no party no arty

To celebrate 150 followers (ye gods!) here’s a carnival-themed party of con-arti… I mean, adventurers: Hognose, Octavio and Fingers who use their stolen goods, tricky illusions and sleight of tentacle to swindle even the canniest customer!
If you like any of the individual adventurers in any of my party groups, remember to click on their names in the description to visit their original posts (and leave them a like or even reblog them if you’re a big fan of them)
Every little helps! Thanks again to you all for your support!

U-Uhm… hi…? I hope this is good for the party-

((Little Artie is gonna go to Lily’s 100 Days Celebration of @ask-englat-blog! Along with Lia and Gupi~ (@askmutemermaid). So I’m gonna be posting the drawings for the event with the tag and stuff- oh, and all of this is off M!A!))