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It keeps bothering me that they decided to show that galra shield in Sendak’s ship to the audience through Keith, when they could very well have used Shiro or Allura, people we know has a past with the Galra empire, or even Sendak himself.

Okay, that sounded confusing, so let me try to elaborate. English is not my first language, so it will be a bit hard.

On the first episode, after Shiro and Pidge casually ditched Keith to his own luck on finding Red, we see him running around until he find himself in a… A…

He has two paths to go and doesn’t know which one to take.

You know, this

Now, the composition on this scene is interesting. You have the galra symbol hovering above Keith, who is right in the middle. It’s almost like it is pointing at him. 

Scratch that, the whole scene seems to be pointing at Keith in this one. No matter where you look, the lines take you back to our favorite Red Paladin. 

And then, this happens.

His whole body language changes when he sees it. He straightens his back, his arm falls to his side and I do wish I had HQ screencaps of this moment, but I don’t, so bear with my rushed kisscartoon misery.

And then he actually stares at it.

He stares at it for sometime, and only stops when he hears the galra soldier coming. His whole expression is… I don’t know how to put it. fucking language barriers, dude. If I were to name it anything, it’s almost of somewhat familiarity. 

As if he’s seen it before.

And then we see his expression changes yet again as he hears the soldier approaching and remembers why he’s there.

And not once the galra symbol leaves the screen in this brief moment. It’s always there, pointing at Keith, above Keith, on Keith’s visor…

Now, after three years hearing my teachers saying over and over again that nothing in animation is there just because, that everything was throughout planned to be there and be the way it is, I can’t help but wonder what were dreamworks and studio mir’s intentions with this one.

I mean, there’s the obvious one: to show the viewers one of the shields of the Galra Empire. To know that, whenever this symbol and others similar to this appear, it means that it’s related to the Galra in one way or another.

The thing is… Why do it through Keith, out of all the characters?

They could have done it earlier with Shiro’s flashback, as he remembered that he was in that ship before, at one point of his time as a slave from the galra empire. 

They could have done it with Sendak, since, you know, it’s his fucking ship.

They could have done it even with Allura, when Sendak first contacted the castle, and she could have recognized the symbol from the time Altea was being attacked.

But they made the deliberate choice to do it through Keith’s eyes.

They sat down in a room, discussed over this scene, made the storyboard, and decided that showing a Galra symbol through Keith, going even as far as keeping the reflection on his helmet’s visor when there were very few other times they used reflection to show anything in this show.

And here’s my guess on their not-so-obvious reason on to why they made this choice:

They want us to associate the galra with Keith, even if in the back of our minds.

The last time I saw a show giving this sort of hint was in the really fucking good anime Erased. In the op, for a very brief moment, you see the reflection of the killer in the shattered glass.

It’s not a really obvious reflection, for you still have a hard time associating the face with any named characters before the great and majestically composed reveal. And it lasts not even a second, so, unless you’re an obsessed theorist who lives in a shack in the desert and went through the op frame by frame, you barely notice it.

But is enough for you to make out a black suit, and now it’s imprinted in your mind that you cannot trust the man in the black suit.

SPOILER: And, as it turned out, the only character who used a black suit in a regular basis was the killer.

And just like in Erased they wanted you to associate black suit with the antagonist through the reflection, I feel like Voltron is trying to do something similar in here with Keith.

They aren’t straight out telling us, but they aren’t exactly keeping it from us. At a first glance, it’s just another in between scene before Keith gets to his lion.

But when you put it together with all the other slightly more obvious pieces of evidence…

… I dare to say it’s a quite brilliant hint.

TL;DR: Either Keith is a galra and they want us to associate one of the galra symbols directly to him as a hint, or I’m going completely crazy here.

u know, one of the BIGGEST problems of steven’s galaxy is that even though in canon, gems invaded earth, modified it for their needs (the kindergarten??), STOLE PEOPLE, had literal wars on it, implanted a lethal weapon in the center of the earth, yet…no one seems to be bothered?? like, humans? if a bunch of aliens came and terraformed the planet and stole people, wouldn’t they try to act about it?? like, literal ecosystems were modified (i mean implanting whatever they had to to create gems should have done incredibly big things to earth shouldn’t it) and people disappeared?? shouldn’t humans be confused?? shouldn’t humans investigate it?? why does everyone ignore that gems literally colonized earth and is so “…whatever” about it? why don’t we get enough stories or chapters with human intervention in gem stuff? this should be a big deal for many people like? i don’t understand how the gems came to earth and invaded it but almost no humans cared or did anything in the least???

