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I’ll go first since I’m the oldest
I’ve come to this nice place but I don’t know what to say, but it’s a fanmeeting right? Really, this fanmeeting. I’m happy to be together with our ARMY (?? I don’t really remember what he said but he did aegyo) Because of you guys, I feel as though my life has become happy. I don’t know if you’ve heard but there are three precious 금’s in the world. First is gold (황금), second is salt (소금), third is being together with you right now (지금). This moment right now is happy and precious. ARMY, I love you

The face that we’re in this large space with just ARMY in Gocheok Dome is so so thrilling. Once again, I want to say think you to you all. Since meeting ARMY, it seems that my dreams have come true one by one, honestly, these days have felt like dream. Just like a dream. Meeting ARMY’s is the happiest greatest luck. Thanks you you guys my dreams have come true, and also I’m able to have other dreams, so for that I want to say thank you. Really thank you so so much.
I had though “no way, no way”. I am so thankful that I’m able to achieve the things one after the other that I thought “no way” to since debut. In the future, I think that I can make better music and be better on stage, I hope that as BTS we will is make better music and better stages too. Thanks to you guys, day after day it feels like I’m dreaming. Thank you everyone. Thank you.

ARMY’s do you remember the first muster? Our first muster feels like yesterday but suddenly we’ve come to this place. A fanmeeting is about meeting the fans right? It feels different communicating and sharing than at a concert. I think in places I can get closer with you guys. I feels so proud and happy that us and ARMY can fill this place with one heart and one goal in mind. Are you guys happy? If, so please cheer this wherever you go from now on. You guys are happy right? Wherever go be proud to say “I am a BTS fan”. Thank you so much for coming to this place and cheering with us and having fun with us. “If you believe say 2, 3” really believe. We believe and we want ARMY to believe in us too. I love you

First, It’s nice to see ARMY and their ARMY bombs at Gocheok Dome like this. For us to be able to perform at Gocheok Dome is a day that we won’t forget. Really thank you. And today, I want to tell you guys something about me. If i don’t do it now, I don’t think I ever will. Recently, Fans have been asking me “Taehyung-ah, why are so tired nowadays”, “are you feeling down?” and I want to reply to you then but the words couldn’t come out of my mouth. So this time i want to say something about me in Gocheok Dome to all of you. Recently my grandmother passed away. I heard about it while I was in the Philippines on the 3rd of September. At the time, I couldn’t believe that my grandmother, the person who raised me for 14 years just like my parents, the person who I would talk to when I was tired, (who I’d talk to about about) what I wanted to do, things I wanted to eat, the person who would indulge with me in the im possible, the person who was really precious to others. When we won Music Bank for the first time (BST), it was the 49th day since she passed away. My grandmother wanted to see Taehyungie on the TV and she wished that I’d say I love her while on TV but the timing was wrong. That is what I regret the most. My grandmother who really precious to me, said to love you guys (the fan s) a lot. Really, it’s because of you guys that we are at Gocheok Dome and are receiving more attention. I think my grandmother is cheering me on a lot in heaven. I believe that too and I will work harder so our ARMY is are most beloved ARMYs, please keep my precious grandmother in your memories.
Thank you

Everyone, Taehyungie has managed to overcome it well.
Everyone, it’s been a while right? Ah, everyone’s cried~ you’ve missed me, right? We’ve missed you guys so so much too but we’ve come to the fanmeeting now right? I was really nervous since there are a lot of stages we are showing you for the first time. I really wanted to tell you guys about two three. I usually listen to it a lot. When you listen to it, you get choked up right? The members have said all they ever wanted to say to you, so you get choked up right? But today I want to say something to you.
I’m not crying~
When your ok, you don’t really smile, but when you’re really happy you smile right? I hope you guys are just full of those things. And thank you for coming so far to see us, I love you

I didn’t know it when we started the fanmeet but when we started two, three, and I looked, the stage is really big. It made me think about our debut. We wanted to know how we could ever come to a place like this, I we couldn’t believe it. To be able to perform at such a large venue- Ah I’m sorry (starts crying). The seven of us gather and talk a lot. Each time we talk, we continue to m ake new goals and think about things and think about you guys so we’re really working hard to move to a higher place. I’m really grateful to ARMYs who have been together with us so far, and I hope in the future there will only be happy days like this. Thank you, and after finishing activities, thank you again for allowing us to perform at Gocheok Dome which is so big.

