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Am I not tagging my poems right? I tag them writerscreed but nothing ever happens

There may be a few reasons for that: 

  • Your tag may simply not show up in the search because sometimes Tumblr is weird like that
  • We may have missed it because while we try our best we cannot guarantee to see all the postings; different timezones plays a role in it as well sometimes
  • Your writing might have been deemed inappropriate 

Please make sure you are using the proper tag, it is #writerscreed in one word and please make sure it is within the first 5 tags. We cannot say for sure why your writing has not been reblogged unless you come off anon. Please message one of the admins and they will gladly help you out. 

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Is it just me, or does it feel like Jungkook and Hobi don't have very many moments?

OMG ANON ARE YOU ASKING ME TO SPAM YOU WITH JUNGHOPE MOMENTS? Okay anyways, to address the question, I know it might seem like Junghope have very few moments but I assure you they actually have quite a lot. Like suga/kookie, Junghope has a lot of behind the scenes/background and subtle moments that are hard to notice if you don’t actively look for it. Their moments have been more obvious lately but even back then, there were quite a lot. It’s been mentioned several times by different members that Hobi and Kook were extremely close predebut and that Hobi was the one that Kook let loose around and relied on. Now is about the time where I spam you with Junghope. So here we go~

Throwback Junghope they were super close

Junghope since Rookie King Days Hobi pulling him in by the neck ;-; (I found this gif on google images and it’s from We Heart It I really have no idea who made this gif)

This actually happened….

(Cr. @/janice0chung0) I mean come on, look at the stares. 

Never forget Now3.

This actually happened too.

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Hello i have a 12 year old sister whose favourite character is Pidge and I would really, really appreciate it if this wasn’t one of the first results that came up.  That’s a 14 year old girl.  With a 25-26 year old man.  That’s fucking gross.  I do not want her to ever see that if she were to search “Pidge”, which she will do because she has a habit of drawing her favourite things.  Please and thank you.

Purify Me (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

Context: Love is amazing, love is kind. Dean Ambrose isn’t a good man for Reader. He’s an amazing one. 

**A/N: ** Dean finally gets a full length fic after months of me stalling on how to write it. But the song inspiration is “Purify Me” by India Arie. 

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**Tags: ** @the-geekgoddes ; @kalliravenne ; @crookedmoonsaultpunk ; @m-a-t-91 ; @squirrel666 ; @livingthestrongstyle ; @nickysmum1909

“Easy like Sunday morning

Like an angel calling

He taking me all in

I’m embracing him with my skin

Like a glimmer of light

Like a vision of life

And he’s so perfect I couldn’t picture him if I tried…”

           Have you ever fallen in love so deeply that you didn’t even know what hit you? Have you ever searched for a soulmate so far and so wide with no hope of ever fining one? Have you ever felt the joy in knowing the one you always belonged with was right in front of you all along? Because I have and it feels amazing.          

          I took a deep breath as I stood in the dressing room, right as my parents entered.

         "Sweetheart,“ my father gasped. “You look stunning.”

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I love that pasta is basically the only thing Yuuri eats in your fics

IS THIS TRUE?? Anon, since I have an English paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, and since I’m curious, I’m now going to do a comprehensive study of food (and specifically pasta) mentions in all of my fics.

Five Times Viktor And Yuuri Were Jealous Of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) - pasta mentions: 0

  • one vague mention of food, which is never specified
    • Viktor watches the scene in shock, the food that they had just bought completely forgotten on the picnic table in front of him.

Accidentally Seductive - pasta mentions: 0

  • one metaphor containing food, once again the food is not specified
    • (Because negative things and Yuuri just didn’t fit well together. It was like mixing together two different foods with different textures.)

The Fundamentals of Caring - pasta mentions: 0

  • Popcorn
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) - pasta mentions: 1

  • There is unspecified food at a restaurant
  • Yuuri eats pasta! Specifically Phichit’s father’s pad thai

Not Jealous - pasta mentions: 0

  • Yuuri’s boyfriend brings him an unspecified lunch
  • Takeout food is mentioned in a hypothetical scenario Victor comes up with while daydreaming about Yuuri
    • [He] Wants to lay in bed with him and watch television shows and order takeout food with him and take long walks with him and do all of those ridiculous, sappy things.

all the world’s a stage - pasta mentions: 4

  • When Phichit first tells Yuuri about the job they are given unspecified food. 
    • His mind has gone haywire, his heart thumping in his chest. A waiter comes by and sets food in front of them, but he can hardly even see it.
  • Victor and Yuuri go out on a date to a restaurant, but the food is never explicitly mentioned.
  • Yuuri and Victor order and enjoy pizza
  • Makkachin eats dog food
  • They eat chips and salsa while watching Phichit skate
  • They eat popcorn when they watch Phichit skate again
  • They eat Pringles at Victor’s house one time
  • Yuuri was going to get unspecified food when he was intimidated by the paparazzi waiting for him
  • Christophe suggests Victor brings Yuuri’s family food when he’s going to fly to surprise him
  • The night after the gala Victor makes Yuuri food and puts it on a tray
  • At some point, Phichit and Yuuri go to a diner and eat unspecified food
  • Yuuri makes Victor piroshki and also makes katsudon several times throughout the story
  • There is a mention of eating a 32 inch Snickers bar
    • And how would one go about eating a 32 inch Snickers Bar in the first place?
  • There are four mentions of pasta in this fic, although pasta is never explicitly eaten.
    • 1. Victor thinks that anything Yuuri says would sound good. A pack of rabid raccoons? Cruel and unusual punishments? Ketchup and pasta?
    • 2. “Do you feel like Chinese? I could go for Chinese,” Victor muses. “Or maybe just pasta or something. I don’t know. Pizza again? Always a good choice. Oooh, or katsudon. You’ve gotten me hooked on katsudon, I’m afraid.”
    • 3. “I thought he was sick,” Yurio answers. “Relax, he probably had bad pasta or something. It happens.”
    • 4. Phichit is a firm believer in pasta Thursdays, a tradition that is held dear to all of their hearts.

