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there were the slow mo upskirt shots when she was fighting

You’re saying that being able to see a woman’s underwear when she’s fighting is the same as the Panty Fighter trope, which it is not.

In the Panty Fighter trope, the whole goal is for girls to fight in such a way that the audience can see essentially as much underwear as possible, and the underwear is as small as possible, to maximize pervy male fanservice. There is no reason for them to be wearing as small an outfit as they are besides the amusement of the male audience and to make panty shots “realistic”.

The shots are framed so that there is no real way a normal point of view would ever be able to catch this much gratuitous underwear, regardless of how skimpy the outfits are. Panty Fighter characters are also subject to unrealistic poses such as the Boobs and Butt pose and the Broken Back pose, which further maximize the showing off of their “assets” These are all part of the stereotypical male gaze angle.

Essentially, the difference lies in the intent.

When Diana and the Amazons are fighting, they have a very acrobatic style. Maybe because after hundreds of years of no war they needed something to keep training exciting, but probably because it looks super awesome. So as a result of the fighting style you do see their BLOOMERS (seeing as it’s not just underwear, they are wearing bloomers, just like cheerleaders do.) But it’s not meant to be a way to tantalize the audience, because the scenes are not framed that way. It is only because it’s a direct result of their moves and their outfits.

(I assume this is what you meant with “slow mo upskirt”)

In all of these shots, the eye line is not directed towards their underwear, it is drawn to the actual move itself. The high kick, the stomach kick, and the flip are the focus of these shots, not the panty shot. And the only reason you even see the bloomers is because of their skirts.

But why are they wearing skirts? They could all be wearing pants! They just wanted to sneak in panty shots! 

The reason they all wear skirts is because their costumes are modeled after pteruges, the pleated leather skirts Greek warriors wore. You’ve seen them in Gladiatorbasically any movie about Jesus, and of course, Xena.

They wear them because not only are they Greek warriors, they are quintessential Greek warriors. 

Honestly, the Spartan warriors in The 300 are more scantily clad and subjected to the male gaze than the Amazons are. Just look at these unattainable male fever dreams.

TL;DR - Seeing the bloomers of an Amazon as she’s roundhouse kicking someone in the face is not the same as a gratuitous panty shot, none of the Amazons are subject to the male gaze, it’s apples and oranges.


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested by: @mandieezzzles-blog

Warnings: smut, daddy kink

Usually after a rough mission, Bucky Barnes would be ready to throw himself into a heap of plush blankets and you, almost instantly sleeping either the night or the rest of the day away. 

Since you hadn’t joined the team on their mission today, Bucky didn’t have anyone to go into combat with. Originally he depended on Steve but right when you came along, you were all he needed. 

Bucky made sure you were always with him so he had every reason to rid of his enemies easier if they even laid their eyes on you.

The Winter Soldier felt alone on this mission and was almost begging to go home, but he waited till it was completed to return. 

The soldier soon found himself bored on the aircraft flying them home, meanwhile you were prancing around the kitchen all by yourself in the Stark Tower. 

You weren’t selected to join today’s mission so you decided to make dinner for the team knowing they’d be hungry when they returned.

You grabbed one of Bucky’s t-shirts from the floor in his room after getting up from his bed, his scent still lingered in the fabric and you sighed contently as you dug through various cabinets for a cookbook. 

Now the infamous Winter Soldier and you weren’t dating, but merely best friends with benefits who both had feelings for each other but both never actually confessed. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.,” you called out and waited for the mechanic whirring in response, “turn on my Recents Playlist on Spotify.” 

The computer complied and music began to play through the massive kitchen you currently had to yourself, you grabbing all the ingredients to make the team chicken Alfredo but mostly because it was Bucky’s favorite.

Since the team wouldn’t be back for another hour or so, you decided against putting shorts on since Bucky’s shirt was almost like a dress on your petit body.
As the aircraft neared the Stark Tower, Bucky could see one of the floors containing the main kitchen illuminated, a small smirk tugging at his lips knowing that’s where his girl would be. 

Unsurprisingly, he was the first one off once they landed, rushing to get inside and leaving the rest confused as ever. 

Bucky’s feet carried him through the Tower, making his way towards a specific kitchen and sighing in content once the scent of his favorite dish wafted up his nose. 

The music from a playlist boomed through surrounding speakers as Bucky turned a corner to reveal Y/N dancing around the kitchen in only his shirt and a pair of baby blue panties.

Instead of feeling rejoiced to see you again, a dark feeling spurred deep inside of him, his arousal becoming known as he watched you absentmindedly dancing half-naked while making dinner. 

Bucky came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you, nearly scaring the life out of you at the sudden intrusion.

“Hello darlin’,” he cooed in your ear and pulled your backside flush against him, “what’re you making?” 

“None other than your favorite,” you answered with a sigh as you felt his arousal pressing against you, “why what’re you in the mood for?” 

“Not sure,” his voice lowered slowly, “I think I’m a bit hungry for something else.” 

“Oh yeah?” you challenged and his grip around you tightened as your panties began to dampen and you could feel his lips sucking soft marks into the skin of your throat, “and what would that be?” 

“Don’t test me babydoll,” the super soldier growled and shut the stove off while turning you around to face him, “I think you know what I want a taste of.” 

“I don’t think I do,” you smirked and his eyes narrowed as he pushed you against the cold, granite countertops, his flesh hand wrapping around your ponytail and his metal hand slipping into your pants, “fuck Bucky.” 

“Sorry Doll, what?” It was his turn to tease you as he ran a metal finger through your folds, collecting your wetness as the coldness of the metal sent chills through your body, “I didn’t quite hear you.” 

“Buck,” you moaned softly as the tip of one his fingers dipped inside you but left you just as quickly, “please touch me.” 

“M'gonna take care of you,” Bucky murmured and looked up, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. make sure nobody comes to this floor until I say so.”

“Who made you this wet Doll?” Bucky grinned evilly as your juices coated his fingers deliciously. 


“I’m sorry, who?” Bucky challenged and you groaned.

“You Bucky,” you cried, “only you.”

Both of his wrapped around your thighs and picked you up, and sat you on the counter, his metal fingers wrapping around his favorite panties and ripping them off your body. 

A moan shot through you as his metal hand held your hips down and his flesh hand wrapped around one of your thighs to keep your legs open as he blew a hot breath on your soaking heat. 

