no parents wtf


Fluffy comic, a little make up from breaking your heart on this post

「Winter - Snow」
Even the coldest winter snow melts away in our hearts warmth’s (σ・ω・)σ <3
Haikyuu!! © Haruichi Furudate

Also did Daisuga day fall on January 2nd or December 12th I’m confused ;__;a

one of the most disgusting things about the daddyofive scandal is that people are really out here defending child abuse … saying that’s it’s just “tough love” parenting and bullshit like wtf is wrong with people. idk i think it’s a pretty simple concept that you shouldn’t have children unless you can be the absolute best parent like we’re overpopulated no need to reproduce unless you can raise them in a loving & caring manner and you want to dedicate your life to them

Please fire me. I work as a sales associate and fitting room attendant at a very large location of a chain retail store, and the number of unsupervised children that are running around the store every day is enormous. Recently, I was fixing clothes on a rack, and something collided very hard with my legs – and that something turned out to be a child running under the clothes racks with no parent in sight. Also, there have been incidents of children actually knocking down the racks of clothes in a domino effect.

No kids have gotten hurt yet, but my guess is that myself and my coworkers will get blamed by the parents in question when a kid does get hurt. Because of course, I get paid minimum wage to watch your kids for you.