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Langst Headcanons

(none of that abusive or extremely ooc shit cause…no)

-He never wants the team to feel concerned for him cause they’re in the middle of fighting a war. He doesn’t need to distract them with his problems. So, he talks to anyone he can that’s not on the team.

-Like he did with the yupper, if he makes an alien friend and they’re alone, he’ll try to vent for awhile. He starts to flirt with some aliens and go off with them, so the team thinks everything is good and normal. But when they’re alone and if the chance comes up, he’ll talk about how he feels.

-Everytime, the alien tells him to tell the team, but he just c a n t.

-Lance knows everyone has different connections but he can’t help but notice how Shiro rarely speaks to him and Hunk outside of battle and training.

-Lance won’t show whether he cares or not if someone insults him (unless it’s to keep up his and Keith’s rivalry) but if someone insults his friend(s) he will go ballistic

-Lance and Coran often talk about how they miss their home planets and try to bring each other up by telling stories from Earth and Altea.

-One day Lance decides to experiment with his team (since he’s quite good at reading and testing people) by not speaking unless he was spoken too. He noticed how little people besides Hunk actually talked to him casually.

-“hey Lance are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

Narrator voice: “But he was not fine.”

-Coran suggests doing the mind melding exercise again and it’s kind of concerning how much Lance does n o t want to do it

-Lance’s mom gave him his jacket which is why he wears it so much. It’s like a piece of her.

-Lance has a knack for finding abandoned rooms in the castle like spacious storage areas or balconies. He likes to sit there when his insecurities get the best of him.

-Keith found him in one of those spaces once. They didn’t say a word, just sat in each other’s prescense. Lance only spoke when Keith got up to leave. He said, “Stay.”

-Lance wishes he could start over with Allura and just be nice so she wouldn’t roll her eyes and scoff when he tried to have fun with her (Allura doesn’t realize how the flirting just…stopped).

-The paladins visit a planet with rain and Lance has to try and keep himself from crying when he feels the water-like substance against his skin. (He does but plays it off like it’s the rain hitting his face)

-Lance knows his team isn’t obligated to praise his every action and validate him as much as he thinks he needs, but that doesn’t stop the voice in his head from convincing him that he’s just a seventh wheel after all.

-Once Shiro realizes how the unintential bias was affecting Hunk and Lance, he throughly apologizes and makes an effort to include them more.

-The team will never forget the day they all walked in on him sobbing and their perceptions of him were changed forever.

-From that moment on, they made an effort to include Lance in everything they could. An effort to compliment him when he did something great.

-Lance was extremely grateful. His insecurities were surely a battle with himself more than anything, but the team’s support meant the world to him.

7 times they noticed. (1/7)

(bc I need to make up for the langst I posted last night so here’s so comfort and a little bit of hurt. This is just Shiro’s, the other ones will be up soon. The only warning is a depiction of a panic attack.)

1. Lance winced as Shiro cut into him with words like he was expertly wielding Keith’s bayard. He would’ve found it funny how dad-like he was being, except: a) probably would cause Shiro to bail him out more, and b) it wasn’t very funny at all.

“Don’t you see how childish you’re being! This isn’t just serious, this is a matter of life or death, and your antics cannot get in the way. At the end of the day, do you want to be responsible for someone’s death?” The question sent a wave of nausea through Lance, and he was almost pulled off his feet by a wave of static that clouded his mind as something inside his chest burst. He grabbed his chest in alarm. His breathing was quickening. His chest was on fire. Oh god. Oh god. He curled inwards. Trying to protect himself.

“…” He tried to speak but no words came out, just harsh breaths as he lent against the wall, staring upwards through tears at Shiro who was frozen in fear.

“…Lance? Oh. Um… fuck.” If Lance was in any state of mind, he would have never let Shiro go for swearing in front of him, but as it was, it made Lance’s breath speed up. Shiro approached him like he would a possible hostile alien, slowly and with his hands outstretched. “Okay, Lance, if you can, put your arms around me and follow my breaths. Is that okay?” His voice was low and non-threatening, and in response Lance nodded slowly. His hands shaking as Shiro sat next to him, putting his hand on Lance’s arm. Shiro started taking audible, slow breaths. Lance winced as this effort made his breathing uneven, alternating from barely controlled slow breaths to shaky shallow ones.

“Thanks.” He choked out. Shiro shook his head.

“Don’t talk, just focus on the breathing.” Lance had enough humour to roll his eyes at him, and melodramatically breathed in and breathed out, causing Shiro to laugh, before his smile melted into a concerned frown.  “I’m so sorry Lance.”

“Don’t be. You’re right, of course.” Lance looked down, not willing to meet Shiro’s eyes.

“Just because you were goofing off doesn’t mean I should have said that. It was way out of line. I just –” Shiro trailed off.

“I’m scared too.” Lance responded quietly. “I know. I know that this is a life-or-death thing, but I just can’t think about it. I’m not like you, or Keith, or Allura. I have to distract myself. If I think about for one second someone else dying on my account I just –” Lance’s breath started to quicken again, and Shiro stopped him, beginning the audible intakes and exhales of breath once more. Lance found his voice again. “You’re good at that. Unsurprisingly.”

“Well, thank Coran actually.” Shiro smiled as Lance scoffed. “No really, apparently they’re quite common for Alteans as well as humans. I still get them occasionally, but they were really bad when, you know…” Shiro trailed off before gathering his thoughts once more. “Listen. Are you alright?”

Lance laughed nervously.

“Yeah, of course buddy, don’t worry about it.” He patted Shiro’s arm, got up from the ground and started to walk away when he felt Shiro’s metal arm on his shoulder.

“Really. We all deal with trauma differently, and I’m worried. These coping mechanisms are all fine and good until they start hurting you and other people.” Shiro was staring down at him and Lance shrunk under his worry. Of course Shiro was worried about the others.

“I’m really sorry I’ve been a pain.” He laughed, rubbing the back of his head in a mockery of sheepishness. “I’ve been distracted but don’t worry, to quote our lord Efron, I’ll get my head in the game.” Shiro’s frown did not disappear. “Seriously, dude, don’t worry.” Lance smiled.

“Just, if you need to talk, please do. Whatever problems you have are important, not just for the team’s performance, but for your health as well. Okay? And if you can’t talk to me, talk to Hunk, or Pidge, or even Keith.” Shiro insisted, gesturing emphatically as Lance rolled his eyes. “Please.”

Lance’s face softened, his mask melting away.

“I’m just so scared. What if I never see my family again?” His already tear-filled eyes began brimming once more. “And I’m so scared that I’ll mess up everything, I mean, how the hell can I compare to you guys? Keith’s an amazing combatant, Coran and Allura are the best at strategies, you’re a great leader, Hunk’s an awesome engineer, and Pidge is just a genius!” Shiro stared at Lance as tears spilled down his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t notice.” He pulled his hands over his face. “God, and I’m supposed to be the leader.” Shiro straightened up, looking at Lance. “I can’t express how sorry I am. I forget, I suppose, that you’re children. But know we’re all terrified; and know that we couldn’t do it without you. Because your joking does help, Lance, it breaks the mood and reminds us why we’re fighting - for our humanity. You’re important.”

Lance stood in shock. He wiped the tears off his face.

“Gosh Shiro, you’re such an old man!” He started laughing.

Shiro crossed his arms and stared at Lance. His frown didn’t reach his eyes.

“Come on you youngin, we’ve got training to do.” He walked out of the room, shaking his head. Lance smiled. Maybe things were alright, even if he was just saying it to pacify him. Still. It counted.


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(nb as of 6/4/17: Hunk is up (along with the Shiro and Pidge ones) others will follow! Edited to flow better, thanks to the anon who mentioned it.)

(nb as of 7/4/17: Coran is up!)

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  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.

yellowgoingblue  asked:

“i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au: I saw this and my mind screamed, "ANDREIL".

ok i combined both of these and neither is fully what you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!!!

It’s hot the way only New Jersey gets hot, America’s swampy asshole, thick damp air under an impermeable layer of smog, the sun mocking him from where it hangs between a few grey clouds that indicate but don’t promise an upcoming rain.

Neil’s jog is taking much, much longer than usual thanks to an unbearable amount of traffic. It doesn’t help that he’s had to reroute himself to get some British candy bar from the one Wawa that—without explanation—carries British candy bars.

He gets there eventually, eight miles away from his apartment and so fully dehydrated that he’s questioning how the fuck he’s going to make it back. Wawa is, as always, an oasis: refrigerators line the walls, and within them, blissfully, is cold water. He grabs a bottle and drinks half of it in the aisle before even going on the search for the Mars Bar.

The candy aisle has nothing, just mostly-depleted cardboard boxes of Snickers and Twix. The international section is mainly Latin American and Asian goods, and then, crammed between coconut water and Goya goods, a box of Mars Bars.

Like the boxes in the candy aisle, it’s empty.

