no one's ever seen you without makeup

Creepypasta #1116: I Can See Your Demons

Length: Short

It can help in social situations and it makes people watching a bit more fun, but it’s unsettling as you can imagine. The worst part is everyone has one, so I see them everywhere. Honestly, I’m just glad the demons don’t seem to realize I can see them.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I have tried to see my own demon, but I’m pretty sure it’s stuck on my back or something so using a mirror can’t really help. Not to mention they never show up in photos or videos.

Anyway, I’ve had this gift since I can remember, though fortunately my parents never took me seriously about it. The only person I’ve really opened up to is Sally, a nice little blonde girl in my 6th grade math class. She likes to hear about what the demons look like and hopes one day we can write a comic about it.

The most common one is addiction. He’s a tiny, thin little man-imp with a bulbous head and unkempt hair who twitches around a lot. He looks paranoid and whispers in the afflicted person’s ear constantly, sitting on their shoulder and wringing his seven-knuckled hands together.

Then there’s anxiety, a sort of shadow-clown who mimics someone’s steps in the most ridiculous fashion. She’s almost like one of those wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube things, if they were evil and never left you alone. I’ve learned quickly that laughing at them - as much as they can be funny at times - really hurts the person’s feelings, though it does make anxiety act even sillier.

Depression is a small little leech that sucks on the head, drooling over everything and never opening its eyes. It floats along when the person moves, never letting go. Sometimes I think I can see the tail ghosting into another dimension, as though it’s trying to pull the person away.

Eating disorder is a short, naked, hairy, fat man who walks on backwards hand-feet, staring at his victim while patting his belly and licking his lips. He moves his eyebrows around a lot, which is kind of weird, but it’s worse when he rips off his arm and eats it like his life depends on it. It grows back, but still.

Sally’s demon is abuse. I’ve seen it on others, but I haven’t told Sally - I’m sure she knows, anyway. She’s a gaunt blue fairy who flitters around with a little pouch putting makeup on Sally and herself. She always looks worried, even when she pauses to smile nervously.

Sally and I got to class a little early today and were chatting when a new classmate walked in. I couldn’t help but stare. He was the only person I’d ever seen without a demon attached. He took a seat a row or two away from us and looked straight at me, never once blinking. When I didn’t respond to one of Sally’s questions, she nudged me.

“What are you staring at?”

Credits to: Zchxz

Jumin Han Headcanons

Prolly ooc but w/e

- Okay so I see this everywhere but Jumin totally picks clothes for both of you to wear every morning and they may or may not be matching

-Jumin would let you style his hair everyday, it’s the most expensive hair product you’ve ever seen let alone touched, if someone else tried to style his hair he’d get very mad only you can do it no one else get off his ass

-I feel like there would be zero pressure to wear make up, you want a professional makeup artist to do it: consider it done, you don’t want to wear any: you’re beautiful without it, you want to do it yourself: alright love I know it’ll look fantastic

-same thing goes for styling your own hair

-also he’d dedicate a large space to whatever hobby you have, like he’d deck out a room for video gaming, or art, or a recording studio, or entire greenhouse for you, anything you want

-honestly you could buy this boy something but it wouldn’t mean half as much as something you make him

-even make him a dumbass card, he’ll cry and keep it forever, just the fact you took time out of your day not only to think about him but to make him something? Him? You love him that much? Wowzer

- he’d get over the whole owning you thing I think if you were to sit down and talk about it, like why he thinks that way, why it’s not right, ideas for better ways to treat you

That’s all for now folks you can request more headcanons for specific things or characters whenever love you

Just Breathe (Part 2 of Faking It)

Due to the popularity of Faking It (y’all know how to make a girl feel loved), and how much fun I had writing it, I decided to continue it. Here is the next installment!

Just Breathe Summary: Dean and the reader try out a new kink.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, breath play

Word Count: 3175ish

A/N: The length got away from me again, but I hope that’s a good thing. Let me know what you think! (Also, here ya go, @winchester-bait , I hope you enjoy it! @writingthingsisdifficult , I think you’ll enjoy this one too!)

“You want to what?” Dean was still half-asleep, his voice groggy and rough, but he was smiling at you. He reached over and pulled you closer, snuggling you against him in an effort to lull you back to sleep.

“I want us to make lists of things we’ve never done, then do them with each other,” you said again, not meeting his eyes. The game of Never Have I Ever, and the night of epic sex it had led to, had given you this idea, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to let it go.

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(@luvleekaotix-imagines​: special dedication of these for you, have your man.)

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Things You Only Experience in a Fashion School

It has only been a week of proper academic classes and meeting everyone who is going to IM, and I have the impression that this place would be an utter mindfuck for anyone who doesn’t have this fashion-brain-thing going on that we (they?) all do. Even I feel like I’m too rational for this sometimes and this whole place is fucking surreal. 

  1. They rarely compliment you but when they do, it’s the best thing that ever happened to you. It happened to me like three times so far. Each time felt heavenly.
  2. You see it on Tumblr, they wear it the very next day. And that also happened to me. It was actually one of my friends. I’ve seen this amazing jacket from like a probably barely-available random designer here on Tumblr one night, and the next morning she was wearing it. 
  3. You will never go to school without makeup and in your PJs again. Because everyone looks so humiliatingly gorgeous compared to you, even when you try
  4. You have the meanest thoughts about people who don’t look like they just walked out of the latest maje look book because they are just so…inappropriate. And yes I do feel bad every time the question “what is she doing in a fashion school?” pops into my mind. 
  5. Male students = unicorns. Don’t even think about straight guys. A direct consequence of this is falling in love with the first straight man you see in the building (a.k.a. the first male who doesn’t have better eyebrows than you), namely your communication & negotiation teacher.
  6. You watch The Devil Wears Prada in class. I’m not even kidding. That happened on Tuesday.  

