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Gruvia Analysis in Final Chapter

This deserves to be posted in each Gruvia fan’s posts, because it’s so beautiful, touching and a work of art!  ❄💙❄

Fangirling aside.

First we got this beauty. The way Gray and Juvia are together is a good finishing touch to the series. Comrades side by side with their loved ones. Notice how natural and happy they look. Notice Gray feels comfortable even with Juvia hugging him!

Again this shows development!

Here in this panel, we see Gray getting jealous at seeing Juvia. 😂  This is the first time we see this type emotion in this arc.  Last time Gray was jealous was when Lyon carried her in the spa omake. IIRC.

 In this scene this shows he doesn’t want his waifu to strip infront of people. This shows natural care and modesty.Rather than dragging Juvia by the arm on the ground, Mashima should instead have had Gray grip Juvia by the hand, and walk her out of the scene. However, I don’t mind what Mashima did as it parralels to how Juvia dragged Gray in the Tenrou Island arc. So major props  to the user who spotted that!

Now obviously the translation are not completely legit, but we can atleast figure out, their talking about their scars based on the close up of Gray’s scar panel. I think Gray wanted Wendy to fix Juvia’s scar, and then proceedingly  suggest that maybe Juvia’s body is also his since she has a scar too. If you think about it, he’s claiming that maybe Juvia’s body is his basically which shows they are equal.. Essentially Juvia and Gray are one. Soulmates are after all one being that are connected through their soul, mind and body. More importantly their hearts are resonant. . So this kinda parallels into that. Which I think it’s quite adorable with the blushy expression of the two. Gray is a bit flustered, and shy for thinking/talking about Juvia’s stripped body and had the balls to open up about it.

However I’ll be honest, I’d be overjoyed if this shown in the previous chapter, because these moments don’t seem to be the finishing touch couple canon-eque material but more as in another chapter couple moment material.

Now obviously I expected more from Mashima considering the last we’ll see of them in the main manga (until Mashima draws them in the future in potential omakes), so I was left a bit disappointed. I know it’s not hard to please all of the shippers consering how much you have to write, draft, and ink.  so I will not be hard on Mashima whatsoever.

I’m content at Gruvia being canon and I’m most overjoyed at seeing my babies blushing cutely at each other. 😍

I will post again until I get the official translations from Crunchyroll or someone with more credibility.

My favourite part of the Gruvia sequences has to be the cover of them smiling. Gray and Juvia similing twitter art I posted in the beginning of this post  is still the best thing Mashima has ever drawn! IMO :)

ushiiwa baking a surprise for oi for his bday

[read here or ao3]

He can feel Wakatoshi’s eyes burn into the side of his skull as he watches him scoop out a cup of flour and pour it into the bowl.

“That’s not the proper amount.”

Hajime has to stifle his sigh. Whoever thought baking with a renowned pastry chef was a good idea was wrong. If this wasn’t for a good cause, Hajime would have thrown in the towel the minute the first egg broke all over the counter.

“That’s not how you mix the ingredients together.”

“It’s still going to taste good, ‘Toshi, don’t worry about it.” Hajime hopes the impatience in his tone isn’t too evident, but it’s hard to tell if Wakatoshi even notices anything besides Hajime butchering one of his favorite recipes.

If this had been a regular recipe for milk bread, Hajime’s sure he’d be sweating at the idea of having to knead the dough, especially with Wakatoshi breathing down his neck. He’s insistent on kneading this recipe by hand instead of using a stand mixer, saying you can better control the process and people can taste the love, but Hajime just thinks it’s a way for Wakatoshi to stay in shape. After all, there’s no way his boyfriend can keep biceps like that without working out everyday.

Thankfully though, this is Wakatoshi’s recipe for milk bread cupcakes, something he came up with himself and won the hearts of many. The only heart they care for though is due home in a couple hours, and Hajime just hopes this will be the only batch they make tonight. He knows having Wakatoshi make these for Tooru would be easier and safer, but this is something Hajime wanted to try. After being excluded from most baking dates due to his ability to burn water, Hajime wanted to prove that he wasn’t a complete failure in the kitchen.

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Do you have sad/angsty headcannons about the Nordics? (If you don't want to you don't have to, I just have a soft spot for angst+the Nordics)

I’m not feeling particularly sad today, but I certainly can write some~

☆ Finland never talks about it to anyone, but from 30th November to 13th March there he is always haunted by nightmares about the Winter War with Russia. He tries his best to not let anyone notice it and he is unfortunately doing quite a good job. The only one who knows is Hanatamago, who always cuddles with him during those times.

☆ There was once a time in XVI century when someone heard Norway talking to his magical trolls and that’s how rumours started. Norway was then accused of performing witchraft. He had been tortured and later hanged, but he couldn’t die because of him being a country. Iceland accidently saw it when he wanted to visit Norway. Iceland never told his brother about it and that’s one of the reasons he doesn’t want others to know that he can see magical creatures.

☆ Denmark’s worst fear is being abandoned it forgotten by everyone, so he does his best to always be the center of attention and he feels very lonely when he is alone somwhere. He treasures every time spent with others, even annoying Norway just to get his attention.