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dating hoseok [realistically]

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

important disclaimer: this part of the dating series is just like the others, based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know jung hoseok personally, so you’ll maybe see points written that you don’t agree with. If you’re not open to stuff like this, I would recommend you to not even start reading.

note: hoseok is literally everything I want in my life, so expect this to be shitty long with a lot of emotions put in.

jungkook | taehyung | yoongi | jimin

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→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 3,182
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: none in this part
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: So, yeah… here’s the now official part 2! I’m really sorry for the delay, but I hope you’ll like it! :)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


━ 12:03pm
It must be because I’m very tired
But ur still hilarious
Night lol

With a heavy sigh, you lean back in your seat, a blush creeping up your cheeks at the realization you probably crossed a line or something with those messages you sent to him on Saturday night. You’d prayed throughout the whole day after you’d get a reply, and when that didn’t happen you’d checked your phone every twenty minutes on Monday and today every time your phone buzzed. It’s kinda lame.

Really, you have no actual reason to be this upset about it.

“Joonie asked me about you today in class”, Jeongyeon says when your professor seems to still be too busy shuffling through his papers to give a damn about what’s going on in his class.

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dearbold-deactivated20170818  asked:

I'm an INFJ and I want to find more ENTP's! I only know two, and one is my professor haha Any way to spot ENTP's and seek them out?

Hello, and yes!

Thankfully, us ENTPs are a bit funky in terms of personality. As a result, in classroom environments, I think we’re pretty easy to spot. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • We easily may be the loudest in the classroom- especially when surrounded by friends, ENTPs once reaching high school and college aren’t afraid to speak up. When around friends, I’ll sometimes sit on the table in the middle (to stick out more), and speak loudly because I personally think I’m hilarious and I like surprising people with what I’ve got to say. We’ll probably seem a bit different depending on the professor. For example, we’re as sarcastic with the sarcastic professors, and sweet with the sweet ones. Regardless, we tend to stick out. Despite the annoyance we might bring, I’ve noticed professors tend to like ENTPs. (I once had a professor tell me I was the only one who could talk back to her… despite being ridiculously annoying in the classroom) Also (sorry, I’m feeling egotistical about this still), but yesterday a professor told me I was one of the brightest, and I’d inspired him to throw a picnic for the class. I’m so proud. If the class is small enough, you’ll probably hear us. 
  • In class, we probably aren’t taking notes (or at least good notes)- We get sidetracked, doodle, come up with ideas, do origami, doze off, daze off, play games on our phones, etc. I actually do take notes, but I’m often doing more than one thing at the same time. 
  • We wear signature clothing- Whether this means some weird-ass shirts including 3 unicorns chasing a dinosaur under a rainbow (which is actually the shirt I wore yesterday), ENTPs have their own style. It may not manifest itself in weird clothing, instead they may have a sweater that’s really quite colorful that they wear everyday. Or maybe they’ll drastically switch their style based on their mood or the television show they’ve binged recently. My biggest staple is this maroon and white sweater that I wear with everything, and it’s not a plain colored sweater, it just sticks out, and it’s comfy, and I love it. Every once in a while I feel like going for a theme. I do gothic days and brunch mom days and frat bro days, and it just keeps things interesting! In short, we wear what we want, and it tends to stick out. My ENTP dad wears this ugly salmon shirt with palm trees on it all the time (and i’m not sure why he likes that shirt), but it sure sticks out… 
  • Sometimes we mix it up, but we probably eat the same thing every day for lunch- Lunch requires too much thinking. Same for breakfast. Also dinner. I need someone to take care of me. 
  • In high school, we don’t really study ever. - In college I do have to study because I’m in my 4th year of chemical engineering, but in comparison to everyone else, I barely pick up a book.
  • Smart ENTPs will probably be close to the topish of the class… but not the top (generally, but honestly)- Too much effort. I don’t see the point in getting a 100 for a bunch of extra work when I can get a 92 without the extra work. We already know we’re smart. The assertive ENTPs probably won’t feel the need to go above and beyond for things they don’t think can be liquefied into actual benefits. 
  • We give weird compliments - Listen for someone calling someone else a delicious little fish. I recently told my best friend I wanted her to be as happy as a customer in a pancake shop. She really appreciated it.
  • Puns
  • Stupid arguments - Goodness. I’ve been arguing with an INFJ friend for a week that there is only one squirrel in existence. In my favor, we’ve only seen one squirrel at a time, so she’s been unable to prove me wrong. She pulled up some pictures of multiple squirrels lying on top of each other, I told her it was some weird fan art. The one squirrel in existence is very popular.
  • We show up to a bunch of different meeting for a bunch of different clubs at least once - and then we promptly stop going, though we’re still apart of these clubs (if not even leading) from afar. I drew all of the art for the newspaper, gave speeches for diversity club, and was published in the literary magazine and I don’t think I ever attended the meetings. 

These will definitely find you an ENTP-a at least. ENTP-ts blend in a bit better as they study harder, and take a little longer to grow into their confidence. A lot of these things that I’ve come up with will definitely apply to them too! Hopefully it helps!

gimme some sugar → peter parker

♬ fetish — selena gomez ft. gucci mane ♬

❈ the way you walk, the way you talk. i blame you ‘cause it’s all your fault. ❈

↳ Could you do a peter parker imagine where they’re dating and she’s always checking him out and calling him hot and stuff, only because she thinks it’s cute when he gets flustered?
↳ Peter imagine where he gets jealous because he thinks flash is trying to flirt w (yn)?
↳ kissey!peter parker please?

warning(s): makeout.

“hey baby boy,” (y/n) greeted, kissing peter’s cheek after she approached the usual table. peter’s cheeks grew warm as he mumbled a ‘hey’ back. ned pushed his cheek out jokingly, causing (y/n) to laugh as she walked around the table to hug him. “what’s up ned? how are you?”

“i’m doing okay, actually. i passed my history test today. most nerve-wracking moment of my life.” the two got lost in their conversation while peter tried to wrap up his homework.

“hey, (y/n),” flash grinned with his teeth showing. he leaned against the table as he began to talk to her about the project due in mr. laritate’s class. he got too close for peter’s liking, causing his to huff.

“first off, number two is wrong.” michelle spoke up from beside peter. “second, you’re gonna have to try a little bit harder than that to hide your jealousy.”

“what? i’m not jealous.” peter defended as he looked over his math work.

“you forgot to carry out the two,” she pointed at his paper. peter began frantically erasing the rest of his work, knowing that if he forgot to carry, the whole product was messed up. “and, you totally are. you may have a baby face, but your baby face can get pretty mean-looking.”

out of subconscious, peter glanced up to find flash laughing with (y/n), causing him to glare. from the corner of her eye, should could see peter facing their direction and averted all of her attention on her boyfriend. she didn’t say much. she didn’t say anything, actually. she only stared at him with so much adoration.

“(y/n),” flash tried to snap her out of her daze. the couple shared eye contact, something only they could understand. “(y/n)…” flash waved his hand in her face.

“flash, let me get back to you in a second.” she smiled politely. “i’ll see you in english?” she dismissed him so quick, leaving him a stuttering mess as he tried to protest, but she had already shoo’d him away. peter mentally laughed at flash.

“what’s wrong pete?” (y/n) asked with concern lacing her voice. she reached over the table grabbing his hand.

“what were you talking about with flash?” he made it obvious he was jealous.

(y/n) giggled. “only about how you look like a snack.” she flirted.

“i- what?” his cheeks flushed. he had heard the word being thrown around by the upperclassmen. which made sense since (y/n) was a junior.

“yeah,” she smiled. she tugged his collar from under his sweater, patting his chest. “you look really hot. i could eat you up, hence why you look like a snack.”

“flash…talked to you…about how i, look good?” it took some time for peter to process the information.

“of course,” (y/n) nodded her head. “flash has made it no secret that he’s bi-curious. come on, babe, keep up.”

3 o'clock rolled around. it was part of (y/n) and peter’s schedule to leave the library around 3, so they could get sandwiches after school.

the two walked side by side on the football field, fingers laced together as they talked about their plans for the weekend. peter noticed (y/n) was being less touchy than she usually was. it kind of threw him off guard, but he didn’t question it.

walking into mr. delmar’s deli shop, he greeted the regular customers with a wide smile. “peter, (y/n)! what will it be today? the usual?” the two chuckled at the knowing man with a nod.

“number five with pickle, smushed down, okay. and also a number two with spicy salami and provolone cheese.” he wrote it down on the ticket, hanging it over the rack for the workers in the back to get out. (y/n) swiped her card before peter could whip out his wallet.

“we’ll call out your order when it’s ready.”

“thank you mr. delmar.” (y/n) smiled at the italian man.

“(y/n),” peter spoke with a frown.

“you paid yesterday.” (y/n) defended as they walked passed mr. delmar’s cat.

after finishing their sandwiches (peter did, (y/n) barely touched her food), they headed up the block to (y/n)’s place. they didn’t talk much on their way. they walked in comfortable silence with a few comments here and there.

