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Am I not tagging my poems right? I tag them writerscreed but nothing ever happens

There may be a few reasons for that: 

  • Your tag may simply not show up in the search because sometimes Tumblr is weird like that
  • We may have missed it because while we try our best we cannot guarantee to see all the postings; different timezones plays a role in it as well sometimes
  • Your writing might have been deemed inappropriate 

Please make sure you are using the proper tag, it is #writerscreed in one word and please make sure it is within the first 5 tags. We cannot say for sure why your writing has not been reblogged unless you come off anon. Please message one of the admins and they will gladly help you out. 

AO3 Filtering and You!

So I’ve seen a couple people talking about hating to see certain pairings and characters when searching on AO3, and I thought I’d take a moment to teach everyone A Thing I Love To Do. You can absolutely and very very easily filter out pairings and characters when you search for fics!

Step one: Find the tag for the character/pairing you want to filter out.

You’re gonna have to click on it (I’M SORRY I KNOW BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND).

Step two: After clicking on that tag you hate, find the RSS Feed button up on top and click that.

This is gonna bring up a screen full of gibberish. But it’s okay! This is good gibberish.

Step three: In the address bar, find the numbers that appear after tags/

That’s the numerical code that AO3 has attached to that tag.

Step four: Copy that number, then paste it in the search bar with a - in front of it

Step five: Success! Pressing search will remove that tag from the search results.

For best results, save all the tags you hate in a document and copy/paste when needed. You can totally stack these filters as much as you want, just make sure there’s a - in front of each tag code.

But Lady, you ask, how does this work? Well, the AO3 search engine, like every single search engine you will ever use, uses something called boolean searching. Putting that - in front of what you don’t want will tell the search engine “show me everything that fits this criteria, EXCEPT NOT this other criteria”.

The problem with AO3 is, if you search “-Character1/Character2″, it will fail to filter out stories tagged with “Character2/Character1″, or any stories where the tag uses a character’s nickname. But thanks to something that AO3 calls tag wrangling, both of those options will be stored within the same numerical code, so that a search for one will also bring up the other. You can use that in your filtering to ensure that all iterations of that pairing you hate will be removed.

WARNING: this currently only applies to character and pairing tags, and only the tags that have gotten enough fics to have been “wrangled” by AO3 and given a tag code. It also won’t work on stories where the tag has been misspelled.

This isn’t a call-out post for a specific person. I’ll just call her X. Fan X made a post to complain about mean anti-reylo fans, saying how reylo shippers were being unfairly accused of racism (among other things). She cross-tagged her post with the finnrey tag. (Anyone who’s spent time in the finnrey tag has seen similar posts, yeah?) I sent X a PM, politely asking her to remove the tag. Some people had already commented on the post, asking for the tag to be removed, but it was still there, and I figured a PM might get her attention faster. I mentioned in passing that her post was off-track as well as badly tagged, and thought that would be the end of it. 

Instead it evolved into a conversation where X wanted to prove that she’s a fan of Finn, and she has NEVER EVER seen anything racist said about him on her dashboard from her fellow reylo fans. 

So before I dove back into the conversation, I did a keyword search on her tumblr. One of her most recent reblogs at that moment was a post that talks about how Finn is a beta male and inferior to Rey, and Rey had to save him 100 times, and so forth. (Some of y’all know the post I’m talking about. And no, I’m not exaggerating on the wording of it, that’s literally what it said… along with a bunch of light-and-dark and Romeo-and-Juliet imagery about reylo.)

X hadn’t noticed it. She missed the blatant racism and erasure of Finn as a lead in the post. She liked the pretty wording about how epic reylo is going to be, and that was enough to make the racism not ‘visible’ to her.

That’s what I think of when I see someone say that they’ve never seen anyone being racist in [insert ship or character or movie/show name here] fandom: a fan who will reblog a blatantly racist post that comes across their dashboard, and then have the ignorant bliss to say that they’ve never seen any racism in their section of fandom. 

The 4 of Us

Summary: It’s you and Bucky’s 5 year anniversary! Bucky decides to get you a puppy, but you have a surprise for him as well! | Bucky x Reader
Warnings: a lil swearing, pregnancy? lol
Word count: 2,3 k


Originally posted by buckysclique

Bucky woke up that morning more excited than ever. Today was your 5 year anniversary and he had a special day planned. He looked over his shoulder where you were still sleeping, resting on your stomach, one leg dangling off the bed. He placed a tender kiss to your bare shoulder, remembering the activities of last night – something you two were definitely repeating tonight. Bucky strolled to the dresser to slip on a fresh pair of boxers and simple grey sweatpants.

As he searched the fridge for some eggs, he thought about his plans once more. Make breakfast, go to the grocery store, come back home, order some pizza, then cuddle on the couch while watching your favourite movies and then he would have to go out again to go get your present. Bucky knew you’d scold him about it, because you didn’t want any presents or fancy dinners, thus why for the 4th year now you always stayed at home and did cozy stuff, it’s just the way you liked it. But this year, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He saw the way you always longingly look at the pet shop when you pass it. You were a huge animal lover, dogs being your favourite. He didn’t know if you had a favourite breed, so when he stepped in the pet shop the other day to look at a potential new family member his eyes immediately fell to a tiny Pug puppy padding around. The pup was a little boy already named Charlie. His curled up tail and squashed face made his heart melt and Bucky knew he had found the one. So when he was frying eggs and bacon he couldn’t wait to go pick up the little pup later. Bucky smiled to himself as he felt your arms snake around his waist.

