no pics to prove it

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fact: Scooter mcloser's hair pales in comparison to the hair goddesses that are alex maneet and amanda someone attach pics that prove my point

i hope this helped

jimin: i won’t give yoongi a gift lmao as iF

also jimin: yoOngi hYunG wakE up aLreaDy i nEed to gIve yOu youR giFt (*´-`)

I know I post weight loss shit all the time but I have such a hard time believing that I’ve made progress, or feeling better about my body (shoutout to gender dysphoria), so I really need these before and after pics to prove to myself that I am making progress and that I am healthier. So sorry for the spam, I’m just proud of myself 🙏🏼💪🏼 left pic is April 2016, 175ish lbs. right pic is was yesterday, March 2017, 135 lbs. This was all thanks to intermittent fasting (the warrior diet, water fasting), elimination of gluten, and a general focus on healthy eating, smarter portion sizes, and smaller eating windows. If I can do it, so can you


Often I get asked if I get out of the house and go places, and I do! I just never take good pics to prove it lol. So, here’s proof that I get out and have fun!

With the weather starting to warm up, I plan on taking the tripod to the park and getting some fun pics that way. So that should be fun!

Also, I super wanted that Eiffel Tower stand, but ended up not getting it. Maybe next time haha

Also also, I just realized my teeth look super fucked up in the second pic. I promise I don’t have fucked up teeth, I just have gum in my mouth!

Woah, B/n’s included in their photo ops now?  I mean he’s tall enough for basketball for sure, but just don’t see him breaking into a sweat somehow 😂. I expect we’ll see more roomie pics now while they struggle to prove that their living arrangements are normal. 

This is what I mean when I say D/rren’s team just tries way too hard to rectify stuff and for record I think this is about M/a’s reputation not D’s.  I think they needed damage control following the valentines fiasco.

Fags are so stupid.

So I’m sitting enjoying my day. Checking all my likes on my posts.

This one fag messages me. Begs me to let him worship me.

I told him I want something in return. And of course he offered cash. I took his pathetic tribute of 100$ and told him I want something more substantial.

The poor fag told me he would give me naked pics of him with his id to prove he’s real with my name on his chest and above saying that I own him. He also gave me his girlfriends phone number. And said that if he ever refuses to pay I can send it to her.

So the fag gave me them. The next day I told the fag that he has to collar himself and wear it all the time. He’s not allowed to take it off and he’s not allowed to jerk.

I told him if he does jerk then he must pay 25$. He’s on blackmail now that he must pay 75$ a week or risk being exposed.

In 2 weeks that poor fag couldn’t help but jerk to my feet, I made 400$ and a gift from Amazon.

Poor fag is still begging for attention now. While I sit and enjoy my day as an straight alpha male should.

Who else wants to bow down to me


My fav girls on tumblr.

“#Free the Nipple. Breasts should not be sexualized.” *posts link to her cam site where she sells access to see her titties*

“Here’s a sexy pic of my ass in lingerie. DO NOT REBLOG IF YOU SEXUALIZE WOMEN.”

“Women are not objects. #feminism.” *post for you to pay $20/mo for her private snapchat*

“I just worked 10 days in a row. I am too disabled for this shit.” *posts pics of Adderall to prove her disability*

“I hate doing this, but I desperately need money to eat and pay bills. Anything will help. I just can’t get a job because I am unable to things for long periods of time and am too disabled.” *spend 12 hours a day on her computer and posts this the beginning of every month*