no photo pit

These life-size, terracotta warriors and horses were discovered by a group of farmers digging a well in the Shaanxi Province of China in March 1974.

The statues, which are believed to be representative of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, are thought to be over 2,000 years old.

There are three separate areas where the soldiers were found, this photo shows ‘Pit One’; the largest of the three.

This amazing collection of warriors is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are unsure if the farmers ever got to dig that well….


Image courtesy of Robert Jones


I took North and the dog that showed up yesterday to the dog park today. I thought maybe someone would recognize her if she was lost, but no luck.

These pictures don’t represent her very well. She is an EXTREMELY shy dog and she wouldn’t even enter the fenced in area until all the other dogs and people left and it was just us left. Then I had to really coax her to come in. I don’t think she knows how to play very well lol. She kind of stood around awkwardly sticking close to my side while North went bananas around the park playing with toys. He kept bringing her toys but she was confused about what to do with them. She did have a few burst of energy where she tried to run with North and figure out what play was but then would quickly run back to my side looking confused. I also don’t think she has ever worn a collar or been on a leash. She hated wearing either like she had never experience it before. This also makes me think more and more that she was just a drop off. Tomorrow I will try to take her to the vet so they can check to see if she is microchipped or not. I’ve been posting found dog ads around online locally too.