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you claim to have dermatillomania and onychophagia yet look at youre skin and nails. stop using bfrbs for whatever.

never say something like this to someone with a bfrb ever without knowing their full situation. you dont know how much ive struggled to get to this point. last autumn to early this winter has been one of my worst derma periods ever and my face is full of most likely permanent scars. my finger tips are so badly bit theyre covered in scar tissue and ive lost proper sense of touch in them. i had to get acrylic nails now that im abroad in order to not catch an infection/bacteria my body isnt familiar with which might be very very dangerous for me. dont assume based on a bad quality picture. you havent seen my skin without makeup and good lighting, my nails without acrylics. you dont know enough. i would never use bfrbs for anything after struggling with them for 17 years.

In the Dark

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 871

Summary: Phil wants to go trick or treating

Growing up had it’s perks, but damn sometimes the downsides hit Phil like a tonne of bricks.

“You do know you’re going to be 30 in 4 months right?” Dan didn’t even glance up from his phone.

“That’s exactly why I want to do it, this is my last year to do it before gets too weird,” Phil sat beside Dan on the couch, drawing circles in Dan’s arm.

“I think it got too weird when you turned 15, to be honest,” this earned Dan a sharp pinch.

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Haunted Attraction

Word Count: 873

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: This is kind of a College AU I guess. Young!Jensen and Young!Reader Like early 20′s.

Working in haunted houses was one of the best things you’d ever done. You thoroughly enjoyed scaring the shit out of unsuspecting teenagers and making them cry and on occasion, piss or shit their pants. It gave you life. Tonight was the last night the haunted house was open and you were hiding in your usual spot, directly across from another employee. He had the smoke machine running and you were both lying in wait. These were the last few kids of the season and you were determined to make it count.

“You go!” You heard one kid say.

“No, you go!” You heard a different voice whisper and you giggled, looking over at the other guy holding his bloody hatchet. You really hadn’t gotten the opportunity to get to know him. You’d just moved to town and other than taking the job here and standing across from one another every weekend, you’d never actually spoken to one another or seen each other without horror makeup and your costumes. The only thing you could see was that he had the most beautiful green eyes you’d ever seen in your life and he loved this job as much as you did.

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I will always support Demi Lovato.

1. At every concert she performs, she tells the audience about her personal struggle. She tells her fans she is there for them.. if not her personally, her music. She makes the entire audience aware of mental illness.

2. She is a badass. She’s been getting crap about her naked photoshoot. I am 100% for getting rid of the overly-sexual image of women in the media.. but I feel like what she did wasn’t to “show off her body” or to act sexy. She was showing the world that she accepts her body. She was showing women everywhere that they can too. And to make it even better, the photoshoot had NO EDITS. It was entirely her, no photoshop.

3. She posts pictures of herself every week without makeup on. That’s pretty brave in a world that has articles in magazines called “CAUGHT: STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP!” I think it proves her desire to promote self-love even more.

4. Demi’s music is beautiful. Some are just for fun. But others hit hard. They really hit you. They make you feel less alone. They make your emotions into a song. Plus if you’ve ever seen her live, she has one hell of a voice and definitely does not lip sync. 

5. She went political and informed the entire world about the truth of mental illness. That takes guts. 

Demi is beautiful. Demi is real. I will never feel ashamed to say I look up to her.

Doll (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Could I request a one shot where the reader always wears makeup and doesn’t really like anybody seeing her without (mostly because she’s not used to people seeing her without) and Bucky accidentally sees her in pjs and glasses and no makeup? (So cliche, I know) if she didn’t have hair long enough to tie up that’d be great cause all I ever read about is girls with long beautiful hair which I don’t have :P

Words: 1,716

Warnings: Nope

It was well past midnight. Normally most of the Avengers were up late but the ones who were sleeping at the Avengers tower that night, were all out cold before eleven. You were pretty certain that you were the only one up, the whole tower was dead silent, which only ever happens when everyone’s asleep. Normally the whole tower was always loud, something was always happening and messes were constantly being made.

Since the tower was silent and you were pretty sure everyone was asleep, you built up the courage to run out of your room to get something to drink. Was it a big deal to get something to drink in the middle of the night? No. Was it a big deal for you to run out of your room without an ounce of makeup on and risking someone seeing you? Yes.

Not one of the Avengers, or anyone, has ever seen you without your normal glam on. Makeup, jewelry, fabulous clothes, perfect nails, not even your hair was ever messy. You’re always glammed up and looking fabulous around everyone, even if it was a lazy day.

Currently, you were not glammed up. You were wearing joggers, an oversized t-shirt that said, “Babette ate oatmeal”, from your favorite tv show Gilmore Girls. Your hair was being pushed back by a thin headband. Your bangs were sticking up from behind the headband. Your hair, which was only a little above your shoulders, had pieces sticking in different angles. It looked like you had rolled across your rug for several minutes, causing your hair to look like you had just survived a tornado.

