no oppression

I want to scream,
I want to cry,
I want to let it all out,
Forget everything and start from scratch.
These has been times of reflection,
A self-assessment tied to our mother nature.
Challenging times that makes you question,
Topics that are hardly recognized.
Lost without the proper answers,
Overwhelmed for not knowing where you stand.
You evaluate your surroundings among several situations,
Yet all remains empty without signs of clarity in your mind.
I am starting to believe in curses rather than gifts,
Being over sensitive and empathic weights more than you think,
You start to wonder if you are even part of the breed.
It’s a heavy burden that absorbs everything at its sight.
There aren’t discriminations,
Everything is accepted whether is wrong or right.
Feeling oppressed has become worthless,
At least you know depression is not at your side.
I have asked for forgiveness to remediate any acts,
Even if not granted, you fulfilled your part.
True wisdom always comes with a sacrifice,
Believe in what your guts tells you, and do what’s right.
Acknowledge the present with your feets in the ground,
Keep walking but never forget the past.
Those are constant lessons,
Regardless of how broken you are.
I have learnt a lot in a short time,
Particularly on this road.
By experience I tell you, nothing can be forced.
Evade regrets at all cost,
Forget attempts and do what must be done.
It is fine to live a life most will not understand,
As long as you are good with yourself
You shouldn’t feel down.
Mark my words:
There is always light at dawn,
Just be realistic as night always comes before.
In time the right ones will get close,
Be patient and always hold the following thought:
“You are never alone in this World”.
—  anostalgicpoet 

White Supremacist Propaganda 

While a lot of Klan and neo-nazi propaganda contains racial slurs, threats of violence, and other very recognizable hatred (intended to terrorize people of color, Jewish people, and LGBT people- in the case of my home town) there are also forms of white supremacist propaganda designed to recruit white people. 

These are ‘softer’ forms of propaganda, designed to appeal to people who don’t consider themselves racist but have an underlying resentment of people of color and for any progressive circle to center their experiences at all. They resent white privilege and systemic racial oppression being spoken about at length. They resent people of color rejecting white entitlement to their spaces and cultures. 

The intent is to convince racist white people (who don’t think of themselves as racist, but who clearly are, and clearly feel angry when their entitlement isn’t immediately gratified) that the hate group in question is just ‘misunderstood’ and is really about pride and celebrating your own culture, etc. 

The intent is that once someone falls for that bait and hook, they can play up on their underlying resentment and entitlement. If you already believe that you should be able to celebrate being white, and they can bring you from that belief to the belief that people of color are preventing you from your right to have pride in that, then they can foster anger against people of color. From there, any time there is a collective societal reaction of disgust towards the hate group or towards the notion of white pride, the recruited whites can be relied upon to feel victimized by society collectively. 

It’s only a short step from that to being sold conspiracy theories about ‘white genocide’ or ‘Jewish globalists’ to explain why society is against them. And a short step from there to terrorization of those suspected of being a part of that conspiracy, and the impulse to ‘warn’ other whites in the form of more hateful propaganda. 

This shit is extremely dangerous and fucked up and I want everyone to understand how this functions. Because tumblr’s meme of ‘positivity posts’ can be so easily co-opted by white supremacists to function as this form of propaganda. All they need to do is shift the vocabulary very slightly. 

How to recognize it: 

  • Resentment at not being able to openly express white pride

    “why is it okay for other races to be proud?” 
    “loving your heritage doesn’t mean being a racist” 

  • Framing white identity as a ‘culture’ with ‘heritage’ instead of as a societal category created to oppress people of color 

    “why are we not allowed to celebrate our culture?” 
    “you can love […] and actively participate in the culture of the country your ancestors came from”

  • The suggestion that these beliefs aren’t inherently hateful, they aren’t a hate group, that they’re misunderstood, and that they support other races being proud too. They frame this as people of color having a ‘right’ that white people do not. 

    “why are other races allowed these rights, as they should, but not the folk of european ancestry?” 

    [from white-sapphics about page] “Tumblr is very, very focused on minority rights, and there is nothing wrong with that, but more and more white lesbians are being alienated from other blogs.”

Call this shit out. It is dangerous and terrifying. 

mami-kouga0  asked:

@sugurutalks well the matter went above and beyond what I intended and people misinterpreted everything I said. OK, it was my fault for my wording. I'd like to apologise since someone explained to me why people got offended. But I also feel you missed my point and made me understand why this website is synonymous with so many bad things. Please, read my words and tell me the joke when I worry if a blog I like is run by a heterophobe(who are no better than homophobes) next time 😧.

Whats there to misunderstand? You admitted to being a homophobe lmao. And being offended by something like “het nonsense” is so pathetic. I don’t like talking to bigots so stop messaging me, thanks!



Excellent talk. Education is the key.


the warmth on my back from her wont allow me to do it. entrusted to me, one who can do nothing. a weaker being than i. those eyes that don’t understand a thing wont forgive me for being powerless. this is punishment or maybe.. is this salvation? the weak ones that i oppressed are they now going to save me?
                     farnese + looking after casca

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blorke + 15/19 (from C's pov, hun!! bc lbr, das some truth tea.. doll busts for bell left right n centre) ty babyboo

ok 1) this ask is the absolute best and 2) i only realised after i wrote it that you wanted it from clarke’s pov i’m sorry!! 

kiss meme #19- Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer (mild smut)


Usually in the warmer months Bellamy couldn’t wait to leave his stuffy, muggy tent to attend to the day’s work. At least outside there was some breeze to help with the oppressive heat, and he could sneak a dip in the nearby river if he so wished.

But now, things have a changed.

Now he has a properly ventilated cabin instead of a tent, now he has an actual bed instead of a pile of fur, and now he has someone to share that bed with every night instead of being on his own.

