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And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

Ok but can we talk about the poor person who took Jack’s Valentine’s order???

Like obviously this was done with a lot of notice. You don’t get a sea of roses a week before Valentine’s Day, you gotta plan this shit a month in advance at least.

So imagine it, the store opened like half an hour ago, Carl the new guy, is a little sleepy still getting used to having to show up at the crack of dawn to receive deliveries, and answers the phone.

He takes the order and the customer details, and aw that’s sweet, this guy is already thinking of Valentine’s Day. That’s commitment right there.

He doesn’t think too much about it, till Lisa is putting the order into their system and she tracks him down.

“Hey Carl, I know you had the early shift and it’s your first week, so I’m going to let this one pass, but you realise you put the order as 12 dozen roses right? That’s 144 roses my friend.”

“Oh shit, yeah that doesn’t sound right,” Carl laughs because it not only doesn’t sound right, it sounds ridiculous. “He probably said 2 dozen or something like that and I fucked up, thanks for catching that.”

Carl is very relieved because that kind of fuck up would probably have been his job.

“No worries, on my first day I almost mixed two big orders and sent a funeral arrangement to a wedding!”

She tells him a few more stories before they go back to work, and then calls the customer who put the order to get the correct number of roses.

“Hello Mr. Zimmermann? I’m calling in regard to the order you placed this morning with The Green Room, I just wanted to confirm some of the details of the order before putting it on the system?”

Lisa reads back the address, the time and date, name of the person who would receive the flowers and then hesitates for just a moment.

“The order says 12 dozen roses, which would make it 144 roses, but I’m sure that’s a mix up,” she says hoping the guy has a sense of humour and won’t make it into a thing.

“Yeah it must be, I didn’t order 144,” Mr. Zimmermann says with a steady voice, so he isn’t laughing but he prolly won’t be an asshole about it, “I ordered 150.”

“Pardon me?” Lisa asked wondering if this was the start of a bad joke or if indeed this was a prank order, she sceptically asks again, “so you want 150 roses to be delivered before 7am on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes,” the guy replies still sounding serious.

“Right,” definitely a prank, “as it is a big order, we won’t be able to process it until we first take payment.”

“That’s fine, do you need my credit card details again?”

Lisa plays along, she confirms the credit card details and she hangs up wishing the ‘costumer’ a good day.

She then calls the manager and explains the situation, because she isn’t going to be the fool who puts that order in without clearing it with her boss.

“Oh,” her boss says when she looks at the name in the order, “go ahead and place it, but first call our distributor to make sure they can put the 150 roses on top of our Valentine’s order and then get a delivery slot booked now. If the costumer calls again or we need to talk to them let me know and I’ll deal with it.”

Lisa waits until she’s on her way home to google Jack Zimmermann which she feels shows a lot of restraint on her part.

“Damn,” she whispers when she gets a look at those gorgeous cheek bones. “What a lucky bitch,” she adds with respect.

She wonders if it would be creepy to try and google Larissa Duan, just out of curiosity but then decides that yeah it probably would be and let’s the matter drop.

(Later Jack will realise this is where the rumours about him dating Lardo start…)

Pairings in Vuelo, live in concert version.


down the line i’m screaming

His phone was ringing. Jeff pushed the button to accept and held the phone to his ear, waiting.

“Swoops?” Kent was clearly still at Bad Bob Zimmermann’s ceremony, Jeff could hear it in the background. He’d honestly been a mess lately, and it wasn’t just hockey. He’d been quiet and even more private than normal.

“Yeah, man,” Jeff said. “What’s up?” He had a game to start in a few minutes.

“I messed up,” Kent said, his words coming out in a rush. “I didn’t mean to, it just – you weren’t watching the ceremony, were you?”

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Fun things to think about:

So we’ve basically been given repeated evidence in Voltron that there’s not only ecosystems on planets, but an entire separate ecosystem (or, likely, several) in the depths of space itself. We have the Balmeras, we have the space caterpillars Pidge befriends, and we have the weblum.

The thing is? The weblum eats planets- basically making it the equivalent of space herbivore. That would actually match up a lot with its behavior- the weblum is basically a moose. It’s huge, but like any prey animal it’s skittish, tense, and reacts aggressively to things that remind it of predators. In particular it’s very hostile towards things like Lions or spaceships- and it has a nasty defense mechanism- explicitly called that, on several occasions. A defense mechanism.

You know what that all suggests?

It suggests weblums have predators.

Presumably, ones that are smaller than the weblum itself given, again, its hostile reception to the Yellow Lion- but who might work in packs to take down larger prey. If the weblum is the equivalent of a moose, then these might be the wolves in this metaphor.

I mean, I’m guessing the weblum is a big fish in the pond- why I’d compare it to a moose, not something many creatures would want to tangle with- but we really don’t have a good sample size of this, what I’d tentatively call exofauna. For all we know the weblum is a small fry and pursued by both smaller predators and much, much bigger ones. I’d guess not, but it’s a possibility. 

It raises the question of if there’s exoflora to go with the exofauna. The Weblum eats planets, and assuming the caterpillars eat at all, it’s probably safe to figure their diet is metal, considering the contents of their home “nebula”.

I’ve also been wondering for a while, with the idea that the Lions are living creatures, if that’s the origin of their species. Their primary form of communication is telepathy, which doesn’t require air to travel through, and they themselves can be completely sealed from oxygen without ill effect. After all, they seem to have just ‘come from space’ with little warning. The Lions themselves might be creatures whose native environment is open space.

And, most interestingly- this might suggest, what if there are still wild, unmodified Lions out there- obviously, many orders of magnitude weaker than the Voltron Lions, who would have something beyond their modifications setting them apart, but creatures of the same species. 


Summary: To keep the peace, Stiles agrees to be emissary to the Hale pack.