Your face was scrubbed clean and smelled like lavender from your nighttime face wash, not a single drop of makeup was on your face. Your contacts had came out hours ago, your huge square shaped glasses were now resting on your nose. You didn’t even know if the Avengers knew you wore glasses, they never saw you wear them after all. You had a couple hair ties on your wrist but nothing jewerly wise.

You looked like how you did every night, after you went to your room for the night and no one else saw you until morning.

You had made it safely to the kitchen, all the lights in the tower were off and the kitchen was being illuminated by the city lights from the floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen. You didn’t fall while reaching for your favorite water bottle on one of the top shelves, you didn’t understand how everyone seemed to forget that everyone on the team wasn’t six feet tall. You always had to climb on top of the counter to get cups, whereas people like Tony, Steve and Bucky only had to simply lift an arm.

You flavored your water by putting cucumbers in your drink, it tasted good and it detoxes your body. You shoved a straw down the hole in the lid and turned to head back to your room, when the lights in the kitchen suddenly flicked on.

You jumped and one of your arms flung up to cover your face, your other hand still clutching your water bottle.

“What’re you doing?” A voice to which you recognized as Bucky’s caused your heart rate to accelerate. His voice came from behind you and you refused to turn to look at him, he was probably staring at the back of your messy hair. Your chest clenched from anxiety of what he might be thinking right now.

“What’re you doing?” You threw the question back at him.

“What’re you doing?” He repeated his question, refusing to answer yours. You inwardly groaned.

“What’re you doing?” Maybe if you annoyed him he would leave.

“Y/n! I asked you first.”

“Second’s the best, sorry I don’t make the rules.” This time he groaned, and you could hear him taking a couple steps towards you, so you took a couple steps forward.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He stated, his voice was closer this time. “Your turn.”

“I wanted something to drink, see? Nothing out of the ordinary, now if you excuse me-” You were cut off when he suddenly ran in front of you, you covered your face with both arms and looked downward. “Bucky!”

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(A/N): I feel a lack of Dean on my blog lately so take this quick lil thing W

arnings: fluff 

   You had always been self conscious, since a young age you had hated everything about you. From the small bit of pudge you had down to your oily pimply skin so you did what any other person would do and cover it up. 

   You were constantly putting on makeup, hidding yourself behind clothing and you felt slightly better about your appearance. But since your teenage years you refused to go out without any makeup or a good pair of spanx. Therefore Dean had never really seen the “real you”. He had only ever seen this covered version of you, the “improved” version. What if he didn’t like the real you? You often found yourself asking this question, what if he thought you were a s hideous as you thought you were? It was always thoughts like this that stopped you from every being anything but this “improved” version. 

   You didn’t know if you could ever work up the courage to let Dean see the real you, the one that was covered in acne scars, the one that was had a little bit of pudge, the one that had the wavy ass hair, the one that wasn’t pretty. It had affected your relationship with the Winchester quite a bit. 

   You never, ever had sex ever, you were far too self conscious and knowing that Dean would see you in such a vulnerable position scared you more than anything and so you refused to have any kind of sexual contact whatsoever. Not only that but you could barely kiss the man without smearing your copious amounts of makeup so you didn’t, there was hardly any affection in this relationship. You knew it bothered Dean that you weren’t comfortable with any form of contact, given that man was one of the most affectionate men you’d ever met. Despite this he’d always assure you that it was okay and that he could wait.

    You knew that your cover up wasn’t going to work forever, eventually Dean would have to see what you really looked like beneath the makeup and the clothes. It was bound to happen one of these days and it unfortunately occurred earlier than you had anticipated. 

    You had just gotten dressed after showering for the night, having waited until both brothers went to sleep so you didn’t run the risk of them catching you. Apparently you had been wrong because after exiting your bathroom your door swung open, revealing Dean who for once, was buried in research. 

   "Hey (Y/N),“ Dean begins before stopping as his gaze rises from his book. He eyes you up and down, his gaze holding nothing for the time being and In all honesty you felt like crying as he focused in On your abdomen, no doubt staring at your "stomach”. “Wow…” Dean sighs, something thinking within his eyes. “You look…”

    “Awful?” You question softly, the tears welling within your eyes making it difficult to speak any louder. 

    “What?” Dean’s eyes snap up to yours, his green orbs shrouding with confusion. “No, god no.” Dean breathes out a faint smirk rising to his lips. “You look absolutely…stunning.” You look up at him, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. There was now way In hell that he thought you were “stunning”, not with your scars and skin, not with your thighs and pudge.

    “Are you being sarcastic?” You question, sniffling quietly. Dean stares at you for a moment, the same confusion etched upon his features.

    “No.” Dean states simply, “I’m not. You literally look like a walking goddess…” Dean takes a small step towards you, his hand already reaching out to grasp yours. “…is this why you’re so uncomfortable with-” Dean doesn’t even have to finish before you nod, sniffling once again. “Oh (Y/N),” Dean sighs softly, immediately pulling you into a warm hug. “I wish you had told me,” he whispers as he presses a tender kiss to your forehead, efficiently making your heart flutter. “God, you’re so beautiful and I wish I could show you that,” His hands slip down from your back, instead slipping down to your soft hips. 

   You immediately tense up as Dean’s hands rest there, his thumb rubbing circles into your skin as though he had hardly noticed the now soft and squishy skin there. 

   "Let me show you…please?“ You pull away from his embrace, only enough to look up at his face. 