☆ There was a period of time when Sweden refused to speak in his young age. He was too ashamed of his speech, so instead he only communicated by writing. The only periods of time he would speak up were when he was alone. He was trying to speak normally, but in the end he learned to accept it.

The Same Shattered Feeling (Klangst)

Lance is having a “Gone Day”, and his mental disorders want to fuck him over on his day in particular. Keith helps in every way knows how, but he’ll never do it for good.

Word count: 2,916

TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of suicide, mental disorders, and a brief anxiety attack.

Tick tick. Tick tick. Tick tick.

Lance stared up at the ceiling, an intricate blue and white design only the aristocracy can dream of.

It made Lance sick to his stomach.

That’s only one out of the million things he missed about home: his ceiling. He stared at it everyday for hours on end, noticing each darkened stain from roof leaks and scratches and bubbles in the dried paint. But now it was mechanic asshole-ish design.

The only thing that made Lance sicker than the design was the fact that he’d have to stop staring at it… To get out of bed. Today was not the day. His being ached. It just ached. As his old shrink used to call it, he was having a gone day. A day where you want to cry so hard you throw up your guts and turn yourself inside out. He want to shake until he disappeared. But that can’t happen, unfortunately. He is the blue paladin after all! The most useless of the others. The 5th wheel. Scratch that. 7th wheel.

What sick god found the humor in making a boy with psycho stew for brains one of the most important people in the galaxy. The 7th most important, to be exact. The dude with a shit load of responsibility has a disgusting fusion of chronic depression and anxiety. Oh what joy. What fun.

Lance decided it was time to get up and be funny boy again because hey, if he’s not going to make himself laugh, who will. Jokes are his coping mechanism after all. Being a cynical bastard is what he was born for.

What if he just didn’t get up. What if they just did their monkey shit without him, and he could just lay and internalize his feelings…again. Like, why does he have to do this bullshit every day! Can’t he just have one day to be a bummer, go edgy like Keith.


Lance didn’t want to think about Keef. He didn’t want to look at him because it made him feel even more weird than he does already. Lance isn’t fucking stupid, though. He knows he’s bi for queef. But he’s just… too cool for him. Keebo was the guy in class who smoked cigarettes on an old swing set and drew while listening to The Front Bottoms. Lance was the obnoxious narcissist who everyone knew, but nobody cared about. He was the lanky (honorary) white boy in the John Green book. Only this time he doesn’t get the quirky edgy mysterious love interest. He gets shit. And mental disorders. But Kenny was the least of his problems.

His main issue was getting up. Lance had a meeting with himself. The main Lance counsel has decided that Lance would get up, but he wouldn’t bullshit the team just this one day. For fucks sake, he was having a gone day. They were going to know about it.

First thing, everyone’s dressed and ready for the day. The scattered people all looked Lance as he walked, almost expecting some goofy ol’ Lance shenanigans like always. Lance greeted them with a blank nod, making sure to not look at Keith, as he progressed to the coffee machine, one thing Pidge and Hunk managed to whip up for the team. He poured himself a cup, not bothering to add any creamer or sugar, not that they had any.
Pidge spoke up from the couch behind him, “I know you never drink coffee”
“Correct, Holt. You want a fuckin’ medal?” He responded nonchalantly. He turned to face her, noticing the wide mouthed expression, probably shock, but Lance is no rocket scientist. The whole room was that way, now quiet instead of faint chatter of private conversation. She then broke the silence by snorting then breaking into hysterical laughter. Lance smirked slightly adding to his list of small wins.
Shiro piped up, ‘Lance, are you okay?“ Lance rolled his eyes.
"Just because I’m not acting like an idiot for one day means I’m a completely different person? Hate to break it to you, champ, but this is me in my raw form. It’s a Gone Day, ladies and gents.” Pidge whistled to Lance’s surprised.
“Gone Day, huh? It’s been forever and a day since I heard that term. Twice a month?”
“Ha, I wish. More like once a week”
“Jinkies. But hey,” she pointed to her head, “there’s always CBT.” This made Lance laugh. It was really sad to see two kids bonding and laughing over their mental illness and therapy inside jokes, but it’s a good thing no one else understood. If this were a video game, there’d be a level up for friendship with Pidge. It made Lance wonder about her. Hell, she’s only 14 and she sounds like she’s been through a full 5 year tackle.
Hunk shook his head, “What the quiznak are you talking about”
“Hopefully, you’ll never know. I’m taking a shower,” he turned his attention to the whole team, “hopefully you won’t need me for the next hour and a half.”
Lance guessed he should’ve have felt bad for letting himself go, but it was actually a relief. It’s like talking about taxes to a baby. He just worried about how far he’d let himself drop
The whole rest of the morning and early afternoon, Lance was more reserved than ever. He hated being out and about. He didn’t want to be there, and he told himself that over and over in his head while Shiro and the others were planning their next line of attack. Can’t they have one goddamn day of peace. One day where Lance can sit somewhere private… like Blue.
It occurred to him that he had a lion. A lion whose heart and mind was twined with his. He sprang out of his seat, gaining the attention of his team.
“My lion is… Telling me something I better go check it out or something,” He started to walk away. Keith began to stand up to follow, but looked at Lance. He was… Tired. Very very tired. A different kind of tired.
“M-My lion is telling me something too, I better go see!” Keith jumped after him. Lance sighed and started to Blue with Keith behind him telling the team not to follow them. While they were out of earshot, Keith caught up beside Lance.
“Lance.” He felt like he just got shot with a bullet of flowers, now blooming in his stomach. He walked faster until they finally reached the lions. A large place holding the giants in their normal positions.
“Lance!” Keith called out behind him. Lance shook his head and felt his throat burn trying to hold back tears. Not here. Not now.
“Lance?” He now noticed he stopped and was shaking. Some force was pulling him to Keith, begging to explode and give in and talk. Not to him. he’s too important. He’s… too cool for him. To cool for this.
“Lance…” Keith let out gently. The words pulled Lance softly to the ground from the weak knees he’s been given. He sat on the cool concrete as things flashed in his head. Phrases, words, scenarios flashing by too quickly to catch. He couldn’t handle it. Everything building up all day was bubbling at the top. It all stopped for a moment as he felt really warm arms hold him, majority of heat coming from behind. He shakily found Keith’s hands as they interlocked.