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Hi Anne, sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you know what happened today with NJ? As far as I've heard he made a VLive for CH+ only because he felt bad that people paid, so he wanted to give them something in return and a few ARMYs got angry? Is it true that someone left the streaming out of anger (though they should have actually been grateful, since they were the ones who paid) and that people with no CH+ went to the public chat and called him rude and greedy or something like that?

How do you even know all of these details like??? As far as I know there’s no drama. There are only a lot of people I’m seeing who are grateful for namjoon since he was thinking of those who paid for ch+ and joon asked for other people to understand. So what if someone left the stream out of anger? lmao. How do people even know that detail?! Why is namjoon rude/greedy for doing a live on ch+? I feel like I’m reading fanfiction, someone enlighten me about this please. Is this from bts amino app?! lol

What I got from Joon’s CH+ is that Jhope’s studio (Hope World) smells so good he preferred to do the vlive in there.

It’s not easy. Nothing is ever easy, nothing in Vax’ildan’s whole goddamn life has been easy – so why should it start now, he supposes, huffing out a white cloud of breath into the sharp evening air.

The doorway’s right there, just across from the one he’s currently skulking in the shadows of, all warm, inviting light and familiarity. It should be easy, just… walk across, knock on the door, speak. Explain things

Except it’s not easy, and there’s no guide for this, and Vax has never had to have a conversation before that’s gone, Hi, sorry to bother you, but I’d just like to clarify whether, when you said you sort of loved me that one evening and I broke your heart and then kissed you just to twist the knife, whether you meant you loved me enough to share, or- Because no one has conversations like that. Conversations like that just don’t happen.

Well. Apparently conversations like that do happen, but only to people like him – only to people with a freaking druid princess for a girlfriend, whose tribe apparently has some crazy-weird expectations regarding polyamory and how many partners a Headmaster should have. Who only bothered to tell him today, after a month or two of being together, that, yeah, she’s expected to have at least a few other husbands and maybe a wife or two when she goes back to the Air Ashari and settles down. And that, oh, Gilmore? I didn’t realise you still had- Vax, if you want him, I’d- I’d hate to stop you, well, it’d be hypocritical, really. Go get him!

In the end, it’s… well, surprisingly easy, in the same way that dragging a dagger from a wound is easy. Quick, painful, but not actually that hard.

He crosses the road, one two three four long strides over bare cobblestones. It’s still strange not having ice and snow crunching underfoot – they’ve never seen Whitestone in slowly-budding spring, only deep in the clutches of winter and the Briarwood’s spreading death. He raises hand to the door. He knocks on the door. He waits, stomach twisting like a serpent trying to tie itself in knots.

And when Gilmore opens the door – beautiful, wonderful, glorious Gilmore, and Vax’s heart still soars to see him, even after all this time, the spreading wings of a no-longer-caged bird – his breath catches in his throat, and his carefully-prepared speech dies on his tongue, and he smiles.

“Hey, Shaun,” he says, instead, before Gilmore can even get out his usual warm greeting. “Sorry to bother you, but- I’d l just like to clarify-” His heart’s beating heavy in his chest, his palms are sweat-slick, and gods, he’s never felt so alive. “When you said you sort of loved me, that one evening, did you- did you mean you loved me enough to share, or…?”