The light is so bright. Sometimes I feel the weight of the lights. So sometimes I have thoughts like that. When Taehyungie is talking about his struggles and Jungkookie’s tears and the other members too. How sincere should I be. When I’m 100% sincere, how many people will listen? I’m scared of that, I’m scared.
If I confess the things that I think are really tough, my sorrows, my heart, will people think that I’m weak and laugh? Will they mock me? I’m scared. I’m grateful for the courage that I’ve had to share so far, I understand the feeling well too, so once again I just wanted to say to the members, I love you. However, when I’m in despair, I can only think of 3 things. First is music, second is family, third is really you guys. If there’s no one listening to our music, there’s no point. Really thank you to those for becoming my last bastion, and for supporting me and the members in times of desperation. I love you.
Really thank you who came to BTS 3RD MUSTER ARMY ZIP PLUS. Gocheok Dome is really an incredible place, a place like a dream.  Thank you for filling it up. I will talk a little more before we end it, the army bombs sparkling really makes it seems we are in the universe. It’s like we entered the universe together with ARMYs. This universe is getting bigger and bigger and growing but I hope you don’t think the distance between us is getting further. Amongst  each and every ARMY bomb your eyes shine the brightest. We see that your eyes are working hard to shine bright for us. And you see this universe right? In this galaxy, were are one. I hope you guys won’t forget you are our universe.

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A few weeks ago I found these four lizard eggs in an old storage tote outside at my job. I took them home thinking that they must be slugs because so many others had already hatched. I had put them in a ziploc all day, left them in my car overnight and placed them in an unventilated display dome next to a window. Like magic, I woke up the next morning and two of them hatched!!!! I let them go and waited a few more days for the other two to hatch, though they never did.

161112 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 1 - Suga Ment

I’m deeply touched by the fact that, at such a big place like Gocheok Dome, there are only us and ARMYs. 

I want to say thank you to all of you again. 

Ever since I meet ARMYs, everything I always dreamed of all came true one by one. To be honest, lately, everything seems like a dream to me. A dream. I feel like getting to meet you guys is my biggest fortune. Thank you for making those dreams come true, and letting us have another dream. Thank you so much. 

We didn’t believe it. Things that we thought could never happen, you all made them come true, one after another. 

I will continue to do what I can do, what BTS can do, to bring you even better songs and performances. 

Thanks to all of you, I’m living in a dream everyday. Thank you. 


Final Letter from µ’s to µ’s, Mimori Suzuko to Sonoda Umi

I was really anxious when I first met you because our personalities were completely different, I also worried if I would be able to get along with you.
As I just entered the seiyuu industry that time, I had no confidence at all…… Whenever I was acting and singing as you, I’d keep fumbling around thinking “Is this how Umi is like?”, just full of worries.
But, as time passed by, I slowly discovered the many different faces of yours….
For example: being a scaredy-cat since you were small, always learning with utmost effort, not comfortable with wearing short skirts and so forth. Whenever I find a point which is similar to myself, I’d feel like we’re slowly getting closer to each other.
Though if compared to the others, I probably took quite awhile to get close to you.
I’m sorry that I’m so awkward.

I feel really blessed to be able to witness so many different sceneries together with you.
My journey with you for the past 6 years will always be my treasure, shining brightly, it has become the proof that I’ll be able to keep living on confidently. I’m really thankful♥

From the day final live was decided, my affections increased more than before, I was really sad… although there were times when I cried, after thinking about it, to be able to mark our end at such an amazing place like Tokyo Dome while being watched over by so many fans, it’s something really really fortunate!!
To everyone who gave µ’s a chance to grow this big, there’s nothing else other than gratitude.

I’ll keep the many things I experienced with you for the past 6 years, deep emotions and feelings of gratitude deep within my heart, and keep moving forward from here on out♪
In the future if I ever bump into any obstacles or feel down, I’ll think of all the things you’ve taught me for the past 6 years.
A miracle will happen! Dreams will come true! And of course, not to forget hardwork!!

Umi, all my beloved members in µ’s, and all the fans who has always supported us…. I’m incredibly happy to have been able to create this story together♥ Thanks a lot for touching all our hearts♥

μ'sic forever……❤ This feeling will be forever.

