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i just wanted to say THAKN YOU to all the people who sent me an ask or a msg over chat about my fake subs and how they made you laugh, or how much you enjoy them. 

thank you for taking the time to write out such kind words, i didn’t even think these fake subs could make people laugh out loud or cheer up so many shitty days so thats really cool. i dont reply to all of them but know that i read and appreciate every single one 

hope you’re all having a good day or night!!!

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What does Hanzo, Mccree, and 76 (idk how many people you do at once so only Mccree if you do one please!) do when s/o gets unwanted attention. Like a guy flirting, rubbing their arm, and s/o is clearly uncomfortable but doesn't know what to do and is too shy to say anything

(That’s not too many. Coming right up! I hope you like.)

You’ve been waiting at the bar to meet your boyfriend for lunch when this creep slides into the seat next to you. He’s leaning in too close, his questions are too intrusive, and, worst of all, he keeps trying to put his hand on the small of your back while he speaks to you. You glance desperately to the bartender who’s already turned away. No help there. You’re starting a quiet panic when your hero walks in the door.


Hanzo can’t stand the sight of someone taking advantage of your timid nature and goes out of his way to protect you. His face is calm, despite the rage he’s feeling, as he approaches the bar. He grabs the creep by the wrist and pulls him out of his chair and to the floor.

“Get out,” Hanzo demands.

He doesn’t want you to see him hurt this man, but he will if he has to. The pervert picks himself off of the floor, slaps a twenty on the bar for his drinks, and leaves with what’s left of his pride.

“I’m sorry,” Hanzo tells you and kisses your cheek.


McCree is more disgusted than he is angry, and he’s ready to start a fight the second he sees the man’s hand on you. He approaches the bar and kisses you before turning to the creep beside you.

“You got a death wish, pal?” he asks. He’s not afraid to hurt somebody.

The man manages to start a half-assed excuse before McCree punches him and he tumbles out of his seat with a clatter. The bartender looks up and shouts for them to take it outside. McCree drags the creep outside by his collar, and you sip your drink quietly until he returns.

“You okay, pumpkin?” he asks and takes your hand gently.

Soldier 76:

76 is disappointed. He had picked that bar to meet because he thought you would be safe there by yourself. He greets you with a hug and waves down the bartender to pay for your drinks. He watches the creep beside you with an intensity that makes you nervous while he waits for the bartender to bring back his change.

“This place isn’t as clean as I remember,” he says to you loud enough for everyone to hear. “Let’s go.”

With one arm tight around your waist, he walks you out the door to find a better place for lunch.

Annes pink panties and the dog 2

Joanne had got it all planned what she wanted to do with Anne it had long been her fantasy to turn Anne into a bitch . I knew joanne lived in a cottage with lots of animals she took in but didnt realise what she was into , she belonged to a fetish group were couples and singles came to get the women fucked by the animals and turned into bitches being used by the animals for fucking , and even being milked she even offered to breed Anne , which meant when the animals used her after she would put a mixture of spunk in her mixed from different donors to hopefully breed her. She said the women ( bitches ) then belived they had been bred . I said it was a bit extreme for me but wanted to see Anne fucked and milked though. Anne had got a week off work so we arranged to visit Joanne at the start of the week , joanne had told her the dog had been missing her lol .We arrived at joannes cottage in the morning and she met us at the door winking at me as she led us inside.I sorry she said we have had an infection in some of the animals so I will have to give you a jab just to be on the safe side , showing us a small syringe , Anne nodded her head oh ok jo no prob will it hurt , joanne laughed no hun lift your skirt up , anne lifted her skirt up showing her white silky panties , my cock was rock hard as joanne looked at me and winked as she injected anne. I will let the dogs through in a minute , you will like that wont you anne , said joanne first you had better sit down and relax you look abit wobbly , anne smiled and sat down her eyes had started to flicker , joanne let the one dog in he ran straight over to anne , hes very pleased to see you anne his cocks so hard , annes eyes had started to close she let out a smile ; good girl said joanne relax hunny your going to be a lovely bitch , pushing annes dress up showing her panties , the dog started licking her straight away , anne started to groan , joanne moved her panties to one side and got the dog up and guided his cock into anne , your gone now sweety your his bitch , he started to fuck anne her eyes flickered and she groaned as his cock pounded her . Joanne opened annes top and got her tits out of her bra and attached 2 small cups with tubes on to each nipple and turned a small machine on , her tits were sucked into the cups as it tried to milk her. Will it work on her I asked joanne , oh yes hun by the end of the week we will be getting milk from her , the dog pumped his spunk deep into anne she lay there her tits being pumped and spunk coming down her legs , joanne put some earphones on anne , to give her some lovely dreams she said and make her a good bitch. After about an hour anne started to wake up , joanne moved her onto the floor on her hands and knees taking annes top and skirt off and leaving just her white bra and panties on , anne didnt seem to know where she was , joanne gave her another injection in the bum , and then let another dog in , who mounted anne from behind , anne groaned as joanne put his cock in her , thats good isnt it anne , to my surprise she nodded her eyes glased over as the dog fucked her . She well on her way hun leave her with me and come back tomorrow , my cock was throbbing like I had never known , joanne looked at me and said shall we breed her , yes yes I said , she fetched a large syringe out of the kitchen full of spunk and when the dog finished she pushed it deep into annes pussy and squirted the lot deep inside her . . To be continued . .

