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Today was the happiest day in his life

Today was the day. The day that had been keeping Shawn up every night the past few weeks. The day he’d been imagining, since the very first time, he laid eyes on her. Since she stole his breath away.

Today, was the happiest day in his life.

She was standing there, tears in her eyes, looking beautiful as ever, once again stealing his breath away every time he looked at her.

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Tbh in one year this ship has gone a lot further than I expected. Think about it, one year ago we were shipping Daryl and Jesus based on a rough meeting and a couple of angry stares. Last night we found out that Jesus is comfortable enough around Daryl to share his thoughts and regrets and Daryl cares enough to reassure him. And let’s be real, Daryl probably interacted more with Jesus in the last episode than he ever did with some of the characters of the Family. This is the most positive about this ship that I’ve ever been.

if it’s one thing i’m thankful for, is that i haven’t ever really seen too much shitty google translate spanish in cecilos fics. literally i’ve seen this in all my other fandoms, but here in night vale i’ve seen it maybe…once in the four years i’ve been in this fandom??? you go night vale fandom, you’ve done something right for once

I’m excited for the next ep but … damn. It’s been five seasons, Emma and Hook have been a thing since the end of s3 … and within one night, after a fight that doesn’t even compare (in my mind) to Emma literally turning Hook into the Dark One, she’s ready to just give up on him and go out for drinks with Snow and Regina to get over her broken heart??

Emma! Doesn’t it seem a bit out of character for him to just disappear???? Has he ever done this before?? No!

I’d think something was up, not just automatically think the worst, but then again, they all seem to resort to “Hook = no-good pirate” without a thought to the fact that he’s been desperate to change and move on from that part of his past that he’s ashamed of?? That the dude has self-loathing issues as high as the Empire State Building??

And Regina and Snow - they’re perfectly happy to want to help her GET OVER him?? Just last ep they were both THRILLED and HAPPY that Emma and Hook were gonna get married, but nah, he’s gone so he’s instantly just back to being nothing, nothing to waste a thought over???


One of a Kind

Pairing: Shy!Thomas Jefferson x Alexander Hamilton

Request: requested by @karkatcas666

Summary: Thomas has these books that he takes with him everywhere. And one night upon bringing them home deep in the city an old fling of Thomas’ shows up and takes the books from Thomas

Words: 368

Warnings: shy!Jefferson; OOC James; few swears; drabble


Thomas had this small set of books that he carried with him everywhere in his bag. His mother gave them to him before she died and ever since Thomas never let go of them, those books were one of a kind.

It was a humid night Thursday when Thomas decided to walk home from work at the firm. Taking of his glasses he wiped them with the sleeve of his shirt so he can see better through them. Putting them back on as he walked he didn’t realize someone was in front of him until,

“Shit!” The man shouted. Thomas’ eyes widened.

“O-oh I’m so sorry, I should of been paying attention!” Thomas frantically apologized as his face gone red with embarrassment.

“Thomas?” The looked right into the eyes of the man or more like his ex.

“J-James? W-What are you doing here?” James smirked.

“Still a stuttering mess Tommy?” James teased as his eyes traveled to Thomas’ satchel. “Looky here.” He snatched the bag from Thomas.

“Hey! Give them back!” Thomas shouted as he reached for them but was roughly pushed back. He fell to the ground with a thud. James took out of of the books then snorted.

“Your taste in books are terrible Tommy.”

“Hey!” James and Thomas looked into the direction of the voice. A man….a shorter man with a bun and a goatee stood there wearing s green vest and a white collared shirt.

“The hell do you want midget?” The man glared at James but ignore the question.

“Give him his stuff back.” The man ordered.

“And who are you my mother?”

“No but I know who you are James and I work right besides George Washington your boss who I’m close friends with and unless yo I want your fucking ass fired I suggest you give this man his things!” James grumbled something before tossing the satchel and book back at Thomas who was just standing up. He brushed the dirt off his pants and his sleeve.

“T-Thank you.” The man smiled at Thomas.

“No problem. I’m Alexander. Alexander Hamilton.” The man held his hand out to Thomas.