Mimori Suzuko

Taken from this issue of CUT, sorry if there are any mistranslations m(_ _)m

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I wonder how many places they propose to each other at? like their home towns, donny dome, Brazil, One of their favorite restaurants they go to, the place they went to for their first date.

i bet they do it wherever, really, maybe it’s not even an important place, and there’s not a ring every time.  it’s when harry makes scrambled eggs just the way louis likes and he whispers, “marry me” when harry brings him the plate. it’s when louis rubs harry’s sore back after a show, and harry smiles at him and says, “i want to spend the rest of my life with you.”  it’s when they visit louis’ family and harry’s on the floor playing with the little twins, and louis touches his shoulder lightly and tells him, “i can’t wait to have kids with you.”  and when louis has to go to la and comes back to harry, and harry’s “welcome home” sounds a lot like, “i can’t wait until you don’t have to leave without me.”

it’s not always a well thought out thing, it’s lots of little moments, lots of small gestures that mean so much love and a life together.

Akimoto Sayaka - “ARI NO MAMA。” - Chap 1_1


Chapter 1. Graduating from AKB48
Chapter 2. Father and Mother and the Philippines
Chapter 3. Being an idol
Miyazawa Sae x Akimoto Sayaka “To you, who’ve always been with me”
Chapter 4. The power of being true to yourself
From kouhai “Our beloved Akimoto Sayaka-san”
Chapter 5. My future from now. Things I want to show.
Oshima Yuko “Our youth”



At Tokyo Dome

Every moment now, even when I close my eyes, I can still see it so clearly.
The image of Tokyo Dome dyed in one green ocean of penlight, I think I will never forget it until the end of my life.
My precious fans.
And all the members who have cried their tears for me.
Many years later, if there will be a day when I look back, I wonder how I will see me on that day?
There’s only one thing I can say for sure.
AKB48 used to be my everything.

Even when that day was coming closer and closer, I still felt so unreal.
That I had my graduation ceremony held at Tokyo Dome…
The first concert I’ve ever seen in my life was Micheal Jackson’s concert at Tokyo Dome.
My beloved Misora Hibari-san also had her concert tour at the dome.
I can’t believe that I actually have my graduation ceremony held at such a big place like Tokyo Dome.
At the same time, I knew I had to put in a great effort to make this dome the best place to take off on my new journey. “I wish I can graduate without any regret.”

Staffs told me, “Akimoto you can do whatever you want” about the setlist and stage direction for that day.
I was really happy to hear that. But I thought, I would rather have a concert where you can see AKB48 like usual.
Because even though you say it’s my graduation, I know with only me alone I could never gather 42000 fans to a place. Actually I think almost everybody go to the concert is because they want to watch AKB and other 48 groups instead of me.
Just having a proper AKB48 concert like usual and Akimoto Sayaka’s graduation ceremony will be a part of it, that’s ideal to me.
Because I’m graduating soon anyway, I didn’t want to break the flow of AKB concerts from now on.
However, there’s only one thing I wanted to do no matter what. It was to sing my one and only solo song “Mushi no Ballad” in front of all the people who have gathered there.
As long as my voice can reach everybody during that moment, I don’t care even if I can’t take part in many songs in the whole concert. Because I believe just one song is enough for you to convey your feelings. As long as I can sing one song with all my body and soul, I don’t have any regret.
…… I thought so, but my best friends Miyazawa Sae and Oshima Yuko gave me a lot of advices about producing.
“This is no good!”, “This song is better than that!” they also discussed with staffs about setlist and costumes for me.
I seriously have no idea about things like this so they really saved me.

During encore, a lot of members have cried for me. Seeing them like that, suddenly many feelings come and go inside me.

Up until now, I really didn’t have any confidence in myself.

People around me always see me as a girl full of confidence, but it’s not true at all. “Is this really alright?”, “What will people think if I say this or that?” I always lived my life each day feeling afraid of something.

At backstage, many kouhai have come and told me, “I will miss you so much”, “I don’t want you to graduate.” There are many of them, whom I’ve talked to for the first time.
Yuko also cried so much she made everybody worried. Seeing her like that, I thought.
“There’s a meaning of me being here.”
I’m always the type who think that “I’m nothing…”, but after 7 years and a half, I finally realized.
I’ve grown up.
I’m glad I joined AKB48.