no ones ever on at night

Walk You Home

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female Reader

Warnings: Swearing, semi sexual assault (not too gruesome though)

Word count: 1902

Summary: Reader is walking home late at night when some drunk jumps her and threatens her, but thankfully a certain tall Serpent is at the right place and the right time.

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written in my entire life so be nice! Huge thanks to @while-knowing-nothing-at-all and @tory-b for encouraging me and giving me feedback xx I had a really fun time writing this and it was just thought out as a one shot thing, but maybe I’ll write a part 2 someday!

It was dark outside. It must have been around 11 pm when she was walking down the streets that eventually would lead to her home. Y/N was usually not out this late, but she had been working on a school project that took longer than she expected. She had lived with her mother on the Southside since she was ten, when her father had left them. Her mother did not have much and was currently working two jobs so that Y/N would have the slightest possibility of going to college. Since her mother wasn’t home most of the time, Y/N knew that no one was concerned with her whereabouts this evening.

As she walked down the road, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She didn’t think about it too much since she was used to walking home, even though it was a bit later than usual. After a few minutes she looked over her shoulder and saw a shadowy figure following her. “It’s nothing” she mumbled to herself and kept walking. Her home was still pretty far away, so she started walking slightly faster. All of the sudden, she felt someone grab her and she was pushed against a fence.

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Because I don’t have enough Dadvid AUs already, do I?

Last night, I thought about a kinda-sorta Monsters Inc AU (or really any monster-under-the-bed-or-in-the-closet kind of story) where David is a monster who’s job it is to scare kids. Never TOO much, he’s kind of a softie. Or…a huge softie. But a job’s a job.

One night, he has to scare this one kid named Max. However, he appears under his bed too early and happens to catch a glimpse of Max’s…less-than-ideal family life, and hears the boy crying angry tears as his parents leave him to go to sleep.

Well, David’s a monster but he’s not heartless. He crawls out from under the bed and (after assuring Max he means him no harm) begins to comfort him. It works, and David feels really good about himself when he returns to the monster realm. He often comes back to visit the boy and eventually grows attached, to the point where he starts thinking ‘I can’t just leave him here.’ But he can’t just kidnap him, either. The monster world is no place for human kids, and he’d probably never hear the end of it from his boss if he brought a kid into their realm.

Max seems to disagree, and practically begs to David to take him away from his shit life. Fuzzy monsters are nothing compared to human ones. After some pleading, David gives in and brings him back with him. That’s fine, he can hide his new human son. Things will be fine.


Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 8 of 9)

Chapter Word Count: 10.5k (88.9k total)

“I’m going to kill him,” Octavia said, matter-of-fact and unflinching.

“O,” Bellamy sighed, and Clarke ached to reach through her computer screen and card her fingers through those loose curls.  He looked like he hadn’t slept much the night before, and she’d watched him down no less than two cups of coffee since they’d started this Skype call.

“Bellamy’s right,” Raven said from next to her.  “We have to be fucking smart about this.  Because he sure as hell was.”

“I knew he was a snake,” Octavia spit out.  “Clarke, didn’t I tell you he was a snake?”

“Yeah, that’s all well and good, but all four of us know that Clarkey here doesn’t have the world’s best taste in romantic partners.  Or a good history with listening to her friends,” Raven replied with a strong look in Clarke’s direction.

Clarke rolled her eyes.  “Personally, I think things are looking up in that department.”

“Maybe the first one.  If you’d listened to me months ago, none of this shit would have happened and you and Bellamy would be married with two kids and a Labrador by now.”

Octavia was nodding and then screeching.  She shoved Bellamy sideways and he squawked.  Clarke guessed he’d elbowed her offscreen.

“Okay, you two, stop it,” Raven chastised as Bellamy reached over to shove his sister again.  “We called this meeting because we have some serious planning to do.  And I refuse to let the thing that’s made my best friend incandescently happy slip away because Finn Collins is a raging douchebag.”

