no one wont see this prob

hhh ok so ive been noticing a lot of people bein freakin rude to the precious bean and i wanted to draw so
//jazz hands//
also i lost my stylus and cant draw digitally unless you want me to draw with my finger lmao but traditional it is >:3c

@cosmiipu you are presh and dont change for anyone else but yourself, artists are always inspired by other artists and it affects their style, therefore everyones is always similar to someone elses. but that doesnt mean its not special in its own way. honestly id take off anon asks :\ cuz you dont deserve that hun.

anonymous asked:

Funny coincidence here - I'm making a pv with your older Yohio model (downloaded him the day he first released LOL) and halfway through I see you made a new one who's just as beautiful bless <3

AW MAN NICE!!!!!!! poor kid was so old that i had to kinda update him eventually hehehe but im glad u liked them both ;3c
if u ever finish the pV U SHOULD link me even though i probs wont be able to watch bc internet 😩

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

To everyone else you’re the perfect mom.

In most aspects that’s true, but there’s one thing that I wish I could change about you.

You say you’ll accept me no matter what, but as soon as i told you i saw your doors shut.

You hear me tell you that I’m your son. 

“But you’re my little girl!” you plead, not knowing that with every word you say I do nothing but bleed.

I always thought you’d be here to stay.

I shout your name, but you turn the other way.

Now I’m left with nothing but sorrow and fear.

You used to say you’d love me always

and now i know that that didn’t mean you would love me all ways.


Your son.

Imagine tattoo artist Namjoon and Yoongi having a reputation around town. People find them incredibly intimidating “Especially the smaller one” they whisper “With the green hair. I heard he had a criminal record, how scary” but little do people know if you pass by the parlour late at night near closing, you can see the two men playing rock paper scissors to decide who has to take out the trash (with namjoon often losing but while he’s busy out the back fulfilling his part of the bet Yoongi makes quick work of tidying Namjoon’s station for him because he knows how frustrated his partner gets when things are strewn everywhere while he’s working) and sometimes, just sometimes, you can see Namjoon counting wads of cash before stuffing it into his pocket. “Drug money” people whisper, “My donation for the month” Namjoon would unknowingly correct as he hands over the funds to a local charity worker who bows low and thanks him for the umpteenth time for his generosity 

the signs when sick
  • Aries: Will skip school/work but still go out for leisure
  • Taurus: Absolutely home bound. Tells people to stay away
  • Gemini: Stays home but doesn't tell anyone they're sick. Then their friends think they are ditching them for no reason
  • Cancer: Hate's the feeling, but loves staying home and being lazy all day
  • Leo: Will tell everyone, and make sure everyone misses them
  • Virgo: Must use hand-sanitizer. Must take vitamins. Must keep hydrated. Must get better.
  • Libra: Doesn't want anyone to see them in this horrible state
  • Scorpio: Just wont show up to anything. Probs wont even tell anyone
  • Sagittarius: Cries because sickness gets in the way of everything they wanna do
  • Capricorn: Really moody. Stay away.
  • Aquarius: Is probably the one that gets everyone else sick. Sickness can't take away their freedom
  • Pisces: Stays in bed. For 3 days straight.