   His eyes bored into yours and you felt as though you could feel the love coursing through his blood as he stared down at you. For once in your life there were no judgemental gazes, there was no laughing and making fun of you, there was only love and adoration and it was coming from the person you loved with all your heart. You nod your head, biting your lip as tears threaten to spill over. 


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YOUR HEART WILL BE MINE (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were comming out of a Black Veil Brides concert, standing outside waiting for your best friends to come out, which were the band members themselves.
As you saw the many members of the BVB army comming outside super stoaked and excited about the amazing performance they just saw, and the many girls saying how Andy was singing to them or how Jake was looking right at them while he was rocking out on his guitar solo, you couldnt help but giggle a little.
Mostly because you knew that as a matter of fact Andy was looking directly at you the entire time while he was on stage.
You were wondering why that was though, his amazing blue eyes were literally stuck on you and only you, they really didnt look at any other direction but yours, the only other way they would look was towards the guys, but other than that they were totally stuck on you.
You waited outside for a while, you were shocked to see that there were still many many fans comming outside. It just goes to show how huge the BVB army truly was.

Almost one and half hour later, the guys came out, first one to come out was CC, then Jake, then Ashley, then Jinxx, and last but not least, Andy.
Since the rest of the guys were in a hurry, they said their goodbyes to you early and went on their way. Now it was just you and Andy standing in front of each other.
“It was an awesome show you guys played today.”
“Yeah, It felt amazing tonight thanks. Did you see me looking at you?” The long black haired angel asked.
“Oooh, maybe I caught you once or twice, or maybe the entire freakin show.” you responded.
He cracked a huge blushing smile and laughed a little. You enjoyed when he did that, his laugh was really adorable to you.
“Well what did you think of me staring at you like that?”
“I thought it was pretty flirty, are you trying to tell me something?” you questioned, raising your eyebrow.
“Well…I really like you (Y/N)…and I wanna take you out…” he confessed. You went into complete shock when you heard those words come out of his mouth, did you really just hear what you think you heard?

“Um…uh…what?” were the only words you managed to say.
“I said I really like you…” He was about to say something else but his mouth closed before he could speak again.
There was dead silence in the air for a moment, not one word escaped either of your lips, but your eyes spoke it all, they were serious, blank, you had quite the poker face on, so Andy couldnt really tell what you were even thinking.
“Um…you know it would be nice if you said something by now…” He said.
You shook your head snapping back into reality after a million thoughts when through your mind.
“I uh…Im sorry Andy..youre a good friend of mine and I love you to death man but um..Im not interested.” was your answer.
Andy’s heart felt like it sunk very low to his gut. You were actually the only girl in his life to ever reject him. So your words were most definately shocking to him. You felt horrible, but you couldnt force yourself to have feelings for him, you just didnt see him as your boyfriend unfortunately.
There was another moment of silence, another moment of your eyes just staring at each other.
At first Andy’s eyes were sad and crushed, but you became surprised when they suddenly seemed to have fire in them.
“Im sorry, you said no to me…me?” he asked.
“Uh yes…” you told him.
“Im sorry (Y/N) this might make me sound like an asshole to you but do you know how many girls out there would love to date me and be with me?” He exclaimed.

Your mouth dropped open, but you shook it off and replied to him, “Andy, Im sorry I said I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just dont see you that way, Im sorry if you cant understand that but I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just cant believe this…you seriously dont feel anything for me?”
“No!” you yelled, he was being completely unfair, but yet again you werent surprised that he was acting this way towards you, for as long as you have known Andy, he was never rejected, no girl would ever turn him down, so you actually saying no to him was something he couldnt accept.
“This is…this is not real…Im Andy..”
“And Im (Y/N) whats your point?”
Andy came a little closer to you, he got a good look at your beauty and just smiled.
“Okay what?” you wondered, yet again confused.
“I understand you dont feel that way for me.”
“Well..thank you. And Im sorry if I made things weird between us.”
He shook his head, “Stop no you didnt.”
He pulled you close to him and hugged you real tight, you couldnt help but smile and hug him back, after all he was your friend. And you were just happy that he was finally cool with you guys not being a couple.
“I’ll see you sometime this week then?” you asked, “Yeah for sure.” he assured you and let go.

The two of you went your separate ways, as Andy came into his car, where Ash was waiting for him, he stared at him and Ashley had a hopefull expression on his face.
“Sooo…what happend? how did it go?” he asked him.
“She rejected me..”
“Woah woah wait what?!” Ashley exclaimed.
Andy nodded comfirming what he just told him, “But…no one has ever rejected you before..youre Andy…”
“I know!! Thats what I said!”
“Aw man…Im sorry bud..” he tells him.
“Its alright…it just means I have to step up my game.” He says.
Now Ashley was the one confused, “What are you talking about?”
“Listen Ash, I really like (Y/N) I have for a very long time. Im not giving up until her heart is mine.”
Ash smiled and patted his best friend on the back, “Go get her tiger.”
He gave him a look and caused Ashley to roll his eyes,
“I mean go get her batman.”
“Thats much better.”

