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Honestly the thing that motivates me to write original content the most is seeing writers fuck up so spectacularly and thinking ‘I want to do better.’ 

I don't think people understand how demanding being part of the kpop (or really any) fandom is.

I spent every free waking moment checking hashtags, checking new news, looking for new debuts. And especially having multiple social medias, oh god. You have followers to uphold, you need to be active and on top of things. Lord help us. I never chose this life and now I can’t escape it

Seven Minutes In Heaven ~Ricky Horror Smut Pt.2

A/n:This was requested by a lovely person on Wattpad.You kinda have to read the first part to fully understand it.


“Damn,Rick."Chris said,staring at your swollen bottom lip."What did you do to her?”

“Nothing.I just kissed her."Rick said with fake innocence.

"Whatever.But anyway,"Chris yawned."I think I’m gonna turn in tonight.It’s been fun guys."And like that Chris was gone.

"Yeaaah,I think we’re gonna turn in too."Balz said,standing up with Ashley."G'night y'all.”

One by one every one left, until it was just you and Ricky left.You looked at each other for a moment,before Ricky chuckled slightly.

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Haha does anyone want to an art trade? :^D I’m currently on break so looking for something to do on the side. I don’t do art trades very much cause I’m too shy… but anyways: it’s gonna be a little sketchy with choices of either half body or chibi + light colors

Slots- around 3 to 5? Open until whenever it’s filled

I can draw OC’s or fan art as long as it’s not too detailed, mecha, gory, or r18

((TBH I just want to fill my kamuzero scrapbook a little so I’m straight up asking for kamuzero (custom!MU slapped) on my part or either one of those characters are fine))

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(2/2)(selfie anon) but i was just gonna let you know because ur also my fp and i care about you and dont want them messing with you im so sorry this is my fault please stay safe

hey, im not gonna post the first part of this ask bc of reasons you said, but i think you should block the blog and other blogs similar. although, it’s probably one of my followers that did it. you don’t have to be sorry and it’s not your fault and im super chilled with being harassed and it’s not even me being harassed rn anyway, so it’s fine <3 you stay safe and look after yourself <3

(also i live for the Drama, so if they do mess with me hoo boy)

Nightmare x Cross 12

(I’m alive!!! I finally updated the story. I hope all of you are ready for some little weirdness, when I mean that, I mean Nightmare is gonna give Cross a hickey, yeah, so just skip some parts if don’t like that type of stuff, anyway, enjoy the story! Oh yeah, one more thing, my friend Gingersnappy is going to make a Naj Freshpaper story soon, that’s all, now you’ll can enjoy the story!)  

Nightmare pov.

I looked at my Cross, he was so beautiful, I gently kissed his neck, he moaned a bit. I blushed at hearing this, he turned around and looked at me like, ‘what was that for?’ I just grinned and kissed him.”Nightmare, I love you too, but please don’t do that.” “You mean this!” I nibbled on his neck, he was trying not to make a sound, but was failing horrible, I then gave him a hickey and I licked it. Just as things were getting a bit intense for Cross’s liking, Shai walked in,”Hey how’s it go-” She paused at seeing me and Cross,”Shai?!” Cross then got off my lap and he hugged her, she took a look at him, then something crossed her face, she squealed and hugged him back. I grew jealous at this, I walked over to Cross and pulled him away from Shai and I wrapped my arms around his waist, I growled in Cross’s ‘ear’,”Mine…” Cross just blush and Shai then squeals some more,”Cross, my bff!” Shai squealed, I looked at Cross questioningly.”She was the one who revived me and try to make me her boyfriend.” Cross said, I then looked at Shai and I bowed.”Thank you for bringing my Cross home…But he’s mine and mine alone.” I growled, she just smiles and bows.”Oh yeah, if you’re going to make out, do it in the room.” She then runs off, laughing, I looked at Cross and I kiss him again, He kisses back,’I’ll always protect you Cross.’ I thought to myself and that is a promise.

Cross pov.

Nightmare had fallen asleep and his head was resting on my knees,’He’s so cute.’ I thought to myself.”How’s your love life?” Chara mocked, I glared at them,”Oh, shut up Chara.” Chara just rolled his eyes as he sat down and stuck his tongue out.”Really mature…” I mumbled, Nightmare was mumbling something in his sleep, I leaned down to listen,”I…Love…You…Cross…ZZZZZ” He snored and he began drooling a bit, I smiled, even in his sleep he’s thinking about me, I gently kissed him. I pulled away to see a small gentle smile on his face,”I love you too, Nightmare.” I whispered to him. I then remembered something that the triplets told me,


‘We just need your soul’s power…’

End of Flashback…

Cross pov still.

