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Tumblr was born in 2007.

Less than a year later, Tumblr saw the emergence of its first homegrown meme: #GPOYW, or Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday. Coined by @yourdp in April of 2008, it made its way to BuzzFeed by September and eventually evolved into a daily activity (as just #GPOY). By 2009, it was added to Urban Dictionary.

After that, there were Fuck Yeah Tumblrs and #WhatShouldWeCall Tumblrs, soft grunge and Tumblr pink, Superwholock and the Hawkeye Initiative, the Skeleton War and preserved human toes, the Science Side of Tumblr and Studyblr, and even two extra hours in the ball pit. We asked each other about our shoelaces (stolen from the President, of course) and what air was. Every Tuesday was never a problem.

No matter what part of the Tumblr community you are in, this is the history we’ve created together. Take a scroll down memory lane with us. This is 10 years of Tumblr.


I don’t know if this has already been done before but @electricbluepinwheel is in town this weekend and @cephalopod-demigod, @bringmethatvegenaise, and I wanted to celebrate by doing our two favorite things: watching YOI and drinking a lot of wine. SO we came up with these rules:

Take a sip every time:

1.     Someone does a quad jump
2.     Yurio says “HUHHH???” or “EEEEHHH??”
3.     There is gratuitous butt in frame
4.     JJ does the JJ hands
5.     Vicchan makes an appearance
6.     There is a flashback
7.     Victor makes a heart-mouth
8.     Someone speaks in a language that isn’t Japanese (or English if you’re watching dubs) (double-sip bonus points for “Vkusna!”)
9.     Someone takes a picture/selfie
10. Someone is on instagram/social media
11. Chris nuts on the ice
12. Seung Gil doesn’t give a fuck
13. Makkachin is sleeping
14. Yakov is about to pop a forehead vein
15. Yuuri flirts with Victor
16. Yuuri gives someone a hug
17. Someone falls down
18. JJ annoys someone
19. Someone eats katsudon
20. Minako does a ballet pose
21. Somebody is drunk

LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY OTHER RULE IDEAS AND WHAT YOU THINK (although I have a feeling this is already going to get us shitfaced)

If you play it let me know if you got Yuuri-at-the-banquet levels of drunk and if it was any fun!

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This is totally self-gratuitous, but I’m in the process of printing some travel pictures out to redo the frames I had of vacation photos of the two of us. I’m not shying away from including photos from trips with him (though I don’t have a ton of just myself from those), but I also had a lot of fun looking back at vacations past, most of them prior to our relationship. All of these photos of myself on trips over the past five years or so make me happy in one way or another and this is a good reminder to myself that I’ll always find a way to go places and have fun - it just might take a little more planning and involve having to stay a little closer to home while I figure things out.

Looking forward to the trips I’ve lined up in the coming months - Chicago in May to see Hamilton despite the bittersweet feelings surrounding it, Grand Rapids in June for @compscibarbie‘s bachelorette party weekend, and camping in Wisconsin in July with @lolobee8288 (and potentially others!). Even though I’m not taking a big, cross-country road trip this summer to any National Parks and I’ve lost the person who I enjoyed traveling with the most, I’m still going to make the most of my summer and opportunities for new experiences. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who care for our children and fur babies.
“ No one promised it would be easy, but they did promise it would be worth it ”

What does Jack Robinson have to do with Mother’s Day you ask?
What’s your point?!
Maybe nothing, but I don’t care.
Happy Mother’s Day to me.


Rating: T
Pairings: Ladynoir/Adrinette, DJWifi
A/N: Merry Christmas, everybody! This is my Secret Santa gift (part of the @mlsecretsanta ) for @khaleisey (she’s the only reason I can get away with posting this now because it’s officially Christmas in Australia and I’m trying to be polite to her time zone!). Go check out her fics! Love you all!

“I, uh…”

Chat prompted her. “You, uh, what?” He laughed. “Come on, Lady. You can’t tell me that you didn’t see it coming.”

“But this is a proposal, Chat!”

“We’ve been secretly dating for three years. Hawk Moth’s been gone for two. Why shouldn’t we?”

Ladybug stared at the pink sapphire surrounded by small rubies and emeralds, trying to form an answer. “Because I don’t know who you are yet.”

