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drabble 004

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You were dating Josh for six months when you found out just how kinky he really was. You were sitting on the sofa of the bus, scrolling through apps on your phone when Josh and Tyler enter the bus; Tyler sprawls out on the opposite sofa, pulling the brim of his hat down to cover his eyes while he gets comfortable. Josh sits besides you and immediately urges you to sit on his lap, straddling his thighs.

You give him a look, as if to warn him that you aren’t comfortable doing anything with Tyler still in the room; Josh simply chuckles, pulling you towards him to kiss you fiercely. You can’t help but give in to his kisses, unable to say no to the way his lips feel on yours. When his hands slide up the back of your shirt, catching the hooks of your bra, you set your hands to his shoulders, pushing back from him.

“Josh,” you whisper, quickly peeking over your shoulder to glance at Tyler, who was still hidden behind the brim of his hat. “This isn’t appropriate.”

“He doesn’t care,” Josh responds softly, hands still attempting to unhook your bra. You press harder against his shoulders, pinning them to the back of the sofa; you give him a hard glare, as a last warning. Josh groans, and rolls his eyes, tipping his head to peer past you. “Tyler,” he says, catching the younger man’s attention. “Do you care if I eat her out right here?”

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The Harlequin To My Joker - Klaus x Reader

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Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Prompt: (Request) ‘hi! can you do it with Klaus Mikaelson ?! 😊 thank you’

Warning: Rough sex, spoilers to suicide squad and all around sarcastic humour! Don’t like don’t read.



You walked through the room after another set, making your way to the bar. You stop for a few people who wanted to tell you how great you performed tonight but eventually you made it over to Cami. Once she turned to see you she grinned from ear to ear before pouring you a whiskey.

“Great set today.” Cami complimented as she slid over your drink.

“Thank you honey. How’s your night going?” You questioned, sipping your warm whiskey. You drank warm whiskey because it helped keep your voice loose when you were singing. As much as you’ve never liked whiskey it helps. You preferred a good red wine, however it always closed you throat so you tried to stay away from it completely, for fear of losing your voice.

“It’s good but Marcel was looking for you earlier.” She grunted before sliding someone a beer.

“That I was.” You heard Marcel’s smooth husky voice behind you say.

“What can I help you with Marcel?” You turned coming face to face with not only Marcel but also Niklaus. You rolled your eyes when he shot you a pantie melting smile.

“I need a spell.” Marcel whispered in a sickly sweet voice.

“You mean Niklaus needs a spell.” Gritting you teeth you got up and walked up to Niklaus.

“Niklaus darling if you want a spell, be a man and ask yourself.” You smirked up at him when his jaw clenched.

“Very well love. I need a spell.”

“I’ll think about it. For now would either of you gentle care to dance before my next set?” I grinned cheekily up at Niklaus who was a lot taller than you, even in heels. Marcel grabbed you hand, dragging you to the dance floor silently. You were dancing with Marcel until your next set, afterwards making you way to Niklaus and Marcel.

“Right I’ll do the spell but I’m going out with Cami, Rebekah and Hayley tonight so come see me tomorrow.” You smiled as Hayley and Rebekah made their way through the doors. You looked over at Klaus who was slowly making his way over to you.

“Where are you going?” Nik looked at Hayley and Rebekah as he spoke but you knew he was talking to you just as much.

“We’re going to the new club that was opened yesterday.” Cami spoke as she appeared behind Klaus.

“You’re going….clubbing?” His eyes were wide like he’d never heard something so stupid. You rolled your eyes before dragging Cami out, knowing Hayley and Bekah would follow.

You knew your group of friends was a little strange but that didn’t stop you all. One human, one witch, one original and one hybrid. Really it’s possibly the scariest group of female in the quarter. But that’s what was great about your group of friends. We never had to hide anything from each other.

Everyone was in a long que when you arrived but Bekah soon got us inside, compulsion can be handy sometimes. As you walked in you were shocked by the fact it was very different from any club near or in New Orleans. It was quite well lit for a club but the shocking aspect was the poles and cages around the room that contained half-dressed dancing females. You glanced over at Bekah who was nodding like it was good enough, Cami who had the same expression as you and Hayley who had a grin on her face.

“Jesus who owns this place?” Cami choked as she saw a guy getting lap dance.

“That would be me.” You heard a playful voice speak from behind you.

“KOL!?” Bekah and Hayley’s expression now matched yours and Cami’s.

“I may have watched Suicide Squad one too many times.” Kol voiced like it was the best excuse for why he opened what was basically a classy strip club. Cami looked at him with confusion which made me answer the unspoken question.

“It’s a DC film.” You supplied.

“Kol watched it three times in a week.” Rebekah added.

“I do not need to know what you do in your spare time.” You sighed before massaging your temples softly trying to sooth the head that was currently sneaking in.

“Hey Y/N you could totally be a great Harley Quinn to Nik’s Joker!” Kol cooed at you teasingly.

“I couldn’t agree more! Especially with that Jersey accent.” Bekah snorted sarcastically.

“I will give you a witchy migraine Rebekah. I’m not as sick as Harlequin and Nik is worse than the Joker.” You growled before storming off towards the bar, you stood at the bar thinking about the jokes everyone had thrown at you but you knew they were right. You were a lot like Niklaus and you could be just as sick as him sometimes. Cami always said it was deep rooted issues from my past but you always waved her off saying you were fine. You knew it was mainly the accent that made everyone joke about it though so you ignored them. Once you got the bartender attention you ordered a cocktail sipping the red liquid once it arrived.

When a song from the suicide squad soundtrack came on you literally face palmed the bar surface. You knew immediately it was Kol’s doing, you slammed your glass down and decided to dance anyway. As much as you hate the constant Harley Quinn jokes you loved the film and soundtrack. You saw the girls dancing so you joined them smiling as Hayley patted you back in a comforting way.