‘What did they mean the soul?’ I thought,I decided to pay a visit to them. I looked back at Nightmare, I gently placed his head on a pillow,I was about to leave, but then someone grabbed my hand, I looked behind me to see Nightmare awake and he was staring at me, I stared back at his eyes.”Don’t leave me, where ever your going…” He then yanked me back on the couch next to him, he wrapped his arms around my waist to prevent me from leaving,”But I got to visit someone.” I told him, he just pressed his face in my neck,”Can’t it wait in the morning?” He mumbled as he kissed my neck, I shivered and I turned to face him,”But it has something to do with Ginger, I’m sure of it.” I said, before I knew it, Nightmare turned me to face him, he had this look of anger,” Ginger!? No, if she’s alive, I won’t give you up to her, she is the reason why this whole mess happened, I don’t-” “NIGHTMARE! DON’T TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT GINGER, SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!!!” I yelled at him, I then heard a sniffle, I turned around to see Nightmare crying, my eyes widen as I held him close to me.”I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t want to lose you again, I lost you once, I’m not going to lose you again.” Nightmare weeped in my chest, I kissed him, he kissed back with passion and love, I pulled away,”Nightmare, I won’t leave you, even if Ginger came back, I love so much Nightmare and I’ll never leave you.” I murmured to him, he kissed me and pushed me on the couch and he began to slip his tongue in my mouth, I blushed but I opened my mouth, we made out a bit then we pulled away,”Alright, but I’m coming with you.” He said, I smiled up at him, he smiled back as he kissed me again.

Hidou pov.

It’s almost ready, the generator will soon be completed and we can finally have the power to find them,”Hidou!” I turned around to see Cross and Nightmare, the generator was already running and it was sparking and fizzing, Cross’s soul was buzzing and fizzing as well, Cross eyes widen as he watched in horror, Nightmare was preparing to attack,”Hidou, what are you doing?! What are you planning?!” He shouted at me, I then saw Nightmare attack, I summoned my fire dragon and it blew deadly flames at Nightmare, Nightmare yelled in pain, Cross ran to Nightmare’s side and he glared at me, he took his sword out, I pulled my sword as well,”Let’s settle this here and now.” “Alright.”

Normal pov.

Cross vanished and appeared behind Hidou, Hidou blocked the attack and summoned his fiery ash attack and blew it in Cross eyes, who yelled and he slashed Hidou’s arm, Hidou winced as his arm had slash across it, they continued to fight and fight, they started to get tired and Hidou finally sat down, so did Cross. The generator began to buzz. “10 seconds left…” Nightmare stood up and ran towards the device, but Tenma appeared out of nowhere and tripped him. The everyone stared as the machine was completed, the triplets began to laugh like maniacs,”WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING ON DOING WITH MY SOUL?!?!” Cross yelled at them,”We are…Going to be free to roam the land that was taken away from us!” The triplets squealed as they began to open a portal,”What do you mean?!” Nightmare yelled at them, Nightmare and Cross watch as they enter the portal as Cross’s soul just leaps back into Cross.”I swear they cause more trouble than anyone I know.” Nightmare then carries Cross bridal style, Cross then had a question pop in his head,”Nightmare, what will happen now? Are we giving up on taking over the world? Or are you planning something?” Cross looked up at his lover, Nightmare then looks down and sighs.” I’m honestly going to still destroy everyone, but I’m not going to destroy Dream, I’ll imprison him again.” Cross was confused,”But why not kill Dream?” “If I kill Dream, then positive emotions won’t exist anymore, that would result in you not feeling any positive emotions, which is mostly love, your love for me won’t exist anymore, I don’t want to lose that feeling of love and joy, it will hurt me to know that you probably won’t even have a damn about our love.” Nightmare says, he then clutches Cross closer to him and Cross snuggled his head in Nightmare’s chest, they both arrive home and Nightmare then calls all of the dark sanses downstairs.”What is it Nightmare?” Murder sans said,”We are leaving to our home.” No one questioned Nightmare, they all knew this was coming, they packed when everyone was asleep and left.

Boy oh boy, I sure love Keith

…but why? Sometimes it’s really hard to round up feelings to put into orderly words, but it can be interesting to step back and look at results.

Why Keith in particular when no one is ever gonna displace Son Goku of #1 in my heart, or be a better written character than Zuko? I guess it’s partly as Keith is a new addition to my life, of sorts, and also other things I’m about to try and cover.

