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Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

Ok but if the Marauders and Lily took a trip to the sea how? great? would it be?

  • first of all none of them are of age yet which means road trip!
  • because Lily, Remus, and Peter all learned how to drive illegally the summer before sixth year and none of them give a shit about getting arrested
  • They rent a big van and switch off who gets to sit alone in the row farthest back to nap
  • The van quickly fills with empty coffee cups, takeout containers, wadded up paper from the fight Sirius and James had had two hours in, and everyone’s shoes which they all keep taking off
  • Once they get to the little cottage they’re staying in for the week there’s an all out war for the big bedroom which Lily wins by threatening to castrate each of the boys in the middle of the night.
  • James and Sirius end up in the one closest to the bathroom so Sirius can do his hair in the mornings and Peter and Remus share the last one
  • Their first voyage into town involves Lily flirting with the boy selling ice cream to get a discount, a jealous James, and buying swim trunks for Peter because he forgot his
  • They spend most of their time at the beach, where Sirius complains about the lack of food and sand getting in his eyes
  • To which Lily throws more sand at him (as mentioned here) as a “snack” and Remus yells from the umbrella he and Lily have been hiding from the sun under to “stop acting like idiots while I’m trying to read!”
  • They have bonfires almost every night and James always insists on lighting them because he’s, as Sirius says, “absolutely obsessed with fire. A bit mad, really. He’s got scented candles all over the place at home”
  • Lily brings Muggle sparklers and the boys are terrified of them
  • There’s a lot of ogling each other in swimsuits while the other’s back is turned
  • To which Peter laughs at every time without fail
  • One day it rains and they all stay inside to play card games until they get too cooped up at which point they go back into town and get Sirius to flirt with the barmaid to let them buy drinks underage
  • they get kicked out of the bar
  • The ride home is a lot worse because everyone’s tired and hot
  • But Lily puts on her favorite cassette and they spend the last three hours screaming along to songs
  • They come home missing six hair ties, Peter’s new swim trunks, and James’s favorite sunglasses, but they have a weird statue Lily bought at some hippy store, enough sand to “start another beach, damnit, I told you this stuff gets everywhere” and enough photos to fill an entire album
OTP Drawing Prompts

Theme: Summer

Just a list of ideas you can use or issue as a “send a number” challenge!

  1. swimsuit reaction (one reacting to the other in a swimsuit or both reacting to each other)
  2. tans
  3. late-night swim
  4. napping 
  5. summer jobs
  6. bonfire or cookout
  7. beach vacation
  8. road trip
  9. lemonade or afternoon tea (also featured in the spring themed list)
  10. ice cream or snow cones
  11. sunglasses
  12. climbing trees
  13. watching the stars
  14. visiting a vineyard
  15. hot air balloon
  16. Fourth of July/Independence Day or another summer holiday
  17. horseback riding
  18. space camp
  19. camping trip
  20. music festival
✧・゚{#004} “come here let me fix it”

member . jun / wen junhui

genre . fluff

summary . “come here. let me fix it.”

word count . 844

✎ [100wtsily #004 - jun] asdhflasdf i’m not too proud of this, but i thought it was really cute! honestly this could’ve went either fluff or smut, but i went with fluff because why not~♡

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

           Summer was starting, which meant swimming, which meant the need for cute swimwear. Even if you weren’t all that confident in your body, you enjoyed looking at different swimsuits to try on, from bikinis to one suits, to pretty much anything that you thought would look cute on you. For once, you had brought your boyfriend, Jun, to go swimsuit shopping with you and surprisingly, he didn’t deny it or look bored, rather he looked excited to help you pick a new swimsuit.

           The two of you were at a local mall in Seoul, wandering aimlessly to look at swimsuits, occasionally stopping to take a closer look at one. Sometimes, Jun would get overly excited at seeing a really cute one that he thought would fit you, grabbing your hand to show you. He would hold up the piece to you, eyeing you up and down before shoving it your arms to join the few other swimsuits he thought would look good.

           Laughing softly, you thought it was cute how Jun got much more excited about swimsuits than you did, but you weren’t complaining. You always loved shopping with Jun, because he seemed to have a knack for fashion, always finding really cute outfits to wear. He wouldn’t just stop to buy a shirt, he would scour the whole store looking for the perfect outfit for you, and depending on how much he liked it, he’d buy it for you despite your protests.

