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LAY ‘Lose Control’ Becomes Highest Selling Album by a Solo Artist in GAON Chart History!

Lay’s 1st Mini Album ‘Lose Control’ officially becomes the highest selling album by a solo artist in GAON Chart History. Having sold 47,565 copies in December, totaling to 274,238 overall album sales.

‘Lose Control’ is also the highest selling album by a solo artist in Hanteo Chart history as reported a few weeks ago.

Congratulations Lay!

Consider: Swimming AU
  • Being from the South, Bitty had been swimming since he could walk (it’s the best way to beat the heat in the summer, and the most fun)
  • When he was 5 he saw synchronized swimming in the summer Olympics and told his mom he absolutely had to do it. Thinking it was just a phase, she signed him up for formal swim lessons. He fell even more in love with the water and when he was 7, he joined the Peach State Synchro team, the first male on the team.

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So after re-watching the new adaption (through reinterpretation is more fitting) of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and writing a short piece on the final episode, I decided to write a sort of analysis thingy of something I noticed within the CIA storyline. I’ve put it below the cut for spoiler reasons. Be warned – it’s rather long.

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The Gang ranked by susceptibility to manipulation

Mac - extremely susceptible: Mac is by far the most easily manipulated member of the gang, a fact established early on in the series (re: spray painting Frank’s chair). His emotionally volatile tendencies coupled with his lack of impulse control and overall intelligence have led him to fall prey to the schemes of every single other member of the gang on multiple occasions.

Dennis - very susceptible: Dennis’ extreme self-esteem and rage issues frequently make him an easy target for manipulation by the rest of the gang. Although he is more intelligent and less reliant on short-term gratification than Mac, his extreme vanity leads him to become predictable and easily provoked when criticized or misunderstood.

Dee - moderately susceptible: Often out to prove herself, Dee is especially sensitive to Frank and Charlie’s emotional manipulation tactics. Although she herself is a skilled manipulator, the right circumstances can lead to serious psychological damage. Her need to be valued by and desire to be superior to the gang are often exploited. Dee is much less sensitive to insults and critiques than Mac or Dennis, and her selfishness often helps her take advantage of others instead of the other way around. 

Charlie - not very susceptible: Charlie’s frequent childlike behavior makes him much less likely to be manipulated by other members of the gang. When Charlie is taken advantage of it usually stems from his need to feel valued by the gang, similar to Dee. However, Charlie is known to be quite the master manipulator himself, especially when it comes to the Waitress. Charlie is much more emotionally ‘tuned-in’ than the rest of the gang, and is not worried about other’s perception of him, making him less vulnerable than Mac, Dennis and Dee.

Frank - not susceptible: Frank is very similar to Charlie in his utter disregard for social norms. He cares very little about other people and is usually concerned with himself. His extreme selfishness, intelligence, and wealth make him almost invulnerable to manipulation. Frank often manipulates others into giving him what he wants, and his constant search for superficial gratification leads to an utterly carefree lifestyle.

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I finished ME3 I chose to destroy the Reapers for my ending. What are your thoughts on ME3's endings? Did you like the endings? What was the ending you chose in your first playthrough?

I think the first time I did control?  Overall I like destroy the best and do that on all my playthroughs now.  Anything that leaves the Reapers alive just seems like a problem waiting to happen.

As far as my feelings on the ending as a whole….lmao.  Extended cut helped things, but there was zero closure for Shepard and the ME3 crew and some of the writing made no sense.  Why would all synthetics be destroyed?  Why would the Mass Relays get blown up?  Were the stranded dextro aliens going to starve in the sol system?  And of course the “incomprehensible” motivation of the Reapers is revealed to just be killing organics so synthetics can’t kill them.  So stupid.

My biggest problem with the endings is that Bioware wrote themselves into such a big hole that they can’t have another ME game in the same goddamn galaxy.  TBH they should have just had you destroy the Reapers and get rid of control and synthesis (which alone has soooo many problems).

That said ME3 is still my favorite of the series.  It had some of the worst problems in the series, but it also has a lot of the best aspects too.

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There's something I don't quite understand. If the setters are the control tower and the one who's in control of the offence, why did oikawa say Hinata is the one who has the initiative in the freak quick combo?

Because Hinata is the one who decides the tempo of the quick. But Kageyama is the one who decides if it’s a quick, or a backrow pipe, or a spike from the left, or even a setter dump. Setters are the ones who decide what would be the optimal attack tactics. If Kageyama sees the blockers in the other team are already waiting for Hinata on the right, he could easily toss it to Tsuki in the middle and make it a normal quick while using Hinata as a decoy. The overall control of the offence, observation of opponents’ defence, and the decisions of whom, where to strike still lie with the setters.

Hinata isn’t a very good example to illustrate the tension between setters and spikers. Because he always charges and jumps as quick as he can, at minus tempo, cos that’s what makes his quicks lethal. So he’s not making some big decisions about the tempo there.

A better example would be Tsukki’s minor squabble with Kageyama about his quick sets. Kageyama has the habit of dictating whether it’d be a B quick or C quick when he sets the ball. Tsukki doesn’t like that, he prefers to have a neutral set, and he decides the path of the quick when he’s actually in mid air. But these are just minor differences that can be ironed out.