Oh, this is gonna have spoilers for the series so far, be warned.

And it’s rather on the long side, so under a Cut~! 😺✂

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satans-little-midgets  asked:

20, 25, 40, 53

20.Favorite song at the moment?
In all honesty the “Everyone gots a cousin” from 21 Chump Street. I recently watch that musical again and I found the soundtrack on soundcloud. My mother actually yelled at me for playing it too loud.

25. Role model?
Right now,,,, I can’t really give you an answer. Yes, I have people I look up to and everything but there’s just too many things I wish to focus on and cant, so I can’t have one person in mind right now.

40.Favorite memory?
It just happened yesterday but I’m gonna tell ya anyway because I think it’s fucking funny. Two of my friends and I had to film a short video based in the 1920s. We could do it off anything in that time period. Just the climbing part was fun and yeah….. I love my friends.

53. 5 things that make you happy:
1. Greentea and straberries!!!
2. That fact that I write my ‘and’ like &, couldn’t tell you why it makes me happy but it does.
3. My fucking school tbh??? Everyone is really supportive there and just everyone gets along with everyone and its pleasing.
4. My cat, Vincent.
5. When my drawings actually turn out good!

Decided to start a series of Poly!Talon!McHanzo/Reader fis for @deathday1313 because you’ve inspired so many so look, we’re gonna write the first one that’s stuck in my head. (You’ve ruined us friend you’ve ruined us)


You meet them during a panicked evacuation of the corporate building you work in. You’re no one special, just the secretary for the 20th floor, but they’re coming after you anyway. The two men that stalk you as you run down the corridor have their eyes narrowed and weapons drawn, one with a bow, elbow bent, the other with a six shooter. They want information you know that much, but you don’t know anything.

You get cornered against a locked fire escape. They smirk at you, lowering their weapons and the shorter one speaks first. His voice is accented, deep and rough and he steps up to you, growling out an order.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

You shiver as he steps closer, the man, with the six shooter and now what you’ve just noticed a ridiculous cowboy hat, tilts up the brim and stares at you with a glint in his eyes and in his smirk, before he drawls out. 

“Ain’t gonna bother us by runnin’ anymore are ya darlin’?”

The shorter one leans closer and murmurs in Japanese, you don’t understand what he says, but he’s breathing against your ear and his hand slides down your side, making you tense.

The cowboy steps closer, on your other side and chuckles. “What do you say Hanzo?” He walks his hand down the front of your shirt as he presses his chest against your side, dwarfing both you and the other one.

“I think that they would not miss us for a few moments longer.” He says into your ear, even if he’s answering the cowboy, and the cowboy slides his hand under the hem of your shirt, undoing the buttons from the bottom one by one until your shirt falls open.

“Please… Please I jus-”

“Hush now darlin’ we ain’t gon’ hurt you…” The cowboy whispers in your ear, cupping his metal hand over your mouth. “Well not unless you want us too.”

You whimper behind his hand as he places another on his back. The shorter one, Hanzo, your brain supplies, has his hands on your waist, ducking his fingers under the waistband of your trousers. 

You try to talk behind the metal of his hand, tongue poking out and tasting gunpowder and metal. Not in open, not like this.

If this were any other situation, you doubt you’d be protesting this much, but search teams could find you, someone from the public could find you. Hanzo seems to know this because he doesn’t go any further, instead he leaves his hands on your waist but he pulls back from where he was mouthing at the spot beneath your jaw, leaving a dark mark.

“I believe, it is time we take our leave Jesse… we can find our new friend… after we have what we came for.” He murmurs, low as his eyes catch yours.

You gasp, as much as it is possible behind Jesse’s metal arm, and you stumble over your thank you’s as they pull away, gathering their weapons. You clutch your shirt close as the cowboy, Jesse, winks at you before shooting the lock on the fire escape. You jolt, but your eyes never leave them as they make their escape through the red door. Your gut twists as the last you see is the tail end of a yellow patterned ribbon. 

You know this will not be the last you see of them.

Avengers AOU (part 2/7)

A/N: Another chapter up yay!! I actually wrote part 1 and 2 beforehand, I have not started on part 3 so there’s that. Sigh. Oh well, I really enjoy writing this so it’s okay. I hope you guys like it as well, I placed the link for the first part below so you can check it out😊 Y’all can also leave your suggestions on what you want to see next!! Anyways, enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,344

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five//Part six//Part seven

“Are you sure he’s gonna be okay?” Nat asked Dr Cho as she looked at his wound.

