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being the big spoon when cuddling with Dick, it's after taking shower together, and his hair smells so good! so you wrap your legs and arms around him and bury your face in his hair, nuzzling into him, and Dick's hands come up to hold your arms and he's giggling. It's almost ticklish so he starts squirming around and you end up straddling him and you both rub your noses together and lots of sweet kisses are involved 🙏🏽💛 15/10 would cuddle again with Dick Grayson. What a boy 😙👌




One Shot | Nash Grier (Part Two): Spin the bottle

*After the meet and greet*

After Dany and I had gone to meet the boys (which they all recognized me and started giggling and Nash turned really red and all that good stuff) we headed back to the hotel.

“Oh, by the way, I didn’t tell you, but they’re in our hotel and Nash told me that he’d text me the room number so we can go there later.”
“WHAT?!” She screamed.
I explained everything that had happened this morning and she totally freaked out. We both took showers and changed. By the time I had come out, my phone started ringing. I had gotten a text.

“Hey it’s Nash. Our room number’s 702, come up in 5?(;”
“Sure thing(;”
I quickly responded.

After waiting ‘till Dany got all fixed up, we headed towards their room and knocked on the door. Nash answered. He smiled and let us in.

“This is Cameron, Matt, Jack J, Jack G, Carter, Aaron, Shawn, and Taylor.” He said, interdusing me to each and every one of the boys.
“Hi.” I said smiling.
The boys smiled and said their hellos.

After a while of goofing around, Matt jumped up and said that we should play spin the bottle.

“But there’s only two girls.” I said.
“Then let’s text some fans.” He said, grabbing his phone and texting a couple of numbers.

Pretty soon, seven more girls came up to their room and we started playing. Dany spinned and it landed on Matt. They both smiled and leaned in to kiss each other gently. After that, a couple of the girls spinned and then it was my turn. I looked at Nash and he smiled. I took the bottle and spinned it, praying it would land on him. Everyone’s eyes were on the green bottle, as it slowly came to a spot it landed on… Cameron. Well, this was gonna be fun. Cameron was pretty hot. We stood up and he grabbed my waist, slowly pulling me into a kiss. I felt our lips start to move in sync and we started making out. After about ten seconds, we parted and sat down. I looked at Nash who looked down as soon as our eyes met. It was his turn. He grabbed the bottle, looking at me with his captivating eyes and spinned it. It was slowing down. It was coming to a stop and… It stopped on the girl right next to me. Fuck that. She was tall, blonde and had neon green eyes. Ugh. Nash looked at me and grabbed the girl’s waist, pulling her close and started making out with her.

“Everyone’s spinned it, let’s make this a bit more fun now.” Said Taylor.
“What do you mean?” Said the blonde girl.
He smirked. “Instead of making out, whoever it lands on has to go into the bathroom, lights out and get to do whatever they want to with the other person for seven minutes.”
“Let’s do it!” Said Cameron.

They each started spinning the bottle, one by one until it was my turn. I grabbed the bottle, smirking and spinned it was hard as I could. I prayed and crossed my fingers. The bottle had stopped and I looked up to see who it had landed on. Nash.

He grinned and took me to the bathroom.

“This should be fun.” He said.
“Tell me about it.”
He turned out the lights and crashed his lips onto mine. They joined together like two puzzle pieces. He grabbed my waist and pulled me really close to him. So close that I could actually feel his package. And let me just say, it wasn’t small. After we got tired of making out, he bended down a bit and started sucking and kissing my neck. I gasped a bit at first, but I liked how it felt. I had to pull myself up a bit and I played with the hair at the bottom of his head. I took his face and cupped it, kissing him again. He lowered his hands, gently squeezing my ass, followed by him grabbing my thighs and making me jump, wrapping my legs around his torso. We kissed, heating things up by the minute. I ran my fingers though his hair, making it even messier. I started to kiss his neck and he pinned my body against the wall, making the sound eco though the walls. I gasped, making him smirk. He let me down.

“We should take this too the floor.” He said.
I sat down on the floor as his muscular body hovered over me. We got to the point to where he was laying down on top of my on the ground. He grabbed my waist, making me pull myself up against him and his little friend. We started doing a grinding movement while our tongues intertwined.

We heard a knock on the door.  “I really don’t want to see what you’re doing, ‘cause of the sound we heard from outside, but your time’s up.” Said Matt, eyes covered.
“Well fuck.” Whispered Nash, getting off me and helping me get up.

We both got out of the bathroom and sat down in the circle with the others. Everyone just started at us.

“You guys make a lot of noise.” Said Cameron.
“And both of you guys have really messy hair.” Added Aaron.
“Well-“ I said.
“Shush.” Said Nash, cutting me off, winking at me.

Ever since, me and Nash text each other every day, and when we get the chance to, he takes me out on dates and we even get to finish up what couldn’t be done in the hotel bathroom(;

 A/N: It took a while, and I hope it’s not that long, love you x