no one's buying her shit

manga colouring with redraws and slight fixes…this is my favourite panel

this all better be fake like i cant believe that silver is actually considering killing flint when all flint has shown him is love and support. he is literally willing to fight and possibly die in order to save madi for him and silver is just “FUCK YOU” like what the hell you’ve got this man that has completely opened up to you, has devoted himself to you, and you’re just gonna turn against him?? this is either all deliberate misguidance or they are literally doing this and using madi as an ‘instrument’ to break the most beautifully developed relationship in the show


Hank Moody and parenting. 

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I was thinking about this the other day. Lena's filthy rich right? I wonder if one of her kinks would be buying expensive ass shit and having Kara wearing whatever she buys 🤔🤔

where can i get a lena am i right ladies

My desire for a little doll of The Asset from The Shape of Water is crazy strong right now, but dolls are complicated and I cant find a style I like or if I do the pattern is like half cut off and from a neglected Russian website. 

Hinata is so beautiful!
Certain people: Wtf? Sakura is obviously more. She’s actually beautiful in CANON

NH was decided before NS, Kishi only considered NS in pt 2.
Certain people: obviously SS was decided before all the pairings.

Hinata is such a strong mom
Certain people: Lolol Hinata wouldn’t be able to handle things Sakura has to deal with.


Inktober 04 - Kigurumis


Annalise connects with Wes because he brings her vulnerable side and he’s the only one who doesn’t buy her shit and isn’t afraid of saying it. She connects with him because he saw in him someone with feelings so pure that he’d go as far as beg her to save a girl who just met from going to jail. 

She connects with him because she’s gone through hell and back several times, had her own husband call her a slut, and so many ppl who said that loved her turned her back againts her, and then she found Wes who’s pure but brave at the same time and doesn’t take none of her shit. And she’s willing to do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING to protect him. She choosed him over her 20+ husband and over her boyfriend. 

She connects with him because she brings the good feelings from her. She told her mom she’s never had someone to protect, love or care for and now she has him.

Those are the reasons why they’re so close, not because they’re “mother and son”

So stop


my secret santa at work (who ended up being my closest work friend) got me a FRICKIN TFP OPTIMUS PRIME MUG ♥ ♥ !!!

she knows I generally love Transformers, but didn’t have any remote clue about how much I love TFP or TFP Optimus. I was beyond estatic, to say the least (^.^) i’m using this mug for everything lol

It annoys me how people are always like “felicity always knew Oliver was telling the truth!”/“she never put up with his bullshit!” I mean seriously he told her the absolute dumbest shit ever, NO ONE would buy those lies this does not make her special