no photoshop required for this gem


Months ago, due to unique circumstances, I was able to do an art trade with @l3luepearl. We took our gemsonas, Iolite (mine) and Golden Selenite (their’s), and created our own versions of what we thought the fusion between them would look like (shown above). This art trade has inspired me to create an event where gemsona artists can practice their fusion making with other fans’ gemsonas! I’m curious to see how different artists mesh various personalities and outfits together to create a new character!

How This Works:
Gemsona makers will sign up and get paired with another gemsona maker. Each participant is given a gemsona from another participant and is asked to fuse that gemsona with the one that they entered for this event. For example, I enter my Maroon Pearl into this event. I receive the art references to an Onyx gemsona. I must now create a fusion between my Maroon Pearl and the fellow participant’s Onyx.

Sign-Ups Start: August 6th
Sign-Ups End: August 20th
Pairings Given Out: August 22nd
Deadline for Submissions: September 23th

How to Enter:
Gemsona makers will send me, @gemsonaresources, a message via ask box, submission box, or fan mail with the required material:

1) At least one visual of your gemsona of choice.
2) A reference with a biography about your gemsona. If you do not have this, please include a three sentence or longer description depicting what your gemsona is like (personality, weapon, ability, beliefs, and relationships to other characters are all acceptable topics to discuss within your description).

Example Message: Hello! I would like to join the Fuse-A-Palooza event! My gemsona is Iolite. [insert link to gemsona artwork] There is a description of my gemsona below the artwork in the link that I have provided. Thank you!

Example Message: Hi there! I’d like to enter the event that you are hosting. My gemsona is Mohave Turquoise. [insert link to gemsona artwork] My gemsona is shy, awkward, and has poor manners. They are a spy for Homeworld. Mohave Turquoise has a mace and chain as a weapon. Thanks~!

Submission Requirements:
1) A full body visual of the fusion’s form (Optional: Including the gem components that create the fusion)
2) A short description (3 sentences or more) about:
-Which gemstones/minerals make up the fusion
-Why you chose that specific gemstone/mineral for the fusion
-The fusion’s personality and compatibility
3) Links to:
-Art of your gemsona (from any website is acceptable)
-Art of your partner’s gemsona (from any website is acceptable)
-Your partner’s Tumblr account (tagging/using the @ is acceptable)
4) The hashtag #Fuse-A-Palooza within the first five tags

Feel free to elaborate on how you created your fusion beyond these requirements!

Restrictions on Submitted Art:
-Works must be G or PG rated (think of what is shown on Steven Universe)
-No cursing/swear words
-No blood, gore, extreme violence, or death
-No nudity
-No NSFW/sexual content
-No traced or recolored work of someone else’s art (unless it’s a base); we want your original content! This includes photoshopping another person’s work to fit the theme of the event.
-NO CANON gems allowed! Only fusions and their gem components are the accepted for this event.

Are early submissions allowed?
Yes! Even if your partner has not posted their submission yet, feel free to post your artwork before the deadline.

Are late submissions allowed?
Sorry, not this time :(

Do we need to make a weapon for the fusion?
Nope! It would be cool to see what type of weapon the fusion may have, but it is not required. Feel free to add one if applicable!

Do my partner and I have to agree on which gemstone/mineral our gemsonas will fuse into or what outfit and personality their fusion will have?
NOPE! The gemstone/mineral, outfit, and personality of the fusion can be different. Do not worry if your fusion and your partner’s fusion are the same/similar or vastly different. As you can see from the example above, I chose Bi Color Sapphire as the fusion gemstone while @l3luepearl chose Dioptase. Do not be afraid to have a different approach to the characters to that of your partner’s.

Can I get a different partner?

Can I drop out?
No, unless your partner is harassing/bullying/tormenting you during this event or if they are refusing to follow the guidelines that I have set in terms of appropriate content. If so, please immediately contact me and I will nullify your participation.

**If you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources​ or @macbeth-macdeath​​ (my main blog)!

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What was the program you use and or tool that makes the color pallet for the gem? I really need it for the adopts im making! ~ and your post have really been helpful this is a great tumblr for gemsona guidance

Hello! Thank you so much! We’re really glad to be of help

I’m going to show both the method I use and the one I’ve seen other mods use, if that’s alright with you!