centripetal force - pasta mentions: 4

  • Yurio wants to talk about food bc Victor is annoying him by being smitten™
    • “Let’s talk about food now. I want to talk about food.”
  • Yuuri eats a sandwich at the quad. Phichit also has a sandwich.
    • Yuuri moans in response to the first bite of his sandwich. “I’m starving,” he realizes.
  • Both Yuuri and Victor eat pasta!
    • “I’m getting pasta,” Victor tells him, heading off towards the pasta station. Yuuri gets pasta, too. Then they’re sitting across from each other, except Yuuri has already begun digging into his food, and Victor hasn’t, is just watching him.
  • Yuuri gets Victor a blueberry muffin when he’s hungover after the Halloween party
  • Yuuri brings pastries for Phichit and himself then starts crying while holding the bag
  • Victor orders Yuuri pasta in Saint Petersburg
    • Victor attacks Yuuri’s pasta with his fork, eats a bite of it. “See,” he explains through a mouthful, “your weakness is your empathy, Yuuri.”
  • They eat piroshki together
  • At some point, Yuuri brings Victor a bag of unspecified food
  • Victor is mentioned eating pasta at some point
    • “This is good,” Victor states firmly, digging into his pasta.
  • Pasta Thursday is mentioned to be a thing on campus
    • Yuuri is hungry, one day, so he walks to the dining hall for a late dinner. Victor is working on a project, so Yuuri is alone, yawning with thoughts of Pasta Thursday on his mind.

how the mighty fall (in love) - pasta mentions: 1

  • Victor orders a sandwich and Yuuri orders pasta
    • They sit down at a booth. It’s Italian food, which Victor enjoys. He orders a sandwich, Yuuri orders a pasta dish.
  • Victor has unspecified takeout food in Saint Petersburg


The most pasta mentions is a tie between centripetal force and all the world’s a stage. However, pasta is never explicitly said to be eaten in all the world’s a stage. As I have continued writing, the pasta mentions have increased, but this is also most likely due to the fact that most of my latter fics are multi-chapter, whereas the beginning ones are one-shots. The fic with the best food, in my opinion, is The Fundamentals of Caring. I do really like pasta.


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What happened to Sauces? Do you know?

NOOOO! After 10 minutes searching in my Liked posts, my following list & in the Rocio sims 4 tag…. I think she deleted? I hope I’m wrong.. I’m a little heartbroken, to be honest. She was one of my favorite simblr. Like, in my top 5. I follow her since the very first post of her previous story, with the arranged wedding, the hot soldier dude. I always admired her creativity, always coming up with surprising plotlines. I’m going to miss her. I’m sad I never talked to her now…

I hope she’s doing fine & that deleting was the best decision for her. But Saucy, I’m here if you want to come back, hit me up anytime. :(

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So I kind of went through your entire fic rec tag?? Do you have any more recs, by any chance?

do i ever!! here are some of my recent kudos/bookmarked/faved fics:

  • Buy Me A Coffee by going_slightly_mads (T, ~4,500): Bucky works at Café Plum, where strangers can buy online coffees to just about anyone. When a Greek god named Steve Rogers shows up one day and then disappears before even giving him his phone number, Bucky has only one solution: buy him a coffee online to get him to come back. 
  • Call Me Maybe by cleo4u2, xantissa (E, ~23,000): What’s a guy to do when he gets a wrong number? Flirt back, of course!
  • Keep on Living by worrisomeme (T, ~2,500):  based on the prompt “Our families are having funeral visitations at the same time and we’re both hanging around outside because we can’t deal.”
  • Pretty Pleasures by Chiyume (E, ~16,700):  Bucky was just looking for some paint! That’s all he came over for. How the hell was he supposed to know that Steve kept things like…like that in his art cabinet? And to make matters even worse, Steve just walked through the door and caught Bucky red-handed with his hands all over the darn things. And he does not look happy…
  • Things We’d Held in Secret by Dira Sudis (E, ~11,000):  Steve and Bucky were trapped together behind enemy lines in 1944. Bucky was badly injured, and for days Steve fed him the only way he could with no supplies on hand but a sharp knife. Bucky didn’t understand what was happening at the time, and afterward there was never a good time to tell him–but now that Steve knows what he really did for Bucky, the secret is going to have to come out.
  • Home Is Where You Are (Farmer ‘verse) by charlesdk (M, ~62,000):  The story of Steve Rogers, a former army captain and current farmer, and Bucky Barnes, a former brainwashed assassin for Hydra currently recovering and finding himself again.
  • tattoo your last bruise by ftmsteverogers (E, ~9,300):  “If you wanted, you could share the bed again,” Steve said, still studiously looking at the wall directly in front of him. “We used to do it all the time, before. It isn’t weird. Not for me, anyway.”
  • never let me down again by belovedmuerto (T, ~4,600): He wakes up alone, in his own bed. In his own house.
  • And Make Believe It Came from You by Sproings (G, ~2,500): Dear Bucky, I miss you.I see you every day, and I wave at you, and you wave back, and we smile, and I miss you.
  • Cinder and Smoke by littleblackfox (E, ~51,700):  “They say there’s no law in Parasapa. Is that true?” 
  • A Soft Blur by agetwellcard (E, ~28,000):  After recovering from his time in the army, Bucky is a successful photographer who is trying to forget his past. Two weeks after Steve’s return, he accidentally spills his champagne on Bucky at a charity event. It brings them together at a time when the two of them need each other the most. 
  • Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (E, ~121,000): In which Bucky wants to have Steve’s baby, and Steve is a very concerned dad-to-be.