The Hate

(A/N: I swear the angst is real since I’m recently in one of those moods:)) It was all getting over your head. You thought with Shawn by your side the hate wouldn’t bother you but guess what, you were wrong like hell. Sitting on your bed and balling your eyes, you felt every hateful comment from Shawn’s fans like they’re throwing knifes right through your heart. Shawn was in his office upstairs, so you had at least the time alone you needed at this moment. The words hurt you so much, but you couldn’t stop scrolling through them. Well, even if you wanted to look at something else on social media it was almost impossible, the haters were everywhere. ‘Go kill yourself you ugly slut’ ‘Shawn deserves waaaaay better than you!’ ‘Honestly, why is Shawn even dating you?’ ‘When I see your faaaace, there’s like everything you should change cause your freakin uglyyy…’ You kept wondering if Shawn knew about all this stuff but then again why would he care? You don’t deserve any of his love, you are just this horrible girl who he is dating. You can’t sing. You are fat. You can compare your face with a fucking chicken butt. So what did he ever see in you? You were crying so hard, unable to prevent the loud sobs from coming out. And then you heard the last thing you wanted to hear right now. The sound of footsteps coming hurriedly down the stairs towards the bedroom. You heart was pounding so hard, what were you gonna tell him? Yeah, your fans are really hurtful can you say something please? His fans are the base of his whole career, you would destroy everything. The door bursted open, revealing a concerned Shawn. He just stood there for a second while taking in your state until he quickly walked up to you engulfing you in a hug. As much as you wanted to tell him about your problems, you couldn’t, so you decided on shutting your mouth and just be quiet. After a moment of trying to calm you down, Shawn pulled away watching you with a heartbreaking look on his face and wiping your tears with his thumbs away which wasn’t worth any effort, they still streamed down your face. “Baby, what happened?”,Shawn asked, looking like he would break down any moment with you. But you just shook your head no. “(Y/N)-” but you cut him off. “It’s nothing Shawn. I-I guess it’s just a bad mo-od” you lied. “Baby, do you really think I believe that? I don’t know why you won’t tell me but this seems pretty serious and it breaks my heart to see you like this, so please tell me what’s wrong”, he said getting more quite after each word and whispering the last part. A moment of silence lays between the two of you, the only thing that is heard is your heavy and shaky breathing until you thought it’s the best to say it, knowing that Shawn wasn’t going to give up as long as you lied to him. While Shawn held your head softly in his hands waiting for you to speak, you started with two words simple words to give him a hint. “Your fans…” you sobbed still crying, almost embarrassed that he was able to see you like this. “What’s with them?” he questioned puzzled. You sighed deeply, preparing yourself for the worst reaction. “It’s just.. I-I can’t take the h-hate anymore Shawn. I feel s-so insecure about my body a-and your fans hating on me. W-why do you even love me?” That was the point where you broke down totally. Your head slipped out of Shawn’s grip and you buried your face in your own hands. “No… no no no no no”, Shawn said more talking to himself than to you. You felt his large hands around you again but this time lifting your limp body up and placing it on his lap while holding tight on it, afraid that you may disappear. “No please stop (Y/N)… I can’t take it seeing you like this..” he tried, his voice cracking at the end. “Don’t let the hate get to you, ignore-” but you cut him off once again. “How couldn’t I let the hate get to me Shawn? Everywhere I go I see those looks on their faces, I can’t even go on Instagram without the first thing that pops up being a hater page. Maybe they are right, I don’t deserve you and your love”, you told him sadly, struggling to get out of his grip. “Shawn, it would be better if I leave. You are better off without m-me.” That was the hardest thing you have ever said, but in your opinion it was true. The fans would be much happier if you disappeared. You tried to push yourself away from him without any use. The only thing he did was tightening the grip around you and burying his face in your neck. “You can’t do this to me (Y/N), don’t leave me. I love you so so much, oh my god I’d die if you left. They are just jealous people who don’t see how happy I am. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and your body is perfect, everything about you is. I am so stupid that I didn’t see how you felt. But I’m here, I will always be by your side.” And that’s what you wanted and needed right now to hear. You calmed down, recognizing that with Shawn everything was just fine. You loved him. He loved you, that was all that mattered. Taking his large hand in your small one, you started kissing it and looking up into his worried and glossy eyes you immediately felt bad for hurting him in this way. Your hands wandered to his neck stroking it reassuringly and smiling slightly. Wiping away your tears with your sleeve, Shawn’s face lightened up a bit seeming relieved that you stopped crying. He didn’t wait long until he leaned forward and kissed your lips softly, making your stomach do flips. Shawn had always been a gentle kisser, one thing you loved about him. But him realizing that you probably must be tired, he pulled away and lay you beside him without his arms leaving your body once. “Sleep princess and remember one thing: I love you.”

