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In the past 6 months i’ve gone from thinking there is no way Robert is the father of Rebecca’s baby, to resigned to the fact he is but hating it and now i’m back at the baby isn’t Rob’s + the ONS never happened.

I’ve done the one thing i was trying so hard not to do and that is get my hopes up of an ending to this storyline that i’d love/accept. I can’t ignore what my gut told me back in April and what it is telling me now.

I’m not trying to convince anyone or get anyone’s hopes up so they can be dashed later.  I just wanted to articulate the main reasons i’m on board team Theory™ (copyright Theory queen @itwasjustmisplaced).  Something may happen next week or in 3 weeks that makes me change my mind again but for now these are the signs i’ve seen.

This became a bit of an essay so read after the break.

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suksi-vittuun  asked:

I have a character who's religion is very important to him and is a big part of his culture and identity but as the story progresses he begins to loose faith after seeing/ experiencing war and religious persecution, I wanted to see if you know any ways I can show that he's struggling with this crisis of sorts and how it might affect how he acts around those who know him.

The heart of your question is about character development. How do you show the process of it in the context of your religious character. I cannot advise from a religious perspective, but I can help with how you’d show a character crisis in general and how it could affect his actions.

First, it may help to organize your thoughts. Make a T-chart of his thoughts about things at the start of the story and then his thoughts after the story. This should help with planning how he needs to get from point A to point B.

Now for your actual questions….

How to show that he’s struggling with the crisis:

- Avoid paragraphs and paragraphs of explanation. You asked how to SHOW it, not how to tell it. Let his mood affect the way the scenes are described. 

- Show it through parallel context. Maybe early on in the story they may pray before a meal, then later on they don’t. Don’t draw attention to it, just let it happen. Part of “showing” is trusting your reader to notice. 

- But sometimes, you need to be more blatant. Choose ONE big moment to really expand on. It’ll help if this moment has a relation to a past event so the reader can see the development for themselves. For example: early on, there’s a big church scene where the character narrates the event piously and positively. Later, there could be a similar church scene, only this time the narration is negative or skeptical. Parallel scenes show development well because they’re easy to compare.

- Other characters can comment/notice, just keep it to a minimum to avoid the “exposition through dialogue” issue. It can be shown through offhand comments like “you used to smile at the ceremony” or more subtle reactions like a moment of silent surprise after the character says something.

- Let him second-guess himself or pause while in the presence of religious events, but don’t always let it affect his actions. Still following procedure is normal in times of questioning. The process of changing is gradual, at least in this case.

- Maybe he can ask someone else for opinions? Small things like “did you hear the war?” and then his reaction can fit how he’s feeling at the moment. As I keep saying, it doesn’t have to be a bold reaction. Sometimes, people just ask things to feel validated. 

- Let him be surprised by his own thoughts, or deny them. Change can be scary for some people, especially if he was raised with that religion. He’s not questioning his favorite food, he’s questioning a world-view. 

How it might affect those around him:

I don’t know your characters, so I can only give you an overview. When people change, there are three reactions: disinterested, negative, and positive.

- Disinterested: Character B doesn’t treat character A any differently whatsoever. This is most commonly seen in strangers, or people unaffected by the change (in this case: religious crisis). For an example of unaffected people, if I were to change my religion, my work colleges aren’t going to notice OR the change won’t affect them. They aren’t strangers, but my religion doesn’t matter to our professional relationship. 

- Negative: Character B likes character A less because of the change. Obviously, the extent of the loss and the behavior is going to change depending on who it is. A super nice character may not even outwardly display that negative reaction. At worst, character B may refuse to associate with character A or deliberately try to ruin their life.

- Positive: Character B likes character A more because of the change. Like before, the extent of the gain and the behavior is going to change depending on who it is. This may result in new friends and may make character A feel better about themselves and their new ideals.

Hope some of that helps, and sorry I cant give too much about your specific religious situation. I recommend you really look into the religion you’re working with to determine appropriate reactions.

Good luck with your character development!


Kolvina + Hunger


If only you knew the life up there was never that grand…


This is the Versian Trio, a.k.a The Three Stooges,
featuring Tharsis.

5 reasons why Klarosex is perfect!

When emotions ran high and inhibitions ran low the expectations reach the sky. But when we’re talking about Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes you maybe need an extra bag of oxygen.

I heard and read both complains and general opinions about the Hot Hybrid Sex in episode 100th. Personally I don’t share any of them. You can think I’m living inside of a bubble but I have at least five reasons to approve our little Klaroline’s first time. 

1. The Built-Up: Enough is enough and we had two years of fights, eye-sex, dances and sacrifices on Klaus’s side. Their relationship evolved in a way all of us already know. Starting with a slightly seduction on Caroline’s deathbed, Klaus began to catch Caroline’s attention with gifts and beautiful words. How many of you want to be the first choice of a man? And being promised with the eternity, with centuries and centuries of travelling, of admiring the best the world has to offer with an immortal guy who do anything for you?

2. Performances: Don’t forgetting the chemistry between Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola, it’s necessary to remark those little details between Klaus and Caroline. When he pushed her against the tree with his hands in her waist in a waving move? Her hands moving across his hair? She helping him while he was ripping her shirt? You know, that movement that she does with her hands downward, before the buttons shoot out of her blouse? And what about how he lifting her slightly almost at the end, to feel her?

3. Background music: In terms of music, Klaroline Fandom is one of the luckiest! We didn’t have a song for the sex scene but we have something better: instrumental. Listen carefully across the chords guys, you can feel everything. Her hesitation and her fear, how she surrender and fall directly in his arms. His realization of finally getting what he wanted. He is convinced that the girl he loved for two years have strong feelings for him too. Their passion, their desperation… glass case of emotions. Like the beautiful The Original Family theme we used it for the first time, which means that was composed for us.

Sweet sweet music, now I have a big smile in my face when they use it in other scene.

Listen Here

4. More love than sex: You can compare the other two sex scenes we have from Klaus. The bastard has thousand years old and is not a celibate at all. But the only other girl he truly loved (Tatia) when he was still a human, died maybe even before choose between him and Elijah. So probably the Klarosex was the first time Klaus make love to someone. You can say it for how he’s always biting the neck of his other one-night stands but with Caroline… did you notice how he refuse to let her lips more than a moment? Surprised and pleased when she first kissed him, he spends all the scene with his mouth over his love’s, no matter what his instincts are telling him to do.

5. Right time, right place, right equipment: In both ways, my dears. We know the Hybrid finally close the cycle he started in season four but sex here, with the spin-off running open up tons and tons of possibilites, even if Julie refuses to see them. If they spend the day together or not can send them to an epic journey from here. Let behind the path the Anti Klaroliners, the actors and the writers think we want to follow (if we wanted the easy way we had jumped to another ship many months ago) we don’t want magical rainbows and a domesticated Klaus drinking mint tea in a sofa while cuddling with Caroline. In her arrive to NOLA, I can see their relationship in a new level. She’s here but not entirely for him, he doesn’t want to take risks with her, so he push her away. Maybe telling her she was one more of his womans? Maybe she not giving a damn about him and staying in the city for other issues, trying to build her own life, getting a new love interest while he’s jealous but determined to not let people find out about how much she meant to him? And what about the political options? She’s strong and can keep a fight with fists and words against everyone. Even the King.

It would be hard to reach this point but we know their feelings are real.

I think it’s all I have to say for now.

Happy Klaroline Wednesday!