“And I don’t know who you are, but that’s more than alright. Besides, that’s not quite accurate. We know who we are, we just don’t have names to put to the personalities.”

She nodded, considering her answer carefully.

“If it helps, we don’t have to have a big wedding. As a matter of fact, I’ve always been fine with eloping.”

Ladybug’s head jerked up. “Really? I’ve always wanted to elope.”

Chat laughed. “Then it’s settled. We’re eloping.”

“We can’t just waltz in there and get married as superheroes. ‘I, Ladybug, take thee, Chat Noir, as my awfully wedded husband.’”

“I think you mean lawfully, bug.”

“No, I meant awfully.” She grinned. “Unless it would be claw-fully.”

Chat threw his head back and laughed. “I knew there was a reason I wanted to marry you.”

Her jaw dropped in disbelief. “Excuse me! You’re the one who’s been in love with me since we were fifteen!”

“Who knows, you’ve probably been in love with me for just as long and never known it.” He stretched and flexed, showing off for her.

“Yeah, I doubt it.” She looked back down at the ring. “Alright, I’ll marry you on a few conditions.”


“I love the idea of eloping, but give me a couple of weeks to get you a ring, too. I’m keeping this one, by the way.” She shook the box at him. “I probably won’t wear it out and about—my best friend would flip all the way out—but I will definitely wear it when and after we get married. Two, I’ve always wanted to honeymoon in Spain. We don’t have to do that right after the wedding, I know my finances are a little tight, but I’d like to go there eventually and call it our honeymoon.”

“I can afford it. How about next month?”

She was surprised at his nonchalance. “No, Chat, I don’t want it to be burdensome.”

“It’s not. Trust me.”

Ladybug pressed her lips together. “Okay. Next month it is. And, uh, three, I’d like us both to take a week off after the wedding. I want to get to know you and…yeah…”

“You mean have gratuitous amounts of sex all over my apartment.”

“Who says we’re living in your apartment?”

“You have a roommate, yeah?”

“Well, yes, but—”

“This is my apartment.” He showed her a few pictures. “The furniture is a bit different, but I also live alone.”

“Wow, that’s nice. So, yeah, we’re taking a week off to have gratuitous amounts of sex all over your apartment.” She laughed. “Our apartment. We’ll have to add me to the lease.”

“My father owns it. Won’t be necessary.“

“Your father? What are you gonna tell him?”

“That I got married and my wife is moving in with me.” He shrugged. “He’s no longer based out of Paris. Hardly talk to him anymore.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.” She laid a hand on his knee. “My dad would love you. He’ll adopt you and give you free pastries.”

“Free pastries and a reduced-price apartment. We’re gonna be living it big.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her head. “I’m excited. As for your stipulations, I agree to all of them. I think they’re good ideas.”

“Oh, and I don’t want to tell anybody.”

“Of course not. That’s the whole point of eloping. So, let’s say we get married in three weeks.” Chat held up his fingers to start counting on them. “We spend a week in Spain and then a week here and then the rest of our lives.” He gestured dramatically, laughing.

“We’ll need to get tickets. Uh, how about a week here, a few days to move me all in, and we go to Spain for Christmas? That’s only two months away.”

“I like that plan. I’ll get the tickets after we come home. Just one question, my Lady.”

“Ask away, mon chaton.”

“How will I know it’s you that day?”

She thought about it for a moment. “Well, I’ll be wearing your ring. And I’ll wear a ladybug-printed dress. How will I know it’s you, my love?”

“I’ll be wearing your ring, of course. And a green tie. And a little paw print button on my lapel. What’s your favorite flower?”

“Carnations. White ones mean good luck, you know.” She kissed his cheek and got up. “I love you. I’ll get your ring as soon as I can. See you next patrol?”

“Of course, darling. Be safe.”

“Always. You, too.” She ran and jumped from the rooftop, throwing her yoyo to take her into the night.

Marinette fidgeted with her dress. Today was the day, and she’d only gotten one more hint about his identity: His name starts with A. She stared at her ring and traced the sapphire again. How long he had worked to afford it, she had no idea. It was beautiful, and he was late


“Chaton!” She turned, spotting the tie first and the bouquet second.


Only then did she look at his face. “Adrien?”

He extended his hand for hers. “May I?”