(y/n) was lucky to catch her mother at door.

“ma!” (y/n) hugged her mother as her mom kissed hers and peter’s forehead.

“hey, you two!” she smiled at the two. “listen, i’m in a rush. taxi’s waiting for me, but (y/n), i left money on the counter for takeout. knock yourselves out. have a great night. i know there’s no school tomorrow, but i expect you two to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight, okay?” she pointed her finger at the two.

“alright ma, i promise.”

“we’ll take good care of the house janice,” peter smiled innocently. god, he was too pure for his own good. “you can trust us.”

“you, i trust. my daughter, not so much,” janice joked. the taxi honked once, making janice give the two hugs.

“have a great day at work ma, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

(y/n) stepped into the apartment with peter, shutting the door behind her.

“what’s your deal today?” peter questioned with a frown, pulling his girlfriend in his arms, now that they were behind closed doors. he pressed a kiss to her cheek. “you barely ate your sandwich today, you zone out.”

“i’m okay,” she told peter. he was so concerned for her.

“you’re weren’t yourself today, so i’m not entirely sure about that.” peter looked down at (y/n) whom was only a few inches shorter than he was. “you love mr. delmar’s sandwiches, you’re always hungry. what happened today?”

“i wasn’t hungry for sandwiches, i guess.” she shrugged her shoulders.

“why didn’t you tell me? here, what are you hungry for?” he started putting his shoes on again.

“no, pete, it’s okay.” (y/n) halted him before he could tie is converse. “i’m sure i’ll find a good snack here.” her eyes glinted with mischievousness. but he didn’t seem to catch it.

“saltines and nutella, you said you liked that, right?” peter stood to wander in her kitchen and rummage through her cupboards. she remained where she was for a moment, eyes shut as she asked the gods for patience.

before she could actually tell peter no, peter was already spreading nutella on a cracker with a butterknife. smiling to herself, (y/n) waltzed next to peter, leaning her head on his back, wrapping her arms around his torso.

peter turned in her arms, feeding her the cracker, hoping it’d lift her mood at least a little bit. she nodded her head as she munched on the sweet-salty mix that she loved so much. peter ate one himself, nodding his head at the combination. he approved.

“babe,” (y/n) chuckled. “you’ve got nutella on your lips. come'ere,” she grabbed his cheeks, lightly pressing her lips against his, pecking his lips multiple times.

she could taste the sweetness of his lips. the rich, chocolate-hazelnut cream only made her desire for him grow like a persian silk tree. (y/n) let out a noise of delight slip her throat as she kissed him. peter was enjoying this just as much, her lips were so soft and gentle.

peter leaned against the counter with one arm around her waist. his free hand cupping her jaw so delicately, he didn’t want to even think about hurting her as he kissed her with so much passion. her hands tightly gripped the collar of his shirt as she stood on the tip of her toes, kissing back with just as much fiery ardor.

(y/n) was the first to pull back. with her forehead pressed against peter’s, eyes shut, she desperately tried to catch her breath.

“d-do you think you should finish your snack or?..” peter jutted his thumb behind him.

“nah, i’m looking at a perfect snack right now.” her eyes were glued to peter’s, grinning at the audible gasp that escaped his mouth.


Hello, love bugs! 

Dan x Reader 

warnings- swears, smut

Hi I was wondering if you could make a fanfic where you fall out with Dan (who’s like away somewhere) and he’s like spam texting you and you keep ignoring him, and then he turns up at your door and um… After argument sex!! Haha thanks, ly xoxoxo -anon

“I feel smothered by you. Can I not have one night where I go out with friends and not have you check up on me every five minutes? You’re not my mother Daniel.” Your fingers were quick on your phone as you texted your reply to Dan. You and Dan hadn’t seen each other for nearly a week since he had been gone seeing his parents. Normally you would be at home waiting to see him as soon as possible but it was your best friends birthday and you never get to go out and let your hair loose. Dan didn’t have a problem with you going out with friends. His problem was the picture he saw you post on Instagram of you in a risky type of outfit. Dan doesn’t like to share and he absolutely does not like the thought of a bunch of men looking at you or trying to hit on you.

Your phone beeped back the familiar tone you set only for texts from Dan. You almost didn’t want to read it. His words were probably dripping with sarcasm and sass even if it was only in text form. “You’re right Y/N I'm not your mother but I expect you not to go out like that.” 

“I thought that it doesn't matter what a girl wears. It’s her body and her choice and I don’t need to cater to a man’s opinion.’ Thankfully you were still in the cab going to the club with your friends. You may just go and give him a piece of your mind in person if you weren't already on your way to the party. This was the only thing Dan and yourself ever really fought about. He trusted you with his life. Dan’s problem was trusting everyone else. 

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simplyagreste  asked:

If you are still taking request, can I have "I can't do this anymore." Adrienette angst. I I'm the angsty mood.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Marinette muttered, looking at her reflection in the mirror. “You’re a fraud. Why does anyone even put up with you? You’re needy and insecure and ridiculous.” She felt the sting of tears as soon as she noticed her eyes glistening. “Stop sharing. Stop complaining. Just be who they think you are.”

She took in a deep breath and straightened, nodding at her reflection. She smoothed out her jacket and adjusted her pigtails and wiped at the incriminating wetness under her eyes. She swallowed past the lump in her throat as she pushed through the bathroom door.

Nino frowned as she drew near. “Are you okay, Mari? You look a little off.”

Marinette plastered on a smile. “I’m fine.”


“This wasn’t your best work,” Ms. Bustier said gently, handing the stack of papers back to Marinette. “I expected a little more from you.”

“Sorry, I’ll do better next time.”

“Such an idiot,” her mind whispered. “You’re not allowed to be upset about this. You really should just accept that you’re a failure.”

Alya winced, looking over at her. “That sucks, girl. You all right?”

She nodded with a small smile. “I’m fine.”


“Something’s wrong,” Chat Noir said, stepping closer. “Talk to me, my Lady.”

Ladybug looked out over the city, eyes glassy behind her mask. “I’m fine.”

“You’re not.”

“I should be,” she whispered. 

He frowned, sitting down beside her on the roof ledge. “Did you have a bad day?”

“Do you ever wonder why we were chosen? Why us?” she asked, ignoring his question.

“Sure, all the time.”

She turned to him before he could respond, tears in her eyes. “I don’t want to feel this way.”

“What way?” His voice was soft as he took her hand in his.

“Nothing’s good enough. I’m not good enough.”

“Who has been telling you that?” he asked, the edge of a growl seeping into his tone.

“No one. I just…I hate myself right now. Nothing has even really happened. Little things that piled up maybe? It’s stupid. I feel foolish for even having these feelings which only makes it worse.” She shook her head. “I shouldn’t be dumping on you. All I do is complain lately. I don’t feel like I even have anyone left who isn’t sick of hearing me.”

“You always have me.”

“Ladybug always has you,” she corrected. “Marinette has no one.”

Chat Noir blinked. “Marinette?”

Ladybug closed her eyes, fists clenching in her lap. “I literally just did that, didn’t I? I’m such a fucking idiot. I wish this would just end already.”

Chat Noir looked down at the drop below them and cautiously urged his partner off the roof edge. Once they were standing in the the middle of the space, he put his hands on her shoulders. “You’re Marinette.”

“I guess,” she shrugged.

“But you never seem upset,” he frowned. “How can you…I had no idea you were feeling this way.”

Her eyes sharpened slightly. “You know me?”

Chat Noir dropped his transformation and Adrien looked back at her in concern. “Can we talk?”

She nodded, pink light flashing all around her. “I feel like I should be shocked, but I just feel numb.”

Adrien led them to the roof access door and they sat down against it. “When my mom was…gone, I had a really rough time.”

Marinette dropped her head in her hands. “I must sound like such a baby to you. Nothing has even happened to me and you’re–”

“Stop,” he reprimanded gently. “Let me finish. Nathalie made me go to counseling. I hated it. I hated myself. I felt weak and messed up and…” he glanced down at her, “just wrong.”

“It was more rage for me,” he continued. “The tiniest things would set me off. Literally nothing would happen and I would be ready to kill someone.”

“I can’t imagine you like that,” she interjected softly.

He shook his head. “I’m glad. It wasn’t good.”

“But you aren’t angry now.”

“It did actually help to talk to someone. I never realized how much I had been holding in, how much I had been trying to hide away so no one realized those things about me.” He took her hand in his once more, studying her palm. “My mom disappeared, and sure, that was some of it, but it wasn’t all of it, you know? There wasn’t some big thing that suddenly made me angry. It was like my mind had started building up this explosion and by the time it happened, there was nothing I could do but let it take me over. I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“Thanks. I’ll be fine.”

“It’s okay if you aren’t for a while, you know. I’ll still be here.”

Marinette tried to hold back the tears but it was too much. Adrien’s arm went around her shoulders and he pulled her close. “Tell me everything,” he said.