You glanced down at Clint before looking at both Helen and Nat, smiling slightly. “Pretending to need this guy really brings the team together.”

“There’s no possibility of deterioration. The nano-molecular functionality is instantaneous. His cells don’t know they’re bonding with simulacra,” Helen replied Nat’s question, tapping a few buttons on the machine.

“She’s creating tissue,” Bruce explained.

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Somewhere in Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 27 - Scarecrows

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,238
Warnings: language, drinking
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: Second to last part my loves. Title comes from Scarecrows by Luke Bryan. Hope you guys enjoy it! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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(please click; it looks ugly otherwise)

ooooh my gosh this took like 50x longer than I thought it would because I had to put ever part of it together from scratch. Still a bit choppier than I would have liked. @___@;;

also yes Papyrus has an absurd amount of HP but that’s how much he has in the game, so! Monsters are tough!

ANYWAY this is yet another scene from the fanfic Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach by @unrestedjade! This one’s from the end of chapter 1. I based it on the beginning of the Sans fight! I uh… hope this looks all right?

Forbidden Love Ch.5

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4

Summary: Your father is now married to a woman with 7 sons. Tension starts to build up as you move in with the 7 handsome boys.


A/N: About the surprise I wrote about yesterday. You guys can request what is gonna happen next in this story :D All you have to do is type the name of the member and situation.( No kissing or farther yet)

I will be picked out three of them and put them into one whole chapter.

I hope you guys will take part of this, anyways enjoy the story… :D

(1254 words)

Reader’s Pov


You looked at yourself in the mirror to see if anything is messed up. Today was the day your father is getting married to the woman he loves and you were excited. Your dress was on and so were your shoes and accessories. All that was missing was your makeup and you heard that Jungkook and Taehyung were going to do it. You heard a knock on the door and you yelled a “come in.” The two boys came in with boxes in their hand. You sat at your dressing table and the two boys took out a chair and sat in front of you. “So, how would you like to get your makeup done?” Taehyung said this while batting his eyelashes. “Just…nothing too strong, anything is fine.” “I got ya covered little sis.” And with that both of the boys got started.

Jungkook was applying eye shadow that was nearly the same color as the dress and a bit of eyeliner. Taehyung applied some lipstick on a brush and stroked it across your lips, and then he used his pointer and blend it to give it nice shading. But somehow, while doing this he stared intensely in your eyes while his mouth was open.

“Oww…” you heard Taehyung exclaimed and he gave Jungkook a glare.

You didn’t know that while your little stare with Taehyung, Jungkook was burning up. He kicked his lower leg in anger and thats what cause Taehyung to get hurt.

Once they finished, they stepped back to stare at your face. “You look really pretty Y/N” Jungkook complemented. You look at yourself in the mirror and turns out they really did a good job. “Wow…it looks amazing. Thank you…” “Well! Looks like our work here is done. Now we will go put on our outfit for our wedding.” After they said that, they left the room.

You were waiting in the living room when you saw seven handsome boys coming down in their tux. “Wow…Y/N you look so beautiful. You did a great job boys.” Jin approved. “Come on, the car is waiting for us outside.” Suga said as he looked out of the window.

You arrived at the hotel where the wedding was going to take place. You entered the elevator of the hotel and got up to the ballroom. It was a little tight in here with eight people in one elevator. You didn’t realize your hand were leaning on someone’s body, you looked up to see Jimin smirking at you. The elevator doors opened and you all headed towards the giant doors of the ballroom.

The place was beautifully decorated with flowers and white cloth. You looked at the corner to see your father and your soon-to-be mother talking to each other. You ran over to them since it’s been a while since you’ve seen you father. “Papa!” He turned around and his faced turned into a huge grin. “Y/N!” You gave him a tight hug. You looked over to her fiancé and bowed at her. “It’s an honor to meet. Thank you for making my father happy.” “Oh Y/N I always wanted to meet you. You look so beautiful.” “You too miss.”

You sat at the table that said “Groom and Bride’s children”. You were sitting between Jungkook and Jin and you kept on looking at the door. Finally the bride came out, your soon-to-be mother. They both said their vows and shared their kiss. You stood up from your seat and clapped and so did the other people. “Ah…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen our mother this happy.” Jin said happily. It’s true…you’ve never seen your father so happy before.

After that, it was the bride and groom’s photo shoot. They took a lot of pictures until your father’s wife called all of you over. “I want each of my sons to take a photo with Y/N” You stood in front of the frame and waited for the first sibling to come out.

