no one would understand though!!!!!

BTS reaction to their S/O having tattoos


Jin wouldn’t quiet get the whole tattoo thing. He never really had any desire to get one or understand the purpose. If you had some, though, he would think they’re pretty amazing. He’d like to look at them and poke at them. He would finally get it’s just another form of expression and have respect for them. “I think you have a special way of expressing yourself and I really really like it, baby~.

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Yoongi wouldn’t mind if you did have tattoos or if you didn’t have them. He would just want you happy. If having tattoos and getting tattoos would make you happy, he’d be all for it. He would also like to look at them and listen to the stories on why you got them. "If they make you happy, I am too~.”

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He wouldn’t make a big deal either way. Hobi would like to poke at them and make them move in silly ways when he got the chance. He would like to go when ever you got a new one so he can hold your hand and be there for you for something you found important. “I love your tattoos, jagi~. I can’t wait for your next one!!”

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Namjoon would think they’re amazing. He would love the story behind all of them and just the idea of using your body to display art. He would like to look at them and just study them. He would tell you how nice they looked on you and he just loved them. “Your tattoos are so beautiful. Should I get some, too?”

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Jimin wouldn’t say much about them. They aren’t really his thing. He likes more of the “girly” type, but once he realizes how much you loved them and how they told your story, he would love them. He would even suggest him drawing something for you to get tattooed on you. He’d just make so many things and show you. “How’s this one, babe? Do you want a tattoo of this one?”

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Tae wouldn’t mind them much either~. He would just want you happy, and if tattoos made you happy, he would be super happy, too. He’d be excited when you said you were going to get a new one. “Can I come with!? What’s it gonna be this time!?” Tae would ask, sounding super excited.

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He would really like them. Jungkook would draw things for you to get tattooed or just give you little ideas and suggestions. He’d love to listen to you talk about them And just adore them so much. “I think they make you so cute, baby!!”

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Hotch/Reid + Text Posts (pt. 1)

(pt. 2 | pt. 3)

I have no clue what I hoped to accomplish with this.  I may do more, idk.

I really don’t know what to say or do anymore. There’s so much going on in the world that leaves me outraged and feeling helpless, things that deserve to be talked about. Things that have to be talked about and not ignored. Yet, I have a feeling that it isn’t necessarily good, if I do it here. Those that are interested in it, will know about it and those that don’t care/have to take a pause, don’t want to see it. So it is only very few important things in the world that get a post by me. So please don’t ever think that because I don’t talk about every issue here that one or the other is more important. It isn’t. It’s just that priorities in my life and on my blog depend a lot on my mood that day. Sometimes I’m tired, physically or emotionally, sometimes I’m speechles, sometimes I just want to share pictures of movies and actors, sometimes I have the need to talk, sometimes I feel like keeping silent. What I post on my blog is only a very small picture of what I care and think about, so just because it isn’t featured here, doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

I’m looking at the news and I simply wouldn’t even know where to start. We have to talk about Syria and the refugees that got bombed, we have to talk about northern Africa and the ongoing famine, we shouldn’t forget about Venezuela, a previous pretty rich country that is in crisis and without food and medicine for its people, we have to talk about all the atrocities of Donald Trump, the tensions between the USA and North Korea, the Brexit and the tensions in the EU, a possible trade war between the USA and the rest of the world, we shouldn’t forget about the elections in France and the referendum in Turkey, never forget about the terror attacks worldwide and its victims, etc. Pretty sure I forgot about 20 things that happened today and are important. Oh yes, the camps in Chechnya (sorry if I got it wrong, no idea how it’s spelled in English). It’s simply too much in a way as that a normal person like me could even talk about everything without being totally stupid about it all. 

If I would make a post about everything I wouldn’t be happy any longer and I would drown in misery about the injustices of the world.


“Don’t view all that you experience in life through lenses darkened by the scars of abuse. There is so much in life that is beautiful.[…] Your depression will be converted to peace and assurance. You will close an ugly chapter and open volumes of happiness.”
–Richard G. Scott

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
–Norman Vincent Peale


Archie was low on cash and just gave him a rock he saw outside of the Team Magma base.  It ended up being Maxie’s favorite thing, but I think anything from archie would be his favorite.  Based on some forgotten post I saw on tumblr once.   