She smirked and hid it behind her back. “Tell me what it looks like.”

“Pink sapphire with rubies and emeralds around it. Set in rose gold.”

“Very good.” She took his hand. “Are those for me?”

“Yes. The florist about had a cow when I told him they were for my fiancée. You didn’t tell me that they were bad luck.”

“Well, that’s a regional thing. I thought it was ironic, considering. And what’s with the red ones? It looks beautiful, but only the white ones are good luck.”

“They’re good luck and pure love. I looked it up. Anyway, the red ones mean ‘deep love and affection,’ and I figured they’d match your dress…” He handed them to her, suddenly becoming shy.

“They’re perfect.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, leaving a red impression there. “Let’s go get married. Oh, Alya’s gonna freak when we tell her!”

They laid in bed a few days later, not bothering to get up and ready for the day. “So, what are we gonna tell Alya and Nino?”

Adrien kept drawing lazy pictures on her back. “Don’t know. Probably the truth, or most of it. That we’ve been secretly dating for three years and eloped.” He shrugged and nestled his lips on her scalp. “They’re gonna have a cow, you know.”

“Oh, I know. I’m prepared for it. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you had a secret model boyfriend? He’s your boss’ son!’ Oh, that’s why your father isn’t based in Paris anymore. I head that office up now.” Marinette took in the information, feeling strange about it.

Adrien laughed. “Yeah, that’s why. I hadn’t thought about it. How funny.”

“Everybody at the office is gonna flip when I show up with a new picture and put it on my desk. Your father took it surprisingly well, by the way.”

“Of course he did. You’re his favorite employee after me and Nathalie. Your parents, though…”

“Maman was in shock. Papa just wanted to make a wedding cake for us. We should take him up on that offer, by the way. Get a chocolate cake. His cakes are the best.”

“I know that, love. I—”

They both jumped when the door opened.

“Uh, babe, he’s in here. With Marinette. Hey, dude.”

“Hey, Nino.”

Marinette subtly tried to pull the sheet more over her chest. “Hey, Nino.”

Alya stormed in. “Complete radio silence! For three days! And Adrien, too! What’s this about, anyway?”

Adrien and Marinette stared at each other for a long moment and answered at the same time. “We got married.”

Nino looked impressed. “I did not see that coming.”

Alya stared in shock at all three of them. “How long has this been going on?”

“Like, three years?” Marinette pulled the sheet closer. “Do you mind if I get dressed before we have this conversation?”

Alya fully registered the position they were in. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

Adrien spoke up. “We’re married, Alya. To each other. Nothing scandalous. But, uh, maybe don’t put food on the kitchen table yet?”

Nino burst into laughter as Alya sputtered, and he guided her out. “We’ll see you out here in a couple of minutes. Or an hour, whichever is more convenient for you.” He closed the door behind them.

Marinette hid her face in a pillow. “How are we ever going to face them again?”

“We’ve walked in on them having sex plenty of times. Not the two of us together, granted, but they walked in on our pillow talk. I think we’ll all survive. But since Nino gave us an hour…” He teased her hip with his fingers.

“We have guests, Adrien. Not that I wouldn’t like to, I’d love to, it just seems impolite.”

He shrugged and dove under the covers to plant a kiss on her knee. “The guests gave us an hour.” He kissed her thigh and left a hickey.

“So, is this you getting me back, or us getting them back?”

“Hmm. Both.”

When they eventually emerged, Alya was no less shaken. “Was that really necessary?”

“Hey, Nino gave us an hour.”

“That I did, man. So, wanna tell us the whole story?”

Marinette and Adrien looked at each other again. She spoke first. “Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

So I’ve been thinking about the Eighth Doctor and the Time War...

I know a lot of fellow 8 fans don’t share that opinion, but I like War Doctor. A lot, actually.

Still, I do feel cheated we didn’t get a warrior 8. I can’t help but think he’d be *very* different from Grandad War Doctor. A lot more broken, much more unpleasant. Basically think Eeyore!Eight from Caerdroia, with very little interference from the other two & gone nastier.

I listened to Infernal Devices two days ago (liked it a lot) - and I’ve been thinking about War!Eight since then.