You whined and he chuckled against the skin of your thighs and it sent you into a frenzy of complaints, quickly being shut up as his lips attached to your clit.
His tongue delved everywhere it could reach and a breathy moan left your lips as he sucked harshly on your sensitive bundle of nerves. 

Your spine arched as his tongue made its way inside of you, the soldier beginning to tongue fuck you and you screamed his name. 

“Bucky please,” you begged almost pathetically, “please let me cum.” 

“Yeah,” he mumbled against your clit, “you can cum but around my cock.” 

You whimpered at loss of contact when he pulled away to unbuckle his belt, undoing his pants and pushing them down along with his boxers in one swift move. 

“Daddy’s gonna take care of you,” Bucky murmured and your core throbbed just looking at his thick member, “you ready?” 

You nodded furiously as he lined himself up with your entrance, slowly pushing himself in until he buried himself to the hilt, small whimpers leaving the both of you. 

“Fuck me Bucky,” was all it took from you to get him going, the sensation of his hips snapping against yours was enough to send you into a frenzy, “fuck fuck fuck.” 

The sound of skin slapping filled the kitchen as the soldier roughly slid himself in and out of you, ramming himself right into the one spot that made you see stars.

“Who’s daddy’s good little girl?” Bucky growled as his flesh hand gripped at one of your breasts under your shirt, “who takes this cock so good?” 

“M-Me,” you could barely form coherent words as he fucked you roughly, “I am Daddy.” 

You could feel the coil in your lower stomach begin to wind, threatening to snap if Bucky’s head kept hitting the one spot inside of you that drove you insane and you whimpered. 

Bucky’s metal arm picked one of you legs up and draped them over his shoulder, allowing him to reach a whole new angle and a scream ripped through you as he fucked you harder and faster. 

“Daddy I’m close.” You choked out softly. 

“You better hold it,” he hissed, “if you cum you’ll be in big trouble later.”

A part of you desired to break his rule to find out what your punishment was, but you decided against it, knowing his spankings left delicious bruises against your bum for weeks. 

The intense pleasure was seemingly painful as his thrusts sped up as he chased his high, a soft “cum Doll,” leaving his lips was all you needed to hear to see stars. 

A shaky scream ripped through your hoarse throat as you came undone around him, the super soldier fucking you into oblivion slowly became sloppy his cock twitching in you and he came undone as well at the feeling of you clenching around him. 

“Fuck Doll,” he moaned as his cum spurted deep into your heat, “you always take me so good.” 

He peppered kisses down your throat before pulling out of you slowly and wiping you down with a damp wash cloth. 

Picking up your panties from the floor after he pulled up his boxers and pants, stuffing the ripped fabric in his back pocket as he carried you from the kitchen of unfinished dinner and back to your room. 

Bucky changed into spare pj’s that he secretly leaves in your room and cuddled with you in your bed, lulling you to sleep with his arms wrapped around you and his flesh fingers playing with your hair.

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Jason Todd x Reader - Sex Scene



WORDS: 749

The stinging cold of the room was almost ignored when the sex scene came on. You knew this movie was R-Rated. What you didn’t know was how hot watching it was with your boyfriend running his hand down your thigh.

“Jay, I don’t think we should…” you whispered, but even you couldn’t fool yourself to think you weren’t wet at that moment. His large hand slid deeper into your inner thighs, so close to feeling your dripping pussy under your skirt. He leaned in and nibbled at your neck, slowly digging his teeth into your delicate skin. His breath was scorching against you as he kissed at your jaw, your cheek, everywhere his lips could have contact on.

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You know what frustrates me the most about the Yandere Simulator fandom is that there are so many critical blogs who have nothing better to do than tear apart every single one of YandereDev’s videos and posts.

Like, it’s not your game. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Leave him alone. He’s making HIS game the way HE wants to.

Another thing is that they are never satisfied. Y'all are complaining about how he never has time to work on Osana when most of the recent updates have been implemented specifically to appease those people who are getting impatient. If you didn’t complain so much about things about the game (it’s not serious enough, panty shots make you uncomfortable, Ayano is an unrealistic protagonist, etc etc etc) then he wouldn’t have to stop working on Osana to try and make his game better for you.

He is afraid of losing his fan base, so he is doing everything he can to keep your hopes high. And what does he get in return? Insults, critics, and complaints. He’s doing his best, working full time hours on this game.

Leave Yandere Dev alone. He doesn’t deserve all this hate.

The Harlequin To My Joker - Klaus x Reader

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Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Prompt: (Request) ‘hi! can you do it with Klaus Mikaelson ?! 😊 thank you’

Warning: Rough sex, spoilers to suicide squad and all around sarcastic humour! Don’t like don’t read.



You walked through the room after another set, making your way to the bar. You stop for a few people who wanted to tell you how great you performed tonight but eventually you made it over to Cami. Once she turned to see you she grinned from ear to ear before pouring you a whiskey.

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yours (m)

bad boy!kihyun x female reader
genre: sMUT 
warnings: a dash of angst, breathplay for like 0.5 seconds.
a continuation of this drabble that was based on this moodboard

“Days and nights are the same thing to Kihyun, his life nothing but a diluted haze of red lights, screaming crowds and faceless conquests, never ending yet so unchanging at the same time. Except for you. You punctuated the blank pages of his life like a stain he couldn’t remove.”

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Let Me Put On A Show: Jonghyun and Taemin Threesome

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Based off this request

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader x Taemin

Word Count:  3k

Content: Jonghyun and Taemin invite you over to hang and you end up playing strip Monopoly. Things get very x-rated. +Taemin taking orders, getting watched as you have sex, and a threesome(kind of).  

Written By: Bambi

Authors’ Note: I worked on this a lot and I’m really proud of it and it’s only my second smut I’ve written so I’d really appreciate any type of feedback! I hope everyone reading enjoys this and I really hope that the anon who requested likes it the most! Happy reading! 


  You didn’t exactly know how you got into the predicament you were in. You didn’t exactly care to get out of it either. It was a game of strip Monopoly that ended with you sandwiched in between Jonghyun and Taemin. You only wore your panties, Teamin was completely naked and Jonghyun was only missing his shirt.

   The actual Monopoly game was Jonghyuns idea. He always knew how to spice up a boring night and this night was one of the plainest you’d had in a while.

   Jonghyun had called you earlier that night complaining that him and Taemin were bored and alone. They had wanted to have some sort of bonding night with the other members of SHINee but Minho and Onew both were busy filming their respective dramas and Key had claimed to forget the night had even been scheduled. After a ten minute phone call with Jonghyun and Taemin both taking turns to  whine into the phone you had gave in.

