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hey, once i get that new copy of redwheelbarrow, i won’t need my old one. so i’m gonna give it away.

reblog this post if you wanna enter, you don’t have to follow me or anything its not one of those fancy smancy giveaways, but yeah. it’s been opened already, but its in great shape. i don’t know when they will send me my new copy but ya whenever i get it is when i’ll choose a winner.

if you want a copy of redwheelbarrow cause you don’t have one yet, just reblog this post. i’ll mail it anywhere, so international is fine. :)

*cat not included

You’re not a bad person if you can’t donate money to someone who is in terrible need of it, especially if you’re struggling to find money for yourself.

You’re not the most despicable person to ever exist if you can’t comfort someone who needs reassurance and comforting, especially if you’re not in the right frame of mind or in a bad situation yourself.

The entire population of this planet is not giving to shame you because you couldn’t find it in yourself to reblog and/or signal boost a post that effected you negatively // brought back bad memories // made you upset or feel uneasy in some way.

It’s alright if you can’t reblog that post. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t donate food, clothing, or money that you barely have yourself. It’s absolutely okay if you keep scrolling to avoid being triggered by certain events being retold in that post.

It’s alright. I’m not judging and will love you regardless. Please take care of yourself before trying to take care of someone else.


Having to sit next to Isaac on the school bus and when it breaks down in the middle of nowhere you have a panic attack.

Isaac is the one that calms you down, and he stays with you for the whole trip.
After that you two are inseparable.

“I’m really sorry Isaac, you should be enjoying the sun instead your in here helping me"you sighed as you sat against the wall.

"Hey, its fine honestly I’d rather stay here with you"Isaac replied, his hand holding yours tightly.


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

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In regards to porn do you think there is a difference between gay male porn and straight porn? You know since in gay porn it's all men.

No reblogs for now, just replies and asks as I am working through this (other porn post is fine to reblog, idc)

I think porn itself is misogynist either way, because of its origins- like I said I think it is about commodifying women’s sexualities for male consumption. BUT I think the practical ethics around consumption, the politics of how it operates, are toooootally different yeah, so I don’t think gay male porn, lesbian porn, heterosexual porn are all exactly the same.

Take one of my primary concerns with consumption of porn, which is the very the fact that their sexualities become commodities consumed by both the viewers AND by male porn performers. It is common knowledge that not all gay porn actors are even actually gay or bi, which of course creates different ethics than the portrayal of sex between two gay men. There’s an imbalance, and a consumption of sexuality on the part of these men (often tops in gay scenes) that parallels that within het porn but you don’t see it necessarily happen on screen as explicitly. There’s a very common sense in which heterosexual relations are mapped onto gay porn in ways that don’t necessarily reflect the realities, as I’ve had them reported to me, of gay sex- the usability of the bottom, the physical use of the bottom’s bodies as tools for the top to achieve oegasm, the disregard on the part of the top for the bottom’s comfort or pleasure are all common in gay porn and, I’m told, less common (though present) in gay sex. And of course you see a lot of the same kink shit that’s basically about violence, just sexualized. But it isn’t heterosexual violence, it isn’t violence against women. Its origins are the same- sexualization of violence on the part of men, inability of men to relate sexually to others without relying on violence as framework, etc. But for sure the ethics are different- even the worst parts of gay porn often have their roots in heterosexual concepts of sex, heterosexual ways of mixing violence and sexuality- so to see them replayed in a different context does genuinely make them different, just like I think some kinds of kink are genuinely different within lesbian contexts. But gay porn is still produced for male consumption, and we have to keep in mind that the mainstream stuff is typically geared toward men with different sexualities but similar dispositions to some of the worst heterosexual men- that’s not all gay men and I’d bet it is a smaller chunk than among straight men. So I know I wrote a lot, but I’m not sure! I have to think about it.

If you know a famous het porn actor, odds are very good that he’s a rapist, but either way he is absolutely in a position where even as he technically performs sexual labor it is a woman’s sexuality that is still his for consumption- scenes are more likely to happen on his terms than hers, but either way there is a way in which his body is the vessel through which the male viewer’s consumption is even made possible, the physical carrier of the aspirations of the porn consumer. So he is partly culpable in recreating the set of conditions from which you get pornography, in a way that female porn actresses are absolutely not complicit in any moral or political sense. From what I know, conditions are much better for men doing porn than for women doing porn, and that reflects something important about who does the work of creating porn. I don’t know about how we should map that relationship onto gay porn though- I think something different happens in gay porn but I’m not sure what. The effects on viewers are mostly similar (difficulty taking off porn vision for real sex, difficulty getting off without using it, difficulty seeing sex with your eyes in your own head rather than in the pornagraphied camera lens way or in third person) but I don’t ever think same-gender contexts are the same as heterosexual ones.