Ride you like my Harley - Trixya - Chapter 3 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. I will be using some characters from the actual show in this and future chapters. Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

T/W - bad language, horrible pick up lines, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs.

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Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy
가을 방학 (Autumn Vacation)
Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy

가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어 (Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy )  by 가을 방학 (Autumn Vacation)

Just goofing around :^) Art is based and inspired by Autumn Vacation’s album art and music: [link]  

“..Though no one would understand it, But sometimes im dying to hug you.

There’s no one like you, In this world that i have no place to rely on..“

>Original art and larger size for the saigenos version - under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Your tomatt fic was so nice I loved it to pieces! I also love the fact you didn't use Matt's real last name bless you kind soul. Tho I wanted to ask if you could potentially do another tomatt fic? Maybe like a first/blind date sort of thing? I understand you're busy tho pfpf but again thank you for that fic and I hope you have a really great day sweetheart!

AO3 Link

I can’t help but feel Matt is ooc aaa I hope it’s okay.

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More Shots

Warnings: Depression, self harm mention and heavy alcohol consumption.

Requested by: @teenage-punk-waste


“Come back guys, lets do a few more rounds of shots!” I  attempted to shout over the music as everyone walked away and left me sitting at the bar alone… However, I imagine it all came out as one slurred word so no one would be able to understand even if they heard. Fortunately for me though, the bar tender heard and also knew exactly what it meant and so he charged me for nine more shots and sent them my way. I quickly necked them which made my vision blur even more, causing me to stumble my way around as I jumped off the stool and made my way to the dancefloor when I heard a song I like start to play.

With a foggy mind and a clouded vision I soon started stumbling my way to the dancefloor in hopes that soon enough would sober up enough to text Josh. Josh was so sick of the constant drinking that we constantly fought. He has only been off tour and back home for a week now and I haven’t stayed in with him or been sober enough to do anything with him for the past week. If he could see my current state he would be so disappointed and upset for the pure fact he thinks I’m picking alcohol over him but he doesn't know how I feel…

As you still made your way to the dancefloor you were dancing with other people and I found one of my friends while dancing… Or rather, she found me.

“This is why Josh isn’t happy with you,” she shouted over the music “he could do so much better and you know it so I don’t see why you are even bothering to call it a relationship when you don’t care!” she continued on. Each of her words stabbed like a knife because you knew it was true so I simply looked at her, smiled and walked away.

I had to leave. I was suffocating and I need more alcohol. I managed to find a way outside and so I sat down- not even bothering to look for a bench as I could feel myself start to sober up. Realisation hit me that Josh could do better…

I mean, I’ve known all along however, its always been the fans that have told me rather than the people I call friends. Unfortuantely though, I had exhausted myself and all the tears I could possibly cry therefore crying is not an option.

I’ve spent everyday since he went on tour drunk, I always drink when I become depressed because I’d rather feel numb than feel constantly empty. I looked around and decided that it’s probably best I find a way to get home- I cant keep sponging off Josh and the fact that he can drive whereas I cant in this state.

I called an uber which came and picked me up pretty fast. The journey was silent but not an awkward silent as I was too busy figuring out what I was going to tell Josh as to why I was packing my stuff and leaving.

The ride home was quiet and fast, I paid the driver and got out of the car. I walked up to the apartment and let myself in. Josh was sitting at the kitchen table when I got in. He turned his head slightly upon my entrance and pointed to the seat opposite him. When I plucked up enough courage to go in I saw that Tyler and Jenna were also sitting at the table…

“ Sit down.” Josh murmured. He sounded tired, I looked at the clock to see it was 4am… Great. I did as he told me to and I sat down opposite him.

Jenna gave me a sympathetic smile as if she knew what was about to happen- I however, was still clueless and desperately looking between the boys for some sort of hints.

Josh’s appearance was messy his hair was sticking up all over the place and his eyes were red and swollen slightly which indicated that he had either stayed up all night or he had been crying.

“Where were you?” He asked suddenly, his voice was deep and laced with anger and frustration.

“Out with friends” I replied quickly not wanting him to hear the exhaustion in my voice.

“Doing?” His tone wasn’t soft and gentle like you remembered it, it was harsh as he asked you these questions in an interrogating manor.