and some of my subscribed/kudos/bookmarked/faved wips:

  • Sugar Sweet by ColorCoated (E, ~100,000):  College Student Bucky finds himself immediately attracted to Steve. He knows that Steve’s a bit older than him, and that Steve himself is put off by the age difference… But that doesn’t stop Bucky from wanting to climb him like a tree.
  • Fan the Flame by Avaaricious (M, ~168,000):  AKA the “I thought you were a dude-bro and meant to swipe left on Tinder but I slipped. We matched and now I’m stuck talking to you” AU
  • Pickup by Slenderlock (E, ~31,900): He’s shorter than Steve by a long shot, standing alone on the side of the road. His eyes cut through the darkness, staring directly up at Steve. He can’t be older than twenty. And he’s holding a thumb out. Steve makes a split-second decision and slams his foot on the brake.
  • Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou (E, ~93,000):  “Geez, Buck, what’d you do to Captain America? Fuck his sister?”
  • Hands of Clay by Mhalachai (M, ~304,700):  James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.
  • Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl by die_traumerei (E, ~12,700):  Steve’s not doing bad. Not great, but he’s at least a mostly-not-starving artist. And then he meets Bucky Barnes.

Binxy and I were talking about our search histories earlier today, which led to the conclusion that if the authorities ever got hold of them we were going to end up in jail for some if the things we’d researched. But it also got me to wondering how many of us have really weird and/or illegal type stuff in it search history. This is going to be a two part post, one for each question. To answer reply, reblog or send me an ask if you want to remain anon.

QUESTION 1-What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched for a fic you were writing?

Tagging below the cut

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Okay for this post I’m gonna put the caption before the screenshots of Seán since there’s a lot of pictures I took from this video and I don’t want my words to be cut off in the tag search. :P 

Screenshots from I’M IN THIS GAME | Pinstripe! :D  

Well this is definitely different compared to what Seán usually does. xD He doesn’t ever usually stream an entire game in one sitting and use that as his 2nd video for that day. Not complaining at all though because I honestly really liked this! :) I loved just sitting down and watching him play this game and hearing him respond to people live while I was watching the video and for the moments I was actually there during the stream. Plus playing this game live helped him not get lost as much as he usually does during his videos. xD I wasn’t there that much during this stream because I was kind of having one of those off days where it was taking me much longer to get things done and because of that it took me forever to screenshot the final Paradigm video. But I was there for a few bits and pieces of it and I was on the fence about whether or not I’d screenshot this video because I knew it was gonna take me a while. But then I was there when he got to the end of this game during the stream and then I decided to just do it because I just wanted to see him play this game and I wanted to see his reactions to everything and see his character in the game. It’s super exciting to see him voice act in a game knowing how much he loves to do voices for characters in his videos and I’m sure it was super amazing for him to be a part of a video game. Being a part of this game and being able to voice act for it I could tell meant so much to Seán. He was so excited just hearing his voice in the game and hearing other people he know’s voices in the game too and honestly I loved seeing him so happy and giddy over that. I’m seriously so proud of him for trying something new for himself and I’m happy to see him being a part of a fantastic game too. I seriously would love to see him do more videos and live streams like this in the future because it’s nice to sit down and experience a game with him and I think it turns into a brand new special kind of experience when it’s live and when he can actively and instantly interact with the community while he’s playing a game. 
Also I loved this game! For a game that was made by just one person I am extremely impressed by it. It was short and sweet and had such an adorable ending which made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. xD I adored the art-style and music in this game too. It looked stunning and had such interesting and pretty visuals. Plus the voice acting was fantastic I loved Bo’s and Pinstripe’s voices and the sound editing on all the voices fit this game super well. I loved hearing Danny, Ross, Kevin, Nate, Felix and Seán’s voices in this game, I think they all did a great job and fit the characters that they were playing. It’s nice to see and hear them all be a part of something. 
In my opinion Thomas Brush did such an incredible job with this game and even without all these people being a part of this it still would’ve been a great game . :)
I had so much fun sitting down and watching Seán play and experience this game and hearing his voice in it! :D 
It makes me so happy to see him expand his horizons a little more. :)


I currently have several Dramione works in progress with good amounts already written, but I really want to focus on one at a time to get them completed. I just can’t decide where to start.

I value the opinions of each followers, and I’m eager to know which the readers would be most anxious to read. Please look over the list and tell me what you think! Reblog with your opinions, tag the numbers you like best, shoot me a private message, however you want to give me feed back, it is very much appriciated! XOXO

1 - Dramione with mild Beauty & the Beast undertones (angsty with potential smut)
Setting: Malfoy Manor during the war
•The Snatchers bring Hermione to Malfoy Manor where only Draco remains. He orders them to leave her, and they obey. It would be foolish not to obey. He keeps her as prisoner but can’t fathom how ungrateful she’s being. After all she is safe here, provided with gourmet meals, a luxurious bed, even a grand ballroom at her disposal. Draco beleives he is keeping her from a worse fate, it is about time she believes it, too.

