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Mother, Daughter and Kurt

Can you do a Kurt Wagner x Reader fic where Reader has a four year old little girl, and is in love with Kurt but is scared he’ll reject her because she already has a child but he’s madly in love with Reader and loves her little girl too? Sorry and thanks! 😅  - anon

Okay so this is a little random but here you go :) sorry it took so long x

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1. Hello, I heard you wanted a deancas au on your desk by four o’clock? Based on Misha's anecdote? Well this is interesting because I have what you need!

2. Castiel Novak isn’t by any way popular. But neither is he the laughing stock of the other students - not since he left middle school at least. He’s just an average student who doesn’t get himself talked about, attend his classes and studies for exams. And although he’s not valedictorian, he’s still one of the top students. But that’s all. Nothing to add. This is why he is genuinely surprised when, on his way from the library to the auditoriums gallery, he is called out by Dean Winchester.

3. Dean is somewhat popular. He has top grades everywhere, even (or rather especially) in his sports class. He’s also very involved in the campus night life. And when Castiel thinks about it, it’s very likely that Dean just wants to remind him about the next huge student party, as he always tries to gather up the most students as possible. With that in mind, he watches Dean slowing down and coming to a stop right before him.

4. He certainly didn’t expect it when Dean looked him in the eye and asked him if they could talk. In private. But what alerts him a bit is the nervousness in Dean’s tone. And the slight redness on his freckled cheeks. Which makes him even more gorgeous than usual. His next class doesn’t begin before another half hour and he always enjoys talking with Dean, so he agrees and follows him in the closest lecture hall, which they now is empty at his time of day.

5. They know they won’t be disturbed. Castiel likes to come in this hall to be at peace during his free time between his classes and Dean sometimes did the same, and they now know the exact times where no one will come. Now is one of them. They enter the lecture theater and Castiel hauls himself on one of the tables, looking at Dean apprehensively. The latter is staring at him, his lower lip trapped between his teeth.

6. They stare at each other for several seconds (minutes?), and Castiel can feel the tension rising, he wants to ask Dean what he wanted to talk about, but he feels his throat going dry, what with the intensity of Dean’s gaze. He no longer seems that nervous. Eventually, his classmate moves and takes a few steps forward, stepping in his personal space. Not that it bothers him anyway. Dean looks him right in the eye.

7. “Okay Cas, I have an offer to make.” He finally says, an octave lower than a few minutes ago. “I’m all ears.” Castiel replies. Dean swallows hard and quickly licks his lips. “20$” He says. Castiel narrows his eyes. “I give you 20$ for a blowjob.” And Castiel widens his eyes because what the fuck?! He jerks backward, clasping his thighs together. “What?? No!” He says categorically, offended that Dean thinks he can just buy him like some kind of whore.

8. Dean slightly furrows his brows, then his eyes widen as in realization and he hastens to say: “No, I’d give YOU the blowjob.” And Castiel can only watch him, stunned, before bursting into a laugh, because his brain can’t handle the situation otherwise for now. And he laughs till he cries, doubled up. He eventually calms down and slowly looks up to Dean who is still staring intensely at him. Castiel immediately sobers up and he swallows hard.

9. “Seriously?” He asks, incredulous. “Yes.” He answers. Castiel licks his lips and he sees Dean tracking the movement with his eyes before doing the same. And fuck, Dean is serious. And for a second he has the image of Dean between his legs, his green eyes fixed into his own, and he shifts slightly on the table. “Why giving me money then?” He asks, furrowing his brows. Dean bits his lower lip. “So you’d accept.” And Castiel can again see the nervousness in his eyes.

10. “You want to blow me this bad?” He asks again, half-disbelieving, half-aroused. And he sees Dean blush and sway on his feet. Adorable. He bits his lower lip again. “Well you’re very attractive and… your eyes… God, your eyes are incredible. You have a perfect body and… your mouth… I swear your mouth is wonderful. And your voice… it’s made to give chills to those who hear it.” He states, eyes flickering between Cas’ and his lips.

11. Castiel studies his face, thinking. Dean is certainly the most handsome man he has ever seen. And he seems really interested. It’s been a long time since Cas has done anything with anyone, and he is more than interested if the reaction of his body is any indication. He leans forwards ever so slightly, catching Dean’s eye in the process. “And what if you could have it for free?” He says, voice dropping low.

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The argument how do we perceive the Syrian refugees as refugees or economic migrants is a really tricky problem which some European countries consciously exploit its ambiguity in order to protect the state welfare. Economic migrants by mostly young and mobile people who are contributing to the economy of the state. They pay more than they take out. On the other hand, we have a special obligation for refugees since they are fleeing from their motherland because it is in state in a civil war or in a post-war conflict.