The next morning, you woke up feeling very sick, not wearing a sweater in the cold weather last night really came back to bite you in the ass.
“Choo!!!” you shouted, sneezing so hard and making your nose drip, “Ughhh fuck being sick!” you yelled, your voice echoing in your house.
You heard your cell phone ring next to your bed, You grabbed it and saw it was a text message from Andy asking you if you guys were still on for tonight.
You slapped a hand to your forehead, you completely forgot that you had made plans with him the week before,
“Shit…” you muttered, you texted him back saying that you were really sick and that you cant go out.
Right after you sent that text message, your phone began to vibrate with Andy’s picture on the caller ID. You tapped the green phone button and placed it against your ear.
“Hello?” you greeted with a dull and rough voice.
“(Y/N)? wow you really are sick…”
“Yeah…Im so sorry I cant hang out.”
“Dam you sound roughed up, but dont worry, I’ll take care of you.”
For some reason you felt yourself blush when he said that,
“Uhh..take care of me?”
“Yeah, youre by yourself and you need someone there, I’ll pick up some medicine, make you some chicken noodle soup, and I’ll bring an extra blanket so you could stay toasty.”
“You mean your batman blanket?”
“What? no…I mean yes I mean…shut up I’ll he there in ten minutes!!” he said before hanging up.
You laughed a little and smiled, you thought it was very sweet of him to volunteer to take care of you when he didnt have to.

Moments later he arrived at your place, you left the door unlocked for him so he could come inside. “(Y/N)?” he called out.
“Im in here!” you called back from your bedroom.
He came inside and wrapped his batman blanket around you, he got the cough syrup and nasal spray out of the pharmacy bag and placed the two items on your desk.
“Awww Andy you really dont have to do all this.”
“I know…But I want to…I really do.”
he replied with a really warm and friendly smile, you felt yourself blush again, “Can you hang on to this?”
He handed you the pharmancy bag as he prepared more things for you, you glanced inside and your eyed widened when you saw a black rose inside, you took it out and admired how beautifu it was.
“This for me?”
“Of course, just wanted to give you something to make you smile.”
And it worked, the rose really did make you smile, your favorite flower and your favorite color all in one, youve never even seen a black rose for real before.
“Theres that smile I love so much, guess I did a good job.”
“This is really sweet…thank you Andy. And uh…Im so sorry you have to see me like this I look like complete shit.”
“Not even, you always look beautiful to me, besides you look even prettier without any makeup on.” He complimented.
You became a little surprised, no guy has ever told you look beautiful without makeup, usually you get a “You look tired (Y/N).” or,
“You look sick.” or the ever famous,
“Why dont you go fix yourself up a little.”
What was even more surprising was seeing a different side of Andy, a more sweeter, gentle side of him, almost like a boyfriend type.

After feeding you soup and giving you your dose of medicine, the two of you were now watching batman cartoons and laughing together, this was honestly the greatest time youve had in a while.
“I’ll be right back Im gonna go to the bathroom.” you notify.
“You sure youre not too dizzy to walk?”
“No I’ll be fine dont worry.”
As you got off the bed you began to feel a little woozy the moment your feet touched the floor.
You took a few steps and suddenly your body gave up in a matter of seconds, the next thing you knew your face was against the floor.
Andy was quick to rush by your side and quickly wrapped his arms around you, “(Y/N) that sounded like it hurt are you okay?!” he asked very worried about you.
You didnt say a word, you didnt know if it was his scent, his arms around you, or the fact that his lips were only inches away from yours, but your heart began to race, it raced so much that it also gave you the urge to just kiss him.
You wanted to taste his perfectly shaped lips really badly, you wondered how they would feel sliding off yours, you wondered if you would feel a spark of fire inside of you if you really did kiss them.

You flinched a little and snapped back into reality, “Um…sorry…”
“I said are you okay?”
“Yeah…yeah Im fine….”
“Why were you looking at me like that?”
You shook your head, you felt yourself blush a little, feeling a little embarassed by the thoughts that just ran through your mind. Your heart was still beating against your chest though, that was something you couldnt stop even if you wanted to.
Andy just chuckled and shook it off, he helped you up and lead you to the bathroom,
“I’ll still be here if you need me.”
Moments later, since the medicine was also a sleeping aid it pretty much knocked you out.
You slowly woke up to feel a warmth you never felt before, you lifted your head up to see that it you were right on top of Andy, the entire time you were hearing his heartbeat against your ear, it was music to your ears, the most soothing sound in the world.
“Hm…” he hummed.
“Please wake up.” you softly begged.
Little by little you saw his beautiful eyes emerging and looked straight you, he yawned before you heard his sweet but rough deep voice,
“Hmm? whats the matter?” he began petting caressing your face and your hair, placing it behind your ear.
“You cuddled with me?..”
“No, actually you cuddled with me…I was sleeping and then all of the sudden I felt you climb on top of me…” he responded.
“Aw man…how embarassing.” you said getting off him and sitting on your bed.

He sat up as well and came close behind you, “Why are you embarassed? I liked that you did that.”
“Well I liked it too but…Andy…its a little awkward, especially after I rejected you when you wanted to be with me…but now…I think I wanna be with you…” you confessed, biting your bottom lip.
“You do?” He said surprised.
“Yeah but…now I dont even have a chance with you do I?…”
“(Y/N), I never you said you didnt.”
You turned to face him with a unbelievable expression.
“But I-”
“Forget what happend after the concert, my heart never stopped beating for you (Y/N), why else would I come over here to take care of you?”
You smiled warmly, very touched by how sweet he has been. He took your soft hand in his and put it against his chest,
“You see? still beating very fast right now.”
The two of you laughed a little, he caressed your face and leaned in closer, he kissed your soft lips passionately, and just as you thought, you felt fire inside of you. Andy was truly the man who would own your heart.
“Now can we cuddle again?” he asked, You nodded agreeing and cuddled the hell out of him.
“Im very happy we’re together now.” you whispered
“Yeah…I knew your heart would be mine..”