ToonBoom animation test is DONE
Pretty pleased with the final result I must say. Here we have Fiiji, one of my old characters, he’s a star-eater or anteater or whatever you call that thing. 

Interestingly, ToonBoom brush tool is pretty similar to Flash’s, except I find it alot easier to control. Overall, I actually find this software pretty neat, just wish it can export gif like TV Paint does. 

I'm going to rant about Ariana...

Ariana’s performance was a bit messy. That’s not 100% her fault. She has a team that helped put that performance together. Someone should have edited that performance during rehearsals. They should have had her walk out while the backup dancers were on the bikes or she should have been on the bike for less time. Someone should have noticed that Ari was losing her breath. Ariana should have spoke up too. Maybe, the rehearsals went well. Maybe, with her nerves and adrenaline rushing, her breathing was harder to control. Overall, her performance was still a good performance. She is taking risks and trying new things. Vocally she still did a fine job. She also hit her notes while laying upside down. Rihanna couldn’t even do that standing still (Sorry Rihanna! Her last performance was great tho). Also, I would like to mention that Ariana has only been in the industry for 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are comparing her to Rihanna and Beyonce who have been in the industry for +10 years. Obviously, there were flaws in her performance but she is still very new!!!!!! She is still trying to find herself and her sound!!!! That was her first live performance with a lot of choreography and different props. I think it was a great performance and was one of the most memorable performances of the night. Some of you guys need to relax and stop judging her so hard. I’m excited for the Dangerous Woman Tour!

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So thought on ETIHTS? The overall msg cold controlling unhealthy relationship, not connecting & feeling trapped; do you think those close to B saw that he felt this? Or do you think he was so good at hiding it, the end was a shock to many?

I wouldn’t want to go overboard with the negativity and the adjectives there, although I think some of that definitely exists. I think it might be a good idea, also, to remember that the song itself is set AFTER the break-up and further that reading something into every moment of a video might lead one astray in terms of analysing the actual relationship and its breakdown. Just a little. Art is art, and while it’s often a reflection of truth, it’s a distorted one. 

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Underestimate an ESFJ
  1. You haven´t noticed all the tiny sweet things they´ve done for you so they can come up with it and make you feel like an ungrateful piece of rubbish.
  2. They puppeteer your entire social circle and you don´t even know it. ESFJs won´t ruin your career, life and prospects… but they could. With this possibility wavering above their heads, ESFJs might be the real tycoons of our society. They are a little bit like the Cold War: Their “What If”-Factor brings the most powerful people to their knees. Deal with it~
  3. They are experts at drama, opportunism and controlling the overall mood ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Too much sass for you to handle.
  4. ESFJs will also remember and bring up the problematic things you´ve done ten years ago. 
  5. Count on the fact that they will come to know the darkest days of your childhood, your mommy/daddy kink and most hideous wrongdoings in high school. Because many people - especially your parents - love to talk and feel that they can confide everything to ESFJs. EVERYTHING. E V E R Y T H I N G 
  6. They work harder than you and tackle more problems than all of us could ever think of. ESFJs have done more for others than we can imagine.
  7. Their genuine, unwavering hope and belief in the good within everyone is tear-jerking. These people just /can´t/ give up.
  8. They reveal selfish motivations by saying it like it is: “You know how that affects others, right? What goes around, comes around, right?”. BOOM.
  9. ESFJs have already figured out all of your gross habits :-) They´ll also point out in what manner you are living your life the wrong way and it will be painfully accurate. They know what you regret.
  10. The way they call out a person is persuasive and intimidating to say the least.  
  11. Have you ever been screamed at by a Fe-user? I don´t advise you to try that, it rips you to shreds. ESFJs are cute and that makes it worse.
  12. You hurt them and they will still treat you nicely after a short time of pouting. You´ll feel guilty until you die. Imagine offending Jesus. It just doesn´t work, you´re the one that gets hurt.
honestly, i’m all about western au inuyasha.

all about it.

i’m all about it.

sango’s the mysterious beautiful rogue who’s looking to bag the person who’s responsible for killing her family, wearing her brother’s cowboy hat as a constant reminder.

inuyasha’s that stubbly chinned nomad that travels around, his best friend is his horse-has no purpose and belongs no where- sometimes he’s a bounty hunter, if only for the cash that he needs to buy food for his horse.

kagome just happens to be the pretty little thing that’s wandered into town with a bounty over her head.

miroku’s the handsome town sheriff who always tries to handle everything without violence and spends most of his time at the saloon, having an overall easy time controlling his town until a couple of people show up to turn everything upside down.

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Anyone that truly believes Baelish wants an alliance with the Boltons is an idiot. He’s playing them by offering Sansa. He knows Stannis hates the Boltons, has a bigger army, and by killing them off… Sansa will take back Winterfell and the North. Which means Littlefinger will have more control overall. 

I still don’t like the risks he is taking (he wouldn’t do this in the books) but Baelish isn’t dumb enough to side with the Boltons. He knows they don’t have any allies now that Tywin is dead. It’s all a ruse.

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I thought as a builder I would give the Sims 4 a try even without Create-a-Style. While I like some control features, overall its a waste of my money, I can’t go back to building without it, all my Sims 4 houses look the same already.