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But I Love You

Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Hey do you think that you can write a peter Parker x reader where the reader and peter are friends and goes under some anesthesia after some sort of surgery. After the surgery peter say some really fluffy things to the reader while she records it. (anon)

really hope you liked the request

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word count: 2,739 (i can’t seem to write short fics)

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“You sure you’re not in any pain Peter? I can always go get the nurse if you want,” your voice filled with worry as your best friend was getting prepped for his cast for his broken arm.

“No, I’m fine (Y/N), I can feel it working. My arm doesn’t even hurt that much,” trying to calm you down.

“You sure?” still wanting to make sure he was ok.

Peter nodded, squeezing your hand slowly calming you down. You both waited till the nurse would roll you into the room where they would take x rays and apply his cast.

“Are you sure you don’t want Aunt May in here instead?” your hand interlacing with his.

“No, don’t think she would be able to handle this,” trying his hardest to not show how much of an effect your touch was having on him.

Peter was starting to think that maybe Ned would have been a better choice, because he couldn’t he wasn’t sure he could trust himself once the anesthesia kicks in. He’s seen the videos of people admitting some personal secrets, and last thing he wanted was to admit his love for you, since he wasn’t sure it would cause problems between you two.

You and Peter had been best friends since 6th grade, somewhere along the way you had stolen his heart, but this point he would have willingly given it to you. Simple touches made his face heat up, warm smiles made his breath stop; you holding his hand made his heart explode, everything about you just sent his body on overdrive.

“Thanks (y/n),” you don’t know how much you mean to me. That’s what he wanted to admit but he doubted that he ever could, because he would be sure to get tongue tied in the process.

“I’d do anything for you Peter,” your smile lightening up your face that instantly made his heart pound against his chest.  

It had to be illegal to be that adorable, and what’s worse is you had no clue how much of an effect you had on him. He could hear Ned’s voice in the back of his head, telling him to admit his feelings for you. He would always refuse stating that he needed to find the right moment to tell you.

“(y/n), there’s something that I should tell you…,” feeling like this was the best moment to tell you.

You nodded, seeing a slight change in his attitude.


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you know youre whipped af when you smile back at her

anonymous asked:

So I’m finally rewatching the episode and we get such a clear shot of the framed Andy/Mel selfie on her desk when they’re going to open the safe!!

okay look at the picture but also look how he’s looking at her in real life wow

every single time i watch this scene or see gifs of it i’m always so confused like

the last time we saw them, drax and gamora were sitting down and peter was looking at his picture of hasselhoff, so they clearly started off in the same room

was it like gamora went to the bathroom or something and came back, and peter’s all like “wow i haven’t seen gamora in two whole minutes look at her 😍”

what the heck is he gonna be like once they’re actually dating

jieun is tired of your shit

Lips Of An Angel (part 3)

Summary: Bucky and the reader are high school friends who get reacquainted with one another.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Just Nat being Nat

A/N: I feel so bleh. Anyways, I hope ya like this part.

Of course he was engaged. For Christ’s sake, look at him! A man like that wouldn’t be single. What were you thinking?

“Y/N?” Bucky waves his hand in your face, catching your attention.


“You okay? You kinda zoned out for a second.” the beautiful brunette chuckled.

You clear your throat. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m okay I just…” you look down at your phone quickly. “I have to get back to the bookstore. My break’s over.”

You weren’t entirely lying. You had five more minutes until you needed to head back to the bookstore and it took a bit of time since you were walking. Times like this, you wished the stores weren’t so spaced out.

“Oh.” Bucky frowned. “Okay.”

He throws a couple bills on the table before standing up and sliding his wallet into his pants pocket. You grab your things and the two of you exit the building.

“Well…” you turn to Bucky. “It was nice catching up with you.”

“Yeah.” he nods. “It was.”

The two of you stand on the sidewalk, staring at each other until you clear your throat.

“Well I better get going.” You take a step away from him.

“Oh, yeah.” he walks over to you and pulls you into a hug. When you pull away, you say goodbye once more before making to walk away.

“Hey Y/N?” he called.

“Hmm?” you turn around.

“We should… we should do this again sometime.” he says, scratching the back of his neck. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out and seeing you yesterday and today made me realize how much I’ve missed you.”

Your cheeks heat up. “Well you have my number now. Just text me whenever you want to hang out – as long as Dot is okay with it. Wouldn’t want her to come and try to beat me up.” you say, hinting at the time when you were both in high school and Bucky’s then girlfriend tried beating you up when she found out you were hanging out with him.