“I’m fucked up, I’m black and blue. I’m build for it, all the abuse.” You sang along as you danced with Bekah. After the song had ended I felt someone pat on my shoulder I turned to see Kol who was smirking.

“Puddin’s here and he says it’s urgent.” Kol joked but you knew who he meant. You rolled your eyes and followed Kol silently. Once you spotted Niklaus you noticed his face was not one of a happy Klaus.

“Wait before I leave. Say it?” Kol asked as we arrived in front of Niklaus who now looked highly confused.

“Which scene?” You snapped your teeth clenched as the words came out.

“The electrocution scene!” Kol grinned happily, he had the biggest crush on Harley Quinn which he always got teased about but he didn’t care.

“What are ya gonna do ya gonna kill me Mr.J?” You looked at Kol waiting for him to leave.

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya…I’m just gonna hurt ya…Really…Really bad.” Kol smirked at you and waited for your response. You rolled your eyes but responded anyway.

“Ya think so? Well I can take it.” Your accent thick and once Kol preened at how he once again had gotten his own way he walked off. I turned back to Niklaus who was trying not to laugh but failing miserably.

“Did you just…Quote….H-Harley Quinn?” Nik gasped between laughter.

“Did you just admit to watching Suicide Squad?” You retaliated with a smirk gracing you face and he soon stopped laughing.

“Aww is Klausy embarrassed?” You mocked putting on your sickly sweet Harley Quinn voice.

“Shut up.” Klaus snapped before grabbing his drink from the table behind him.

“What do you need Klausy?” You teased as you took his drink downing in soundlessly.

“Would you mind posing for me again?”

“You took me away from my night out to ask for another painting session!?” You screamed throwing the glass against the wall.

“Yep.” Klaus smirked up at you from the couch as you stood up.

“Excuse me miss but I think I’m gonna have to ask you to lea-” A man yelled as he came in to the private room ranting.


“Sorry but am gonna have to insist ya shut up!” You screamed snapping his wrist back breaking it without a blink. You turned to Niklaus with a glare ignoring the guys screamed of pain.

“It’s so attractive when you go all psycho on someone.” Klaus grinned mischievously over at you.

In the blink of an eye you were on top of Klaus, hands in his hair tugging furiously as you both fought for dominance over the kiss you currently found yourself in. You don’t know how you ended up there but the screaming guy now forgotten as you ripped Klaus’s shirt open. Your hands made their way down his chest, nails digging in angrily as your hands made their way to his pants.

You hadn’t even realised your shirt was gone, his hands were tugging at your bra but he soon gave up and ripped it off. His hand massaged your breasts roughly as he took the left nipple in his mouth suckling and biting vigorously. You groaned loudly, your hands working open his pants Klaus had apparently thought you were going to slow so he flipped you over onto you front. He dropped his pants then proceeded to rip off your skirt. When he was done he lifted your ass up your face still crushed into the couch.

You screamed out as two of his fingers entered you with no warning. You soon recovered as his thrusts were hitting your special spot. You pushed back onto his fingers craving your realise but as soon as Klaus realised what you were doing he stopped and brought his hand down to your ass giving it a loud smack. You whined wiggling your ass at him, as if daring him to do it again. So head did, several times before kissing the red welts that now covered both ass cheeks.

“P-Please Klaus…” You whined your voice full of desperation.

“Not yet sweetheart. I want you to feel all of me when you cum.” He grunted as he gripped your hips dragging you closer to him. His hand slid from the bottom of you back to your shoulders, his touch sending shivers down your spine. He gripped your right shoulder as he thrust into you roughly making you gasp loudly, gripping the pillows at how full you felt.

“Oh god! Please Klausy..” You taunted your breathing uneven and full of need.

He started thrusting into you angrily, his breathing getting louder. His thrust gained an unhuman speed as you became a moaning mess. Your screams were loud and raw, you had never been with Klaus but you’d imagined the pleasure he could give you with a thousand years of experience. You were gripping the couch so tightly your nails had started cutting through the fabric that covered it.

“Shit, Y/N I’m close.” You heard him grunt his nails digging into your hips, no doubt drawing blood.

You nodded sobbing in pleasure as he started hitting you g-spot as if trying to force your orgasm out of you. You were a writhing mess as he hit your special spot with violent thrusts. You felt your stomach tighten as you orgasm neared its peak. His hand moved to grip your hair pulling you up so he could whisper dirty little things in your ear.

“Cum for me love.” He grunted as his seed started to fill you, his rough sexed out voice pushed you over the edge his arms now gripping your waist as he gave you one more thrust. After your powerful orgasm was over you collapsed into Klaus’s arms.


When you came too you knew three things. One, your virgina hurt. Two, you were in a soft bed and three, someone was laid next to you.

You rolled over to see Klaus and then images of what happened the night before came rushing back. You groaned before deciding to wake Klaus up.

“Niklaus why am I here?” You questioned as his eyes started opening.

“Because after I fucked you into next week you pasted out.” He smirked over at you as if he was proud about his achievement.

“There’s some juice on the side and I’ll have Sally bring you some food since you were most likely dehydrated.” Klaus added seriously pointing to the orange juice that was sat next to you. You shook you head but drank it anyway knowing he was right. After you finished the glass of juice Niklaus dragged you back down.

“You know that wasn’t a one off right?” Klaus narrowed his eyes as if trying to search yours for your thoughts.

“What so now I’m your new little fuck buddy?” You snorted your voice sarcastic and full of bitterness.

“No more like I want you to be my Queen.” He responded seriously, staring into your Y/E/C eyes.

You laid there silently thinking about how good that actually sounded but your thoughts were soon interrupted by and annoyingly smug voice.

“Or the Harley Quinn to his Joker!”

Fucking Kol! You thought as you buried your head into the pillow.  

