatic?”
“I’m being serious Har! The library is shut! All day!”
He chuckled at you again.
“I guess ye’ll have to sit at an actual table at lunch and actually talk to people”
You sighed melodramatically and Harry copied you, mocking your movement.
“I’d watch it Harry, you’re forgetting who my father is. I could have you flattened on this floor in a second”
“Y/N, ye may indeed be the daughter of Shan Yu, but ye haven’t flattened anything in your life”
You swatted the back of his head.
“I’m in a bad mood” you grumbled quietly.
“Come on Little Miss Yu, we’re going to sit with Uma”

You and Uma had a mutual dislike for each other. The kind of mutual dislike for each other that often caused countries to go to war. Which was a shame, her being your boyfriends best friend and all, but you tried to not let it bother you. Uma had begun to hate you since Harry started spending more time with you, annoyed that he no longer wanted to try and destroy Auradon. She lost her shit when she caught him reading a book in his room instead of training one time.
“I thought you hated Y/N” Gil said goofily as you and Harry sat down at Uma’s picnic table.
“I do” Uma said bluntly, giving you a death stare. You pretended to ignore it, instead pulling out a piece of chocolate cake from your bag. Harry sent a warning glare back to Uma.
“Well I think Y/N’s very nice,” Gil added, giving you a genuine smile and nodding his head.
You smiled back. Gil might not have been the sharpest knife in the draw but he was pretty harmless.
“She always was, wasn’t she. So nice”. Uma spat, sneering at the word nice as I it was an insult.
“If you’ve got a problem with me, I can go you know” You stood up for yourself, imitating Uma’s tone.
“Fine by me”
“Uma,” Harry growled, an fierce edge in is voice
“Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you developed feeling for the girl. Did you forget she was just part of the plan”
“Uma, shut it!” Harry banged his fists on the table.
“The plan?” You nearly choked on your cake.
“Oh honey didn’t you know” Uma said with fake concern “He only dated you because I told him to”
You spat the remaking chocolate cake out.
“What” you whispered venomously, staring at Harry who was sat with his mouth wide open.
“I thought we needed to expand our crew a bit so I told him to go out and find some vulnerable girl who would follow him blindly. Don’t know why he chose you though, you’ve always been weird haven’t you. Always been a loner. Always been a fr-”
“UMA ENOUGH!” Harry screamed.
You felt suddenly dizzy, black hazing your vision. Harry tried to grab your hand but you snatched it away. You were crying now, your heart slowly shattering. Turning around you stumbled away as quickly you could, as far as your eyes could see.

You ran into the woods, needing to be as far away from the school ,and the people in it, as possible. You were sobbing now, heaving and wailing like a child, as you sprinted. Refusing to stop, you ran deeper and deeper into the forest, your legs snatching on brambles and the wind biting at your cheeks. You never wanted to go back. How could you? The only person that had made Auradon bearable was Harry but it seemed even that was just some cruel joke. You stopped only when you thought your lungs would collapse, throwing yourself down beside a tree trunk.
“She’s right,” you blubbered to yourself “I don’t belong here. I don’t belong on the Isle. I don’t belong anywhere!”.
Your thoughts where interrupted by the snapping of a tree branch. You peered behind a tree defensively, to see a familiar pirate stood behind you.
“Y/N darling, Ye know that’s the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard”

