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ship what you want and have fun. but please don't get your hopes up for deblanc/fiore angel husbands. it's not canon. it never will be. it never was in the comics either. they aren't gay for each other. that being said. please know that and have fun shipping your ship because that's what shipping is for! I just don't want you to get disappointed over nothing. plus, that one person saying "bury your gays" isn't gonna happen because there's no gays to bury here.

lol so do you just like get off on hiding behind anon so you can be patronizing as shit or something

spoiler alert: I’ve read some of the comics! I know they’re not together in the comics! this isn’t the comics bruh! the MAIN STORYLINE has been so hugely adapted from the comics already that them changing two minor characters who barely even appear in the comics to be in a relationship is a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to the other stuff they’ve changed. no one knows shit about what’s comin’ down the pike except Seth Rogen et al.

spoiler alert #2: I’m the person saying I have concerns over the Masada storyline playing out as a “bury your gays” thing if they do adapt DeBlanc and Fiore to be the parents. last comment, second paragraph. me sayin’ it. still concerned about it. still concerned about it prior to them getting as far as Masada.

don’t need your concern-trolling telling me ~not to get my hopes up about my ships, pal, any more than I needed the asshole telling me not to get my hopes up over Meyer being in s5 of BWE [and look how that panned out. /steeples fingers] I’ve been in fandoms with noncanon queer ships with very little chance of those ships getting made canon for a decade and a half. i’ve known for a very long time i have to look for representation somewhere other than mainstream media created by straight people. do not give a single shit if they actually get together in canon or if they’ve been adapted to be Genesis’ parents in the show, except now I hope they are just to spite all the people like you pushing back so fucking hard against what is a fun little theory in a very small, self-contained segment of the fandom.
Splintering in Slow Motion
By Organization for Transformative Works

by cyndrarae

  • Pairing: J2
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Word Count: 30k
  • Completed: Yes
  • Summary:   Jared has been fighting the ‘darkness’ for as long as he can remember, until he can’t, or doesn’t want to anymore. He decides to treat himself to one final weekend of fun before laying down his arms, so to speak. The last thing he expects is a gatecrasher, someone who might derail his best-laid plans for good

My comments: omg when I saw this summary on the big bang I knew I had to read this. and I did, in one day lol. Depressed Jared getting ready to end things, I won’t say anything else bc it’s gonna be spoilers, but omg, this was a great story and I could swim in all the angst!


Gary + friends: the saga

Update: The amount of people commenting “I read these tweets as ‘gay & friend’” in the tags is truly amazing and I love you all bc same (!!!) …but some really are confused about what it says so I’m gonna add translations lol

1. hey man! it’s man’s best friend + boyega!

2. more of the same you really seemed to like the last one….

3. gary & friend

4. gary and friend!

5. gary with his 2 favorite new cool stalkers!

can i share something that’s probably gonna offend some people lol: it isn’t practical for resource blogs to have these minimalistic, contained themes. for indies, it’s become the norm so it’s ““okay”” but for blogs where tens or even hundreds of people are viewing your content a day, you need something that’s accessible to everyone. you need visible links that are more than icons, symbols or numerals. you need 500px wide posts. no one should have to zoom in to read your text or view your content through a 300px tall container. when people depend on your blog for resources you have to sacrifice the aesthetic for the sake of accessibility.

Food critic!Arthur is one of my weird plot bunny.

Imagine him being so famous ’cause his colourful choice of words that he own a food show (like Gordon Ramsay) but still can’t cook to save his life (and he is so embarrassed about this fact)

Artie is gonna enjoy this job so bad. He got to eat and criticize Francis someone.

I read about ‘Food Critic VS Fastfood Chef’ AU from somewhere and can’t shake off the idea lol.

This pic Artie is too short but I have Height different kink anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a brief outline of the tc gig in perth last night

  • waited 2.5 hours for them to come out
  • they sang songs from xf aw
  • they took their jackets off after the first song hOLY SHIT ARMS
  • jaydens face while performing >
  • trent did this high ass jump in domino idk
  • zach’s pelvic thrusts sytfdbhjk
  • he also sang most of jayden’s solos ???
  • they sang she will be loved
  • tears were shed
  • jayden pointed to the girl standing in front of me that bITCH
  • they didnt sing another life sad face
  • meet and greet
  • the line was longer than the queue at centrelink
  • more tears were shed
  • zach liked my jumper lol
  • their manager is a bitch


its always you, its always been you.

back in November, I met a boy named Rolan at a friends house, he walked in, and was only there for about 10 minutes before he had to leave. Picture this: Gorgeous filipino guy, bronze skin, with a perfect smile. (The boy literally has perfect teeth. perfectly straight, perfectly pearly white.) with two big diamonds in his ears. He introduced himself to me, and stared at me the entire 10 minutes he was there. But after he left, I played his name over and over in my head. there was something about him that I couldn’t explain, something that I really liked.