Entitling these people as migrants means that the state refuses to give them asylum, integration and local aids. These means that as long as they enter a foreign country they are forced to work and contribute to the classist capitalist state. In every labour country, there are niches that aren’t filled by national working classes. For some reason there are jobs which are filled only by migrants. Cleaning jobs are the best examples for that in Europe. This happens because economic migration is part of the national peace that various social classes in advanced industrial economies have reached among themselves. The German workers won’t do a job that Afghani would do, for instance. National state use the economic migrant labour so that it can keep the social peace between classes while cutting across national and ethic lines. A young labour class force is a prerequisite for the welfare state to continue to flourish.

Nevermore - (1/?) - Until Dawn Climbing Class AU

I’m at it again. I am fire and Until Dawn is inspirational gasoline. Thanks.

Title: Nevermore
Fandom: Until Dawn (Alternate Universe fic)
Chapter: 1/?????
Pairing: Climbing Class / Josh x Chris (possibly others???)
Rating: Teen (NC-17 overall)
Words: 2,228
Overview: Working long hours at a coffee shop in Blackwood Pines to pay for college, Chris falls for a horror novelist with very real demons of his own.

Tags: Gay!Chris. I think that is actually it for this chapter. Mental illness in later chapters.

Notes: No spoilers, as this is totally AU. Just a cutie patootie Climbing Class fic idea I couldn’t shake :) Check out my FyxRising tag for my other Until Dawn fics!

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Your commentary reminds me why i love comics!Tony (who a) started to attone much younger for selling weapons, b) is still seen constantly struggling about it - actual depression/alchoholism and its ugliness and c) has made multiple personnal sacrifices) and why even if i like him i'm always a bit ://?? at movie!Tony. Dude that starts to attone at 40 isn't the same as the one who started at 25. The "proscience, anti-weapons" tale has become more like "hell yeah capitalism!!" and that's disturbing

one of the coolest things my classics teacher has ever talked about in class is the difference between peace and pacification. like, he was talking about rome at the time but it’s kind of true for imperial ideology the world over? like, there is a DIFFERENCE between peace, which would have to be between equals with equal pulling weight, and pacification, which is when nobody is strong enough to oppose you and pretty much

every single time

tony does something stupid which is every time

it’s because of the second one

like i love tony. i love tony a LOT. his arc in his individual movies is Beyond for a dumb superhero franchise, but lit the most interesting him about him as a hero - which is that constant evolution and reinvention in terms of bettering his technology and throwing away what is defunct with no sentiment or nostalgia, dummy excluded - is also what makes him a really really good potential villain

like from adding whiplash’s innovations to his suit to building an army of suits to incorporating extremis - bc i am PRETTY SURE the reason he could undergo that surgery at the end of im3 was because he used extremis, also idk if it is just me but helen cho’s machine sounded like it did a pretty similar thing to extremis - to building ultron, he is literally, like LITERALLY

taking the enemy’s technology and building a better more efficient version rooted in the same fundamental idea but under his control

like literally what is the difference between building ultron and building project insight

the only thing that’s different is who’s helming it

so like at this point, yeah they’ll NEVER do this bc i think it takes a certain amount of guts that a cashcow naturally negates but they ALSO won’t admit that his philosophy is fucked up, even when its as obvious as this movie made it, which means he CAN’T GROW, and CAN’T FACE CONSEQUENCES, and so we’re just gonna see the same thing over and over again just bc they won’t LET IT GO

it’s just

man its just getting so fucking boring

We know you’ve all been waiting for news, and at last, PJO Voices is excited to announce our upcoming audio play project: Broken Compasses.

Summary: The year is 1929.  In this world, the Great War lasted until 1924, taking an even more brutal toll. An economic boom masks the destruction and instability left behind by the war. An increase in technology has caused the line between classes to be more defined. Peace is fragile. The group most dedicated to peace’s survival is the enormous Daedalus Corporation. To protect its capital, the DC seeks to assemble a force with enough clout to keep the peace. In order to accomplish this, they gather a source untapped, impressionable, and cheap: teenagers.

For those of you who do not know what an audio play is, it’s a story told only by sound and artwork. Sort of like the old radio dramas, but a little more visual. At the moment, our amazing writing team has been hard at work on Season One. We may be looking for additional members to add to our crew, so keep an eye out for that!

This is just the beginning. As production continues we will continue to post more information regarding characters, plot, etc. We hope to premiere our show at the beginning of the summer!

That’s all the information we can disclose for now, but be sure to follow @pjovoices so you don’t miss an update!