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Could Yansim get an AO+ rating?

Let’s start off with why an AO+ rating would be bad. AO+ ratings are rare, and the games given these ratings typically have pornographic content, and/or extreme violence. Tinybuild has stated that they will support Yandere Simulator as long as it doesn’t earn an AO+ rating. 

So what if Tinybuild pulls their support? Dev was doing fine on his own beforehand!

Who knows how much of what Tinybuild has done will they let him keep? They could say “hey you can’t use the C# conversion” and that means Dev is back to square 1. Furthermore, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft do not allow AO+ games to be published for their console. Most retailers refuse to stock AO+ games, Twitch won’t allow streaming of AO+ games, and it’s unlikely that Yansim would make it to Steam. This severely limits how Yansim can be distributed.

What does Yansim have that could earn an AO+ rating?

Excessive violence, pedophilia, sensitive topics (potential organ harvesting and human trafficking, suicide)

You don’t have to use violence to eliminate the rivals though!

And in Manhunt 2, an AO+ rated game where you stalk and kill targets, you don’t have to use the most gruesome elimination method. For the M rated version of Manhunt 2, the executions had to be toned down, and they were darkened/blurred. 

But Dev has stated that everyone in Yansim is 18+!

No one in the real world is going to buy that all these highschoolers are 18. It doesn’t make sense. It’s just a poor excuse to cover the pedophilia. Mida and Muja are adults who are pursuing a teenage boy. You are encouraged to take panty shots of girls to use as currency to buy certain items for elimination. You choose your daily benefit by picking out panties. 

It’s a game about murder! Does that other stuff really bother you? Don’t like it don’t play it!

The public has become desensitised to murder to a certain extent. Most video games feature killing nowadays. Going into organ harvesting, human trafficking, killing animals…. Is stepping onto controversial topics. 

In my opinion, as of right now, I don’t think Yansim would earn an AO+ rating. Definitely a mature one. However, if Dev keeps going, I think it’s entirely possible. The challenges are like trophies, and that can be interpreted as “encouraging the player to use excessive violence”. It feels like dev is getting away from the balance of how rivals are eliminated. Matchmaking, social sabotage… seem to be forgotten almost. They’re only mentioned when it’s in defence of the amount of violence in the game. But adding things like human trafficking and organ harvesting to the game would really hurt Yansim as far as ratings go. And if he adds those, what could be next? 

Mixing It Up - Troublemaker! Min Yoongi X Reader - Part 5

This update actually came on time (or maybe even earlier lol idk) !!!

Lmao just wait till you read what happens.

Love for everyone 💖

Preview  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 - Here  Part 6  Part 7

A week after your ‘speech’ in the lunch hall, it had come to your attention that many people seemed to be whispering more when you were present. What the topic of discussion was about wasn’t a surprise. Of course it would be you. The most common gossip circulating was about the rumour of your bad temper being true. Apparently, it was that much of a revelation that it needed to be spread around like wildfire.

Along with rumours being proven true, new ones were born. You almost choked when you heard the second most discussed topic.

“So apparently you and Yoongi are a thing now. How long has it been?” Jimin teasingly poked you as he walked down the corridor beside you, attempting to lighten the mood. It worked somewhat but that was mainly due to the fact that you couldn’t bring yourself to dampen this adorable boys mood.

“A thing? Which idiot came up with that rumour?” Just as Jimin opened his mouth to answer you, Taehyung’s voice caught both of your attention.

“Hey! I’m not an idiot!” You weren’t sure if Taehyung intentionally sold himself out or if he was that dim. Both options had an equal chance of being true.

“You’re one of the few who know better than anyone there’s nothing going on between us. What was the use in creating a stupid rumour like that?” He merely grinned at you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“This school needed some sort of romance going on and there’s no better duo than you and Yoongi. Arguably the most troublesome student with possibly the best.”

Your hands clenched into fists whilst you had an Internal debate over whether or not you should punch Taehyung. Jimin seemed to sense this as he began speaking calming words.

“H-hey! Don’t worry about him he’s just joking! Yoongi says he was born half idiot so it’s within his nature to act like this.”

“What do you think this is Taehyung? Beauty and the beast?” His arm fell from your shoulders and he hopped a few steps in front of you.

“No way! Yoongi is way more scarier than a beast. Anyway, don’t pretend like you don’t like the idea of you two dating. We all know you have a thing for him.”

It’s like he was asking you to gut him. He might as well have been.

“Kim - Tae - Hyung. Would you prefer to be castrated or gutted?” He frowned at your words, eyes moving towards the ceiling in a thoughtful manner.

“Castrated…? Wait - castrated! Hey! Don’t you think that’s a bit too much!?”

“Gutted it is then.”

“No - wait-!” Instead of waiting to receive the consequences of his words, he sprinted down the hall and took a sharp left around the corner.

Preparing yourself to go after him proved futile as Jimin grabbed your arm, holding you back.

“Don’t worry about him! I’m sure Yoongi will deal with him later…”

The name that rolled off Jimin’s tongue successfully snatched your attention.

“Where is he? Is he okay?”

Jimin let his signature smile, that you could only describe as ‘squishy’, break out on his face over your inquiries.

“Yeah, he’s at home. They suspended him for the time being since they haven’t actually concluded the investigation. He’s lucky that they’ve decided to investigate more though I’m not sure why…”

You breathed a sigh of relief.

So all hasn’t been lost with Yoongi.

“Jimin, can we go visit him after school?” Just as your question left your mouth, the school bell rung, alerting you that your next lesson was going to start soon.

“Sure, we’ll go together from class. If that’s fine with you?”

Nodding your head vigorously, you grabbed his arm and began rushing to class.

“That’s perfect! Now quick or we’ll be late for our next lesson.”


Staying true to his word, Jimin walked alongside of you after school, guiding you towards Yoongi’s home. You felt nervousness bubbling inside of you and with good reason. It wasn’t often you went to a boys house let alone someone you were evidently crushing on. If that wasn’t enough, you were sure he had heard about the scene you caused at lunch and alongside that the rumours Taehyung had started.

“You know Jimin… maybe it would be better if I came another day.”

Said boy raised an eyebrow in amusement at your sudden change of heart.

“And postpone seeing Yoongi? I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. In fact he wouldn’t want that.”

To say your heart skipped a beat at his words would be an understatement. You were sure it stopped long enough for death himself to prepare to come collect your soul.