A few weeks went by and I couldn’t take it anymore, I caved and asked my friend what his last name was, I wanted to add him on fb. As soon as I did, I got a message in my inbox that said 

“Hey you (: what have you been up to?” And from that moment forward, we could not stop talking. He told me about himself; he used to be in the army, and psychologically, he’s sort of suffering from a combonation of PTSD, and other shit.

His life has been progressively breaking down over the past 6 months. He started dealing, which got him into trouble. He got 2 DUI’s, totaled his car, not to mention he has a ridiculous temper. I couldn’t take it after a while, his stupid reckless lifestyle that he lives. Its like he really doesn’t care whether he lives or dies, but I do. and I constantly left him because of it. (stopped talking to him, ignored his phone calls, gotten into stupid arguments with him, etc)

Hell, I’ve even dated people… but for some reason, he always fought for me to talk to him again, or I always fought for him. Despite all of these crazy pieces of him.. he’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, inside an out. He’s brave, fucking hilarious, sweet, and when he cares about you, he’d literally give his life for you. I hung out with him for the first time in months about 3 months ago. I had the most amazing time with him, we walked around doing absolutely nothing but bullshitting. He kissed me that day. That kiss? That kiss.

But, as I expected, the happiness from that didn’t last long. about 3 weeks ago, we got into a huge fight. I was ready to let him go and never talk to him again. This was the last time. The last thing I said to him was “You’re dead to me.”

This past Thursday, my cell phone got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I answered it. It was him. I was confused. I didn’t understand how he could really be calling me. The bottom line, is what he said to me:

“I know I’ve put you through a lot. I’m fucking up with my family, I’m fucking up in school, I’m just fucking up. I know that. Everybody thinks I’m this person that I’m not.. I just want everything to go back to normal… but I know everything thats happened to me is my fault. and I’m finally in a place where I want to start getting my life together. I’ve told you a thousand times that I’m not worth it, and I’ve let you go and pushed you away, but… you know there’s something about you that I love so much. I’m sorry, Alexus. For everything, from the bottom of my heart. I’m on the fucking phone pouring my heart out to you. Why the fuck am I doing this shit? I don’t do this with anyone. There’s gotta be a reason that its always you. its always been you…”


Sitting in the iron chair in the outdoor seating area of her favorite cafe, Lisette sipped her latte while she read through the news on her laptop. Should she be doing work right now; of course. However, that was one of the perks of being her own boss. She made her own hours. The barista came by to clean up and brought her another latte with a smile. For many years the same girl had served Lisette well and she was amazed the same girl still remembered her after nearly a years absence. Lisette nods politely and looked back to her screen of multiple articles. Each detailing something different about the infamous city. One article praised a recent event while another put in bold lettering the statistics of deaths and crime in the city. Some things never really change.

lms if read

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Have you read the books? I'm not trying to sound condescending, just genuienely wondering, since r+l = j is such a popular and pretty much widely accepted theory. No matter if you figure this one on your own or discover through the fandom later, it becomes pretty obvious, no? Like, it's pretty much given Jon was gonna turn out to be not Ned's son. Or are you "accept" the theory, you just don't like it? Again, hope I didn't sound rude.

Okay, maybe that post from before wasn’t clear enough, or maybe you’re a new follower… I have read the books, many times. I believe Jon is the bastard son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. No doubt about that, especially after the show confirmed it. What I meant with that post is that I don’t like how Jon is portrayed as a Targaryen. He is still a bastard with no claims to any throne, no matter who his real father is. He will always be a Snow. See below:

covenings replied to your post “Every time I see a gifset of Jon Snow with the word “Targaryen” in it”

how come? i dont have any particular feelings either way, just wondering

Because Jon was raised as a Stark and will always be a Snow of the North, no matter who his biological father is. GRRM has put zero elements in the books that associate him in any way to House Targaryen, to “fire and blood”, as opposed to the tons of elements that link him to the Starks and the North (Ghost and his warging abilities are probably the stronger connections). The only time in the books he is associated to dragons, it’s an ice dragon. That’s because he is the “ice” part of the song (while Dany is the “fire”). You need both to save the world, and they must complement each other.

Jon will never bear the name Targaryen, nor will think or act like one. He will never be loyal to House Targaryen just because of his blood. He will ride a dragon in the end only because he must do it in order to save the world, not because the dragon is the symbol of House Targaryen. I don’t see Tyrion being called a Targaryen every five minutes, and he will probably be the third head of the dragon. Daenerys is the true Targaryen in the story, Jon will always be a Snow and Tyrion a Lannister. Also, many people want Jon to “legally” be a Targaryen so that he can have a better claim to the throne than Dany, and that just seems misogynistic thinking to me, and I’m not even a fan of Dany.