Then it hit me, suddenly I couldn’t breathe and I was gasping for air. The words “Josh isn’t happy with you” and “Josh could do so much better” entered your mind and spun around- making it hard to focus.

My wandering eyes met the eyes of a highly concerned and confused Tyler.

That was the final straw. I slumped over in the chair and began to cry. Josh quickly got up and came round to my side- holding my tight.

“Hey, hey, hey…” He tried to soothe me but the more comforting noises he made the more I cried because I know I’m not worth his time or effort.

“It was either I go out drinking or I go back to cutting… I just don’t feel anything anymore,” I spoke fast as I cried into his shirt, gripping onto him, “I know you can do better and everyone always tells me you can do better and when you leave I feel like you’ve gone to find someone better and the only way I can cope is to drink because I promised you I wouldn’t cut anymore.” My crying continued as I tried to get all my words out but I couldn’t get them out fast enough- they probably all came out really badly through my sobbing however, Josh must have understood as he was also crying.

He picked me up and carried me- he placed me on our bed and began to undress me. He left me in only my underwear as he left and when he came back he was only in his boxers- he placed his NASA t-shirt over my head and helped me put it on. We lay down in the bed and he pulled the quilt up and lay so we were facing each other- I was still trying to keep from crying and Josh was too.

“We’ll get through it, we always do, I’m going to be there for you and I swear I’m not going to leave you anytime soon,” he slowed down his speech as he carried on, “I never thought I would ever be so lucky as to have someone like you in my life and if people are telling you different send them to me because I’m not having that. I love you with every fibre of my being and if you had of told me your depression was back I would have helped you sooner, but you need to stop with the drinking because it is also hurting you and I want you to start opening up to me more. Can we make a deal on that? I’ll never leave you if you start talking to me?” He spoke slowly and sincerely.

I nodded my head “Yeah…” you murmured out “I love you” I said it so simply however, in the moment is was so important and meaningful that Josh smiled and spoke softly “I love you too.”

He engulfed me in a hug as Tyler knocked on the door

“Yo, Josh? Are me and Jenna cool to stay here tonight?” He asked through the door.

“Yeah, sure” Josh spoke, slightly agitated that Tyler had ruined the moment. He turned back to face me, smiled and kissed the top of my head.

“Goodnight love” He spoke as I drifted off into sleep.

A/N: so this is my first imagine and I’m sorry because it isn’t the best because I’m not very good at this but I need more Josh Dun imagines in my life so im gathering that other people do to.

Thank you for the request :)

Requests are still open for anyone who wants to request.

fay’s favorite disney movie is LILO AND STITCH 

Hear Me (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Prompt: “ Could you do a Poe x reader where the reader is deaf, and she has a panic attack and no one understands sign language except Poe and the general and she’s trying to find Poe?


You felt a tidal wave of panic settling over you, constricting your chest and closing your throat. You felt like a ton of bricks had been placed on your chest, and you struggled to stay upright as you ran through the halls of the base, vision blurring with the tears trapped in your eyes. Your mouth was open in a silent plea, and you could see the people around you staring and moving their mouths to talk to you, most likely to ask you what was wrong. You heard nothing, though. You’d never hear anything.

Frantically, you signed Poe’s name, praying that someone would understand. No one did, though, and they just shook their head sadly upon realizing you were deaf. That only made your eyes shed more tears, and you sobbed helplessly as you looked for your boyfriend.

Suddenly, you felt a soft touch on your arm, and you turned to see the General standing there. You let out a sigh of relief, knowing that she could understand you. You signed to her that you needed Poe, and she nodded without a word, wrapping her arm around your waist as she guided you to him quickly.

You took off running as soon as you saw him standing by his X-Wing, just back from his last mission, and he looked up as you drew close to him. Eyebrows furrowed together in concern, he wrapped you up in his arms, tucking your head beneath his chin for a moment. After holding you tightly for a few seconds, he pulled back far enough to sign to you.

What’s wrong? What happened? he asked.

Panic attack, you responded. He immediately understood, and he quickly picked you up and started walking to your quarters, abandoning the work he was doing on his X Wing and focusing on you. He pressed his lips to your forehead as he walked, unable to sign to you but wanted to let you know that everything would be ok.

You nodded against his chest, letting your tears fall freely until he reached your rooms. He briskly walked in and sat on the bed, drawing you to him and signing.