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Tree bros

Tree bros

Connor x Evan

Evan x Connor

This is gonna suck but let’s go

• proposes

Well. So basically it’s there five year anniversary and they both have rings in their pockets. They’re both hella nervous. Evan keeps fidgeting with it and Connor is like ‘oh shit he probably has a ring. He’s bad at hiding things. Fuck I have to ask before he does’ so unexpectedly Connor gets up from his seat and goes to their waiter and hands him the box and asks him to do something with the dessert. When Evan sees the ring on the cake he glares at Connor ‘damn it Connor, why’d you get to ask first?!’ Connor just laughs.

•Shops for groceries

Connor does cause Evan hates the interacting with the cashier part. Connor always forgets the list at home and Evan has to send him it over text. Connor also likes to buy little treats that Evan loves even when they’re not on the list. Evan gets really flustered even though it’s small and just food.

• kills the spiders

THEYRE BOTH FUCKING TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS ARE YOU KIDDING Evan hides behind Connor. He was bitten once and had to stay in the hospital for the weekend for it. He was very disappointed that he didn’t become the next spider man. He was five, and now it’s turned into a huge fear. Connor will take of his shoe, take on look at the beast and wack it.

•Remembers to feed the fish

They don’t have a fish??? They’re boring??? Instead they have a dog cause they’re very therapeutic for the both of them!!! It’s a corgi husky mix and they named her Maple cause they got married under a giant maple tree, where they also carved their names and wedding date into. Oh yeah, basically they have a schedule and they’re both really good at remembering

• initiates duets

BOTH if one of them is in the shower, and the other hears them singing, they will burst into the the bathroom and sing with them

• falls asleep first

It really depends? Usually they fall asleep together. Especially if one of them has a really bad day cause they stay up to comfort the other. But Evan works late every Wednesday so he gets home to a sleeping Connor, gripping onto one of Evans hoodie with Maple on top of him

• plans spontaneous trips

Evan always talked about places he wanted to go when they were in high school and college and after they’re married Connor researches a shit ton. He makes sure that their are always hotels and things they can do that are dog friendly cause Connor knows Evan would want Maple with them. Connor always surprises Evan with a random trip, first London than Egypt then Rome then Baghdad and so on.

• wakes the other up at 3 am and demands pancakes

Usually it’s Connor after he has a dream of him eating a lot of pancakes. It happens a lot. He lives off of chocolate chip banana pancakes. Evan always wonders why he even likes that combo but he’s really good at making them according to Connor so why not? However, twice a year or so, Evan will really crave so strawberry pancakes. It’s usually when they’re out of season so Connor always has a bag of frozen strawberries cause they lay forever??? How???

• sends the other unsolicited nudes

Connor. It’s always when he knows Evan is coming home a little late, and when he’s really in the mood. Evan cause storming in the house and just slams Connor against the wall. Connor loves dominate Evan.

• brags about knowing karate even though they never got past their yellow belt.

Connor. His dad signed him up for lessons and he never really tried so it’s not really bragging but he always says that if someone messes with Evan he’ll use his mad karate skills. When someone actually messes with Evan, Connor gets turned on cause it turns out Evan has a fucking black belt???? What?????

• comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops.

Connor fucking loves bakeries and always gets macaroons. He loves them. However Evan will drag Connor into candy shops for lollipops and jolly ranchers and chocolate.

• blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit

Changing it a bit, Connor will do something dumb and have a really goofy grin on his face and he’ll be like 'babe! Did you see that! Wasn’t I awesome!’ 'Yes Connor, you did it perfectly you dumbass’ 'What? No kiss’ *evan sarcastically blows Connor a kiss then walks away*

• Killed the guy (and who hides the body)

Connor kills the guy cause it’s Connor. Evan hides the body cause 'CONNOR YOU DUMBASS YPU CAN GO TO JAIL FOR THIS I MUST PROTECT YOU FROM THE LAW!’

• wears the lest amount of clothing around the house

At first, Connor wears pans with crop tops, Evan feels like he should start wearing less too. He starts to walk around the house in shorts and crop tops. Connor views this as a competition and starts to wear shorts with no shirts, Evan wears sweaters with no pants, Connor retaliates with short shorts, Evan just wears boxers. Now they’re both just in boxers. Then Evan gets cold and puts a hoodie on in the winter. 'HA I WON!’ 'I WAS COLD YOU DOUCH! TURN THE FUCKING HEAT UP’ Connor chuckles and does as he’s told.

• has random sentimental moments for no reason

Both really. Connor will feel super giddy for some reason and just picks up Evan and swings him in a circle and hugs him. Evan will feel super cuddly and drag Connor to the couch and curls up like a cat on top of him.

starrbomb  asked:

I love your Percy Jackson au. If anything I'd vote for a shance ending. If you don't mind me asking , what would everyone's powers be? And if Zarkon and Lance are connected, would lance more to shove it in others face or to be more of a mole on Zarkon's army?? It's a really REALLY cool idea. Usually the Percy Jackson au's I see have lance as aphrodite's kid and I'm so glad yours takes a much different path.

i see lance as aphrodite’s kid everywhere and i’ll be honest, i dont really get it

I’m not sure if you wanted this much information but um, opps? More of this for people reading the answer who didn’t see the other post

To their abilities! (note my resource for this is the wiki because, again, i’ve yet to read the books)


  • he avoids using his abilities like the plague so no one’s really sure what he’s capable of
  • like hades, he radaites fear and death but you probably wouldn’t notice because his whole personality is an attempt to counter this.  He’s funny and cheerful so as to try not to intimidate people (he tends to annoy them instead, much to his dismay), and he tries to keep control of his negative emotions so he doesn’t do things like poison the ground (like nico can when he’s nervous)
  • Cryokinesis (the ability to manipulate cold tempertures and things like ice and snow) is probably the one power he has and likes.  Like with his aura he’s also very good at this.  he makes a lot of ice sculptures, espically when he’s in a bad mood
  • Hypnokinesis (the ability to manpiulate sleep patterns and dreams) is one Lance really likes to hide, mostly because he tries to help insomniacs in the camp get sleep (this includes Pidge, Shiro, and on occasion Allura) and he doesn’t want people to know he’s the one doing it
  • Umbrakinesis (the ability to control darkness and the shadows) is the ability Lance hates the most.  He’s incredibly unpracticed in it so while he has this power he really needs to work on it before it resembles something you know, useful 
  • Naturally (hehe) he also has necromancy although it’s another one he doesn’t practice, however it comes naturally to him so he doesn’t need to practice it all that much.  i’m thinking accidently using his necromancy is the reason he’s at camp halfblood


  • Keith doesn’t have much trouble controling his abilities, which tends to make Lance think he’s always showing off but he’s not, he’s just doing his thung
  • finding this out makes lance even more pissed tbh
  • Anyway, Keith obviously has Zeus Authority, meaning things that are in his fathers domain tend to do what he asks
  • Electrokinesis (the ability to control electricity) is probably the thing Keith is best at and it’s also something coran had to ban him from using in combat at cmap halfblood because Keith would literally shock people during battle, like all the time, because he could and it was a good tatic but even in camp halfblood they decided that wasn’t good for the kids and so he’s not allowed to do that anymore
  • He has pretty much zero trouble with electrokinesis and his constant use of it has caused Lance to start calling him a show off, but in reality Keith’s not meaing to show off he’s just doing his thung
  • finidng that out makes lance more pissed tbh
  • Aerokinesis (control of air) is something Keith only ever really uses to fly, however he’s proven he can control the air enough to push people back in battle (something he does after his electrokinesis is banned).  Other than that he either can’t use it or he doesn’t
  • Keith’s ability with atmokinesis (control of the weather) basically boils down to ‘if he’s in a really bad mood it’s probably going to rain’ and that’s about it


  • Being the son of  Aphrodite means Shiro can win your heart with a smile and a soft praise
  • and he does this, on accident, all the fucking time
  • seriously this guy turns people down on the reguar
  • a lot of people think he has at least a limited control of charm speak but no ones quite sure if its magic that makes them listen to him or not (its not)
  • the only true powers he gets from his mother are the sharp focus and clarity that all his half-siblings get.  admittedly, shiro’s has better focus than most of his other siblings but that’s more due to training that it is being gifted 
  • although lance agrues his ability with eyeliner and picking out the perfect shirts to show off those perfect abs is totally because he’s aphordites son.  lance is not wrong
  • his arm gives him some level of umbrakinesis (control over darkness) due to Zarkon’s invovlement in its creation.  Currently, he’s better at control darkness than lance but this would change if lance actually practiced every once in a while
  • Shiro can probably crush skulls using his thighs