“Thomas Jefferson.” Thomas hesitantly shook the mans hand.

In terms of the voice cast, how happy were you to be able to get Kelsey Grammer involved?

It was unconditional, because the first note I ever made on my notebooks about “Trollhunters,” the first note to myself was, “Blinky must be voiced by Kelsey Grammer.” I knew it because I’m a massive “Frasier” fan. Every night, after I finish shooting a movie, I watch a “Frasier” episode during the shoot because it relaxes me. For me, it’s like a glass of brandy. In this case, sherry, a glass of sherry. I think “Frasier” is one of the great series, in terms of comedic timing and great tempo in the delivery. That’s why I worked with David Hyde Pierce on “Hellboy 1” to voice Abe Sapien. I really asked the studio to allow me to go after Kelsey because I think his voice, there has never been and there will never be another voice like Kelsey’s. It’s one of the most treasured voices I think you can encounter in any other visual medium.

I think what really impressed me about it is that it has such gravitas, but it also has such humor to it.

That’s the thing. “Frasier” was a mixture of truth serum and emotion, with an impeccable sense of comedic timing and delivery. When I directed with Rodrigo [Blaas] the first two episodes, the pilot, I went to direct Kelsey absolutely besides myself. I called my wife the day I went to the booth to direct him and I said to my wife, “Guess who I’m with?” My wife and I have watched the 11 seasons of “Frasier” at least four times together. It was fantastic.

Was she excited?

You know, she was. What was great is he was so precise, as an actor. He’s a machine that you can calibrate and have fun with to the most minimal degree. You can truly ask for variations upon variations and he will deliver everything with enormous precision and enormous heart.

Guillermo del Toro on Trollhunters

Yo, brahs. I got some pics to share with you guys. Last year, we had a little photo shoot for Halloween. We all had some kickass costumes, one was the Grand Wizard King, yours truly, and the King of the Drow Elves, Kyle plus two new members. It was just some stupid thing Eva really wanted to do, and I can never say no to my little ginger princess. 

Here’s the cutest elf princess you’ll ever see. Just look at her. The pastel purples compliment her hair, the subtle blues from the flowers. She’s so hella cute, you guys. 

The heir to the Kingdom of Kupa Keep’s throne and a badass little thief. He had a bit of help designing his outfit from the king himself.~ 

The two kings of the conjoining kingdoms, one hella rad Grand Wizard and one lame Jew elf. I really like the contrast of the night sky with our costumes, it adds a nice touch. The slight glow of the moon really gives this photo the atmosphere it needed. 

It’s nothing fucking important or anything, I just wanted to share some photos and show off my kids. Kyle and I want to get Eva’s birth pictures up this week. We wanna get shit done but work gets in the way. But we’ll get shit up, I swear on my life, you guys. 


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Author’s Note: Hi everyone! This little piece right here is the first part of a mini series I’m planning. The first sentences are part of a writing prompt that I found (I needed help to get out of my writer’s block) and so this came out. I hope you like it, and please stay tuned for more.

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Synopsis: Food poisoning is one of the worst things ever, and on the night you couldn’t stop throwing up, you needed your best-friend to be there for you. The problem is… he didn’t even come looking for you until the next day.

Warning: There will be violence, cursing, and smut in future chapters.

“I hate you,” you spat.

“Okay, okay, reasonable, but have you considered this… I’m awesome,” he said, with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

“I hate you even more now.”

He pushed your shoulder and whined. “Come on! I’m not that bad, at least you should be proud to have a celebrity as your best-friend. And a good-looking celebrity at that.”

“Best-friend, my ass. You’re the most stuck up, most self-centered person I’ve ever met!” You stood up from your seat in the leather couch and grabbed your purse and keys. You were ready to run for it, you didn’t want to see his face any longer. He disappointed you and left you alone when you needed him the most. Then, he was brave enough to have a pleasant conversation with you like nothing happened at all.

“Stop!” He said, all of the joking now dropped. “Don’t walk through that door.”

“Or what?”

