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Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

“It’s you, you who gave me a smiling face
If tears shine too, then it’ll become a falling star
Don’t separate those injured hands anymore
Because tomorrow will come to the sky filled with wishes”

This is Abner from my fic In Love, Serenity:  Summoned by Leliana for her particular skills as an assassin, Abner appeared to the Inquisition shrouded in mystery. A quick-witted woman of determination, strength, and few words, she takes shit from no one, though she’ll dish it out in spades. 

Look at what @xla-hainex painted for me! If you can catch her with an open commission, I highly recommend hiring her, she’s a delight, and look at what she does!! I am beyond pleased.

andromeda: ryder meme

i saw this ryder meme floating around and no one tagged me but im gonna do it anyway skldfj

name: ulysses scott ryder
gender: male
ethnicity: white
eye color: grey
hair color/description: grey/silver! he has super long hair that extends well to the middle of his back (at least in my hc) and he keeps it tied in a bun or ponytail for missions. sara has always griped that he should cut it, but ulysses is too attached. he often dyes it too, depending on his mood. probably pastel colors. 
skin (color, blemishes, tattoos, etc): he has a scar on mouth where he and sara were goofing around one day and she accidentally shoved him down a ledge that was a bit too high to come out unscathed. also he tends to be a clumsy fuck and sara insists that the incident was his fault, along with the quite nasty scar across his eye that came with another tumble, this time from his motorcycle, of which he’s admittedly a horrible driver and should never be put behind the wheel of anything ever. rip the nomad in advance. top surgery scars are an obv one too. tattoos are undecided as of yet.
misc physical attributes: the motorcycle incident was a big scare. he still has a bit of a problem with his leg, which admittedly is a problem that his family worried about wrt andromeda and whether or not he would be capable of doing missions. he also has issues with nerve damage in his hand, but it was nothing too severe to cut him from the mission itself. 
preferred romance option: unknown rn but i would lov 2 have kallo jath or jaal maybe. we’ll see who goes well with his personality. @ bioware free reyes.
relationship with alec and sibling (do thy get along? etc.): sara was his best friend growing up. they both poked fun at each other and drove each other crazy like siblings tend to do, but in the end theyre each others main support system. sara keeps ulysses from doing dumb shit, and ulysses keeps things lively. every single grey hair on alec ryder’s head is from ulysses, but in reality he doesnt really mind, and at the end of the day theyre a really close family
projected bff (the squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take): i’d say liam or peebee probably! it seems like both he and peebee are wild cards who would get along well, and liam sounds like someone who’d be optimal for goofing off with. 
dreams/hobbies/likes: he has a big interest in archaeology and environmental science. he also likes to sing in his spare time, he’s incredibly good at it! also reads to calm himself down. also dogs.
fears/dislikes: enclosed spaces, due to a bad experience with the cryo. and the dark, a phobia from his younger days that never went away
other (what else should we know about your ryder?): has adhd and the above mentioned nerve damage, which i’d assume is being taken care of by sam. his vision is a bit funky which sam helps with too. 

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UtaPri Repeat [Ren] : May

Fascinated by Pianoforte – English Translation

i’m trying to get one out each month but my hw is piling up ahdjad but i’ll try my best :)

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hold my hand… please?
minghao x 645 words ☀︎
tagging @sugababay bc her baby :”)

when coming down to the library, you had three things to look out for.

one, that stupid calculus book you needed to refer to because number three of the first section of the test never fails to steal your marks and eat it with pride. two, your destined place to sit at by the window because you sit there frequent enough to claim it as your territory. third… xu minghao.

that boy would not let up ever since you… fine, you like him. so what? it’s not like he doesn’t feel the same way. you hope he feels the same way. it’s possible he feels the same way? you’ve heard people talking and those people are the ones he’s close with but you’ve never heard it in person so… maybe he does like you and that’s what terrifies you even more.

ah, forget it. time to face a bigger nightmare: calculus.

but just as you pick up your pencil and flip to the page you want to, the abrupt drag of the chair opposite you makes you flinch. your eyes search for the owner only to not want to. minghao takes the seat with a book similar to yours, opening it and daringly grabs onto your hand atop of the table like he’s done this many, many times.

you yank your hand back, as if his hands are of the sun’s touch itself and try to formulate a sentence you’ve been practicing to say if you saw him again but nothing comes out. he takes this moment to let out a sound of disapproval, reaching for your hand again that you shove your books at his way as a defensive mechanism, your hand in your own.