He attempted to pull you into a hug but you refused.
“Harry,” you started.
“Uma’s a liar. Ye knew that already, she’s temperamental that’s all, she doesn’t mean anything she says-”
“Harry, don’t bother” You pulled away from your embrace, slumping back down to the ground.
Harry sat beside you.
“Don’t bother with what?” He asked softly, sweeping the hair away from your face with his hook so he could look into your eyes.
Before you could get lost in them, your tore your eyes away from him his.
“Stop pretending that you love me, or that you care, or that I mean something to you. It’s only hurting me more.”
Harry grabbed hold of your jaw, and twisted it towards you so you would look at him.
“You’re seriously not saying all of this because Uma threw a hissy fit are ye?”
“No actually. That’s the sad bit, I’ve been thinking about it or quite some time”
“What the hell are ye on about now!” Yelled Harry suddenly exploding, taking you slightly be surprise “Ye know I’d do anything bloody for ye!”
You ignored him, continuing your little speech.
“Do you know what people say when they see us together. They think how the hell did he end up with that, they think that-”
“When did I ever care what people think? When did ye ever care what people think?” He was still shouting, his yells echoing around the forest trees.
“I’ve always cared,” you whispered so quietly it could have gone undetected.
Harry heard though and got to his feet
“Then why don’t you care what I think then, eh? Because you know full well I love you!”
You stood up beside him, tears still streaming down your face.
“It’s just…. It’s just that people like you shouldn’t fall in love with people like me”
“Are you fucking serious” Harry whispered, cooling down again and turning towards you.
He wrapped his arms around you, refusing to let you go no matter how hard you squirmed until you eventually melted into his touch.
“ I get to decide who I do and don’t fall in love with. That’s mine okay?. No one else’s choice, not even yours. It belongs to me. I. Love. You”
“I love you,” he repeated.
“I love you too”
You nuzzled your face into his neck, breathing in the unmistakable scent of the ocean that never seemed to leave the pirate. Standing on your tiptoes you reached up and planted a short kiss on Harry’s lips, before lowering down and simply staring at him.
“I was going to wait till ye birthday but-”
Harry pulled away from you, untucking a small pendant necklace from his shirt and took it off. He placed it carefully in your hand, folding over your palm and pushing it gently to your chest.
“It was my mothers. I want you to have it.”
“Harry, it’s beautiful but… But I can’t take this from you,” The necklace was small and ornate, a silver crescent moon charm adorning the chain. You rubbed the cool metal between your thumb and forefinger.
“I told ye,” Harry whispered with a smile “It’s yers”
You flung your arms around his neck and he picked you up, spinning you around and round in circles until you begged him to put you down.
“We should probably get back Har” your said, still feeling a touch dizzy.
“Yer right Y/N. I’ll race ye back to the library,” Harry winked, twirling you around a final time.
“You know full well it’s closed, why torture me like that? You know we can’t go”
“Yeah well yer forgetting I’m a villain Y/N, breaking the rules is what I do”
You stared up at the boy you loved one more time, gazing at the way his eyes shone in the dappled sunlight.
“Harry Hook,” you stated “I’ve never met a more lovely villain”

star trek asks

jim: are you a leader or a follower?

bones: your favourite feature of karl’s face?

scotty: on a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you want to make sweet love to the uss enterprise?

uhura: what languages do you know/ would learn if you could?

chapel: chuhura for life, yea or nay?

sulu: your favourite arthurian knight?

chekov: what’s your catch-phrase?

spock: what’s your opinion on bowl cuts?

keenser: favourite side character in star trek?

jaylah: at any time, how ready are you to Fight™?

enterprise: your favourite fictional spaceship?

voyager: what planet (real or fictional) would you most like to visit?

janeway: what do you see as being your strength(s)?

seven of nine: what annoys you the most?

san francisco: a place you’d like to visit?

georgia: your favourite home-cooked meal?

iowa: would you ever want to live on a farm?

space: what’s your aesthetic?

sun: which person in your life lights up a room when they smile?

moon: is there anyone that you’re 100% loyal to?

stars: what was one of your childhood wishes?

vulcan: what’s your favourite fact?

delta vega: your opinion on winter?

galaxy: do you really believe that there’s other life out there?

yorktown: your go-to place for quiet time?

hypospray: what medical procedure scares you the most?

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NCT127 Reacting To You Sitting On Their Lap And Snuggling Them Up

♡ Anonymous: Nct127 reaction to when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


Taeyong worked on a song when you came out of your room, freshly showered and dressed in an oversized sweater. It had been a long day and all you wanted were the warm arms of your gorgeous boyfriend. You mindless sat on his lap, he kissed your cheek and let you rest your head on his chest as he continued his work. You wanted more of his attention and put your arms around him and buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing it gently. He chuckled at the attention. “What’s gotten into you today?” He asked, smiling and feeling loved.