  • Hunk is a master at the forge, the things he can make are honestly amazing.  He’s constantly asked to make weapons and help with the growth of the camp and he doesn’t mind helping at all, however very few people get Hunk Orignal Weapons (HOW for short, because no ones sure how he does it).  
  • Lance and Pidge both have HOWs, Lance in particular loves showing his off while Pidge is the type that will brag by beating you up 
  • Hunk does, in fact, have both technokinesis (controling and understanding machines) and limited pyrokinesis (control of fire) however he has trouble using these powers when he’s thinking about it
  • like hunk’s forge will also be at the exact temperture he needs it to be, the flames the perfect height, but he can’t actually summon a spark.  The food he cooks will never burn but he can’t start a campfire.
  • Lance finds that incredibly amusing
  • Pidge just really doesn’t get it, but hey hunk’s always willing to help her out so it’s cool


  • being that Pidge is actually human, she doesn’t have any demigod powers
  • although she does have clear sight
  • she’s also incredibly smart 
  • and she’s able to keep up with hunk, which literally everyone thinks is supernatural in itself


  • Allura is considered a tatical genius even by her siblings.  
  • she could beat your ass with a spoon 
  • i don’t know what more to say really
  • Allura is incredibly skilled in every weapon and could talk her way out of battle as well as she could fight her way out
  • she’s also very good at weaving

Side note: I’ve decided Zarkon is Hades son most definitely, it just fits him better (Keith’s mother was one of the Zarkon’s kidnapped soilders before she joined the BoM)


  • Where do i fucking start this guy is super over powered is2g
  • Like Lance and Hades he radiates fear and death, unlike Lance he doesn’t try to supress this and his aura’s actually pretty close to how strong Hades is
  • Also unlike Lance, he practices Umbrakinesis regularly and is pracically a master
  • he’s also very capable when it comes to geokinesis (earth manipulation)
  • He studies necromancy fully and knows serval rituals Lance just straight up ignores.
  • he’s very capable with osteokinesis (the control and summoning of bones)
  • However, he was always limited when it came to cyrokinesis and he never cared much for learning hypnokinesis as he greatly underestimates the potentional for this ability.  Altough, Zarkon does manage to use hypnokinesis once to enter Lance’s dreams
  • He’s also learnt to control Mist, just because he’s aware of how much that helps his whole take over the world scheme
  • with haggars help he’s also found a way to sort of share his powers, basically he’s found a way to put some of his powers into talismans of sorts, only others to borrow his strength.  currently haggar and shiro are the only people know to have these

As for Lance and Zarkon

  • Zarkon really wants Lance on his side, like he wants all the halfbloods but Lance is more or less his pet project (so is Shiro) and so Zarkon has in fact spoken to Lance before
  • One of these times was the singular time Zarkon managed to use hypnokinesis (admittively with help).  Zarkon entered Lance’s dream and manpiulated things to show Lance the empire Zarkon is currently creating and the empire he is determined to have.  Lance, naturally, refuses to join because um hello evil much! 
  • Because of this dream Lance actually knows well who Zarkon is and what he’s doing but he keeps his mouth shut, not wanting other people to know and not wanting people to think he talks to Zarkon.  This ultimately leads to an awkward moment when Pidge and Shiro find out Lance was well aware of the situation for Pidge’s family and what Shiro had forgotten
  • So in exact answer of your question, Lance defs does not brag about being Zarkon’s half-brother at camp halfblood
  • When Lance does end up joining Zarkon, the elder takes him under his wing to teach Lance the things he was too afraid to learn at camp half blood.  Zarkon decides he much prefers Lance as his heir rather an Lotor
  • I haven’t decided yet if Lance joined Zarkon as a mole, but if not he certainly becomes one because he sees all this suffering and he remembers yeah, no, this is a bad thing
  • While he’s working for Zarkon he does like to bring up that they’re related, mostly because the galra can be dicks to him and it’s fun to watch them squirm


That got slightly out of hand

Sorry not sorry


It’s done it’s finally done after like a month now
These are all romantic/platonic. …mostly
1. Dally lets johnny stay with him at bucks or where ever hes at when its cold out and he cant go home 
2. They go on day long car rides literally anywheres, sometimes with company like steve or pony
3. When no ones looking johnny locks his arm around dallys.
4. Dally lets out angry murmurs and acts tough until he realizes no ones looking.
5. Johnny can tell when dallys in a bad almost immediately when he comes into a room, he doesn’t even have to look at him. just the sound of the way he’s walking or his voice tone.
6. Sometimes when they’re out (or even at the curtis’s kitchen table) dally will put his hand on johnny’s leg. not in a sexual way almost to make sure like he’s there. 
7. When they don’t have to do anything or are just being lazy johnny will lay on top of dally and the two will stay like that for as long as possible.
8. Dally CRAVES being kissed when they’re not in public.
9. Johnny wears dallys jacket when there out really late at night or when he cant find his shirt in the morning.
10. Dally says he doesn’t care that much but does.he highkey does.
11. Dally holds johnny really close at night but doesn’t refuses to admit to it when johnny mentions it.
12. Whenever dally wont wake up, the gang usual send johnny off to fall on him because they know johnny will be the one that dally gets the least mad at.
13. Darry once woke up to find johnny and dally sprawled out on their couch asleep.
14. Johnny and two-bit talk a lot about dally.
15. Johnny lowkey dances in the car and dally makes fun of him.
16. Dally sings in the shower. Johnny sits outside the door giggling his ass off.
17. Dally will quietly share his food with johnny but snap at anyone who calls him out on it.
18. Pony saw johnny and dally kiss, told darry, soda overheard and told steve, steve told two-bit, two-bit already knew.
19. Whenever johnny and dally do kiss, dally really really enjoys it and freaks out a little.
20. You can also tell when they kiss because dally becomes a smidge nicer.
21. Sometimes they flirt with girls and see who can get the most numbers.
22. they rough house A LOT
23. Dallys father was friends with a guy who dally really took to and when he thinks about johnny kinda looks like him.
24. Johnny stays up with dally after brawls or just to listen to his drunk rambling.
25. Dally once called johnny “babe” in front of the gang and everyone went BALLISTIC from dally showing any lovey dovey emotion.
26. Johnny likes to talk dally at night when there laying in bed. He doesn’t think dallys listening but he is.
27. Johnny thinks dallys tattoo is hot as all hell
28. Dally ruffles johnnys hair to piss him off.
29. Dally once thought he lost johnny walking down the street but it turns out he was at the end of the block playing with a dog that was tied on. 
30. They make out on a regular basis. Specifically in a car.
31. Johnny dies a little on the inside whenever dally says he hates kids and everyone notices except dally. 
32. Dally and johnnys dad got into a big physical  fight and the only thing that stopped him from stabbing him was small ol johnny clinging to his arm trying to stop him while wailing not to “kill him”.
33. Whenever dally gets put in jail johnny stresses out a little but doesn’t tell anyone.
34. Skyrim!AU: Johnny and dally met because someone had a contract on dally. Dally almost beat the shit out of johnny.
35. They both take care of what started out as a puppy but became a huge rottweiler.
36. They like to scare the shit out of socs at night.
37. When they were younger dally and johnny used to babysit pony together with two-bit
38. When two-bit was drunk and pony was bored they banded together to make shitty fanart of johnny and dally
39.Myth!AU: whenever winter rolls around johnny gets kinda anxious around dally because he scared he might actually eat him, no matter how many times dally reassures him he wont 
40. Dally and johnny share cigarettes and when i mean share i dont mean individual cigarettes i mean dally will smoke one half then pass the rest of the cigarette to johnny to finish.
41. They both make fun of pony whenever he has a crush on someone.
42. They back talk each other on a daily basis but it never really turns into a full fledge fight  
43. Johnnys favourite position when it comes to ‘cuddling’ with dally and with head in the crook of dallys neck and half hugging him.
44. Dallys not so great at being being intimate in a non sexual way but he is trying his best.
45. After johnny got beat up dally would hold him at night and tell him how much he loved him.
46. Johnny tries to spoon dally and ends up looking like a backpack.
47. Johnny gets frequent nightmare and when he has one, (if he doesnt wake up) it usually wakes up dally who just runs his hand through his hair until it passes.
48. Dally constantly feels bad because he doesnt know how to be ‘nice’ .
49.Dally tugs on johnnys bottom lip when they kiss. 
50. Dally surprisingly gives good hugs. 
51. Whenever he walks past dally slaps Johnnys ass.
52. One time he didnt realize how far away he was and tried to get his ass and ended up falling out of a barstool
53. They both make a tag team when theyre in a fight. 
54. Johnny swears in spanish and it drives dally up the wall.
55. When they first slept in the same bed, dally woke up before johnny and forgot that johnny was there so he almost crushed him.
56. Johnny loves the smell of dallys jacket.
57. Even though dally could have a black eye,smell like alcohol and cigarette smoke, being bleeding all over the place and have the meanest expression johnny usually feels safest with him.
58. Johnny screamed dallys name while being beat up.
59. Johnny gets scared at horror movies but trys to play it off, dally can usually tell and sneaks an arm around his back.
60. Dally gets sick a lot and johnny has no clue what to do so he just takes him to darry.
61. When he’s hungover dally gives really sloppy kisses.
62 . someone thought Johnny was dallys son.
63. They once helped pony ask a girl out.
64. Soda teases the shit out of dally and asks him probing question about weird personal topics.
65. Dally will lick Johnny’s cheek to get him riled up and pissy.
66. Johnnys become almost numb to when dally yells because he’s that used to it.
67. When before he used to flinch everytime dally raised his voice. Now he only does when it’s specifically directed at him.
68. When dally gets in a dangerous mood Johnny will say some stuff in his ear and it eases him up a bit. The gangs been mystified by this for a while.
69. They both know they’re boundaries with each other even though dally likes to push his.
70. When dally was with tim and some of his gang they noticed that his jacket smelled like Johnny. After the relentless snarky comments dally got Johnny his own jacket.
71. Dally met Johnny because he was being picked on by some socs.
72. They both lay next to each other while dally talks about new York.
73. Myth AU!: Johnny likes to feel dallys scales. Dally finds it annoying.
74. Everyone knows somethings up when dally calls Johnny 'johnnycakes’ all day whether it be because they were in a disagreement earlier or that he was getting laid no one really knows.
75. Johnny can actually be very dominant depending on the situation.
76. MythAU!: Johnny lays on dallys tail and let’s him just drag him around. Dally finds this more annoying then the scale touching.
77. When dally first tried to flirt with johnny he had no idea what was happening and why dally was being nicer then usual. Two-bit had to explain it.
78. Dallas is a huge jerk but can be really faithful.
79. dally once said “nah johnnys to innocent for that.” While Johnny was sitting next to him thinking about the most kinky things.
80.dally once thought of leaving and going back to new York. He asked Johnny if he wanted to come but he said he didn’t want to leave the gang or his parents. Dally ended up staying put.
81. Johnny helps Dallas around when he’s staggering it could be from a fight or from drinking to much.
82. Dallas puts on the most dopey grin whenever johnny laughs.
83. Johnny once sat in the car for 4 hours driving around and listening to dally ranting.
84. After they died they just spent most of their time around the burned down church waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.
85. Johnny was always super jealous of Sylvia but they actually got along great. Even when she and dally broke up.
86.  Johnny actually made the first move because he got really frustrated.
87. SkyrimAU!: Johnny and dally hated each other’s guts until two-bit and soda stepped in and got them to actually talk to each other, other then spitting insults back and forward.
88. At the time when dally met Johnny he was usually with tim and his gang but after johnny he got attached to the gang.
89. Johnny has scars on his back from his father and whenever dally sees them he gets a pit in his stomach.
90. Dally hates himself for not being able to protect Johnny when he got beat up.
91. Buck started getting suspicious about them because dally kept bringing  Johnny over to sleep with him.
92. Once Johnny broke down and dally got so stressed out because he didn’t know what to do so they ended up being two sobbing messes holding each other sitting on the curb.
93. Dally still puts up a tough act but one look from Johnny and he has to keep himself from melting.
94. Johnnys a lot shorter then dally so he likes of pat his head.
95. He also picks him up from the underarms and carrys him around (Johnny has punched/kicked people while this was happening).
96. When they rough house it usually gets really intense and either goes a really good nice way if ya catch my drift or someone loses a tooth….it doesn’t have to be either of their teeth just..anyone’s.
97. Johnny fondles with dallys necklace to help sleep.
98. When it gets really loud at bucks and they can’t sleep they either hike it over to the Curtis’s or sleep in a car.
99. They try to sit close to each other but not to close when they go out with pony to movies. The best position they got is dally sitting behind Johnny and him being up against legs or chest. Sometimes dally sneaks an arm around Johnnys waist.
100. Johnnys a power bottom byee