(Some opinions would be nice please? Im a little insecure about this one since its been a while that Ive written anything heh.)

Creepypasta #671: My Roommate Teddy Is A Shy Guy

Story length: Super long

My roommate Teddy is a shy guy. You could describe him as somewhat of a hermit, actually. He doesn’t talk very much even to me, and I have known him for almost 2 years. I met him on Craigslist, and while I was initially apprehensive, he seemed pretty normal. To me, that basically means he didn’t seem like a rapist or a murderer.

Teddy is taller, has a broad head and shoulders, especially compared to me: a short man who everyone thinks just needs a sandwich. While we don’t have the most engrossing conversations, I actually enjoy the quiet and the fact that he mostly stays in his room.

The only time I have seen Teddy let loose was at a party I had a week or so after his father passed away. I never met his dad, and they didn’t seem close, but he was still really beat up about it. That week, he closed himself off even more than what I was used to. Not the night of the party, though.

He got drunk, and I mean absolutely shitfaced. I honestly didn’t think it was possible for a person to drink that much and not keel over and die. Actually, it was pretty amazing.

In rare form (and by rare, I mean once-in-a-lifetime), Teddy became the life of the party. There were many firsts I saw that night: first time he talked to a girl, first time he talked to more than one person at a time, first time he ate in front of me or anyone I know. If that last one sounds weird, it’s okay. It was weird to me when I realized the novelty of it. I guess it never crossed my mind before that. Then again, was often holed up, so it made sense.

As the night wound down and everybody had left, he sat down next to me on the couch. I was really tired and pretty wasted. I could tell he wanted to talk by the way he was looking at me. That was new.

“That was a great party, man.” His words were really slurred.

“Yeah,” I offered wearily. “I think the blonde in the black skirt really liked you. She was pretty close all night.”

“Sure…” He paused. “Hey, can I tell you something?”

I perked up at this. A real, honest to God conversation? Another first. Even before his father died, I never got more than a few melancholy words at a time.

“Okay. Is it your Dad?”

“No. No, it’s not that. I just have a pretty weird story a stranger told me one time at a bus stop. Said it happened to him.”

Strange. Teddy talked to someone else? Is it just around me that he is so quiet?

“…Alright. I’m listening.”

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millyblank  asked:

I really hope there's a small moment in the Korra comics where Asami and Korra are just being and Asami isn't wearing make up. I feel like that'd be a big step for Asami and their relationship. Like, I doubt Mako ever saw Asami without make up. Hmm. Asami is so important Yak. ><

honestly while she isn’t my fave character (korra is) i love Asami and i will protect her, i wish she got better development & writing in the show but alas……sighs

I don’t think Mako ever saw her without makeup either. Like i’m pretty sure Asami would have let her walls down - she felt safe with him - but with everything that went on in book one….y know, lol.

But yeah i need like. a moment where maybe Asami is removing her makeup or goes swimming or SOMETHING and Korra’s really casual about mentioning it. “You know this might be odd to bring up, but I just realized i’ve never seen you not wear makeup, Asami. Not even at night during the nights you slept at Air Temple Island, or when were staying with Su Yin and her family…”

and Korra trails off  when Asami kinda tenses up in realization and hides her face sheepishly in reaction to it, forcing a laugh, “oh, yeah, haha…i guess it’s weird, i think i need it to survive or something…” and she shys away from Korra

and Korra kind of frowns at first but then turns her around and she’s like “you’re beautiful, Asami Sato” or something like really gay like that and i’m really gay sorry

 I wrote a long ass rant about the entire Jin drama and stopped because when I read what I wrote, I notice it was all full of anger/saltiness. I thought ‘Hey, if I’m going to express/show my love and support and appreciation for my ultimate bias, Kim Seokjin, why did I type the cons about being a Jin stan? Why not tell others why I stan Jin from BTS instead of what I didn’t like about being a Jin stan?’ Before I start listing, I want to tell you that being a Jin stan is sad and awesome at the same time. I enjoy being one, will always be one. Here it goes.