This is another of those cases where I think we should recognize that homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, are all components of gender that don’t just operate individually if each other. Like is the treatment of bottoms in gay porn misogyny? Honestly, more or less, but it’s within a totally different context than how it is between heterosexuals. I think that perhaps, because porn is a heterosexual institution as I understand it, there’s something very different about the place gay porn has within porn more broadly, because it doesn’t serve all the purposes of porn or really even most of them.

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Hey man! Sorry, I just accidentally reblogged one of your posts. I deleted it but I just wanted to apologise in case you were who the fuck reblogged my thing.

Hey there! No worries lol! Reblogging is fine, its just re-posting - as in physically uploading to another site without me knowing/asking me in advance. Thank you though! Really appreciate it! ♥♥♥

I’m in need for money because i need to save up for a new binder ;w; 
(I kinda came to know that the ones i wear are dangerous and a new one is pretty exspensive. So i have nothing at the moment and thank god its winter..)

Things i can draw

* Furries
* Blood/Gore
* OC’s
* Cannon Characters.

Things i wont draw

* NSFW (Slightly is fine with me but not overly)
* Transformers/Robots
* Characters that are way too hard to draw.

I’m allowed to say no to your commission if i don’t feel comfortable with it.

If intrested, please message me!!<3

If you can’t help. Don’t worry! Reblogging helps alot too! ;w;

WTF tumblr??? One of my wips was reblogged by a porn blog and they even added a link?! Are you fucking serious?!
I’ve seen that this is happening with other people’s pictures(like actual rl pictures of people that have nothing to do with the shitty porn blogs) and that’s not safe nor right. Like tumblr @staff can you do something about this? It’s annoying and it can be harmful to the people that post pictures as well as people browsing. can you do something about this? It’s annoying and it can be harmful to the people that post pictures as well as people browsing.
I already have enough with the annoying porn blogs following me but now this is getting out of hand…
It’s pissing me off a lot. Like leave my art and people’s pictures in peace.

abuse doesn’t just cause harm while its happening, its like. having your personality and coping mechanisms and emotions, all the threads of your life, tangled up into very fine knots, the kind that even the most patient people and the most nimble fingers want to give up on. and you just have to slowly work at them or learn to deal with the hiccups they cause in your continued existence 


• NAME. Apollinaire
• ANIMAL. Aardvark
• GIRLS NAME. Adelaide (his daughter!)
• COLOR. Amethyst 
• MOVIE. A Cure For Wellness (just watched it last night !!! 15/10) 
• DRINK. Arizona Tea (im p sure that doesnt count but its fine…)
• SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM. Automatic toilet (?????)
• PLACE. Appalachian Mountains 

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have u ever heard of kinetic slime?? its where u mix slime and kinetic slime together and i think the sounds sound very satisfying!! sad that i dont see much of it ;;

I actually reblogged a video of it a long time ago!! It was super good, I wouldn’t expect kinetic sand to mix so well with slime! (Also apparently mixing slime with regular fine sand is a way to make homemade kinetic sand! I’ve never tried it, but apparently it works, lol!)

I wish there was more too, I’ve only ever seen the one video that I reblogged ^^; I’ll try to find it and link it here though!!

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, but I kept on forgetting 

Any who, I’m looking for blogs that post older anime. I already have enough mainstream/popular on my dash. I have nothing against it. I just need variety. 

So please reblog/like if you post:

  • anything from 95′ and up
  • *like escaflowne, lain, gits, gasaraki
  • berserk (i know this has a 2016 series either one is fine)
  • 2000 to 2011 pls 

**if you tag your posts that would be amazing**

**if you make gfx/gifs that would be even better**

When I still see people reblogging that photoset of one of my first altars it always shocks me a little to see it. My approach to practice has changed so much since then. When I first started I was just so excited and wanted to try everything, have xyz, have ornate altars (which is fine), but now I’m just making everything as simple as possible. Currently my altar has a couple candles and my calcite stones. Nothing fancy…no cloth or decor for now. I just needed to create space. Because that’s what I need right now. Its just crazy how much one can change in less than a year.

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Heeeey i'm really sorry to ask this, but i've seen you reblig some stim stuff sooo could you maybe tag trypophobia to some of them? Just the ones where people poke holes in slime and stuff. I'd really appreciate it but if you can't or don't want to that's fine. (also sorry for being on anon i'm just hella shy)

yea its cool dont worry abt it!
sdlfksdf tbh i dont rly like it much when people poke holes in it either
bc it sounds so gross,,,,,,,
but thats like,,all i can ever find people do,,