And he burst at the seams.

Sobbing and choking over air and ranting and saying stupid nothings and screaming about everything making him feel like the shit of the galaxy all while Keith moved in front of him and alternated between holding him as tight as he coukd and holding his hand while wiping away his tears and holding his cheeks in his hands and staring like he was the most prepossessing star in the milky way. Time flew and god knows how long they spent there just holding each other while Lance spewed nonsense and heartbreaking everythings. What they don’t tell you, is that a panic attack and anxiety attack are two completely different things. A panic attack is when the earth around you is falling and everything’s happening at once and something happens so quick you can’t breathe. Its fast. Anxiety attacks, like the one Lance had, are very slow. Built up frustration and pure misery over the longest time until it pops and you erode and fall into someone’s arms and let everything out. Lance can only remember half the things he said. He does know by the end, they were both softly crying into each other. Was what he said that bad? Was is that depressing? The cool guy’s demeanor was melting. They both were just melting. Burning into each other, intertwining their hearts.

But not everything is perfect like that. And Lance still did not feel happy. He hadn’t felt happy in a very long time. People think that a boyfriend suddenly gets rid of your problems. He wished it was that easy. He’s still sick even after that…. whatever that was going to turn into.

Because no amount of romance can boost his dopamine enough for him to be healthy. It’s a genetic monster passed down from his mom and her dad and his dad and his mom and so on. Half his sisters were like him. Two of his brothers were like him. It’s no unknown force in the McClain household, though it hit Lance the hardest, hands down.
Because even now, at 2 AM, Lance is awake, over thinking, with the same gross feeling as the day prior.
A knock on the door.
But maybe today, and every day forward, something would change. He’d be able to tell somebody about it.
“whats up?” Keith timidly opened the door, his hair pushed back to the side, a tank top, overall looking disheveled from tried sleep.
“I can’t sleep. Can you?”
“Not really.” Keith took this as an invitation to sit next to him on his bed. Lance immediately felt natural heat to his right. He looked over to see Keith’s figure staring ahead, the only light shining on him being the moon of a nearby planet. His eyes were baggy and he was slumped over on his knees and his hair was messy and face slightly swollen. He looked like shit, and Lance never wanted to look away.
“What happened? Like… I want to know. Educate me,” Keith asked just above a whisper, or grumble. His voice scratched and he spoke from the back of his throat, and it made Lance melt all over again. He smirked and turned his body to Keith until his was sitting with his legs crossed (apple sauce) on his bed.
“Well depression runs in my family. I just have it worse than everyone else for some reason. And I also had slight anxiety but from many events it grew and grew and I was having attacks almost everyday. But then y’know I got medication, therapy, stuff like that. I was okay in the Garrison because I was getting what I needed, but with the quick events of actual fucking Voltron, yours truly left their pills and shit there.” Keith stared at Lance as he explained, eyes sadder and sadder with each depressing fact about Lance’s sorry life. Lance finally finished explaining. They must’ve been slowly moving closer because by that point, their knees were touching and their faces was inches away. Keith looked down for the first time in thirty minutes.
“If you don’t mind… Can you tell me about seventh grade?”Lance’s heart practically stopped.
“I said something about that?”
“You said, ‘It’s like I’m in seventh grade again’. What were you talking about?” Lance sighed and put his head in his hands. He lifted his head again.
“I almost killed myself in seventh grade. I took a bunch of pills in the medicine cabinet and snatched my brother’s whiskey from his sock drawer. One of my sisters found me knocked out on the floor and I had to get my stomach pumped. It was not fun. I had to stay in the hospital for a week and a half and then go to inpatient for a whole year. Therapy three times a week. The works. But hey I was young and-” his words were cut off by a sob. Lance now noticed Keith was crying. It was terrible to say, but he looked pretty when he cried. He wasn’t like Lance, who was the ugliest cryer you’ve ever seen. Keith was graceful, and tears softly rolled down his face and his nose was a perfect shade of pink and his eyes were heavy and he looked beautiful.
Lance has told this story so many times, he forgets how it affects certain people.
