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A few years ago, Dr. Gregory Thomas’ research made him think that no matter how much you exercise, how much kale you eat and how many cigarettes you avoid, heart disease is inevitable. Eventually, everyone’s arteries will harden up with some calcium plaque as they age, Thomas thought, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Now a group of farmers in Bolivia have blown that theory out of the water, Thomas says.

Who Has The Healthiest Hearts In The World?

Image by Matthieu Paley/National Geographic

A weight loss journey of 50, 100 or 200 pounds can feel so daunting and long that we don’t know where to get started. Many of us turn to crash diets or extreme programs in an attempt to shed the pounds fast only to find our willpower waning 2-3 weeks in.

For years, I was looking for the perfect weight loss solution and until I found it, I continued to binge as I punished and sedated my depression with food.

“I’ll start Monday,” I’d lie to myself on Friday.
“I mean next Monday,” I’d say on Monday.
“No one diets on (insert random holiday),” I’d justify the next Monday.

So it goes.

Until 2010 happened and I hit rock bottom. I looked around for the first time with open eyes and I saw my life: living a lie, a dying marriage, a complacent heart and a dormant soul. It was time to wake the heck up.

I didn’t start perfectly but I started. A walk of 212 steps was all I could handle before my back was screaming for relief. A salad for lunch. Small choices helped me lose my first pound.

If I could lose a pound once, I figured I could do it twice. If twice, I could do it once more. All I did was lose one pound 225 times.

Goethe once observed that magic starts to happen the moment you start. The universe begins to conspire for your success. Do you want to find your magic? Start with small decisions and one pound.

Just start. I never found the perfect diet but I learned to fall in love with the imperfect me. You can do this.


I’ve been thinking about dragons again and decided to throw my scattered ideas on them into the bucket
Think of them as fuzzy, warm blooded cousins to pterosaurs
Most of them are small and kind of boring as far as what we expect from dragons are concerned but notable are the busty sexual display of the male Vibria, the polar-bearlike Slavic dragon, the enormous and absurdly long-winged Azi, which suspends itself from sheer rock faces and gives birth mid-flight
Then there are the Wurms, most famously the knucker, aka the long, cranky ones
They are europe’s answer to the crocodilian: aquatic ambush predators that have mastered the art of looking like a dead log
They compensate for for a relatively weak bite with a modified “rat’s tooth” fang in the upper jaw that delivers a delightful dose of venom


Alright, I think I’m request doodled out, so thanks everyone for all these fun suggestions! Especially those of you who gave me some really weird cryptids and creatures that I hadn’t heard of or given attention to before; they were especially fun to draw (also I think rhyncosaurs are one of my new favorite animals). Some of these guys I might have to redraw and expand upon later because they were a lot more interesting than I could make in a little corner of my sketchbook…. And sorry if I didn’t get around to yours, there really were a lot of suggestions!