Jaehyun sat on the couch with his legs crossed, his hands holding a book. His attention was fixated on the fictional world when you came back from work. Every limb in your body ached but when you saw your sweet boyfriend resting in your living room in his pyjamas, you felt relaxed. He smiled at you as you came in, happiness and delight filling his expression. You took off your coat and sat on his lap, despite him being busy with reading. You put your arms around him and inhaled his spicy scent. He felt like home as he stroked your hair and placed a kiss on top of your head. “Did you have a bad day or something? You’re rarely like this.” You shook your head and snuggled up to him. He smiled at the attention and enjoyed your cuddles for the rest of the evening.


Doyoung had just come back from practice when he saw you laying on the couch, scrolling on your phone. You quickly sat up when you acknowledged his presence. He sat next to you as you snuggled him up. He smiled so bright at your embrace and loved your warmth. You both stayed in the same position for most of the evening and Doyoung could feel the fatigue leave his body as your love took over.

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You had your legs propped up on Johnny laps, reading a book and just relaxing. He hummed a sweet melody while playing a game on his phone. Just him sitting there ignited this strong surge of love inside you. You slowly got up and made your way to his lap. His immediate response was a soft “oh” and then he smiled when you rested your head on his chest. He played with the strands of your hair. 

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Taeil smiled when you sat on his lap but his concentration didn’t waver. But he was surprised when you snuggled him up. He loved your scent and chuckled when you hugged him tightly and cuddled him. “You’re so in love with me aren’t you,” he said. Before he could get a reply he heard your soft snores and kissed your temple. “I love you too.”


Its hard to sit on Yuta’s lap without it modulating into a make out session but when you rested your head on his shoulder and played with the hem of his shirt, all he wanted to do was cuddle you and find shelter in your warmth. He loved the way you made him feel so relaxed and held you through the evening.


Winwin blushed when you sat on his lap and tried not to make it a big deal but he was beet root red. But when you snuggled him up and laid yourself against his chest, he smiled so big and let out an audible ‘aw’ and you stroked your back the whole time you lay there.


Mark would instantly start blushing and would try to cuddle you and you’d both start giggling and it’ll be so cute. He’ll be a little comfortable with you after a while.

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Haechan would try to push you off, faking disgust but then when you leave him alone he’ll start pouting and you’ll both snuggle each other and he’d blush a little but try to hide it as well as he can.

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♡ A/N: I edited Haechan and Mark’s reaction into it. I hope y’all like it  :))


Written for @tomsh0lland cuz she said she wanted angst!

Warnings: AnGSTtttttt, swearing

Words: 2000

Prompt: Happier by Ed Sheeran


   He opened his eyes to see the white bedding against his skin. Tom squinted against the morning light as he shuffled between the sheets, careful not to wake you. The countless disasters that he created by doing that, he knew not to wake you until after a certain point. As he got up, his skin prickled with the lack of warmth your body radiated from under the covers, he twisted, looking over his shoulder down at you. Sleeping soundly, hair ruffled, your features soft and warm. Comfortable and safe. You face was lit up due the orange sun shining through the curtains. He couldn’t help but smile. His heart bled for you, for every giggle and every hug and every kiss. Tom couldn’t imagine harming you.

   But he did.

    Four months later, during the filming of Homecoming, you decided to surprise him. You hadn’t seen each other in months, so you thought it could raise some spirits, put the smile on your face that he was recently lacking the ability to do. The last time you talked, on a cell phone even, was a month ago. It was silent. All you ever got was his same old voice mail or a dry text about he was busy and he wished you good night. You didn’t bother texting Harrison or Jacob, you didn’t even have contact with Zendaya.