“You could’ve not been here?” Keith whispered harshly, shocked.
“Is that so disastrous?”
“I can’t think of any other person I’d want to be next to all the time. Fuck, Lance. I didn’t cradle you in my arms for no reason! I was so scared for you. You can be annoying sometimes but… fuck! You’re too remarkable.” Lance pulled Keith’s arms into a hug. Both on their knees, they held each other long, appreciating each other.
“It didn’t stop.”
“I still don’t want to be here.”
“How can it stop?”
“It won’t stop for a while, Keith.”
“I want to help you, though. I want to make it go away.”
“Well… Talking would help.”
And they did. They talked and talked about everything and nothings and what they missed about earth and what it was like for Lance and their favorite colors and best movies until they ended up against the wall leaned against each other. As Lance was going through his feelings about being the blue lion and feeling unimportant to the team, a subject that was very hard to talk about, Keith grabbed his hand and held it. Lance realized that you don’t have to say I love you to say I love you. Saying I love you is the same as holding someone’s hand for support and helping them through. Love is helping in every way you can. That’s all he could ever ask for. Someone who understood that things aren’t magically going to get better once their lives are joined, but it will help a bit, it will be for the better.
Lance looked over at Keith.
“It’s always been like this. Where there’s someone like me, their 6 other people more important.I know I’m acting stupid but this is the type of stuff my brain tells me.”
“I’m sorry this has to happen to you. Why you? Why not someone else? You don’t deserve any of this. Hey! We should to to the Garrison to get your pills back. Or some planet has to have something like it! Maybe instead of a therapist you could get a journal or we can look up ways to-”
“Keith.” Lance felt a rush of overwhelming support and it made him want to cry. Love for Keith filled every fiber of his being.
“Yeah?” Lance looked into his violet eyes. He wondered what the hell Keith saw in his. Their faces were so close, they were begging for a collision.
“Can I kiss yo-” In one swoop, Keith took Lance’s cheeks and pulled him, letting their lips crash into each other, making purple. Lance wrapped his arms around Keith’s waist, pulling him closer. Both kept pulling until they were as physically close as they can get. It still wasn’t enough. Lance then understood fusions in Steven Universe: Getting so close, you melt into each other and make a whole other beautiful thing. Lance felt like there was new blood coursing through his veins. They felt different and sent shocks to every surface. They kept going until their lungs burned and they messily broke off, breathing heavily. Keith still had Lance in his hands, and reached with his thumb to touch his lips. They stared at each other as they caught their breath. They hurriedly went in again, only to knock foreheads, sending them laughing like idiots. Lance started happily crying a little.
Yeah, they were defenders of the universe, but they were still kids. They did stuff teenagers do, like bump noses when kissing, wondering if this made them boyfriends, staying up late talking about nothing and everything, being too dramatic for their own good. It made Lance want to pull out a cigarette or something and sit on an old swing set, sharing drags with Keith as they complained about life. Keith wiped the tears away and kissed his lips gently.
“It’s late. And Shiro’s going to shit bricks if I’m not in my room. But… morning?”
“Morning.” Keith kissed him one last time and left the room. Lance put his fingers to his own, making sure they were as soft as Keith made them feel.
Lance woke up the next morning remembering the events of the night before. Despite, he still felt the same feeling. He still wanted to cry until he threw up, but…
“I managed to find some creamer,” Keith set down a cup of coffee on Lance’s desk. “Pidge also has some left over pills, I thought they might tide you over.” He set down two blue oval pills next to the mug. He smiled and left the room.
…he wouldn’t want to alone anymore.

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It kills me in a good way that Maria goes to the wacky people for love advice and not the sensible/best wife Miku. Is it a good thing that she didn't go to DMJii, Bikki and Elfenein? I'm sure the hijinks would be gold anyway.

the thing is while miku is one of the best people to go to for advice, especially for how to get your dense and oblivious crush to notice you, maria won’t. she has to be the reliable role model for these kids, and it’d feel like she’s failing if she had to get help. it’s not, but she’s insecure

granted i can’t even imagine the kid of advice elfnein would give considering she thought licking shirabe’s face would be normal. she is Very Direct.

