no pictures during soundchecks


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I’ve been listening to All Time Low since I was 7 and after nine years I finally got to meet and get pictures with my heroes during one of their Soundcheck Parties. It was the single greatest experience of my life. Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack were beyond nice and so was their crew. It was the most intimate moment I’ve ever had with a band. Rian told me I had nice eyes. They were all very open and friendly and since I was the last picture to take pictures I got extra time with them. I got them to sign my artwork and then we took pictures. After the meet & greet I tweeted our picture together and Jack Retweeted it. The picture began so popular that people recognize me from it! (Even though someone on Tumblr cropped me out and posted it later that day). Just when I thought the greatest moment of my life was over and I’d said goodbye to my heroes Alex covered Teenage Dirtbag for me during the concert! (I had asked them to play it at Soundcheck, but they ran out of time so he played it during the show instead). I will never forget this and how kind they were to me. Best. Day. Ever.