“If we didn’t give everyone trophies in Little League and cultivate this culture of entitlement, none of this would have ever happened,” Octavia added.

“I think that culture of entitlement you’re referring to dates back a lot farther than Little League, Octavia, but whatever you say,” Clarke replied dryly.

Octavia waved a dismissive hand.  “Whatever.  But I’m with Raven.  Bell and Clarke deserve to be happy together and I’m not letting that greasy-haired asshole stand in the way of that.”

“So…what do we do then?” Bellamy asked. “Because this isn’t going to blow over.  And honestly, it’s coming at what’s almost the worst possible time.  Just over a month before season two premieres,” he added, as though the other three didn’t know exactly what he was talking about.

“Well, luckily, you two are going to DragonCon in a week.  There’ll be questions but you can set the record straight.” Raven paused.  “I feel like that’s the best time to do it.

“We’re going to have to clear any kind of public statement with our agents and Bellamy’s publicist,” Clarke warned.  “Anya would skin me if I said anything she didn’t agree to first.”

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What do we know about The Gamer?

-incredibly shy and anxious boy

-aro/ace, thought getting a girlfriend was something he was just supposed to do and didn’t understand why he wasn’t happy with it until she helped him figure it out

-hates mulitplayer with a burning passion

-is terrified of going out to meet fans and feels bad about it, but knows he’d be a stuttery, sad mess if he tried

-tries to make up for it by being twice as boisterous in his lets plays and doing twice as many livestreams

-stays friends with his ex after they break up because she’s one of the few people he feels comfortable with

-needs glasses so badly

-Soft Red Floof

-has played every iteration of five nights at freddy’s ever made

-love that sweet sweet lore

heyhf guys wanna see the tightest shit fucking ever ?? ? ? 

so last night i was up real late looking up shit and i found this fucking incredible instrument called the Phonoliszt-Violina. its a fusion between a grand piano and three (however theres a few with up to six) violins that are self playing according to the sheet music attatched to the piece and its so. fucking. gorgeous.

is that not like one of the most fucking beautiful thing you’ve ever heard??? i was crying when i first heard it holy sh it. 

construction: aight so you see the hoop thing going around the three violins

 thats the FUCKING BOW!!!! its comprised of 1300 strands of horse hair, right?? ok but heres whats super weird. each violin is actually only being played one string each. a normal violins strings (lowest to highest) G D A E however though these all have the four strings they only play D A E with 16 metal “fingers” on E, 10 on A, and 10 on D. On the end of the fingers, there are these little cork pieces under the fingers to immitate human fingers. thats so fucking.. cool. From what i’ve heard these were used to preform however i havent yet seen a person play/operate it.

brief history: so it was made by this guy named Ludwig Hupfeld in 1914 however was named after this dude named Franz Liszt who died long before this was made however was a fuckign amazing pianist. Phonoliszt literally means “sound of liszt”. for whatever reason, a goal for a while from a span to the 1500′s to the 1900′s was to make a self playing violin and there were CONCEPTS. More famously, Leonardo Da Vinci made a sketch of a piano that immitates a piano and you can actually hear it here x  but that never came to life until much later (also wasnt even actually built by da vinci himself, just the concept was his). In 1910 the phonoliszt was first shown and people were so fucking !!???!!! about it. Its labeled as the Eighth Wonder of The World. There are only 60 of these alive (if im correct). anyway this thing is so fucking cool.