    You were tired of this. Maybe this visit would rekindle the relationship. You could only hope. You sat down on the plush bed in Tom’s house that he rented in Atlanta while filming. It was nice, it had a large outdoor space and a modern kitchen, the living room stacked with movies you both love to binge occasionally. You gazed longingly at a photo of the two of you, you were laughing at some cheesy joke he had made while he was staring at you. You could see the love in his eyes, and you couldn’t help but wonder if he still did look at you this way. You heard that the spark of long-term relationships eventually ran out. But it was you and Tom, an undeniable force to be reckoned with. The both of you agreed on mostly everything, and there was never a dull moment. You both knew when to stop and when to start, what was right and what was wrong. He fit into your heart like a puzzle piece, and he had permanently glued himself there. But now… the glue was cracking and soon as you realized this you were on a plane within seconds.

     Toms place was like your home back in England, where you had moved in with him two years ago after dating him while you were going through your first-year college and decided to make the leap after a year of countless dates and safety hugs. You thought maybe he was the one, and you sure were set on that after you moved in together. But now looking back on it you realized you were young, and maybe, just maybe, you could’ve pushed yourself too much on him. Maybe, just maybe, you were wrong.

    “(Y/N),” Tom said in disbelief.

     You dropped the frame in fright. You had zoned out, not even hearing him come in. You swore softly under your breath as you looked down at your feet where smashed glass and a broken metal frame laid on the wooden floors. You scowled, ignoring the mess, your only focus on him.

    You watched as he dropped his keys on a table beside the door and kick his shoes off, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the look on your face. He hadn’t smiled when he saw you like you had hoped. There was no cliche run, no bone breaking hug, no fit of giggles as he peppered kisses into your neck.

    “What’s wrong?”

    There was no darling, no love, no pet name that came along with that sentence.

   “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

    It’s been a month since you had broken up with him. It’s been a month since he’s finished the movie. It’s been a month since he’s been back in England since he’s moved back to his loft to find all your belongings gone with a yellow sticky note with your handwriting on it. I moved out and I’m now living with (Y/B/F). If you find anything of mine text me.

    God, what had he done. The one he loved so deeply, cared so much for, his one in a gazillion, his soulmate; he had pushed you away. He fought hard to push tears back as he crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash next to your relationship. He scrubbed the floors clean, washed everything to get rid of anything left of you. But when he was finished, his nose burning from chemical fumes, he could still smell the sweet perfume he had bought for you birthday last year lingering in the bathroom or on your side of the bed. He had been so frustrated that he threw out the mattress and had Harrison go shopping with him the next day to buy a new one.

    Harrison hadn’t said anything about the breakup yet and Tom was glad for it. Although he could see the pity from his best friends eyes, so he would drag him out everywhere he went. It wasn’t even necessary for Tom to get over you, it was for Tom to stop thinking about it. Harrison knew Tom believed it was his fault, but he knew that the distance was a two sided road that ended usually in a sharp drop off.

    So that where Tom was right now, sitting in a coffee shop staring blankly out the window while Harrison went on about some story he went through when he saw some old friends yesterday. He wasn’t listening, especially not when he saw the familiar blue cardigan walking across the street. His back went ramrod straight, his hand shaking so much that he almost dumped all his tea over his pants.

     “What?” Harrison questioned at Tom’s tight appearance.

    “She’s with someone else,” His voice croaked.

    “What?!” Harrison basically yelled as he leaned across the table to see where Tom was staring.

    And he was right. There you were, wearing one of his favourite outfits on you. Soft blue cardigan, charcoal grey blouse with a small ruffled neckline, dark jeans, and black boots. His heart hammered in his chest, threatening to break out at the sight of you, holding someone else’s hands.

    He watched as you twisted to look up at the man, extremely tall, dark haired, stubble, leather jacket and twinkling smile. Tom set the tea on the table and excused himself to the bathroom. Harrison, once again, didn’t say anything. Tom stalked to the restrooms at the back, locking himself in the single stall and stared at himself in the mirror. His hands gripped the basin of the sink, knuckles turning white at the pressure. His teeth clenched as he dared another look into the mirror. But all he saw was you smiling at the other man. The other man that should be him.