“That’s… somewhat reassuring. Why?”

He didn’t reply but instead let a small smile spread across his lips before stopping in front of an apartment complex.

“We’re here.”

Glancing up at the ten storey complex, you absentmindedly wondered which one Yoongi resides in. 

“The fourth floor.”


Jerking you out of your thoughts, Jimin smirked at you.

“You wanted to know what floor he lived on.”

Blushing profusely, you mentally smacked yourself for not being able to stop yourself from voicing your thoughts out loud.

“No- I just-“

Jimin stepped up towards the bell of the complex and rang Yoongi’s door bell, leaving you a stuttering mess.


The immense annoyance Yoongi was harbouring was flowing out through his voice, so much so that you were sure your mood dropped the slightest bit.

“It’s Jimin. Let me in.”

Yoongi grumbled something along the lines of ‘not being able to escape even during suspension’ causing you to stifle your laughter. Only moments later, the door buzzed and opened. Jimin ushered you through before following behind and calling down an elevator.

“I wonder how he’ll react when he sees you? Maybe he’ll-“

The ding from the elevator made him jump and you let a giggle slip out as his cheeks glowed red with embarrassment. You both entered the elevator and Jimin pressed the fifth floor button.

You both stood in silence as the elevator slowly moved up towards your destination. Contrary to popular belief, there was no calming  elevator music flowing out of speakers. Just the typical sound of gears grinding or whatever may be contributing to the movement.

Before you knew it, the elevator came to a stop and you both exited it. Jimin bounced up towards a door labelled four c and you nervously followed behind.

“Hey! Yoongi, open the door!”

Seconds later, the door was ripped open so hard you were sure it would have flew off its hinges if Yoongi’s hand hadn’t been there to stop it from doing so. A gust of wind accompanied the opening of the door, tousling both your hair and Jimin’s as well as moving your skirt slightly. Luckily, you were not part of an anime cast. You were sure there would have been an unnecessary panty shot if you had been.

All was silent for what seemed like a good five minutes before you decided to break it.

“…I think we should leave…”

“Why? You just got here. What, scared I’m gonna eat you or something?”

How he could switch between vexation and playfulness in a millisecond was beyond you.

“Well with the way your acting, yes. Yes, that is exactly what I’m scared of.”

A light chuckle escaped him and he stepped aside to let both you and Jimin in.

“Maybe later…”

You sincerely hoped that was not a hint of seriousness you caught in his tone.

“Do you live alone?”

Your question bounced around the walls of his corridor and you cringed at how nervous you sounded.

“No, I live with my parents. They’re just working. They should be back soon.”

You arrived in what you assumed to be the living room and Yoongi motioned towards the sofa that Jimin threw himself upon.

“Make yourself comfortable. I don’t want to have to deal with the awkward shit that comes along with an uncomfortable guest.”

Wow. How… considerate.

Plopping yourself down beside Jimin, you couldn’t help but inspect the unexpectedly tidy room.

Yoongi just seemed like someone who would be too lazy to clean after himself.

“So what’s up? Did you miss me too much?”

“Something like that…” He caught your murmur and a smirk grew on his face though he didn’t say anything else.

“So I assume you’ve been okay.” He leant back on the wall across from the sofa and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, I’ve just been sleeping.”

You sighed at his obvious answer.

“I meant for the whole week.”

He seemed slightly confused at your words.

“I know. I’ve been sleeping.”

Wait… he-

“The whole week?!”

You didn’t bother to hide the shock in your voice. Sleeping a whole week was impressive. They should give out medals for this sort of thing.

“Yeah. What’s wrong? Worried I’ve been seeing other girls?”

“Yes, I’ve been spending day and night worrying myself over the fact that Tammy might snatch you away from me.”

“Who’s Tammy?” Jimin piped up from beside you and smacked a hand to your face.

“It was sarcasm, Jimin.”

He let out a quite ‘oh’ under his breath and you couldn’t resist the urge to pinch his cheek. He was too adorable for his own good.

“A-ah! What are you doing.”

“Just checking if angels can feel pinches.” The most precious giggle slipped out of him causing you to almost lose all of your composure.

“If you’re done boosting his ego I’d like to get back to the conversation at hand.”

“What’s wrong? Getting jealous?”

His typical straight face did not budge when he answered.

“Yeah. I am.”

You did not see that coming. Before you could think of a suitable reply, the sound of the front door opening caught the attention of all three of you.

“Yoongi! Are you still sleeping?! Get up and do some school work or something!”

A woman’s voice travelled through the apartment accompanied by the sound of footsteps. When she arrived in the living room, she was rummaging through her purse.

“Hello Mrs Min.”

Both you and Jimin jumped to your feet to greet the lady, who was still preoccupied with her bag.

“Ah, Hello Jimin. How are you?”

“I’m great!”

Deciding against being rude, you quickly greeted Yoongi’s mother.

“G-Good afternoon Mrs Min…”

Her head snapped up at the sound of your voice and her eyes were widened to an extent you thought impossible.

“Oh! Good afternoon…”

“I’m a friend of Yoongi’s. My name is Y/N.”

“Ah, Y/N. Sorry, I wasn’t really expecting a girl to be here. Yoongi never brings girls around.”

He threw a lazy look in his mother’s direction, annoyance clearly displayed through the twitch of his eyebrow.

“I thought we were closer than ‘friends’.”


“Oh my, you’re dating my son!? Are you sure you want to do that? A lovely girl like you seems like the type to be dedicated to her studies, you wouldn’t want a boyfriend to ruin that, would you?”

You blinked once. Twice. Thrice.

“I- uh… I’m not dating him.”

What seemed like disappointment flashed through her eyes before she smiled at you.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. I would love for you to be his girlfriend. You seem like a very sensible girl. Maybe you can even set him back on the right track because…”

She whipped her head to the side to throw a glare at Yoongi, who brushed it off with one of his own.

“…his student record is not the best. He’s suspended often but I’m shocked at the reason why this time. Setting fire to a classroom!?”

You felt as if you were interfering in a family lecture and stood awkwardly beside Jimin who was, surprisingly, grinning.

Good to know someone isn’t feeling awkward.

Just as you were going to excuse yourself, Jimin’s phone began to ring.

“It’s my mum… ah, I’ve got to go!”

Seemingly being reminded of a commitment he had made, Jimin quickly said goodbye before dashing out of the apartment.


“Min Yoongi, I hope im not wrong in believing you did not cause that fire.”