2 - Dramione with a theme of Draco’s friendship with Moaning Myrtle (true to character, follows original HBP timeline, potential love story and/or smut)
Setting: Hogwarts, sixth year
•Draco stumbles into an unlikely friendship with a ghostly girl who in her former life, despite being a bright Ravenclaw witch, was a relentlessly teased and degraded muggleborn student. Draco can’t help but notice she reminds him of someone. He finally found someone who listens to him, now if only Granger would stop nosing around.

3 - Dramione imprisoned by Voldemort (dark themes, may require some trigger warnings)
Setting: Dungeon of Malfoy Manor, 7th year during war
•Draco is given heinous orders by the Dark Lord, and this is his third and final chance to redeem himself in those red eyes. If he fails, both their lives will be lost, but if he conquers, would he even be able to live with himself? Draco shudders at the thought as the Dark Lord pushes him through the cellar door. He falls on his knees before the other prisoner. Hermione Granger lifts her head off the stone floor enough to give him a look of pure disdain.

4 - Dramione and the forgotten identity (obliviation, some mystery, equal parts fluff/angst)
Setting: Muggle London, post Hogwarts
•It was like seeing a ghost, was he seeing a ghost? Everyone thought she was dead, Potter himself had confirmed it, even held a bloody funeral! But there she was, working behind the desk of a muggle library. Granger looked at him as if she hadn’t loathed him for 7 years. Hell, she looked at him like she had never seen him before in her life. This was quite an unexpected opportunity. (Inspired by my favorite fic, Thirteenth Night by Nelpher)

5 - Dramione in hiding (isolation & romance)
Setting: A seaside cottage during the war
•It was a wonder he got them out of Malfoy Manor alive, or maybe she got them out. Either way, here they were with only each other; no wands and no idea what was happening in the outside world. Hermione had injuries that required attention, and the Dark Lord was now aware Draco’s allegiance had changed. There was no going back, they would have to remain in this old cottage with only the ocean and each other until the storm passed. Would that be tomorrow, in 50 years, or ever?
(^actually posted the prologue for this one under an edit I made, search my tags for seaside cottage)

*authors note: there is always a potential for smut, obviously I adore angst and isolating the pair, and I tend to write from Draco’s POV.

Addressing a Few Things.

Hi loves~ I hope you’re doing well! I’ll try to make this little post as brief as possible while still addressing some concerns people have, so everybody can see where I’m coming from and I can set some records straight in reply to some of the rumors that have been floating around as of late. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more, if not have a lovely night~ <3

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Hello hi I love ur blog ♥️ Also have u ever considered a vampire! Enjolras au?


Here’s also my vampire tag

One of my favorite aus that I thought of though was Vampire R who was apart low key either the prince of France or the king of France’s lover (I don’t remember which one I decided on) but basically he had a high position in court and has lived a long time and when he tells Enjolras this (his modern day boyfriend) Enjolras is shook and R continues to go on and on how most monarchs of that time were vampires or just had a large number of them in their court

Grantaire has lived a very long and interesting life
Had many lovers and too much heart break in his life when they were taken from him
Also once accidentally married a goat

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To stan them is my big quest
To ship them is my cause
I will look at every site
Searching far and wide
For fics and pics that will make me say “omg i died”
It’s you and me
I know it’s my destiny
K-Girl Groups
Ooohh did not intend
That my social life they’ll end
K-Girl Groups
A love so trueee
I’ll cross the globe all for you
You exist
And I thank you
K-Girl Groouuups~
Gotta stan them all
Gotta stan them all
K-Girl Groups!

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Typical Love Story ; Part.3 - Peter Parker

Request: I got over 60 request so here it is!!

Words: 3,734

Warnings: A little sad at some parts, but mainly fluff!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Saturday evening came faster than expected. You spent most of the morning lounging around and catching up on sleep. Your whole family was extra nice to you all week long, you brother even kept out of you hair and minded his own business.

Ever since Michelle had left you utterly speechless and shattered, not many things proved to be that important, like the stupid dance. Peter’s calls stopped and his text messages no longer existed. He was going with Michelle and that was final.

Some may rank you as overdramatic, but you didn’t care. Peter Parker was going with a girl who didn’t deserve him and that destroyed you.

The best option for the night was to keep of social media. Thousands of pictures and videos were a sure factor to be posted and the last thing you wanted to see was a album full of Peter and Michelle.

Tilting the lenses of your reading glasses down, you glanced over the brim of the eyewear at the clock on the tabletop. It was already 7:30pm and the dance started at eight. Peter left around 6. you watched him skip down the apartment complex steps and return ten minutes later with a hand full of flowers then off again with his Aunt.

A chorus of knocked echoed on your front door tearing you from the river of thoughts. You swung your legs off the window sill and threw your blanket off your body.

“Just a second!” You exclaimed. The knocks ceased the moment your hand fell on the cold knob. Quirking your eyebrow you hesitantly unlocked the old door and pulled it open with a squeak.

Wrapped up in a neat golden box with a oversized white lush bow tied on top was a gift laid out on your welcome mat. Sparkles waxed the paper making it glow from the dim hall light peeking out from the wall fixture.

You examined the area outside of your home looking for any sign of life. The elderly woman who lived three home down from you was exiting her apartment. She smiled politely at you and for a brief moment you contemplated asking her about the strange present.

Shaking the thought out, you bent down and pulled the box into your grasp then entered back into your house kicking the door shut behind you. Your mom sat at the dining table consumed deep in her daily crossword puzzle with a blue coffee cup curled around her hand. You tip toed towards your bedroom hoping to avoid confrontation and rested the case on your desktop.

