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In my first year of Costume at Elsewhere University, I learned how to sew. Not that I hadn’t ever done it before, on the contrary I’d been handsewing for myself for years, but the first year was the same whether you were a Fashion or Costume major. So I learned how to sew by machine, how to draft a pattern to fit an average. How to deeply hate the word ‘standard’ because no-one is.

In my second year of Costume at Elsewhere University, I learned how to handsew again, better, and how to fit the people who weren’t the fashion’s idea of standard. I loved it, loved it so much the teachers, two weeks before I got my diploma, offered to take me on for a third year. There were courses, they explained, that were more historical, more detailed, more interesting.

In my third year of Costuming at Elsewhere University, I was taught by a teacher I’d never seen before. He didn’t flinch at my salt, and used iron pins, but he was different. He was also brilliant.
I spent most of that year drafting and sewing to impossible proportions. Sometimes one of my other teachers would look in, and then leave, quickly, eyes wide and face pale. There were waistcoats that looked like swiss cheese, so many armholes, and dresses that tapered into waists only a couple centimeters around.

I graduated, technically, but I missed walking the stage due to a fitting my teacher couldn’t do on his own. I could have moved, then. Left, if I’d wanted to. But there was work here, a list of contacts as long as my arm that would not help me. (Part ½)

(Part 2/2)
I stayed, though, getting my teachers help moving into a place one of my clients found for me. It’s nice, lots of space for fabric and pins, but my machine won’t work, there.

So, now, every so often, I have to come back. To find an empty machine and sew something that is all edges and shapes that people don’t like looking at. My teachers won’t meet my eyes anymore, but I’m not bothered by the students in the classrooms. Perhaps it’s because of what I’m sewing, perhaps it’s because I’m never in class, perhaps it’s because three or four of the crows always seem to be keeping an eye on me.
Either way, in my fourth year at Elsewhere University, I became the Queens Tailor, and nothing much bothered me after that.


Once again, hello everyone. (ง ˙o˙)ว This is the final product of the WIPs I’ve uploaded earlier.

I will now begin explaining my contest entry.. so please bear with me because I’m only a smol lasagna with a smol brain. (ง ˙o˙)ว 1+1=2. Ahem. My concept for both samurai lords is to design their ladies in a way that will complete their ensemble.

For Shingen, his standard Furinkazan echoes words from The Art of War, which was written by my childhood buddy, Sun Tzu //oi// (ง ˙o˙)ว Two lines from the original excerpt were omitted though, saying that one should remain unnoticed like a shadow but must move quickly like lightning (ง ˙o˙)ว KABOOM //claps tiny hands

To achieve such agile and stealth, I’ve made the battle outfit similar to a ninja.. What’s a ninja by the way.. (ง ˙o˙)ว But the Takeda is known for keeping ninjas so.. Sweat it out. Also less striking colors and the cape is useful not only for hiding not just one, not just two, but— It’s also useful for halloween……….

But I think it’s nice if Shingen’s Furinkazan will get reunited with it’s Kage Kaminari finally.

The fabric floral designs focus on Shingen’s strength of thought in war, power, bravery, honor… which all ultimately point to victory. Hmm maybe next time I’ll draw an Absolute Victory Bowl design on a kimono for Takedaddy. Ok the end. Let’s move on. (ง ˙o˙)ว

For Mama Ken— For Kenshin (ง ˙o˙)ว he’s umm known to be this umm- //yells in panic// Bishiemonten.. (ง ˙o˙)ว He is introduced as the God of War (or Warriors) but Bishamonten is also known as the God of Treasure, Riches, and Wealth who rewards his people generously. So I designed his lady to be that counterpart of him, one who is kind and will draw Kenshin’s thoughts away from the scent of blood and scenes of carnage. No weapons for her..

Just pearls. All the white dots are pearls.