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Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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I’m literally sick and tired of the people who hate Negan hating on the people who do love him bc first of all; HE’S NOT REAL. Second; NO ONE should have to be told to go kill themselves over something petty, especially over something they happen to like! Third; WE DON’T CARE if you don’t like him!!! So please for the love of Negan and his fans, SHUT UP. Nothing is going to stop us from liking him, okay? He’s a fictional character! We all can make our own choices. We all have different reasons on why we love him so much. Regardless of what you think it is.

So get off your high horse and let us enjoy the awesomeness that is Negan aka JDM.

just some of the reasons why ross geller is a kind and lovely cutie pie and people should stop and think before they go around saying he’s a horrible character:

  • he gave up the opportunity to be on tv to stay with rachel and help her get ready when she hurt her ribs
  • he agreed not to see anyone else and to be there for rachel 24/7 when she had emma just because that’s what she wanted
  • he made an effort to hide that fact that monica’s childhood stuff was ruined by pretending that his stuff was hers because he knew how much it would upset her if she found out
  • he bought phoebe a really cute bike because she didn’t have one as a child
  • he told rachel to go to paris even though he didn’t want her to because he knew it was what she wanted and that it would make her happy
  • he kissed joey to help him practise for his audition when nobody else would
  • he told joey to give it a go with rachel even though it really bothered him because he could see it was what they wanted
  • he’s extra cute with his children and got so excited when ben said his first word
  • he made emma’s birthday cake into a bunny to make rachel happy
  • he walked carol down the aisle when she married susan even though she was his ex-wife and she left him
  • he gave rachel the tiny t-shirt back
Attention UT Fandom

So like with any other fandom, there are ships that some people love and some people hate, for many reasons. It’s fine to dislike or even be disgusted by some ships, but please do not go out of your way to tell artists your negative opinions! If you would feel disappointed seeing one of your favorite artists drawing content you don’t agree with, keep it to yourself and silently unfollow if it makes you uncomfortable enough.

“But I feel strongly about the content they are drawing and it’s just.. wrong!”

So what? They are drawing for themselves and not for you. These artists aren’t going around and pushing their views on others. They are merely posting to share with those who would enjoy. Note that most of these artists have disclaimers on their blogs and tag properly to ensure only the appropriate audiences will come across it. If they are tagging improperly, just let them know calmly like “Oh sorry to bother you but just letting you know any NSFW undertale content should not be tagged as undertale, but as undertail instead”.

You can’t help what you like and dislike, and that’s okay. Heck, even the artists themselves might have had a hard time accepting that they like what they like (trust me on this one). Attacking them does absolutely nothing positive and makes them feel awful for doing nothing wrong. Remember that these are fictional characters and what people may enjoy in fanworks does not reflect what they approve of in real life.


if you don’t like something an artist creates, don’t follow and don’t bash.

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I don't think Klaus knew Ansel at all when he was mortal, so I think he really only spent 1 day with him total but I was really disappointed the writers killed him off so early. Like why even bother to introduce him? I didn't expect him to last for a long time, because I figured Mikael would find out he was back and re-kill him, but I had thought he'd be around for a few episodes at least and it would be some story arc for Klaus.

*tries to restrain myself* legit no one brings up Ansel to me anymore, and that’s probably because I yell every time someone does. 

If I had to choose my biggest annoyance with TO, moral qualms aside, it’d be what they did with Ansel. Like that was the biggest waste that I’ve ever seen. And I’m never gonna stop being salty about it. That should’ve been this incredible plot for Klaus, AND THEY SQUANDERED IT, LIKE WHYYYY, WHY BOTHER AT ALL. 

Alright, alright, no, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. 

I am calm. At the end of the day, he was brought in to fuel Hayley more than he was for anything Klaus-related, which is a joke considering Klaus is supposed to be the main character. But I suppose it’s also fitting given that they suckered a shit-ton of us in for a show about Klaus, only to center it around a irrelevant mess of a character like Hayley. 

One over the eight - Stuart Twombly Imagine [Request]

Request:  Stuart Twombly, fluff, prompts #19 and #27 

#19:  “So it’s all about getting attention?”
#27:  “There is nothing to laugh about!”

A/N: Gosh I really hope I got Stuart right. Added to this, I also hope it got fluffy at least a bit - feels like it’s been ages since I tried to write something cute. And I feel like I screwed it up somehow. But despite that - Enjoy reading!