Your fingertips worked eagerly untangling the luxurious ribbon. Lifting the lid, you peered around the pink case. A gasp sounded from you sore throat.

Inside the container was a magnificent gift. Unintentional salty tears pinched at your eye sockets. A one of a kind blue gown was folded in a neat fashion inside the large box. Your eyebrow sky rockets as you skimmed over the front chest of the dress.

You lifted the fabric out from the parcel holding it up in the air. The skirt of the dress flowed out like the bottom half of a gown a princess might be found wearing. It was the dress… the one you had returned earlier in the week. The only thing you had ever felt truly confident in.

“Oh my god…” You said in a haze. The blue material pooled around the end of your bed. It was a flawless dress, completely gorgeous.

Displaying the long gown across your bedspread you flipped the box around in search for a name of a sender. The cost was high, something you mother secretly appreciated returning money wise.

A white tag made you heart skip a beat. Written across the paper in a messy style was a firework full of hearts. with your name in the middle. You fumbled turning the note in shock. On the back of the parchment was a time and location.

Meet me at the alley way on Greenway Street at 9pm. Wear the dress please, you look perfect in it.

Nerves pilled up. Who wrote this? What if this was all just some silly prank? Your mind bounced back and forth internally debating on the mysterious note and gift. It was obvious this mysterious admirer of yours had spent a pretty penny on you and who knows, maybe this could help you take your thoughts off of Peter and Michelle having the time of their lives at Prom.

Your heart raced a million miles in your chest. Butterflies bubbled in your stomach freely. Tucking the dress back into the case you rushed into the bathroom preparing yourself for the night ahead.

When 9:00 struck your heart leaped. Gripping the note in your hand you waverley stepped outside your apartment building. The air was tight in your chest. A weight crushed down on your lungs causing uneven breaths as you stumbled in your glittered heels towards the alleyway.

People passing by gave you strange looks. Few snickers, some smiled, and others sent you a curious view. Walking around Queens in a Prom dress was a peculiar sight.

Despite the hide away in the street being right around the corner from your place, the two minute walk felt like an eternity. You raced through the possibility of who could be behind all of this. There was always a chance that the whole thing was a setup but you had to find out.

Turning the corner and stepping into the pathway your body went numb. The scene before you was enough to cause a rush of tears to spring free.

Millions of fairy lights lit the dim space. The twinkling lights were hung in a zigzag manner connecting from your complex to the one besides yours. Grand vases overflowing with luscious red roses were planted neatly around the area. A large wooden portable floor covered the cement ground making the premises elegant and neat. in the far right of the alleyway was a white clothed table with a bottle of kids wine dug into a metal tin of ice. Two wine glasses sat opposite of each other.

Your hand clamped over your mouth to hide your gasp. A new voice broke through and you turned around to meet a pair of timid brown eyes.

“I uh- it’s not much but I wanted to make it special for you. Here, I remember you saying yellow tulips are your favorite.” Peter Parker admitted shyly. Drawing his hands out from behind his back he lunged a nosegay of sweet scented flowers in your hands. You accepted them in confusion bringing them up to your nose.

Peter shifted his weight from his back foot to his front tyring to maintain his composition. He was dressed to the nines in a sharp black tuxedo with a satin blue tie matching the fabric of your dress perfectly. His messy brown locks were combed tamely to the side with the help of a bit of gel.

“Peter what’re you doing here? You should be at Prom with Michelle-” Anger seeped in.The whole setup was forgotten and instead to push to the side with the realization of what Peter did.

Peter’s eyes darted to your frame. HIs left hand scratched the back of his neck, something he did when he grew uncomfortable.

“I called Michelle after she stopped by your place when you were sick. I heard everything… you left your window open. Besides I couldn’t go with her anyways when all I would be thinking about the entire dance would be you.” He stated. You mouth hit the floor half out of rage and the other out of a weird love feeling.

“Oh.” You nodded shortly. Tension was building by the second and you searched for a way out without creating too much drama. You could simply tell Peter you felt ill and wanted to go home, but what if he asked to come with you? Peter cut your mind race off as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and coughed.

“She had no reason to say any of the things she did. I put her in her place as best as I could without causing too many issues. She won’t be bothering you anymore.” Oh I’m sure, you thought.

Rolling your eyes you set aside the posy of tulips. Across from you Peter’s eye followed your movements strictly. You scoffed and threw a pointed glare to the observant boy.

“I don’t need you protecting me, Peter.” You spat rather harshly. In defense Peter’s rose and looked at you as if you had grown an extra eye. His feet subconsciously walked towards you.

“I’m going to even if you don’t want me. You’re the greatest thing that has ever happen to me, how could I not protect someone like you. But she was right about one thing… I do like you, Y/n. A lot actually and-” Raising your hand you waved Peter off. You were not about to let him continue down the path he was heading especially if it was one full of lies.

“Don’t. That’s not fair, Parker. You’re not allowed to drop me like trash, kick me to the side, than lure me back in only to hurt me again. I’m not gonna let you do that. You break my heart every damn time.” You felt stupid at this point. Here you were in a fabulous decorated scenery. Peter hit the hammer on the nail incredible accurately with the beauty of everything he put together. Though the flowers, dance floor, and lights hardly distracted you from the fact that Peter hurt you.

Shuffling towards you, Peter reached out and grasped your hand softly. There was a look in his eye- one that you had never seen before. A hint of sorrow and something else, something more.

He shakily let out a breath of air and spoke,

“Y/n I understand if you won’t forgive me but just hear me out.”