You’re ok, baby, he said. I’m home now. Everything’s alright. Just focus on breathing. Deep breaths. Copy me.

He held one of your hands against his chest, and he started inhaling deeply, encouraging you to match his rhythm. You struggled to do so, counting up as you inhaled and counting down as you exhaled in your head. Eventually, after several minutes, you felt the iron grip around your lungs relaxing, and Poe smiled softly down at you.

I love you, he signed.

You sighed and managed a weak smile, still feeling shaky.

I love you too.

I’ll stay with you for as long as you need, love, he promised, laying back on the bed and pulling you close. You buried yourself into his warmth, feeling his body pressed up against yours as you continued to calm down, feeling the panic slip away as the man you loved cradled you gently.


So this latest “twist” is the ultimate proof...

IMO that Swanfire was the planned endgame and Neal was meant to be Emma’s lover in the Dark Swan story, not Killy.

Even setting aside all the corollary evidence (the details like the dream catchers, true love trinket, and house with a picket fence), and the incredible storytelling drama of Neal (who IS the person who fought the Dark One longest, not Hook) becoming the DO, and the fact that the CY relationship hasn’t really earned this level of histrionics (Emma loved Neal for twelve years and almost lost him twice, vs. Hook being her boyfriend of a little less than three months), the huge difference is…with Neal in place, Emma’s latest fucked-up betrayal of her lover actually works.

Because Neal betrayed her, too. And for the same reason: he honestly believed that it was the best thing for her, the way to get her home to her parents and live happily ever after. Neal’s decision, unlike Emma’s, was unselfish, but he didn’t have the Dark One riding shotgun, either, and it certainly caused Emma as much pain as becoming the DO would him.

In the Swanfire relationship, this betrayal would finally be balance. So much of the show would have been about Emma coming to forgive Neal; this would be something, finally, that he would have to be brave and strong enough to forgive her. When they came out at the end of it, they would finally be equals in a relationship that was stronger for being broken (much like Rumbelle, by the way–and oh yeah, with Neal in place all the Rumbelle parallels make emotional sense as well, but that’s a whole nother post). 

And that element just isn’t present with Captain Yawn. Now, from the audience’s view (setting aside those who think Killy is the most noble pwince among men who ever graced any unworthy earth), Hook’s behavior has been pretty skeevy all along. He pressured her for weeks when, in JMo’s own words, Emma was “shunning him.” He hid crucial facts from her, lied, and manipulated, and he kept that up even AFTER they were in a relationship. 

But from EMMA’s point of view, Hook has been a docile and loyal coffee-fetcher and purse-holder. Because all of his dark deeds were behind her back and she willfully chose not to learn the truth of them, from her (and let’s be real, from the CY fans’) POV, he’s been nothing but a loyal and respectful (SNORT) boyfriend. 

And a flawless boyfriend really SHOULDN’T ever forgive her for a betrayal like this. It kicks the relationship into what should probably be a permanent unbalance. Emma could spend the rest of her life trying to make this up to him (which is even more gross for those in the audience who know what she did not–that he was hardly perfect to begin with).

Monsta X Reaction to finding out that you have an adopted child

Got7 version -

I always love to know that you guys enjoy my writting

Y/K/N - Your kid’s name

Shownu - Once you finally got the courage to tell your boyfriend after almost 3 months dating, that you have an adopted child, he would be really confused and lost. Looking at you for an eternity and waiting for you to keep talking, as he couldn’t say anything due to the mess in his head. Shownu would never leave you because of such thing but wouldn’t be expecting it. When meeting your kid, he would be really akward and perfectionist, wanting the kid to like him and to make you proud of him. Since he loved you so much he would want the kid to see him as his appa and would love to hear the kid calling him that, since it assured him that he was doing a good job. When you three were outside, he would have the kid on his shoulders all the time while holding your hand (fuck i cannot handle this). He wasn’t expecting it, but his love for you and the kid would grow big to the point where you two were the most important things he had. 