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“ "What?” The words comes out in exasperation, but the other two appear just as grouchily disappointed as Red–which isn’t an expression you expected to see from Blueberry.

“THE SWIMSUIT,” Blueberry answers simply, and you shrug.

“Well, my shirt’s soaked now, so I guess there’s no point in wearing a cover-up to our beach chairs.” You yank the drenched shirt over your head and wring it out. Red finally sighs and starts moving toward the gate.

“might as well go see if sans grabbed us a good spot.” “

Three hours later I had attempted (Keyword: Attempted. It came out so cringy-) to draw my Oc in the swimsuit that was chosen in the recent poll and was currently used for the new chapter. . It was worth it +w+ P.s. I’m not really good with drawing/coloring with digital art. . I draw a little bit better traditionally. 

the tortoise’s two cents:  PFFFT, there’s nothing cringy about this at all!  I’m so hype to see her wearing the swimsuit!  I was hoping I’d get to see some art of her selection (or heck, even the other swimsuits too), so I’m excited! 

Just look at how cute she is!  <3  Thank you so much! =D

Dé hAoine cúig
  1. Working from home means making sure the mic is muted on the video chat before you start singing. Forget this at your peril.
  2. I’m traveling to my cousin’s wedding later today, and the packing list has, in order: guitar stuff, running stuff, swimsuit, chargers, other clothes, toiletries. Priorities.
  3. I splurged on a lens today. Shorter, faster, red ring—this is grownup glass. Daddy wants to see the stars better. Clock’s ticking.
  4. These moments where I stand back and take in this madness unfolding around us happen more often now. Catches my breath. Like, how?
  5. I’m going to finish this book about the physics of time this weekend. I expect the science-y dreams to continue. Better that than the other dream themes (failure, regret, squander) of the last couple decades amirite.


FINALLY drew the thing I promised I’d draw for my friend Harmony back at Katsucon. I don’t know very much about these characters, so I was kind of winging it! Prince of Mind because SHSL Princess Nevermind. Nevermind is a very cute name.

Killer Queen (Rebelcaptain, 4)

In which I unintentionally work through some of my issues of being a woman after having grown up being called “one of the guys” my entire life and Jyn figures out how to be more comfortable in her own skin. This was unexpected when I first started writing this kinda crack fic, but fluff and UST aside, I really had a great time writing this chapter. It was kind of cathartic? Also @fluffyfuzzball has produced some absolutely brilliant artwork that made me squeal and almost scream with delight: chapter one & chapter two. Like oh my god, look at those dresses and those facial expressions. ON POINT! And then @polynesianhermione made a fantastic and inspiring mood board for this AU, completely separate from mine, and it’s still somehow in tune with this fic with even Chirrut and Baze as Jyn’s coaches! I love this fandom tbh.

Summary: The Rebelcaptain Miss Congeniality AU that I wasn’t planning on writing and yet here we are.

killer queen
chapter four

This was it. The end. The worst part. The moment she had been dreading since she’d agreed to go undercover on this damned mission.

The swimsuit walk of shame.

Jyn rubbed her face as she stared at the bathing suit in question. Could it be a bathing suit if the material seemed to be lacking? How was it supposed to cover her anyways? Who had decided that turning an already flimsy piece of clothing into two even smaller pieces of clothing was a good idea anyways? She’d hoped that maybe she would get by with a one piece at least, but then this two piece monstrosity showed up and she almost screamed.

“I can’t do it,” Jyn said, unable to stop herself.

“Yes, you can,” Imwe insisted. “It’s only for a short period of time.”

“I can’t,” Jyn repeated, shaking her head. She was acting like a whining brat and knew it, but couldn’t stop that either. She’d never worn a bikini before. In fact, the last time she’d worn a swimsuit for others to see had been in gym class when she was in high school and hadn’t had a choice.

Imwe sighed, but it wasn’t tired or irritated. He was endlessly patient, but then, he had to be if he was going to be capable of working with her on this. “Jyn, why are you so afraid?”

“I’m…” She swallowed. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this…bare in front of people.”

“Are you a virgin?”

Jyn turned bright red. “No!” But then it had been quite a while. Not that it mattered. The job came first. It was important to her. She didn’t have time for dating or anything else. Besides, no one had ever caught her interest. The only guys in her life for years had been an old dog and Cassian. “But it was always…in the dark…”

“I don’t know what made you think this way,” Imwe told her, “but you are an attractive woman. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Jyn pointed out. “You’re blind.”