connor mckinley headcanons pt 2

  • He uses lavender shampoo, and his hair always smells really nice
  • The boy gets the worst allergies ever and during the spring in Uganda he sneezes non-stop
  • In addition to that, he has one of those really high pitched sneezes that everyone thinks are adorable he sneezes like a kitten
  • He’s pale as heck and he burns the easiest out of all the elders, no matter how many pounds of sunscreen he uses
  • Particularly his nose gets really burned and red “You look like rudolph” “Shut up, Kevin”
  • Connor’s face flushes so easily it’s insane, and he gets really red too
  • He comes up with bonding activities for the elders and makes them have game night because he “wants them to feel like they have a family right here in uganda”
  • Can he cook? Well yes and no. He can cook really elaborate meals well, but the boy can’t make pasta without setting the stove on fire
  • He’s 5’11 and Kevin makes fun of him for not quite being six feet tall
  • His eyelashes are really long and he thinks they make him look girly Kevin thinks they’re pretty
  • Connor 100% plans out outfits in advance, like every sunday he plans what he’s gonnna wear for the rest of the week
  • His dad took him fishing one time when he was young and he cried when he caught one because he thought he was hurting the fish
  • He’s organized, but in a disorganized way, where he knows where everything is but anybody else would think he’s an absolute mess
  • He gets so many new freckles in Uganda, but he barely gets any tanner
  • Once he’s irritated or upset he becomes the most snappy and salty person alive, he’s like an angry mom “I’m sorry” “Sorry doesn’t fix the toaster, Christopher”
  • His teeth are slightly crooked because his dad thought braces were a waste of $6000
  • He paints his nails, usually pink, but sometimes blue because it matches his tie, which matches his eyes and he loves color coordination

WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns
[November 20th, 2017]

During last night’s MizTV segment, The Miz was challenged to defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against one of his three guests, Roman Reigns of The Shield. In one of the best matches I’ve seen from either man, which included interferences by Sheamus & Cesaro as well as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Reigns defeated The Miz to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Because of this, Reigns is now the seventeenth ever Grand Slam Champion, in which a wrestler wins the four tiers of wrestling championships (Tag Team, World Heavyweight, United States, and Intercontinental). Reigns is the second member of The Shield to have become a Grand Slam Champion, the other being Dean Ambrose.

Soon to be

There’s this girl

With this love in her eyes

Although it might look happy. deep inside is pain

She’s been through a lot you see

And now everything for her is just blue black

She wishes for just one day

With orange and yellow

As she doesn’t believe that Day will come

Little does she know it very well might be soon

For all her life she’s been blue and black

Sure maybe some red and pink

Maybe a few days with violet

But she spends most of her days with this fake smile

And all her nights crying

For everyone who’s ever loved her has hurt her

And everyone she’s cared about hating her

She spends her very moments in solitude thinking

She thinks about what she could’ve done better

For she believes that could’ve done something

As everything’s her fault

While really

It’s nothing as her fault

For her next orange yellow day

She feels as though after the next

Everything will crumble

Little does she know the next one is what turns everything

Next week

Broken girl meets broken boy

For they both start out very awkward

But after little time they start talking

And every day that becomes more and more

Then one day it becomes more than just a friendship

They feel in love the moment they met

But they fault as though nothing was really right

For they felt like they would just end up hurting the other

But they give it a shot

As every day they spend their nights laughing and loving

And their days truly smiling and crying tears of happiness

From then on out they were happy

They fixed each other

And they used their broken parts to match up and fix the others

From then on out they were actually happy

Everything went from blue and black

To yellow and orange in just moments of meeting

And now

They spend their days laughing and smiling

And their nights loving

They learned to love

In part of loving themselves

He kissed her scars and she healed his

For they matched up perfectly

As he thought he walked a lonely road

And she thought she was walking an empty one

They found each other

And they made it.

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This one is a little sad. The night before Marlene's death/Blackinnon's last night together (she probably knows it'll be the last time they see each other) or, if you don't want to write something sad, the Marauders and Lily finding about Blackinnon in Hogwarts and their reaction I know that any of them will be amazing, I love your drabbles. YOU'RE AMAZING, DARLING <3

ily, babe. I hope you like it. 

There was something about that night. The sky was darker than Sirius had ever seen it and not once was he able to see the gleam of the stars. His pace was fast, though, as he had no time to waste. He needed to get to her as quick as his legs could go and they were desperate. Not only his legs, but his arms, his head, his hands, everything about him screamed in desperation to touch her, to see her, to be with her. Every cell that made him was eager of her.