“what are you doing?”

he answers you without missing a heartbeat.

“holding your hand,”

“…i know that. but-”

“you asked what i’m doing. you didn’t ask why i’m doing it-”

“well geez mr. grammar nazi. fine! why are you doing it, then?”

“because i like you,” he deadpans, confident enough to stare you down with his eyes locked on yours and you feel your throat being clogged with the air you breathe and the words dissolving into nothing. you had expected him to be straightforward but not this straightforward.

“and from what i recall, you said you like me too. so,” he puts his hand up by the side of your books, his eyes pointing to his - “hand,”

for a second, you react faster than your mind could hold you back. your hand inches to place it in his where it almost feels like it’s a safe haven waiting to be held but your thoughts stop you with: “g-guys don’t just force a girl to hold onto their hand,”

he shrugs with a small pout, “it’s not really forcing if you put your hand in mine yourself and look, i just really want to hold hands with the girl i like and considering she likes me back, will you hold my hand as we study calculus?”

is it weird you find this endearing? apart from what he just said, the way he said it with sincerity and his doe eyes blinking at you with slight nervousness as he licks his lips, it makes your heart swell.

“that’s a very odd thing to say,”

“as long as you’re happy, i’d say a shit ton of odd things.”

nevertheless, minghao got to hold your hand for quite the time that day. plus, he got a kiss on the cheek after that when the night falls he’s simply - “dude, do i want to know why you’ve been smiling like that nonstop since you came back?”

“…don’t be an ass. y/n probably kissed him,”

“how could you be so-”they simply focus on minghao touching his cheek, giddily chuckling and-”my boy, if that isn’t obvious enough, we’re dumb as fuck.”

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I baked a cake! But I feel ill when I eat sweets so you can all have it! ^^ [I really love this blog by the way]

[MTK: Yuuma-kun, check the doors.]

Yuuma: No one here!

[MTK: Kou-kun!]

Kou: *looking out of the windows* I don’t see him anywhere~!

[MTK: Azusa-kun?!]

Azusa: I don’t… sense him

[MTK: *deeply breathes*
Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you Anon-san! ^w^ *stretchs hands out to take the cake*]

Kanato: *appears and steals it* MIIINEEEEEEEE!!! *disappears*




[MTK: … haha. “Living together in a civil way”, huh?

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No. This is war. °v°]

That’s My Girl

The reader is a hunter and gets injured on a hunt and runs into two very important people from her past and helps her heal from her injuries

TFW and Reader

           At times, I loved hunting, I could help people, I hated hunting alone though. This last case was a doozy. I had killed the ghost but it had thrown a beyond heavy dresser on my leg. I knew it wouldn’t be the same. I finally realized I was going to die alone, I was in the middle of nowhere and I had no one to look for me.

           I went in and out of conscience for at least a couple hours, when I heard voices. This was my chance. “HELP!! PLEASE?!?!?!” I heard two sets of feet coming up the stairs looking for the voice. They burst into the room, and immediately saw me trapped. When I finally saw them I knew who there were, I hunted with them before Sam went to college.

           “Y/n is that you??” I saw the shock on Dean’s face, he must have thought that I was dead. “yeppers! Can we catch up later? I would really love to get my leg back” I laughed at their faces with the realization that they should probably help me out. They counted to three and lifted it off me, when I tried to move it I screamed out. “Dean we have to get her to a hospital now!”

           “I’m sorry Sweetheart but I’m gonna have to lift you, so just take deep breaths ok?” I nodded and understood what he meant. He carefully carried me out to baby, and laid me in the back seat. Sam had gotten in with me, while Dean drove to the nearest hospital.

           “Y/n/n, where have you been?” “Oh, you know just hunting and driving around” Sam tried to keep my mind off the pain but it was a little difficult when it felt like hot pokers going through your leg. Once we reached the hospital Dean had carried me in crying and screaming from the pain. They tried to get me back but I wouldn’t let go of Dean, I wanted them with me.