Requests are still OPEN, though prompts are CLOSED.

word count: 2139 hell I might should stop writing this much

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I recently became viral on the social chatting platform Line, my poetry and articles earning hundreds, even thousands of likes and shares and comments. Some even requested to be my friend via timeline, despite us not knowing each other. There are stranger’s chats every once in a while, mostly praises. But some, very little amounts lasts on my saved messages, saying,

“You look like someone who is open-minded and tolerant, it’s such a shame that you wear a conservative hijab.”


“Not to be rude or anything, but there’s only little you can do by writing these critics in this platform. So why bother doing it at all?”


“I am conflicted. I want to continue my education, but I would also like to settle down as well. People tell me to choose only one, because a woman is incapable of being so many at once. Which one should I choose? P.S.: I love your works. it is the very first time in such a long while that something has made me feel closest to being human.”

Human. (a) relating to or characteristic of people or human beings.

I am nine years old and listening to my father, acting as a preacher, delivering his speech in the weekly sermon. He talks of love and compassion that the religion teaches, on how that our faith, in the end of the day, welcomes everyone so long as they are good people.

I am nine years old when my mum found out that I have befriended Cho, the girl that recently moved from China to this quiet town halfway across her origin country. No other girls were talking to her because of her funny accent and her different physique and her obscure cross-necklace. My mom had been furious, saying, “You should not befriend her, for she is not—“

Human. (n) of or characteristic of people’s better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity.

There is this man that everybody adored back in highschool. His tall frame and his charming smile made every girl swoon at the sight of him. Everyone watched in fascination as he grew to be the star of our school, his top-notch grades and countless achievements and perfect everything reflecting perfection in every second of his presence.

Those are the words his estranged brother tearfully delivered, an eulogy for that Star, now laying still on the open coffin top the church’s altar. Last afternoon, he shocked everyone by saying goodbye far too sudden. the droplets of blood from his slit wrist still fresh in our minds, as we witnessed his soul slowly leaving his form in that dingy, bathroom stall. His name was—

Human. (a) of, relating to, or affecting people.

My friend Casey’s brother is shrieking when we barged into his room, intending to borrow his collections of comic books to read. We froze, as i took the sight of him wearing one of her dresses—one which she later said she thought was lost in the laundry—and a light makeup on his face. He was pale and tearful, his arms covering himself as if in shame. I have no idea on what to say.

“Please do not tell dad.” He said to Casey, shaky voice lacing his words. “If he finds out, he will send me away because I’m not normal, because I’m not—“

Human. (n) a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.

We are constantly prideful of being the most developed living beings on earth, with advanced technology and elaborated system to sustain a worldwide multicultural society. We are the best, they said. We are lucky, they said.

I walked home one evening, seeing homeless shivering from the cold and the ignorance of people. Some of them wrote “Have nor eaten in days” on their limp cardboard. I looked up to a flock of birds heading north, no doubt going back to their nest with full stomach and enough supplies for their chirping children at home.

I looked back at the beggars, and wondered who exactly is the lucky one.


And what are we, but drifting spectrum across this massive universe? What defines us, if it is not our flaws and errors and turmoils, dragging us to fall and get back up through life? What do we believe, if not hopes and dreams and wishes that people deemed impossible? Who gives us the right, to separate and divide and antagonize one another?

I still cannot grasp this entire internet fame. But I will continue on writing. For it is what defines me, and it is what makes me,


Why I Do This
  • Me: [buying pieces for my Supergirl cosplay] oh my god this is gonna turn out so bad
  • Me: [hand-sewing the emblem and the cape] no one is going to like it
  • Me: [putting on the costume] i'm too fat for this character, people are gonna heckle me
  • Me: [walking around Comic Con] i look so crappy why did i even bother i should just—
  • Little girl: [shuffling her feet, tugging lightly on my cape] Supergirl, can I please take a picture with you?
  • Me: [internally sobbing from sheer delight] Yes! Yes you can!
  • Little girl's dad: [takes photo]
  • Little girl: [hugs me around my legs, gently tugs on my cape so she can whisper in my ear] you've always been my favorite superhero!
  • Dad+Little girl: [walks away]
  • Sister: hey man, you okay there?
  • Me: that was the single most amazing moment of my life
Does anyone else...

