no photos no autographs



Literally no less than TWO YEARS AGO I sent an autograph request to Andy Samberg via the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I also sent one to a bunch of other people, some of which never came back (Melissa, Andre, Terry, Chelsea) and others which came back incredibly quickly (Stephanie, Joe).


And it’s got a picture of Andy, signed and made out to me. So cool!





Everyone was super amazing this weekend! My favorite op is my solo Jared, where I asked him to give me a protective hug. J2 were sweet as always, giving high fives and great hugs. We had so much fun, especially at autographs.

My kiddo brought Jared some Harry Potter gummy slugs and pretended with him that they were real. He joked around that she better be kidding or she’d have to eat real slugs too. She finally said no, no they’re just gummies and he said he’d find her and get her if she was lying 😂 He’s such a good sport.

Jensen asked about her missing tooth and where it went and what the tooth fairy brought her, and acted surprised that she got a whole dollar. He saw that her other tooth is loose and goes “you don’t have to yank out all your teeth to make money!” He told her she could rake leaves, or find a partner for lonely socks, or do laundry and finally was like “just rip them all out” to which his handler gave him pretty funny looks. Kiddo then told him about pranking Jared with candy slugs and Jensen promised to laugh at him later about it.

Another example more of how shitty Spanish sports media is. 

They’ve showed some images of the Atleti players arriving yesterday to their hotel in Germany after the training, and there were some people asking for photos and autographs, most of the players rushed into the hotel. There was a girl holding Antoine’s NT shirt, when Antoine passed by, she and the rest of the fans called him, he smiled at the girl, and walked past like the rest did, only Nando stood there signing autographs. 

The girl then started crying and her father hugged her shouting “We’ve driven 200km for this! Griezmann didn’t stop! He saw her and he didn’t stop! No autograph! Nothing!” in a very angry tone, and then all the Spanish media has gone all “He saw her and didn’t take a photo with her, what a shame!” trying to show that Antoine is a bad person or something and doesn’t care about fans.

I’m mad because as fans we often forget that players don’t owe us anything. If they want to stop and sign autographs or take photos, that’s up to them. It’s great if they do, but they’re not bad people if they don’t. They don’t know for how long you’ve been driving, how many years you’ve been following them, or how many hours you’ve been waiting for them.

If you go to the training place, or to the hotel, there’s a small chance of getting photos and autographs, so it’s you who has to analyze if it’s worth waiting outside on the cold, and sometimes under the rain, to maybe just see them passing by. There are players who always stop, players who never do it, and others who do it only sometimes, and we should respect that. Don’t blame them for your choices.

And I’m saying this because I’ve seen this kind of videos of fans waiting outside, for example, RM’s training place, and they even sit in the middle of the road to make the players’ cars stop so they can approach them. And as soon as they clear the road, players speed up and drive away, and they throw a tantrum about how shitty is that those guys who earn millions won’t spend 30 seconds to pay attention to them. Well buddy, it’s their lives and you can’t control them, I’m sorry you can’t schedule their agendas to fit your needs.


Alright, so- today was probably one of the greatest days of my life. I got to meet two legends! I got this shirt custom made because there’s no kidding anybody- I live on drarry. Tom was so sweet, and I quote: “Emma- thanks for being a big pain in the bosom” in regards to my shirt, as well as “at least it doesn’t have our faces on it” and “now you have one half of us!” haha. It was great. Jason Isaacs is also such a sweetheart!! Well worth the wait and the money… I feel like fetus me would die seeing this. Also… I TOUCHED DRACO AND LUCIUS MALFOY!

I originally wasn’t going to post this bc I didn’t want people to think I was bragging which I’m not, I just truly want to share the experience. So this weekend at houscon I was amazingly lucky enough to win the YANA contest grand prize which was a Jensen and Misha photo op and tea with Misha! Now I’ve had several interactions with Misha including one the night before where he recognized me for my tattoo (which he designed). So at tea, (Starbucks, he was really upset that we weren’t drinking out of actual tea cups) he was the most attentive, sweetest, I’ve ever seen. There were also 4 other people there and he made sure to speak to every one of us. We talked for a bit just about what got us into the show and some other stuff and then just like that Jensen walked in! It was really nice to be able to see Jensen and Misha interact, their dynamic is so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have been able to see that up close! Jensen stayed for a bit but when he left we didn’t have that much time left so I asked Misha about YANA and how they came up with it and he spoke about that and finally talked about how at these conventions he meets people who have told him these stories about how him or his character have helped them through rough times and how some even have tattoos (AND HE POINTS AT ME) which are inspired by him or the show. (Mine says Rise + Shine which has a cute story about when he wrote that for me but now is not the time). He talked a bit more but then it was time to leave so he gave us some gifts and said goodbye to all of us!

Fast forward to later that night where I would see him for the last time until dallascon in September :-( when I went up I wanted to remind him who I was but he immediately said “I know who you are, but I never even learned your name!” So I told him and I also thanked him for everything and told him how thankful I am for him and he said “I’m thankful for you too, I look forward to seeing you in September!” I knew I had to go so I just said “you’re important. Please don’t forget that” and he smiled so shyly and said “I’ll try not to”, grabbed my hand one last time, and I left. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this weekend was and I owe it all to Misha Collins. So thank you if you’ve read this far but honestly this is mostly so I always have and remember this alright I guess that’s all

So today I met Sebastian Stan in Austin
^_^ he’s such an adorable person! (Yes I know you can’t see my face, but that’s because the photographer made us go super fast.) I gave him mY Pink Floyd’s The Wall and my photo op with him and told him he could do what he wanted and HE SIGNED BOTH LIKE SEB WTF!!! Afterwards, he saw the movie and in the middle of signing I was about to ask him something in Romanian, but this PRECIOUS MACAROON decides to randomly look up at me a flash a bright smile!!!! Then I gave him the portrait I made for him and he loved it! He was like “Oh my God what the f- did you draw this?” I said “Yes I did!” He liked it a lot and looked at me with the most sincere facial expression that was filled with genuine emotion and mutual admiration and said “Don’t stop drawing. Don’t ever stop.” And his smile was contagious, so I told him “I won’t!” And we looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like forever until I finally had to turn and walk away.

I also had a nice volunteer give him my pack of pocky because I was worried that he was hungry or tired and I attached a little note on it with tape! :3

I hope and pray that I may one day meet you again, Sebastian Stan! 😊😁😄