Bucky laughed. “Hey! Dot’s not crazy like Connie was!”

You raise your hands. “I’ll take your word for it. See you later, Lavender Princess.”

Lavender Princess? Jeez Y/N, how do you still remember that?”

You shrug. “I’ve got a good memory. Bye Bucky-bear.”

Bucky laughs again at the childhood nickname before waving at you. You watch him jog over to his car and get into the driver’s seat before turning around and walking back to the bookstore.

You enter the store and sigh deeply before making your way around the large desk and sitting down on your chair.

“Y/N! How was your date?” May questioned as she stopped in front of you.

“My what?”

“Your date. Natasha told me you were going on a date. Honey, if you told me you had a date I could’ve extended your break so you didn’t need to rush.” she says and you nearly choke on air.

“It wasn’t a date, May. I was just catching up with a childhood friend of mine.” you correct.

“A childhood friend that you want to jump on, am I right?” Natasha says, throwing a wink your way as she slid into her chair beside you. “I wouldn’t blame ya. May, if you see him, you’ll understand. This dude is a god. Not the type of god that I like but there’s no doubt that he’s a hottie.”


“What?” she shrugs. “He’s attractive, that’s all I’m saying.”

May laughs. “I’ll have to meet this hottie.”

You let out a groan and lay your head on the desk in front of you. Your friend and your boss were infuriating. You hear the two of them laugh once again before May walks away, saying something about putting away some books. Once you know she was gone, you lift your head and look at Natasha.


And you say it.

“Bucky’s engaged.”

Your red head friend’s eyes widen and she sits up. “No way.”

You nod. “Yes way.”

“How do you know? Maybe you’re just saying this so you don’t have to act upon your feelings.”

“I wish I was.” you groan, slumping in your seat. “He threw it on me like a bomb. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“What did he say? Sometimes you do this thing where you only focus on one part of something that someone says. Maybe he said he was engaged but he’s not now.” she tries to reason but you shake your head.

“I heard him loud and clear.” you say. “I asked him what his favorite thing about Washington was and he said the bars… he’s a bartender.” Natasha nods, following along with what you were saying. “Then he says, and I quote, ‘and the only reason I’d have to choose the bars is because I was working at a bar there and I met my fiancée, Dot’.”

Natasha stares at you with a blank face. “You have got to be kidding me. He’s engaged?” she let out a huff. “I was rooting for you two. See, this is what happens when you stay in the friendzone and wait too long. What were you thinking? That he’d still be single after all these years?”

You shrug and let out a deep sigh.

“There’s only one thing we can do now.” Natasha says, leaning back into her chair. You look over at her.

“Forget about my feelings for him and move on-”

“-We have to break them up.”

What?” you give her and incredulous look. “Are you crazy?!”

“It’s the only option! C’mon I wasn’t the only one who noticed that he was also madly in love with you. All our friends noticed too!” she argues.

“That was like four years ago! Things have changed, Nat. He’s engaged!” you tell her and she makes a face.

“I think he’s still in love with you, but that’s just me.” she shrugs. “Anyways, what’s this Dot chick look like?”

It’s your turn to shrug. “I dunno. He didn’t show me. All I know is that her name’s Dot and she’s his fiancée.”

Natasha cringes. “Ugh, stop saying fiancée. I’m gonna throw up.” you roll your eyes at your friend. “What kind of name is Dot anyways? Who names their kid that?”

“I think Dot is a nickname but I’m not too sure.”

“Text Bucky and ask him.”

You snort. “Yeah, let me just text him and say ‘hey Bucky, I was just wondering if Dot was a nickname or if that’s her actual name’.” Natasha looks at you with a serious face and nods. “No, I’m not going to ask him that! It’s weird.”

The red head shrugs. “I don’t see what’s wrong with you asking your best friend questions about his fiancée.”

“Oh my god.” you sigh, laying your head on the desk again.

There’s a brief moment of silence before Natasha speaks. “I got it.”

You turn your head – which is still on the desk – and look at her. “You got what?”

She scrolls on her phone. “Dolores Brown, 28, happily engaged to a wonderful man, likes animals, photographer; contact me at-”

“Woah, woah, woah, wait.” you suddenly sit up. “Where are you reading this from?”

She shows you her phone screen. “Instagram.”

“How did you even find her?”