He sighed, taking his head in his hands. He scratched the nape of his neck and when he finally looked up, his expression turned somber.

“Look, I admit it, okay? I wasn’t there and I should’ve been.” He stood up, walking towards you. “I’m sorry you had to take yourself to the hospital and that I wasn’t even able to answer my phone.” His eyes turned red and you could see they were bothering him. He was on the edge of tears, but he swallowed the tightness that was quickly taking over his throat. “Trust me, it hurts me to think that you had walk alone and have doctors put needles in your arms, without me being there, holding your hand to make sure everything was okay.”

It was your turn. Your eyes began to sting at the memory.

It’s winter, yet you had to put on your own coat and leave the house at 2:00AM in the morning, because you couldn’t stop throwing up. You were dizzy, weak, the remainders of yesterday’s pizza was quickly coming up your throat and for three times in a row, you tried to take it all out of your system. By the fourth attempt, you decided that it was too much, you were too dehydrated and you could feel it. Your hands were shaking, but it wasn’t from the cold. Your chest and head were throbbing and everything was spinning. Your body felt too light, and you knew that it wasn’t right. So, you did what any person would do and tried to call your one and only friend, Wonho. You needed help, but when he didn’t respond, you began to cry out of frustration and just called a cab to pick you up.

A tear ran down and you cursed yourself for letting it fall in front of him. “What was so important, Wonho? Huh? Were you really that deep in your sleep? Or where you out? Where were you? Why didn’t you even glanced at your screen?!” You shouted, but you were crying by now and you were so mad at yourself for breaking down like this.

He said your name in a whisper and he raised his hand to your cheek, cleaning the tears that were falling. You pushed his chest, he took a step back.

“D-Don’t touch m-me.”


“You’re too late now, Wonho. I’m hurt, and I needed you by my side.”

“I know, I know… But please, (Y/N) trust me!” Seeing you cry in front of him, broke the last strength he had for him to remain composed. He began to let his tears fall and his voice was calling in desperation. “If I would’ve been able run to you at that moment, I would’ve done it in a blink of eye. You have to trust me, (Y/N). You have to trust that I didn’t ignore you.” He took both of your hands in his, and brought your knuckles to his lips. “Please…”

You looked down to his actions, and for some reason you didn’t reject it. You didn’t reject his affection and you were beginning to feel odd. However, you brushed it off and focused on the problem at hand. “Then what was so important, Wonho? Why couldn’t you come to me?”

He didn’t say anything. He just kept kissing your knuckles, giving you complete silence.

“Ah… is this how’s it’s going to be? You’re keeping secrets from me now? When did you begin to do that? We promised each other that—”

“We will never keep secrets from one another,” he finished. “I know.”

“Then why? What aren’t you telling me?” Through your tears, you were searching for an answer in his eyes, but you didn’t find any.

He let go of one of your hands and cupped the side of your cheek, looking deep into your eyes. “Please, trust me. You know me well enough to know that I would never do that to you. I will never abandon you, (Y/N).”

“Then wh-” He didn’t give you time to finish that thought, because the hand that was on your cheek, ran down your neck and pulled your face in front of his. His lips locked with yours and all the air you had in you to fight him, was taken away from your lungs.

+ to be continued + 

My twin bro: *talking about the DCEU* So, we have a dead Robin. That is Tim, right?

Me: No, actually it is Jason.

My twin bro: Wait, I thought Tim was the second Robin.

Me: Nope, that is Jason.

My twin bro: Well, Tim was the one who got killed by the Joker-

Me: Nope, that was also Jason.

My twin: *confused, but moving on* So where is Batgirl in all of this? Or she is Batwoman by now.

Me: Actually, Babs doesn’t ever become Batwoman.

My twin bro: Well, that is a plot hole.

Me: *leaves the room because I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night educating him on how the batfamily works*

Late night thoughts

There are so many things on my mind, so I’m just going to do bullet points because it makes more sense to me when I read it back. I’m doing this solely to process my thoughts a bit better.