“Jagi…you just caught me out of guard…” (ft. Jooheon)

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Wonho - Hoseok would be looking at you with big eyes, in shock at what you just said. I can see him getting kinda angry in the beggining since you have been hiding such an important thing for him, but that would just be his first reaction, walking in circles with his hands on the back of his neck and looking at the ground, without saying a word. Once he looked at you and saw the fear in your eyes at the possibility of him breaking up with you, Wonho would hug you thight for some time and then ask you to explain it all to him. He would want to meet your child so much, but at the same time, be lowkey nervous about it. Hoseok would help you with everything from then: with the kid’s homework, taking him here and there…basically everything. even if he was busy, you and your child would be his priority always. The kid would see him as a super cool daddy and would be asking you everytime if Wonho was coming over when he wasn’t around. Wonho would buy the kid toys and gifts when he had to spend too much time far away and make sure to hug him/her and spin him/her around in his arms when he returned. 

“What did you just said?” (look at how confused he is omg)

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Minhyuk - We know how much Minhyuk loves kids and how good he is with them but he wouldn’t escape a big shock xD Your boyfriend wouldn’t even think in leaving you because of that, I feel like he would be one of the most understanding ones and even though it was all knew to him, he would be fine with it. Plus, the kid would love him, and Minhyuk would love the kid just as much and be always excited to visit him/her. He would want to see the kid the moment you told him you adopted a child and he wouldn’t be nervous at all, just really excited… it would be love at first sight from both sides. Whenever your child was throwing a tantrum for some reason, you would just call your boyfriend and as soon as he came to help you, the kid would jump in his arms, now laughing and happy to see Minhyuk (kill me this is too cute). He would spoil the kid too much and give him/her all he/she wanted (kinda like a sweet grandma). Those two would become inseparable.

You- “Minhyuk, did you gave Y/K/N that lollipop that I said he/she couldn’t eat because it was enough of sugar for one day?!”

“Huum … no? ( yes I fuckin did the kid was starving i am a savior ) ” .

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Kihyun - He would attack you with questions, so many that you didn’t have time to answer them all since he was making another one already. Kihyun would be kinda mad like Wonho but would understand you and the reason why you decided to wait to tell him. Kihyun would find this all different and would scare him a little since he wasn’t expecting in having kids at an early age. He might need some time to be able to meet the kid, it was a really important thing and he needed time to think about it. Kihyun would find the child the cutest thing and would want to visit him/her more often, til it turned a current thing and he started to view the kid as his own son/daughter. Kihyun would love to be seen like that: you the mommy and him the daddy. He loved you and the kid with all his heart and you two were his family and his everything so he would worry about every matter that involved the child, since school homework to doctor appointments (pretty much the problems of a father), and whenever people asked him if the kid was his, he would always smile and answer a proud“yes”.

*as Kihyun was taking your kid to the park, someone stopped to play with him/her and asks Kihyun if the child was his*

 “Well I… yes I am the father.”

Originally posted by mingkyun

Hyungwon - This boy would be a little put off by knowig you have an adopted child since, like Kihyun, the idea of having children was still far away in his dreams. Yet, he loves kids almost as much as Minhyuk and even though he might ask you some time to think, we know he would want to keep loving you and be able to share that love with your kid as well. Just imagine… he himself is still a kid, so whenever they were together, you better expect lots of noise, laughter and things breaking. Hyungwon would love spending time with you two, going out for dinner together, going to the cinema etc., those little things would make his best memories with you two. He might be a little scared at the idea of you having children already but give him some months to get to know the kid and you wouldn’t be able to take the kid out of his arms.

*playing with your kid in your house while chasing him/her and suddenly they break something”

“Let’s hide this in the closet and not say mommy, ok?” 

Originally posted by wonhuff

Jooheon - He would be caught of guard, so like the others he would be really shocked about it at first. Jooheon would just be kinda sad that you have been lying to him about such an important thing. He wouldn’t think in leaving you, but would stay up that night, thinking about what would change in your relationship. As he thought he was already late in that matter, Jooheon would want to meet the kid as soon as possible. You would open your door, holding your kid’s hand and letting Jooheon enter, who wouldn’t wait and just pick up the child in his arms to start talking with him/her and getting him/her more comfortable with him. He would just know what he was doing. Aegyo, puns and funny faces would be all his tricks to get the kid’s heart, and he would succeed. Their first time together would be really cute and not even akward, they would build this love for each other instantely. Jooheon would make a lot of surprises to the kid, since buying him gifts to going to pick him/her up at school to take him/her somewhere where they could have some fun. Your child would find Jooheon the collest and his biggest hero and would want to show him off to everyone.