    You looked happy.

     He wondered if that’s what you looked like when you saw him. If you were bursting with happiness that emitted a light so pure. The light, the laugh, the teasing pushes, he missed it. There was a knock on the door.

     “Tom… You alright, mate?” It was Harrison.

     “Yeah!” He said too quickly, blinking away the forming tears. “Yeah, I’m good. I’ll be out in a sec’.”

     You had the right to be happy. You had the right to be with someone new. He had hurt you, he had left you alone and never tried to fix what he broke. And he still loved you. He knew he always would. Who could forget you? You were brilliant, astonishing, breathtaking.

     He could picture the first time he met you, how you were a nervous bundle of tears because you had gotten lost in the city and were scared of missing your first class. You were lucky he found you, lucky he ignored the tears and did not pity you for them. Simply, he held your books, walked a little too closely beside you and showed you to class. The whole twenty minutes of it was him talking, then occasionally you offered a sarcastic comment. Afterwards, you kissed him on the cheek, and he had never blushed so much in his life.

     He wondered if the person you were with now felt the same. If he had butterflies in his stomach whenever you spoke, or if his heart rate jumped whenever you complimented him. Maybe he hugged her, maybe she kissed him. Maybe it was your first date since the breakup. And if it was, you looked happy to get over it. That’s what he should be doing. Getting over you. But how could he do that when you still were glued deeply into his heart. The puzzle piece that fit perfectly.

     With a sniffle, Tom shook his head, his hair shaking out of its style slightly, he exited the restroom. He found Harrison outside, holding a scone in a white paper bag while he scrolled through Instagram on his phone. Tom cleared his throat to catch his attention. Harrison looked up, blinked slightly at Tom’s shaken features and engulfed him in a hug.

     “Hey, it’ll happen to you too one day. Don’t you worry.”

     What if Tom didn’t want it to happen. What if he wanted you back. He missed every inch of your skin, your over sugary tea, your grandmother’s secret pancake recipe. But most of all he just wanted to hold you in his arms, at least one last time. Maybe that would make him happy.

     They walked towards Harrison’s flat, the gloomy grey sky matching Tom’s mood perfectly. He busied himself with looking at his shoes, the ones you loved oh so much. How you had to practically beg him to buy them. Now, look at him, how he walked comfortably in them. He remembered the other things you loved. Like the cat sitting on the windowsill on his left, or how the owners fed their pet too much that he was fat. They passed more and more and with every step Tom regretting coming to get tea with his best friend at all.

    Everything he saw reminded himself of you. The little-checkered table cloth inside a cheap restaurant that you both found each other in after the first run into each other. Hours inside that bar, and a few later accompanied by drinks he found himself in bed with you. Weeks and weeks of dates and flowers, you didn’t have a favourite because you didn’t want to hurt the flowers feelings, chocolate especially. Tom went through the movies he wouldn’t be able to watch anymore, or at least for a while because that was your thing. More and more memories crashed down upon him as he walked beside Harrison, who was quietly munching on the scone that was supposed to be saved for breakfast tomorrow morning.

   He regretted it. He regretted losing you. He would give anything, his career even, just to be with you again. But it would never happen. He fucked up.

     And he hated you. Not for going out with someone new. No, he hated you for still being there, no matter where he went because he knew you would always be in his heart.

 I knew one day you’d fall for someone new. But if he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I’ll be waiting here for you.

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The College Years Pt. II

Layla’s old apartment when she attended the Art Institute of San Myshuno

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My Saviour - Part One

A/N: I finally have enough chapters of this finished so that I can start posting. I will be posting once a week and I’ll try and stick to mondays, but I can’t guarantee anything. I need to thank my beta @thorne93 for still keeping up with me, you are awesome and I would be thoroughly lost without you. Feedback is highly appreciated since I practically live for the stuff.