• no one is ever going to tick all of your boxes and you’re delusional if you think you’ll find someone who does.
• I’m glad it didn’t take him long to work that out.
• I’m glad he talked to the people he talked to but at the same time I wish he’d talked to me before he said (typed) what he did.
• he said that the minute he pressed send, he regretted it.
• but at the same time, if he regretted it so quickly, why did he continue to say that it was for the best?
• I guess we only talked (texted) for a couple of hours in the morning before I stopped replying.
• after that, he had conversations with some friends of his, and his mum. Apparently his mum said he was a dickhead and men always ruin good things, or something along those lines. She told him to fix things with me.
• when we spoke on the phone yesterday afternoon, he told me that he thought he’d made the wrong decision. I told him I’d leave him be and give him time to think. But the next thing we were texting until late, and he was apologising and telling me that he hadn’t realised what I meant to him…
• I’m still fucking confused.
• I don’t understand why any of that had to happen.
• I keep reading that message he sent me and getting hurt all over again.
• he’s done such a turnaround…
• like now he’s talking about “the future”…
• like us living together… eventually.
• he wants to take me overseas at some point this year. Just the two of us…
• what the fuck…
• this is so fucking overwhelming at the moment.
• I want to be sure he’s doing this for the right reasons, not because he’s scared of being old and alone.
• I want him to be sure about me.
• I mean, I was convinced we were in an amazing place… until he sent me that message.
• and I’m fucking pissed off that he broke up with me via text.
• who the fuck does that?
• that made me feel so fucking worthless.
• but I’m glad he came to see me today.
• he kept saying I looked so unsure of myself today.
• I was. I don’t feel comfortable with where I stand. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to believe.
• yesterday fucking threw me in a BIG way.
• how am I supposed to trust my gut?
• how am I supposed to just go with the flow now and not just expect shit to be fucked up again?
• I’m most definitely going to expect this to happen again.
• it doesn’t feel stable like it did before.
• I don’t feel good enough
• I don’t feel like I have anything to offer him.
• I do want a future with him. I want that so much.
• but I want to feel like he chose me because he wants me. Not because I’ll do. Like, I’m close enough.
• I’m so confused.
• fuck. Maybe I should email this to him or something.
• fuck my brain.

Come and find me

Outlander one shot requested by Anon based on this imagine:

You don’t really remember the exact moment that you had fallen asleep. You had walked through the airport, booked in your bags, looked round duty free, boarded the plane and then you’d taken off. Not that you were surprised that you had fallen asleep, it had been a number of weeks since you had slept the entirety of the night without waking up or at the very least dreaming. Ever since your parents had informed you that they would be travelling to the UK and from there you would meet them for a family holiday in Scotland. 

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113 with namjoon, please and thank you! (you're so great for doing all these drabbles bts, i really appreciate them!)

#113: “Are you high?”

Not sure if this is what you wanted lol, I don’t know, it came to my mind after reading a one shot similar to something like this. I can rewrite it if you’d like. :)

Warning, mention/use of drugs.

Fighting results in Namjoon sleeping on the couch and you alone in the bedroom, both of you getting the worst nights sleep ever. You walked downstairs at 3 AM, hoping to catch a glimpse at Namjoon and possibly apologize and hope he’ll come back upstairs with you. Instead, you saw him sitting at the window, the glass wide open. You could see the outline of the smoke pouring from his mouth. He turned around to see you standing there. “Hi.” Namjoon said, turning back around to take another drag of whatever he was smoking. “Are you high?” You asked, your voice high pitched with curiosity. “Kind of.” He replied, without looking at you. You walked over and grabbed the blunt out of his hand, pinching it and relighting it before putting it to your lips. “I’m sorry about earlier,” You began, sitting down between his legs and resting your back against his chest. “I was wrong to say what I did.” You added. Namjoon only hummed but you knew he accepted your apology when he leaned down and kissed your neck.

Double Trouble (Damnmark and Norgay)

·Matthias needs direct attention for a huge amount of the day. Lukas on the other hand is fine with just sitting in the same row on as his s/o. It works out pretty well.