She can already buy two sets of samurai pov with those pearls. I bet she’s a top-ranker too. (ง ˙o˙)ว

Also her level of aesthetics should match Kenshin’s.. so she became a flower garden herself.. But atleast they meant elegance and grace.. The freesia also means childish coz sometimes Kenshin is hmmm I won’t judge him. (ง ˙o˙)ว

OK THE END. Thank you for reading.. Also thank you friends for pushing me to join when I was very unsure. (ง ˙u˙)ว


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Happy story: I came out to some of my friends from high school as ace and not only were they cool about it, one pulled me aside and was like "can you explain more about that that sounds so much like me." I was so happy to be accepted, but even more to be able to give one of my best friends information she hadn't been able to find on her own. (And it's funny how often we seem to find each other even before we have words for who we are or how we feel.)

We’re all stories in the end...

What will follow is a very long explanation of why I think BBC Sherlock has become fan fiction in every sense of the word, applying a technique called estrangement effect to achieve as well as envision this. It has been happening since S3 - but came into full force in S4 and especially TFP.

Let me state at first: Sherlock Holmes is dead. He died after jumping off Bart’s. That’s the one thing Mofftisson did that no other adaption has dared to do. Not even ACD did describe Holmes dying. But Mofftisson showed us: Sherlock jumped and hit the pavement. We saw it, and it was never explained how he survived. Because he didn’t. What we watch in TEH is altered footage, like in the beginning of TST. Alienated ficitional reality.

But still Sherlock came back. How is this possible? Because Sherlock Holmes never lived, and so could never die; because Sherlock Holmes as a fictional character has long ago crossed the line between ficiton and reality. He exists in both worlds, the ficitonal and ours. Schödinger’s Sherlock, so to speak.

Mofftiss (and Steve Thompson) have adapted Holmes for the 21st century - with all its consequences. They are the first who allow Holmes to die - as it should have been, in Watson’s arms. This is truly new - like it or not.

But why could he survive? Because of the fans. Fans brought Holmes back in 1903 - and they brought him back in S3 (or even MHR). Whereas S1 and S2 might still be somehow canon compliant if modernised, with S3/MHR the show left the realm of ACD and became something else. It became our story. We are the narrators. Therefore, we appear, for example, as Anderson or the Empty Hearse Club, before we, in TAB, leave this concrete narrator position behind to ascend onto yet another narrative level.

Many commented (and lamented) the change from S2 to S3. The show became a romcom! The cases didn’t matter anymore! All those new characters! All true - because the BBC adaption had detached itself from ACD and started to become its own work of art, it’s very own pastiche. That might be self-referential; and perhaps wasn’t even always well made (TFP!) - but I think we should stop applying real life structures and standards to this work of art - because it simply doesn’t work. (And, as every writer, Mofftiss have the right to fuck their own story up).

The audience and fandom struggle with a lot of twists after S2 because making the distinction between canon compliant fictional verisimilitude and the realm of associative fan fic is especially hard to mark with a figure like Holmes - who seems real and yet never was. On the other hand, he is the perfect character to undergo such a narrative transformation.

If this interests you, please continue under the cut.

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Burdened by the things I’m feeling, I crave the affection, and attention, of one such as you. I burrow, thoroughly, into my subconscious mind, swimming in the depths of the thoughts I carry, the feelings I harbor, the joy I’m enraptured with…

Because of you.

But I don’t know how to tell you. How do I explain gravity to my emotions when they pull me further away from the real world into thw stratosphere because you entered my life?

I don’t know, nor will I ever understand, but because of you, my world is at a standstill, my life is pulling forward, and ALL I WANT TO DO…is lay here and watch as you smile, you laugh, you whisper, you breathe, you curl your loving arms around me and say…

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. I love you until my dying day.”

With this, nothing else matters. I’ve succumbed to your charms. My will is not my own. My breaths are yours. My wishes, too. My touch shall be known by no lover, except you. My kisses shall feast upon your lips for all eternity. My eyes shall gaze upon your glory until life has decided it is time to expand its journey for another. My love, my lust, my spirit, my all, shall forever be in your hands. Protect them. I promise, now and always, as minimal as I am right now, I am yours.