I *so* want that audio. It’s Doctor Who! And Time War is an insanely timey wimey business! I want an alternate timeline where our dear BB8 (I know what I did there, too) gets dragged all the way down to the pits of hell and to that big red threatening button. I’m interested in the consequences. 

I can even imagine a scenario that more or less honours Moff’s assumption that 8 would NEVER press that button. *That* could have interesting consequences, too… Imagine. The Doctor, standing amidst the rubble and the debris, at the end of the Universe, realizing, all too late, that - damn… Sometimes it is a numbers game after all. (Or still very stubbornly insisting that it never is or just going totally bonkers, who knows…)

And then they’d somehow fix it and get things back on track, with War Doctor and all that - but we’d have our Warrior!8 story…

I want that so so so bad.

(Maybe something along those lines will be in Eighth’s Time War box set, who knows… I’d fucking love that…)

Who’s with me?

And a picture - because no one pays any attention to posts that have no pictures (and because a gratuitous PMcG pic is never a bad thing!):


Thinking of Charlie’s armour (hi I’m spending my evening extra sad about Charlie and watching old episodes :P), did we ever officially welcome her to the Bees of Pacifism club along with Cas and Cain? She wore this armour through her “Oh no Winchesters” attempt to flee (wise move), but when they called her back into action by telling her that people had died, she took this armour off and continued the episode without it. 

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Wow, there sure are a lot of Bill Cipher fans out there. And I’m so glad! When we first came up with the idea of running an ask blog, I honestly expected a few pity-followers from our friends, and this blog would be something to do just for our little circle. I had no idea it would become so popular, and I’m so grateful to the wonderful Gravity Falls community for getting us to this milestone. Thank you to everyone who sends in asks – you guys are hysterical, and we’re glad that we can provide entertainment to such nice folks. Thank you to Kat, for helping us along in the beginning and being such a big inspiration for us. And thank you, Honeybee, for supporting this crazy idea and for letting Bill run amok in your head. Last but certainly not least, thank you to Alex Hirsch and the Gravity Falls team for making such a wonderful story for us to fall in love with. 

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★ Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots ★

This post wasn’t originally meant to happen; I wasn’t planning on writing for YOI, and it’s always a little hazardous to write extensively about shows that have yet to end anyway. But sometimes I get ideas that refuse to leave my head until I type them down, and I’ve spammed my twitter enough as is. So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now; namely, a quick post I call Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots.

I’ll try to contextualize a little: it took me a while to warm up to YOI. I’m the type of viewer who likes slow build-ups, to really witness dynamics evolve, but much of YOI’s pacing seemed to work on fast-forward. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but the show didn’t initially engage me as more than a casual viewer. However, halfway through the show that started to change. At first it was hard to pinpoint the reason; I’d always liked the themes and atmosphere, but also understood why some people felt the execution didn’t deliver. So why was I suddenly being pulled in by the narrative that left me somewhat detached before?

Interestingly enough, when trying to explain my new-found fondness for YOI irl, what came out was this:

“The show makes me feel like I’m watching snapshots. There are all these glimpses at themes, elements, personalities, dynamics – almost as if it’s not about a single, in-depth story, but several stories in snapshots instead. And so I can fill in all the gaps, however I see fit.”

Filling-in-the-gaps is, of course, a method often used to draw in the fujoshi audience. Its success often depends on the creator’s ability to recognize when and how much subtext and/or ambiguity to use, in order for the viewers to run off and transform the original text. Of course, this might accidentally make the pacing come off as confusing: isn’t leaving all these gaps between the extravagant scenes only a sign of bad writing, if the actual development is only referential on screen? Well, sometimes it can definitely be. But what I’m proposing is that with YOI, employing this snapshot-like subtext is actually a rather deliberate narrative choice through which to tell the entire story.

The first thing most of us noticed when we started watching was YOI’s gratuitous use of internet and social media, mainly Instagram. Shorter scenes are expanded through the use of “behind the scenes” material shared by Phichit and co. This relies on the way we’re taught to interpret social media: we understand that there is more to the image than we see. Moreover, we love the snapshots because it leaves that room for our imagination – a glimpse at someone’s photo feed only ever alludes to the real story behind the picture, one that’s ours to construct in our head.

