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I'm confused. So u are not a Larry? U hate Larries? Is that it? You believe Zayn and Harry are on good terms, so is Zouis?

I think all the public drama between 1D is wholly manufactured by 1DHQ. If there has been any real drama in the past couple of years, we sure as hell wouldn’t know about it. And that’s how it’s supposed to work. But yes, I think 5/5 are perfectly fine with and supportive of each other. You’ve gotta be able to recognize when you’re being manipulated. 1DHQ doesn’t respect you in the least. Why would they bother to tell you the truth? 

I support Harry and Louis and their right to be together openly, but I wouldn’t call myself a Larrie, per se. Some Larries have done some sketchy shit under the banner of Larriedom and I just do not approve. 

So many gleefully participated in a smear campaign against Zayn. I’ve seen one Larrie blog apologize on blog for that to date. One. But a bunch are now backpedaling without owning their part in very sincerely trying to ruin his reputation and kill his career. Not ok.

And there was last year’s call to forcibly “out” Harry and Louis in reaction to babygate. That was just evil and selfish. And before people try to re-write history (again) and try to claim the whole “receipts” thing was only a request for previously untold cute Larry stories, I reblogged the damn posts and went off about it. They had hundreds of notes. Most didn’t call out the fuckery. So called Larries were shading Harry and Louis hardcore and even asked for video that would definitively “prove” Larry. They harassed an update account for video because they believed this account actually has a smoking gun. It was inexcusable. I got blocked by the ringleaders and I’m proud of it.

You may also remember the idea for “LarryCon”, which was a suggestion to have a ComicCon style public convention for a closeted couple. Please pause and ponder that. How might Harry and Louis feel about that? Did the blogger who suggested this care? No? That’s what I thought. Making Harry and Louis’ closet into a sort of entertainment is just inappropriate. Yes, their love deserves to celebrated. But not in a circus-like environment. This was especially wtf. 

Also there’s a tendency for many Larries to make literally everything about Harry and Louis to an embarrassing degree. Family and friends can’t even tweet without getting deluged about Larry. Even hotel employees get harassed. Find your chill. Nobody needs to be on a mission to “prove” Larry. We’ve all seen and heard enough. If more things come up that point to Harry and Louis being a couple (and they always do), then great. You don’t have to dig your way to China looking for evidence. When the media calls 1D fans “crazy”, this is one of the things they point to. They use the foolery of a few to slander everyone. But Larries haven’t done a good job of calling each other out. Silence can be taken as approval. Not ok.    

Then there’s the thing with certain Larries policing other Larries’ blogs. They tell people what their talking points should be. They tell people who to follow and who to block. When you deviate from the plan, they go after you. Sometimes on blog, sometimes off blog. But the Mean Girls cliqueishness and groupthink is very real. And it’s exceedingly gross when it’s adults holding sway over other young and impressionable bloggers like this. Some of these bloggers are not the most emotionally stable and they’re very manipulative. Quite frankly, the reason some (emphasis on some) adults are even in this fandom is because they’re on the same emotional level as the kids. Can we address the elephant in the room? Again, it’s not a problem exclusive to Larries. But Larries are a big part of the problem. 

Did all of that answer your questions? LOL