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Our Family

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You/Zico (Jiho)

Word Count: 1.2K

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The Babysitter

This was a request for ANONYMOUS! Sorry for the delay! Hope you like it!

There it was. The little girl that was a replica of my girlfriend. Her hair pale yellow and curly at its ends, bouncing all over the place around her smooth chubby face that shone in the light of the day.
“Mommy! Mommy! Don’t go!”
The voice of her daughter was sweet but very high, a voice that soon was making my hairs stand.
This was my first time meeting her and so far, all she had done was hide behind the thick dress of her mother while eyeing me strangely. Her blue eyes twinkled with curiousity but I didn’t dare do anything, just stared at her back and smiled in hopes she would be less scared of me.
“Don’t be scared, sweetie. Jacob is our friend and he will take care of you. He’s here to play with you.”
“Play with me?” She asked and gripped her skirt tighter.
My girlfriend and I laughed.
“Jacob, please don’t mind her. She’s not used to strangers,” she knelt, “but you two should be fine.”
“I think I can handle her,” I started, “I mean, if I can handle you…”
She rolled her eyes and slapped my arm. “You’ll be sorry for that, Jacob Frye. Do take good care of her. No playing outside, do you understand? Last time she did she got sick.”
I raised my right hand. “I promise.”
She shook her head. “I hope so, I hope so.”
She kissed her reluctant daughter and gave my lips a quick peck before running off to catch a carriage that would take her to her job where she was needed for a second shift and left me and the little girl standing in the doorway of her home. Alone.
“Alright, now…” I turned around but saw that the little girl was gone from where she had been standing, only bouncing curls disappearing into the back of the shabby home.
“Hey!” I called out. “Where do you think you’re going, angel?”
I couldn’t help but stare at how her small legs wobbled hurriedly away from me and made their way into their muddy back yard and it seemed she was headed right into a big puddle of mud.
“No, no, no.” I whispered and extended my arms out to scoop her up and rise her into the air.
She started yelling and kicking, almost slipping out of my grasp. “Let go!”
“Shh.” I whispered close to her, careful not to hit myself with her shaking head, “relax, love. We can play inside.”
I tried to hum a tune to calm her and it seemed that work, her small body pressing to mine and allowing herself to be carried back into her home.
“Are you hungry?” I asked her.
She shook her head. “Mommy gave me soup. I’m full.”
“Then how about a story? Would you like me to read you one?” I asked, hoping she would like one.
Her big eyes looked into mine and then up to my scarred brow and then back to my eyes before slowly smiling. “But does it have a princess?”
“Oh, but of course! It has a very beautiful princess, actually.” I started and took her into her room.
I gently sat her down on her bed and also took a seat on the edge, kicking off my boots and enjoying how soft  How much I wanted to lay down on it but I would wait until my girlfriend came home to sleep with her and maybe even do a bit more once she returned.
“Hey, the story!” 
The little girl’s voice brought me back to my senses and I saw she was bouncing happily on the bed.
“Um, there once was a little princess of yellow curly hair and bright blue eyes that was the most beautiful girl of them all. She had a lot of friends, friends that dearly loved her and would always play with her. Everyday…”
“BOO! That story sucks!” She giggled.
I gasped. “I feel offended. Let me tell you that I’m very good at telling stories, sweetheart.”
She shook her head. “Why don’t we go buy some ice-cream instead?”
“Mummy said no going outside and I’m not going to disobey her.” I replied.
“Why not?”
“Because she will get angry at me and I don’t want that. I love your mum too much to do that to her so we’re going to stay inside.” I explained.
“You love her? I love her too.” She answered.
I laughed at how sweet she was, a trait she got off from her mother. As much as I didn’t want to disobey her orders, I actually was dying for something cool and sweet.
“Wait,” I started and grabbed her small hand and pulled her to me, “what if we go get some really fast but you make me a promise.”
That twinkle in her eyes returned and she smiled. “What promise?”
“That you don’t tell Mummy we went outside.” I said.
“Mm, okay!” She replied.
I jumped off the bed, slipped my boots back on, and swung her onto my arms, dashing out of the home and headed towards a small park near her home and soon found a lady with lots of other children yelling around her whilst dragging their mothers to stop and buy them ice-cream.
“What flavor do you want, love?” I asked.
She gripped my neck tight with her tiny hands and turned to me. “The pink one!”
“Excuse me, ma’am, you have strawberry ice-cream?” I asked the tired woman.
“Yes, m’lord. One or two?” She asked.
“Just one.” I replied.
I gave her a whole pound to keep for the small cup of ice-cream and walked away from the crowd, handing the cup and spoon while I found an empty place for us to sit at underneath a tree.
“Where’s your ice-cream?” She asked.
As hungry as I was, I was more tired and all I wanted was to lay down on the grass and close my eyes for only a minute.
“I’ll get one later. You eat yours.” I told her.
As she put the cup on top of her dress, I lied down and crossed my arms behind my head, throwing my cap to the side and letting the shade of the tree branches soothe my tired body and mind.
A few minutes of silence went by until the word uttered by my little companion tensed my body and forced it up in a snap.
She stood up, dropping the melting cup to the ground and ran up to my girl who was furiously looking at me and then back to her daughter. I didn’t get up, just saw how she madly pointed at the little girl and soon had her in tears, silent sobs vibrating from her shoulders and a sad walk on her as she returned to me.
“And you?” She asked with her hands on her hips. “Did I not tell you to not take her outside? What part of that didn’t you understand, Jacob Frye?”
I shrugged and tried to remain calm. “She wanted to go outside, the poor girl looked ill.”
“The poor girl, as you call her, had already come play earlier today and all I needed was that you looked after her for a few hours inside our home.”
“And tell me,” I said changing subjects, “what brings you back so early?”
She gave me an irritated look. “They canceled the project they were having,” she waved a hand, “don’t change the subject, though. And to top it off, you were sleeping! Goodness, Jacob! What if something had happened to her while you’re dozing off?”
“Oh, sweetie! I’m an Assassin, did you forget?” I told her as I sat up.
“Mummy, what’s an Assin?” Her daughter asked in tears.
“It’s a man that’s very reckless like our friend here, Jacob.” She replied angrily.
I was on my feet in no time, pulling my angry partner to me and seeing how very briefly her angry look changed to one of glee. I could feel it in the way she sharply took a breath as soon as my nose pressed against her cheek.
“Will my lady please forgive me? I was only trying to please her little princess.” I whispered.
“Jacob, please.” She replied with short breaths.
“What? Did I do something wrong?” 
“You didn’t do as I said.” She reclaimed.
“How about we go into your home and we talk about it, huh?” I replied and pulled her even closer, my hand traveling up her back to the back of her neck.
“I already know what kind of talk you’re interested in having, Frye.”
“And don’t you want to have it, then? Because I would love to.”
I could tell she was struggling to answer, looking at me and then at her daughter but she finally gave in.
“Alright, but let tell you that I’m still very angry.” 
I laughed. “I love you, darling.”
“Mummy, I love you too!”
She smiled at both us and hugged us. “And I love you more.”