As soon as he reached her door, he knocked three times, waited a second and knocked four more times. He heard a sigh of relief coming from the other side of the door and the sound of the key unlocking the wooden door.

“What was the last thing I told you?” Marlene said with her wand pointed to his heart.

Sirius smiled at her and showed her the small brown packet he’d been carrying. “You said that I’d better come back with one of those ‘muggle biscuits’ you like if I wanted you to forgive me.”

Marlene chuckled and let him in, taking the packet off his hands as he passed through the door.

Sirius grasped her waist with both of his hands and pulled her closer to his body, closing the door behind him with his foot. The scent that came from her was making him feel as if his body could explode just by smelling that weird cinnamon shampoo she liked to use. He loved how she always smelled like cinnamon and it always reminded him of the good days of his late childhood, when he would spend the holidays at the Potters and James’ mum would always cook cinnamon bread for them to eat after a long day of playing Quidditch.

He smacked his lips on hers and gave her a thousand pecks all over her face, Marlene started to giggle.

“Stop it, for Merlin’s sake!” She said, laughing. “It seems like Padfoot is kissing me, not you.”

“Well, since we’re the same person, you shouldn’t be so bothered.” He smirked and gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips.

Marlene felt her entire world spin around her so strongly, she lost her balance and gripped Sirius’ shirt. Her body was tingling, her head spinning, her hands clutched tightly on his clothes; she was breathless and completely in love. She couldn’t help but feel her heart racing fast inside her chest with a kiss and she didn’t have anything else to blame since her puberty hormones weren’t to be held responsible for it any longer.

He held her by her bum and pulled her into his arms, taking her to the couch. He placed her on his lap and opened the packet of biscuits, giving one to her.

“Eat it. I still need to be forgiven.” He reminded her and she rolled her eyes.

“You know I was kidding. You haven’t done anything wrong, you just really pissed me off when you didn’t let me go with you.”

“You know why I think it’s best for you to be here, Mar. I need you to be safe.” Sirius sighed and ran one of his hands through his hair.

She nodded and took a bite of her biscuit. “I know, but you know I want to fight too. I have to do something, I can’t just sit here and wait for you to save the world for me. It’s just not who I am.”

Sirius looked away and locked his gaze on the apartment’s window. It was so dark outside he barely could see the other buildings, but he could see the moon shining weakly through clouds.

“I can’t stand thinking about losing you, Marlene.”

She put both of her hands on his cheeks and turned his head to face her gently. Quickly, she pecked his lips and Sirius felt the taste of chocolate biscuits breaking into his mouth.

“You aren’t going to lose me, you egocentric prick” She murmured and smirked a little bit to the memory of her calling him that at Hogwarts, when they used to pretend they hated each other. “I just want to save the world with you.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“I do, but I won’t stay at home anymore. I’ll fight, Sirius.”

He shook his head hopelessly, but didn’t utter a single word. He knew she was stubborn, he knew she had already set her mind into fighting and nothing on Earth could make her do the contrary. He felt his chest tightening, his hands going straight back to her waist as he felt the relevance of what Marlene had just decided settling inside his head. She was going to war and he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

He didn’t know by then she had a plan. He didn’t know she was going to her parents house the day after to help them find a safe place for her brother and his wife, who both were being hunted down for what they had said at the Ministry of Magic. None of them knew they had already been caught and the Death Eaters were waiting for them.

If Sirius had known it all before, however, he wouldn’t have left her on her own that night. He wouldn’t have let her go on that mission. He would’ve held her tight while she cried for the loss of her parents, but he would have her by his side.

You'll Be In My Heart

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 (A/N : Soooo I came across this story that I started from over a year ago and I decided to roll with it. I tried to keep this story as gender neutral as possible.  Image not mine. Character/s not mine. Story based off the song of the same name by Phil Collins from the Disney movie Tarzan.  Credit where credit is due. I own nothing.)

Come stop your crying it will be alright

Just take my hand hold it tight

I will protect you from all around you

I will be here don’t you cry

To say that Bucky Barnes was a light sleeper would be an understatement. That is to assume he ever slept. He was so enamored with learning about the new world around him that sleep fell on the back burner.