To the one who may be out there…

-H. Murcia 10:02PM 2/19/2017

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How do you animate it looks so cool.I tried to before.But eh.

C: someone teach me how to stream… Because I animated a lot of unfinished things.. And sometimes don’t feel like posting.. And explaining is my worst enemy.. :’/ (plus I’m lazy.. Plsimpathetic)

I’ll give an advice.. The reason I started animating.. Was because of Pewdiepie in YouTube.. And I was determined to animate one of his video.. But I failed.. I gave up.. I realized it was hard.. I lost my confidence…(still have dat unfinished Pewdiepie video xD)
But then.. I saw Theodd1sout, Jaidenanimations, TonyvToons and Domics.. I was very inspired after watching their funny videos.. They helped me continue..

What I’m trying to say is.. I got inspired from them because they used an easy way to animate which gave me hope..
Start from the easiest.. Then slowly learn.. And then do the hardest one slowly.. Animating memes is a good start honestly ^w^ so I hope this kind of.. Tip.. helps.. Hehe (imnotgoodatthis)

I can’t be the only one that thinks this but I’m convinced that Dazai is the main character, not Atsushi.
Sure the story is told from Atsushi’s point of view, but Dazai is usually the one fueling the action. We even get to see Dazai’s past for four episodes in the anime.
The movie poster convinces me of this even more, being that Dazai and Chuuya are pictured front and center.
Even when Dazai’s been MIA(ex: capture by Port Mafia) he’s still been important to what’s happening in the story.
It makes sense that we would follow Atsushi since we seem to be going by the rules of “person being introduced to his new surroundings as the audience is” and it makes it easier to explain things if one character has no idea what’s going on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the Protagonist all along.

A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me

What I thought Fiztgerald’s ability was when my friend explained it:

fitzgerald walks up to the cashier and puts his items on the counter.

cashier: Find everything, sir? Special weekend planned?

Fitz: Yeah, I’m getting my wife some treats.

Cashier: That’ll be $75.86 sir.

Fitzgerald swipes card. ‘Transaction complete’

Suddenly Fitgerald’s pecs and biceps bust through his shirt like the Hulk.

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If Mary's death was anything to go by, John must have been haunted by Sherlock for two years, poor thing

Oh Jeez, even thinking about this makes me sad.

I think people often gloss over what a bad time it probably was for John. He watched his best friend commit suicide by jumping off a building. That’s got to be rough for anyone. That one moment in MHR where Lestrade asks him how he’s been, John says fine and Greg just gives him that look. For me, that look tells it all about how John handled Sherlock’s death.

After seeing some of how he reacted to Mary, what if he also kinda hallucinated Sherlock? Maybe the reason he didn’t tell his therapist is because maybe he told Ella about Sherlock and she brushed it off, or didn’t take it seriously. So there was no way he was telling his new therapist about Mary. It would explain how normal he is acting with her. He is used to seeing someone who isn’t there.

Ahhhhhh, there are so many feels. Post-Reichenbach fics are my favourite. All the angst!

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I was the anon the other day that mentioned the teacher recommendation form thing... well I think I know which one I'm going to ask, but I have no idea how to ask it. Like I don't want to accidentally sound demanding haha. Any ideas?

Oh yeah I remember - I would just phrase it like “Hello! I was your student from [year/class]. I hope you’re doing well! In the fall, I will be pursuing [program] at [school], and was wondering if you could possibly give me a letter of recommendation. [maybe explain why you’re coming to that teacher, like, why you think they can provide valuable insight on you as a student]. Thank you so much! [signature]”.

If you want to make it longer, you could add any commentary about the program you’re going in to, like, things to lead the letter on maybe, to make it easier for your teacher to write. Chances are your teacher has been asked to do this before for past students and knows a little bit about how to write one. 

Good luck!

Question on Puzzle Dungeons

//(This was a submitted as an anonymous question but it was split into two parts so I combined them into one post.)