stg something like “you and tsubasa-san are adults, so you would pursue an adult relationship and *says something wildly inappropriate*.” maria is too shocked that her tiny daughter said that to fluster about what she just said about her and tsubasa. poor elfnein is just “….was i wrong about your intentions? /)//////(\”

idk but what really gets me about overwatch is that its entire marketing tries to convince us that it’s this huge band of heroes who have come together to maintain world peace and achieve Great Things

while in fact that’s what they used to be and what you have now is a family consisting of an ape, two lesbians and a supercomputer having illegal dinner parties in a derelict government facility

the three former leaders of the organization are all presumed dead and pass their time not really disputing that claim considering two of them are currently holed up in a fucking necropolis, and the other one is a constantly decomposing emotional fog

like you’re supposed to imagine this grand force for Good, but then jesse mccree is getting shitfaced in a dingy bar in dorado while sombra sends sneaky update pics of him to reaper, who is currently too busy creeping on a family just because the guy’s flat butt reminded him of his ex husband

hanzo ‘midlife crisis’ shimada shoots dragons out of his nipple but you couldn’t tell that looking at his art student undercut and piercings, and his not-dead (notice how that’s a suspiciously recurring theme in this game?) brother is probably currently at a cosplay convention losing a ‘best genji costume’ competition

like maybe one day they’ll all come together and find common ground and actually do something, but for now they’re just a bunch of weird people in different stages of washed up trying to make ends meet, and it might be the most relatable thing about the whole entire game

ok so what about Keith admitting to Lance that he has feelings for someone (maybe they got stranded together and were awaiting rescue and one conversation led to another and Lance started pressing Keith about Allura again, maybe Keith said there’s nothing to worry about, maybe Lance says “good, she’s too good for you anyway” as a lighthearted jab, maybe Keith admits he has feelings for someone else). and since they’re killing time Lance starts teasing Keith about it, like is it one of the alien girls we’ve met? except wait you never really talked to any of the alien girls we meet. it’s not Pidge is it? I mean that’s fine but tbh I don’t think she’d be into you unless you were a robot. and Keith just shakes his head, “it’s not a girl.”

and Lance takes a second to process and he feels a weird thump in his chest. and he says, of course that’s cool too, it doesn’t have to be a girl obviously, just as long as it’s not Hunk, it’s not Hunk right? it’d be understandable if it was, how do you think he got his nickname after all, I’m just saying Hunk’s wellbeing is my responsibility and if you ever broke his heart then I would have to fight you.

and Keith just smiles and shakes his head. “relax it’s not Hunk.”

and they sort of drop it bc the conversation is getting awkward. but the silence kills Lance so he gives it another go. “It’s Coran, isn’t it?” and Keith laughs out loud at that. “I don’t blame you, I mean who can resist the accent.” and Keith is giggling now so Lance feels like his mission is accomplished (not that he had been planning to make it his mission to make Keith laugh, it’s just ever since Shiro disappeared Keith’s been even more morose than usual and Lance hates it when his friends are sad). and then it hits him: Shiro, of course it’s Shiro. and for some reason he feels sad that he figured it out, so he doesn’t say anything to Keith.

and maybe they get rescued and everything’s back to normal on the castle. except Shiro’s still gone and Lance feels like he understands Keith a little better now. like why Keith always pushes them so hard in training because he wants the team to be ready to rescue Shiro when they find him. and whenever someone reminisces about Shiro, Lance risks a glance at Keith and worries because it must be awful to lose someone you care about twice.

and maybe they finally get Shiro back and Lance finds Keith alone in the observatory room looking out at the stars. and Lance is trying to find something to say that’s supportive. “I’m happy for you.” and Keith raises an eyebrow in question so Lance continues, “that Shiro’s back.” and he pauses, because he doesn’t know if he should say it, because his chest feels tight just thinking about it, but he’s a supportive friend and he wants Keith to know that he’s there for him if he ever wants to talk so he says it. “It was Shiro you were talking about, right? That you have feelings for.”

and Keith furrows his brow, avoids Lance’s gaze, and takes a breath. and he says softly, “Shiro… Shiro’s the only family I have. He’s like a brother to me.” and then he looks Lance dead in the eyes and says, “Gross.”

and the tightness in Lance’s chest goes away and he doesn’t know why but he feels relieved. so he laughs, and he laughs. and he claps Keith on the shoulder. and when he settles down he says, “You’re wrong though, Shiro’s not your only family anymore.” and he smiles at Keith as bright as he can, “All of us on this castle, we’re all family now. Like it or not.”

and maybe Keith watches Lance’s expression a little more closely as Lance looks out at the stars, and maybe Lance doesn’t notice the way Keith is looking at him, or the way Keith’s heart jumped in his chest when Lance smiled but maybe that’s okay because it’s not important right now. Shiro’s back and their team– their family is whole again. it can wait.

hey guys! i’ve noticed lately that a lot of gifsets/edits of moana, especially pastel ones, have been whitewashing her skin, and i know that this isn’t just a problem in moana gifs, so i thought it might be a good idea to make a comprehensive guide on how to avoid whitewashing poc/color poc in general. this guide will be split into three parts: vibrant gifs, pastel gifs, and dark gifs (any of the tips i give for gifs can be applied to edits as well – it’s even easier to avoid whitewashing poc in edits, because you can color it normally and then erase the lightening layers over the person’s skin).

so, without any further ado, here we go!

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You guys


So to summarize:

1) Doomfist is NOT AWARE that Genji was saved by Blackwatch, nor that he was/is a BW agent. Genji was involved in the mission that led to Doomfist’s arrest (the implication being that BW - aka Gabriel - approved Genji’s participation in the mission).