Get stupidly attached to their characters? Like. I’m the one writing this sad storyline - why should it bother me that my boy’s heart is breaking? But - it does. Oh, it does. I feel like I invest too much time, or too much feeling into these things. Sometimes, I feel like people don’t understand, or maybe it’s me that doesn’t understand. Maybe I really do put too much into my characters, they are just fictional - but sometimes I feel them like they aren’t. Sol’s tears - those are mine. His heart is breaking…..and so is mine.

In his movements, his words, his feelings - he’s saying goodbye.

Even if he doesn’t know it yet.

And it’s breaking me.

Am I just stupid? Do I think too much? What’s wrong with me?

I slice my palm open in the middle of the morning,
standing in the kitchen with sun drenching the counters
and a stale bagel in my hand. the coffee isn’t even finished yet.
why is it always so bright when accidents happen?
my skin parts neatly and I drop the knife at my feet,
drive myself to the hospital using only my right hand.
a nurse with a voice like powdered sugar digs a scalpel
into my palm, talking quietly as she goes, telling me
I cut the one place on my body with the most nerve endings per centimeter
and now she has to widen the cut before she stitches it so it’ll heal better.
so it’ll heal straight. three days later, I stretch my hand in front of my face
and the stitches rip. I pull them out carefully and laugh.
I should’ve told the nurse not to bother. that I always pull myself
apart where it hurts the most then watch it heal crooked.
—  Fortesa Latifi - healing crooked
Just Admit It

a/n: First JB imagine! Requested. I hope you like it.

“You should come with me,” he casually suggested from the other end of the couch.

You glanced away from the TV and over at him, “What?”

“Be my plus one.”

“I can’t,” you denied.

He looked up from his phone then and over at you, brows furrowed, “Why not?”

“The party is tomorrow night. I have nothing to wear.”

“I’ll buy you a dress,” he shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Justin…” you began.

He knew you didn’t approve of him unnecessarily spending money behind you. And every time he did you protested, but did he ever listen?

He rolled his eyes and puffed out a dramatic sigh of exasperation knowing exactly what you were about to say. You predicted your lecture would go in one ear and come out the next anyway so you didn’t bother.  

“I won’t even know anyone there. It’ll be awkward,” you reasoned.

“You’ll have me,” he grinned to which you gave him a pointed look, “Fine, Hailey and Za are gonna be there.”

Your eyes lit up at the mention of your friends, but still you were hesitant to accept the invite. In all honesty you would rather just spend your Saturday night at home, curled up on the couch with a movie or a good book. You’d had a long week and a relaxing night in sounded a lot more enticing than a night out.

“Oh c’mon babyirl, please,” he resorted to begging once he saw the indecision on your face.

“I just wanna stay home and watch movies tomorrow night,” you whined with a pout.

“You can do that on Sunday night. Come with me, pleaaaase,” he matched your pout with one of his own.

“Mmmm,” you scrunched your face in contemplation.

His fingers suddenly locked around your ankles laying in his lap, “Say yes or I’ll tickle you.”

You instantly regretted your position. You’d been laying on your couch all evening, legs draped over his lap while you watched reruns of Family Guy.

You narrowed your eyes at his evident look of mischief.

“You wouldn’t,” you called his bluff.

Wrong move. He began running the tips of his fingers up and down on the soles of your feet, sending you into fits of laughter and screams.

“Aah! Justin, st…stop!” you twisted and turned trying to escape him and his tickle torture but his grip was unrelenting.

“Say yes and I will,” he ordered, amused at your frantic reaction.

“Ahahha, oh my God…Justin stop! Aaah! Okay. OKAY. I’LL GO!” you screamed, unable to bear the torment any longer.

“Good girl,” he acquiesced, letting go.

You pulled your feet out of his reach for good measure, but remained lying on the couch, spent from your hysterics.

His phone rang and you knew before he answered that he would be leaving soon. It was the reason he was at your place anyway. Lately he’d been spending afternoons with you before he went to the studio. You weren’t complaining. You loved hanging out with Justin, but with his hectic lifestyle that wasn’t always often.

“Hey, I gotta go, but I’ll come get you tomorrow morning so we can go shopping,” he called from somewhere behind the couch.