·Three people need a big bed to begin with, but man should their s/o be prepared to sleep miles apart. Matthias moves a ton in his sleep. Its probably how he stays pretty fit. He even has his own blanket (a Lego themed one of course) because he kicks it off in the middle of the night. Lukas on the other hand is a sleep strangler.

·Matthias often comes up with crazy deadly date ideas
“Lets go for a bike ride!”
“That sounds ni-”
“With harpoons! In the middle of a highway! With flamingos driving trucks! And poison dart frogs jumping on the ground!”

·^This is were Lukas chokes him for ever considering something that could put their s/o’s life in danger. (And because he just likes to)

·Matthias stays up late and gets up early all the time. It doesn’t bother him, but it bothers the hell out of the other two in the house when he’s blasting music at five am.

·Lukas kisses the forehead and Matthias the nose when they give their good morning kisses to their s/o

·Bathing with these two is fun. Matthias makes bubble beards and crowns whilst Lukas reads. They trade their s/o off until the water gets too cold.

·Matthias brags about his s/o to EVERYONE. But so does Lukas, in a sense. He just post really pretty pictures and interesting facts about them to every social media outlet he has.

·Bike rides are actual things (isn’t it in Denmark that they ride a ton of bikes?)

·Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. But Matthias sucks at giving presents.

·The rest of the nordics are over almost every single day. You can’t get two and not the other three.

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I watched beauty and the beast today and just... beautiful and the beast au with woozi... just because || yo have a nice day~

ayyyyyye thanks for requesting! tbh idk how i feel about this one but i hope you like it! it seems a little rough to me, i started it over a few times but idk man… anyways enjoy!! 

You thought staying at the castle for the rest of your life as his prisoner was going to be the worst thing ever; it had started as the worst thing ever, so who would have that could change. All the yelling that occurred the first night, the simple trauma of losing your father like that was enough to break you. This had to all be a nightmare. There was no possible way a castle like this existed and no one had noticed. There was no way you had lost your dad like that. There was no way you were a prisoner. And there was absolutely, zero percent chance all this furniture could talk and move, and your capture was a freakin beast.  

You sat on the lavious bed set in the middle of the room, calming your heart down from the beasts previous screaming as you stared at the wardrobe as she flitted about her own drawers. You flung yourself back on the bed in exasperation. You were just starting to contemplate if pulling all of the dresses from the wardrobe and tying them together and using them as a rope to climb down the tall tower was a good idea when there was a knock on the door. You sat up and looked towards the large door. Surprisingly, seeing a teapot and teacup roll in on a cart by itself didn’t shock you. And you weren’t shocked when they started talking to you about various things.

Before you knew it, you were being  whisked away to an exciting dinner, and then after that you somehow found yourself exploring the castle. Being the curious person that you are, you found yourself wondering towards the west wing. Little did you know you would soon experience such a trauma that it topped all else that day. Being yelled at again by such a furious beast for the second time that day was enough to send you running into the snowy weather. The wind whipped your hair around your hair as you climbed onto your house, speeding through the maze of plants until you had finally broken free from the cursed castle grounds. Not long after entering the dark forest did you hear the howl of the wolves. You spared a second to look behind you, only two see no more than eight wolves at your horse’s heels.

When the beast came to save your from those wolves is when everything started to change. After ignoring his intense complaining and whining while you tried to clean his wounds did he start to open up. With each day that passed the castle started to brighten up. Each interaction the two of you had, the world grew a little brighter. The staff worked hard to set things up between you and the beast, but whether they had been doing that or not, you were sure nothing could stop you from falling in love with him.

The night the two of you danced around the ballroom was a night you would never forget. The way the lights sparkled, the feeling of the fancy dress brushing against your legs, but most of all the way the atmosphere felt that night. When he showed you the mirror, and you saw your poor father that way, everything about that wonderful moment faded within a blink of an eye.  For the second time that month, you found yourself speeding through the snowy woods on your horse, sparing only a second to think about the kind beast you left behind.

