no passage

“RIEN, pr. indéf.

Tout le dilemme est là, n'est-ce pas ? Quand on est célibataire, il y a la tristesse et la joie du rien que moi. Et quand on est à deux, il y a la tristesse et la joie du rien que toi.”

(Auteur : David Levithan
Livre : “Dictionnaire d'un amour”)

My stupid kingdom hearts summaries
  • <p> <b>Kingdom Hearts 1:</b> the most simple of the bunch. Happy go lucky Disney to suffering. Sora kills himself, but his girlfriend, Kairi, brings him back. His boyfriend, Riku, is a jealous douche. <p/><b>Chain of Memories:</b> There's cards, confusion, a pink hair dude and antenna bitch making a precious bab do stuff because they want Sora's ass. Sora gets mad a lot. Sora goes to sleep for a whole year. Riku tries. There's two Riku's. Let it go. <p/><b>Kingdom hearts 2:</b> Who the fuck is Roxas? Wait, no Roxas. Sora just wants to go the fuck home. Mansex. Happy end, yay!<p/><b>358/2:</b> Really happy friendship turns into lots of feels and suffering and no one eats anything but ice cream. XION!! Got it memorized?<p/><b>Birth by Sleep:</b> Poor angsty boy, blueberry mom, and a cinnamonroll all end up in me sort of hell for ten years and non of them deserve it. There is also a really cool Jedi keyblade master and evil sora. Xehanort can just fuck a cactus and die.<p/><b>Coded:</b> Wut... what was the point-oh the letter... oh...<p/><b>Dream Drop Distance:</b> Sora is constantly stalked then kidnapped before being saved by his really gay boyfriend, Riku. Young Xehanort is best Xehanort.<p/><b>0.2:</b> PLEASE SAVE AQUA SOON!! AAAAA!! MY POOR MOM IS SUFFERING IN LITERAL HELL!!<p/><b>Khux:</b> The beginning of all the suffering and basically every kid dies... Ven wtf are you doing there? Wtf is in that box?<p/></p>

Imagine going to the library and finding a book dedicated to the God of Mischief. You accidentally get locked into the library overnight having been so caught up in the book. While reading the book, you come across a passage that catches your attention. 

You read the passage aloud, unaware that it is actually a spell. Once you finish reading, a green and black mist beings to swirl and suddenly, standing before you is Loki in all his glory. 

It’s a touch embarrassing to be writing lyrical analysis for One Winged Angel in this day and age, but dammit, it’s worth doing, and I’m going to explain why.

One Winged Angel is among the most iconic tracks in the Final Fantasy repertoire, a fact which hard-done-by fans of Final Fantasy VI are eternally bitter about. Whatever their arguments, though, One Winged Angel IS a better end-boss theme than Dancing Mad, and absolutely deserves its popularity, even once you’re past the age where Ominous Latin Chanting is automatically cool. In terms of its content and contribution to the narrative, it absolutely stands alone.

Typically, the way final battles go down is that the heroes and the villain trade words on their oppositional philosophies and what matters to them before squaring off once and for all. Uniquely, this is absent in FFVII - Cloud asserts his perspective to an uncannily silent Sephiroth. But! We still do get a short summation of Sephiroth’s perspective!

We get One Winged Angel.

The thing is, OWA is not a 1-1 replacement for what Sephiroth might say about himself at this moment in time. It’s far more neutral and declarative. It’s a song about Sephiroth, and as such, it doesn’t conform to the same narrative that Sephiroth constructs for himself. In diverging from the things he’s told us about his goals thus far, it provides unique and valuable insight, and its meaning is stark even before you start over-analyzing:

Burning inside with violent anger
Fate, monstrous and empty
Come, come, pray come,
Do not let me die

This is all about feelings. This has nothing to do with a grandiose vision for the future, with being the what-do-I-have-to-be-sad-about chosen one, with high-minded rule or Godhood or any of the things he’s been laughing about. We knew it was there because of Nibelheim, but since then, there’s been no real acknowledgement of the truth of the situation: Sephiroth’s a wretch. He hides it, but it’s all that fuels him, and the only thing that gives him any narrative coherence.

And thanks to OWA, that’s the actual, final word we have on him.

I loved that city. I remember the first night we went for a ride on your motorbike. My arms wrapped tightly around your waist as we pass under the streetlights. The cool breeze, the deserted roads, and the speed – we both liked it. You hated waiting on empty crossroads and stoplights, but we promised each other that we were both going to practice to be patient and I argued that that is one way to learn it, but I actually just wanted to prolong my time with you for a few more seconds. Just a few more. That already means a lot to me. It didn’t take many midnights spent with you, for us to be able to take each path that lead to the city, so you took me to a different one. I was really happy that night. The ride was long, but you know how much I enjoyed it. All we did there was eat at a Mcdonald’s, then we stopped over at a store to buy some Skittles that we ate on the way back. Sometimes we go on trips with your friends. You always loved how I was a ride-or-die kind of girl. We both enjoyed the thrill, but not the recklessness. Not anymore. Once, you made a mistake. All I got was a small bruise on my leg, but you were so mad at yourself that we didn’t go on late night trips much after that. I started missing the city. I started missing you. Things happened, and we no longer go on night rides. You started going out alone. Things happened, and the bruise wouldn’t have mattered but the pain you caused me after that was more than I could take. I no longer love that city. I loathe it. Every place, every street, I worried that I would see you spending your nights with someone else. It’s all filled with I used to, used to, used to… but now it’s over and gone. I don’t miss that city anymore, but for some reason I still miss you.
—  AM // nights at the city