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Notes from Arthur Jaffa at the Paul Robeson Awards

While last year’s success re: what we might call “black film” points to a changing industry, we must remember that film was not made for black people. Much like the piano, the quintessential European instrument, the limitations of the film medium were designed for Western Europeans to excel well in. Thelonious Monk could work the hell out of a piano but the diatonic scale did not have the notes, rhythms, and syncopations of Africa and her descendants in mind. It isn’t that film, as a medium, is necessarily racist; it was just invented by and for a particular people, much like Hip Hop was invented by and for a particular people.

We need to re-think what limitations are. Whatever deficits we have as black filmmakers we need to turn into assets. Resources come with attachments and can in fact become limitations in their own rights. Killer of Sheep was made with $5,000 over 2-3 years (you can see the kids growing up) on the weekends. It had incredible limitations but nevertheless is one of the best films ever made. With resources, the blackness (or any -ness) of your film is now beholden to shareholders or producers or clients and not the community or even to you. 

When we think of representation, we always think that Black people need to be lawyers, astronauts..anything along the lines of capitalist success. But we need to think beyond that. Have you seen a black person on screen say a word like “sorbet” or “exquisite”? 

We need to also reconsider the types of black people we represent. We never consider people who cannot be casted. All modern black actors are descendants of Angela Bassett and Denzel Washington. If we are in films about astronauts, someone like Gabourey Sidibe can never be the captain. Your grandmother will never play the president of a corporation. 

We need to think about casting people (at least in the DMV area) from SouthEast. What kinds of body types, stories, voices, looks (eyes) can you get from the neighborhood. And don’t be afraid of “bad acting”. Most bad acting boils down to bad line delivery. Hire a professional actor to say the lines these interestingly ordinary people perform. If all of Italian cinema until the 90s was post-dubbed and Italian cinema, particularly of the 40s and 50s, can still be considered one of the most important countries in terms of cinematic output, then so can black america. 


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-Don’t make things up. Im sure you didn’t memorise it.

-Because I wrote it over a hundred times. Because over a hundred times, I wanted to go to you.


I was really tired when i did the last one….. anyways! This is part 2 of the thing i’m doing… but prob wont finish oops! Part one is here:

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Treebros(if you ship it) And 55

send me a character or ship and a quote!

i have,,, complicated opinions abt treebros my first thought was that this is was supposed to be kinky but i,,,, made it not lol

my masterlist!

Summary, bc i thought of one and laughed at my own joke i prob wont do summaries in the future: connor gets rly bad roadrage and evan is like ): but he keeps swearing and then evan is like ):< and connor is like 0:

Warnings: just swears i think

Word count: 453 (short ik :( im sorry)

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3. I LOVE YOU SO FLIPPING MUCH you do not understand

stealth AM love

my wife doesn’t wake up for like another hour so I’m going to stealthily post where she probs wont see

holy shit its our one year anniversary and while its been an unbelievably hard week and I’m devtasted we can’t be together it’s still amazing and feels unbelievably awesome to know that you’re with the person who you should be with and you have a deliriously happy relationship and you get to spend the rest of your entire fuckin’ life with the same person?? that seems like cheating??? having a wife and loving her so much and it’s like oh hold up motherfucker yall still only 30, that was one year out of presumably like 50 get ready it only gets better from here.

and that’s…. pretty cool??? pretty cool

I’m gay for my wife

(and just in general)

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So I need some advice. I DONT think taylor is racist because we know her better than that.I’m worried about everyone else. I want to go to her rep tour in NJ MetLife Stadium, but I’m afraid that I’ll stick out like an alien. After all the average population near the stadium is 67% for white people and 17% for Hispanics which is intimidating. So that’s a little nerve wracking plus as a 14 yr old going with her mom and little sister it’s also even more awkward. (anxiety probs makes it worse though

ok for one, you have to keep in mind people travel HOURS to go to a show. So the met life  show will have people from all over the northeast. 

two, you wont stick out at all, everyone at taylors concert was just happy smiley stoked on life, there is an air of ‘this is gonna be amazing im stoked on life right now hi how are you arent you stoked to be here this is great i cant wait to see her and sing so loud and dance this is gonna be the best night of the yearrrrrrr’ and you could literally show up IN an alien costume and you would not stick out. There are people wearing costumes, people with signs, people without costumes, people in pajamas, people all dressed up, people in jeans and a tshirt, people half naked, people with 13s on their face, there is the whole gamut. 

three, and i can only speak for myself, as the 1989 tour is the only  one ive been able to go to, there were lots of people at the show in a mom - teenager - little sister situation. LOTS AND TONS. absolutely not gonna stick out like a sore thumb. i couldnt tell you the ethnicity of people who were at my show bc thats not something i ever pay attention to, so i’d never remember that, i just remember there were people of all ages, kids, teenagers, 20 somethings, 30 soemthings, 40 somethings, 50 somethings who areparents of the younger fans, older people (yes really although not as common!), more females than males but definitely a healthy amount of males. don’t let any anxiety you have deter you from going. if you can afford to go, i dont think you’ll in any way regret the decision. taylor’s shows are not just a concert, but a true EXPERIENCE.

