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Can I have a scenario where the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers attend the school dance party with Yui. They start fighting over her until one of them realises that Yui has agreed to dance with another guy who is not them? Is that possible???

-They all got here and soon as they step in a fight broke out-


Kou: “I believe that M neko chan should dance with me.”

Subaru: “Hah dance with you!? She shouldn’t dance with the like of idol cow!!!”

Ruki: “Behave Kou.”

*Everyone notice she was dancing with a different guy*

Yuma: “Oi hand off of Sow!”

Reiji: “I didn’t give you permission to dance with him Yui.”


Azusa: “……Why is it him she get to dance with….”

Laito: “Bitch chan that no fair.”

Shu: “Zzzzzz” *sleeping in back corner*

More than a friend

Long ass fluff n’ smut

“Really Minho? Football?”

You questioned, rolling your eyes as you took notice of what was on the TV screen. All he seemed to watch was sports and you were tired of it; he’d never let you switch the channel.

“It’s Manchester United! And they’re winning, 3-1.”

He said between munches of popcorn, his legs sprawled out on the sofa. You were thankful to live with once of your close friends, a hot close friend as well but you detested sports and you couldn’t give a damn who was winning. With a smirk, you leaned over the sofa and snatched the TV remote right out of Minho’s hand.

“Thank you.”

You smirked as you began flicking through the channels, deciding what you wanted to watch. “Hey! Give me that back!” Minho jumped off the sofa and tried to grab the remote from you, making you laugh as he couldn’t move fast enough.

“Nope! My turn today.”

You ran in to Minho’s room and dived on his bed before putting the remote up your top. You barely ever went in Minho’s room, afraid you’d find something you didn’t want to see but it was the room closest to you.

“Hah! What are you gonna do now Minho?!”

You asked in a cocky tone, knowing he wasn’t going to put his hands up your shirt. Like a baby, Minho pouted. That made had the cutest face ever.  

“Come on (Y/N), give it back please.”

Whilst you were giggling, you noticed a pile of photographs on Minho’s desk. The one on the front was a picture of you and he when you went to the fun fair together and he won you a huge white teddy.

“What are those?”

You asked curiously, raising your eyebrow at them.


Minho hissed under his breath before sprinting to them and grabbing them.


He cried suspiciously.

“Minho, show me.”

You reached under your shirt and threw the TV remote on the bed, not caring anymore; you wanted to see the photos.You wanted to know why he was hiding them from you. From the bed, you got up and tried snatching them from his hands; it was your turn to be teased.


You begged, jumping up with your arms in the air trying to reach them; he was too tall. Suddenly, the evil idea of using his weakness came in to your mind. Minho was incredibly ticklish. Like a tiger pouncing for his prey, you went straight for the sides of his stomach, tickling him like crazy.

“No! No that’s not fair!”

He fell back on the bed, rolling around with the photos still in his hand, laughing loud with his eyes closed like a maniac. You couldn’t help but laugh at his helplessness.

“Ah hah!”

You finally took the photos from his grasp. Minho tried to grab them back anxiously, but, before he could, you’d already seen most of them. It was like time had paused; your heart started pounding as things began to make sense. In the background, you could hear Minho panting heavily, watching you gaze at the pictures: one of you blowing the candles on the cake out on your birthday, Minho giving you a piggy back on a drunken night out because your high heels were killing you, you passed out on the sofa with a penis drawn on your head, when he held your hand ice skating because you could barely stand up, a selfie of the two of you when you’d just moved in together. Minho looked so happy, beaming even, in all of them. Turning around to Minho, he was gazing at you wide eyed, nervous about you seeing the pictures.

“Those are my favourite…”

He uttered quietly.

“Oh Minho.”

You sighed, putting the pictures down on his bed side table, your palms getting sweaty. He’d liked you and you’d liked him for all that time and now it was all becoming real. Not knowing what to say, you bit your lip, hoping he’d break the silence.

“I guess…I like you. I don’t want things to be awkward between us though. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I mean it would be great if you did but…”

You stopped his rambling by crushing your lips hard against his. Kissing him, it was like everything just fell in to place. His lips were the only lips that ever felt right on yours. When you pulled away, you gently rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes and letting the atmosphere consume you.

“I like you too.”

You confessed and it felt so good to say it. Minho let out a deep breath, as if he’d been holding it the whole time.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He asked softly, his hands resting delicately on your hips.

“I didn’t think you’d ever look at me that way.”

You explained, thinking that Minho would only go for perfect models who were in the public eye. Looking over at the pictures, you noticed that Minho was looking at you like you were his world, his sweet brown eyes twinkling so beautifully.