Is there ice cream in heaven?

My first contribution to angst week, Owen and Amelia’s kid dies @omeliaweek. This does not take place in my already made up Shepherd-Hunt family world.

Amelia walked back to the Pediatrics floor of Grey-Sloan, as she carried a dish of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles for her five year old. Her eyes were red from crying for the past four days and her body was weak from sleep deprivation and the tiny human she had been growing for the past five months. It was three months ago she figured out she was pregnant, and it was four months ago Alex Karev had told them Maddie’s cancer was back. Her sweet five year old little red head had been in remission for almost a year when their world came crashing down. Her liver cancer was back and had spread to her blood and pancreas. Maddie had been a fighter the past year, but this time the cancer was more aggressive and she stopped responding to treatment. Karev told them she had only a few months left and it was going to a very painful and long few months.

Just last week Maddie was admitted to the hospital when she woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. The cancer had now moved to her lungs and the five year old wasn’t understanding why she couldn’t breathe anymore. She had woken up huffing for air and trying to scream for Amelia. As Amelia remembered the night Maddie was admitted, she thought back to how she and Owen had been in denial of how truly severe her cancer was getting. The past few months had been agonizing for not only Maddie, but them as well. Amelia finally made her way back to the Peds floor, when she came face to face with her ginger haired husband. He was leaning against the nurses station, discussing Maddie’s care with Lynn, their favorite nurse, and the nurse they requested be on Maddie’s case. As Amelia got closer she could hear Lynn’s voice, “Dr. Hunt, you and Dr. Shepherd should start to prepare yourselves.”

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