2) DF is not aware that Gabriel himself led the Strike Team through the second half and “arguably most dangerous parts” of the Uprising mission. If Gabriel was already a Talon agent he had multiple opportunities to undermine the mission and cause it to fail, but he did not take them.

3) Reaper is aware of Sombra’s ambitions and was aware of her interest in “failing” the Infiltration mission. This confirms that Reaper was at least in on her plan, or knew of her intentions. At the time of Infiltration, Reaper was either NOT a Talon leader, or may have offered his services to Vialli in order to undermine Vialli. In either case, Reaper knowingly let the mission fail. (Notice how the mission failing aligns with Doomfist’s belief that Volskaya will contribute to the war?)

4) Although Reaper says sentimentality is not preventing him from killing Soldier: 76 and Ana, he has had at least one opportunity to kill each of them, and either “threw” his chances or failed on purpose.

5) Widowmaker is in Doomfist’s good graces. Angering her or arousing her suspicions will surely result in him knowing about any factions attempting to undermine him.

6) If Reaper is allied with Sombra as their canon in-game interactions imply, then Sombra may be taking on the role of “the chaotic neutral fool” so that Reaper can focus on working his way to the top. Reaper wins trust by “selling out” Sombra to various higher ups and assuring them that he is “keeping tabs on her” - Sombra, meanwhile, benefits by sharing info with Reaper and helping him get access to the council.

7) by the time of Masquerade, Reaper has achieved a spot on the council.

8) Team Talon is HELLA EXTRA about their costumes.

Lesser seen french tips

These are a few things that i think might be relevant to language learners that i don’t think I’ve seen on langblr! At the end of the day it’s whatever works for you, but i hope these might be helpful 💙

🗼pouvoir, vouloir and aller (to be able, to want and to go) are really useful verbs to learn confidently. If you want to use a verb you don’t know how to conjugate, you can often follow one of these verbs conjugated with the infinitive to express something similar. It’s always better that than guessing a conjugation!

🗼watch videos of french people speaking english! Most french people will still impose a little bit of french pronunciation even while speaking really good english, and this highlights french pronunciation that you wouldn’t notice in a person speaking fluent french. 

🗼for me, reading simple YA novels written originally in french is actually more beneficial than translated english books that I’m familiar with. This will prevent you from reading by assumption/context/memory. Also, french books tend to be more culturally relevant, and include phrasing and idioms that are more typically french.

🗼contradiction of my last point, but try watching shows originally in your native language with french audio and subtitles. For some reason, it’s far easier for me to understand and i know many people struggle with listening to french. Netflix often has the option of picking the  language of your show, i would highly recommend this if you struggle to understand french films/shows. 

🗼quizlet is the most effective method of learning vocab I’ve found! For me, writing out flashcards takes a long time, and typing in the answers solidifies spelling better than just repeating the words. 

🗼if you’re someone who struggles with pronunciation, some people find it helpful to have someone who doesn’t speak the language read aloud in it, as it highlights typical errors that a speaker of your language will make (and will probably make you feel good about yourself lbh) 

🗼practise just speaking aimlessly in the language, be it to yourself, your pet, or even just while thinking. It’ll help you practise coming up with things to say on the spot, and when you screech to a halt because you don’t know how to express something, you’ll know what vocab it’ll be useful for you to learn next. 

ya  books with romance & asian protagonists

bc asians can have love stories too okay

bolded = ownvoices; mc = main character; li = love interest; * = to be released; *** = romance is side plot




note: i haven’t read all of these, and i’m not sure of how much romance are in some of these, especially some of the ones that are to be released

also note: @asianya​ is a good resource for books with asian protagonists and has more recs

last note: you may have noticed that i didn’t include some of the popular ones; that was probably on purpose :)


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

I’ve been reflecting on my years in special ed and I remember as a kid the first thing I noticed was that the teachers seemed a little too happy. They were unusually bright and cheery all the time. Later I realized that this is how they think you’re supposed to talk to ND kids. I remember one time in class a teacher explained something and then-in front of the WHOLE class- she singled me out and asked “did you get that, (my name)?” I tried to play it cool and said something like “uh, yeah, you just said that” to which she responded in an obnoxiously cheery tone “good! That means you’re listening!” I felt mortified and patronized beyond description.

Looking back, I realize that the best teachers who I never felt patronized by where the ones who had learning disabilities themselves. This one teacher with ADHD was one of my favorite teachers and he was so awesome and I’d always look forward to class with him. He’s talk about his own issues with organization and stuff and I really get like he understood us students.

I don’t mean to make a generalization but I really feel like most NT special ed teachers are doing their jobs for the wrong reasons. I get the impression that they see special ed as a charity project for them so they can feel like a good person or be like one of those special ed teachers in those inspiration porn articles (“heartwarming! this special ed teacher smiled at his students!”). ND special ed teachers have a much better connection with their students in my experience because although every learning disability is different, they understand the basic experience the student is going through and they don’t feel the need to put in this stilted bright-and-cheery persona.