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unknowingly ending nudes to tyler and only noticing when you get a response with a dick picture

jesus goddamn christ.

You had been using Tinder for months, chatting with random men periodically when you would get bored; as much as Josh made fun of you for it, you would tell him you were using them to ‘kill the loneliness’. You never met up with any of the strange men, simply talked to them when you were bored and wanted some attention.

For the past two days, you had struck up a conversation with a guy named Taylor; he was sweet at first, but quickly delved into more sexual conversations, as most of the users on the app would do. It escalated slightly quicker when you gave him your phone number and your Snapchat.

As you lay in your bed, trying to take a few inappropriate selfies for him, you only momentarily regret your choices, but immediately brush it to the side and continue to pose for a perfect selfie in your underwear. Once you send the selfie, you go back to scrolling through apps on your phone. It only takes a few minutes for Taylor to respond with a picture of his hand shoved down the front of his boxers.

You decide to up the stakes by taking your bra off and taking a shot from an angle where you breasts and your panties are in the frame. You grin at how good of a picture it turned out to be hurriedly sending it before you lose your nerve. You toss your phone onto the bed, pulling your shirt on and walking into your living room; you rifle through your movie shelf, trying to find something to watch before settling on one of your favorites

When you return to your room, you notice the screen of your phone is illuminated, but decide to take your time before you get back to Taylor. You put your movie in the DVD player and walk slowly back to your bed, climbing under the covers. Scooping your phone up, you see you got a Snap from Tyler; knowing his penchant for sending your obnoxious videos and pictures while he and Josh were on tour, you smile to yourself, knowing that it’s bound to be something funny.

When you open the picture, you’re shocked to find a picture of him in the bathroom of the tour bus, taking a mirror selfie, completely naked. His hand is wrapped around his erection, a look on his face unlike you’d ever seen from him before: eyes half lidded, lips parted slightly, but pulled up into a small smirk. Your entire body feels as though it’s engulfed in flames when the realization sets in: you had sent a picture of your breasts and panties to one of your best friends, and his response was to send you his own naked pictures.

You wanted to crawl out of your skin, but at the same time were completely turned on at the sight of Tyler in such a vulnerable state. You’re unsure of how to respond to him, torn between telling him it was an accident or trying to push the conversation further. Before you can respond, you get another Snap from Tyler, immediately feeling your heart begin pounding faster as you open it.

This time, he sent a video and you’re sure that your panties have completely soaked through at the sight: Tyler was now in his bunk, his phone aimed at his hand stroking slowly over his erection. You can hear him letting out very quiet gasps, which does nothing to cease the twisting in your stomach. During the last seconds of the video, Tyler flips to the front-facing camera, and you have to hold back the moan in your throat at the look on his face. His bottom lip pulled between his teeth, his brow knitted to make his look appear needy. The video ends too soon for your liking, and you find yourself wanting to see more.

While you contemplate the appropriate response, Tyler sends you a text; you fumble with the phone, navigating to the messages to read what he has to say.

I’m sure you intended to send that picture to one of those worthless punks you chat with on that stupid app…but I expect you to send me a picture of your pussy right now so I can picture it wrapped around my cock while I finish jerking off.

You pull in a shuddered breath, your body so hot it was tingling; you immediately shove your panties down your legs, kicking them off and to the floor. You struggle for a moment to get at a decent angle, before sending the picture to him. You notice he opens it immediately, and your heart jumps into your throat when you get the notification that he takes a screenshot.

Several minutes go by, and you can’t help but think about what he’s doing with the picture. Finally, you get another text from Tyler, this time it’s a video: he’s panting and moaning very softly, angling the camera over his head so you can see his face and his hand working over himself. You pull your lip into your mouth, losing your mind at the beautiful sounds he makes when finally he’s spilling over into his fist.

The video ends with him aiming the camera at his face, a smug, tired grin on his face as he signs off with, “When I get back home from tour, that pussy is all mine.”

{Once in a Lifetime} a Lance Tucker One shot

Lance was an asshole. Period. They didn’t call him ‘The Fucker’ for nothing. But, damn, if you didn’t want him. Badly.

You knew it would be a one time thing. There’s no “more” with Lance. And it’s no secret that he’s been around. You didn’t care. You knew you’d do anything.

He walked into the training facility early that morning. You were already there, warming up and stretching, when you felt his eyes on you. “Morning, Coach,” you said with a small wave. He just gave you a smile and kept walking.

‘Damn him’, you thought to yourself, sitting up on the mat. 'Time to make a move’ you told yourself, and marched to his office.

The door was slightly opened and you could see him sitting at the desk, arms behind his head and feet up, eyes closed.

You cleared your throat and his eyes shot open. “Can I help you?,” he asked with a sarcastic tone, but he grinned like he knew. Of course he knew.

“Sorry, coach,” you started, innocent look on your face and he sat up, “I’m having trouble stretching. Can you help?,” you finished and you could see the fire in his eyes.

He got up out of the chair and walked over to you, standing as close as he could. He chuckled quietly and you felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up. He ran a finger over your jaw, making your mouth drop and letting a moan escape. He grinned again and put his lips on your ear, “I don’t think you really want me to help you stretch, beautiful,” he whispered and you couldn’t help but moan again. He laughed. “Keep moaning like that and we won’t even make it out of the office,” he said, voice dropping.

 You looked up at him and just shrugged and he reached down and ran his finger under the band of your shorts. You moaned again, this time louder and he groaned, “oh, that’s it, baby doll,” he said, quickly flipping you around and bending you over the desk

.He ran a hand slowly down you back until he pulled down your shorts and panties in one shot. He snaked his hand around, feeling how wet you were and let out a low moan. “You know I’m not going to take it easy on you,” he breathed out, and you nodded. “Comin’ in here,” he panted out, pushing himself against you, “practically beggin’ me to fuck you,” he said and you whimpered. 