One late night, Bucky was lost on the cute cat videos side of YouTube. He had half a mind to email to them to T'Challa asking him if he knew of his long lost siblings on the internet. But another half knew better. He also didn’t know how to email yet. The late night YouTube binging was disturbed when the super soldier heard the soft pitter patter of feet outside his door in the hallway. He looked to his clock to see the time read 3:14 am.

“Who the hell would be up at this hour?” Though he had a fairly decent idea as to who it could be.

Ever the super soldier, he prepared himself for a fight should there be one. He walked to his entry way all the while cursing Tony for his choice on interior design.

“The man can build 300 suits but can’t install some peepholes?”

With his pocket knife in hand, Bucky opened the door. He was relieved to see that the culprit was only (Y/N) putting a groove in Tony’s Tibetan carpeting as they paced the hallway.

“Can’t sleep?”

(Y/N) jumped slightly unaware that they were no longer alone. Damn sneaky super soldiers.

 "I’m so sorry, Buck. Did I wake you?“

"Not at all. What’s up, doll?” Bucky asked as he began to lead a sleepy (Y/N) into his apartment

“I had that dream again.”

“I see." 

After they made it into the kitchen, Bucky began gathering what he deemed his "crisis materials.” He knew first hand what having reoccurring nightmares was like. He grabbed a bag of popcorn, some mugs and some of the hot chocolate that Pepper had given him as a Christmas present from and made his was to the living room.

 "This way, kid"  

Once they reached the living room, (Y/N) all but flopped onto Bucky’s couch not having the energy to do anything else. This had become a regular occurrence ever since the nightmares started. Ever since that mission that no one dares to bring up, (Y/N) hasn’t been themselves as of late. A part of them went missing that day. 

Bucky busied himself while searching for “Tarzan” in his DVD collection. This was one of the few films left on his Disney list. If you didn’t count Star Wars. Bruce had suggested that it would be better to marathon through those. So “Tarzan” it was. Bucky plucked the DVD out of its case and began to struggle with figuring out how to open the DVD player. 

“What’s taking so long, Barnes?” asked (Y/N) who was busying themselves with building nest out of blankets hanging on the back of the couch. t

“Setting up this damn contraption!” 

Bucky may have been educated on what’s changed in the world, but that didn’t mean he knew how to operate the things in it. Working with the internet was easy, thanks to Peter explaining everything to him. Although there was one time that Bucky couldn’t remember the name of the site YouTube. It didn’t help that it was a time when Peter was away and Wade had convinced him the name of the site was “RedTube.” A memory that Bucky was hoping to forget sometime in the near future.  

“Here, lemme help you.” (Y/N) successfully managed to explain the dynamics of working the DVD player to Bucky. 

“Now how to we get it to play the movie?” 

“You use this button here, scroll up to the word play, and hit enter.” 

“Oh. Seems simple enough. Thanks kid. I appreciate you.” 

“Me? It was nothin’. I appreciate you too, Buck.” 

“Why’s that?”

“How many times have I come to you whenever I can’t sleep because of a nightmare? You didn’t have to open the door but you did. I appreciate that very much.” 

Bucky was dumbfounded. With the exception of Steve (and Sam on a good day) it had been awhile since someone said that they had anything good to say about him with such sincerity. 

“Well.. now that we’ve said out thanks, let’s get this show on the road shall we?”

“You know something, Buck? You remind me of Tarzan.” 

Bucky nearly choked on his popcorn. He couldn’t remember the last time he paraded around the tower in a loin cloth. 

“How so?” he dared to ask. 

“Well think about it. A man being introduced to all the things that he didn’t know were at his disposal. Being introduced to a whole other world. You fit the bill.” 

“So,” Bucky smirked “what you’re saying is I’m a Disney prince?” 

“I’m not sure Tarzan counts as a prince.” 

Now it was (Y/N)’s turn to wear the cocky grin while Bucky pouted.