*doing aegyo for your kid* “ ♪  You know I love you this much…this much…THIS MUCH!

Originally posted by nrlb

I.M - He himself is still a baby XD poor Changkyun wouldn’t know what to do! I see him laughing akwardly and walking around, completely lost since he was expecting you to say everyting but that. He loves kids as well, that wouldn’t be the problem, he was just affraid that he wouldn’t be enough to take care of you and the kid. He would not leave you but would need some time to meet the kid. You would have to make him more comfortable with the idea, telling him why you decided to adopt a child, funny stories that happened with you and your kid and telling him that he was only going to meet him/her when he felt prepared. Of course Changkyun would want do meet the kid, he would just be nervous af. He would pretend to be fine when the day finally come, but would be dying inside… it was such an important thing! It would be kinda akward between those two at first, but as soon they started to play or laugh about something, all that weirdness would disappear. They would become best friends and Changkyun would love to play with the kid, it would just fill his soul. He would love the kid with all his heart and take him/her with him everytime he could.

*making the kid laugh* “Jagi, come play with us!”

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These reactions melt my heart :’(

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



I thought my days of isolation were over when my husband and I had returned “home” after Christmas vacation, with my family. I though I had risen out of the dark cloud, loneliness had engulfed me in for many months passed. I though that because I NEEDED them, they too needed me. 

Friendships always seemed to come and go, but this one - i though - would certainly stick. These women were the ones who were supposed to understand me the most, know my struggles, feel my pain. But, that wasn’t the case. I should have known, by the way they froze out the girls who came before me… I wish I could warn the ones who would come after. 

I understand, I really do, military wives go though things many spouses would never even dream of in their worst nightmares: pack up, move 3,000+ miles from home, leaving every few years, starting all over. You have to protect yourself, keep your guard up, not let anyone you don’t fully trust too close; but, why me? Why her? Why them? It’s a tough game, and only those who are truly strong will be daring enough to play.

I don’t want to play anymore
I don’t want to bend over backwards for someone who doesn’t care about me
I don’t want put myself in these situations 
I don’t want to make anyone feel the way I feel tonight
I don’t want to feel alone anymore 
I don’t want to 
I don’t want to 

I want to help
I want help
I want to be a friend 
I want to spread love
I want to accept everyone 
I want to be accepted

We should be encouraging each other, yet more often than not, I find we are tearing each other down. But, why? No one else will ever understand the day to day struggles we come across. No one else will know the frustration you feel when the dishwasher, microwave, and dryer break, all in the same day and, your husband is only one third of the way through his ninth deployment. No one else will know how overwhelmed you are with loneliness, when you haven’t heard from him in three weeks and the bed feels extra big tonight. 

No one else will know 
No one else will feel your pain, your heart ache
But I think the scariest things may be: No one else will care

So Why? Why tearing each other down, when we could be building each other up? Why push someone away, when all they need is love? Why make someone feel alone, when they’re longing to be needed? I didn’t know that THIS is what being a “MilSo” meant, but if I only accomplish one thing as a military wife it will to never make anyone - wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, of an armed forces member - feel the heartache, loneliness, and rejection that I have become all to familiar with.

Tony Stark ~ It’ll Be Okay

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Originally posted by duckbuttt

After finding out that The Winter Soldier had killed the one and only Iron Man’s parents - and Steve knew it all along but refused to rat out his beloved friend - , it really hit Tony hard. 

You’ve never seen him like this, it was as if someone ripped his heart out of his body and he was making no effort to try and fix it. He talked to Rhodey and tried helping him since unfortunately he was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down; but even Rhodey knew Tony wasn’t the same. 

He wasn’t sure if he’d ever be the same again. 

You couldn’t blame him though, you didn’t know what it was like for him to finally find out who killed his parents only for it to be caused by someone that he knew. Not only was it someone he knew, but someone else he called his friend knew it all along as well but didn’t tell him. 

Steve told you he didn’t want to tell him because he didn’t want to hurt him, you could see where he was coming from but that didn’t mean he had to hurt Tony the way he did. Obviously it wasn’t Bucky who killed Tony’s parents, but it was at the same time so Tony had every right to take his frustrations out on him WITHOUT killing him; you knew he would have killed him if he had the chance though. 