 "Is that what you want?,“ he asked, his voice dark, and you nodded frantically as he slid himself into you, letting out a loud groan at the sensation. "So tight, gorgeous,” he said through gritted teeth, picking up the pace, pounding into you so hard that you could barely hold on. 

 "That’s it,“ he huffed, "clench around me. Come on, doll face, cum for Lance,” he growled and that was all you needed, cumming hard and screaming his name. He moved faster, strokes becoming erratic as he found his own release.  

He pulled out and helped you up, reaching down to grab your shorts and handing them to you. You felt yourself blush as he walked back around to his chair, sitting and throwing his arms back around his head, like nothing happened. You pulled your shorts back up, unsure what to say, so you just walked to the door, turning the handle. 

Just as you walked out, you heard him. “Had fun babe, but that was a once in a lifetime deal.”

Let Me Put On A Show: Jonghyun and Taemin Threesome

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Based off this request

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader x Taemin

Word Count:  3k

Content: Jonghyun and Taemin invite you over to hang and you end up playing strip Monopoly. Things get very x-rated. +Taemin taking orders, getting watched as you have sex, and a threesome(kind of).  

Written By: Bambi

Authors’ Note: I worked on this a lot and I’m really proud of it and it’s only my second smut I’ve written so I’d really appreciate any type of feedback! I hope everyone reading enjoys this and I really hope that the anon who requested likes it the most! Happy reading! 


  You didn’t exactly know how you got into the predicament you were in. You didn’t exactly care to get out of it either. It was a game of strip Monopoly that ended with you sandwiched in between Jonghyun and Taemin. You only wore your panties, Teamin was completely naked and Jonghyun was only missing his shirt.

   The actual Monopoly game was Jonghyuns idea. He always knew how to spice up a boring night and this night was one of the plainest you’d had in a while.

   Jonghyun had called you earlier that night complaining that him and Taemin were bored and alone. They had wanted to have some sort of bonding night with the other members of SHINee but Minho and Onew both were busy filming their respective dramas and Key had claimed to forget the night had even been scheduled. After a ten minute phone call with Jonghyun and Taemin both taking turns to  whine into the phone you had gave in.

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So, @incorrect-yansim-quotes​ has kinda started a charm headcanon!!! I wanted to add on to this, like what each charm/item would be and how you’d get it (non-violent towards the rivals/no killing). These are in no way associated on winning that week, these are simply ways to earn the gifts of each “rival”. This will be taken in a way that there is no “rival” after your senpai. Megami will still try to rid of you for anything wrong that you do, Info-Chan will tell her of whatever wrongdoing you commit. With each new rival comes more and more feelings. Osana’s starts like normal Ayano, and by the time you finish with Megami, Ayano will be normal. I may have put too much thought into this, it’s more of a wish for the game. I don’t know where “Headcanon” and “Wish” came together, but I’m quite happy with what I did. I went overboard, but I had fun typing this up.

Read Below for it!

Now, you can choose if you want to wear it. It will have boosts and ups if you wear it.

(Ex: Osana’s phone charm will let you closer to Senpai if Osana is next to him.)

Accessories earned in Story Mode can be worn in Endless, too.

Osana (Cat Phone Charm)- Completing her task later (Thursday, Friday) when she already gave up and bought a new charm. You’d accept it on Monday, act nice to her, don’t do anything to spite her, etc…, then when the end of the week approaches, you give her the charm. She already bought a new one though, and since you’ve been so nice to her, she lets you keep it! After this, you’d have a little cat phone charm on your phone. You will always have this.

Amai (Muffin Earrings)- She’s too nice to say no to a gift, but she doesn’t like it at all. You’d have to join the Cooking club and show up to a meeting after she got them. She’d get it from a member of the club who is new. She gives it to Ayano in hopes that she will like it. They’re muffin earrings. Ayano also had to have gotten piercings with Musume on a girl’s night. (This would require you to befriend her. Better results if you befriend the Basu Sisters, they’ll tag along and up your reputation.) For the rest of the game you’ll have muffin dangle earrings.

Kizana (Rose Ring)- You’d have to join the Drama club for this. The play is Romeo and Juliet, of course. Kizana is the lead, and you’re her understudy. She is recovering from an injury, and can’t preform. (You have to sabotage one of the lights, that when it is tampered with it will fall. It lands on Kizana’s foot and crushes her toes.) She wants to continue, but if you have befriended Sora you’ll get a cutscene in which you’re there when Sora convinces the stubborn show-girl to sit in the audience. You have to attend every meeting and do a better job than Kizana thought you would in the play. If you put on a performance that she enjoyed,  she’ll let you keep the ring in which Juliet wears. After this, a rose ring will be visible on Ayano’s right thumb.

Oka (Pentagram Necklace)- You do not have to join the club for this, but it is recommended. If you supply the Occult Club with all the supplies (Random things, a spider, a jar of “ectoplasm” {You can get this from the Science club, if you befriend Haruto he’ll whip up some fake stuff.}, etc..), help them in research, and tell them things about the Basu Sisters (Befriend them), then Oka will give you a pentagram necklace (In the club) or choker (Not in the club) to show you appreciation. After this, the accessory will be seen on your neck.

Asu (Ankle Bracelet with Water Drop Charms)- You have to be in the sports club for this. You can skip class for two days without penalty when getting this charm. (Your physical stat will increase instead of choosing which points will go into which subject the first day, and you will gain a point in physical the second.) You’d spend this time and three after-schools training for a swim meet with Asu. On Friday, you will not attend school until 3:00. You, Asu, the sports club, and the swim team will be at a Swim Meet, and you will have to lead the team to victory. If you succeed, Asu will give you her good luck charm, the ankle bracelet. After this, the ankle bracelet will be seen on your left ankle.