“You’ve never just been a friend to me. You’re not like other’re so funny, so gentle and loving and perfect ”

His smooth hands went up to your face and his fingers caressed your cheeks that were pink from blushing  tenderly. You nuzzled in to his touch and hummed in bliss; his hands felt so calming.  

Slowly, Minho inched closer, gazing in to your eyes before kissing you once more. The kiss was deep, increasing with intensity as your senses went in to overload. Years’ worth of wanting each other caught up on you and it hit you hard in between your legs. As you kissed, your tongue’s dancing with each other’s, you began to subconsciously grind on Minho’s lap, making him moan. The feel of his hard on growing beneath you turned you on to the point where you clutched chunks of his dark hair; needing to hold on to something. Quietly, in the background, you heard cheering coming from the TV; the play fight from earlier was briskly forgotten.

“I think Manchester just scored.”

You uttered against Minho’s luscious lips. He grinned, making your palms sweat from the heat you felt for him.

“Who cares?”

He replied before throwing you down on the bed and crawling on top of you, making you giggle. Butterflies crashed and fluttered in your tummy when you looked at his beautiful face, his toned physique. Everything about him you adored. Securing his body, you wrapped your legs seductively around his back, anchoring him in. He seemed to like it as you felt his cock in his jeans getting even harder, getting more aroused when you rubbed your crotch against his. As you kissed, you couldn’t help but grab his hot ass which was something you’d always wanted to do. That morning, you’d have never imagined you’d be finishing the night with Minho’s hard on sticking against your pussy. The sounds of your moaning and panting filled the apartment, blocking out the sound of the television in the background. Minho’s focus was completely on you. Willingly, you let him ease your shirt over your head, revealing your lacy baby pink bra. Under Minho’s gaze, you felt so innocent. His eyes fell upon your cleavage and he looked spellbound, making you blush madly. Minho placed soft kisses on your revealed skin, giving you goosebumps; you bit your lip in anticipation for his next move.  

“You’re so gorgeous (Y/N). How could you ever think I don’t want you?”

You didn’t have much time to reply to him as his fingers pulled down the cups of your bra so your nipples were on show. Within seconds, he was rolling his tongue so lustfully around your nipples; it felt so divine. You groaned deeply, dying for more, gripping the bed sheets.

“Oh Minho, that feels good!”

You panted, your chest rapidly rising and falling. You wanted some clothes off Minho too. You’d seen Minho topless before but you’d always secretly wanted to run your fingertips down his muscular stomach. From beneath him, you got up and quickly unfastened your bra. Closely, Minho watched as your breasts were freed properly. You saw him lick his lips in desire like a tiger hunting a deer, primal and ready. With hungry eyes, he lifted his arms up, allowing you to remove his shirt. Immediately, you wanted to run your tongue all over his torso. He looked more delicious than a chocolate fudge sundae; no doubt, he tasted more delicious too. His groans was such a turn on; you listened to them as you nibbled at his masculine neck, then, teasing him, you placed kisses down his body, following his happy trail until you reached his jeans.

Minho kissed the top of your head while you got to work on unbuttoning his jeans. The sound of the zipper going down would always replay in your mind as an important sound that changed everything. Your heart pounded as you pulled his jeans from his legs and threw them on the floor. The hard on Minho had was so obvious; it was causing a huge tent in his sleek black boxer shorts; you couldn’t seem to take your eyes off it. Suddenly, Minho pounced on you like a wild cat and stole your lips, kissing them so much that they were beginning to swell in the best way possible. Whilst your hands roamed in his hair, his hands gripped the waist band of your skinny jeans and desperately, he began to yank them off your body. The heat between you was becoming unbearable as you both wanted to throw yourselves at each other and give everything you had. Through the blossoming friendship, your feelings had turned in to something much deeper; he wasn’t the funny football nerd that he was when you first became friends, he was this beautiful, sexy, talented specimen that you wanted to ravish and hold all night long. There was something so magic about being completely nude under him as he slipped your delicate panties off and held you close against his warm body. Minho’s soft fingertips traced the curves of your hips, making you tremble, your pussy dampen even more, craving his manhood and wanting to be taken care of.


You begged, not sure what you were begging for but you wanted something so badly, feeling out of control as his hand glided in between your legs. As soon as his fingers rubbed against clit, you let out the loudest cry.


You called again. Minho’s lips found yours but you couldn’t focus on his lips, only the incredible pleasure he was giving you by sliding two of his fingers inside you. You welcomed them easily, getting so wet; you’d never been so aroused before.

“I’ve dreamed about this for so long…taking your tight pussy and making you mine. Is that what you want?”