In this manner, you can take almost any episode, any scene and apply the same logic: there’s more story behind these characters and their dynamics, their dreams and aspirations, even the training that goes into their skating programs. What we see isn’t the full picture, surely, but is it even meant to be? Or is it meant to give you a glimpse into this world, like a snapshot scene, just enough to cultivate thought and feeling before moving onto the next?

In this regard, I found episode 10 even more proof of the idea that YOI is intended to be told in snapshot scenes. We literally go back a year in history playing out in the images of a photo roll, and the stories they share are more incredible in our heads than they ever would be on screen. How long did this danceoff take? Did Yuuri drink all those champagne flutes? Who first pointed out the stripper pole? This is the world fanfics are made of, the world of imagination that fujoshi love. This is the real subtext of Yuri on Ice, and evidently very successful in what it’s trying to do.

For a story that takes place in so many countries and the minds of so many people, it makes sense for the narrative method to employ this kind of subtext/ambiguity. For example, my ultimate favourite JJ comes off as either a legendary egomaniac or a friendless loser depending on the scene you catch him in. This leaves it up to the viewer to construct how these identities work together, much the same way we piece people’s identities together through social media every day. Another example is my other favourite, Yurio, whose true loneliness was always hinted at (through the scenes with his grandfather, or things like being hung up on Viktor’s promise); yet when Otabek asks Yurio to be his friend, the scene is effective depending on how long you really think he’s been waiting for someone to ask him that question.

Admittedly, at the beginning of YOI it was tricky to suspend my disbelief at the rapid-fire rate everything was taking place. By the time episode 10 rolled in, though, combined with everything I’ve since learnt about Kubo-sensei’s fondness for ambiguity, I realized I had actually been following a pretty consistent internal logic all along. The end of that episode confirmed this for me, because when the audience learns of the memories Viktor has that Yuuri doesn’t, everything you’ve constructed in your head rearranges. A single snapshot is all it takes, because the expectations we’ve cultivated over Viktor’s motivations were based on snapshots too. The more ambiguity over this, the more our expectations are taken by surprise.

Still, in order for that twist to work, you’ve had to fill in the gaps between these snapshots with some sort of meaning in the first place. In other words, the success of constructing narrative in such scenes calls for voluntary participation. This is ultimately also the reason why this kind of style does not work for everyone; if the script relies on the willingness to imagine how the rest of the story happens, not every viewer is going to want to do that. If the chosen themes, characters or dynamics fail to strike a chord, not every viewer finds something worth imagining at all.

Even so, I would claim this ambiguity remains Yuri on Ice’s biggest strength. Not only does it piece the multifaceted narrative together (for such a character-oriented show, a good chunk of an episode can be spent on the sports alone), but it also doesn’t dictate how the story should be consumed. The way the show is structured really encourages that active participation: just jump right in! Here you’ll find enough solid content to get your imagination going, and enough freedom to interpret it as you see fit! Sure, you can turn down that opportunity if it doesn’t seem suited for your needs as a viewer, but like an Instagram feed, at its best it can turn into a colourful, vibrant platform – to be inspired, to be entertained, to dream.


And it only cost me hundreds of dollars in hotels, food, liquor, pudding shots, clothes and decorations.  Who says good loving is cheap and easy?

We met so many amazing couples this weekend from all over the east coast. If you’re in the lifestyle, and have never been to a hotel takeover type event, you are truly missing one of the best times of your life.

I stepped out of my comfort zone that usually consists of isolating and then getting heavy hearted from all the resentment and bitterness I feel towards other couples who make socializing look so effortless. I forced myself to interact with people, approach couples, introduce myself and to just trust my gut and let my personality shine and be appreciated by others.

I decorated our door, with streamers and hearts and lights and pictures of the both of us and that one element drew a tremendous amount of attention to our hotel room. Our end of hallway stayed bustling with people curious to see what we had done and to participate in our giveaways and treats.

I became known as the “pudding shot girl”, and even had people search me out so they could hang with us, and I was completely okay with that. I received more compliments than I have in a very long time,  which in turn lead to gratuitous ogles and more than a few random gropings. I am NOT complaining.

We linked up with 3 very fun and very attractive couples. We hung out with them during the day, attending seminars and workshops and meet and greets the whole weekend, and then eventually put our hotel suite and jacuzzi to good use. (Suffice it to say, my Saturday night still hasn’t ended because we haven’t been to sleep yet.)