This story is going to be a very bumpy ride, with a lot of angst, pretty much in most chapters. The reader is in an abusive relationship. I will warn properly for each chapter, and do my best to tag it properly as well. But if you are easily triggered, this might not be a series for you.

This is also an AU. Dean is a doctor, Sam is a lawyer. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Alex (OMC mentioned)

Wanings: Mentions of abuse, low self esteem, language, Dean being a doctor (yes that’s a warning)

Wordcount: 2170


You were sitting in the emergency room, one arm carefully cradled in the other, wondering if it was the third or fourth time you had broken that same arm. You could hardly feel the physical pain of it anymore, and on the inside… you were just numb.

You sat there and looked around the near empty room, some informative posters on the walls, some pamphlets on a stand in the corner, several year old magazine littering the few tables, and a half dead plant near the entrance. You had gotten pretty familiar with this room over the past few years, and you imagined that at some point you would get immune to the smell of disinfectant, and the deafening quiet in the room… but no. The smell still made you queasy, and you had read through all of the magazines at least twice.

As you sat there and waited, like you had done so many times before, you wondered how your life had come to this. After you graduated high school, you had decided to take a year off before you started college so that your boyfriend, Alexander, could move with you to wherever you wanted to study. He had gotten an internship at his dad’s construction company that was set to start right after graduation, but he promised that after that year, he would come with you wherever you wanted to go. You made your peace with that and started your own job hunt.

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Steam, part 1

A/N:  Thanks as always to my brilliant betas:  @little-black-dress-24, @emulateharry and @niallandharrymakemestrong!  Couldn’t do this without their ongoing support and encouragement.  

“Excuse me,” you mutter, as you push aside the young men and women to get to the gym entrance.   Shouldering the next person gently aside as you approach the gym door, you hear an “Oi!” in return as he moves his gym bag, but you don’t stop to acknowledge the voice.  He notices you, the way you move, and the way you casually ignore the situation.  “Excuse me,” you respond wearily.  

Harry pauses in signing autographs to check you out.  Today, you saw a string of patients, and your shoulders are weighed down by their troubled souls.  Your grey pencil skirt, black knit shirt, and high heeled black ankle boots mask the heaviness of your spirit as you stride with purpose.  He can’t help but observe the sway of your ass in that skirt as your heels make it wiggle from side to side, although it’s mostly your exhaustion and the fact that your feet hurt that moves your hips rather than any desire to be seductive.  His mouth and throat dry as he watches you reach for the gym door handle, shifting your bag higher on your left shoulder, pulling open the door with your right hand.  Inside his jeans, he feels his cock twitch; the woman standing in front of him prods him with a salty “Sign it to Char, please,” as she flashes him a look at her cleavage in the push-up bra and low-cut shirt, drawing his attention back to the crowd around him.  Why he bothered to start signing shit tonight escapes him at the moment.  Now he’ll never get his full workout in.  Taking a deep breath, he tells the group, “I’ll sign five more, and that’s it.”  Over the years he’s learned to set boundaries.

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Darkness Behind The Door

Request: Hi! I loved your oneshots and I was wondering if you could do like a depressed!reader where the reader doesn’t come out of her room for a while and something is really wrong. And could the reader be like 16? Thank you! 💜

Pairings: Sam x sister!reader (depressed!reader) ,  Dean x sister!reader (depressed!reader)


A/N: This was a lot deeper than I thought I was going to go with it, and I really hope you like it! If not let me know, and I will totally write you a new one and/or fix this one up to make it better! Thank you for being my first request! I really enjoyed writing for you!

A/N 2: If any of you ever need to talk, please message me, or send in an ask because none of you are alone! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY and I am always willing to help you all through your tough stuff! I love you all! Thank you for all the support, and make sure you know I am here, and ready to support you too! 😊

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list, or send in a request! Love you all! Thanks again!