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What all instances of flirting, like I missed so many lmao


  • :16 dan is acting out what they’re like in these bomb videos and immediately seizes the opportunity to playfully punch phil’s arm repeatedly. phil, for his part, just sits there and looks adorably bemused while dan is yelling. love it
  • :33 dan does some sort of sketchy fist gesture, phil immediately reacts to it even though it was generally benign, in a blatant subversion of their normal roles w making innuendos/sexual jokes. they both giggle
  • :47 phil goes into a whiny voice to say how he really wanted to do an exotic bomb and then hums the generic vlog music they always use. dan tries to look annoyed but just giggles some more
  • :56 dan’s like ‘so i reckon we need to actually beat more than one in this section’ and leans in all close to phil and phil’s like ‘alright! okay!’ in the flirtiest voice ever i wanna die
  • 1:16 ‘so I’m gonna bomb first, i think you should read first,’ says phil and the ensuing exchange where he’s just cheekily giggling while dan is acting all exasperated is just so cute … and uh, i can’t be the only one who thought there was a pretty blatant sexual undertone to phil saying ‘just tell me what to do. i’m your putty. mold me into whatever shape you want.’ … and dan’s eyes go momentarily wide while he says it. nice
  • 1:52 dan calling phil ‘felipe’ lmao what even
  • 5:32 when they’re epically failing and they’re about to lose, phil does his instinctual pat of dan’s arm to tell him they have fifteen seconds left and it’s cute
  • 5:50 the look they share immediately upon losing, before phil just breaks into giggles
  • 6:14 phil going ‘what is something that flops like more than anything else in the world’ with an utterly impassive poker face purely to wind dan up and see him laugh is one of the most simultaneously adorable, hilarious, and impressive things i have ever witnessed
  • 6:36 thIS WHOL E EXCHANGE w dan asking if phil thinks it’s his (dan’s) fault that they didn’t do well that round and saying ‘you can be honest’ with wide puppy eyes, and then phil saying yes, he thinks dan was pretty bad that time, and then dan trying to look shocked n appalled while still grinning:
  • and then screeching that phil is supposed to lie!!!!! and phil just consolingly being like ‘well you were flustered …’ like trying to be a bit reassuring,, honestly fucking end me, that was one of the cutest bits in this whole vid, they’re just so comfortable w each other and I’m dying
  • 9:33 onwards when dan is retaliating by telling phil he should be able to decode this morse code thing just bc he litro can’t let phil’s criticism go. he is a child. i love it
  • 9:53 when phil says it’s too hard, dan’s all ‘NO WE CAN DO THIS PHIL’ and slams his hands on the table and leans into phil’s space just to grab the manual and its all v cute
  • 10:27 ‘shut up rat’ omg i lost it at this. and then a few seconds later ‘shut up turd.’ dan is really top notch at verbally abusing his partner
  • 10:53 phil v abruptly shush-ing dan in order to cut off what was sure to be a long and hysteric rant about how unfair the last round was. i love how instinctual that was for phil, like he just knows dan’s about to go off and neither of them have time for it, and then dan immediately complies when phil tells him to shush hahah
  • 13:25ish during the really stressful new one that they didn’t really understand i noticed that they kept bumping arms until they just decided to keep their arms touching for basically the rest of the time until the bomb goes off and it struck me as maybe being a way for them to subtly kinda be like ‘we’re all right it’s all good’ and ground each other. cute
  • 14:04 the look they share AGAIN when they lose
  • and the whole exchange up until like 14:35 where they’re debriefing and just talking to each other, sort of forgetting the camera exists. I LOVED watching that even though the v obvious jumpcut suggests they cut a bunch of it out bc it was just dan walking phil through the instructions for the new module and phil just leans in all close and lets dan guide him and i loved their facial expressions during that part AHHH it was just so comfy n GOOD
  • 15:35 dan telling phil about the new module they’ve never done before by singing it, i felt like this was yet another example of him trying to keep the energy light and non-stressful so that phil would stay calm and it’s cute that these videos have so many instances of them trying to look out for each other like that (but then dan is actually kind of bad at this and spends a lot of time screaming when he’s doing the bomb and i cried laughing at the bit at 18:11 when he’s jst high pitched squealing for a few seconds)
  • 18:26 the looks they share!!! YET!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! when they lose!!!!! (partially obscured by the explosion effect lol):
  • 18:51 dan proudly proclaiming that they probs have above average communication skills when they’re not stressed or trying to be entertaining bc apparently they are unable to do one of these vids without mentioning or alluding to their psychic connection and best friend mind meld

ahhhh watching them work together in this game is the fucking best and they were just so happy in this one, it was so palpable and hilarious and fun to watch, as though all the fun they have together is actually contagious. i love them and this video series so fuckin much :((

(keep talking and no one explodes #3

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More midoriya and kirishima friendship theory please !!! How do you think mido and kiri relationship would effect the storyline , talk more about those two pretty pleaaaaaaaase!!!!!

Midoriya and Kirishima’s Friendship

I love Midoriya and Kirishima’s friendship. I know their relationship isn’t prominent, but they have a healthy and solid friendship that’s often overlooked. I don’t have a specific theory on it, but I’ll talk about it. 