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top five LOUIS stage moments? (soz i saw the harry one and am tagging on)


1. A moth searched for the brightest light in the room and booped Louis :’) 

2. Louis making it his personal goal to be Niall’s favorite by changing the lyrics in Over Again every goddamn show

3. Louis’ unadulterated happiness when he got to sing about morning wood


5. BUT the best thing Louis has ever done on stage was jumping into his soulmate’s arms one second after being put into a band together. 

I don’t make the rules.

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Is it just me, or does it feel like Jungkook and Hobi don't have very many moments?

OMG ANON ARE YOU ASKING ME TO SPAM YOU WITH JUNGHOPE MOMENTS? Okay anyways, to address the question, I know it might seem like Junghope have very few moments but I assure you they actually have quite a lot. Like suga/kookie, Junghope has a lot of behind the scenes/background and subtle moments that are hard to notice if you don’t actively look for it. Their moments have been more obvious lately but even back then, there were quite a lot. It’s been mentioned several times by different members that Hobi and Kook were extremely close predebut and that Hobi was the one that Kook let loose around and relied on. Now is about the time where I spam you with Junghope. So here we go~

Throwback Junghope they were super close

Junghope since Rookie King Days Hobi pulling him in by the neck ;-; (I found this gif on google images and it’s from We Heart It I really have no idea who made this gif)

This actually happened….

(Cr. @/janice0chung0) I mean come on, look at the stares. 

Never forget Now3.

This actually happened too.

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Thank you @greywvren for the help and thank you again for being the reason I read this series in the first place 💕

Ronan Lynch never thought he would ever be on a romantic date, let alone to be the one who organized it.

He searched for the less shitty and less pricey restaurant in all of Henrietta- fuck, damn it, in all fucking Virginia for something like a month and he’s now left feeling like the biggest idiot on earth, waiting for Adam to show up, and even when he hears the sound of the engine of Adam’s shitty Hondoyata, he doesn’t turn, doesn’t move because- because.


It was all so new, all so strange.

The tentative brotherhood with Declan, the absence of Cabeswater and the void his Mother’s smile used to lit up. He knows how easily loss can destroy him, can drive him away from everything he loves, and so Ronan Lynch decided that he had enough of self-destruction to last a lifetime.

He didn’t notice when he started to chew on the leather bands of his bracelet, but the comfort of the familiar habit is enough to keep him from working himself into an early grave, his longing consuming him more and more for every minute that he waits and when Adam enters the restaurant in his perfect, clean and flawless college uniform and his face lights up with a smile aimed only at him Ronan tries to understand exactly how many beats a heart can skip.



There’s a moment of silence and Ronan feels his heart slowly traveling up to his throat as Adam’s hand rest in the middle of the table like an invitation between the salt and pepper, just near the menu that Ronan left open so that Adam could check the prices without being nervous of everything he orders. He watches as Adam’s eyes roam over the various dishes and the various dollars and Ronan has a whole bunch of seconds that feel like a lifetime to imagine all the ways in which he fucked up.

But Adam’s smiles, the kind of smile that makes Ronan’s breath come out in a woosh, feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit happier, is such a thing is possible.

His hands move slowly and he ends up cradling Adam’s fingers in his own and he’s euphoric with the knowledge that Adam’s hands are now soft.

“So, Parrish. How’s school going?” he asks, trying to be as casual as he can and he wonders if Adam knows how badly he needs to know.

“It’s going good. Very good. Better than I could imagine.” he answers and Ronan doesn’t know if it’s the smile on his face or the fact that Adam’s thumb is now stroking the skin of his palm, but everything in this damned place seems to be on fire.

“How are the Barns?” the question takes Ronan a while to decipher, to remember that Adam cares.

“I woke a cow.” the answer comes with a shrug, even if he was on his way to cry when it happened and then seriously crying after he called Gansey and Blue to tell them and he-

He wanted to say it to Adam face to face, because Ronan knows that a part of the Barns and a big part of himself-like his heart, or his liver, or the very blood in his veins- will always be owned by Adam Parrish.

And the smile on Adam’s face could light up the darkest parts of Ronan’s corners.

“I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see it!” he holds Ronan’s hand tighter and he can feel the fire spreading all across his face.

“It’s just a cow.” he adds, but at the words Adam’s smile only gets wider, like he knows how much it matters for Ronan no matter how much he tries to hide it.

“Gentlemen, are you ready to order?” the waitress asks and Ronan turns to look at her for a second before he gets kicked under the table.

“The fuck, Parrish?” he murmurs, his hand going to massage the injured part just as Adam answers the waitress with a polite “Not yet. And pardon my boyfriend.”

The waitress answers something but Ronan’s everything is hanging by those tiny, little nine letters.


“Don’t look at the waitress like that, it’s not her fault we still haven’t picked something.” Adam says, but he doesn’t move his hands from the electric tangle they make with Ronan’s.

His only answer is a hum, while he tries to regain his cool.

He knows their hands will eventually have to detangle to read the menu and actually pick something and Ronan muses that he could pay or threaten or beg to have someone read it for them.

As one pair of joined hands slowly retreats to take the menu-get a whole lunch for the fantastic prize of only 12 dollars!- the other tightens.

“I’ll take the Lasagne.” Adam says and Ronan debates with himself on the matter of: will order hamburger seem like a dick move?

His heart is still in his throat and clouding his vision of everything that isn’t Adam shaped, so he settles for the first thing that seems vaguely easy to pronounce.

When the waitress comes back to take the orders Adam is the one to talk to her, but that’s because Ronan is too busy looking at him, at the way he holds himself, his perfect self-taught manners, the way he is grounded in his own being.