“Easy. I just looked up Bucky and searched through who he was following and voila! Dolores Brown.” she smiled at you before returning her eyes back to her phone. “She’s a red head – must be crazy.”

“You’re one to talk.” you snort.

She looks up at you and glares. “I’ll have you know, I’m crazy to an extent.”

“I think stalking my friend’s fiancée goes way past that extent.”

“Nah.” she shakes her head. “It barely meets the extent. Plus, Bucky’s my friend too so it’s okay.”

You shake your head and watch Natasha. She scrolls before pausing, probably to look at a photo before scrolling again. She does this a few times until she taps on her screen. “I hate to say it but she’s a pretty good photographer. Look.”

She hands you her phone and you look through her profile, stumbling across some pictures of Bucky. “Wow… she is good. These pictures of Buck are amazing.”

She takes her phone to look at them. “Eh. They’re alright. You probably think they’re amazing because you’re in love with Bucky.”

“Nat!” you scold.

“What? I’m just sayin’ the truth.”

You shake your head at your friend before helping a customer. Once you were done, your phone vibrates in your pocket, startling you. You grab it, noticing Bucky had texted you.

Bucky: So I know we just saw each other earlier but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to text you. How would you feel about coming to see a movie with me tonight? It’ll be like old times, I’ll even buy you frozen yogurt afterwards.

You gasp and clutch your phone to your chest, staring wide-eyed at Natasha. “It’s Bucky! He asked if I wanted to see a movie with him tonight.”

The beautiful red head looks up at you. “Say yeah. It’s not like you’re gonna hop on his dick… yet.”

You scowl at her.

Y/N: Sure, I’d love to. As long as the Mrs is okay with it.

Bucky: She’s actually happy I ran into you yesterday. Said I needed more people to talk to while she was gone.

Y/N: Gone?

Bucky: Yeah, she’s in LA right now on business. She’s a photographer.

Y/N: Nice, nice.

Bucky: So I’ll pick you up around 8? Don’t know which movie we’re gonna watch, thought we’d do what we did when we were younger and choose a movie when we get there.

You shake your head and chuckle.

Y/N: 8 sounds good. See you later, Lavender Princess.

Some things never change.

A/N: woop woop tell me what ya think! Also sorry if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix them tomorrow!


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Begin — Jeon Jungkook (01)

Words: 3283

Warnings: none

Description: You’ve never met your father, so you finally make the decision to go meet him in Korea. But what you found there was more than just a father.

Prologue [01] [02]


You stood at the door, heart on your sleeve, along with your birth certificate in your hands.

You didn’t get it, when you were in the apartment you rented, you were so confident. You practiced this several time in the mirror, just to make sure it was perfect.

But now, now that you were standing in front of the door, you were nervous.

What if he slams the door in your face? What if he doesn’t like you?

“God, I’m such an idiot! Why’d I come here in the first place?” You thought to yourself.

You really want him to accept you, but what if he doesn’t? What if everything ends up badly and he never wants to see you again?

How would you feel if you had a happy family and then some random girl came knocking at your door saying that you were her father? Wouldn’t that be so confusing?

You raised your hand to the doorbell, about to press on it, but you stopped yourself.

Did you really want to do this? Of course you did, you were just scared of rejection.

If he rejected you, what would you do? Go home and cry? Probably.

You didn’t care. You needed to see him. Whether he rejected you or not, you wanted to see him, and you wanted him to know that you’re his daughter.

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I got a letter in the mail today, which would usually be a very odd occurrence. Except it got weirder. 

It was addressed in my own writing. Of course I’m like ????? because the last and only time I sent an SASE had got to be like, 3-5 years ago when I wrote a letter to an author. 

I open it, and it is in fact a like, three year belated reply from @maggie-stiefvater​ of a really nice postcard and bookplate. I am baffled, but pleased, which I think is my intended state of emotions. I would like to apologize personally to Maggie for all the thirteen year old rambling in indecipherable pencil she received. All I can remember is rambling about Cole, from her Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I’m pretty sure it was something like two lined pages long, front and back. I have not become any less dramatic with age, that’s for sure. 

(Also, because this seems like a fitting thing to add to this story: I entered Maggie’s art contest… a year ago? Two years ago? I received a tarot card for my efforts. It was the Empress card — telling me to embrace the outdoors. I was two days from starting the outdoor education program that changed my life.)


Marty + Jennifer photoset for all you people out there.

Is it possible to be in love with your own posts? Cause that’s definitely what’s happening right now.