Her tone was strict and serious but her expression revealed he true thoughts. She knew her son had not caused the incident.

“Yeah, believe what you want. They hate me so even if I am innocent, I’ll still get in trouble anyway. I don’t really care at this point.”

He threw himself on the sofa and glanced between you and his mother, boredom evident on his face.

“Yoongi! How can you say that!?”

He shrugged his shoulders before grabbing a packet of crisps from the coffee table in front of him. He picked a crisp out of the bag, inspecting it before placing it into his mouth all the while watching your face.


“I thought I told you I don’t like that uncomfortable shit?”


His mothers reprimanding voice made you jump and you decided to take your leave.

“I need to get going… I guess I’ll see you whenever? Thank you for having me Mrs Min.”

She softly smiled before returning your farewell.

“Wait, Y/N! Yoongi stop being lazy and walk your girlfriend- I mean- friend home!”

As she said this, she grabbed a stray slipper and hurled it in Yoongi’s direction, hitting him square on the head.

“Hey! Watch whe- okay, okay I’m going.”

As he began to argue, his mother threateningly lifted the other slipper.

“And change out of those sweatpants. I’m sick of seeing those.”

Ignoring her demand, he grabbed the matching jacket for the tracksuit he was wearing and threw it on.

“Come on.”

Slipping his shoes on and grabbing your hand, he led you out of his apartment.

“So where do you live?”

He asked this whilst pressing the button to the elevator and you took a moment to recall the answer.

“You don’t even remember where you live? How am I going to take you home?”

You couldn’t resist the urge to slap him and he let out a whine of pain.

“Wow, you have a manly hit. Are you sure you’re a girl?”

Lifting your fist, he flinched back all the while grinning at his joke. At that moment the elevator arrived and you stepped in, Yoongi following behind.

“I came all this way to be insulted and called a man. I shouldn’t bother next time.”

“I wouldn’t call it ‘insulting’, just teasing.”

“That’s not how I see I-“

The elevator suddenly shook before coming to a stop. You pushed the ground floor button a few times until you realised that it had completely stopped responding.

“Ah, fuck. Not again.”


You raised an eyebrow at this.

“This happens regularly.”


“Why would you make us take the elevator then!?”

Sighing, he sunk down to the floor, rubbing his forehead.

“Just had a feeling we should.”


Stuck in an elevator with Yoongi. You were sure god was laughing at you right now.

You decided to wait it out. That only lasted five minutes before Yoongi rained on your parade.

“You should sit down. We won’t be going anywhere for at least half an hour.”

Purposely sighing heavily, you too sunk down to the floor, staring straight ahead.

“Is it really that hard to look at me?”

Forcing yourself to stare at Yoongi proved harder than you thought as you struggled to maintain eye contact with him. He seemed to notice this and smirked.

“Ah, So it is. Nice try though.”

“Hey! If you think it’s that easy to maintain eye contact without it being awkward, go ahead and try.”


Bringing his face as close as possible, he stared straight at you, through your eyes and through your soul, maybe even through the other side of the elevator.

Who knows?

The point is, he didn’t stop staring.

“Okay, you’ve proven that you can hold eye contact for a creepily long time. Happy now?”

Your heart was racing at the close proximity and the fact that he wasn’t making any move to retreat made your face heat up.

“Is it bad that I want to kiss you?”

Your eye twitched.

He did just say that, right?


That sounded extremely intellectual to your ears.


“I want to kiss you.”

You weren’t sure why you said what you did but there was no way he wouldn’t be put off from it.

“Go ahead, if you want to kiss a man.”

The joke sounded way better in your head as did everything you had said prior to this moment.

You could practically see your opportunity to kiss Yoongi skip away into the sunset.

“I mea-“

Soft lips being pressed against your own shut you right up and completely took your breath away. You forgot how to breath, no, you forgot how to function as a whole. You just sat there whilst Yoongi continued to kiss you, apparently not minding your lack of reaction.

It wasn’t until around a minute later, when he pulled away, that you took in discreet breathes of air.

No wonder he had a ‘feeling’ to take the elevator. Sly boy.

{Once in a Lifetime} a Lance Tucker One shot

Lance was an asshole. Period. They didn’t call him ‘The Fucker’ for nothing. But, damn, if you didn’t want him. Badly.

You knew it would be a one time thing. There’s no “more” with Lance. And it’s no secret that he’s been around. You didn’t care. You knew you’d do anything.

He walked into the training facility early that morning. You were already there, warming up and stretching, when you felt his eyes on you. “Morning, Coach,” you said with a small wave. He just gave you a smile and kept walking.

‘Damn him’, you thought to yourself, sitting up on the mat. 'Time to make a move’ you told yourself, and marched to his office.

The door was slightly opened and you could see him sitting at the desk, arms behind his head and feet up, eyes closed.

You cleared your throat and his eyes shot open. “Can I help you?,” he asked with a sarcastic tone, but he grinned like he knew. Of course he knew.

“Sorry, coach,” you started, innocent look on your face and he sat up, “I’m having trouble stretching. Can you help?,” you finished and you could see the fire in his eyes.

He got up out of the chair and walked over to you, standing as close as he could. He chuckled quietly and you felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up. He ran a finger over your jaw, making your mouth drop and letting a moan escape. He grinned again and put his lips on your ear, “I don’t think you really want me to help you stretch, beautiful,” he whispered and you couldn’t help but moan again. He laughed. “Keep moaning like that and we won’t even make it out of the office,” he said, voice dropping.

 You looked up at him and just shrugged and he reached down and ran his finger under the band of your shorts. You moaned again, this time louder and he groaned, “oh, that’s it, baby doll,” he said, quickly flipping you around and bending you over the desk

.He ran a hand slowly down you back until he pulled down your shorts and panties in one shot. He snaked his hand around, feeling how wet you were and let out a low moan. “You know I’m not going to take it easy on you,” he breathed out, and you nodded. “Comin’ in here,” he panted out, pushing himself against you, “practically beggin’ me to fuck you,” he said and you whimpered. 

 "Is that what you want?,“ he asked, his voice dark, and you nodded frantically as he slid himself into you, letting out a loud groan at the sensation. "So tight, gorgeous,” he said through gritted teeth, picking up the pace, pounding into you so hard that you could barely hold on. 

 "That’s it,“ he huffed, "clench around me. Come on, doll face, cum for Lance,” he growled and that was all you needed, cumming hard and screaming his name. He moved faster, strokes becoming erratic as he found his own release.  