Muja (Needle Pin)- This will be hard to earn. You have to play “medicine runner” for this week (Because the actual nurse is gone, and Muja needs help.), and this requires you to have a higher reputation. You will run errands, help sorting, and have to sabotage a meal of a student. Kokona will eat lunch alone on Wednesday, as she usually does, but she will leave it to see something Saki found. If you put something that will cause Kokona to choke on her food in it, you’ll be able to do the heimlich. If you do this and take Kokona to the nurse, she’ll be more friendly and open to you. She’ll tell you a family member that passed in the school, which inspired her to take on the job here to prevent any more casualties like so. (In 1980′s mode, a girl that you can poison as Ryoba will be the aunt of Muja.) At the end of the week she’ll have to go back to school. She’ll give you the pin which belonged to her Aunt. After this, the pin will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

Mida (Wine Glass Necklace)- For this you’ll lose a lot of reputation. You have to get panty shots of 15 girls and convince two male students to take lessons from Mida (They cannot be in her class.). You’ll also have to attend every class and be willing to help Mida. She’ll ask you about a few boys, and if you tell her the truth, she’ll thank you. She’ll have to leave at the end of the week. If you show affection and treat her with respect (Maybe even as a mother figure) she’ll give you her necklace and tell you to “Be Good.” After this, the necklace will be seen around your neck.

Osoro (Bracelet with a Bunny Charm)- Your reputation has to be low enough that the delinquents are willing to be around you. If you befriend Osoro (You have to participate in all of her events, skip every class, and win a fight against Budo or a male delinquent.) she’ll come to you when she’s at her weakest. She’ll get emotional and need comfort, and if you can give it to her she’ll give you the bracelet she was given by an old friend who left her. After this, the delinquents will back you up no matter what your reputation is. If Osoro catches you killing a student though (any method), all the delinquents except her will apprehend you and maybe even beat you. She’ll just watch in shock. After this, the bracelet will be seen on your right wrist.

Hanako (Her Heart Clip)- This is the second hardest, because you’ll have to avoid Taro as a love interest. Hanako will take you in if she notices you are alone, no one likes you (She doesn’t care for the delinquents, so on her route you have to avoid them.), and if you are being bullied (You can ask Kizana to fake being a bully with her drama club). Everything will be lost if she catches you showing interest in Taro or if someone spreads it around that you do like him. You’ll have to help her study, hang out with her often, and act like the sister she never had. She’ll give you her clip if she feels you are close to her. This will actually help Ayano with her reputation and Taro will begin to show interest. While wearing this, Ayano’s hair will be down and she’ll have the clip on.

Megami (A Medal)- This is the hardest, and you have to find a way into Student Council. Megami will be suspicious, but the more you do to help improve the school the more trust she’ll have. You have to have high reputation (Hanako’s route will provide that.) and befriend over half the school. There are a lot of things you have to do, so this will go for three weeks. A list of tasks include:

Uniting all the clubs to trust another (They didn’t before, and there was competition to be the best. Swim+Sports and Drama are the most competitive.) and help eachother

Attending class earlier by thirty minutes before other students do.

Turning delinquents into decent students

Helping deal with punishment to trouble students

Helping every club with a separate task. 

After completing a long task of things that the student council needed done, it will be the end of the year. The last Friday will be the last day of school, and Megami will invite you to a reward night. There, you will meet her father. Ryoba will also be in town, she came back a few nights before. Everybody you got a charm from will attend, and if you do not get a charm from one of them they will not go. You can talk with all of them, they will thank you. At the end of the night Megami will invite you to the stage along with the other members of the Student Council and reward each member. Megami will hesitate at you, but you will get the best prize, a medal she was given when she was in her second year. She will be in her last year, and moving into her father’s business, so she decides to give it to you, who is in the same position she was. By then, Ayano will have the feelings of a normal girl, and Taro will have fallen for her. After getting this medal, it will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

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could you do a nsfw scenario where dazai is giving a female reader oral under the table? (sorry your nsfw scenarios are jus so good >///<)

I live for that ;)

Pairing: Dazai x f! Reader
Genre: NSFW

Another boring meeting stood on the Agency’s doorstep. Things like payment, shifts and other issues would be discussed that day and like always, Dazai, also known as your lover, would skip that meeting. 
It wasn’t unusual for Dazai to skip important things happening in the Agency, everyone was already used to it.
You just finished cleaning the large, oval-shaped table everyone would gather at in a while. Already sitting down on your seat, a sigh escaped your pink lips; you definitively weren’t ready for another uninteresting session in your life, but some things had to be done even if they were equal to chores.
The brown-haired male seemed to have a sixth sense for you as he opened the door and his honeybrown eyes spotted your already exhausted body.

“Say, [Name]..” Dazai spoke in a devious voice, his hands being stuffed in the pockets of his trench coat. It already dawned on you; every time Dazai planned something, this kind of voice would reach your ears. 
The brunette detective flashed you a cheeky smile, went underneath the table and started caressing your calves, his eyes catching a shot of your [f/c] panties from underneath the skirt. 
“How about I keep you some company? But you have to be quiet!~” Dazai chirped in a happy-go-lucky tone and carefully pushed the chair you sat on closer to the table.

You probably shouldn’t have agreed on Dazai’s offer. But it was too late; Ranpo, Yosano, Kunikida, Tanizaki, Naomi and simply everyone was already in the meeting room sitting on their seats and greeting each other. 
“I think the Agency needs more candy.” Ranpo was the first to speak up with a bag of chips in his hand which was already half empty - or half full, in Ranpo’s opinion.
“You’d pay for that, right, Ranpo-san?” Yosano chuckled, already imagining how much Ranpo would pay just to get more candy than he already had.