“Don’t rain on my parade, kid.” 

All in all, Bucky thought it was a good movie. It didn’t compare to The Lion King or Snow White. Though he was very partial to the latter. He had foggy memories of seeing the film in the theatre for the first time. As faint as they were, he cherished the memories all the same. 

He also had to cut Tarzan some slack. About ¾ths into the movie, all snuggled up in the makeshift fort, (Y/N) had used him as a full body pillow. So Bucky’s full attention wasn’t on the movie. He was more focused on not waking (Y/N) up from finally finding peaceful rest. Bucky also found his rest when the credits started to roll and Phil Collins lulled him to sleep. 

(A/N : If you made it this far, congratulations! 10 points to the house of your choosing. I myself am a Hufflepuff, but don’t let me influence you. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this story. Even if it did take forever and day to get the way I wanted it. Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe I can continue with the Disney song theme? I can if you like. Feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time :))

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Do Lob for the meme thing!

I got assistance from Lob’s creator @spinetrick for these answers 


2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

The entirety of Ricardo’s discography. Even the things he doesn’t remember ever recording.

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

Goes to sleep in weird corners and crannies like a cat. Has been found napping in Ricardo’s work locker on more than one occasion.

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Repetition based games are his specialty. He’s got the high score on Space Invader on Ricardo’s modded Atari. 

the emoticon they’d use most often

Those weird human emojiis that everyone avoids ever using. 

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

Clingy and wondering why Ricardo? Whhhhy?

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

Hot orange soda.

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

He molts and regenerates. It’s very messy. Ricardo lets him use his bathtub.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

His species is assigned a career when hatched, so Lob just aspires to skive off and live peacefully without having to work.

their favorite kind of weather

A nice hot Blapt desert afternoon spent cruising on Ricardo’s hover bike.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

He can hum a sweet tune, but generally likes to try and make ambient buzzing noises that sound just vaguely borderline melodic.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

His humansona

Shuichi: Hey. 

Kaito: Yeah? 

Shuichi: You ever wonder why we’re here? 

Kaito: That’s one of life’s great mysteries, isn’t it? Why are we here? I mean, are we all the products of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a God, watching us? You know, with a plan and stuff? I don’t know, man, but it keeps me up at night. 

Shuich: …what? I meant why are we here, in this school? 

Kaito: Oooooh. 

Shuichi: What was all that stuff about God? 

Kaito: Nothing. 

Shuichi: …you wanna talk about it? 

Kaito: No. 

Go To Hell

John Laurens x Reader

“So how have you been doing man? Ever since you got hitched to Y/N?” Alex asked his friend as they all meet at the bar one late Friday night.

John laughed and threw back his shot, slamming the glass back onto the table and replying to his friend.

“It’s been great! I love her. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

Hercules sat down next to John with more drinks, patting him on the back.

“Sucks that she couldn’t make it tonight man. I would have loved to see her. Now, let’s get drunk.”


Setting your purse down as you entered your apartment you threw yourself onto the couch, sighing in relief as your body untensed.

It had been a stressful day at work, and you wished that you could have gone drinking with John and his friends, but you wanted to lay down for a while.


You wanted to sleep, so bad.

Grabbing your pajamas you hopped into the shower, letting the warm water run over your tired body. Dressing in your towel afterward you drank a glass of water and finished your nighttime preparations before crawling underneath your duvet.

‘I wish John was here,’ you thought to yourself. ‘I need a hug.’

You smiled to yourself.

‘I hope he’s having a good time.’


When you woke up the next the other side of the bed was still cold and empty. Like no one had ever gotten in it.

“Hello?” you called out. “John?”

No answer.

You picked up your phone, hoping that nothing was wrong. Your heart was beating out of your chest.

Then, it stopped.

When you opened a text from your friend Eliza you saw a picture that her sister had sent to her.

A picture of John.

Kissing another girl.

His hand up her shirt.

Drunk out of his mind apparently.

