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Our Family

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You/Zico (Jiho)

Word Count: 1.2K

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Is there ice cream in heaven?

My first contribution to angst week, Owen and Amelia’s kid dies @omeliaweek. This does not take place in my already made up Shepherd-Hunt family world.

Amelia walked back to the Pediatrics floor of Grey-Sloan, as she carried a dish of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles for her five year old. Her eyes were red from crying for the past four days and her body was weak from sleep deprivation and the tiny human she had been growing for the past five months. It was three months ago she figured out she was pregnant, and it was four months ago Alex Karev had told them Maddie’s cancer was back. Her sweet five year old little red head had been in remission for almost a year when their world came crashing down. Her liver cancer was back and had spread to her blood and pancreas. Maddie had been a fighter the past year, but this time the cancer was more aggressive and she stopped responding to treatment. Karev told them she had only a few months left and it was going to a very painful and long few months.

Just last week Maddie was admitted to the hospital when she woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. The cancer had now moved to her lungs and the five year old wasn’t understanding why she couldn’t breathe anymore. She had woken up huffing for air and trying to scream for Amelia. As Amelia remembered the night Maddie was admitted, she thought back to how she and Owen had been in denial of how truly severe her cancer was getting. The past few months had been agonizing for not only Maddie, but them as well. Amelia finally made her way back to the Peds floor, when she came face to face with her ginger haired husband. He was leaning against the nurses station, discussing Maddie’s care with Lynn, their favorite nurse, and the nurse they requested be on Maddie’s case. As Amelia got closer she could hear Lynn’s voice, “Dr. Hunt, you and Dr. Shepherd should start to prepare yourselves.”

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