  • EatJin: Do I have to say this? EatJin is the best thing that was created. His cheeks when he stuffs food into his mouth. I wouldn’t be surprise when BigHit announces the true form of Jin; a rabbit/hamster.
  • EatJin Live: He interacts with ARMYs. He talks about his story/opinion/rants/complains, LITERALLY ANYTHING. He chose dinner time (In his timezone because that’s where he lives, you that complains about not being to watch him live because your time is early in the morning. He has no choice right?) because that’s when almost everyone in Korea is at home after work/school.
  • Manly Princess: Ya’ll know that he is manly yet delicate at the same time. I find that appealing, handling both sides pretty well.
  • Effortless Visual: Need I say more? With or without makeup, he looks the same. Honey face Kim Seokjin yay Everyone might have different types that’s why they have different biases but no one can argue with me that Jin is a visual not because of his given title but because he really is.
  • Pink is for man (too): Do you ever get annoyed because pink is seen as a feminine color and is never for boys? Jokes on you because my boy Seokjin here doesn’t care whether it is blue or pink. If he likes the color, he likes the color.
  • Pink flip phone: He admitted it is a concept. But it is a good memory. The pink flip phone did justice for all his airport photos.
  • Rose gold iPhone 6: He upgraded from a pink flip phone to a rose gold (which is still pinkish) iPhone.
  • Mario hoe: Have you seen his room back at his old house?
  • His broad shoulders: Everyone might melt over his shoulders but in all honesty I’m not one of them. But damn, when compared to anyone that are wearing the same shirt as him he always wore it better because of his shoulders. If you don’t see it that way I see it, you can say that any clothes suits him or you can just melt from seeing his shoulder.
  • His plump lips: THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME MELT. His lips are really fresh and ripe. I don’t want to say kissable because I don’t intend to kiss him (Keeping a fan and idol relationship here ehem) but they are really something you want to touch or feel. Don’t you ever touch your lips and thought “Ahh .. Jin’s lips might be twice the softness ..” THIS GUY KNOWS HIS LIPS ARE ONE OF HIS STRONG VISUAL POINT TOO.
  • A full package: Husband material, wife material. I’m not trying to make him a woman lmao What I meant is he has the characteristic of both husband and wife. Cooks, enjoys food, takes care of the younger boys, plays with the younger boys etc 
  • His attention to the fans at the airport: He waves to the fans at the airport. I don’t know if you notice this, he gives attention to the fans the most whenever they are at the airport.
  • His vocal: I’m sure you all listened to both his covers at least once just because he posted it that one time. If you all haven’t listen to it yet, get your earphones/headphones ready for his angelic voice ( I Love You / Eomma ) Also, of course ya’ll be judging his vocal because he doesn’t have much lines and still living with one or two lines BUT THAT’S THE REASON WHY YOU CAN’T HEAR HIS VOICE, BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE MUCH LINES IN THEIR SONGS. You want to know how Jin stans live with these little lines? Yea, I wonder too. When he talks, it is soothing. He has that cute voice but at the same time manly? I don’t know how to describe it. 
  • His determination: ARMYs that are sleeping on this man may or may not see this. Yea, he can’t be compared to the other members but damn Kim Seokjin is very determined and is hardworking for him to be here today. Definitely not a dancer, but manages to slay the choreographs. Bangtan is known for having difficult dance moves.
  • His habit of covering his mouth whenever he laughs or hiding any facial expressions that may destroy his visual title stopped: The sentence pretty much explained itself. I find it cute that he does that last time but stopped because he is comfortable with himself in front of the camera which is very good.
  • His cheeks: He may be fit everywhere but it is a smart move to leave his chubby cheeks. I know most of them prefers to not have chubby cheeks but I really find it appealing because it makes him cute. It helps to boost whenever he smiles or pouts.
  • His inside jokes or humor: He has a pretty great humor. He jokes about everything, he makes puns out of his name.
  • The youngest in the family: For anyone who doesn’t know this, I’m telling you now. He is the youngest in the family which explains why he is childish too. Respect this guy for having to be the eldest suddenly and had to take care of 6 other kids.
  • Oldest in Bangtan: Related to the point above. Respect this guy for having to take care of 6 kids suddenly despite being the youngest in his family.
  • Ridiculously cute laugh: Ridiculously cute laugh. Makes my day. Jin stans definitely enjoy this one video name “Jin Laughing Compilation”. I have it downloaded in my laptop and phone.
  • His soft/doe eyes: Even Jin said it himself. He is proud of his eyes because it balances and tone downs his facial causing him to look soft. I really love his eyes, he gives me a warm and comfortable feeling. It is cute too.
  • Jin stans are very loyal: From what I see, Jin stans are really really loyal. Yea, they might change bias once in a while but Jin will be back as a bias in no time. Either that or they stick with Jin. In my case, I don’t really have a bias list. Jin is my UB.
  • The excitement when he post a song cover: I swear, whenever he post a song cover, I get extremely excited and happy. He gets that little in BTS songs and hearing only him sing for even only 2 minutes, I get crazy. ‘I Love You’ and “Eomma’ is still in my playlist because the covers are THAT precious.
  •  High-quality Jin fancams/focus: If you don’t know, finding for a high quality Jin focus is really really really really really hard. Especially for a certain performance (ahem Perfect Man and Baepsae Jin focus where are you) That’s why when I finally found one, I get all crazy. Salute all fansites or fans that gave us high quality focus/fancams of Jin btw
  • PHOTOS OF KIM SEOKJIN: This is one of my personal favorite as a Jin stan. Do not tell me that you don’t agree with me about Jin fansites take absolutely beautiful pictures of him. *Never forget the Beautiful Night of Melon Music Awards which made Cha Moon Nam* I have a few years till entering adulthood which means I’m not an adult yet, I still can have the excuse to cry about how beautiful he was that night to even created a buzz in the internet for just getting out from his car. Honey face Kim Seokjin yay
  • That one time he signed an autograph for a fan near his university: How I wish I was that fan. I couldn’t recall what happened because I read it months ago but it was something that makes you go “Awwww~” I also read someone’s encounter with Jin during a fansign and her bias is Jin too. She was so happy and she said that he is really really really beautiful up close. envyenvyenvy
  • S line body: “Hip line you would envy” “An S line with resilience” Remember Rookie King episode where Jin had to wear a qipao for his punishment? And another time Jin had to wear a shirt that is way too small for him as a punishment for BTS Gayo Track 9?
  • When he did the Photoshop games: I didn’t participate because I don’t have the skills to do it. But I sure know he enjoyed himself playing with the fans and teasing too (the picture of him driving *sigh*)
  • Singing Converse High with Rapmon and J-Hobi: I totally enjoyed myself watching 3 of them performing this song on stage. A little selfish here because again, I’ve always wanted to hear more of Jin’s voice in their song. Also, I’m happy because there is Rapmon and J-Hobi too. I might not have a bias list but Hobi comes in second and Rapmon comes in third.
  • Different shades of brown: I had to include this in because someone mentioned it and it stayed in my head. “Seokjin went through different shades of brown” He looks good in dark hair and am I the only one who isn’t really ehem for him with light colored hair like blonde? Doesn’t matter though, if he changes his hair color to another color other than dark, I can’t do anything but to accept and admire.
  • BLACK HAIR: Absolutely my favorite. You can guess my favorite era was Danger era. His black hair really contrasted with his skin and did a great job bringing out his eye. I swear his eyes was shining every time I see a picture of him in black hair.
  • Blogging about his cooking: I’m not someone who cooks and probably won’t follow whatever he posted but I enjoy seeing him cook and his blogging style really makes me happy.
  • Him blogging or being active on social media: In my au for Jin, if he weren’t an idol, he would be a entertainer on the internet. Again, his blogging style is really good. I think Jin is very active on Twitter together with Jimin and Taehyung (imo). I’m not sure about the others since I don’t usually check Twitter.
  • His aegyo: I can’t miss this one. With a soft face like that, I’ll definitely fall for it. He says he is manly but the aegyo game is strong. *insert Jackson’s ‘cute’*
  • Interaction with members/friends: Of course I won’t get to see how he interacts with the members or friends in real life but photos and videos are enough for me. Ken, Sanduel and Jin yay
  • He smiles when others smirk: During performances, he mostly smiles than smirks. For example Danger. Danger is a sexy song ehehe but instead of smirking, he smiles as if he is performing Just one Day or For You or Good Day or The Stars. You get what I mean??? Of course he do smirks but what I usually see are smiles.