He finds the act of Adam ordering for him more endearing than he will ever admit.

Ronan suddenly remembers that he has things to give to Adam, a gift from Opal and a gift from himself, and he makes a mental note to remember this later, when they are not in a restaurant surrounded by people.

When the plates arrive Ronan is crushed by the knowledge that yes, he will have to let go of Adam’s hand and finds a little solace in the fact that the latter seems as reluctant to do so as he feels.

Ronan looks at the plate in front of him and finds out that he has no idea what this shit is.

“You don’t know what you ordered, do you.” Adam’s sentence should sound like a question, but it doesn’t.

“The name seemed cool.” he answers, trying to move whatever sits in his plate with the fork and Adam laughs quietly, which makes it all worth it.

They start to eat, Adam with his back straight and elbows that never touch the tablecloth.

“How is Opal?” he asks, covering his mouth with one hand if Ronan knows he isn’t chewing a single thing.

“She’s good. I left her with Declan.” his smiles is razor sharp when he remembers the frightened look on his business brother’s face.

“You asshole.” Adam replies, but the word is affectionate and it makes Ronan’s smile go from razor sharp to I love you so much in a matter of seconds.

“Is the college cool, then?” he asks, looking at Adam and trying to use his fork in a productive way. He’s glad that whatever his food is, it at least tastes really fucking good.

Adam hums and nods, cleaning his mouth with the handkerchief but Ronan can’t help but notice the little spot of red at the corner of his lips no better than he can help his hand from moving, his thumb from removing the sauce and his own mouth from licking it off.

The hungry look in Adam’s eyes has nothing to do with the food and it takes Ronan’s breath away, it makes the fire burn even brighter.

“College is cool.” it’s his only answer, his eyes fixed on the lower part of Ronan’s face.

“You should come visit again,” he adds “you scared the shit out of my roommate.” and since Adam doesn’t seem very inconvenienced by it, Ronan smiles proudly.

They ask for the check and when the waiter arrives they split it, but Ronan adds a tip with I don’t know what the fuck I ate but man it was good written on a fifty dollar bill.

Once they are out of the restaurant Ronan sees Adam going right for his BMW, his hand on the handle of the passenger seat.

The keys in Ronan’s hand tremble.

They sit in the car and he retrieves two things from his backpack under Adam’s curious stare.

“This is a bracelet from Opal and this-” he takes the little notebook, hands it to Adam and doesn’t look at him, his eyes on the road.

“It’s a time schedule, it works however you want it to work and you can add everything you need to it, for classes and shit. It’s water repellent.”

Of all the ways Adam could say thank you, grabbing Ronan by the front of his shirt to kiss him is by far the best one.




They are in Ronan’s childhood bed and Adam is gently passing his fingers along the side of Ronan’s body, rib after rib after rib.

“What else did you dream?” he asks, his lips moving on Ronan’s temple.


Hello i have a 12 year old sister whose favourite character is Pidge and I would really, really appreciate it if this wasn’t one of the first results that came up.  That’s a 14 year old girl.  With a 25-26 year old man.  That’s fucking gross.  I do not want her to ever see that if she were to search “Pidge”, which she will do because she has a habit of drawing her favourite things.  Please and thank you.

Purify Me (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

Context: Love is amazing, love is kind. Dean Ambrose isn’t a good man for Reader. He’s an amazing one. 

**A/N: ** Dean finally gets a full length fic after months of me stalling on how to write it. But the song inspiration is “Purify Me” by India Arie. 

Originally posted by heartsvwolvesmoved

**Tags: ** @the-geekgoddes ; @kalliravenne ; @crookedmoonsaultpunk ; @m-a-t-91 ; @squirrel666 ; @livingthestrongstyle ; @nickysmum1909

“Easy like Sunday morning

Like an angel calling

He taking me all in

I’m embracing him with my skin

Like a glimmer of light

Like a vision of life

And he’s so perfect I couldn’t picture him if I tried…”

           Have you ever fallen in love so deeply that you didn’t even know what hit you? Have you ever searched for a soulmate so far and so wide with no hope of ever fining one? Have you ever felt the joy in knowing the one you always belonged with was right in front of you all along? Because I have and it feels amazing.          

          I took a deep breath as I stood in the dressing room, right as my parents entered.

         "Sweetheart,“ my father gasped. “You look stunning.”

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I love that pasta is basically the only thing Yuuri eats in your fics

IS THIS TRUE?? Anon, since I have an English paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, and since I’m curious, I’m now going to do a comprehensive study of food (and specifically pasta) mentions in all of my fics.

Five Times Viktor And Yuuri Were Jealous Of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) - pasta mentions: 0

  • one vague mention of food, which is never specified
    • Viktor watches the scene in shock, the food that they had just bought completely forgotten on the picnic table in front of him.

Accidentally Seductive - pasta mentions: 0

  • one metaphor containing food, once again the food is not specified
    • (Because negative things and Yuuri just didn’t fit well together. It was like mixing together two different foods with different textures.)