Meanwhile, you were gulping down the lump in your throat as you felt chapped lips place kisses on your calves up to your inner thighs; each kiss was a bit wetter and sloppier. Long, slender fingers pushed your panties to the side. Even Dazai knew it’d be a bad idea to pull them down like he’d usually do.
A pleasant shiver rolled down the curves of your spine and lingered between your hips, your heartrate increased.
Dazai’s lips were adorned by a smirk as he cupped your womanhood with his hand, rubbing it very carefully and tenderly.
“I-I’m pretty sure we can delay this subject to l-later.” You chuckled sheepishly, trying to ignore Dazai’s company between your legs. “We have more important things to discuss, right?” [e/c]-tinted orbs darted over to Fukuzawa who nodded in agreement, grabbed a file and skimmed through its content.

There was little to nothing you could do to stop the slight throbbing between your legs. Breathing out a soft huff, the male between your legs knew exactly you’d struggle soon.
Dazai used his thumb to rub your clit in slow circles; your toes curled, legs tensed up as well as your spine. Oh, how much Dazai loved to gain that kind of reaction from you. 
The discussion above him was loud and heated. Perfect.
Grabbing your hips, you’re slowly pulled closer to Dazai’s face, his hot breath tickling your sensitive areas. 
Dazai removed his thumb from your clit and replaced the lack of touch with his tongue, dragging it through your moistened folds a few times. 
Pressing your lips together, you held in a moan and tried spreading your legs further apart. One silent glance towards your brown-eyed lover, one silent question to spread your legs..and it was denied.

“How about [Name]-san and I switch shifts?” Atsushi asked in a curious yet quiet manner. No one seemed to be against it, only your approval was missing. With your hazy mind, you weren’t able to completely focus on what was going on and only nodded your head, being afraid of moaning out loud if you opened your mouth to speak.
“Say, are you alright? You look like you’re having a fever.” Kunikida stopped scribbling in his notebook as he scrutinized your reddened cheeks and spotted a few sweat drops on your skin. 
It took all of your will not to make any sexual noise.
“I..I simply caught a c-cold..”
“Very well then.”

As a reward for such a plausible explanation, Dazai started happily sucking away on your clit as if it was his favorite candy. Giving it a few more kisses and kitten-like licks, Dazai pulls away to admire his work.
The sensitive bundle of nerves was already swollen and your arousal stained the chair you sat on. Placing his hands on your thighs, Dazai dipped his head back in, circled your entrance with the tip of his tongue and finally inserted his slippery muscle to thrust it at a pleasant pace.
In return, you gripped the table’s edge, small pants leaving your lips; to your luck, they were barely audible. Nails probably left light marks in the wooden table. 
Thanks to Dazai’s actions, you didn’t even notice that the meeting was close to coming to an end.

“Now we should discuss the payment.” Fukuzawa ended the previous discussion about switching shifts and carried on with everyone’s approval.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fine with what I get per month.” A gentle smile was placed on Tanizaki’s lips, his eyes looked like they were searching for any kind of disagreement.

Dazai lowly growled from deep within his chest, mumbling how sweet you were; his nose pressing up against the bundle of nerves.
He made sure to let his tongue explore every angle he could possibly reach, the taste of your arousal made him more eager, greedier. Brown locks tickled your thighs as Dazai pushed his head closer to your dripping pussy, simultaneously nipping on the sides of it. 
Each shiver that rolled down your spine brought you one step closer to your badly-wanted orgasm, each suck and nip made you wanna go crazy.

“..with this being said, I end the meeting.” 
Finally. Every Agency member stood up and left the room. Atsushi was about to leave, but ever since he knew you caught a cold, the light-haired teen was worried about your health. “[Name]-san? Do you need anything?” 
Damnit. You had to answer this question. “I..just..need a minute. G-go ahead, please..” 
Atsushi smiled in a kind way, believed your little excuse and left the room as well, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door fell into the lock, your legs were thrown over the chair’s arm rests and Dazai kissed your glistening womanhood, letting his tongue prod the entrance just to see you shiver and squirm.
“Ngh~ Let me c-cum, pleasee~” You kept your voice down and yet it was just as needy and begging as it usually was when Dazai did certain things to you. Given the situation and how well you behaved, your lover didn’t deny your little request. 
Dazai’s tongue picked up the pace, his fingers pinching and rubbing your clit. You leaned your head back, put your palm over your mouth and squuezed your eyes shut. The familiar tight knot in your tummy threatened to explode and you weren’t wrong about that. 
A few flicks and thrusts later, you released your cum all over Dazai’s tongue. Groaning, Dazai accepted your sweet juices. You moaned into your palm to muffle the sexual sound, arched your back, let your eyes roll. “Damnit..D-Dazai..~”

“Hmm? Someone seems to have enjoyed herself~” Dazai pulled away from his place between your legs, repositioned your panties and skirt and shot you a sweet grin as if nothing happened.
“S-Shut it, i-idiot..” Slowly but surely, you came down from your high, took a deep breath and sat on the chair like you used to during the meeting.
The suicidal brunette offered you a hand.