Who Says

Characters: Alpha Steve Rogers x Beta Cherry Bomb

Who says things have to be the way they are? Who says things have to follow the natural order of things? Who says you can’t be with the one you love even though they might not be what was intended for you?

A/N: I really have no clue what the fuck I’m doing. And I’m so sorry. This probably sucks and I promise I’ll never write another A/B/O fic again. Everything I know about the Omegaverse, I picked up from fics I’ve read and from the A/B/O Wikipedia page. The core idea stuck with me and it wasn’t until I read a wonderful fic by @sherrybaby14 that I became inspired. And I’d really like to thank @ursulaismymiddlename for answering my Omegaverse questions and having confidence in me that this doesn’t, in fact, suck.

Angst. Smut. Feels. Some fluff if you squint.

“Ok, sweetheart. You’re cut off.” The bartender tapped Cherry’s head where it lay on the bar.
“I’m not drunk, Larry. You just activated the spin cycle on the bar.”
He chuckled. “Oh lord. Cherry, go out to the beer garden and get some air before you throw up.”
“Yes, Larry.”
“Want me to call him?” She groaned and pouted, slumping her shoulders back like a toddler in a tantrum as she trudged out to the low lit beer garden. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Larry picked up her phone from where it lay by her purse as he moved them both behind the bar. “What’s your unlock code!”
“His fucking birthday, Christ, girl.” The burly bartender unlocked her phone and thumbed up the ICE contacts and dialed ‘Captain Stevie Bear’.
“What’s up, firecracker? How’s the date going?”
“Not so good by the state of her.”
Steve sighed down the line. “Who is this? Where is she? And is she alright?”
“This is Larry, bartender at the Steel Horse and I’m wondering why you didn’t recognize my voice. I’m hurt, Captain Rogers.” Steve chuckled. “She’s alright, I guess. Definitely drunk off her ass.”
Steve grunted. “I’ll be right there. Don’t let her leave.”
“Wouldn’t think of it, sir.” Larry ended the call and tucked the phone in her purse and waited for Captain America to come to Cherry Bomb’s rescue.

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Voltron headcanons - disability

- Ok, we know Shiro has PTSD and a prosthetic hand, but if you asked him whether he IDed as disabled, he would say no and then he would say yes, but he would be thinking of the PTSD.  Most of what actually causes a problem with the hand thing is the PTSD, not the impairment, and since he has a working hand and it just doesn’t happen to be his, he’s not sure that counts.

- Pidge was diagnosed with Bipolar II as a kid, but also has undiagnosed ADHD.  She’s looked up to Carrie Fisher since she got her diagnosis and is gonna be gutted when she finds out Carrie’s gone.  Fun ADHD fact!  Women and girls tend to have slightly different symptoms than men and boys, and their ADHD tends to manifest more in struggles at home than at school or work.  Like many disorders that are strongly associated with men, women tend to be under-diagnosed and are often diagnosed later in life than their male counterparts!  Oh wait.  That’s not fun.

- Lance has ADHD and dyslexia. Both were diagnosed early and he’s always had a support system in place to help.  Hunk already has a habit of reading for him or correcting him when he misreads, and he’s had an effective medication regime for the ADHD for years.  He had his meds on him when he left earth, so just before he ran out he went to Coran to ask if he could somehow make or find more.  It turned into a whole thing, and Lance had to explain ADHD and then Coran said, “Oh, yeah, that could be connected to some of the things I noticed in your brain scan.  I thought that was just a normal human variation, ‘cause Pidge has got ‘em too.”  Cue record-scratch moment.  

- Post record-scratch moment, Pidge is not about to monkey around with her brain trying to take Lance’s ADHD meds, ‘cause she tries not to poke her bipolar, but it helps having Lance around to talk to as she processes learning more about herself and decides that yeah, she probably does have ADHD.  It’s also good to know that Coran is open to trying to get them medications.

- Hunk has Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  His parents don’t believe in psychotropic medications, but were otherwise super supportive of him, so he had a lot of talk therapy and CBT as a kid and has a lot of coping strategies like baking and yoga and has typically always exercised regularly.  He’s also color blind, which in his opinion doesn’t count.  He’d red-green colorblind and mostly functions just fine, thanks.  He’s super glad that Yellow is so big and Green is so small, though, because that definitely cuts down on the confusion.

- Keith is on the spectrum.  Technically, his diagnosis is probably still Aspberger’s, at least on his paperwork, because he hasn’t been to a doctor for a while.  Here’s where things get sad; his birth family was super supportive and loving, but several of his foster parents were very stifling and controlling. His most natural stims were handwringing and rocking, but he had a foster family that would punish him for both and now suppressing those impulses is such a reflexive thing that he often doesn’t even realize that’s why he’s so stressed out and upset.  He’s developed a habit of curling his toes super tightly inside his shoes so that he doesn’t rock, because nobody can see that he’s doing it.  This also makes him reluctant to take his shoes off around other people, because then he’s even more restricted. He’s mostly gotten past his childhood clumsiness through all his sword training, and he’s learned how to make retreating to his room when he feels overstimulated look like just being a loner.

- The most surprising thing about his new team is that when he literally can’t repress those parts of himself any more and his autistic traits start bursting out, they’re actually?? supportive??  Hunk is, understandably, freaked out when he comes to tell Keith dinner is ready and finds him in his room, rocking frantically, but Hunk won’t let him apologize or act guilty or talk bad about himself?  People keep telling him it’s ok?  He absentmindedly wrings his hands and no one slaps them apart?  He accidentally rambles about sword construction for literally an hour and a half without stopping and Shiro just?? listens?? without getting annoyed/mad??  His friends get very upset every time they realize they’ve surprised him by not being shitty, and he gets lots of hugs, if he’s in a hugging mood.