The Fundamentals of Caring - pasta mentions: 0

  • Popcorn
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) - pasta mentions: 1

  • There is unspecified food at a restaurant
  • Yuuri eats pasta! Specifically Phichit’s father’s pad thai

Not Jealous - pasta mentions: 0

  • Yuuri’s boyfriend brings him an unspecified lunch
  • Takeout food is mentioned in a hypothetical scenario Victor comes up with while daydreaming about Yuuri
    • [He] Wants to lay in bed with him and watch television shows and order takeout food with him and take long walks with him and do all of those ridiculous, sappy things.

all the world’s a stage - pasta mentions: 4

  • When Phichit first tells Yuuri about the job they are given unspecified food. 
    • His mind has gone haywire, his heart thumping in his chest. A waiter comes by and sets food in front of them, but he can hardly even see it.
  • Victor and Yuuri go out on a date to a restaurant, but the food is never explicitly mentioned.
  • Yuuri and Victor order and enjoy pizza
  • Makkachin eats dog food
  • They eat chips and salsa while watching Phichit skate
  • They eat popcorn when they watch Phichit skate again
  • They eat Pringles at Victor’s house one time
  • Yuuri was going to get unspecified food when he was intimidated by the paparazzi waiting for him
  • Christophe suggests Victor brings Yuuri’s family food when he’s going to fly to surprise him
  • The night after the gala Victor makes Yuuri food and puts it on a tray
  • At some point, Phichit and Yuuri go to a diner and eat unspecified food
  • Yuuri makes Victor piroshki and also makes katsudon several times throughout the story
  • There is a mention of eating a 32 inch Snickers bar
    • And how would one go about eating a 32 inch Snickers Bar in the first place?
  • There are four mentions of pasta in this fic, although pasta is never explicitly eaten.
    • 1. Victor thinks that anything Yuuri says would sound good. A pack of rabid raccoons? Cruel and unusual punishments? Ketchup and pasta?
    • 2. “Do you feel like Chinese? I could go for Chinese,” Victor muses. “Or maybe just pasta or something. I don’t know. Pizza again? Always a good choice. Oooh, or katsudon. You’ve gotten me hooked on katsudon, I’m afraid.”
    • 3. “I thought he was sick,” Yurio answers. “Relax, he probably had bad pasta or something. It happens.”
    • 4. Phichit is a firm believer in pasta Thursdays, a tradition that is held dear to all of their hearts.

centripetal force - pasta mentions: 4

  • Yurio wants to talk about food bc Victor is annoying him by being smitten™
    • “Let’s talk about food now. I want to talk about food.”
  • Yuuri eats a sandwich at the quad. Phichit also has a sandwich.
    • Yuuri moans in response to the first bite of his sandwich. “I’m starving,” he realizes.
  • Both Yuuri and Victor eat pasta!
    • “I’m getting pasta,” Victor tells him, heading off towards the pasta station. Yuuri gets pasta, too. Then they’re sitting across from each other, except Yuuri has already begun digging into his food, and Victor hasn’t, is just watching him.
  • Yuuri gets Victor a blueberry muffin when he’s hungover after the Halloween party
  • Yuuri brings pastries for Phichit and himself then starts crying while holding the bag
  • Victor orders Yuuri pasta in Saint Petersburg
    • Victor attacks Yuuri’s pasta with his fork, eats a bite of it. “See,” he explains through a mouthful, “your weakness is your empathy, Yuuri.”
  • They eat piroshki together
  • At some point, Yuuri brings Victor a bag of unspecified food
  • Victor is mentioned eating pasta at some point
    • “This is good,” Victor states firmly, digging into his pasta.
  • Pasta Thursday is mentioned to be a thing on campus
    • Yuuri is hungry, one day, so he walks to the dining hall for a late dinner. Victor is working on a project, so Yuuri is alone, yawning with thoughts of Pasta Thursday on his mind.

how the mighty fall (in love) - pasta mentions: 1

  • Victor orders a sandwich and Yuuri orders pasta
    • They sit down at a booth. It’s Italian food, which Victor enjoys. He orders a sandwich, Yuuri orders a pasta dish.
  • Victor has unspecified takeout food in Saint Petersburg


The most pasta mentions is a tie between centripetal force and all the world’s a stage. However, pasta is never explicitly said to be eaten in all the world’s a stage. As I have continued writing, the pasta mentions have increased, but this is also most likely due to the fact that most of my latter fics are multi-chapter, whereas the beginning ones are one-shots. The fic with the best food, in my opinion, is The Fundamentals of Caring. I do really like pasta.


@divinexremembrance !!!! Oh definitely! Anyone can be a witch! There’s no initiation or anything!

For starters you could make a side blog for just witchcraft so you can have better organization of spells and potions and the like! Some witches do this as a sort of online book of spells!

First and foremost thing to know is that this is going to be your craft and you do whatever feels right to you. So say if chanting a spell works better then making a spell jar then go for it!

Another is looking up witchcraft books and basicly research what you wanna do. For some they work with only herbs and all while others are pop culture/tech witches! (There’s a load of types of witches but you don’t have to have a label if you don’t want to)

Also the witchcraft community is very open and accepting in general so if you ever need help you can ask. (But there are, as in all communities, some rude people that might try to force their ideals on you or such. I say to just ignore them ok?)

I have a few blog you could follow if you like!

Its also easy to look in the tags to find certain blogs that relate to what you want to practice like if you want tarot/pendulum/general divination you search for those and find blogs you like.

I for one an trying to learn all I can that I could but I mostly specialize in sigils, spirit work, and slight divination!

And I believe that’s all I could currently think of that you can do. (Just ask me or anyone else if you got any questions that I might have missed) also be mindful of certain things being off-limits like most native practices and terms and general appropriative things too!

unexpected// one

part one of a series set in hogwarts (the same au as namjoon’s)

posting this for th grandpa’s birthday ;(  i love u min yoongi, jibangi grandpa, the softest rapper to rap ;(  캡짱!!!

edit: i’m reposting this because of an issue with it not showing up in tags, hopefully it will do so this time!