Imwe smiled at that, never one to be insulted. “True, but I know how others react. It tells a much different story than the one you believe.”

Biting her lip, Jyn’s thoughts turned to Cassian, whether she wanted them to or not. She couldn’t help but think about the other night at the club. Okay, so she’d been a little buzzed, but she hadn’t been drunk or incoherent. She could still very much recall the way he’d held her against him, almost possessively, and how he’d looked at her with such open wanting. It had caught her off guard, but had her body humming as well. Not in an unpleasant way either. And then the way he’d gripped her tighter, leaned closer, she’d almost thought that he was going to kiss her.

Twice he’d called her beautiful. Cassian didn’t have any reason to lie to her, not about that, not even in an attempt to soothe her nerves over the op. Why was she so hesitant to believe him when she’d never questioned him before?

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  • running into the shower as fast as you can so you don’t have to look at yourself for too long
  • having multiple kids tell you their friends have crushes on you as jokes because “no one could ever ACTUALLY like a fat girl”
  • convincing yourself that anytime someone compliments your physical appearance it’s out of pity
  • refusing to wear certain clothes because it’s expected that if you’re fat you also don’t know how to dress well
  • PE teachers yelling at you when you can’t run as fast as the other kids
  • “forgetting” your swimsuit so no one sees your body
  • avoiding eating anything but healthy foods in public so that people don’t judge you and say things like “THAT’S why she’s fat”
  • hearing people who obviously weigh less than you calling themselves fat and then feeling bad about yourself because of it
  • taking as many pictures of yourself as you can in one setting so you can pick out the ones where you look skinnier than you are
  • when people in movies call anything above a size 8 “fat”
  • crying when you get crushes because you think no one will ever love you because of your size
  • being conditioned your whole life to think that fat is ugly and the worst possible outcome
Eurydice ; C. Leechaiyapornkul

➮ for: trish

➮ your name: submit What is this?

➮ words: 1.3k

➮ genre: romance 

➮ summary: the dance and theater department decide to put on a play about the greek myth of orpheus and eurydice. the main parts are Y/N and the hottest guy in school, ten.

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The tapping feet and sweating teens in the large hall, finishing the sequence frozen until their teacher clapped her hands.

“Alright girls, circle up. Stretch, we need to discuss a few things,” she told them, the girls circling her and beginning their end stretches. “For the next play the school is putting on, the administrator would like us and the boys division to star in it. The tale is a bit lackluster in dance but myself and the theater director are putting in our own tweaks to make it a bit more!”

The girls continued to listen to their teacher, awaiting her next words, “Who’s doing what? What are we doing?” one of the girls asked, her eyes wide.

“We’re doing a western play based on the mythology of two lovers, Eurydice and Orpheus. Who plays who is posted on the board,” she replied, a sly smile on her face. “Good luck!” she whispered as all the girls circled the board.

“Ah man, Mrs. Kim is this based on who you think is the best!” another girl groaned looking at the board.

“Yes, and I guess you all know who the main act is!” she laughed.

“Y/N,” they all groaned. The whole school knew how good she was at dancing, although most of the girls didn’t like to admit it. She was hard-working and all liked her just fine, but sometimes it got old that she was the best. “Oh, she gets to be with Ten,” another girl said, all the girls groaning again. 

“Who?” Y/N asked, and all of their heads whipped her way.

“You don’t know who Ten is?”

“Oh, God! Come on, Eurydice, we’ll take you to your Orpheus,” F/N grinned, taking her arm, and pulled her out of the room. They shouted a goodbye to Mrs. Kim, running to the boy’s practice room. 

They pushed her into the window so that she could look inside, “See that boy with black hair.”

“F/N, half of the boys in there have black hair.”

“Okay, okay, the one next to Yuta, you know, your brother,” Hana said with annoyance laced in her tone.

“Oh,” she whispered, waving to Yuta when he noticed her. “Okay.”

“Is that all you have to say?! We’re going in there to properly introduce everyone.”

“Correct, F/N! We needed to meet them today anyway,” Mrs. Kim said from behind them with a big grin as she made her way through the sea of girls and opened the door. “Hello, Mr. Kim,” she greeted with a laugh, pecking her husband on the cheek. The girls sat on the floor in front of them among the boys as they awaited their discussion.  

“I haven’t told the boys yet,” Mr. Kim stated.