The Winchester boys were on another hunt. Something simple, yet dangerous enough to make you worry. Usually, you would be pacing the floors of each room, waiting for a text message or phone call. The message from one of the two would let your heart ease back into its normal beating patterns and you would wait up for the familiar noise of the engine hum from the car. You would wrap your arms around them tiredly, but never letting into the drooping eyelids want for sleep. Your boys would return to you, and you would be at peace.

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Hello Darling

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 798

Just like everyone in Mystic Falls, you received an invitation from the Mikaelson’s to their ball. You really didn’t care to go and mingle with these people, but Caroline forced you and even offered to lend you any dress she has in her closet.

The two of you planned on carpooling together to the ball, but at the last minute, something came up with Caroline so she was going to be late. So instead, you decided to catch a ride with your friend, Stefan.

Stefan parked his car on the large driveway….and wow. This place is huge. These people really live here?

The inside is just impeccable. High ceilings, a double staircase, this place is like a castle compared to your home. Not to mention, all of the guests were dressed to the nines.

“I’m gonna go find the restroom. I’ll be right back.” Stefan says as he looks around. You nod your head, then he taps on the middle of your back to signal that he’s leaving.

You look around admiring the features of the home and waved to some of the familiar faces you saw. But there’s one unfamiliar face that starts to walk up to you, wearing a smile.

“Are you here alone?” The man asks. He has brown hair with sort of a messy look to it, a cute butt chin and striking eyes. In your opinion, if he could resemble a cartoon, he would resemble Peter Pan. But he is cute, though.

“Oh no. I came here with my friend, Stefan. He went to the restroom.” You responded, pointing with your thumb towards the direction Stefan left.

“I’m Kol. Kol Mikaelson.” All of a sudden, this mystery man, whose named you learned is Kol, grabs your right hand and plants a kiss on the back of it. Mikaelson? It took you a second to finally realize that he’s one of the ‘original’ vampires. Strength wise, Stefan and Damon combined have nothing on him.

“I’m - uh, Y/N.” You blushed. You’ve always thought that a kiss on the hand is such a sweet, romantic gesture.

“Would you fancy a drink?” Kol asked, keeping that signature smile still placed on his face.

“Sure. Of course.” You figured Stefan wouldn’t mind that you ditched him, especially since Elena should be arriving shortly. He’ll quickly forget all about you.

You followed Kol while he slowly starts making his way towards the front door. He makes sure to catch one of the butlers holding a tray of filled champagne glasses, then grabs one for you and one for him, handing you yours. Reaching the front door, he held it open for you. What a gentleman. You made sure to thank him for it. 

“I have to admit,” Kol quickly paused to point at your dress, then continued, “that dress is stunning on you, darling.” The way Kol said ‘darling’ with his light British accent made you blush a little.

Just to be silly, you did a curtsy and giggled. “Thanks, Kol. I actually borrowed it from a friend.”

“Well then. Regardless, you wear it better.”

Feeling flattered, you put a hand on your chest, then commented, “And you don’t look too bad yourself.”

Kol’s face went from a bright smile to content as he’s admiring you, then he quickly snaps himself out of it. “Oh Y/N, would you promise me a dance later?”

“Yes. I would love that.” You replied.

“Splendid.” With the champagne glass in hand, he extends his arm to your glass to cheers with you. In response, you clinked your glass with his and you both took a sip.

Out of the blue, the door opens and you see Elena with a lost look on her face.

“There you are Y/N. We were looking all over for you.” Elena says, feeling relieved finding you.

Following behind Elena is Kol’s sister, Rebekah, looking at Kol. You heard many things about her from Stefan but was never formally introduced. “Come on, Kol! Mother needs you inside! We’re doing the toast soon.” She moves her arm in a ‘come here’ motion, rushing Kol.

You and Kol glance at each other. With the hand not holding the glass of champagne, he extends that arm to let you enter the Mansion first. “After you, Y/N.”

You rush over to Elena because of the impatient look on her face, then you follow her to your group of friends.