He pulled out and helped you up, reaching down to grab your shorts and handing them to you. You felt yourself blush as he walked back around to his chair, sitting and throwing his arms back around his head, like nothing happened. You pulled your shorts back up, unsure what to say, so you just walked to the door, turning the handle. 

Just as you walked out, you heard him. “Had fun babe, but that was a once in a lifetime deal.”

Whatever You Say

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Request: if requests are still open a Tyler Joseph smut would be cool if you could make it a smut where they are parents and their kids are asleep like a room away and they can’t wake the kids? maybe? only if you wanna do it tho.

A/n: I don’t really like the way this came out, but I hope you enjoy regardless xx

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I’ve seen people gush about the fact that the LWA director banned his staff from drawing panty shots, which is nice, sure, but like… that should be a given, shouldn’t it? It’s a kids show about kids, are we gonna pop the champagne because someone met the basic standard of human decency? What kind of staff do you have that they woulda drawn schoolkid panty shots if you hadn’t told them not to? Anyway, that’s what I think

The Hunter’s Baker

Summary: You decide to make dinner and dessert for The Winchesters, and your boyfriend Sam makes it even more fun.
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester
Word Count: 3430
Warnings: FLUFF, sexual situations (no smut), graphic depictions of delicious food, messy kitchen?
A/N: This was for @jayankles Bailey’s 1 Year Everything Challenge​! My prompt was “baking”. I love to cook and bake, and all of these recipes are classics. Congrats on being on here for a year, Bailey! I hope everyone enjoys and it doesn’t make you too hungry. :) Beta’d by the wonderful @queen-of-deans-booty, gif made by me!

Hunting with the Winchesters was always exciting. Facing demons, shapeshifters, and vampires on a daily basis was more than a job; it was a lifestyle. As with any career that begins to take over your life, the mundane tasks of cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping were never fun. Dean tends to enjoy doing laundry, much to yours and Sam’s bewilderment, while you always favored doing the cooking.

Sam and Dean found you after a witch broke into the restaurant you were a chef at to steal ingredients for a spell. You were working late to prepare for a private reception the following afternoon which had some exotic fish as the main dish and did not see the witch enter through the back door.

Thankfully the blow to the back of your head merely knocked you unconscious and didn’t do any permanent damage. Fortunately, the Winchesters found you in the kitchen after they scared the witch away… who knows what she would have done to you?

Once you came to in the Winchester’s motel room, they explained everything. They killed monsters for a living and the witch they scared off needed some ingredients you had stocked in your kitchen. Even though she left, they knew she would be back to continue looting the rest of the fish. You assisted the Winchesters in taking the witch down and in turn, they offered you a place in their family. You became best friends with Dean and began to date Sam.

Now here you were, putting the finishing touches on the shopping list for Sam before he does the grocery shopping. Sam always tried to get the healthiest things possible when he shopped, but with Dean living in the bunker, he could only get away with so many substitutions. Sam walked into the kitchen right as you finished putting the last ingredient on the list.

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So, @incorrect-yansim-quotes​ has kinda started a charm headcanon!!! I wanted to add on to this, like what each charm/item would be and how you’d get it (non-violent towards the rivals/no killing). These are in no way associated on winning that week, these are simply ways to earn the gifts of each “rival”. This will be taken in a way that there is no “rival” after your senpai. Megami will still try to rid of you for anything wrong that you do, Info-Chan will tell her of whatever wrongdoing you commit. With each new rival comes more and more feelings. Osana’s starts like normal Ayano, and by the time you finish with Megami, Ayano will be normal. I may have put too much thought into this, it’s more of a wish for the game. I don’t know where “Headcanon” and “Wish” came together, but I’m quite happy with what I did. I went overboard, but I had fun typing this up.

Read Below for it!

Now, you can choose if you want to wear it. It will have boosts and ups if you wear it.

(Ex: Osana’s phone charm will let you closer to Senpai if Osana is next to him.)

Accessories earned in Story Mode can be worn in Endless, too.

Osana (Cat Phone Charm)- Completing her task later (Thursday, Friday) when she already gave up and bought a new charm. You’d accept it on Monday, act nice to her, don’t do anything to spite her, etc…, then when the end of the week approaches, you give her the charm. She already bought a new one though, and since you’ve been so nice to her, she lets you keep it! After this, you’d have a little cat phone charm on your phone. You will always have this.

Amai (Muffin Earrings)- She’s too nice to say no to a gift, but she doesn’t like it at all. You’d have to join the Cooking club and show up to a meeting after she got them. She’d get it from a member of the club who is new. She gives it to Ayano in hopes that she will like it. They’re muffin earrings. Ayano also had to have gotten piercings with Musume on a girl’s night. (This would require you to befriend her. Better results if you befriend the Basu Sisters, they’ll tag along and up your reputation.) For the rest of the game you’ll have muffin dangle earrings.

Kizana (Rose Ring)- You’d have to join the Drama club for this. The play is Romeo and Juliet, of course. Kizana is the lead, and you’re her understudy. She is recovering from an injury, and can’t preform. (You have to sabotage one of the lights, that when it is tampered with it will fall. It lands on Kizana’s foot and crushes her toes.) She wants to continue, but if you have befriended Sora you’ll get a cutscene in which you’re there when Sora convinces the stubborn show-girl to sit in the audience. You have to attend every meeting and do a better job than Kizana thought you would in the play. If you put on a performance that she enjoyed,  she’ll let you keep the ring in which Juliet wears. After this, a rose ring will be visible on Ayano’s right thumb.

Oka (Pentagram Necklace)- You do not have to join the club for this, but it is recommended. If you supply the Occult Club with all the supplies (Random things, a spider, a jar of “ectoplasm” {You can get this from the Science club, if you befriend Haruto he’ll whip up some fake stuff.}, etc..), help them in research, and tell them things about the Basu Sisters (Befriend them), then Oka will give you a pentagram necklace (In the club) or choker (Not in the club) to show you appreciation. After this, the accessory will be seen on your neck.

Asu (Ankle Bracelet with Water Drop Charms)- You have to be in the sports club for this. You can skip class for two days without penalty when getting this charm. (Your physical stat will increase instead of choosing which points will go into which subject the first day, and you will gain a point in physical the second.) You’d spend this time and three after-schools training for a swim meet with Asu. On Friday, you will not attend school until 3:00. You, Asu, the sports club, and the swim team will be at a Swim Meet, and you will have to lead the team to victory. If you succeed, Asu will give you her good luck charm, the ankle bracelet. After this, the ankle bracelet will be seen on your left ankle.