Notes: I saw some posts about emissary bonds, and I just had to write one myself. (On AO3)

Stiles had said, more than once, that it was a bad idea. That they were risking the safety of the pack, taking too much of a chance.

But he’d done it anyway.

He’d gotten himself bonded to Derek of the Hale pack, and it wouldn’t be long before they figured out that he was a fraud. That Stiles had barely had enough magic to complete the mountain ash circle required by the ritual.

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great romances of the 21st century | (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader, highschool! Jin 
genre/warnings: drama, fluff, smut, comedy 
words: 12,799
summary: in which you must tutor the most arrogant and pretentious jerk that ever existed, who can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than football, working out and girls… but then something changes and you find yourself thinking – maybe Kim Seokjin isn’t so bad after all?

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So the other day I said my wall needed an update, and here it is, though all the horizontal stuff had to go onto the closet

Most of this is stuff people drew for me or because of me, and you guys, I see it all and I save it all for just this purpose

A thank you for all of this goes out to: @ritzy-biscuit, @mcgeeky25, @neuroticnygma, @eliuee, @gloved-assailant, @jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear, @pantherflint, @roll-n-riddle, @fetacheeseandsoup, @waiting4codot, @thatpersonrightbehindyou, @secfk

Anyone who isn’t on the wall who has made me something, I’m sorry but it wasn’t high enough resolution to print and sorry babe but I can’t print aesthetics

Stood Up (Castiel x Reader)

Plot: Cas notices a beautiful girl sat by herself and realizes she’s been stood up. To stop her being embarrassed, he goes over and pretends to be her date.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warning: Fluff, angst if you squint, sadness, being stood up, Cas being adorable and awkward, Dean being annoying

Word count:1,110

Prompt: “Is ketchup a vegetable?” 

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When it Rains || Chapter Two

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1527

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love on the first chapter! I hope you enjoy this one too! Feel free to message me your thoughts and opinions! I hope I didn’t disappoint!

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It had been a couple of days since you met Jimin and Jungkook was still pissed at you. After Jimin left that day he accused you of cheating and all kinds of other shit that he should know you would never do to him. Jungkook had this idea going through his head. The idea that he could talk to other girls but you couldn’t even make eye contact with another guy. He interrogated you like you committed a crime. Asking questions such as, “who the fuck was that”, or “why were you with him”. You had to thoroughly explain to him that Jimin was just walking you home since he was too “busy” to pick you up. That shut him the hell up and you could see the glint of regret in his eyes but he gave you the cold shoulder because he didn’t want to admit he was in the wrong.

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having those early episodes with ed being twelve was so beneficial to understanding his character because when he was twelve he was super insecure and even like…a little shy? kinda? he was still hot headed and cocky but he was very much a scared, unsure and nervous little kid thrown into an adult world and it showed. and the last flashback episode is the youswell one which ends with him helping an entire town and being appreciated and doing something good, and then we instantly jump ahead and we’re back to the personality we saw at the beginning of the series and i feel like this really reveals eds nature. he wants to do good and make people happy and him building a reputation as hero of the people really made his ego and confidence skyrocket from one extreme to another until the series takes off and he becomes a balanced individual.


I’ve been trying to just ignore obvious trolls and bigots in comment sections more often lately, but decided not to let this person off the hook. 

Autism is not a shameful thing, don’t let anybody ever try to shame you for being autistic!! They will try, but just keep being your true self, you’re autistically amazing!!! 

And she’s even alive.


Cafe Perko

Location: 753 Rue Villeray, Montréal

Metro Station: Jean Talon

Hello lovely people!!! I have finished finals and am currently in my summer semester (already, I know). I’ve been in the process of also applying to almost a 100 internship positions for Fall 2017 as a “software engineer intern”. It’s been hard. It’s been tiring. Exciting, but energy sucking. What could possibly help me in these stressful times? What could possibly fuel me up to be motivated and alert in my job application process? 

You guessed it. Coffee.

I came here last weekend and it was a true refresher. My cousin drove us in this lovely spot in Villeray since she wanted to work on her writing (she’s amazing by the way, you should check out her poetry on her account @doekent ). 

In contrast to other coffee shops in Montreal, I hadn’t heard of Perko too much. I had stumbled upon it on a few posts on Instagram but hadn’t noticed any hype. So why did we go? By the time she picked me up it was around 5 and almost all coffee shops close early - except Perko, which closed at 9. So we went for it. And I’m VERY glad we did. 

This is how you discover hidden gems. And it is the best feeling. Stepping inside this relatively big coffee shop, I immediately noticed the one table that was open. The place was packed. We bolted for the one table. The picture I took and posted above is from right before their closing time and does not represent the amount of people that fills the cafe on their regular times.

The space was gorgeously decorated and felt almost home-like. There were cute signs and sayings all over the place. The baristas were very nice too. 

I ordered a latte (obviously) and my cousin ordered a chai latte. Both were very delicious and my latte definitely fuelled me up and motivated me to continue writing my cover letters. 

One thing I noticed was that there were a lot of kids and babies around. Some really loud… I wondered why there were so many babies in this one coffee shop. I got my answer when I saw that Perko had a little section for kids where they put many baby toys and couches for parents to relax on. I found it very cute and inviting for families. There were also changing tables in the bathrooms. 

Another cool aspect about Perko is that it’s a student friendly coffee shop. There are many plugs, AMAZING wifi, a room you can rent (I think for 10$/hour) to study in… and they even have a PRINTER. Isn’t that unusually cool? And very nice of them? You can donate some money if you do print but they’ve made it completely free which is… amazing. And generous. 

In conclusion: I got a lot of work done here. I loved the vibe of the cafe, I loved the coffee, I loved the people, I loved everything about it. I will definitely go back. And you should too!!!