“Let’s get you home. After all, I must nurse you back to health~”

Anon is hecking upset

Soooo after reading the receipts tag for a while, I’ve got a good gist of what’s going on and I’m going to send in my grain of salt if that’s alright- only making this a text post bc I need to paragraph
1) it’s pretty obvious this guy is a CREEP. That’s well established by his old online reputation and those receipts. But the fact that he’s continuing to promote lolicon/dubcon/underage/pedophile stuff… it’s why we can’t have nice things. Even in the game with panty shots (but there’s blood herr derr) and changing underwear… ya nasty. When you have someone with such a high status amongst 13 y/o “yaoi fangurlz xd”, of course they’re going to be desentized to it- it’s normal for them. Not to mention this guy is PROFITING off of these stupid kids that support him blindly.
2) I’m willing to bet the game won’t get finished and he’s going to take the money and run. If he does finish it by the year 3000, it’ll probably be some odd mishmash of dangan ronpa and hitman (rated G edition) made with MMD models and plagiarized art. Even then it won’t be worth paying a penny for.
3) RAMPANT HOMOPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA AND ABLEISM! Not in the game (yet) but just from what he says… it’s so gross?? And going back to that disgusting lolicon/yaoi mindset, most ppl r just going to see it as a normal thing? Also why does he keep insulting autistic ppl that’s rlly low
4) the BLANTANT lack of respect for Japanese culture and people makes me CRINGE. I’m more surprised that Japanese people aren’t like “uhh hey I live this life and it’s nothing like that so u may want to stop”. It’s the equivalent of speaking broken Japanese and using chopsticks with two hands.
5) misogyny. promoting lolicon. promoting “big boob waifu” shit. WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. MINORS ARE NOT OBJECTS. LITTLE GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS.
6) as a (albeit very bad) artist, watching him profit off of stolen assets pisses me off. Make your own textures, pay for them, or don’t use them at all.
Tldr this person sucks and the game sucks just as much and it rlly makes me lose faith in humanity when I see preteens running after this stuff
Thank you for reading all this if you’ve made it this far lmao
And thank you v much for running this blog, more ppl need to see it

Would You Be My Wife (Part 18)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 850

Warnings: Light smut.

“Would You Be My Wife” Masterlist

A/N: This is the second to last installment, guys! Enjoy :D 

Originally posted by pleasingpics

To your pleasant surprise, Bucky behaved extraordinarily well during your dates, exceeding your expectations and showcasing a side to him you had never seen. He was incredibly sweet and always put you first, his thoughts zeroing in on your own taste rather than what he desired.

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anonymous asked:

speaking of longetivity if getting a rival's trust is as easy as say, just doing one easy request + some compliments for reputation, whats stopping you from asking them to follow you, bringing them to the furnace, killing them there, disposing of everything, and then asking info chan to squeeze you in a new outfit with panty shots

Anonymous said: since u said the new uniform is more accurate, does that mean the girls will wear shorts under their skirts to prevent panty shots/perverts from peeping on them? (just curious since a lot of high school girls in japan do this)         

Much to Info-chan’s annoyance, some of them do. I haven’t thought about which girls would care enough to wear shorts under their skirt and which girls wouldn’t worry about it, though… Nor do I have any idea when it’d be relevant which is why I never thought about it.

Also, way off topic, but it’d be cool if in the game girls started wearing shorts under their skirts if they caught you taking panty shots a certain number of times. It’d make it more difficult because you’d risk more than your reputation and have to be sneakier or else the number of girls who you could get shots of would quickly decrease- making it so you can’t rely on Info-chan for a bunch of favors.

Top 5 Underrated Anime to Watch for Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that I usually would open the askbox or do some kind of event for the holidays, especially my favorite one, but I just didn’t have time this Halloween and think that I have enough requests in the askbox to work on without adding others. So I decided to continue with this new thing I’m doing or anime analysis with a recommendation of the top 5 underrated anime I think you guys should watch this or any other Halloween. I worked hard on this so please enjoy!

5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Originally posted by benjandan

This is probably my favorite series of all time. Written by the author of Assassination Classroom, Yuusei Matsui, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is an occult detective fiction that tells the story of Neuro Nougami, a mystery-eating demon that, due to eating all the mysteries in demon world, comes to the Human World to find the ultimate mystery. With the help of teenager Yako Katsuragi, he founds a detective agency and the two go around solving cases around Japan. It’s not so much a straight-up horror or Halloween-themed show, which is why I have it so low on the list for how much I adore this series; it has very dark comedy and the characters definitely come across a lot of horrible things and characters as they investigate murder after murder. It’s a villain of the week type of show with a few recurring villains, especially when you go farther and read the manga, but you’ll, as messed up as it is, never get bored with the way the antagonists murder their victims. The show is highly stylized in just the way I love and the main characters Neuro and Yako have an amazingly original and fun friendship you loved to watch. The recurring protagonists are dynamic and original (one of them is a sentient braid of hair named Akane), the story arcs are fun, and it expertly plays hopscotch with the line between light-heartedness and fucked upness in an absolutely delicious way that makes it a juxtaposingly dark and fun show with the same weird, wacky, and twisted humor of Assassination Classroom, but about demons you won’t be afraid to watch at night but will definitely get you in the dark and spooky mood. I cannot recommend it enough.

4. Blood: the Last Vampire

Originally posted by shultzmanganime

The Blood Series (Plus, C, etc.) are an anime Halloween classic and the original animated film did not used to be considered underrated at all, in fact, it was a staple, and for good reason! The artwork is beautiful with a stylized realism and amazing shading work that is just stunning to see. And the animation is just as smooth, crisp and realistic to match. The story is actuall pretty compelling and scary too, and pretty straight-forward. In the year 1966, Saya is the last of the pureblood vampires and is a stone-cold badass that spends her days killing the blood-sucking, bat-demons: chiropterans. The story takes place on her mission at a high school near the Yokota Air base where she is to pose as a student and hunt down the hiddern chiropteran. It’s a straight-forward but bloody story with terrifying artwork and just amazing direction, writing, and animation in both the sub and dub that, despite its loss of relevance over the last 16 years, still holds up remarkably well. If you’re looking for something bloody, edgy, and dark that isn’t Hellsing, this is a classic place to start.