This of course is just my opinion. I know many people will probably disagree with me. And sorry if this was a bit ranty, it’s just that “Jon Targaryen” is one of my biggest pet peeves in the fandom.

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Is there a list of undertale fics you've read? Im curious if there's any fics that you're reading that i havent heard of lol

Here’s a comprehensive list of fics:

and you can also check out:

Shiver Me Tinders, a new project with multiple guest writers. there’s currently only one chapter, but it’s gonna be really fun :)

hopefully that will keep you pretty busy XD

HEY LMAO SO I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED THIS BEFORE I sHOULD HAVE LOL but YES!!! I Have a timeline!! And allow me to Explain it bc I am really proud of it and also I would love to share

Disclaimer: Almost everything here is headcanon and I also played with a lot of actual canon to make events and ages fit seamlessly the way Blizzard says they do. Pls correct me if you find info to be wrong or info I didn’t know of bc I am 100% open to editing this further until it makes sense goddamn it

This was gonna be one longass read otherwise, so I decided to cut it up into parts for you. This is PART ONE: INTRODUCTION & ABOUT OLD OVERWATCH

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so one of you guys messaged me, and were like, yo how you make those edits mang. So I’m gonna step by step you :D

(I’m putting this under a read more, bc it’s kinda lengthy lol)

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The condom in her purse comment remids me of in the comics when Spock asks Nyota to mind meld with him and she thought about sex. And when he showed her what it really was i bet Nyota was like 'Damn mind melding and fun and all but when am i gonna put this thing to use'.

nonny, I think if the kiss was any hint they totally did the do after that scene!

I loved the fact that it seemed like she made him wait, lol, and he was being very gracious about it. But when he proposed the mind meld and she was like ‘this feels like you are asking me to sleep with you’ he didn’t deny LOL that vulcan boy!
The comics are a gem. I hope they continue them. The last issues are the last ones for this series but from what I read, they might start all over again from no.1 with a new comic series set after star trek beyond! Finger crossed!
The comics aren’t always great or flawless but I’m grateful for them because it’s a means to develop the characters a bit more and do things you can’t do in the movies, too.

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How would Hibari react to his s/o informing him that she's a vegetarian? Lol all I could think of is he'd be like "omnivore" and she's just shake her head "vegetarian"

One gif came to mind when I read this and I still think it works, so that’s gonna be my answer

(Okay, so it was 2 gifs but I couldn’t find one all together…)



“Just gonna read a couple angsty fics haha”



Long story short tho, you guys are all gonna meet a brick wall of angst when I finish writing everything out :)

This angst will include, but not be limited to:

-People being forgotten
-Failure to save everyone
-Lost miraculous stone(s)
-Cursed catboy (this one turns out fluffy for the most part)

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WHEN are we gonna get more fics about genos or saitama reading saigenos fanfiction & getting caught!!

Ooo that sounds interesting!! I kind of want to write one for @vote-sensei because I think it would fit so well with their blog.

I can also totally see Genos writing self insert fanfiction of him and Saitama, and the notion is simultaneously cracky/adorable/heart-breaking lol.

If you have a specific prompt, anon (or anyone), please hit me up and I’ll write a Drabble/one shot!

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1. whats your favorite childhood memory?

  • when me and my grandma would lay in bed n read the books we borrowed frm the library. she would read her chinese books n i would read my junie b jones books and it would be so peaceful n quiet

2. what’s your dream job?

  • preschool teacher lol but im prob gonna major in speech therapy who knos

3. if you could do one thing in life (without worrying about money) what would you do and why?

  • travel the world w my family

4. what’s your favorite style of music?

  • besides kpop, i really really love soundtrack music

5. if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what album would it be?

  • ex’act…lol

6. do you prefer a close group of friends or a large group of friends?

  • close group of friends!!

7. are you a country person or a city person?

  • def city lol ive been living in one my whole life

8. whats your favorite meme of 2016?

  • suho. suho is my favorite meme of 2016

9. do you have stuffed animals? if yes, how many? if no, would you want any?

  • no and i wouldn’t want any idk i can’t sleep w stuff animals they would all end up on the floor

10. whats your fave time of the day?

  • night! thats when i feel the most motivated tbh

11. math, history, or science? 

  • math!! (esp algebra i love algebra)

my questions:

  1. which group are you excited for to debut/comeback?
  2. tea or coffee? if tea, which one is your favorite, and if coffee how do you like it?
  3. whats your go-to outfit?
  4. favorite makeup brand/product?
  5. regular cheetos or spicy cheetos?
  6. favorite scent?
  7. favorite disney movie?
  8. do you have any talents? (besides running an exo blog ofc)
  9. favorite song atm?
  10. what’s the number one thing on your wishlist rn?
  11. post ur fav meme

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