You mustered a non-committal sound as you heard him shuffling around out of sight, most likely putting on his shoes.

“I’m not playing Y/N, you better be ready by ten.”

“Mhm,” you hummed, eyes following Stewie on the screen.

“I’m serious,” he said, face now inches from yours as he leaned over the back of the couch.

He kissed your cheek before he was gone.

Even after the door closed behind him your heart was still beating erratically.


You tried your best not to squint at the blinding flashes aimed your way, but it was a task easier said than done.

This was the part of Justin’s life that you’d never quite gotten accustomed to. The constant limelight was something you could do without.

No doubt sensing your unease Justin gave the hand on your waist a gentle squeeze pulling you closer into him. That was all the encouragement you needed not to sprint down the red carpet towards the entrance of the building. His comforting hold gave you butterflies as he confidently posed with you on his arm.

However, you couldn’t be happier when you finally made it past the double doors and into the party that was already in full swing.

People came up to greet Justin seemingly in droves. This, you were used to, and you were more than content to fade into the background while we hugged and chatted with everyone.

“You look gorgeous!” a voice in your ear caused you to spin around.

You came face to face with the pretty blonde, “Hailey! You’re here,” you breathe a sigh of relief, welcoming her embrace.

“Yeah, me, Za and Khalil, although I lost them somewhere in the crowd a few minutes ago,” she shrugged.

“Let’s get some drinks!” you suggested, spirits instantly lifted now that Hailey was around.

“Right behind you!” she cheered, eagerly leading the way to the open bar.

By your second drink you’d managed a buzz and the good mood was infectious. You and Hailey were situated on the dance floor, having yourselves a grand time. Za had joined you and now the two of you were rapping along to Drake’s verse in his latest song as it played loudly over the speakers.

You had to admit you were enjoying yourself…that is until you glanced over at one corner and spotted your best friend standing intimately with another girl, hand on her hip while he whispered something in her ear. Her head fell back in laughter at whatever he said and it took everything in you to pry your gaze away from the couple.

And just like that your good time was over.

“You guys want another drink?” Hailey shouted over the pounding bass, holding up her own empty glass.

“Yeah, bring two!” Za yelled back, in the midst of his dancing.

“Actually, I’m good. I think I’m getting a headache so I’m just gonna head home,” you lied.

Hailey gave you a concerned look, nodding nevertheless.

Za slung his arm over your shoulder, “Still bring two. I’ll drink hers. I’m looking to get turnt!”

Hailey’s disapproving eye roll didn’t stop her from disappearing in the crowd to get more drinks.

You waved at Za, eager to leave.

“Aye, message us when you get home,” he shouted before you nodded, turned and left.

You were relieved that there were no paps lurking outside which made getting a taxi all the more easier.


You cracked an eye open to the sound of loud, incessant buzzing. You sat up, groggy and annoyed that your slumber had been cut short by the continuous ringing of your phone. Justin’s name flashed across the screen and you glanced at it before hitting ‘ignore’. The image of him snuggled up to that faceless girl last night was still fresh in your mind.

It’s not like you had any valid reason to be upset, but dammit you were!

You had to remind yourself that Justin was just a natural flirt and that letting yourself believe his affectionate ways when it came to you were anything more than standard behaviour was dangerous thinking.

Even with that rationale, you continued to disregard his calls and texts for the rest of the morning. Ignoring him seemed easier than pretending you were okay. Hailey sent a couple texts your way asking if you were alright and you were tempted to ignore them as well but you knew she was only looking out for you so you responded.

Sometime after midday you decided to make a quick run to the grocery store. As you were pulling up to your driveway on the way back the familiar car already parked there made you want to make a U-turn and come back later. But you swallowed your pride, parked, and begrudgingly exited the car.

You wanted to roll your eyes as you walked up to the door, bags in hand, to see Justin already standing there, waiting for you.

Nothing was said as you unlocked the door and made your way to the kitchen. He followed you in without a word.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving last night?”

Your back was to him as you began putting away the items.

“I couldn’t find you,” you found it easier to lie if you weren’t facing him.

“Why haven’t you been answering your phone or responding to my texts?”

“My phone was dead all day.”

“You texted Hailey,” he countered, catching you in your lie.