Midoriya and Kirishima have had a decent relationship from the start. 

While Midoriya is against Bakugou during the Heroes vs.Villains exercise, Kirishima is concerned for Midoriya’s well-being.

Even though running away isn’t manly to Kirishima, Kirishima understands why Midoriya has to run away while fighting against Bakugou. 

Kirishima really starts to respect Midoriya after he beats Bakugou during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise. Kirishima is one of the first classmates besides Iida and Uraraka to befriend Midoriya. 

Kirishima thinks so highly of Midoriya that he’s fine with Midoriya being student council class president even after it’s proven Iida should be class president. 

Midoriya and Kirishima both like each other’s Quirks and find each other’s Quirks to be very useful. 

Kirishima keeps a watchful eye on Midoriya after All Might’s Fight with noumu. 

And even runs over to make sure Midoriya is okay even though Kirishima should be heading out of the USJ right now. 

Kirishima tries to protect Midoriya when it looks like Todoroki is being hostile towards Kirishima before the Sports Festival.

Not only does Kirishima think highly of Midoriya, but Midoriya thinks highly of Kirishima as well. Midoriya thinks Kirishima is very cool.

Kirishima understands the pain Midoriya feels for not being able to reach out and rescue Bakugou. The two of them relate to not being able to do anything to help Bakugou. 

Kirishima uses this understanding to successfully convince Midoriya to help him rescue Bakugou.

Midoriya and Kirishima are such good pals, that Kirishima gives Midoriya advice on how to act like a thug. XD

Kirishima notices that Midoriya’s mumbling habit has toned down lately and makes an observation when the habit suddenly comes back 

Midoriya understands Kirishima, particularly his relationship with Bakugou, well enough that he uses that understanding to rescue Bakugou. He knows Kirishima would be the only one who can reach out and rescue Bakugou. He understands how important Kirishima is. 

Midoriya’s understanding of Bakugou and Kirishima is correct. Kirishima can reach out to rescue Bakugou. 

They’re both pretty good friends throughout the series even though the relationship isn’t a huge deal. It’s very mutual, nice, simple, and drama-free.

They get a lot of meaningful interactions during the Internship Arc. I’d argue their relationship gets a lot of development and importance. Kirishima is Midoriya’s number one supporter during that arc and loves how pumped up Midoriya has been. 

As I said before, Kirishima is such a Midoriya supporter and raises Midoriya’s spirits. 

They work really well together. 

Also, Midoriya singles out Kirishima as someone he could share his problems with specifically. He specifically says he can’t talk to “Kirishima and the others” about his problems, implying Kirishima would be one of the first people Midoriya would turn to in order to talk about his issues. 

Midoriya and Kirishima both have heroic spirits. They both want to help people and both can relate to not being able to help others. They can certainly bond over that. 

 Their friendship makes sense since they both have similar values and are nice people. They both look up to each other and both work well together. They did well together while rescuing Bakugou and breaking down walls. I hope Midoriya and Kirishima talk more and team up more. They’ll probably both face hardships, fight tough bad guys, and get injured during the Internship Arc, and that will help them grow and bond together. That’s the closest thing I have to a theory on their relationship.

(I have such a love/hate relationship with this Ask. I loved making it, but when I was done making a long answer to this ask, I accidentally deleted my answer and had to redo the whole LONG answer again. I was tempted to just give up answering this Ask. Thank god I finished it.)


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 
we’re gonna space out each interview so it’s a bit easier to read (and work with) first up we have ULRIKKE!  (important to note: she walked in leading the girls and took her shoes off to start the night) 

Host: I think we´ll have a little chat with Vilde, or Ulrikke. Who would you like to be tonight?

Ulrikke: I am Ulrikke, generally.

Host: It is easy for me to forget that, because I´m so used to seeing you as Ulrikke.

Ulrikke: Vilde

Host: Sorry, Ulrikke.

Host: We have 100 questions both for Vilde and Ulrikke. And I´m thinking we will begin with you picking three of these. (pictures of actors on popsicle sticks.) Fuck marry kill. (Explains the rules).

Ulrikke: Marry (holds up Noora)

Host: Why Noora?

Ulrikke: Why? It’s mostly because of Josefine, since I’m so fond of Josefine. Intercourse (shows Elias).

Host: You call it the classy word intercourse?

Ulrikke: Yes, intimacy, yes. And that’s because Simo is so incredibly charming. And then it’s kill (shows William) because I’ve never really had any high thoughts about William.

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This!!! This is the chance I’ve been looking for!!!

“So, even with everybody thinking you’re a bad ghost, you’re still gonna try to be the hero?”

“Well, somebody’s gotta. If not me, who’s gonna protect this town? Besides, it’s not like I can ignore a scream for help.”

I am so gonna talk about this boy I’ve been waiting for a good chance to talk about what a good, pure child he is and I am taking it now. Bless his heart I love him so much.

Let’s talk about Daniel James Fenton and why he deserves love and protection forever and always.

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