- Allura has the Altean equivalent of diabetes.  Her body just doesn’t always process sugars well.  It’s well-managed, but Coran’s known her her whole life, including back when it wasn’t, so part of why he overreacts to her getting sick sometimes and has a hard time letting anyone else be in charge of cooking is that he doesn’t want her to get out of balance.  She’s also at risk for several chronic illnesses that run in her family, so she and Coran are mostly just very attentive about her health.  Well, Coran is.  Allura has Life To Live and won’t let a little total exhaustion get in her way.

- Coran had a severe speech impediment as a kid and every once in a while, when he’s very tired, it comes back in spite of all those years of Altean speech therapy.  Allura can usually understand him anyway.

acidwaste  asked:

AAAAAA You know that request I made before with the bots being told by their bot s/o everything they love about them with lil' smooches between each appraisal? Could you please do that again but with MTMTE FortMax, Swerve and Skids, TFP Starscream and Bumblebee? Thank you!

I REMEMBER I WAS HOPING YOU’D RETURN WITH A PART 2 FOR THAT REQUEST (also sorry for any misspellings or grammatical errors in this, I was just about to leave the house when I wrote this and I didn’t have time to check it over!) 

Fortress Maximus MTMTE

He certainly enjoys affection, but he’s used to it in small doses. So when you started telling him everything you loved about him, following up each statement with kisses and gentle touches, he doesn’t really know how to react. His posture is stiff and his expression looks moderately concerned, so you assume something is wrong and stop. He instantly feels bad, explaining that you didn’t do anything wrong, he just has no idea how to handle that sort of thing (especially when it comes unexpectedly). Even though he’s nervous about it, now that he’s had a little warning, he wouldn’t mind at all if you kept going 

Swerve MTMTE

He almost dropped the glass he was cleaning when you leaned on the bar and asked ‘do you know how beautiful you are?’. He stammered, not really knowing how to reply or where that question had come from, but you cut him off by saying ‘because wow, you really are’. He was even more confused when you kept going, stating all the little things about him you adored, and reaching over the bar to take his hand and give it a kiss. His knees were shaking a bit by this point, but his smile and the way he laughed like he was out of breath gave away how much he was enjoying the attention. He was pretty sure he melted into a puddle when you cupped his face and kissed him, and the fact that he actually believed what you were saying shocked him. For once he actually felt important and loved 


He thought you were teasing him at first, when you laid on top of him and asked if he knew why you loved him so much. He replied that no, he didn’t, but was surprised when you leaned forward to kiss his nose and actually start listing off reasons why you loved him. He stiffened at first, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the affectionate touches and kisses in between appraisals. If he wasn’t so insanely giddy over all the things coming out of your mouth he might have even dozed off a bit, this was the most at home he’d felt in a while. You probably won’t get to finish though, because eventually he’d interrupt to kiss you, say that you’re killing him, and if he didn’t say some things he loved about you, he might die (expect a lot of cuddles) 

Starscream TFP

He doesn’t enjoy over the top or sappy displays of affection, so you’d have to be subtle in your approach. A bit of small, genuine praise while you put a hand on his shoulder is a good start; he looks a bit suspicious but he’s not going to ask you to stop. His wings would stiffen if you touched them, but if you rubbed that one spot you knew he liked, he would relax pretty quickly. After that, you’re free to offer up as many genuine compliments as you want, he’ll soak up the attention. He won’t really return the gesture in words, but he will give your hand a squeeze afterwards and smile as best he can (even his genuine smiles look a bit awkward) 

Bumblebee TFP

He didn’t expect his casual ‘I love you’ to get this much affection in return, but he’s not complaining! He gets a bit giggly when you kiss him, and can’t help but hug you while you’re talking. You definitely won’t be able to finish because he also can’t help but nuzzle his face against yours (he doesn’t have a mouth so) and pick you into a tight hug (the spin you around kind, the absolute best hug). After he sets you down, he’s already going on about all the things he loves about you too. Definitely expect cuddles later!

anonymous asked:

what's the difference between tae/kook and Ji/kook? I'm new to the fandom, and I've seen both of these pairings, and a lot of people say stuff like "they're more real" and stuff. I noticed that tae/kook is more popular, but I think i probably like ji/kook more. But...what makes them different, as in what makes the other more real??

I answered a similar ask here

First of all, welcome to the fandom! I hope you’re loving BTS and ARMYs are kind to you :)

It’s all just based on your personal preference to be honest. I, personally, see a jikook moment and think that it’s way more tension-filled and boyfriendy than when I see a tae/kook moment. But some people see th eopposite. For me, and most jikook shippers, jimin and jungkook have blatantly obvious sexual and romantic tension (ie. the many stares, the subtle touches, and use of informal speaking). They have this certain mood that surrounds them when they are alone or with others, one that makes you just go “oh, they’re dating.” 

I’m not going to say one ship has more real moments, becuase every ship does. There have been plenty of tae/kook moments that have made me squeal. But one major factor for me is that tae/kook seems like best friends, not boyfriends. When I see a tae/kook moment, the tension, the mood, none of that is there. I don’t sit there and contemplate if they could or could not be real because I don’t get that feeling from them. 

I mean, personally, I think some pretty nice jikook moments that kind of are more wow than tk moments are ones like: 

-the stares: jimin and jungkook have this thing where they always manage to make eye contact, or they stare at the other one for an extended amount of time. jimin and jungkook are always looking at each other, and those stares are usually accompanied by small smiles and lowkey blushes. And not to be that person, but a lot of the time I can see the sparkle and love in their eyes as they stare at the other person.

-the fact that they speak informally: satellite-jeon made a really good analysis to this once before, and since she speaks korean, it just makes it that more 🤔 A lot of the time, especially recently, jikook talk to each other in informal speech, which isn’t common between a hyung and dongsaeng unless they’re like… partners. All of BTS said jungkook could speak imformally, but he refused. He only speaks imformally with Jimin, showing how jk thinks of jm as his equal (further shown when he made both their actual ages 21) and he thinks of jm as closer than just his hyung. this is also why jk usually doesn’t say “jimin hyung” and instead says “jimin-ah” or just jimin. Because he is comfortable and feels close enough with jm to do that. 

-how often they are alone: jk and jm have gone off on their own A LOT. they did it for jk’s birthday in 2016. they did it during bon voyage. in hawaii. and now (rumored) in las vegas. and they are all nighter friends. they often have twitter videos together where they are obviously alone as well. these two spend a lot of outside time together that they don’t technically need to do. Not to say other members don’t but like…. jikook makes it known lmao. 

-the subtle touches: jikook touch each other frequently, like a lot. and ik skinship is common in korea, but again, satellite-jeon made a post about how skinship that jikook have isnt common between hyung and dongsaengs. like older ppl in korea rarely let those younger than them touch them that way. it’s not very common unless the two are again, partners. 

Originally posted by missbaptan

There’s a lot more honestly, but I’m distracted by the bbmas rn lololol. 

theartofdreaming1  asked:

Hey, I had a random idea that could work as a prompt: AU meet-cute (because I'm a sucker for these) - Jake and Amy are seated next to each other on a flight and Amy is super uncomfortable/ close to freaking out (maybe because of her claustrophobia?) and Jake helps her calm down and they spend the rest of the flight talking? I dunno; random idea is random ^^;

I’M HYPERVENTILATIGN This prompt didn’t just… kill me it leapt off my screen and punched me in the face!! In the best way possible ofc

also I’m lowkey in the mood for this bc I’m travelling so much over the next couple weeks!! I loooovvvveeeee it ok I won’t waste time let’s just jump into it:

It’s at around 7:18pm, sat in the airport lounge waiting for her flight, that Amy Santiago figures out that she is most likely receiving a death glare from the woman sat opposite because she hasn’t stopped tapping her fingernails against her passport for the last ten minutes.

As soon as this realisation hits her she snaps out of it, immediately feeling the odd hollowness created by the absence of her nervous tick.

It’s not her fault. Flying is and always has been one of her worst fears- though nowadays, she’s mostly been able to subdue the anxiety for the sake of adult life, childhood nightmares of falling from the sky long behind her, sometimes it simply gets the better of her.

This, by all accounts, would be one of those times.

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jamiefoong97  asked:

Hi again. Thank you so much for the rules. It was very hepful. Could I request headcanons for team primes reactions when they accidentally tumble upon shy human crush reader ( without the reader knowing ) rehearsing to confess to them?

