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voltron/the fall {1 of 3}

Can you read English?
What’s this?
*laughs* No. What’s this?
What’s this?


Hey uhhhhhhh… if a fictive or other headmate feels like “they’re not real”, (and it’s because of the fact that they’re a fictive or headmate), it usually isn’t the same as singlet depersonalization

It’s more like the result of people telling you that you’re just a delusion and the same person as the host and you start believing it and you go “Oh my God my existence is just a lie”

I guess I kinda say this because when I’ve said “I don’t feel real”, people usually respond with the usual responses of “Try grounding yourself by counting objects” when really that makes me a bit more afraid because I feel just like a dissociated state

Like if I say this just tell me I’m real and/or show me evidence that I’m not the same person as the host

to everyone who thinks reading BL means fetishising it

Then why isn’t it called fetishising heterosexual relationships when people only read shoujo’s or manga with a heterosexual relationship and some smutty panels? 

AO blogs~

Please, if you are someone who posts All out!! stuff or make or you know someone who makes fanfic, fanart, doodle, sketch, music, anything, please, reblog this and tag yourself or that someone in this post.

Our fandom is not that big but I thirst for fans who post, take their precious time to put effort and love into what they do. I don’t care if you are a beginner, this is your first work or you don’t really feel confident in what you do, please, tag yourself and other people! We need to spread the love of these rugby dorks.<3 You can also put your link of your website you post your works on. Deviantart, AO3 etc.

Thank you, fellow AO fans! <3

i forgot to put it on the ref but his toes are hooved toes?  like ancient horses?  or tapirs??

his brother is @firerozebud-art-collection ‘s “derrik” i love them both so much omg

this is a super fun universe we’re doin’ i’m so happy she’s on board with it