“Do you, by any chance, have some tips, tricks or general thoughts on making non-puzzle puzzles? Let me elaborate on that question: I’m looking for a few ways to create what is essentially a puzzle that challenges the players rather than the characters in an environment where a traditional dungeon puzzle makes very little sense. For instance a mine that’s currently still in use but perhaps some passages are flooded or collapsed. Or maybe a secluded forest or a city district. In this context there’s no mad wizard or secretive cult to explain away the presence of an elaborate game of magical chess or a riddle-locked door. so how does one still provide their players with a plausible yet challenging and engaging puzzle to solve in such situations?”

//So it sounds like what you want is simply some complex obstacles to overcome more than puzzles. When the players come across certain difficult obstacles that naturally occur in an adventure, overcoming them often becomes puzzle-like. From my post on Puzzle Dungeons, the pieces that make up a puzzle are foreshadowing, backtracking, and then an A-ha moment. What you want to do in those cases is somehow put obstacles in the players’ way that they will have a hard time overcoming without magic. Through said obstacle, let them see someplace or something they need to get to (through bars, thick vines, a hole in a caved-in rock pile, etc). This will foreshadow where they want to go. Then provide something later in the adventure that will either help them reach that area, clear the obstacle, or circumnavigate the obstacle. Once they are able to reach that foreshadowed place or thing, they will have an albeit weaker A-ha moment but nonetheless an A-ha moment.

//“A-ha! With this mining cart filled with heavy rocks we can roll it down this slope at the caved-in passage! It might be enough force to break through it! That lever back there that controls the direction of the mine tracks will keep it heading straight if we adjust it correctly!”

//“A-ha! This path up through the trees is climbable, which can lead us up to that high ledge, which we can follow back to that area with the venomous plants and avoid them completely!”

//It’s less about the puzzle aspect and more about finding a safer path. They might solve the “puzzles” with spells or abilities, but hey that’s when you just have at least 2-3 such puzzles so they use up their spells on them! If each “puzzle” has a solution, it won’t be unfair to the players if they choose to use spells on some puzzles and wits on the others.


I don’t know if Im saying this properly but:

Don’t regret the video dude.

You felt the need to talk with us about what happened and opened a discussion about something that was obviously important to you and get feedback. Felix is the one you turn to when you need help sorting through your thoughts right? Well this was just you coming to us to help sort through your thoughts on how you can support him in his time of need. 

Besides wouldn’t you have continued to be ‘misguided and naive’ if you hadn’t posted it?

Can someone in the community help me explain this right?

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Sorry, but since English is not my first language, could you please explain to me what "heart-bursting" means? And omg is this good for BC?

To give way from an excess of emotion, a bursting or breaking of the heart; a state in which one’s heart is on the point of bursting or breaking.

Basically it just means something has happened to make Tiffany feel something. It could either be heartbreaking or something that’s made her happy :)

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Same situation as the last anon! I always get stuck between infp or intp and I have no idea which one fits me more. Could you explain the differences/similarities? I'd really appreciate it !

Of course. :)

INTP and INFP are similar in many ways, including the way they communicate. The difference is going to be what actually comes out of their mouths. 

One notable thing about INFP’s is their passion. When an INFP is passionate about something, they can be forceful, or even aggressive about their beliefs. This is due to their dominant Fi paired with their inferior Te. Fi will consider what they feel is right, however, their Te will occasionally cause them to enforce these beliefs in a blunt way. They want to control their environment to suit these ideals. As they mature, the INFP will probably learn how to express themselves in a more digestible way, but don’t expect them to find conformity or a lack of expression appealing, especially in  a grip. 

INTP’s on the other hand are generally less passionate- they are impartial to most thinks that they find unimportant. In saying this, they often look like INFP’s when it comes to disregarding social norms. The thing is, INFP’s will purposely avoid conformity, whereas INTP’s just kind of….stumble into it? Their inferior Fe makes it difficult for them to identify how they should act in a situation, leaving them occasionally looking aloof, cold or uncaring. However, just an is isn’t intentionally for the INFP to be controlling, it isn’t the goal of the INTP to offend of put anybody off. 