anonymous asked:

so, im a girl and i ive been feeling sexually attracted to other females, but romantically to males. like, i cant really see myself married,in love w and raising kids with a woman, only with a man. heres the problem: i want to save my virginity until marriage. and since i want marriage with a man but im sexually attracted to females, im scared that ill be stuck with a bad sex life my whole life! u probs wont be able to give me that much advice but anything helps, im desperate and conflicted


That is a tricky situation indeed. As you said, I’m afraid I cannot give you much advice on this subject. Your instinct pulls you one way and your values another… seems like the only way is to compromise one or the other, unfortunately.

Followers, any thoughts for anon?

Hope you get things figured out, love. (I’m sorry for the delayed response.)

- Toza


The Boys tease you for fangirling!~ (Maknae Line + Ahjussi Line)

A/N: Request! Nam JooHyuk is slaying someone’s heart and this person asked for a text involving the boys teasing you when u are awkward af around him  Do you guys watch Moon Lovers? I watched for Baek-Bae and stayed for the So-bae //Slapped, Baek-AH!!!, this will prob wont make sens if you dont see the series…


Request one here!

Dating Kyungsoo:

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

- Enjoys cooking a lot

- If you can’t cook he would make the effort to teach you if you wanted

- Compliments overload

- “you’re beautiful y/n”

- “Kyungsoo you have said that five times already today”

- “Bc its truth”

- Always singing (but its not like u can complain bc wow that voice could cure all ill in the world)

- Sings in the shower then you suddenly appear in the shower too and a duet goes down

- Fun stuff also goes down 

- Asking him to sing in different languages

- Asking him to say something in english bc you think its hot af (or ur own native tongue whatever is suitable for you, same for the next two as well)

-He replies with “you want me to talk in english” in enGLISH

-You go all funny bc damn how hot and he looks at you like he should speak English more often

- He is hella supportive when it comes to your dreams and aspirations

Lots of cuddles together whilst watching a film or smth (squishy time with the squish)

- getting him to say squishy a lot bc you find it too cute (srsly how TO HANDLE THAT)

- telling him repeatedly that he needs to bless the world with a solo album

- “y/n it’s not going to bless the world thats a bit ott”

- “ How dare you”

- Listens well when you need to get something off your mind and always tries to help in any way he can whether it be with advice or actions

- Encourages you to go for whatever you wanna do bc he supportive like that

- He has you constantly walking past him telling him he is hot

“Y/n you said that like six times today”

“yeah bc its truth”

“I see what you did there”

I had a good think last night about Ksoo and so i made this i probs wont make another one so please don’t request me too :)



TOKEN: “Dude. What are you doing.”

CRAIG: “Eating gummy bears, the fuck does it look like I’m doing you dingus.”

TOKEN: “Right…”

TOKEN: “You…see no problems with the bears….???”

CRAIG: “They tasted…bad. But I’m hungry, so who cares haha.”

TOKEN: “I expected this from anyone except you.”

CRAIG: “What the fuck is that supposed to mean.”

TOKEN: “Those are Vodka Gummy Bears dude. How the hell do you not notice that.”

CRAIG: “Shit. Haha, whoooopsie.”

TOKEN: “Christ, everyone is going to have a field day when they find out The Craig Tucker is drunk.”

CRAIG: “I’m not drunk you tit.”

TOKEN: “Walk in a straight line.”

CRAIG: “….”

CRAIG: “….Nah. Not today mom.”

CRAIG: “I’m just gonna give these to you. Hahaha….”

CRAIG: “Along with like, drowning your entire water supply.”

TOKEN: “I give that jackass ten minutes.”

TOKEN:One. I give him one minute before he breaks his own arm.”


anonymous asked:

you are married right? i have a weird question. does your hubby still go down on you? because my stopped so lond ago and i was just wondering if thats a normal thing or maybe theres something wrong :(

oh god, my hubs hasnt gone down on me in……prob like 3 years. like its once in a blue moon. which is weird bc he used to do it ALL THE FucKING TIME. its like the one thing he just wont do anymore….i dont know why ahahha ive asked him about it and he just shrugs at me and im like BITCH ….

men just suck. but i would talk to him and see whats up. ive given up trying to persuade him, recently its gotten to the point that i wont go down on him anymore either even tho its one of my fave things hahah im spiteful. 

anonymous asked:

If she got an invitation it probably wont be through Harry, but it doesnt matter Harry wont make a scene. She'll prob get seated next to him. Someone was saying Obama won't want her near them bcuz of Harvey, but the Obamas might welcome the distraction from Harry & Meg, future (fake) princess. The average person will be distracted paying attention to H & M's 1st-fake fiance-US tour-appearance-thingy and not the Harvey scandal. I could see the Obama's making this play. Hopefully this wont happen.

I don’t think she will risk it…she has probably been told one of these times canada won’t let her back in!