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youhane meeting each others parents

Funny. I was literally just talking about this with @noodlerama yesterday.

You is exactly the kind of person you want to bring home to Mom. She’s friendly, charismatic, cute, athletic, talented, etc. Basically, you can’t really go wrong with You. But that’s exactly why Yoshiko’s parents are so dumbfounded by her. For her entire life their daughter has been so painfully weird and awkward that the concept of her having a painfully normal and outgoing girlfriend is out of this world to them. They assume there must be something “off” about her if she’s dating Yoshiko of all people. That isn’t to say that they don’t love and support their daughter dearly–but they never imagined someone like You to be her type, and vice versa. So throughout the entire dinner, the two of them are prodding You with questions, trying to find out what her weird quirk is–but the most they could come out with is that she really likes the sea and uniforms (Yoshiko catches on to their antics and sends them flustered glares from across the table).

Eventually, Yoshiko’s dad decides to get straight to the point and asks You what she likes about Yoshiko–wanting to be absolutely certain that this isn’t some kind of weird prank Yoshiko is pulling on them. Before Yoshiko can even get the chance to retort, You immediately starts to rattle off all of the different things she loves about Yoshiko. Her parents are shocked to hear her say things like how she likes that Yoshiko puts her all into the things she loves, or how, despite what she may think, she actually really is a good hearted person who cares deeply for her friends, etc. The list goes on and on, much to Yoshiko’s embarrassment and her parents’ surprise. However, they both feel some sense of relief to know that You is so supportive of Yoshiko’s interests and hobbies (especially since her interests are something that even they don’t fully understand). By the end of the evening, Yoshiko’s parents still aren’t sure how their daughter ended up with someone like You. However, they find themselves not really caring too much when Yoshiko lightly kisses You goodnight at the front doorway. If she’s happy then they are too.

Yoshiko meeting You’s family is a slightly different story, and there are two reasons for that. The first reason being that Yoshiko desperately wants to make a good impression on You’s parents so that she doesn’t look like a total freak. That being said, she has to try her hardest to keep the fallen angel contained, even though You tells her time and time again to just be herself. The second reason doesn’t emerge until Yoshiko actually meets her parents–that reason being that Yoshiko is absolutely terrified of You’s father. She always knew that You’s father was a sailor, but she hardly expected him to be six times her size, jacked up the yin yang, and basically look like a bear ready for the kill. To say the least, Yoshiko is afraid that if she says one wrong word or if her father finds out that she has so much as kissed You (let alone done other things to her) that he’ll break her in two with his bare hands.

You insists though that her dad is harmless and is actually just a big teddy bear. That doesn’t really ease Yoshiko’s nerves as they all sit at the dinner table together and she is now worrying about her father’s stare as well as keeping Yohane contained. Dinner ends up feeling very tense as Yoshiko attempts to keep this pleasant facade up (getting unamused glances from You all the while). But when You’s father asks Yoshiko about her hobbies all of her stress about the situation piles up and she freezes, pulling a mental blank before finally shattering and breaking out Yohane. After realizing what she’s done as You’s family stares at her with blank faces, she pales, starts to sweat, and her face falls before mentally cursing a, “crap”.

But seconds later, all of the Watanabes start laughing, taking Yoshiko off-guard. You’s father is laughing so hard that he slams his fist on the table and says, “There’s the girl You has told us so much about!” Yoshiko is so shocked that she looks to You for an answer, who simply apologizes through laughter and tells Yoshiko that her parents know all about the fallen angel stuff, and that she told them something like this would probably happen. Yoshiko is really embarrassed, but You’s dad tells her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about–because if it’s something that she feels passionately about then she should take no shame in that and pursue it full throttle. He then grins and tells Yoshiko that considering how much You talks about how she loves that part of Yoshiko that she has nothing to worry about (which gets an embarrassed, “P-Papa!” out of You). The mood really manages to ease up after that as You’s parents ask Yoshiko more about her interests and Yoshiko feels a little more comfortable just being herself (though, she’s still kind of embarrassed). When the two of them are sitting in You’s room later, You apologizes for her parents being so overwhelming. Yoshiko just sighs and smiles a little, tapping a finger against You’s lips and telling her not to apologize–she likes them.

[everytime i see a picture of pidge] wow. just. just look at her. she’s so amazing. i’m just so proud of her. she’s done so much and i love. i love her. i love her so much i would do anything for her. my star. my superhero. my daughter. do you hear me katharyn holt i loVE YOU PLEASE BE SAFE AND HAPP

“When she is with louis she seems like she is in pain and bored and never smiles. Like she doesn’t want to be with him.“

@fanofharry​ oh yeah you’re so right. she always looks so much in pain and bored and never smiles around him

he’s cuddling her close??? that must hurt to be held so tight!! look at her gasp!!

that’s not a smile. it’s a grimace because she’s bored. 

she’s taking pictures of her best “in pain” face.

wow how boring??? they’re drinking beer and talking on vacation. so boring.

this isn’t smiling. the sun’s in her eyes.

this isn’t smiling either. it’s also really really boring!! partying with your boyfriend and his little sister? lame.

her face CLEARLY says she’s in heart-attack levels of pain

so bored. they’re at the grand prix and she’s so bored.

travelling with your boyfriend is such a drag y’know??? i’m yawning just LOOKING at this picture

she’s so bored on her date that she’s on her phone. wow.

look at her grimace!!! get her to a doctor asap!!!

oh god she’s in SO MUCH PAIN!! someone help her

her face says “i’m bored save me!”

“help!! this man bores me and that’s why i’m holding on so tightly to his arm!!! i want to be as far away from him as possible!!”

who honestly has fun at weddings?? not this girl obviously

travel travel travel. she’s obviously very bored of it all.

is this something someone who is bored would say? yes. undeniably yes.

i’ve ever seen someone in so much pain

it says “i h8 u” on her screen

more partying??? gross

no smiling here

nope nope nope

she definitely doesn’t want to be there

someone SAVE THAT GIRL!!!

so my classmate showed her friend pictures of assclass
  • classmate: *shows picture of karma*
  • her friend: who is he? he looks gay
  • classmate: ...
  • classmate: ....
  • classmate: that's...

so i just noticed how gay touga and saionji are on the cover of the utena sega saturn game.

just look at them they’re not even trying to hide it