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Yay more drabbles ahhh!!! Could I get some Ruby/Penny to Loser by Julian Moon? Maybe like late night wanderings to a cafe?

They wander to the cafe, but they never make it. 

Penny wandered over to the sofa, quietly wrapping her arms around the shoulders of the girl playing a round of Total Annihilation. They’d been together for a few months now, and things were great. They did everything together.

               Most of the time.

               Finals had taken a lot of their time and they hadn’t had a chance to really be with each other for very long. Penny missed Friday night cuddles and the long walk n’ talks.

               But they had a chance now that finals were over.

               "Hey Ruby? Can we go get some coffee?“

               Ruby paused her game, looking up and giving her a boop on the nose.  "It’s nine at night silly. You don’t usually drink coffee this late.”

               "I know,“ Penny said, burying her face in the crook of Ruby’s neck. "But I enjoy going to the cafe with you. And we haven’t been in a while.”

               Ruby smiles, placing a kiss to Penny’s cheek. “Okay. Let’s go get some coffee.”

               Penny beamed and let go, scurrying over to put on her boots. Ruby soon followed, fetching their coats and scarves from the closet.

               "Didn’t it snow the other night?“ Ruby asked.

               "Yes!” Penny said excitedly. “There are all kinds of snow sculptures by the art building.  We should check them out after we get our coffee!”

               "Sounds good!“

               The two of them bundled up and headed out, hand in hand as they wandered down the street. The snow had started to fall again, giving the world a gentle sparkle as it lightly covered the ground. Penny couldn’t help the way her heart raced as they walked. Ruby was talking about the new games she’d ordered, offering her first pick of which they would play now that winter break had started. Penny mostly nodded and only gave simple answers. She wasn’t really wanting to talk.

               She just wanted to hear Ruby’s voice.

               "Penny, duck!”

               Ruby quickly pulled her down, and Penny barely got a look at the snowball that nearly hit her in the face.

               "Are you okay?“ Ruby asked worriedly.

               "I’m fine,” Penny assured. “Thank you, Ruby.”

               "Sorry about that!“

               The two girls stood straight as someone with dark green hair scurried over to them .Penny recognized him from one of her classes, and let out a cheerful giggle. "It’s okay, Sage.”

               "Oh, hey Penny,“ Sage sighed. "Sorry about that. I was aiming at him.”

               Sage pointed at the mound on the other side of the sidewalk, where a familiar blond head bobbed up and down blowing raspberries and juvenile taunts. Penny and Ruby rolled their eyes in unison.

               "Scarlet and I have been trying to get him all night,“ Sage explained. "Sun started a snowball war with the science majors.”

               "What’s Sun’s major again?“ Penny asked.


               "How’s his aim?“

               "Pretty damn good.”

               Ruby gave Penny a playful smirk, nodding in approval. Penny smiles and knelt down, grabbing a ball of snow and taking aim.

               "Nya nya!“ Sun joking called.

               "Nya-ice knowing you!” Penny cheered. She threw the ball, which hit Sun dead center in the face, exploding on impact and covering his face with the fine cold powder.

               "Nice one Penny!“ Ruby cheered, pulling her close for a chaste kiss.

               "This means war!” Sun bellowed. Several other culinary students appeared from behind various hiding places, roaring in playful jest.

               "Shit,“ Sage groaned. "This is going to take all night.”

               Penny and Ruby exchanged knowing looks before grabbing Sage and sprinting back toward the snow wall where Scarlet lay in waiting.

               "What do we do, Commander?“ Penny asked.

               "We show them what for!” Ruby cheered, poking her head up over the wall. “Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be ICE COLD!”

               Several science students appeared from their hiding holes, cheering and beginning to fire. Ruby and Scarlet prepared ammo while Penny and Sage took turns throwing.

               "Don’t think we’ll make it to the cafe,“ Ruby sighed. "Sorry Penny.”

               "It’s okay,“ Penny giggled. "This is much more fun!”

               "God, I love you Penny.“              

               Penny felt her cheeks burning and she leaned in to give her a quick kiss. "I love you too.”

               "You ready to surrender, losers?!“ Sun called from his side.

               Penny grabbed one of the bigger snowballs, smirking as she popped up. "This loser is in love and ready to fight to the death!”

               Penny threw the ball, and Ruby cheered as it made contact with Sun’s chest.

               They could go to the cafe another night. Tonight, it was love and war.
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