3. School Live!

Originally posted by lilium

If Japanese Horror has taught us anything, it’s that it can do a whole lot, by showing very little, and School-Live freaking nails that concept. The series follows the girls of the Megurigaoka School Living Club, specifically the super cheerful and optimistic Yuki Takeya, who experienced delusions of a regular moe-moe school life while the girls live in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It tricks the audience by setting the show up like a traditional moe club girl anime to be fully immersed in Yuki’s delusions, but tbh, I don’t feel totally guilty spoiling that because it’s pretty easy to predict that there’s something seriously wrong with it about five minutes in and it’s one of those shows you really enjoy a lot more once the secret it out. It’s ridiculously smart in the way it portrays it’s zombies and horror, far more unnerving than The Walking Dead’s gratuitous use of shock-value gore and violence (although I do also love that show), it really just plays double-dutch with how it comforts and yet at the same time alarms you through Yuki’s expertly portrayed delusions and growth, and especially in watching the growth in both the characters and the show openings—it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole damn time AND give you a couple best girls to choose from. What better way to spend your Halloween?

2. Highschool of the Dead

Originally posted by zicosontheblock

Now on the opposite side of the zombie spectrum. Highschool of the Dead is a very straightforward zombie invasion story with overly-straightforward ecchi, harem themes to it—understandably so, it was written by a hentai artist after all—about a group of high schoolers trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s the straight up horror of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. Now I’m not saying this show is underrated because it’s not well known—it’s on every horror anime list and the manga, although on hiatus, is still a top seller. I’m calling it underrated because I don’t think that people give it nearly enough credit. Yes, the fanservice is ridiculous at times as is the way all the girls are constantly falling for Takumi, but the characters are all really dynamic and interesting, including the main audience-insert character Takumi, who actually, isn’t a totally pathetic, Gary-Stu audience insert. He’s funny, strong, courageous, and handsome with some real emotional baggage, and it’s actually pretty easy to see WHY girls fall for him. Similarly, the girls all have personalities, even if they do fall along the lines of harem tropes, these are pretty strong, independent and interesting women. And don’t even get me started on Kohta. I love that chubby little gun otaku so much I can’t even fucking stand it. Overall, I just think it’s a really solid story with one of the greatest English dubs I’ve ever seen that I think people are way too quick to drop because of its fanservice and if you stopped watching after the third panty shot in the first 10 minutes, go back and power through because you’re really missing out on a great dumb, fun series.

And at number one is…

1. Blood Lad

Originally posted by michi-i

GREAT fucking show and I am shocked that not as many people are as crazy about it as I am. Blood Lad tells the story of Staz Charlie Blood a powerful vampire in the Demon World who is obsessed with humans, anime, and Japanese culture. One day, a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, stumbles into the Demon World, which he’s thrilled about! …until she’s eaten alive by a carnivorous plant and turned into a ghost and he then takes on the responsibility of bringing her back to life. Huge Halloween-esque fun as they go about battling werewolfs, Staz’s vampire relatives, and even Frankenstein-themed monsters—seriously, I’m shocked this isn’t on at least one Halloween list I’ve watched. Maybe that’s because even with all these horror themes and references, it’s a really fun show. It’s an action and supernatural black comedy with cute and funny romantic tensions and love triangles, ridiculously fun and likeable characters, and just a fantastically entertaining occult story. I adore this anime and while it won’t have you screaming, it’ll get you pumped for a fun Halloween in the same way the American film Hocus Pocus would. It’s ironic, satirical, and just absolutely wonderful, and is a must watch, for Halloween or otherwise.

So yeah, those are my recommendations! Let me know what animes all of YOU recommend for Halloween or otherwise and I’d be happy to post them. And remember, to celebrate this blog’s first anniversary, I’m accepting fanworks for sports and shounen anime that YOU all produce so send those in if you’ve got them! Thanks for all the support and keep on sinning!

–Admin Ryou

anonymous asked:

Can i request bts reaction when they walk in on tjeir roomate showering or changing

Hey there~ :) This request sounds quite interesting *smirks* Here’s the reaction ;)


Originally posted by jinkooks

Namjoon :

He would probably want to kill himself for making you feel awkward like this.Knowing that he’s a very respectful guy he’d apologize right away.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin :

Jin would probably just smile sweetly at you before apologising and closing that door like a gentlemen. What you don’t know is that Jin will bring it up to make you blush 

“Y/N, you look quite alright to be honest.Keep working it! It’s our little secret , I won’t tell anyone I saw you~” *winks*

Originally posted by daffodiltae

Jimin :

This dude would probably be confused as hell when he opens up that shower to find you showering.He’d bow and apologize before smirking to himself.

“I’ll treasure this in my brain for the rest of my academic years before bragging to my friends, how much my roommate during college looked so hot *hehehehehe*”

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Taehyung :

You’d scream, he’d scream and you’d both scream till he’d close the door on you and run away to his room and lock himself up for the next five days because of this traumatising experience.

“I-I-I….I just saw a m-my r-r-oommate half naked… HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO FACE Y/N FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS??!”

Originally posted by taewithkookies

Jungkook : (lol this reminds me of Jk roommate au *smirks*)

Jungkook would be astonished with a blank face.His soul just left his body and its not planning to come back soon.He just saw what he shouldn’t and now he can’t unsee your body,which will make him nervous and bothered around you.

“ This is it.We’re F*cked and I can’t unsee this for the rest of my life.How am, I supposed to hold a converstation with Y/N, without thinking about that, now?! *facepalm*”

Originally posted by j-hopegifs

Hoseok :

Hoseok would be very playful about this and would even shot you a  few winks before leaving.You already saw him change and it’s mutual for both of you since you’re both cray cray.It’s not a big deal.

“ What happens in the room stays in the room~~ Right Y/N? *nudge*”

Originally posted by vminv

Yoongi :

He was probably sleepwalking when he suddenly opened the door and you were changing.He probably didn’t even see what happened(or maybe he did? lol),but he’d still apologise cause’ he’s swag like that.

“Bruhhh…Sorry I was sleep walking. I didn’t even see! I mean…I like how you match your bra with your panties btw”, he’d shot you a smile before walking out

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