Once Rebekah and Kol are inside, she notices that he’s still looking at you, even at a far distance, causing her to question her brother. “Who’s that girl?”

Kol smiled at her question, then responded, “None of your business, my dear sister.” He thought to himself how he couldn’t wait to have a dance with you after the toast.

Forbidden Feelings (Chapter 1)

Summary: Being married to a man you don’t love or want anymore is taking a toll on you, but the way out is nowhere to be seen. When your husband hires a you a new sexy bodyguard, the man suddenly turns your world upside down, giving you hope to step up and take control of your life again. | Bucky x Reader
: reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark
Warnings: none really
Word count: 1017
A/N: A few things. 1) A new drabble series, yay! I’ll try to update this one atleast twice a week. 2) Tags are open for this, hmu if you want to be tagged. 3) The lovely @marvel-ash is making me a header for this. I’m so excited. No need to rush, hun! 4) Leave me feedback. What do you think? Got any suggestions?


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Another boring, dull day or your miserable life. The same thing over and over again. Waking up in a house you’ve lived in for more than 4 years now. A place that at first felt like your safe place, a home, something you always looked forward to at the end of the day. But now, it made you sick and tired, the empty walls sucking the life out of you. You made your way to the bathroom, only stopping to reach for a clean towel from the dresser. You stood in front of the sink, looking at your reflection in the mirror, but failing to recognize the once bright young woman that you used to be, with a promising future ahead of you, but one you lose over a simple, stupid crush.

You met your husband, Tony, 5 years ago when he spoke about the perks of being a famous businessman in the auditorium of your University. You were sitting at the last row, listening to him boast about his company and becoming one of the richest men in the country. You thought he was funny and fairly attractive. So at the end of the gathering, you were surprised, to say the least, when he approached you and asked you for dinner, saying how he couldn’t help but keep his eyes off of you, which is something you presumed he said to every one of his side quests these days. Nevertheless, you agreed and no more than a year later, you were Mrs. Tony Stark.

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heart for me

Rating: Explicit (smut, dirty talk, partially angsty, drunk sex)

Word count: 4.6k 

Harry is your ex. You two had broken up around three years ago, and you meet each other again at a bar when meeting up with your mutual friends.

A/N: This is my first attempt at self-insert fic so I do hope you enjoy. I’ll gladly take requests for any fic ideas you have if you do. This series may be continued, I’ve got a few ideas knocking around so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. Thank you. Han xx                   

You hadn’t meant to run in the same circles again, although something tells you this was always meant to happen.

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Summer Love-Sirius Black Imagine

RequestI was wondering if you would do an imagine (Sirius x reader) where he goes to stay with his girlfriend during the summer instead of going with his parents and her parents treat him so well cause he makes her happy and they see how cute and cuddly they are together and just Sirius being happy in general????

Warnings: none

Here’s to the end of summer vacation :( Hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius buried his head in his hands, the tinkle of forks on plates and the constant chatter setting his teeth on edge. He was stressed, and the noise in the Great Hall made it difficult for him to think. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows beside him, setting down her goblet.

“Are you alright, love?” she asked gently, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, ’m alright,” he replied quietly, an unconvincing smile spreading across his face.

“You can tell me what’s wrong,” Y/N insisted, and Sirius let out a heavy sigh. He should have known better than to try lying to her.

“Summer break is in a few weeks, and I really don’t want to go back to my parents’ house. I hate being with them, they’re insufferable. I dunno what I’m going to do,” Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Don’t go back,” Y/N replied simply. Sirius turned to look at her, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked.

“Come stay with me,” she added.

“No, love, I can’t ask you to do that for me,” Sirius said immediately.

“Why not? You’re my boyfriend, and I love you. It’s the least I could do,” Y/N insisted. 


“I don’t want to hear it. It’s no trouble at all for you to stay with me, I promise. My parents will love you as much as I do,” Y/N decided, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Thank you, love,” he murmured, pecking her forehead. 

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