This is so precious!!!  ^___^

Optimus Prime:  He stumbles upon you confessing your love to him in front of a mirror quite by accident.  He’s surprised at first, but can’t resist the urge to take a quick peek inside your room.  He’s very quiet as he listens to your shy, fumbling confession, a small smile blooming across his face plate.  He doesn’t stay for very long.  He knows it would be rude to eavesdrop on such a private moment, but surely a moment or two longer couldn’t hurt?  He softly shakes his head with a gentle smile as he quietly glides past your door unnoticed. He won’t speak a word of it to you later, for fear of embarrassing you.  However, he does appear to be just the tiniest bit more affectionate towards you after that.

Ratchet:  He’s initially curious when he hears what sounds like some sort of love confession coming from inside your room.  His curiosity quickly turns to shock when he hears his name being spoken.  His faceplate flushes bright blue as he listens to your awkward words of affection.  He’s not sure what to think.  Surely he’s too old and too worn down for someone as bright and lovely as you?  Surely you’d be much better off with someone like Bumblebee or Smokescreen?  He respects your privacy however, and quietly excuses himself without being seen.  The next time you see him you notice how flustered he seems to act whenever you’re around and that his snarky remarks don’t seem to hold the bite they once did.

Bumblebee:  He tries so hard to be quiet, bless him.  But when he hears you admit your feelings for him, he can’t help but let out a soft exclamation of surprise.  You whirl around in alarm and embarrassment to see him hovering awkwardly in the doorway, with a bright blush across his cheeks.  It’s hard to say which of you is more mortified by the situation.  You bury your face in your hands, wishing that the floor would open up underneath your feet, while Bumblebee frantically tries to reassure you.  No, no! Please!  You don’t have to be embarrassed!  Really! It’s, uh, actually kind of a relief to know you feel that way!  He sort of, uh, feels the same way, actually.  Oh, gosh!  He’s sorry!  He didn’t mean to barge in on you like that!  But, um, maybe, if you wouldn’t mind…  Would you like to go for a drive with him later?

Arcee:   Her first instinct is to freeze the moment her name leaves your mouth.  She stands there frozen in shock, pressed against the wall outside.  She starts to panic internally.  Not this again, she thinks.  She’s already lost too many loved ones in this stupid war.  She can’t afford to let herself get hurt again.  Loosing you would break her spark.  She’ll just have nip this in the bud before it turns into something dangerous. She can’t afford to let herself fall for that sweet smile of yours, or the way your eyes light up when you talk about your passions, or the way the sunlight plays off your hair like… oh, frag… You don’t see her around base for much of the day after that, but when she finally approaches you it’s with just the faintest hint of a flirtatious smirk.  

Bulkhead:  He’s so flustered.  Help him! He’s so surprised to hear you confessing your love for him that he ends up tripping over whatever’s in his path and creating the loudest, most awkward crash in all of history.  You’re incredibly embarrassed at being caught, but are more concerned for the big mech who has somehow hopelessly tangled himself in a mess of spare wires and cables.  After a good deal of tugging on your part, and a lot of apologetic babbling on him, you eventually get him unstuck.  You both are blushing hard, too shy to really say anything to one another, shuffling your feet and chuckling nervously when you make eye contact. Eventually Bulkhead manages to steel himself up somewhat.  “So, you, uh… You want to go dune bashing with me this weekend?”

Wheeljack:  He’s half surprised and half amused by your shy, rehearsed confession.  Primus, you’re just about the cutest thing he’s ever seen! He leans against the wall just out of sight and listens in with a playful smirk on his face.  He knows he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but hey!  This has to do with him, doesn’t it?  It’s not like he’s listening in on anything that isn’t any of his business.  Depending on what kind of mood he’s in, he might try to draw attention to himself and pretend to have just arrived.  He’ll offer you a wink and his most charming smile, the kind that makes your knees weak and your face burn tomato red.  He then asks if you’d like to go for a ride in the Jackhammer with him to watch the sunset.

Smokescreen:  He’s not stealthy.  Like, at all. He’d probably last all of two minutes before he lost his balance while listening in and crashed into your room. He tries to play it cool and fails spectacularly, babbling something about wanting to ask you something and suddenly just remembering that he had an important mission to take care of starting now, so um, bye!  He’s burning rubber around the corner before you can even ask him  what the question was.  You become very despondent, thinking that you’ve just blown your chance, that is until later when you come back to your room to find a large, slightly messy bouquet of wildflowers sitting beside your bed.

Ultra Magnus:  He’s drawn to your room by what sounds like a conversation.  All base members should already be accounted for.  Do you have someone else in there with you?  This is highly irregular!  New arrivals need to be properly processed before-  …Oh…  He’s left frozen in absolute shock as he listens to you pour you heart out about him. His face turns bright blue.  He had no idea you felt that way about him. Maybe his affections for you aren’t as hopeless as he originally thought?  Unfortunately, being such a big bot, he’s pretty hard to miss.  You gasp and whirl around to face him, your cheeks burning crimson.  He stands there awkwardly for almost a solid minute, too mortified to speak.  “I’m sorry, I- I have to go now,” he finally stammers before nearly bolting from the room.  It takes him a long time to compose himself enough to ask you out on a proper date after that.

Thiam headcanons p1

My amazing wife requested some more headcanons and gave me some adorable questions so here we go.

1. Who slowly eases into the pool while complaining about the temperature and who takes a full force no regrets cannonball into the water?

Theo eases in. It’s not that it’s too cold or anything, not that It isn’t a bit cold, but well, he just doesn’t really like swimming. He’d seen enough people trapped in tubes filled with water to get nervous at the idea of being fully submerged and watching your sister die in a river, even if he’d let it happen, had a way of staying with you. He of course doesn’t tell Liam this, just complains bitterly about the temperature and tries to shut up the stupid part of his brain waiting for his sisters hand to claw up out of the water and drag him under.

Liam has no problems with water, he’ll wait until Theo’s almost in and then cannonball close enough that the splash will coat Theo in an icy spray of water. Theo’s reservations about water are usually forgotten at that point as he tries to catch Liam to drown his annoying ass.

2. Who likes total darkness when they sleep and who needs a night light?

Theo can sleep no matter the amount of light. He’s slept beneath flood lights before happily he just prefers the darkness. Being a chimera he knows he has good eyesight, even in the dark so it makes sense, if anything tries to attack him that can’t see well in the dark he’ll have the advantage and if anything attacks him that can see him in the dark, well, he would still have just as much chance seeing them in the dark as he would if the room was light up like a christmas tree.

Liam however needs a night light, will refuse to even attempt to settle down to sleep if he hasn’t got some light coming into the room. He got into the habbit of it when the beserkers were around and even once they were gone he couldn’t bring himself to sleep in the dark.

3. Who plays games competitively and sucks at them and who plays games casually and is actually really heckin good?

Theo is both, despite his best efforts cannot for the life of him beat Liam at Mario kart. He tries, he tried so hard he once broke the controller, and the tv, and a wall when he lost and punched it but still Liam is too good. Strategy games, Theo can play casually and win in a heart beat. If they play monopoly or risk at the pack meetings Theo will win every time, he’ll also spend most of the game texting each and every other person telling them they’ll loose. Liam doesn’t like loosing but he’ll work hard to win. He’ll sit reading up on game tips and strategies and then watch in horror as Theo crushes him every time. One day though. One day he’s going to kick Theo’s ass at monopoly and until then he can just keep playing rainbow road and watching with glee as Theo fails horribly.

4. How would they spend time on a rainy day?

Generally they’ll just put on a movie or play on Liam’s consoles. Sitting round in their sweatpants and lounging about. Theo will use the close proximity of being wrapped in blankets to steal more than a few kisses.

More often than not rainy days will end up with them back in bed Theo far too pleased with himself as he sucks marks onto Liam’s neck.

5. Ugly argument: how did it start and how did it get resolved?

Everyone expects the first big argument they have as a couple to start with Theo screwing up, not that he can really blame them for that but it’s actually Liam. Well, it’s both of them in a way. But More Liam. At least, that’s what Theo will say.

Kira was due to come back from the skinwalkers. Theo hadn’t seen her since she stabbed her katana into the ground and trapped him with his dead sister so when people start talking about how she’ll need her sword back he gets a bit on edge. He’s not the easiest person to deal with on his best days so the fact that Liam actually dealt with a full week of Theo in a terrible mood is pretty impressive.

What wasn’t impressive was the argument that came when Liam finally snapped at Theo either avoiding him and the pack or being a true douchebag to him and the pack. Theo threatened to leave. Liam talked about letting Kira put him back in the ground.

To Theo’s surprise it’s Malia who stops him from hightailing out of town in a fit or rage. He’s still pissed she slashed his tires to keep him. They’re still not talking three days later when Kira arrives in beacon hills. Theo has a panic attack when Kira puts the sword back together. After that he kinda has to talk to Liam because Liam won’t leave him alone and then everything comes out. Real conversations and awkward apology’s for everything that had happened in the first few months of them knowing each other.

It ends in what Theo considers an embarrassingly intimate round of sex. There are whispered words that Theo tries to pretend he wants to forget but really. He loves it. And Loves Liam, even if both of them need to work on their anger, and communication.