You had never imagined going back into town would end that badly. Never in your wildest dreams would you have thought the town would lock you up like this and storm off to the beast’s castle, but thanks to your wonderful, brilliant father you were free, and you were making the long ride back towards the castle. This ride felt like a million years, the path never ending no matter how fast you urged the horse to go.

There you stood, the wind pulling at your hair and dress, in front of you the beast and the man you hated fought, or rather, the beast took all the beatings. You couldn’t help but call out to the beast upon seeing him in such pain. He looked over at you with his big brown eyes, and the once dull look began to glimmer with light again. He rose up from the ground and stood his full height, towering over the small man in front of him. It didn’t take long for the beast to easily overtook the man.

Everything that happened after that was a blur. The beast kind nature kicked in, and soon the man took everything you loved from you. There in front of you laid the beast, clutching the wound on his chest. You knelt down beside him, pleading for him to stay. The tears poured from your eyes like a waterfall, blurring your vision. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. Everything was crumpling around you. He was gone, the beast was gone. You hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell him you loved him.

You’ll never understand why the beautiful gold light wrapped around him like it did that day. How it lifted him up into the air and transformed him like that will always have you perplexed. There, before your eyes stood a man, much shorter than the beast. Much shorter. His back faced you, leaving you to see only his torn pants and his white shirt that hung loosely over his shoulders. His dirty blond hair was organized chaos on top of his head. Only when he turned around and you got a good look at his face did you realise who it was. It was your beast, your beautiful, kind, quiet, gentle beast. Alive and standing right in front of you. Needless to say, the past few months were full of intense emotions, but nothing could top the extreme happiness that you experienced that day, and the many days to follow.

Thoughts on rituals...

Every night I’ve said the same thing, done the same thing…

I curl him up in my arms, and I give him kisses, I use every cat massage technique I ever read in cat fancy, I rub and I scratch and I stroke and I snuggle him close….

But something struck me last night… it’s what I say.

I’ve always talked to him, but it’s not that… it’s in between the kisses to the kepi, I’ve always said over and over “I love you.” Since day one, more than even his name, I wanted those 3 words to be imprinted in his mind. That he was loved, that he was safe, that he was cared for… that as long as he was in my arms, and I told him “I love you” he didn’t have to be afraid. 

It worked, often at the Vet or in times of other stresses, I would simply scoop him up, kiss his kepi and say “I love you” between the kisses and you could feel him relax. 

But last night I noticed something else, and it made me laugh because of how stupid it seems now. I don’t just say I love you… I also say “I love you, do you know that? Do you know how much I love you?”

Because after 20+ years … he better have fucking realized it by now!

I know I have… every minute with him, it’s been love. 

The scars that you can’t see are the ones that hold the most pain. They are the ones deep beneath the surface. The ones that no one will ever see unless you show them. Those scars bring back the memories that you will never forget no matter how hard you’ve tried. The scars that keep you up at night. Those scars will be with you forever. You can never cover those scars. Those scars were once wounds that felt like they would bleed forever. And although that wound healed, you never fully recovered. It will always be a scar. They are the scars that have changed you. The scars that have taught you things over time. The scars that broke you at one point or more. The scars that keep some feeling broken. The scars that hold so many emotions that no other soul will ever be able to feel. You have these scars and although no ones scars will be the same, one thing about all our scars is true. We didn’t deserve them.
—  Our scars

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Looking for a fic on A03. Marriage law, on their wedding night where D and H have to consummate the marriage. It starts with H getting dressed by some maids or something and D finds out she is a virgin (?). He repeatedly says they can 'be good together'. They have sex and it was really well written, only a one-shot. Please please please help!!!

Hello! I remember this story! The only exception is that Hermione was dressed by The Erinyes as Draco calls them. That is a subtle insult if I’ve ever seen one, haha. I guess you would count them as maids of sorts but they are matriarchs of the Malfoy family.

Whole and Against a Wide Sky by phlox- Explicit, one shot

She turned to look at him, staggered by what she and Draco had again passed through together, struggling to grasp what their future could hold. Because the thing was, it wasn’t simple to be Draco and Hermione, and it never would be.

- Wynken