Overall, Jin is a great guy. I could have written more but this has been in my draft for I think 3 or 4 days already? I just left unedited for a few days because I wanted to write more about this. But I really couldn’t write much, there are some things you just can’t put into words. If I ever got the chance, I’ll tell him how great of a guy he is, how glad I am that he is here in BTS and not anywhere else. Bless this boy for being someone that I look forward to seeing the next day on social media. Bless this boy for eating good and doesn’t mind eating in front of the camera like a hungry beast. For being in BTS. 

“She was too beautiful, she was considered a threat by the so-called glamour girls at Metro…
"Ava”, I said, “you are, if not the most, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life…
Ava didn’t have to wear makeup. She had naturally beautiful skin, and great color to her lips. She dressed very casually…And there was no one who could touch that posture, the way she walked and presented herself. She was a sexy woman without trying. All she had to do was walk into the room.”

- Arlene Dahl

"You Don't Know You're Beautiful" One Shot

Title: You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

Author: ahighlysociopathicasshat

Original Imagine Link:  

Warnings: Brief cussing (I usually write Dean so it was a lot harder for me to write Cas as accurately as I could to his character on spn- please feel free to give me reviews so I can learn what to improve on!)

Word Count: 1,032

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Seen so many people get horrible messages about their appearance. Skin, hair, weight, we’re all different and shouldn’t have to get hate for being who we are. Everyone has flaws and these should be embraced, not criticised! It’s the ones that send these messages that are not beautiful. I never ever ever post pictures of myself without my hair and makeup done but I am just so angered by the hateful messages I see people getting. Everyone has flaws. If you’re hating on others then aren’t you also hating on yourself?
Love and light! Spread body positivity! Xxxx

I wish every person felt as free as I feel.

The good news is every person can.

5 years ago, this blog saved my life. Now I’m returning the favor.

You are not pretty, ugly, fat, gorgeous, skinny, or curvy. You are so much more. You have a functioning body that is alive and a brain that is thinking. You have ideas, aspirations, opinions, compassion, and strength. You can love, hate, empathize, and feel. You can connect with others. You can learn and teach. If you can love others, you can learn to love yourself. And once you do that, you will be absolutely free. Because once you love yourself, no one can tear you down ever again.

But how? How do you love yourself? That’s a harder task. You’ll need to let go of your need to be accepted by others. You’ll need to let go of the media’s ideal of beauty, because no one can achieve that (nor should they strive to). You’ll need to let go of your need to be seen as perfect by the world. Just be like Elsa and let it go! 

If you hide behind makeup like I used to, try wearing less and less each day until you feel comfortable going without it. Realize that no one around you cares what you look like, and even if they did, you don’t exist to impress them. Makeup should be used as an art, not as a shield. 

If you obsess over your weight like I used to, realize that if you’re unhappy with yourself now, you won’t be happy when you’re 10 pounds lighter either. There will always be something about your body you can “fix.” Instead of changing everything about it, accept it as it is. Love it as it is. Then think about what will make you happy, and exercise or diet in a healthy way if that’s what you want for yourself

If you think clothes and beauty products will make you happy, they won’t. Not on their own. They can enhance your life, but they won’t do shit if you don’t have a healthy mindset to begin with.

Don’t let anyone control you. Don’t let anyone tell you what is attractive and what is not. Only you can decide that for yourself.

If you want more help, then I want you to get it. I will never hesitate to answer any questions or talk with you about your self esteem, or body image, or anything in between and beyond. Just shoot me a message.

I’m proud of everyone on this site for taking the first steps towards freedom.

And remember: you aren’t beautiful. You are more.