Having run out of things to put away you had no choice but to face him. You refused to meet his eyes, feeling pinned under his stare.

“You’ve been ignoring me and I don’t like it. Did I do something?”

You glanced up at the tone of his voice and instantly felt guilty. Hands in his pockets, biting his lip and looking troubled.  Your jealousy wasn’t exactly his fault. It’s not like he knew his best friend had feelings for him, did he?

“No, you didn’t.”


“Forget it. It’s nothing,” you shrug it off, leaving the kitchen, not wanting to talk about it any longer.

Before you could move past him his hand shot out to grab your arm, “It’s not nothing if you’ve been ignoring me all day, Y/N.”

“Justin, I promise it’s nothing, okay?” you looked him directly in the eye and mustered a smile.

His fingers loosened their hold and you went to continue toward the living room, but then his arms were wrapping around your middle and you were being pulled back against him.

“I don’t believe you,” he murmured in your ear, “Tell me what’s wrong or I’ll tickle you again.”

Damn him for knowing how ticklish you were and using it against you.

“No, it’s stupid,” your hands came up to hide your face in embarrassment.

You weren’t about to open up about your feelings. No way.

“Just tell me,” he demanded.

You groaned, trying to pull free, but there was no use. He had you in an iron grip.

“I’m not letting go until you tell me so you might as well just say whatever it is.”

There was only silence as you as you tried one more time to escape and failed. Acceding to your fate you grumbled out an incoherent response.

“What?” he prodded.

“I was jealous of the girl you were with last night,” your voice was barely above a whisper but there was no doubt he’d heard you this time.

You knew he wasn’t expecting your admission and you used the opportunity of his slackened grasp to break free.

“Why?” he asked.

“Why do you think, you idiot?” you snapped, irritated at his growing smirk.

“C’mon, just say it,” he teased stepped toward you.

“Why, so you can laugh at me?” you pushed at his chest for him to back up.

With quick reflex his hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you against him, “So I can kiss you.”

Your eyes widened. That was not at all the response you were expecting.


“Have been waiting for you to admit that you like me for ages? Yeah,” he grinned.

Much like every other time his eyes made you their target and his smile aimed at you your heart fluttered and your skin warmed.

Without hesitation you leaned up to accept his kiss.  

(This isn’t limited to YOI but I feel like it’s relevant enough to post here.) 

Basically I’ve been wondering why some of the criticism of YOI has been bothering me so much while other pieces of criticism haven’t. Sometimes the points are remarkably similar but one is more palatable than the other. And I’ve partially figured out the difference.

Criticism which comes from the perspective of “I liked x thing and want to see it be even better” almost always comes across as better than criticism from the perspective of “I didn’t like x thing and here’s what’s wrong with it”. One has a generally positive tone of critical analysis and constructive criticism while the other can border on hostility towards x thing and the people who like it. 

I’m in no way saying that people shouldn’t criticise what they don’t like, they absolutely should, but preferably in a way which doesn’t demean the people who like x thing.

(I feel like I should mention that this perspective on criticism doesn’t apply to stuff which is legitimately and indisputably harmful / toxic.)

Back to YOI specifically. This post exists because I’ve been watching/reading criticisms of YOI and the tone of some of the stuff I’ve been seeing has been getting on my nerves a little. I’m not saying that people who didn’t like or were disappointing by YOI shouldn’t be criticising the show. Those posts often raise a lot of valid points. This is specifically about the posts which do it in an aggressive manner. Tip: the use of the phrase “dumb fujoshi” (and yes, that’s a quote) to describe the whole fan base is a pretty sure fire way of telling if the post is going to be antagonistic.
(On a semi-unrelated note: from what I’ve been able to see most of the fan base are not “fujoshi” and it’s very annoying that that is the stereotypical image of the fan base.)

YOI has a whole bunch of problems it can be criticised for, I’ve criticised it myself, but one thing I try to keep in mind is that constructive criticism is always better than just criticism. Criticism without suggestions for improvement can border of complaining. Which, while it’s fine to just complain about stuff you don’t like, shouldn’t be dressed up and treated like evaluative criticism.  

tl;dr: Criticism is great, no matter whether you come from the perspective of liking something or disliking it, but please stop being so antagonistic.