One thing that both of the types learn as they mature is to take other peoples opinions and feelings into account.

When it comings to the stronger functions, the INTP uses Ti. They rationalise, they categorise and they break data down to find out even more information. They are also big nerds (lol). But it’s a biiiggggg spectrum. You might find the average INTP on the computer neck deep in an overwatch match, but you could also find them in a laboratory. The INFP may also enjoy video games and such, but they would be more drawn to the art, characters or creative gameplay rather than reaching an objective. INFP’s will usually be found expressing themselves through art, music or film. For this reason, they make fantastic artists! Look at Jean Michael Basquiat for example. Listen to what he says, his motives were deeply rooted in Fi. 

The biggest most obvious difference that you can externally observe.

INFP’s: outwardly passionate, express their love often and sincerely, dislike ‘fake’ people aka they might find Fe doms draining, can withdraw when in a grip.

INTP’s: Inwardly passionate, prefer to work alone, rarely express love visibly (they still go to lengths to ensure you are happy though), LOVE fe doms- they do value group harmony, they just don’t know how to make it, eh.. happen. Mind become uncharacteristically clingy in a grip. 

I hope this helped a bit! Contact me for other questions. :)

So I kind of had two ideas for my Valentine’s Day exchange drabble, this is my other one (here you go Steph - @klarolinedrabbles - consider this a bonus gift). I thought I might as well post it anyway now my stubborn muse has decided to kick in! Given the date has passed, this one isn’t going to be VDay centred (probably explains the return of my muse funnily enough).

Co-stars and former lovers Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes can’t stand each other for reasons only known to them. When an unwelcome, summer storm invades their film set in Georgia things between them come to a head.

(All lyrics in bolded italics from the song by Rhianna and Neyo and all flashbacks in plain italics.)

Hate that I Love You

One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me…

HATE/heɪt (v) feel intense dislike for (n) intense dislike.

Tybee Island, GA

“So what, you’re just going to run away?” He demanded, the rain was falling in sheets and visibility was extremely low but Klaus could still make out her lone figure racing away from him and into the stormy night. “I really should have known, it’s what you do best.”

“Don’t you dare put this on me, I wouldn’t be running away if you would be honest about your feelings for once,” she yelled, looking back briefly and pushing the wet strands of hair from her face. “At least I’m willing to put myself out there but you’re just a coward.”

“And running away in this storm is so much better?”

“Much better than having to deal with the same empty promises,” she whimpered. Before he could argue, she ran away along the jetty, the rain and darkness enveloping her form.

“Cut!” The Director, Enzo St John yelled into the night air. One of the interns handed Klaus a towel and he used it to wipe the water from his bare forearms. Luckily it was still hovering at just over eighty-five degrees, one of the bonuses of filming in Georgia in July. The hose they’d been using to create their rain storm eventually abated and Klaus took the opportunity to look around the set now that he had a clear line of sight.

His familiar, blonde co-star was making her way from the jetty. Klaus couldn’t deny she looked absolutely stunning saturated. Her blonde locks were firmly plastered to her face, framing those expressive, blue eyes and her fitted jeans and thin grey t-shirt stuck to her svelte frame. A frame he knew so well especially when it was naked and wrapped around him. In fact he’d memorised her entire body given his lips had travelled over every bare inch of her creamy skin. Trying to erase those images was proving difficult given they were emblazoned on his brain.

She was just another co-star, well that’s what Klaus tried to tell himself every day of filming. And every day he had to tell himself that she wasn’t just another anything. She was Caroline Forbes, the one woman who had managed to overwhelm him completely. A feat unheard of until now.

“Towel?” He offered as she strode past him, wringing out her long, blonde hair as she did it, her gaze firmly trained on the direction she was headed.