You folded your arms sternly across your chest. Peter’s pleading eyes weren’t helping you stay strong and stick with your pride. Sighing, you loosened your posture and shrugged.

“You’ve got five minutes.” His features lit up a whole turn at your words.

Turning to the side Peter ushered you to the small table and pulled the chair back for you to slid in. You sat down silently watching with a hidden humorous smile as Peter rushed around the other side, wiping off a bead of sweat from his hairline.

Again, his tremulous hand locked around your fragile fingers. Butterflies took flight from the sensation of his warm skin against yours. Breaking the ice, Peter’s thumb danced along your knuckles mindlessly.

“I don’t love Michelle- I hardly like her. It’s just… since the moment we met I’ve loved you. Everything about you, all the small quirks, and everything in between. God I sound so cheesy and cliche but I love you Y/n. I… I thought you only saw me as your friend so I faked a crush on Michelle so I could get over you and there for awhile I thought I was starting to like her but then… then I would think about you, my mind always finds its way back to you and I’d remember how much I love you.” The brown hair boy rambled on and the more he said, the more his palms grew clammy. His voice wavered between octaves cracking ever so slightly. Wait what? Did he just-

You were almost positive your eyes were bulging out from their sockets trying to process his words. You darted your tongue along your lips quickly avoiding Peter’s burning gaze.

“You love me?” Saying it out loud made you feel that much more pathetic. There was no way the guy of your dreams liked you back- that only happen in chessy books and over done movies. There was no Nicholas Spark around and you were not Rose and the man in front of you was not Jack.

Peter head moving up and down in a rapid fashion caught your attention and you found him grinning from ear to ear.

“How could I not. You’re the sweetest person in the world and you’ve been by my side through thick and thin, like when my Uncle passed or when I found out about my powers. You’re the only one who knows about me being Spider-Man because I trust you more than anyone else in this world.” His words could melt you heart, but sadly for him, you had a heart of steel. Yanking your hand away from Peter’s embrace you huffed.

“Well if you love me so much why did you treat me so horrible? You made me feel awful, like I’m worthless. You picked a girl who bashed on me to my face over your best friend. Do you know how much I went through? I had to cancel all of our plans, making numerous returns, and spend the entire week feeling terrible. And you dropped me days before the dance!” You shouted. Your emotions had been bottled up for far too long and you desperately seeked to let them all flow out.

His gaze fell to the floor and you could see the wet tears forming. Oh god, you thought, please don’t cry. You had only seen Peter cry twice; the first was when his Uncle Ben died and the second was when he failed his English test (only to find out the next day the teacher mixed his paper up with Peter Mcalister’s).

He sniffled quietly. His knee bounced up and down as an act of distraction trying to pry his conscience from the events of the week.

In spite of guilt you outstretched across the table and held Peter’s hand. It was a new feeling. The way he grasped your hand made you brim with excitement and new found fear, not of him… just of the idea of what it could mean.

Peter reached up and dabbed the corner of his wrist collar against his reddening eyes.

“Please believe me when I say how sorry I am. I was tyring to find a way to shut down my feelings for you because I didn’t think they would go anywhere. I’m so sorry for hurting you the way I did. You mean the world to me and I never meant to hurt you, ever. And you’re not worthless. I figured you wouldn’t want me as your date so I tried to just save you the time. If I had known how this would turn out I’d never have asked Michelle in the first place. I’m sorry for everything she put you through. You didn’t deserve to be treated the way she-” Jumping up from your spot you lifted the ends of the mouth watering dress and threw your arm around Peter practically sitting in his lap as you cuddled into his warm side. His hand shot up out of instinct to keep you from falling out. The material of the dress bunched up underneath you at the sudden movement but you couldn’t care less. Peter’s hand rested on the small of your half bare back and a tint of blood red began to coat his cheeks.

“Just kiss me already would you?” You giggled. The demand was the product of a rain of adrenaline from Peter’s confession. Typically you were not so outspoken and forward but hearing him say that he loves you to your face, well that brought out a totally different wave you had never experienced.

With a cheeky smirk, Peter leaned in closing the gap between your lips and kissed you softer than expected. His lips felt like pure bliss, you were a permanent resident on cloud nine when his lips worked against yours. Air shortage grew tight in your lungs as the kiss deepened. Boldly up placed your hands on either side of Peter’s face bringing him closer to you. He hummed in satisfaction and found his way to your hips.

Light headedness entered your system and you detached yourself from Peter with a happy sigh. His hand lifted, skimming against the skin of his tender lips.

Standing up from his lap you helped bring him to his feet. Peter’s strong arm snaked around your waist holding your frame to his side. Smiling you soaked in the liveliness of the once dull alleyway. You nudged Peter and pointed around the space.

“Did you do all this yourself?” You asked still flabbergasted. It must’ve taken Peter hours to set everything up. You were thankful you had remained sulken in your room and didn’t glance out the window at all the entire day.

A bashful grin appeared and Peter shrugged nonchalantly.  

“No, I had a little help from Mr. Stark and Aunt May. Mr.Stark said I was stupid for treating you the way I did, and he’s right, so he said he couldn’t stand by and watch me ruin something good so he insisted on helping.” He chuckled. Peter led you to the hand made dance floor and spun you into his arms slyly. Grasping his bicep to keep your balanced you winked at Peter.

“Well tell Mr. Stark I think he’s a genius.” You gushed swaying to the melodic tunes in sync with Peter.

The music echoed smoothly like a distant crashing wash lulling you to a bliss full of peace and serenity. Peter’s placement settled on your waist lifting his hand that was intertwined with yours and danced to the rhythm of the slow pace. You copied his footsteps like a mirror being extra careful to pull your foot back before his came crashing down.