           They finally allowed them back, while they checked me over to see the damage. I had to go in for surgery to get the two broken bones put back together. The ER doctor told me that I could get most of my function back in my leg but he also that I couldn’t travel anymore for my “job”. Before I was wheeled back the boys promised that they would be here waiting.

Two Weeks Later

           They were finally releasing me to the boys, they had done their part to get my leg started in the right direction, now it was up to me to keep it up. The boys had told me about the bunker they had found and the whole story behind how it came to be. They also filled me in on everything that had happened in the last twelve years.

           Once we arrived they put me in a room right across from theirs so that if I needed anything I could just holler to one of them. I was exhausted from the trip home and immediately conked out when my head hit the pillow.

           As I started waking up I could smell the food in my room and saw Dean carrying a tray of all kinds of breakfast food. “Dean is that all for me?” “Yep you need your strength to get into fighting shape” He set the tray down in front of me and I knew I wasn’t going to finish it all on my own.

Several Weeks Later

           The boys helped me get into fighting shape, the brothers made sure that I was doing my exercises and stretches. I went to doctor appointments so that they could keep up with the progress I was making. At least when I went to bed at night I was beyond exhaustion. I was so thankful for Sam, Dean and Cas helping me grow stronger and back into hunting shape again.

           The boys though, weren’t happy with your progress and decided to take you back to figure out what was going on. “Come on guys! I’m fine!” Dean wrapped his arm around your shoulder “Y/n we need to make sure it’s healing ok” I just nodded and knew he was right. My name was finally called, I was still on crutches so I wasn’t really going that fast.

           Once I finally got back there they settled us in a room, the nurse said we were next so we waited until we heard a knock at the door. The doctor came in and checked my leg over to see what the problem was. “Everything looks good, it’s just healing slower than usual” We all let out a sigh of relief and got out of there as soon as we could.

           Once we got back to the bunker Sam had carried me in and Dean decided to make dinner. “I know you’re not happy about this but we will get you through this” Sam said grabbing your hand and squeezing it gently. “Your right Sam, one day at a time”

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I literally just made this post but I am making a separate one again because I felt it needed it’s own place. Kevin Keller is really sweet to Betty. He has been looking out for her since episode one. He gets happy for her when she goes on a date. He just roots for her and I think it’s the sweetest thing. I personally think he is doing a better job at being a better friend to Betty than Archie has to be honest….but Archie was lost in Grundy’s manipulation so maybe Archie will become a better friend.

I usually drop kitty snacks into this toy for him, so that he can entertain himself for a while digging them out. Now he’s gone to sleep with his eye jammed up against one of the holes so he can keep a look out in case any snacks come out of hiding while he’s napping.

Things that were incredible* about Rogue One

* “incredible” doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating 

  • the cast, obviously — I mean, where even to begin, they were incredible, their performances were superb, the characters were so engaging
  • the relationship between Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus, which was so immensely loving
  • Galen’s choices
  • Galen mentoring Bodhi
  • Bodhi diving into the rebellion because it’s never too late to do the right thing
  • the old star wars aesthetic and costume design (nostalgia AND originality)
  • every death (every life) mattered, on both sides
  • a 2016 pop culture statement about fighting fascism — about fighting fascism
  • Cassian’s been fighting since he was six — this work takes a LONG time
  • the arrival of the rebel fleet
  • fighting on the beaches calling back to D-Day (i.e. fighting nazism)
  • Cassian telling Jyn (the only white team-member) that she doesn’t get to choose when she has to care and when she has to fight (thanks to @bisexualstevenrogers for articulating this)
  • Mon Mothma’s little smile when she realizes what Cassian, Jyn, and the others have done
  • Bail Organa going back to Alderaan
  • was that Biggs Darklighter!? (don’t answer that, I’m just going to assume that it was)
  • women pilots
  • Krennick watching his own side cut their losses on him
  • Cassian and Jyn on the beach 
  • the rebels passing the computer disk from hand to hand down the hallway (!!!)