The official weekend tally was about 525 couples total for the entire weekend and if you’ve ever been to a large event(like a wedding or a concert)  with a few hundred people, and felt the incredible positive vibe a group that large can create, then you would just be scratching the surface of what a lifestyle party can feel like. It’s like taking 500 of your most favorite people on earth, dressing them in the sexiest and naughtiest attire you can think of and dumping them in the biggest and best place you can imagine where there are no limits, no restrictions and no rules and just sitting back and watching the magic happen.

And yes…it will happen.

Not only did I have a memorable sexual experience I can look back on and smile about for days and days to come, but I made friends I will continue to know and have forever. The lifestyle is THAT amazing. It’s not just sex, it’s acceptance. It’s not just a good time…it’s making memories.

And how can that shit ever be wrong?


Hey there, I’m Sarah. I’m Puerto Rican on both sides and I live in New York. I’ve been told so many times by people who exclaim with surprise that I really don’t “look” or “act” like it, as though every Latinx person must fit into a stereotype to be considered Latinx. I open my arms to my fellow Latinx siblings, let us celebrate our diversity and uniqueness!

A profoundly gratuitous picture to accompany the belated gig recap from Saturday:

  • I haven’t been on a festival stage with proper PA, lights, the works, in a long time. Felt so good. We had room to move and no limitations on stage volume. 
  • There was even an onstage monitor mixer. She did a great job. That she was enthusiastically singing along with every song we did was a bonus.
  • We absolutely killed the performance. Given that we only played one hour, we could cherry pick our best, most confident songs. We also didn’t have to worry much about vocal fatigue, so we could really go for it.
  • We play to bikers all the time and are used to their cool detachment. The occasional head nod from a distance is all we really hope to get from them in reward for our efforts. You learn that their sticking around at all means they like you, they really, really like you. But in this case, we had people coming up to the stage and dancing in addition to the usual kool kids chilling in the back. Pro-tip: that leads to better performances, concert-goers. Love your band and they’ll love you back.
  • The bad news: right after we finished, the threat of lightning and hail basically ended the night. They closed the stages and evacuated the grounds. We did not get to meet or even see Blue Öyster Cult, who never left their hotel. I didn’t feel bad for them, but I did for the band that was to play between us and the ones on the other stage who got nuked. I think they all got paid, but it still sucks to lose a big gig like this.
  • We waited out the rain in a little pizza place, eating, drinking, and laughing to the point of physical pain. The best kind.
  • Then we went to a bar which had a good beer list and perhaps the most beautiful, charming waitress in Iowa. Lord have mercy, when she climbed up on a table to update the chalkboard…
  • We crashed at a murdery-but-free hotel and came home the next morning.
  • Basically, what I’m saying is it was the perfect gig.

One guess as to who got carded, and who got a gratuitous number of pictures posted on every media site known to man. 


ETA: @soccershipper informs us Ronaldo actually did receive a card for the celebration. We [by which we mean Dale, as Melanie was unable to see the game in entirety] did not see that happen when watching the game.

Our exasperation over the disparate reactions still stands. 

Gratuitous dog picture from our walk a few days ago.

Thanks for all of the notes regarding my self inflicted injury at my trail race yesterday. I went to the shorts chiro today and the verdict is that I strained my upper hamstring and glute. They were already strained and I strained them some more for good measure. Nothing ripped which was great news. I’m glad I stopped right away and didn’t do more damage.

I took today off and I’ll water run and ride the bike on the indoor trainer until I see her again on Thursday. There is a good chance that I can start running again after that. 

I’m only on week #3 out of 18 and I have a good base of mileage so I should be able to get back on track if I can avoid doing anything else stupid to make it worse. I was relieved that she said that it wasn’t as bad as she had feared- she said it’s especially painful because of the location but that it wasn’t that bad. 

If you don’t have a sports chiro or massage therapist on your team and you are doing a long distance event, my advice is to get one! This stuff crops up and you heal so much faster with professional help. If I was treating this on my own with just ice and rest, I can’t imagine that I would be running again in the next week. It’s not a coincidence that I was taking 600 mg of ibuprofen before I saw her this morning and now I’m mostly pain free. Thank you medical professionals!