“No thanks, I mean who knows where those hands have been,” she replied shortly, grabbing the one on offer from her waiting assistant nearby. Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised, she’d been cold to him since they began filming three weeks earlier. If there was a competition for holding grudges, Klaus was pretty sure Caroline Forbes would win the championship hands down. Not that he could completely blame her, they hadn’t left things well mainly due to a severe lack of communication teamed with his prevalent commitment issues.

Klaus knew she was angry but figured she’d had nine months to get over it. Her prickly demeanour was telling him she obviously wasn’t.

“Okay, listen up everyone,” Enzo interrupted. “That’s a wrap but if you’ve been diligently reading your call sheets, as I hope, you’ll know we’re picking up tomorrow morning before sunrise at the beach. For those night owls who have no idea what time that equates to, it’s 4:30am.” Klaus rolled his eyes thinking that by the time he returned to his accommodation he’d be lucky to have three hours sleep. Less if his dreams were filled with Caroline like they’d been the past two weeks straight.

Given their first kissing scene was due to take place at sunrise, he was fairly certain that insomnia was most definitely on the cards tonight. He wasn’t worried about the scene, her lips obviously weren’t foreign to him and Klaus knew that part of the script he could master with ease but the problem was trying to stop himself when the director yelled cut. Klaus wasn’t sure after so much time apart that he’d be willing to let her go so easily.

Klaus would always remember the first time he laid eyes on Caroline Forbes eighteen months earlier, mainly because she was more gorgeous in person than he could have imagined. Blonde waves, pink lips and creamy skin not to mention her gorgeous physique poured into a cornflower dress the exact hue of those eyes he’d committed to memory, throwing Klaus slightly off guard.

It was a Monday and their respective agents had organised brunch at the luxurious Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss the possibility of starring together in a yet to be titled period piece. Apparently the director wanted to find out if they had chemistry, Klaus always assumed that’s what an audition was for but Enzo St John’s approach was nothing short of unorthodox.

Klaus had already carved out a successful acting career and was never short of work so he didn’t really need this role but something about meeting Caroline Forbes intrigued him. He’d seen her films and the girl certainly had talent. The fact she was absolutely beautiful just added to her overall allure.

As she made her way towards him those hips swinging rhythmically and hypnotising him, Klaus licked his lips in anticipation. He was already planning ways of getting her into his bed, possibly an intimate dinner at La Poubelle followed by a drink at his Hollywood Hill’s mansion. No one refused his charms and he was fairly certain Caroline would follow suit.

“Hello, love,” he smiled, breaking out those dimples he knew had the power to disarm most women. Her frustrated expression was telling him that she wasn’t most women.

“It’s Caroline,” she replied, taking a seat. “So, what’s good here?”

“Excuse me?” He asked, not expecting that comment to come out next.

“The food,” she explained. “I’m starving.” Klaus was so used to most actresses skipping the meal rather than devouring the menu as she seemed to be doing right now. Obviously she wasn’t like most actresses either.

“The crispy bacon is pretty good,” he offered. “If you don’t mind the excess calories.”

“Why would I mind that?” She baulked. “The more calories the better. In fact, I might get those pancakes and some of that bacon on the side.” It was obvious her immediate focus was on food so they ordered quickly and once the waiter left they were alone again. Klaus always knew the right thing to say to women but she’d thrown him off slightly with all that food talk. He wondered whether her appetite for food matched that in the bedroom. He really was hoping so.

“So,” she began. “Is this the part where we try to bond or something like that?” Klaus nearly spit out his mouthful of orange juice at her comment. If it meant between the sheets, he was definitely on board with a little bonding. “I think we can agree that we share a love of bacon, which is a start I guess.”

“True. I honestly have no idea this is the first time I'ver ever had one of these famous Enzo St John ‘get to know each other’ meetings,” Klaus shared.