“Oh, well the girls know, we can just repeat it and then name off the roles,” Mrs. Kim explained with a nod. Mr. Kim nodded, explaining the previously stated happenings in school.

“Alright, now the roles, when I state your name and roll please move to the other side of the room. Nakamoto Y/N as Eurydice. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul as Orpheus. Nakamoto Yuta as Eurydice’s father.”

Yuta laughed, running over to his sister, the two high-fiving.

“Lee Taeyong as Hades and the rest of you get to be singing stones,” she grinned. “I know it’s a small cast but really there aren’t many of you here, and some of you can opt out of this if you have other things on your hands.”

The practices were long and tiring, learning the choreography was a breeze for everyone, but the acting and singing was trouble for most of them. 

When the first day came that they had to sing in front of everyone, Y/N really thought she’s have some chance to be decent. Then she heard Ten sing and blew her idea out of the water. There was no way she could be on the same level as him. 

Mrs. Kim applauded your own performance but gave you pointers on a few things you could improve.

Mrs. Kim applauded Y/N’s performance, but imputed a few tips where she could improve.

“Y/N?” Ten asked from behind her, she turned to see him sheepishly smiling at her. “Um, I heard what Mrs. Kim said, and I think I can help you?” he muttered, unable to look her in the eye. 

“If you… wouldn’t mind,” she replied, scratching her neck.

“Alright, we can go to my house after practice.”

She nodded at his proposal, and quickly returned to practicing the scenes. Slightly nervous to going home with him. 

“Ready?” Ten asked her, linking their arms together as they walked together to his house.

The two sung, him pointing little things out, like where to breathe and how to pronounce some of the words to make them sound better. It was a bit dazing, he was smart and helpful and he didn’t even notice the small habits he had picked up. He would position her with his hand in compromising places, and the looks he gave her when he was proud drove him crazy.

The weeks flashed by as the acting, dancing and singing grew more tedious. Y/N couldn’t wait for the time to come that the play was over and done with, but along with that meant less time with Ten. There was a feeling of both sadness and laziness within her. 

“It’s time.”

Y/N looked up to Mrs. Kim with a thin smile as she ushered her out on stage, the curtains closed as Ten entered from the other side. They wore swimsuits similar to those Westerners would wear during the 1950′s.

The curtains opened, the couple looking at the sky, a love sixk look on both their faces, not necessarily acted. “All those birds?” she asked him softly.

Ten nods, a small smile on his face.

“For me? Thank you,” she acted with a large smile as the play begins.

Singing, dancing and acting obviously took place as they acted out the modernized version of the tale of Eurydice and Orpheus. The small moments between Orpheus and Eurydice seemed to affect the two and for the longest time they hadn’t realized it.

Eurydice kissed Orpheus a lot throughout the play, although for the most part they were separated. The two tried to keep in touch after the play but in the end they found things to be awkward, only Taeyong and Yuta could tell what was wrong.

“Sis! Hey!” Yuta called, running down the hallway towards Y/N. She looked over to him in confusion, and excused herself away from her friend. 

“Hey. What is it?”

“You like Ten,” he stated bluntly, making her go red in the face. “And don’t deny it, Taeyong and I both can see it. So don’t worry, I’m here to help you out!”

“No,” she replied, starting to walk away but Yuta rolled his eyes before quickly throwing her over his shoulder and jogging to the dance hall.

“Yuta! Put me down this instance or I swear I’ll kick your ass back to those stupid mountains in Osaka!” Y/N yelled until she was dumped onto the floor of the practice room.

“Bye!” he cheered, his shit-eating smile on his face before shutting the door loudly in her face.

“What the hell?” she muttered.

“I agree,” a soft voice responded from behind making her. She turned with the brightest red adorning your cheeks. “Hey,” he laughed awkwardly, raising a hand as he stood from where he’d been sitting. “Taeyong brought me here because…” his eyes trailed away. “I guess you know why.”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”



“Do you?”

“Do you?!”

“I think I do,” he whispered, stepping over to her, his hands setting on her hips just like the play and lightly drummed his fingers along her hips. “But let me make sure,” he whispered, leaning into her face, his lips inching towards hers before they took them softly, the two kissing when the doors slammed open again.

“We just wanted to-” Yuta began only to scream before running out of the room.

Y?N laughed out of the kiss, looking through her eyelashes at him, “I think I like you too,” she whispered before kissing him once more.