Jin was the first one to come out. “We’ll leave you to the camera man. There are some few guests we would like to greet.” And the two newly wed couple left you with the cameraman and the seven brothers. Jin took one of your hands and pressed it against his lips while his other hand was behind his back, looking like a gentleman. 

The camera took a couple of photos and the next one was Yoongi. He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him. He looked at the camera with a serious look and you followed.

Next one was Hoseok and he took both of your hands and held them to his chest. He was looking at you lovingly and just simply smiled while the cameraman took photos.

Next one was Namjoon. He stood behind and wrapped his arms around your body while his head was on you head since he was really tall.

After him was Jimin, he pushed you against the wall of the frame and had one hand against the wall while the other was in his pocket. He gazed at the camera and you just looked at him embarrassed.

Later it was Taehyung’s turn and he pulled you from the neck and leaned in just inches from your face. “Taehyung!!!” You heard Jungkook shouted. “T-Taehyung…” He just chuckled “I always loved that reaction of yours.”

And last but not least, Jungkook. He wrapped his arms around your waist. “Umm…put your arms around my neck.” He you did as he said and he turned really red. He just looked at you eyes lovingly.

After the photo shoot you all went to have some cake. It was really delicious; you felt a small tap on your shoulder and turned around to see Jimin smiling at you. “You have some cake here…” He reached your lips and swiped some of the remaining cake with his thumb. You blushed in response and you didn’t realize that most of the boys glared at him.

You stood in the corner of the room to see your father and your mother partying hard and so were the other people. “Excuse me?” you looked at the side to see a boy who was probably the same age as you, standing next to you. “Would you like to dance with me?” He asked politely. You were about to answer when you saw an arm that blocked your view of him. “I’m sorry, but she promised me to dance to with. So go to your other group of girls.” And with that, the boy let out a huff and went off. You looked at Hoseok in confusion. “What’s wrong?” “That boy has been getting on with some of the girls around here. I didn’t want you to be one of them too.” Hoseok answered with concern. “Well thank you.” “So wanna dance.” He didn’t even let you answer before dragging you to the dance floor and dancing like mad dogs.

You were slightly sweating dancing with the popping brother of yours. You stood outside the corner to see all the people dancing their hearts out. You noticed that none of the boys are seen and you looked around for them before you felt a small tap on you shoulder behind you. You turned around to see your new brothers standing in a row. “Ready boys?” Jin said before they all bowed at you.

“WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Y/N.” They all shouted.

 That’s who we are now…


The next chapter will now be now created by you. Type your scenario here ;)

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Do you ever miss someone so much that every time you hear their name, you just let yourself think about them for just a fraction of a second, and then feel like you may actually collapse from the physical pain it causes to you inside? 

That your heart feels broken and empty without them? 

That you would give anything to just hear their voice

 or inhale their smell 

or see their smile 

to just look into their eyes one last time?

The worst part is, you know that you could never forget any of those things anyway, you memorized them all a very long time ago, a lifetime ago.

Guess it wouldn’t be life without the hurt and heartache huh?

you know what the thing is though? not everybody in this world is going to think you’re pretty. you can change yourself in every way, trying to achieve perfection. Nobody’s gonna care the way your best friend cares though. Nobody’s gonna have that conniption when telling you face to face how they think you’re amazing and wonderful that you can hear even when it’s just in a text. Nobody’s gonna look at you like your momma. Nobody’s gonna have open thoughts running across their face of how proud they are when they look at you. Nobody’s gonna look at you like that one little kid. Nobody’s gonna see the truth, accept the truth, think the truth is awesome anyway and want to be just like you and be on your team. You know why nobody’s gonna look at you like that? Because all the people on the internet know nothing about who you are inside. They don’t see that light that comes out and makes you beautiful because every single part of you is like art. And if the people I mentioned have not appreciated you in their lives, then they are missing out. Go think about those people in your life and substitute the words. Get it in your head: “I am art.” Because nobody can convince you of that, except for you.
—  late night Virgo thoughts about an ongoing struggle

the before and after thing for the anon :^)

i know these two are hard to compare, especially since the right one looks so much different from my usual stuff anyway, and i dont really know when i made the left drawing (right one was february!!)

theres still soo much changeee!! the most exciting part in art for me is “oh man. i wonder what im gonna be better at today??tomorrow?? in a few MONTHS even??”

and motivational art speech cliché #4567,every single person on this world draws diferently, man,,,and im excited to see what youre gonna make B)


Request: (okay, so this one was REALLY detailed, which is totally fine but I’m gonna shorten it) Can you do a Demon!DeanXReader where the reader goes looking for him and when she finds him all he wants is sex which she refused to give to him and then a little while after when Sam gets him into the bunker, Sam leaves to get things and Dean somehow escapes but the reader already had a plan just in case and leads him to bed where they have hot rough sex… (this is the part that was VERY detailed, which made it a lot easier to do the smut part) and then she captures him! Please and thank you!!!