“It isn’t half awkward at all,” she admitted, removing her oversized, Gucci sunglasses and placing them on the table. “It feels like I’m on a blind, first date and not meeting with my possible, future co-star.” Klaus chuckled, she was certainly right about that. “I knew Enzo St John was eccentric but this weird 'do we have chemistry’ meeting is verging on the bizarre. Especially given he’s not even here to witness it.”

“Oh, he isn’t here but he records it. Didn’t your agent tell you that?”

“You’re joking,” she muttered. “Right?”

“Unfortunately not.”

“Thanks Katherine. Well that isn’t creepy at all,” she murmured. “Uh, not that I think you’re creepy Mr St John, in fact you are one of the best directors I have ever come across.”

“Smooth, love,” he joked.

“I told you, it’s Caroline,” she insisted. Most girls thought it was endearing, she obviously wasn’t so convinced of that fact.

“Fair enough, Caroline,” he repeated, a little taken aback by her brazen nature. “I thought it was just the lack of food but someone’s obviously a little uptight, if you don’t mind me saying,” he offered. She really did need someone to ruffle those feathers and Klaus figured he was the perfect candidate for the job.

“Actually I do,” she growled. “I may be hungry but you don’t even know me.”

“I’m starting to believe that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” he joked. “Looks like someone needs some stress relief.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re the one who’s going to provide it, right? Between you and me I think you need to work on your lines, Mikaelson.”

“My lines,” Klaus scoffed. Where did she get off accusing him of that? He didn’t need lines, he was Klaus bloody Mikaelson after all. “I was merely stating that you are in fact unnaturally tense and that response just proves my point.”

“I didn’t realise you were a therapist.”

“I’m not but if there’s something I know about women it’s how to relax them, if you know what I mean,” he implied, raising his eyebrows knowingly. Klaus didn’t expect to jump into that straight away but it was obvious she needed some kind of sexual intervention.

“Charming. You know I’m not sure the director would think this was entirely professional conversation.”

“Well, given he’s not listening I think it will be okay.”

“Excuse me?”

“I was joking before, I assumed you knew that.”

“Uh no I didn’t, excuse me if I’m not familiar with your warped sense of humour just yet,” she hissed.

“My sense of humour is perfectly fine,” he growled. “From what I can tell though yours is absolutely non existent.”

“That’s it, I’m going. No movie role is worth this.”

“There’s no need to be so childish, love,” he said. “Plus, you’re not going to leave. If anything it’s because I know just how hungry you are.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll get it to go,” she shot back ignoring his obvious double meaning, standing up and stalking away. Despite everything Klaus couldn’t deny just how sexy her pert bottom looked as she left. Same with that feisty attitude.

Turns out Enzo might not have been filming them but he’d organised for someone to sit at the neighbouring table and identify any possible chemistry. According to his spy these two had enough combustable energy to start a fire. Pity neither actor wanted anything to do with the other even when he subsequently pursued them. Enzo would lie in wait for his next available opportunity to cast them together, knowing that their sparks would translate into an enormous profit at the box office. He just needed to convince them of that fact.

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Lol what does Steph get yelled at for today?

Not making a medication list for the cat in a timely fashion, even though I said I was doing it at least 6 fucking times before I left for work. All these medications and their directions are neatly lined up in one spot in the kitchen, btw. Where anyone could write them down.

Again, working today. Because I control my own schedule. (Newsflash: I don’t).

Not being able to predict if the body shop is going to call me about my car and if the insurance is going to approve it being seen by a mechanic.

Not sitting on hold with my insurance company before going to work.

Shutting the door while brushing my teeth.

Shutting the door while getting dressed.

Not being able to explain why another one of our cats was just diagnosed hyperthyroid or being able to give accurate odds of that happening in a 4 cat household.

Leaving what she perceived as late for work and gonna get in trouble because I had to write a med list for my cat for her to take to the vet. I was on time. Btw. 13 minutes early actually.

Now I’m at work and my boss who likes to yell in everyone’s faces for fun comes in in approximately 4 hours. I work with him for 6 hours. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie gets bitched out for today!