no peter pettigrew bullshit

Think about this:

Severus Snape was the one teacher in Hogwarts who did not praise a student for putting themselves at risk. Even if it was for heroic purposes. He genuinely valued the safety and wellbeing of the students under his care. The “children” under his care.


a) He did a complete 360 degree turn from a death eater who couldn’t care less about a nameless baby hence why he told Voldemort about the prophecy.

b) We have it all wrong

I think it’s b. I think there is so much more to Severus going to Voldemort about the prophecy. Because a implies that he could care less about the lives of children and then he magically starts caring about them?

This is a mixture of canon and fanon. But it’s realistic fanon. Not bs fanon that Snaters vomit onto their tumblr posts.

Peter Pettigrew the runt of the group was treated like bullshit compared to the death eaters in a higher position than them. It was Peter who had to lose a hand for Vold. You don’t wanna be the runt of the group.

Voldemort has no understanding of love and can’t feel it for his followers. If a DE is going to survive him. If a DE is going to avoid torture or having him take out his frustrations on some random DE when he has his period. They don’t wanna be a lackey because that’s the person Vold would probably take his anger out on for no reason.

In the half blood prince Severus kills Dumbledore but in another one of the HP books Severus says what of my soul to Dumbledore? He was basically telling Dumbledore that murdering him would damage his soul. The thing is if he had already murdered before then his soul would already be damaged so he wouldn’t care. But the fact that he worries about his own soul being damaged suggests he’s never murdered before.

So you have all these death eaters rising up the ranks through murder. And then you have Severus Snape who won’t murder anybody. But how long would Severus be able to not murder before Vold is like “What the fuck is the point of this guy?”

How long could he go without killing muggles, muggleborns etc before Vold is like “bruh why are you even here?”

I think Severus realized that and he needed to find another way to be useful. I mean the DE’s isn’t something that you can just up and leave. One could get tortured to death for betrayal of Vold. If you are going to face the possibility of torture to death it would be for a very good reason. For Severus it was the fact that he had inadvertently put Lily, the love of his life, in danger.

So you have this guy who most likely didn’t murder anyone before Dumbledore despite working for an evil man. Indicating that murder was probably a line that Severus wouldn’t want to cross. But telling a mad man about a child that could kill them is surely crossing that line because the mad man would go after the child and kill it.

Or is that what Severus thought?

See to Volds death eaters he comes across as real arrogant and sure of himself. But we as readers know that he is very very afraid of death. So afraid that even a prophecy that could have been a sham made him take drastic action.

So Severus might have thought that Vold would just laugh the prophecy away. Like lol a child is gonna kill me, pfft please, because I don’t think he realized just how scared Vold would be at even the minute possibility of being killed.

Severus might have thought that whilst Vold wouldn’t take it seriously. He’s proven himself to be pretty decent at spying and getting information. Maybe that’s one more solid way he can not be seen as canon fodder. Like I said with a madman he would want to be useful in some way. He wouldn’t be able to survive Vold for long if he was so useless that he wouldn’t even kill for the cause.

Also murder isn’t the only thing that damages souls. Rape and torture can damage a soul too. But as Severus said to Dumbledore about his soul. About how he didn’t want his soul to be damaged. He said what of my soul. Like hey what about the damage that killing you will do to my soul? Again implying that his soul was not damaged. And since rape and torture can actually add darkness to a person’s soul then there is a chance he didn’t rape or torture anyone either. Maybe injured at worst.

Now he’s brilliant at potions and the dark arts. But those skills can only take one so far. How often is Vold going to need a potion? Not very often it seems. He’s already a powerful bloke, would he miss any dark arts spells that Severus could create if he had to kill him? Probably not. Vold got along without Severus before and he could probably do it again.

So then Severus decides to be a spy for Vold to spy on Dumbledore. He’s actually on Dumbledore’s side but I think there were 3 reasons why Vold was so quick to trust this man to spy for him.

1) He warned Vold of a threat to his life. I mean it’s kind of hard to not put at least a tiny bit of faith in someone who warns you about about that.

2) He had proven himself to have spy like qualities. The ability to gather good Intel.

3) Dumbledore trusted him.

But think about this even more. The prophecy was going to come true. It was one of Trelawny’s special predictions. Therefore a chain of events must happen for it to come true. In one way Severus was a victim of his own choices in another way he was a victim of fate.

Because Severus was the one who would deliver the prophecy he was probably the first to learn that Vold would go after Lily. So he bravely asks Vold to spare a muggleborn and Vold agrees. It’s because Vold spared her that Lily was able to use powerful sacrificial magic to protect Harry and for him to get that scar that marks him as Vold’s equal. Which was another part of the prophecy. So Severus was actually not just the deliver of the prophecy he was part of the prophecy itself.

Severus Snape, Tom Riddle, and Harry Potter were not only 3 half bloods. They were all related to the prophecy. They were arguably the 3 most important characters of the story. Because they are the very reason there was a story at all.

The truth is we don’t know if prophecies are merely future predictions for choices that a person will make. Or if it is actually powerful fate kind of magic that puts people in circumstances that they wouldn’t be in under ordinary circumstances and then how they respond is their choice?

Like out of all the places Severus could have been he just happened to be in the right place to hear the prophecy to play his role in that prophecy. He could have been anywhere, yet he was there.

Also that’s not all. Severus was an unwitting hero for telling Vold about that prophecy. I think if James and Lily fully knew my analysis to that prophecy they would have mixed feelings. Feeling like not leaving their son behind but then the feeling that their deaths will bring about the death of Vold and I think that they would be willing to die for something like that.

Lily might punch Severus for bullying Harry. A mother is a mother after all. But I think if she saw just how crucial Severus was to the prophecy which brought about Vold’s defeat I reckon she could have forgiven him for his role in her death because she would realize that her death had meaning. That her sacrifice would help to defeat Vold completely one day.

I don’t think she would forgive him for bullying Harry though. Just saying lol.

The book is centred around well a boy who has to fight a mad man who is afraid of death. So death as in the deathly hallows.

Vold represents the ring because he actually put his soul in it.

Severus represents the elder wand - sure he wasn’t the original owner. But Vold thought he was hence why he represents it.

Harry represented the cloak of invisibility.

So these three were personification’s of the deathly hallows. In the story of the deathly hallows only one brother came out alive and triumphant. The one with the invisibility cloak. And that actually happens. Harry was the only survivor in the half blood trinity.

So people should be asking themselves how much longer would Vold have lived for? How many more innocents would he have killed if Harry, Lily, Severus, and Vold did not play their role in the prophecy that meant Vold would be defeated absolutely?

Severus Snape began the road to Vold’s destruction, and Harry was the one waiting at the end of the road to destroy Vold.