Warnings: rough smut, unprotected sex, deans kind of an ass

Authors note: well, here is some smut that was requested in detail, hope it is okay! Hope this is what you were looking for anon!!


Y/N wwalked into the bar, her e/c orbs drifting over the other patrons.

When she found the person she was looking for, she smirked.

She walked up beside him, leaning against the counter.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way hot shot.” The demon paled when he saw who she was.

‘Hm, never got that reaction from a demon.’

When the demon tried to run, she grabbed him by the back of the neck, slamming his head onto the bar.

Everyone around them got quiet. Y/N quickly thought up a normal reason to be attacking a man at a bar.

“You wanna hit my little sister and try and get away with it?” She pulled him up by his shirt, smirking when she saw everyone move out of her way.

She even saw a few guys glaring at the man she was forcing outside, probably thinking he deserved it.

They had no idea.

She took him to the back ally, pushing his ass into the devils trap she had set up.

She quirked an eyebrow at the demon.

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

“You’re the Winchester’s girl! I ain’t getting a knight of hell on my ass!” She looked away.

“Yeah well I highly doubt he gives a damn about me right now.” He gave her a look that said he thought otherwise but she waved it off.

“Anyway! I know you have information on them so spill. I wanna know where Dean is!”

“If I tell you, Crowley will have my head!”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll have your head.” He clicked his tongue.

“Sorry girly, king of hell has you beat.” She shrugged and walked up to him. He stepped back slightly, watching her closely.

She smiled sweetly before she pushed his head down and kicked his leg, making him fall. Before he could even attempt to fight back, she cuffed him with the devils trap hand cuffs.

She forced him up before guiding him to the car.

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere a little more private.”


Y/N sat at the bar, swishing the Amber liquid around in the bottle.

The demon had eventually spilled, but Dean was long gone when she got there.

“Hey there darling! Can I buy you a drink?” She lifted her bottle up, making him chuckle.

“ Okay, can I buy you another drink?” She sighed, setting the beer down on the bar.

“I’m not interested.” She said simply, not bothering to look at him.

“Aw come on, don’t be like that. Give me a chance.” He placed a hand on her shoulder and Y/N tensed.

“Ge-” Someone slammed the man’s head onto the bar, reminding her of what she had done to the demon.

Her eyes widened slightly.

She looked at the assailant, opening her mouth to tell him that that was unnecessary, but her voice died in her throat when she saw who it was.

“If the lady says no, back off.” She shivered at the at the sound of his rough velvety voice, noticing the danger in it.

“Dean.” She whispered. He glanced at her and smirked.

“Hey man, that was unnecessary! Get out of my bar!” Dean wanted to argue but decided against it. He released the man, who slid to the floor holding his head, and raised his hands in surrender before turning and walking away.

Y/N didn’t hesitate to follow, not caring if he wanted her to or not. She finally had him in front of her and she’ll be damned if she lets him go that easily.

He didn’t acknowledge her as they walked but she knew he was aware of her presence.

When they were in an alleyway, she couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Dean!” He stopped and turned, his dark green orbs focusing on her. “Where the hell have you been? We’ve been worried sick about you!” He just continue to stare at her as she asked her questions. “Sam has been looking non stop and he even got himself hurt! I mean, we thought you died! And then you disappear and leave behind a note that says to let you go? Did you really think we would listen?”

“I was hoping.”

“Why? What’s gotten into you?” He smirked, his eyes flashing black.

She didn’t react, knowing that he was a demon already.

“So that’s it? You become a demon and just leave us?” He nodded.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.”

“Why?” His eyes turned into their beautiful emerald green.

“Why?” He chuckled but it was void of any humor. “I’m a demon sweetheart. I don’t care about you or Sam.” She bit her lip, expecting this already, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt to hear it from him.

“Then why are you here right now?”

“You need to back off. Stop looking for me before you get hurt.”

“And why do you care if I get hurt?” She snapped.