From high above you two a loud cheering entered the scene. You stepped out of the gazebo and squinted up in the direction of Peter’s apartment only to find Tony Stark and Aunt May gleaming down. May had a camera glued to her face, an evident smile peeking out from behind the lense. Mr. Stark had a glass of pinot grigio raised in the air as if he were toasting you.

“Of course I am kid. Now have fun you two but not too much if you know what I mean.” So maybe he was really only toasting himself. Tony waved to you with a childlike grin.

“Tony!” Aunt May scolded sharply slapping his arm. Tony shuddered and winced as he babied his shoulder. May smirked in victory and waved at you two then shut the window of Peter’s bedroom.

You laughed hiding you face in Peter’s chest. His hand found the back of your head rubbing your freshly styled hair. You could feel his eyes scape your body, not in the gross way but more in an astonished way. Now it was your turn to blush.

“You look gorgeous in that dress by the way.” His compliment was simple yet threw your heart into overdrive. Looking down at yourself you gave Peter’s hand a light squeeze.

“Thanks, Peter. It must have cost you a fortune-” Your words were cut short by a pair of familiar lips smashing against yours. Peter’s kiss provided more passion the second time around but was still as sweet and gentle as the first. You drew back breathless and happy.

“Don’t worry about it, oh wait I got you something else.” Peter walked you over to the table you had been sitting at moments ago and dragged a bag out from under the sheet. You gave him a confused look and he held his finger up. Not long later he pulled out a baby blue corsage, twins to the one already pinned on his tux. Unsure, Peter tried tying the ribbon around your wrist multiple times. The heavy flower slid off and Peter fell to his knees preventing it from hitting the ground. Bursting out in a fit of giggles you watched as Peter managed to finally tighten the corsage the right way. “I-I… I think this is how you do it, uh, there we go.”

Lifting up to your tippy toes you planted a warm kiss on Peter’s burning cheek. He was too perfect to resist.

“You’re the best, Peter.” You stated leaning your head against his shoulder.

After a few hours of dancing, joking around, excited kisses, and laughs Peter walked over to his speaker and unplugged his phone. You tilted your head and walked to his side yawning as you did so. The sun was asleep and the moon was floating high in the crisp dark sky.

Turning on his back heel Peter slide his arm around your shoulder.

“Say… you maybe wanna head up to my room and order a pizza and watch a few movies? I’ll even let you pick which ones.” Peter suggested. He wiggled his eyebrows funnily and smirked. You nodded your head and reached down unstrapping the buckle of your heels.

“Sure but I can not take another second in these death traps so I’m going to walk barefoot and if-” You screamed in shock as your feet left the ground without warning. Peter had swept you off your feet, literally, and held you close. Lost for words you slapped his side briefly masking your smile.

“Ow, what was that for?” He questioned looking down at you.

“You scared the life out of me.” You said loudly. By the hint of mischievous in his sparkling eyes, you knew Peter already was aware why you screamed but it humored him to tease you.

“What did you really think I was about to let you walk barefoot all the way up to my apartment? No way. Besides haven’t you ever seen a Disney movie before? The princess always gets carried away by the Prince, I thought you knew that.”

A smile found it’s way to your face. You took in every little thing about Peter on the ride up to his room. When his kicked open his bedroom door and laid you down softly on your head you realized that you had been wrong all along, maybe this was a typical love story, but the cliche stories weren’t always awful. And maybe you were the Julia Roberts of the film, but you weren’t complaining, because in those films she always ends up with the guy of her dreams and that was exactly what was happening right now.

-Daizy xx

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Would you ever do a face reveal ? (unless you did one and I missed it ;-;) Also, your art is great !!

I had a face reveal when I cosplayed as JD :0 you can find it by just searching my “#cosplay” or “#me face” tag ^-^ And also thank you!

Fic Rec #1

Fic Rec #2

Fic Rec #3

Stow Away Captains by xairylle (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Yes. So fun, the initial second-hand embarrassment (on behalf of our darling Law) almost scared me off cause I’m squeamish like that don’t judge, but I was just so intrigued let me tell you, I was making these funny faces, y'know, the ones where you’re reading something you probably shouldn’t be and there are those cursed others around (I get these horrible faces when I’m drawing and writing too ha) why must the world be populated so? Go read go.

them’s the breaks by coffindoors (1k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

That summary though. I think Luffy is one of the hardest characters to portray, and can I say, oddly enough, even though the author admits an abundance of ooc-ness, I actually had no problems going along with this like it was great. Very smexy, extremely smexy. All hail the smexy.

Corrupt Confessions by grayclouds (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Can you guess? Demon Luffy and priestly Law, let the battle begin. Mortal Combat voiceover dude: K.O. Brief but sinful, just how I like my coffee.

Soul Searching by grayclouds (1k) Rated G complete Law/Luffy

You like this random little dollop of rated G between the sandwich of Lawlu porn? That’s my mentality when reading, all over the fucking place. So, kinda angsty (also, just noticed that a tag implies an open ending interpretation for this one, which is interesting since my mind immediately took to the depressing ending without ever knowing the other was an option so yeah, today I learned a little about myself).

Youthful Years by grayclouds (6k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

HOGWARTS. That’ll get me to read anything. It could be Miss Bagel meets Mr. Donut but oh no they’re in different houses and I’d still read it. This one was a while ago for me so I can’t remember it well, but I remember this one scene that convinced me to rec it cause I thought it was perfect and great and wait yes it’s all coming back to me it was good.