I personally use CSS Drive. I like it because it lets me get palettes form picutres without having to download anything, so it’s a really quick method! It also shows quite a variety of colors, which really helps pick the right ones!

Then I use my template for color palettes and choose the colors I like, making sure they don’t clash against each other! (I draw a line with the colors over the others to see if they look right next to each other or not. If they don’t, change one of them!)

Ta daa! Palette done and ready to use!

The other method requires Photoshop or a program with similar functions.

Once you open yourr gem with the program, you need to go to the option FilterPixelateCrystallize… and when a new window pops up, you choose the cell size for how many colors you want to get from the picture!

For this example, I chose 65 (the number would, of course, depend on the picture you chose):

So there you have it! Two different methods to get color palettes. You can find some more ideas in our Resources tag, as well as our Resources page!

Hope this helps!

- Mod Tourmaline

I ACCIDENTALLY WENT ALL OUT WITH THIS ONE, ACK!!! I sketched it in my sketchbook, then toyed around with the scanned lines in Photoshop, then colored it, then KEPT coloring it…..and yeah here we are. To be fair, I don’t draw Garnet enough, and felt like I must do her justice! ; A ; My other excuse is that I used this as practice for coloring the commission I’m working on now :”D 

I require more sweet moments between Steven and Garnet (and the rest of his Gem Moms tbh)…. 

Hey guys!

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I really need your help, and it doesn’t require too much effort. We are creating a website full of diverse photos that expresses individuality for the viewers to connect with. This is a school assignment for a media class and it would help a ton!!

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The story we are choosing to tell for this project is a simple one that explores the insight and astute qualities a photo has and what it can reveal in an individual. When we emerge into a crowded place or city, everything gets erased into crowds of people and vehicles and individuality and diversity no longer is prevalent. 

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In hopes of exposing this individuality, what we want you guys to do is simply submit one photo you like, a short, one sentence description of why you like it, and your name/nickname and age. The image can be anything, there is no restriction. This will be posted online on a public website so be careful what you submit. Also none of these photos will be used for profit. We hope to use all your images but we might not be able to.


Below is the address/forum where you can submit your response.


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Earlier this week I made comments about re-blogging/sourcing images and my frustrations with the lack of internet manners. I was glad to hear from many of you who feel the same. Not surprising of course there were also negative comments and questions. So I thought I’d write a little about my process.

As most of you know is a fashion photography and advertising archive, the digital images are a fraction of the growing collection. The website is resource for teachers, students and designers, as well as fashion and advertising enthusiast. I am very passionate about the importance of these images not just for the history of the industries they represent, but also the personal histories of these designers, photographers and models. These hard to find images are collected from all over the county (thank you ebay) as well as swap meets and estate sales. I also search through forgotten spider and vermin infested places where I worry a little bit for my health but the treasure is worth the risk. Needless to say a lot of time and money goes into finding these gems and I literally search every day for new things. Once they’re found they are organized and stored to later scan and Photoshop. Many of the magazines and photos are in bad shape and require quite a bit of restoration which I do personally. The name myvintagevogue has noting to do with Vogue Magazine it’s from the dictionary definition of the word vogue.

When I first started this project I was amazed to find that few publishers, advertisers, manufactures and photographers have archives, in fact it seems to be a prevailing mid-century view that these things were not important and so in the 60’s & 70’s dumpsters were filled with the histories of the publications. Sadly in some cases these advertisements and images are all that is left of our 20th century fashion manufacturing legacy. Due to this loss I have been hired by some of the families of models, photographers and manufactures to help them find their lost history. Most of what I use is considered “Public Domain” however due to its rarity I am paid by publishers to use images from the archive for books and magazines. As an archivist and curator I consider this to be my life’s work. For me it’s not enough to just collect, at the end of the day this material is just decaying paper that needs to be preserved and digitized. The goal of this project has always been one of preservation and education.What you see here on tumblr and on my website have not been seen in decades and are in some cases extremely rare. The reason I watermark and ask people to source is so that more people will be able to find the archive and be inspired by it. Without my archive and similar websites many of these people and their work would be forgotten.

Above are a couple images of some places I’ve had the pleasure haha of digging for materials and a before and after of what each images goes through before being posted.