Muja (Needle Pin)- This will be hard to earn. You have to play “medicine runner” for this week (Because the actual nurse is gone, and Muja needs help.), and this requires you to have a higher reputation. You will run errands, help sorting, and have to sabotage a meal of a student. Kokona will eat lunch alone on Wednesday, as she usually does, but she will leave it to see something Saki found. If you put something that will cause Kokona to choke on her food in it, you’ll be able to do the heimlich. If you do this and take Kokona to the nurse, she’ll be more friendly and open to you. She’ll tell you a family member that passed in the school, which inspired her to take on the job here to prevent any more casualties like so. (In 1980′s mode, a girl that you can poison as Ryoba will be the aunt of Muja.) At the end of the week she’ll have to go back to school. She’ll give you the pin which belonged to her Aunt. After this, the pin will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

Mida (Wine Glass Necklace)- For this you’ll lose a lot of reputation. You have to get panty shots of 15 girls and convince two male students to take lessons from Mida (They cannot be in her class.). You’ll also have to attend every class and be willing to help Mida. She’ll ask you about a few boys, and if you tell her the truth, she’ll thank you. She’ll have to leave at the end of the week. If you show affection and treat her with respect (Maybe even as a mother figure) she’ll give you her necklace and tell you to “Be Good.” After this, the necklace will be seen around your neck.

Osoro (Bracelet with a Bunny Charm)- Your reputation has to be low enough that the delinquents are willing to be around you. If you befriend Osoro (You have to participate in all of her events, skip every class, and win a fight against Budo or a male delinquent.) she’ll come to you when she’s at her weakest. She’ll get emotional and need comfort, and if you can give it to her she’ll give you the bracelet she was given by an old friend who left her. After this, the delinquents will back you up no matter what your reputation is. If Osoro catches you killing a student though (any method), all the delinquents except her will apprehend you and maybe even beat you. She’ll just watch in shock. After this, the bracelet will be seen on your right wrist.

Hanako (Her Heart Clip)- This is the second hardest, because you’ll have to avoid Taro as a love interest. Hanako will take you in if she notices you are alone, no one likes you (She doesn’t care for the delinquents, so on her route you have to avoid them.), and if you are being bullied (You can ask Kizana to fake being a bully with her drama club). Everything will be lost if she catches you showing interest in Taro or if someone spreads it around that you do like him. You’ll have to help her study, hang out with her often, and act like the sister she never had. She’ll give you her clip if she feels you are close to her. This will actually help Ayano with her reputation and Taro will begin to show interest. While wearing this, Ayano’s hair will be down and she’ll have the clip on.

Megami (A Medal)- This is the hardest, and you have to find a way into Student Council. Megami will be suspicious, but the more you do to help improve the school the more trust she’ll have. You have to have high reputation (Hanako’s route will provide that.) and befriend over half the school. There are a lot of things you have to do, so this will go for three weeks. A list of tasks include:

Uniting all the clubs to trust another (They didn’t before, and there was competition to be the best. Swim+Sports and Drama are the most competitive.) and help eachother

Attending class earlier by thirty minutes before other students do.

Turning delinquents into decent students

Helping deal with punishment to trouble students

Helping every club with a separate task. 

After completing a long task of things that the student council needed done, it will be the end of the year. The last Friday will be the last day of school, and Megami will invite you to a reward night. There, you will meet her father. Ryoba will also be in town, she came back a few nights before. Everybody you got a charm from will attend, and if you do not get a charm from one of them they will not go. You can talk with all of them, they will thank you. At the end of the night Megami will invite you to the stage along with the other members of the Student Council and reward each member. Megami will hesitate at you, but you will get the best prize, a medal she was given when she was in her second year. She will be in her last year, and moving into her father’s business, so she decides to give it to you, who is in the same position she was. By then, Ayano will have the feelings of a normal girl, and Taro will have fallen for her. After getting this medal, it will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

Top 5 Underrated Anime to Watch for Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that I usually would open the askbox or do some kind of event for the holidays, especially my favorite one, but I just didn’t have time this Halloween and think that I have enough requests in the askbox to work on without adding others. So I decided to continue with this new thing I’m doing or anime analysis with a recommendation of the top 5 underrated anime I think you guys should watch this or any other Halloween. I worked hard on this so please enjoy!

5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Originally posted by benjandan

This is probably my favorite series of all time. Written by the author of Assassination Classroom, Yuusei Matsui, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is an occult detective fiction that tells the story of Neuro Nougami, a mystery-eating demon that, due to eating all the mysteries in demon world, comes to the Human World to find the ultimate mystery. With the help of teenager Yako Katsuragi, he founds a detective agency and the two go around solving cases around Japan. It’s not so much a straight-up horror or Halloween-themed show, which is why I have it so low on the list for how much I adore this series; it has very dark comedy and the characters definitely come across a lot of horrible things and characters as they investigate murder after murder. It’s a villain of the week type of show with a few recurring villains, especially when you go farther and read the manga, but you’ll, as messed up as it is, never get bored with the way the antagonists murder their victims. The show is highly stylized in just the way I love and the main characters Neuro and Yako have an amazingly original and fun friendship you loved to watch. The recurring protagonists are dynamic and original (one of them is a sentient braid of hair named Akane), the story arcs are fun, and it expertly plays hopscotch with the line between light-heartedness and fucked upness in an absolutely delicious way that makes it a juxtaposingly dark and fun show with the same weird, wacky, and twisted humor of Assassination Classroom, but about demons you won’t be afraid to watch at night but will definitely get you in the dark and spooky mood. I cannot recommend it enough.

4. Blood: the Last Vampire

Originally posted by shultzmanganime

The Blood Series (Plus, C, etc.) are an anime Halloween classic and the original animated film did not used to be considered underrated at all, in fact, it was a staple, and for good reason! The artwork is beautiful with a stylized realism and amazing shading work that is just stunning to see. And the animation is just as smooth, crisp and realistic to match. The story is actuall pretty compelling and scary too, and pretty straight-forward. In the year 1966, Saya is the last of the pureblood vampires and is a stone-cold badass that spends her days killing the blood-sucking, bat-demons: chiropterans. The story takes place on her mission at a high school near the Yokota Air base where she is to pose as a student and hunt down the hiddern chiropteran. It’s a straight-forward but bloody story with terrifying artwork and just amazing direction, writing, and animation in both the sub and dub that, despite its loss of relevance over the last 16 years, still holds up remarkably well. If you’re looking for something bloody, edgy, and dark that isn’t Hellsing, this is a classic place to start.

3. School Live!

Originally posted by lilium

If Japanese Horror has taught us anything, it’s that it can do a whole lot, by showing very little, and School-Live freaking nails that concept. The series follows the girls of the Megurigaoka School Living Club, specifically the super cheerful and optimistic Yuki Takeya, who experienced delusions of a regular moe-moe school life while the girls live in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It tricks the audience by setting the show up like a traditional moe club girl anime to be fully immersed in Yuki’s delusions, but tbh, I don’t feel totally guilty spoiling that because it’s pretty easy to predict that there’s something seriously wrong with it about five minutes in and it’s one of those shows you really enjoy a lot more once the secret it out. It’s ridiculously smart in the way it portrays it’s zombies and horror, far more unnerving than The Walking Dead’s gratuitous use of shock-value gore and violence (although I do also love that show), it really just plays double-dutch with how it comforts and yet at the same time alarms you through Yuki’s expertly portrayed delusions and growth, and especially in watching the growth in both the characters and the show openings—it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole damn time AND give you a couple best girls to choose from. What better way to spend your Halloween?

2. Highschool of the Dead

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Now on the opposite side of the zombie spectrum. Highschool of the Dead is a very straightforward zombie invasion story with overly-straightforward ecchi, harem themes to it—understandably so, it was written by a hentai artist after all—about a group of high schoolers trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s the straight up horror of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. Now I’m not saying this show is underrated because it’s not well known—it’s on every horror anime list and the manga, although on hiatus, is still a top seller. I’m calling it underrated because I don’t think that people give it nearly enough credit. Yes, the fanservice is ridiculous at times as is the way all the girls are constantly falling for Takumi, but the characters are all really dynamic and interesting, including the main audience-insert character Takumi, who actually, isn’t a totally pathetic, Gary-Stu audience insert. He’s funny, strong, courageous, and handsome with some real emotional baggage, and it’s actually pretty easy to see WHY girls fall for him. Similarly, the girls all have personalities, even if they do fall along the lines of harem tropes, these are pretty strong, independent and interesting women. And don’t even get me started on Kohta. I love that chubby little gun otaku so much I can’t even fucking stand it. Overall, I just think it’s a really solid story with one of the greatest English dubs I’ve ever seen that I think people are way too quick to drop because of its fanservice and if you stopped watching after the third panty shot in the first 10 minutes, go back and power through because you’re really missing out on a great dumb, fun series.

And at number one is…

1. Blood Lad

Originally posted by michi-i

GREAT fucking show and I am shocked that not as many people are as crazy about it as I am. Blood Lad tells the story of Staz Charlie Blood a powerful vampire in the Demon World who is obsessed with humans, anime, and Japanese culture. One day, a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, stumbles into the Demon World, which he’s thrilled about! …until she’s eaten alive by a carnivorous plant and turned into a ghost and he then takes on the responsibility of bringing her back to life. Huge Halloween-esque fun as they go about battling werewolfs, Staz’s vampire relatives, and even Frankenstein-themed monsters—seriously, I’m shocked this isn’t on at least one Halloween list I’ve watched. Maybe that’s because even with all these horror themes and references, it’s a really fun show. It’s an action and supernatural black comedy with cute and funny romantic tensions and love triangles, ridiculously fun and likeable characters, and just a fantastically entertaining occult story. I adore this anime and while it won’t have you screaming, it’ll get you pumped for a fun Halloween in the same way the American film Hocus Pocus would. It’s ironic, satirical, and just absolutely wonderful, and is a must watch, for Halloween or otherwise.

So yeah, those are my recommendations! Let me know what animes all of YOU recommend for Halloween or otherwise and I’d be happy to post them. And remember, to celebrate this blog’s first anniversary, I’m accepting fanworks for sports and shounen anime that YOU all produce so send those in if you’ve got them! Thanks for all the support and keep on sinning!

–Admin Ryou

anonymous asked:

Gah! I love the jealous Aizawa one! Can I request one of Toshinori? Maybe one one a subway since upskirt pictures are a huge issue in Japan?

TOSHINORI BABE I LOvE him this is high key awful lmao

The subway was a dreaded place for everyone, including you, but it was public transportation and you were too cheap to buy a car. You and your boyfriend were on your way to visit an old hero friend of his; his injury was having a particularly bad day, so he was sitting while you were holding onto a handle a little ways away. You had your phone in your hand and was texting Yagi the whole time, grinning every time he sent you a funny picture of something.

A tap on your shoulder brought you away from your screen. You looked to your right, but the only thing you saw was a businessman talking on his phone rapidly. You turned your head to look behind you and spotted a guy in his mid twenties on his phone. A quick turn to the left only gave you the sight of an elderly woman with cat ears and whiskers. You held in the urge to squeal, the old woman was just so cute!

“Excuse me, miss,” the elderly woman said, her voice high and utterly adorable. “That young man over there keeps looking at you. Are you two together?”

You nodded happily, “Yes, we’ve been together for two years.”

She nodded and smiled. “My husband and I have been together for sixty years.”

The white haired woman started telling the story of how her and her husband, who’s name you now know as Akio, met. You were so enamoured by her words that you didn’t notice the young man behind you started to slowly lift up your skirt. You laughed as the woman, Kimiko, said that Akio had tripped into a fountain when he tried to propose. 

Toshinori, on the other hand, noticed and immediately got angry. How dare someone even attempt to do that to you? The blond moved to stand up, but his side throbbed in pain. He ignored his agony as he asked the businessman if they could switch.

“And when Toshinori asked me to go out with him, he was a blushing mess! Oh, hello! I want you to meet this wonderful woman!” you gushed happily, gesturing to the cat eared companion you had made.

Toshinori smiled and greeted her, but was more concerned about the man behind you. He heard the shutter of a cell phone camera and he grit his teeth. The subway came to a stop and everyone started to exit. While you helped Kimiko off of the subway, Toshinori stayed behind and waited for the man behind you to stand. The cell phone that had taken the shot of your delicate area was still in his hand, and the pro hero ‘accidently’ bumped into him, causing him to drop the phone. He then proceeded to ‘clumsily’ stomp on the phone, shattering the device.

“My bad,” he shrugged as the man stuttered in anger. “All those panty shots are gone… such a shame. Well, I’ll be seeing you.” With a final step, he exited the subway and made his way towards you, smiling.