The Snake by Guk (12k) Rated M complete Kid/Law

So there’s this snake, and it pretty much has an existential crisis and turns into jewelry- or not (heehaw). But seriously, Kid and Law bond over this cute little slip of green that hides under Law’s clothes and everything is just great. Read this one twice. You should too.

Forbidden Fruits by Reiki (135k holy shit I didn’t know) Rated T complete Kid/Law, Marco/Ace

So. I think I read this on, I could be wrong, but I think I did (and honestly I hate trudging through the slush there, not insulting anyone, just that there’s so much on that it takes forever to find one you’re genuinely interested in). HOWEVER, I liked this one so much that I had to rec it here and so I looked to see if it was on AO3 (my preferred choice of poison) and wala, it is. At first I was like eh. Then I was like ah. Then I was like OH. The development in this, the mental and emotional progress, astounding. It says T but I remember it getting pretty damn near M? If you want something long and chaptered and complete, here ya go. It’s a beaut.

How Many Times Will These Boys Fall in Love (spoiler: everytime) by Guk (28k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

Maybe you can guess by the title, maybe you can’t, but it’s one of those Tumblr prompt things with 16 chapters and going, so if you’re out on a long ride and want to just binge Kidlaw then here you go. They’re pretty diverse in theme with side-action from sub-bosses like Doffy and Killer. My favorites are: My Boyfriend’s a Pirate, Bring Law Next Time (with some Doffy action). Surprise You’re Married, and Law Has a Scheme (some Killer action woohoo).

Bloodred by Enziroth (5k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

This author just suddenly spits out a bunch of stories and I’m intrigued. This one caught my little eye with the sassy summary. Law’s a bloodsucker that only likes redheads. Kid’s a redhead (who also hunts darling creatures like Law so, y'know, interest piqued). Not usually into the whole vampire thing, so that certainly says something don’t it.

Black and White by Enziroth (4k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

So y'know how I was saying this author just kinda like appeared on my radar out of nowhere like a Pokemon pops out of the shrubbery? (a wild Enziroth appears, has a ring to it) Well, this is one of those fics. I got me a weakness for anything resembling a prison au, there just ain’t enough of them. Do be warned, non-consensual content (I mean, it’s prison so).

Unintended Consequence by itsmylifekay (7k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Ventured into the T section by mistake, don’t regret it one bit. Sanji gets Zoro a little friendship bracelet out of misplaced spite, and our darling swordsman actually wears it. The cutest thing, truly.

Shredded Letters and Telltale Expressions by tuna (fancy2na) (13k) Rated M incomplete Zoro/Sanji

Really curious where this is headed. We got two unlikely compadres (namely Nami and Zoro) bonding over the pains of loving someone who might never love them back. I love supporting characters that actually support the characters in a literal sense, if you know what I mean. Definitely on the look-out for further development. Also, apparently Nami can outdrink Zoro, who knew.

Not Just About You by sabershadowcat (6k) Rated M complete Zoro/Sanji

I really don’t want to mention the fact that it’s in 2nd person POV, cause I know that’s immediately gonna turn some people off, hell, I don’t even read 2nd POV, I don’t even know why I did, but I’m glad I did because I have this nasty habit of silently appreciating and stalking stories without ever showing my appreciation, and I actually commented on this one, that’s how stunned I was by this.

Blurry Face by barahands (6k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Marco and Ace. Ace and Marco. Haa. I had a hard time for a while reading anything about our freckled beauty because I mean, you-know-why. But this author be so smexy with their writing that I actually found the next rec by association. Pretty hot, give it a whirl.

Trust by barahands (5k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Sex done right like give me a fan and a cushion so I can faint Victorian style oohlala. There’s one line in here that killed me like yes please. I’m shameful I’ve read this twice now. Maybe I’ll go read it again, you can’t judge me. I mean, you can tell by most of these recs that I like my mature dose of naked butts right? So trust me on this, trust me on everything. Just don’t trust your life with me cause I don’t know what to do with those things.

I’ll Be Your Man by neverlandlumos (2k) Rated M complete Basil/Kid

Not a common ship. To be honest, not sure how I wound up here. Like I faintly recall thinking Basil’s hair would look good pinned up and then I read some porn? Not sure, but holy hell did this one take me for a ride. Sub Eustass done right like I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done so right.

NOTE: I’ve got my own smattering of fics I’ve been working on, just click on the link on my smancy blog.

Also if you’ve got a rec send me a message I’m always in the mood for some good shit, like, even if it’s a totally under-the-boat pairing (kinda wondering about DrakexBasil lately no reason just)

A rec list of general Solangelo cuteness, as you have wished @thatoneimpala



  • As If Hands Were Enough (to Hold an Avalanche Off) - okay. so this is a college AU. and just even thinking about it makes me so emotional. Gg, I’m begging you. please read this. (honestly, just read anything by theroyalsavage because they’re my god.) (22 chapters,  44,937 words)
  • Kitchen Nightmares - this is also by theroyalsavage, but it’s my favorite fanfic of their’s (definitely one of my favorite Solangelo fics ever). It’s that one AU I was telling you about where Nico owns this really fancy Italian restaurant and Will parks his ugly taco truck out front and Nico get’s all pissy and goes over there and everyone is like “oh shit whaddup” and idek man…. I’m just so emo it’s so good. (13 chapters,  43,067 words)
  • Just linking you to their Solangelo on Ao3  because, otherwise, this is going to be a long list of their fanfic…..
  • Asymptotes -  an adorable college AU featuring punk!Nico and nerd!Will. