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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my six pockets. Oh, what's that I have here? My wallet, phone and 3DS? All in a single pocket? Wow, cargo pants, that's amazing!

um, anyway, while the weight of your sins drags your pants down to your ankles, i’ll be over here, looking good and feeling good, Not wearing cargo pants and loving my life/self

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kinda in the need for some smut. got any suggestions :) (hollstein please)

Any of these:

  1. don’t you want to claim my body like a vandal?
  2. the way she looks
  3. Oh Jealousy, You Got Me Now
  4. Your Touch (It Heals Me)
  5. The things she learned
  6. Clichéproofed
  7. No Place Like Home
  8. under dying stars
  9. this just can’t be summer love (you’ll see)
  10. Meeting Room 1/44b 
  11. The Earth only moves when I’m with you   
  12. Sharp words, Sharper teeth
  13. Gaps That Burned Away Reality
  14. The Daily Grind
  15. Should I trust my printer’s ink? To express the things I think?
  16. If the Spirit Moves You 
  17. Travel the world within my lips 
  18. Maybe We Can Learn to Share 
  19. undisclosed desires 
  20. Scarlet and Honey 
  21. like real people do 
  22. Eldredge Knot 
  23. (of all persisting stars) 
  24. no space among the clouds 
  25. Some filthy break up smut 
  26. at night i hear her breathe (it sounds like explosions) 
  27. Changing All The Rules 
  28. The Monster Inside 
  29. I held you up and held me in 
  30. The Shape of Your Soul 
  31. I promise (I can make it last forever) 
  32. Love Bites 
  33. Bright Blue
  34. A Good Reason
  35. Give Me Your Forever
  36. Silence Looks Good on You

Enjoy the smut friend.

Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: What?
Pelutze: I just realized I’m naked, buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: I’m wearing your pants
Pelutze: I’ve wet your pants
APH Luxembourg: You son of a BITCH

i can honestly say i never see as many ugly clothes as i do on school sales

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Do you have any tips about creating an education system in a fantasy world? 3 of my characters are from entirely different regions and they’re childhood friends. I don’t know where to begin with creating some sort of school for them to meet.

Education is present in every culture in one way or another, but not all settings have formal schools or places for learning. When creating a new world, you’ll want to think about how your character receive their education.


Your characters come from different places, but you seem like you want them to meet up at a single school. Schools that bring people who live in different regions are often boarding schools, universities, or specialty schools.

Home School:

If your setting is in an area that does not have a lot of children, your characters will probably be home schooled. This does not have to be throughout a person’s entire education. In Harry Potter, many witches and wizards are home schooled until they are old enough to go to Hogwarts. Some attend muggle schools.

If your characters are home schools, what they learn will come from parents, guardians, older siblings, other family members, or private tutors. Think about what is important to your character’s family, as this will affect what they learn.

Local School:

Local schools can be public or private. Private schools often allow students who live farther away, such as in another town or county, while public schools might only allow students who hold residence in a certain area.

Private schools are not supported by the government, but through tuition and donation. If you decide to create a private school, you can have more reasons for why it is private. Is it affiliated with a religion? Are certain subjects (like magic) taught there? Are certain subjects banned (like magic)?

You’ll need to place your local school somewhere. It could be a single room in a religious building, a building on its own, or even a sunken and room with an open ceiling in a dry climate where rain would rarely come down upon them. This school doesn’t even need to be within the confines of a building or a room. It can be as simple as a tent or as a seating area around a big tree. Think about what is important to the people you are writing.

Boarding School:

Boarding schools are convenient for writers. They’re able to bring far away characters together for long periods of time while also fulfilling education for teen characters.

If you are writing a boarding school, you’ll need a reason for why people travel far to go to this school. Is it famous? Is it prestigious? Is it the only school for 200 miles? Is it the only school that teaches a certain subject? Is it a traditional for many generations in a family to attend this school?

The setting is up to you. You can place it in or near a city for convenience or you can isolate the school for various reasons. There could be a history to its placement, if you can come up with this history. Perhaps it used to be a fort in an important war or maybe, in a world with magic, the first magic users could have settled in that spot.

The appearance of the boarding school is important. Draw out a basic map of the school and its grounds. Do the students have a large campus to roam? Are there various buildings that are spread out? Or is everyone in one place? What is the climate? What landmarks are present? If you need a forest for any reason, put a forest nearby. If you need water, place the school near an ocean, a lake, a pond, or a river.

Since going to boarding school involves traveling, you’ll need to come up with ways for students to get there. In a fantasy or sci-fi world, you can do pretty much anything.

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The signs as popular movies🎥⭐

Aries: “Mean Girls”
Taurus: “John Tucker Must Die”
Gemini: “Clueless”
Cancer: “Forest Gump”
Leo: “The Great Gatsby”
Virgo: “Perks of Being a Wallflower”
Libra: “The Notebook”
Scorpio: “Pretty Woman”
Sagittarius: “Hangover”
Capricorn: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”
Aquarius: “Dead Poet’s Society”
Pisces: “Harry Potter” series

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Someone needs to hand them side by side photos of the pants and ask if a travelling lumo lime pants salesman had visited set one day....

Hee, I like this idea. Guy rolls up to the location (in the middle of the woods…how did he get there? It’s all very mysterious) with an old-timey pants cart, “Pants, pants, chartreuse pants for sale”

Production assistant: “Sir, please, this is a network television production, we are very busy and no one here needs…chartreuse pants…??…especially our classy actors who have wardrobe people and stylists and”

Gillian: “ME ME HOW MUCH”

David: “I’LL TAKE TWO”

Then some monkeys stole all the pants and put them on and climbed up in a tree and did not come down until the next day when the pants salesman finally took off his OWN pants and then the monkeys all copied him. /plagiarism

David and Gillian had gone home by then though.