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My “Ordinary” day: Part 2
Ugghh…gonna need to draw more complex scenes for part 3 and other parts ahead…this summer I had to take summer art classes in order to get IN to an art college…this is like actual school expect the weekends is Tuesday and Thursday…😑😑😑 other part will come later…than ever…ugh…
PS: I’ll be working on funny short comics to know more about Volt and others

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Well I think "Rimmy: The Civil Tim" should be RT's next movie after Lazer Team 2

Jeremy “Rimmy Tim” Dooley is an ordinary man living an ordinary life, but one day out of the blue he is met by a strange orange-and-purple clad hero that goes surprisingly by the same moniker Jeremy does - Rimmy Tim. This mysterious wrestler informs Jeremy that he is the Chosen Tim, the one who will lead the Team of Rimmy Tims in battle against the forces of Darkness. 

Jeremy is then taken under the wing of this mysterious spandex-wearing stranger to train him in the arts of Rimmy Tim. He is joined soon later by other Rimmy Tims from across the multiverse, each with their own individual knowledge to impart on the Chosen One. But alas, how can a simple man like Jeremy live up to the great expectations of the Rimmy Tims?

But wait! The power he was seeking was within him all along, for during a fight against the forces of evil and darkness he realizes that he indeed is the Rimmiest of Tims, and he can do great things! Using all he has learned and the friends he has made along the way, Jeremy Rimmy Tim Dooley vanquishes the forces of darkness so that light and good may shine another day and he drives off into the sunset in a monster truck. 

at the end of an ordinary day, at the end of a gloomy day or even at the end of a cheerful day, i am sad. i am very dismal that it seems like i am lacking sunshine. however, i will find light for myself. i will make myself the way i was before — bright, cordial, sunshiny. i will create colorful moments again. i will be just like a sunflower, looking for sunshine and i will avoid being a wallflower, who is shy and alone most of the time.

4.17 Yotsuba Tamaki

Source: Yotsuba Tamaki | Ordinary Days [rabbit chats]

before getting scouted, tamaki had never eaten cakes from restaurants or cafes, because according to him, “for the price of a cake or parfait you can eat a hamburger”.

Sorry I’m not posting as much art here as I used to to, I am dedicating a lot of free time to the NSFW blog (been planing some swimming pool action update ;p) and thus neglecting this one a little. I promise I’ll get back to making “regular” art here soon. 

Meanwhile, have Discord induced madness of @crackedverbosity‘s emperor Hux in his allergies-free and Ren-free space lol (<3 to @littleststarfighter for the idea). 

One of our many Fun Family Stories from when we lived in Scotland was the time we were vacationing in Caerlaverock and decided to walk from the inn on the nature preserve where we were staying to the castle as a nice little day excursion. 

The map said there was a trail, so my parents, my visiting aunt and cousins, me (age 11) and my little brother (age 7), set out. We soon ran into problems such as dead ends, bridges that were half-sunk in the marsh, and mud so deep my brother got stuck and had to be rescued. For whatever reason, the adults decided to press on. It took us hours to wade through the signless fen. We got to the castle right as they were about to close it for the day, but we looked so pathetic that they let us in anyway.

I bring this up now because I just learned that the path we attempted to take is called Flooder’s Trail. 

badass alto songs [x]
a long list of songs that don’t go higher than a c. because who needs high notes? (requested by getdrunk-singshowtunes and longlivenightvale)

maybe this time (cabaret) // buddie beware (anything goes) // hold on (the secret garden) // i want to go to hollywood (grand hotel) // a trip to the library (she loves me) // the ladies who lunch (company) // day by day (godspell) // always true to you in my fashion (kiss me kate) // i’m going back (bells are ringing) // he’s the wizard (the wiz) // muqin (thoroughly modern millie) // last midnight (into the woods) // days of plenty (little women) // a little less conversation (all shook up) // as we stumble along (the drowsy chaperone) // there are worse things i could do (grease) // calm (ordinary days) // ireland (legally blonde) // send in the clowns (a little night music) // like it was (merrily we roll along) // no time at all (pippin) // stepsister’s lament (cinderella)

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Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.