He asked, panting heavily against your neck, his warm breath tickling your earlobe. Speaking felt impossible with his fingers dominating your pussy, moving in and out, causing a storm; you could only moan, digging your finger nails in to his back.

“Tell me (Y/N). I need to hear you say it.”


You cried, not knowing if it was your answer or telling him that his fingers felt damn good. You felt empty when he took his fingers out but he was preparing for something so much better. You watched, your eyes burning with lust, your body white hot as he pulled his boxers down, revealing his glorious cock. Your mouth began to water, hungry for it. It was so hard and ready to take over you. Like a mysterious panther in a jungle, he crawled between your thighs. You could already feel the head of his dick rub between your glistening folds, driving you crazy. By the way Minho was panting heavily with tiny drops of sweat on his forehead, you could tell he wanted to make love as much as you did but still, he was sweet as a lollipop and placed his hand lovingly on your cheek. He looked directly in to your eyes, making your heart skip a beat and said

“Tell me if you’re okay with this princess. I need to know if this is really what you want.”

The way he was so gentle like a cuddly teddy bear yet dominant made you want to pin him against the wall and kiss him until his lips throbbed.

“I want this Minho. I promise you. Can’t you tell?”

You looked down at Minho’s cock, already slick with your juices which made him chuckle. As Minho positioned himself, you wrapped your legs around his waist once more so he could go deeper. Roughly, he thrust his huge manhood inside you.


You cried out in pleasure.  Instantly, you could feel your pussy gripping him. He let out a manly, deep groan, stating he liked the feeling too. Flexing his stunning muscles, he gripped the headboard and used it to keep him stable as he made love so hard and passionately to you. His brown eyes turned in to pools of blackness as he lost himself, delving in to the world of raw sexuality. You didn’t care about the vulnerability, your nakedness, you wanted him to own you completely in every way possible.

One Month Later

“Minho! You know how much I hate football damn it!”

You jumped repeatedly up and down, waving your hands in the air like a lunatic trying to grab the TV remote. He laughed uncontrollably. Oh, how his laugh made your heart melt like chocolate.

“Do you remember the last time you teased me over the remote?”

You questioned, smirking, knowing that would get him thinking. He rubbed his chin curiously.

“I believe you became my girlfriend.”

Slowly, he leaned in closer to you, giving your spine tingle, and whispered

“and I fucked you really hard”.

With a grin on his face, he knew he’d started something which would end with you both finishing.

“Fuck the fucking football.”

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: I Think…
Pairing: Oturi
Word Count: About 1200
Summary: Some teasing, some wrestling, some drunken confessions, some sober ones.
A/N: For one of my favorite people on the planet. Happy birthday, @limitlessmonster. I still maintain that Oturi is the purrfect, pure ship and I might’ve watched The Man From Uncle when I was supposed to be working and was inspired by a scene. :D I hope your day is everything you want it to be and more. You deserve only the best. Ly, asshat. Happy Born Day!

On A03.


Otabek glances up as Yuri plops down on the couch to his right, throwing his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. When he notices Otabek’s reprimanding frown he sighs and lets them slide to the floor. It is a hotel room, after all. Not his coffee table. 

"No, thank you,” Otabek replies, nodding his acknowledgment of the gesture. 

“Hah?” Yuri twists off the cap to the bottle of vodka and generously fills his glass and the one beside it. “Come on. Don’t tell me you’re gonna shit out on me cause of the competition." 

"That’s exactly what I’m doing." 

"Tch,” Yuri downs his glass in a single gulp and reaches for the bottle to pour another. 

“You are a lightweight." 

"I’m Russian." 

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i check for updates at this hour every single day hah! im a trash for them three. but really will jm ever get someone to fancy her?? i mean why wont anyone notice how amazing she is!!!!!!!!! anyway idm a teeny spoiler, from where you stopped, is there a love interest for our jm?

the only reason i’ll accept is that no one fancies her because they know she’s out of their league and only the most perfect should have the privilege of approaching her LMAO

and i’m gonna answer with the vaguest spoiler but… somewhat? i would say there is kinda but it depends on the reader


im really proud of me right now ok shh ahrhuhgh

i plan on doing more aw yeah this was sort of just a ‘do i even really know how to lipsynch’ sort of practice…i think it was relatively successful all things considered hhh/// SORRY ITS ONLY LIKE 3 SECONDS LONG LAFFS..

audio taken with permission from heerrree B] TYTYTY to fadeintocase because he’s p rad and runs that blog and said 'gopher it’ when i had indirectly asked for permission.  hah..puns.

so yEA..expect more maybe B] theres a really long one i want to do but i think i should practice more before i tackle that one hwehhh..

my more cynical take on valentine’s day for us loners…or if you just want to jam out

lonely boy - the black keys

can you tell - ra ra riot

a time to be so small - interpol

the oh so protective one - girls

blinding - florence + the machine

on melancholy hill - gorillaz

to kingdom come - passion pit

dissolve me - alt-j

i don’t know how to love - the drums

unattainable - little joy

punching in a dream - the naked and famous

beggars - bombay bicycle club

dance dance dance - lykke li

yet again - grizzly bear


Creepypasta #787: Let’s Get The Awkward Question Out Of The Way

Length: Super long

… hey


Let’s get the awkward question out of the way first, shall we?