You liked Bucky and hated for siding with Tony on this one, Bucky was in no control of what happened but you were closer to Tony than anyone else and it pained you to see him like this.  

“Tony…” He seemed to keep to himself for the most part, all he wanted to do was stay in his bedroom and push everyone away for a while. He was still trying to process everything that has happened and how much will change because of it. 

He was stuck in oblivion, he was lost in this pit of darkness with no source of light to find his way out. You wanted to be that light for him, you needed to be. All you wanted was for him to know that you weren’t going anywhere. 

You loved him. 

He turned his head slightly at the sound of your voice, but didn’t respond to you. It hurt to see him like this, he just looked so weak and drained; it wasn’t normal. 

You quietly walked over to him, respecting his silence. If he didn’t want to say anything to you, then he didn’t have too. All you needed from him is for him to understand that everything’s going to be okay. 

You sit down on his bed, hesitating before you cup his face in your hands - making him look at you. Luckily, he just succumbed to your touch and became puddy-like. His spirits lifted slightly at the feeling of your hand on his cheek, he was happy that you were here. 

There was nothing that had to be said, - although you wished to talk to him - he felt comfort at the sight of your sorrowful face, perhaps he felt that someone understood the way he felt. He knew deep down that no one would understand the way he felt though, not in a long shot. 

You were trying though, and he appreciated that immensely. 

The corner of his lips tugged upwards, he was fighting a hint of a smile as he looked in to your mesmerizing y/e/c eyes. It wasn’t until then that he realized just how utterly beautiful you were, sure he’s noted your gorgeousness before but he never took the time to really notice it. 

“Oh Tony…” Sighing, your thumb stokes his soft cheek. If you weren’t trying to hold it back, you’d probably start crying.

His lips parted as if he wanted to say something, but something was catching in his throat which refused to allow him to speak. Without even thinking, you took this moment to lean closer to him and press your lips against his dry ones. You didn’t want sex, you didn’t need this to be anything hot and heavy, you just wanted him to know that you were there for him. 

He was shocked at your sudden affection, but nonetheless it made him feel a little better. A little can go a long way, so instead of pushing you away or letting his mind make him more upset - he decided to put his focus on you for the moment. 

You hadn’t even had the chance to pull away fully before Tony’s hands grabbed your hips and kissed you again. You were quite surprised at how fast he came out of his trance - although you knew deep down he was still sort of in it.

The kiss was everything, it was that source of light for him - even if it only lasted about a minute. 

Leaning your forward against his - your noses touching - you lick your lips and close your eyes. “It’ll be okay Tony.” 

“I know.” You didn’t need to open your eyes to see his little smile. 

He knew that everything would get better as long as you were there. It was all going to be okay. 

fun specialist 33 headcanons in which everything is beautiful and happy bc this is what we deserve:

  • multilingual kara + grant both switching between languages depending on which fits the conversation best
  • multilingual kara + grant forgetting which language they’re supposed to be speaking so grant tries to order their starbucks in french and kara corrects him in spanish and their barista is like the shit is happening
  • history nerds kara and grant going on museum dates and getting really excited + having deep intellectual discussions
  • kara reconnecting with her family and convincing grant to contact thomas and rosie because it’s never too late okay?
  • grant going for family dinners with the palamas family and he’s all nervous at first (“what if they hate me though kara?”) but they obviously don’t bc he’s a little nerd who is so in love with their daughter and she’s so happy with him
  • kara + grant getting the “so how did you meet?” story down to perfection like it’s this whole “he saved me” // “we saved each other” which has everyone aww-ing
  • both of them aggressively trying to find their passion together now that they are hella unemployed and all they know how to do is kill. it turns out kara’s knits when she’s stressed but that’s not so good as a job.
  • kara + grant adopting a dog!! or possibly a lot of dogs.
  • kara changing her face to mess with people like you just know she would do it.
  • kara + grant going on holidays bc it’s so long since they ever had a proper holiday because travelling with shield so that they can kill people doesn’t count. the beach counts though. so does sightseeing in paris.
  • saturday morning brunch dates bc grant ward wants his fuckin pumpkin pancakes.