For someone so small, Clarke manages to occupy the entire bed and then some, her left foot dangling off the edge.

Her head is pillowed on his chest, clinging to his bicep as she snores something awful, her hair a bird’s nest around them. It gets in her mouth, and his mouth too, and yet he still keeps her there, a gentle hand tracing the bumps of her vertebrae as she sleeps on.

“Clarke,” he murmurs softly, nosing the crown of her head. “Clarke, babe, I need to get up.”

She makes a soft sound of disagreement, brow wrinkling as she presses her face into his sternum, almost butting his chin in the process. He has to tilt his head up to avoid getting hit.

Clarke,” he whines, “I have work.”

“I don’t,” she grumbles. The sun has already risen, light dripping through the curtains, and the air has begun warming up. Their bare skin sticks together uncomfortably where they touch but it doesn’t stop her from snuggling further into him.

“Not all of us have mornings off,” he says, fingers trailing over her scapula now. If he tickles her, she might squirm away, leaving him with an out.

She finally cracks her eyes open, glaring balefully at him. “You could have morning off you know,” she says, “You never take time off. Kane wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m supposed to inform him before I take time off, not miss my shift.”

“You’re taking inventory today. No one’s going to miss you,” she sighs, arching her body against his so that the thin blanket slips down, catching on the curve of her ass. His fingers itch to follow its path, but he knows exactly where that’ll lead and it involves him being later than he already is.

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Morning PSA

Oppressed people, in any capacity, SHOULDN’T have to play nice with those who oppress others. Basic humanity is what you can expect from me. I am not here to soothe your guilt.

the crazy rich asian film is like whatever on its own but what’s annoying is this POCthink™️ mentality thats guilting anyone of colour on here to support the project like on what level do you think I relate to what’s being represented, the very singular portrayal of the asian identity or the social status that’s inaccessible/oppressive to me  

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Are idol shows actually good or is it just pure cute girls doing cute things? (Not that those are mutually exclusive) What would you suggest for someone looking to try the genre?

There are some that are pretty great and some that are ok

My Main recommendation is The iDOLM@STER - for the great characters with solid characterization, fantastic animation (especially during that dances) and just a lot of overcoming conflicts. 

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A more out there Idol anime that’s tons of stupid fun is AKB0048 - It’s about space idols that go around with weapons and mechs to defend themselves against all those that want to oppress idols and music. Crazy right? And I loved it

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The last one is a bit more different than your usual Idol show. It’s Wake Up, Girls! - I’d say different because first off it’s not a big budget idol show with lots of flair. Also you need to watch the prequel movie before you start the show. But what made the show stand out for me was how even though they had new voice talent, low budget animations, and a few songs it still worked out pretty darn well. The whole show is basically about the struggles of being a new, no-name idol group.

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Things I expect people to ask:

What about Macross? - Well that’s still on my “To Watch” list but from what I heard, Macross is pretty gosh darn good.

What about Love live? - I still don’t think Love live is that good. I guess you can say that due to its popularity that I’m in the minority, but Love Live just didn’t have good enough characterization for me to like it (which would have been okay if it didn’t take itself so seriously sometimes). Also I hate like half of the characters. No comment on Sunshine. 

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You wouldn't'think it weird if I'm a straight male but I ship widowtracer. Cause I just have this fear that everyone thinks I would like it because it's two nice looking girls making out with each other when I actually like the chemistry the two have and the possible story potential it has. Just needed to vent about it cause I can't really tell anybody else.

You can enjoy a dynamic between any ship without fetishising it. I think the clincher is if you’re not respectful to the characters or the real people who see themselves in the ship (ie, queer chicks) - that’s when the problems arise! Treating minority characters like imaginary fuck toys when you’re a majority member is very different than loving a ship for the characters and the dynamics between them, despite any systemic oppression that is operating between you and the ship :3 

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I'm not trying to start discourse, I'm genuinely confused here. Are straghtie, cishet, and heteros slurs? I was having a conversation with my friend the other day (she's straight and i'm a lesbian) and she was talking about how those words are associated with heterophobia, but i thought that wasn't a thing? Like don't we as a community use those words to comfortably talk about straight/cis people? Anyway I'm very confused please help :(

1) heterophobia doesn’t exist and 2) those words are perfectly appropriate to use. Cishets are by design not oppressed in any way for being cishets, they just like to think they are so that they can blame the lgbtq+ community for their problems.
-Mod Gabe

Least favorite Dystopian Tropes?

- Arranged marriages (how old are we?)

- Society has collapsed, time for sexism™!

- Mankind was the real monster all along.

- Oppressive governments that don’t actually do anything particularly heinous.

- Rape. 

- Societies that make no sense. 

- Some teenage girl’s love life being more important than the overall plot.

What are yours?

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What do you think about Christian woman head covering. Ima white passing latina and have recently trying to become closer to my faith. I respect all faiths but I'm worried ppl will think I'm trying to culture appropriate or try to feel oppressed. It is actually biblically backed up in my faith but a lot of Christians associate it with something negative or oppressed. It's a personal choice but I don't want to seem culturally insensitive to any Muslim woman or black women that wear headwraps.

To my understanding there are Christian women who wear them. Idk if it’s for something specific tho.


I think it’s funny whenever inclusionists go “but why would anyone want/pretend to be oppressed,” because it feels like they aren’t living in the same society that I am. Cishet white dudes are always attempting to act like they’re the oppressed ones instead of the oppressors of over 50% of the world’s population. Straight people always complain about how lgbt people discriminate against them. Oppressors never want to admit they are the oppressors and will do everything they can to shirk out of acknowledging it/taking responsibility for it.

(And, yes, in this case I’m calling cishet aros/aces the oppressors. Not all aces and aros. Just the cishet ones.)