The silence in the Prefects’ common room is broken only by the scratching of your quill against the yellowing parchment. You’ve always preferred studying here over the Ravenclaw common room, ever since you’d gotten your badge last year. The absence of your loud housemates probably did the trick, you think, as you hunt through your notes for a specific piece of information. You’re searching for the section you’ve dedicated to the Goblin Rebellions of 1723, when you hear the door creak open. One of the Slytherin prefects, Yoongi, walks in with his general air of regality. He spots you in your corner and acknowledges you with a nod, but doesn’t say anything even as you nod back.

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What happened to Sauces? Do you know?

NOOOO! After 10 minutes searching in my Liked posts, my following list & in the Rocio sims 4 tag…. I think she deleted? I hope I’m wrong.. I’m a little heartbroken, to be honest. She was one of my favorite simblr. Like, in my top 5. I follow her since the very first post of her previous story, with the arranged wedding, the hot soldier dude. I always admired her creativity, always coming up with surprising plotlines. I’m going to miss her. I’m sad I never talked to her now…

I hope she’s doing fine & that deleting was the best decision for her. But Saucy, I’m here if you want to come back, hit me up anytime. :(

In A Moment Ch. 5

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 1482

Warnings: Action, mild violence, swearing and some fluff.

A/N: Time for a different kind of action… the non smut variety.

Prologue - One - Two - Three - Four   

Originally posted by its-wicked-stuff


Steve slowly came awake to the sound of boots outside of the motel room door. Heavy footsteps like those could only be made by combat boots. Steve turned his head on the pillow. You were still sound asleep between him and Bucky. Your hair was over your face and your leg was thrown over his thighs. Steve looked past you to Bucky. His eyes were also open, looking at Steve. He had heard the boots too.

More sets of footsteps had joined the first.

Time to go,” Steve mouthed to Bucky. He slid out from underneath you and started pulling on his clothes. He bent down and threw yours on the bed as Bucky was waking you up. Whatever Bucky had said to you in your ear, startled you awake. You sat up quickly, pushing your hair out of your face. You scrambled out of bed as quietly as possible and pulled your own clothes on. Bucky was doing the same as you went over to your backpack and searched for the gas grenades you had stashed in the side pocket. You pulled two out and held them up to Steve and Bucky. Both nodded their heads in approval.

Bucky threw everything he could find that belonged to the three of you in his backpack and put it on. Steve picked up his shield and motioned for you to peak out the curtain.

You leaned up and peered through the slight opening down the middle. It was still dark outside but you could make out the men standing around the door. You lifted your hand up, showing the number five. Then, made a gun out of your thumb and index fingers.

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So I kind of went through your entire fic rec tag?? Do you have any more recs, by any chance?

do i ever!! here are some of my recent kudos/bookmarked/faved fics:

  • Buy Me A Coffee by going_slightly_mads (T, ~4,500): Bucky works at Café Plum, where strangers can buy online coffees to just about anyone. When a Greek god named Steve Rogers shows up one day and then disappears before even giving him his phone number, Bucky has only one solution: buy him a coffee online to get him to come back. 
  • Call Me Maybe by cleo4u2, xantissa (E, ~23,000): What’s a guy to do when he gets a wrong number? Flirt back, of course!
  • Keep on Living by worrisomeme (T, ~2,500):  based on the prompt “Our families are having funeral visitations at the same time and we’re both hanging around outside because we can’t deal.”
  • Pretty Pleasures by Chiyume (E, ~16,700):  Bucky was just looking for some paint! That’s all he came over for. How the hell was he supposed to know that Steve kept things like…like that in his art cabinet? And to make matters even worse, Steve just walked through the door and caught Bucky red-handed with his hands all over the darn things. And he does not look happy…
  • Things We’d Held in Secret by Dira Sudis (E, ~11,000):  Steve and Bucky were trapped together behind enemy lines in 1944. Bucky was badly injured, and for days Steve fed him the only way he could with no supplies on hand but a sharp knife. Bucky didn’t understand what was happening at the time, and afterward there was never a good time to tell him–but now that Steve knows what he really did for Bucky, the secret is going to have to come out.
  • Home Is Where You Are (Farmer ‘verse) by charlesdk (M, ~62,000):  The story of Steve Rogers, a former army captain and current farmer, and Bucky Barnes, a former brainwashed assassin for Hydra currently recovering and finding himself again.
  • tattoo your last bruise by ftmsteverogers (E, ~9,300):  “If you wanted, you could share the bed again,” Steve said, still studiously looking at the wall directly in front of him. “We used to do it all the time, before. It isn’t weird. Not for me, anyway.”
  • never let me down again by belovedmuerto (T, ~4,600): He wakes up alone, in his own bed. In his own house.
  • And Make Believe It Came from You by Sproings (G, ~2,500): Dear Bucky, I miss you.I see you every day, and I wave at you, and you wave back, and we smile, and I miss you.
  • Cinder and Smoke by littleblackfox (E, ~51,700):  “They say there’s no law in Parasapa. Is that true?” 
  • A Soft Blur by agetwellcard (E, ~28,000):  After recovering from his time in the army, Bucky is a successful photographer who is trying to forget his past. Two weeks after Steve’s return, he accidentally spills his champagne on Bucky at a charity event. It brings them together at a time when the two of them need each other the most. 
  • Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (E, ~121,000): In which Bucky wants to have Steve’s baby, and Steve is a very concerned dad-to-be.

and some of my subscribed/kudos/bookmarked/faved wips:

  • Sugar Sweet by ColorCoated (E, ~100,000):  College Student Bucky finds himself immediately attracted to Steve. He knows that Steve’s a bit older than him, and that Steve himself is put off by the age difference… But that doesn’t stop Bucky from wanting to climb him like a tree.
  • Fan the Flame by Avaaricious (M, ~168,000):  AKA the “I thought you were a dude-bro and meant to swipe left on Tinder but I slipped. We matched and now I’m stuck talking to you” AU
  • Pickup by Slenderlock (E, ~31,900): He’s shorter than Steve by a long shot, standing alone on the side of the road. His eyes cut through the darkness, staring directly up at Steve. He can’t be older than twenty. And he’s holding a thumb out. Steve makes a split-second decision and slams his foot on the brake.
  • Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou (E, ~93,000):  “Geez, Buck, what’d you do to Captain America? Fuck his sister?”
  • Hands of Clay by Mhalachai (M, ~304,700):  James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.
  • Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl by die_traumerei (E, ~12,700):  Steve’s not doing bad. Not great, but he’s at least a mostly-not-starving artist. And then he meets Bucky Barnes.

Binxy and I were talking about our search histories earlier today, which led to the conclusion that if the authorities ever got hold of them we were going to end up in jail for some if the things we’d researched. But it also got me to wondering how many of us have really weird and/or illegal type stuff in it search history. This is going to be a two part post, one for each question. To answer reply, reblog or send me an ask if you want to remain anon.

QUESTION 1-What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched for a fic you were writing?

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A Girl Worth Fighting For

Prompt:  White Day ~ A  Girl Worth Fighting For
Pairing:  Nalu (can’t resist)
Rating:  fluffy
Word count:  1646
‘A Girl Worth Fighting For’


Summary:  Natsu navigates unspeakable horrors to win Lucy’s  love ~ or ~ Natsu goes shopping, looking for the perfect white day gift.


A fun little drabble exchange for White Day tagging @impracticaldemon @ff-darkshininglight @cheer-chan @magerain @rizzy09

“Happy, are you sure this is the best department store in Magnolia?”  Natsu craned his head up to look at the fancy lettering on the big glass windows.  "Hudson’s Em - poor - e - um?  Doesn’t look that great.  You sure this the best one?“

"Well yeah, lookit all the stuff in the windows!”  Happy gestured to the fancy display of mannequins wearing the latest Heart Kreuz fashions.  "Mira and Erza love this place!“

"But will I find Lucy the perfect gift here?  She’s not like other girls.”

“Yeah, she’s weird.”  The exceed chortled and flew out of reach.  "But you’re getting just as weird as her, worrying about finding a white day gift.  Give her fish!“

Natsu shook his head.  "If you’re not gonna help you can leave.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for all the fish in the river.”

Putting his worries aside for the moment, Natsu strode up to the double doors and entered Hudson’s Emporium.  Clothes, shoes, handbags and luggage were on the immediate left; on the right were displays of sporting equipment, kitchenware and lamps.  

Natsu wandered aimlessly, Happy trailing behind him giving a constant stream of poor advice.  "Ooh!  Buy her a vacuum!  How 'bout hip waders?  Gym membership?  Lookit that muumuu, maybe they have one in her size.“

Natsu glared at his exceed.  "Oi!  I said if you’re not gonna help you could leave!”

His usual shit-eating grin in place, Happy responded.  "I never said I was gonna help - I said I wouldn’t miss this for all the fish in the river!“

An announcement blared over the public address system:  "White Day Special Sale next to the food department starting in five minutes.”

With shining eyes and hope reborn in his heart, Natsu let go of Happy.  "Lucy loves food!“

Rubbing his sore neck, Happy coughed.  "That’s one thing we can agree on, she loves greasy food!”

They joined the torrents of men rushing to the back of the store also intent on procuring the perfect White Day gift for their special lady.  In between the food and millinery departments was a long table bedecked with a blinding white tablecloth.  Upon it was a dazzling selection of white items; from marshmallows and white chocolate to candles, coffee cups and lingerie - all astonishingly white.

All the men trudged closer beginning to paw the merchandise.  And once the P.A. system squawked alerting them to a time limit they began to toss through the sale items with terrible haste.

Natsu had never been subjected to such indignities before.  As a mage of incredible power and wild disregard for personal safety and the subtleties of personal space, Natsu had never, ever been elbowed in a brouhaha over merchandise.  Each man was desperately digging, searching for a cheap yet stylish and hopefully beloved gift for their special someone.

Happy flew overtop and dive-bombed the now swarming group of men pawing the selection of marshmallows, candles and skimpy night attire.  Competition got fiercer.  A fist-fight broke out over a set of mugs emblazoned with a cheesy 'love’ print.  Three men were sprawled on the marble floor - tussling over a package containing white slippers, a nighty and robe.

Shouted threats, kicks and thrown elbows kept Natsu off balance. He had never seen non-mages act like guild members before - it was more than a little off-putting.  Finally his frozen state broke.  Natsu dove into the throng with a battle cry worthy of Erza fighting for the last piece of strawberry cake.  He searched with single-minded aim, finding and discarding novelty knickers embroidered with a suggestion he almost burst into flames just reading.  The candles were a bit tempting, but not nice enough he decided.  Marshmallows were 'meh’, the chocolate too similar to what he’d received, the nightwear was all too nosebleed inducing and the mugs were honestly ugly.