You didn’t know what to feel. You were hurt, angry. You wanted to cry, scream, and throw things around.

‘Can I come over?’ you texted Eliza.

‘Of course.’

You began to pack a bag, shoving in clothes, electronics, makeup, anything else essential to your destroyed life right about now.

You heard a door opened as you lifted your bag onto your shoulder.

“Y/N? Where are you going?” John asked as you stepped into the hallway.

“Where have you been? Wait don’t answer that. I know exactly where you’ve been. In bed. With another girl.”

You glared at him as his face morphed into one of confusion and shock.


“Save it.”

The two of you stood in silence. You were furious.

You moved towards the door, readying to leave.

“I can’t believe you. I gave you my heart but yet you smash it for some girl you just met! I can’t believe how much time I wasted on you. I hope you die in hell.”

I always love when the person bitching about Roman and how he’s “shoved down our throats” is some smark with a CM Punk icon or url… lmfao one of the most overrated performers of the last 10-15 years, shit all over the business and fans multiple times, but y’all stay screaming his name like he gives a shit and will ever return…


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yo what up fam squad? it’s me, ryan or rae or rye or whatever… since there is another ryan up in here it could get confusing. i like late night trips to wawa and flowers. back home i have three cacti and a small garden on my balcony, plants are actually my children. i snap pics of people and post them on social media. mostly i can be found listening to kanye’s remix of this ain’t a scene or crying over midtown. hmu at hotsaucepackett on gh.

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I don't want to sound weird but you are one of the kindest person I've ever seen. You are so caring and positive, sometimes I look at people's profile to find your warmhearted vibe on them, but they are so rare. You make me feel like I am drinking salep while I'm under a blanket in a winter night, you feel like home, welcoming and heart-whole. I hope your heart never breaks. I hope nobody makes you a person so cold that you can't even know yourself anymore.

this is such a kind and poetic message. i’ve read this message many times before deciding to publish, in large part because i wanted to be sure i would be able to find it again. 

thank you for taking the time, and more than that, thank you for seeing such a goodness in me. it’s hard to believe that anyone might have such kind things to say about me, of all people. but i’m so, so grateful. 

i’ll use this to reflect on when i feel low. i’ll try to remember that who i am is determined by how i am, and that’s very important. thank you for this message, thank you for your sweetness, and your generous words.

i hope i never let you down.  ❤

anonymous asked:

I dunno if this has been asked before but I got to know, what got you into the fish keeping hobby and what made you keep doing it (I've never had any pets before so I'm curious) ?? I hope you have a nice day/night :)

Hi, there! <3

No pets? I hope you get to experience the joy for yourself one day! It’s hard for me to imagine my life without pets (I currently have two fish tanks and two cats).

Like most people, I’ve had some fish growing up, but never paid them any attention. I even had some fish in college and in my first apartment and still never clicked.

But, in 2011, with getting a red veiltail betta, something changed. In a heartbeat, I was hooked. Ever since then, it’s been all about learning as much as I can and providing the best care I can for the fish I have. I also go to aquarium clubs, shows, and am a part of various groups.

I think a lot of my drive originally came from guilt I’ve had about how I’ve neglected fish in the past. I never want to do that again for any animal in my care. So every day, I work hard to improve my animal care and help others start on a better path, too.


FitzSimmons Week 2017 - Day 2: Cursed

Roleswapped Cinderella AU

Fitz is a poor man, who longs for the stuff of fairytales but knows he will never be able to afford it. Even so, he cannot resist the temptation of one night in a land of his dreams; surrounded by finery, riches and romance that he has only ever heard about in stories.

That one night is a ball thrown by the alluring and intelligent Princess Jemma, as part of her search for suitors. There are plenty of handsome, brave, and witty men in her purview, but she can’t help but notice - and enjoy - the eccentric, kind and oddly humble Prince Leopold.

When he rushes off in a panic at midnight, abandoning her in the middle of a dance, Jemma becomes all the more intrigued, and vows to find him using only a few tiny clues he left behind.