Err, yeah, I guess…

What’re you in here for?

A crime I didn’t commit…

Hah! That’s what they all say, right?

I don’t know. I just got here.



Murder. That’s what I’m here for. Murder.


Yeah, stone-cold fucking murder.

Shit, I err…

That must make you a murderer, too, if they’ve gone and put you in here with me!

Well… sir… with respect I didn’t do anything. They didn’t catch the guy and I was the only one around.

Alright, fella. I hear you. You “didn’t do it”. I understand that.

So who didn’t you kill?

I don’t think… I don’t think I want to discuss it with you… if you don’t mind… sorry…

Hah! Alright. We got plenty of time together anyway to discuss it. Could be useful, talking about it, you know?

I don’t think so.


Well what?

Aren’t you gonna ask me who I killed?

Well, I don’t think it’s any of my-

My whore wife.

… business…

My whore wife. Fucking bitch. Caught her with another man. Came home from work early, opened the door and noticed some prick’s boots by the door. ‘course I didn’t yell or any of that shit - didn’t wanna give her time to react and make up stories. Just went upstairs, heard all I needed to hear, and waited in the bathroom.

… please I really don’t want to hear this. I just got here and I-

I stood in the bath behind the curtain. I waited and waited and waited.


Shut up! If you’re gonna be with me you’d better get fucking used to it!

I just-

I was in the bath. After about an hour he left. Southern accent. Said he’d see her in the office. Wife’s a lawyer.

A lawyer?

Yeah, a lawyer. Fucking property or some shit, I dunno. Who gives a shit? She’s a dead fucking lawyer now.

I just…

Save me your stupid questions, yeah?


So she obviously needs to piss at some point, right? I don’t have to wait long after he’s gone. I hate waiting. I’m an impulsive guy, y'know? I don’t think - I just do. So she comes in. I let her piss. Give her the satisfaction of knowing she didn’t piss herself as she dies. She flushes. As the cistern fills up and the tap’s running, I pull the curtain back and step out. Her reactions were quick, but not quick enough. A quick slam in to the mirror, yank her back by the hair, in to the bath. She kicks her feet but she can’t do shit in the bath. She looked real fucking stupid. She knew she’d been caught. I still remember the panic in her eyes - a stare right through my gaze, looking for something inside me. “Please, please”, she said, “Please don’t”.

This is too much, please…

I grabbed her throat as hard as I could and didn’t stop squeezing. Her eyes bulged and everything went red… No last words… Not even a last breath.

For fuck sake! Stop!

Hit a nerve?

This is bullshit… this is crazy… someone’s having me on…

No one’s having you on. This is reality! People do stupid shit and people fucking die. Whores die.

No, not… fucking hell.

Jesus, man, I dunno why you’re all wound up.

I… I…

Spill it. Speak!

My wife was a lawyer. The story cut too close to the bone.

Oh, she’s a lawyer, huh? Who gives a shit?


So she’s a lawyer, and you know what you are? A pussy.

Excuse me?

A PUSSY. A fucking pussy. Listen to yourself. All please this, please that, don’t do this, I won’t like it. Wah wah wah! Fucking cry-baby. So you killed your fucking wife.


You said your wife was a lawyer.


So you killed her.

No, I told you they didn’t catch the guy. I would never hurt my wife.

Everyone says that, until one day you catch them fucking some other bloke.

She wouldn’t…

Why wouldn’t she? Married to a pussy like you. You’d probably forgive her. Accept her stories. Take her back. No! What you need to do is stop taking shit from people. You didn’t even tell anyone about Uncle Jack.

… w-w-what? W-who… H-how…

You are such a fucking pussy.

W-who… who are you?

You really are a worthless piece of shit. I’m you.

Credits to: VerySweatyPalms

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Drawing suggestion ; jake holding his guns as death the kid B)

already did! lmao

Anon: It is now your responsibility to give us Deer!Jake and Fox!Dirk booping noses like in that picture you showed us

I was gonna draw it but I noticed it would look almost exactly the same as another pic of them except Jake had dog ears in that one hah a