The same voice emerged from the speakers:  "Final five minutes left in our White Day Special Sale!“

The table of sale items was now engulfed in a writhing sea of desperate men still seeking the perfect purchase to please their girlfriends.  Intent on one final item he’d had yet to examine, Natsu was taken unawares by two people playing tug of war with a large box.  The smaller of the two men fighting head-butted his opponent who then stumbled backwards, grabbed at the table trying to keep upright, and flung a white metal trivet as he fell - which happened to conk Natsu on his forehead, knocking him out.
Happy dragged his friend under the table, hiding from the melee.  He lightly slapped Natsu’s face and when that didn’t work, he put some muscle into it.  Natsu roused ten minutes later as the special event table was being put away - the saleslady and her two assistants screaming were the perfect wake-up call.

A bit groggy and now with a dully pounding headache, Natsu ran with Happy as the three shop workers yelled 'pervert’ at the top of their lungs.

Down a corridor and then up a set of stairs they found a quiet corner of the store.  More than a little depressed and despondent Natsu sighed and confided in Happy.  "That was my last hope.  White Day is tomorrow and I don’t have the slightest idea of what to get Lucy.”

“Let’s have a snack!”  Happy tugged Natsu by the hand to a set of café tables and chairs.  "Hudson’s has the best tako-yaki in town.“

"Maybe food with help me think.”  Natsu slumped into a seat.  "I just wanted to give her something as nice as she is.“  Picking at the food Happy brought back, Natsu ate slowly and sparingly.  "The sale is over and I don’t know what to do.”

“We won’t leave until you find something.”

“You’re the best, buddy!”


To mark the special occasion, Natsu entered the apartment building on Strawberry Street using the ground floor entrance after reminding Happy he had is own special gift to deliver to Charle.  Natsu trudged up the flights of stairs clutching Lucy’s gift, wrapped in white paper and silver ribbon.  It wasn’t as flashy as some of the gifts he’d seen available, nor as sexy as the underwear - but upon seeing it, he’d known his search was over.

Knuckles poised over the door, the slayer paused.  Natsu took a few deep calming breaths and shook his head to clear his thoughts.  He knocked and waited, shifting the parcel from under one arm to the other.

The door opened showing Lucy’s welcoming face becoming confused.  "What are you doing?“

Natsu grinned.  "Is that how you greet a guest?  Weirdo.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use the door - or wait for me to let you in - or -”  Lucy went silent as she saw the gift - and more importantly - the gift tag that bore her name in big swooping letters.  "Come in.“

Natsu remembered his uncertainty over his gift and his swagger lost a lot of his strut.  He covered up his lapse in poise by setting down the gift box on the coffee table and dropping into his usual spot on Lucy’s couch.  Natsu clasped his fingers together and puffed air, blowing the unruly lock of hair that covered one eye out of the way.

"What happened?”  Lucy couldn’t stop herself from leaning over close from her seat and gently tracing over the band-aid over his eyebrow, full of concern for her best friend.  "Does it hurt?“

His cheeks coloured a dull pink, clashing with his hair.  "Nothin’.  An’ it only hurts a little bit.”

“You have to take care of yourself you know.”

“Yeah - but it was for a good reason.”  He gave Lucy a timid smile.  "Remember those chocolates you made for me?“

She nodded and bit her lip.  "I remember.”

“Please accept this.”  Natsu snatched up the box and thrust it at Lucy.  "It’s not one of the traditional recommended gifts, but as soon as I saw it I wanted you to have it.“

"…”  Lucy took hold of the proffered box.  "Thank you.“  She smiled and her eyes gleamed with unshed tears.  "You didn’t have to get me anything.  I did hope but I wasn’t expecting.”  Lucy stared at the pretty white paper with silver ribbon on her lap and traced her name on the card.

“Open it.”  Eagerness coloured Natsu’s voice as he encouraged Lucy.  "I saw it and thought of you.“

Lucy plucked the card off the gift and set it aside on the table (that was going into her scrapbook later).  Lucy tugged on the ribbon and set that beside the tag.  Using her nails she slit the tape all around the box lid.  Slowly she prised off the lid and sat silent.  Natsu had given her a selection of pens, ink and a leather bound notebook in the creamiest pale yellow colour.

She blinked, set the gift down on the table and held out her hands to Natsu who was holding his breath as he tried to figure out if Lucy was pleased.  Her eyes sparkled and in that instant Natsu knew Lucy was happy.  He lunged forward hugging her; wrapped his arms around her and squeezed, breathing in calming air.  "I’m so glad you like it!”

“Yeah, I like …it…and you.”

Natsu nodded, then realized Lucy couldn’t see that - he needed to speak.  "I know, or else you wouldn’t have taken so much time and care to make those chocolates.“

Lucy blushed.  "This is a very thoughtful gift, but it’s much more than three times the value of what I gave you.  You didn’t -”

“Don’t be such a weirdo.”  Natsu pulled back so he could see Lucy’s face.  He looked into her eyes as he rubbed his forehead.  "You’re worth it, and never let it be said you’re not a girl worth fighting for.“

Okay for this post I’m gonna put the caption before the screenshots of Seán since there’s a lot of pictures I took from this video and I don’t want my words to be cut off in the tag search. :P 

