no peace between classes

We know you’ve all been waiting for news, and at last, PJO Voices is excited to announce our upcoming audio play project: Broken Compasses.

Summary: The year is 1929.  In this world, the Great War lasted until 1924, taking an even more brutal toll. An economic boom masks the destruction and instability left behind by the war. An increase in technology has caused the line between classes to be more defined. Peace is fragile. The group most dedicated to peace’s survival is the enormous Daedalus Corporation. To protect its capital, the DC seeks to assemble a force with enough clout to keep the peace. In order to accomplish this, they gather a source untapped, impressionable, and cheap: teenagers.

For those of you who do not know what an audio play is, it’s a story told only by sound and artwork. Sort of like the old radio dramas, but a little more visual. At the moment, our amazing writing team has been hard at work on Season One. We may be looking for additional members to add to our crew, so keep an eye out for that!

This is just the beginning. As production continues we will continue to post more information regarding characters, plot, etc. We hope to premiere our show at the beginning of the summer!

That’s all the information we can disclose for now, but be sure to follow @pjovoices so you don’t miss an update!