“Just because I don’t care about you, doesn’t mean I don’t miss that sexy body of yours. I don’t want to see it get hurt. What if I’m in the mood to have some fun?” He twirled a lock of her H/c hair between his fingers and she scowled, smacking his hand away.

“Don’t touch me!” Tears welled in her eyes and she fought to push them away as she stared into his eyes. She noticed how different they were.

Those Apple green eyes that used to reflect so much, were completely void of any emotion whatsoever.

She bit her lip, looking away.

“I won’t give up. Sam and I will turn you back whether you like it or not.” He quirked a brow.

“Is that so?” He laughed. “We’ll see about that.” He turned his back on her and she sprung into action.

She kicked the back of his knee, making him fall, and spun him around. Just as she was about to tackle him, he switched their positions, ending up on top of her.

“Aw come on baby? Did you really think that would work?” She glared at him. “I was the one that taught you that!” He had a cocky grin on his full lips and she had never had such an urge to smack it off before.

She lifted her back off the ground slightly, grabbing his leg and using the momentum to flip them over.

“You taught me this too, remember that?” He glared for a moment before he smirked.

“Yeah I do. I also remember what happened afterwards.” She ignored the blush that crept up her neck as she recalled the memory.

It had been the first time they had made love outside.

Pushing away the memory, she pulled out the holy water and hand cuffs.

“Oh, kinky.” She rolled her eyes.

“Sorry sweetheart. I can’t let you do that.” He was able to free his hands, grabbing her wrists. She dropped the holy water and handcuffs glaring at him.

He sat up, leaning his face close to hers.

“But I do admire the effort. Really, it was entertaining.” She tried to pull her wrist away but his grip wouldn’t loosen.

“Oh how I miss this body of yours.” He released her wrists, his hands finding her ass. She wanted to whimper at the familiarity of it but held it back.

He pushed her down on him as he wiggled his hips, rubbing his clothed member against her. Her breath hitched.

She shouldn’t be doing this, no matter how good it felt. He leaned in to kiss her but she pushed him away, jumping up.

“I’m not a fuck buddy asshole.” She spat. He chuckled, getting up.

“In that case, I’ve said what I needed to say. Bye baby.” He was gone. Y/N stood there, her heart crumbling as her legs gave out. She sobbed into her hands, not knowing what to do.


Two weeks later

Y/N looked up at the door of the bunker, expecting Sam to come back empty handed, but what, or rather, who, he dragged in stopped her heart.

Dean…in handcuffs.

He looked at her and smirked.

“Miss me sweetheart?” She looked back at her book, trying to focus on the words. She flinched slightly at the low chuckle that left his mouth but didn’t look up at him.

“Alright, come on.” Sam pushed him away and Y/N let out a breath. She knew she would have to face him eventually, but she couldn’t. Not yet at least.

But she couldn’t shake the feeling that it was going to go wrong, deciding to do something about it.


After she was done preparing for the worst, she decided to walk down to the dungeon and face him.

“Hey Y/N, I have to go get some supplies. He’s locked up pretty tight so don’t worry alright?” She nodded. She stopped outside of the dungeon door but decided against it.

It was one thing to do it while Sam was there, but while he was gone…she couldn’t.

So she decided to wait until Sam got back, heading back into the war room.

Not five minutes later did she hear a door slam shut, making her jump to her feet. There was only one other person that that could have been.

“Shit.” She looked around the war room before slowly making her way to the hallway.

“Where do you think you’re going sweetheart.” She froze, seeing Dean saunter into the war room.

“I’ve heard some interesting things about you lately.” She held her head up high, ready to initiate her plan.

“About?” He didn’t look at her but she could tell that whatever it was he had heard, he wasn’t happy about it.

“Heard that while I was gone, you got really close to Sammy, if you know what I mean.” His tone was accusing.

Y/N stared at him for a moment, honestly shocked, before covering her hand with her mouth in an attempt to muffle her laughter.

She stopped, realizing that this could work out in her favor.

“What’s it to you Winchester? Jealous?” She taunted with a smirk. Deans eyes flashed black dangerously and she could see him tense.

“Don’t mess with me Y/N.” She leaned against the frame, putting on the sexiest face she could muster.

“Or what? You’ll punish me?” Her voice was laced with sexual desire.

She had to admit, demon or not, she was attracted to him. He was sexy as hell. She had no trouble trying to be horny.

She saw his eyes darken, knowing he was falling into her trap.

“Don’t tempt me.” Y/N smirked before slowly peeling her shirt off, leaving her in a bra and short Jean shorts. She turned to walk into her room, feeling Deans eyes on her.