Screenshots from I’M IN THIS GAME | Pinstripe! :D  

Well this is definitely different compared to what Seán usually does. xD He doesn’t ever usually stream an entire game in one sitting and use that as his 2nd video for that day. Not complaining at all though because I honestly really liked this! :) I loved just sitting down and watching him play this game and hearing him respond to people live while I was watching the video and for the moments I was actually there during the stream. Plus playing this game live helped him not get lost as much as he usually does during his videos. xD I wasn’t there that much during this stream because I was kind of having one of those off days where it was taking me much longer to get things done and because of that it took me forever to screenshot the final Paradigm video. But I was there for a few bits and pieces of it and I was on the fence about whether or not I’d screenshot this video because I knew it was gonna take me a while. But then I was there when he got to the end of this game during the stream and then I decided to just do it because I just wanted to see him play this game and I wanted to see his reactions to everything and see his character in the game. It’s super exciting to see him voice act in a game knowing how much he loves to do voices for characters in his videos and I’m sure it was super amazing for him to be a part of a video game. Being a part of this game and being able to voice act for it I could tell meant so much to Seán. He was so excited just hearing his voice in the game and hearing other people he know’s voices in the game too and honestly I loved seeing him so happy and giddy over that. I’m seriously so proud of him for trying something new for himself and I’m happy to see him being a part of a fantastic game too. I seriously would love to see him do more videos and live streams like this in the future because it’s nice to sit down and experience a game with him and I think it turns into a brand new special kind of experience when it’s live and when he can actively and instantly interact with the community while he’s playing a game. 
Also I loved this game! For a game that was made by just one person I am extremely impressed by it. It was short and sweet and had such an adorable ending which made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. xD I adored the art-style and music in this game too. It looked stunning and had such interesting and pretty visuals. Plus the voice acting was fantastic I loved Bo’s and Pinstripe’s voices and the sound editing on all the voices fit this game super well. I loved hearing Danny, Ross, Kevin, Nate, Felix and Seán’s voices in this game, I think they all did a great job and fit the characters that they were playing. It’s nice to see and hear them all be a part of something. 
In my opinion Thomas Brush did such an incredible job with this game and even without all these people being a part of this it still would’ve been a great game . :)
I had so much fun sitting down and watching Seán play and experience this game and hearing his voice in it! :D 
It makes me so happy to see him expand his horizons a little more. :)

anonymous asked:

do you know any new fluffy oneshot fics? or do you know any supernatural fics that are not in the tags yet?

new fluff

hide in you awhile by gentlestars - “Come on,” Jeongguk says, long fingers tangling up with Taehyung’s and he squeezes his hand. He motions with a simple nod of his head towards the bathroom door. “Come take a bath with me.”

It’s a Two-way Push by drymartaeni - Jeongguk is having some trouble with an up-coming performance piece, and calls in his novice boyfriend for some moral support.

Special Delivery by Quasoos - Taehyung likes pizza and the hot delivery guy and it just so happens that he gets both of them for free this time and there is nothing better than that.

[FOR RENT] BOYFRIEND FOR LUNAR NEW YEAR – serious inquiries ONLY by wowoashley -  BOYFRIEND FOR RENT FOR LUNAR NEW YEAR  Jeon Jeongguk 21 Engineering Major Part time fitness trainer Skills: Speaks fluent Korean Has abs Can do 5 backflips in a row Good with kids and dogs (allergic to cats) Excellent at charming adults Can also sing, but will charge extra Can also draw, but by commission ONLY Stipulations: no cats (as aforementioned, allergic) also allergic to crawfish will need to have about three hours free daily in the schedule to go to the gym must be reimbursed for gas rhinitis and seasonal allergies SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY (2) Attached Photos

Long Before I Knew Your Name by drymartaeni - They might not have gotten to see each other as much as they would have liked, but they made it work. Kept their friendship alive all through their childhood, now sitting there as young adults with memories shared and secrets to keep.

Let me Dream with the Stars by BlueCyanide - Falling in love with Kim Taehyung is easy.

Soppressata by drymartaeni - Kim Taehyung used to be cursed. Sentenced to a life of horrible dates and nights alone. Now, it seemed to have been lifted by a young chef and his philosophy that powdered sugar could fix anything. Even though, Min Yoongi still claimed the credit should rightfully go to him. (sequel to Picarones)

Dogs and Other Four Letter Words by thedarkestdawn - In which Jungkook falls for the cute dog walked his parents hired for the summer

Lost and Found by MysticMusicBox - Taehyung finds a cute puppy… and it’s cute owner.


vampires will never hurt you by snowmoney - taehyung had already had a pretty weird day, so really, being cornered into an alley by a vampire on his way home from work was probably to be expected. - “but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic would they be seriously grossed out” au

with rainy eyes by mystline - For in between those labored breaths, destiny once again intervened in the matters of mortals and laid her hand out, grasping the hilt of the sword protruding from the man’s body and murmured, live, Goblin, live. The oracles have said that only the goblin’s beloved may allow him to know what it truly means to die, to grab the sword by its grip and rip it out of him and finally end it all, this lifetime of waiting to pass on. And for this person, for his death, the Goblin has spent his entire existence searching, seeking, seething. He never anticipates what awaits him once this person finally comes.

Veins of Ivy by nightynight - For some reason, whenever Jungkook gets a cut or a scrape, a plant grows from it. He has no idea why this is, but he thinks it’s better he doesn’t question it. Instead, he researches and learns about his plants. He’s always got his head in a book about them, and, consequently, doesn’t make very many friends. There are a few exceptional people, though, that worm their way into his life, and for that he is forever grateful.

Drowning Days, Nameless Nights by deariebangtan - Taehyung has always wanted a more interesting life than the one he has in this fishing town he calls home. Nothing ever happens there. However, that changes when a mer washes up on the shore near his house- for the better or the worse.

Baby, it’s Magic by dotoli - Jeongguk briefly wonders if the school purposely picks attractive people to be orientation leaders.

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