“Thought you weren’t a fuck buddy?” She mentally strangled him at that moment but remained calm on the outside.

“Well now I’m curious.” That seemed to wipe the smirk off his face.

“About what?” She smirked.

“Who’s a better fuck. You or Sam?” Then she walked into the room, hearin him growl dangerously and knowing he’d follow her.

He pulled her into him, crashing his lips onto hers roughly. Their tongues battled for dominance but Dean wouldn’t have it, easily winning.

“I’m gonna show you who you belong to.” He growled, sucking roughly on her neck. She moaned, missing the feel of his soft lips on her skin.

He squeezed her ass, pushing his hips into hers. She jumped up and Dean grabbed the back of her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

“Bring it Winchester.” She pressed her lips to his, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She was able to keep control for five seconds before Dean shoved his tongue into her mouth.

He pulled her closers to him, rubbing her against his bulge. She hissed slightly at the friction before biting down on his bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth.

That earned a groan from him and he threw her onto the bed, practically ripping his clothes off.

Y/N eyed his toned body hungrily, the ache between her legs increasing. She needs to feel him inside her. It had been too long.

Dean crawled on top of her, ripping her bra off her body and sucking a perk nipple into his mouth.

His hand slid into her panties, his fingers spreading her slick folds.

“Already so wet for me baby. You missed me?” He shoved a finger inside her, making her throw her head back.

“Oh god! Yes!” He smirked, enjoying the pleasure on her face.

“You can call me Dean.” He added another finger, curling them inside her and hitting her g-spot over an over. Her release was approaching quickly and she began move her hips against his fingers.

Just as she was about the finish, he pulled out, licking her juices off his fingers.

She whimpered angrily.

“Dean!” Her jean shorts were gone from her and Dean was positioning himself above her.

“Who do you belong to?” He demanded, rubbing the tip against her dripping folds. She bit her cheek, trying to push her hips into his, but he wouldn’t have it, a smirk playing at his full lips.

“Who do you belong to Y/N?” He pushed just the tip in, driving her crazy.

“You damnit! I belong to you!” He slammed into her, covering her scream with his mouth. He didn’t give her anytime to adjust to his size as he pounded into her, the coil within her tightening.

“Fuck Y/N! You’re so tight!”

“Dean!” Her nails raked down his back, making Dean moan loudly.

“You feel amazing baby!” Dean told her, speeding up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, screaming his name as he hit her sweet spot over and over again.

She loved the feeling of him dominating her, filling her. He had never been this rough with her before and she knew she was going to have bruises and be sore, but she didn’t care.

He took her nipple into his mouth, biting down roughly.

She came, a blinding white light exploding behind her eyes as she screamed Deans name.

“Mine!” He growled possessively, spilling his hot cum inside her. Y/N moaned at the feeling, throwing her head back.

He pulled out of her suddenly and she thought he was done, but he smirked down at her.

“We’re not done yet baby. You still need to know who you belong to.” He flipped her onto her hands knees.

“Wait De-” he gripped her hips before plunging into her from behind, making Y/N scream. His pace was somehow faster and she couldn’t believe his stamina. Then again, he was a demon.

“I-I can’t.” Her arms gave out on her as pleasure overtook her, Dean not letting up.

“You belong to me Y/N! Don’t you ever forget it!” He reached his hand around, pulling her to him so her back was pressed against his chest. He thrusted his hips up, his hand finding her breast as he squeezed and kneaded her mound. Y/N eyes rolled back in her head, the coil in her belly tightening painfully.

“Dean I’m going to-” He rubbed her clit roughly.

“Cum for me baby!” She screamed as her second orgasm slammed into her, her walls tightening around Deans member.

Dean groaned, releasing himself inside her again, both riding out their orgasms together. They fell back into the bed and Dean grabbed her, pulling her to him.

Surprising her, he kissed her softly, reminding her of his loving kisses he usually shared with her. The thought sent a pang through her heart, reminding her that this was not her Dean, exactly.

With that thought, she slipped from his arms, grabbing his red plaid shirt off the ground and buttoning it up before slipping on some black panties and black leggings.

“Where are you going?” She smirked.

“Sam will be back soon.” His face fell and he growled, trying to get off the bed, but unable to.

“What the hell?” She looked at him, a smile on her face.

“While Sam was down there with you, I put a Devils trap under the bed. You are staying right there until he gets back.” She tossed him his jeans and boxers.

“So get dressed!” She walked out, leaving an angry Dean.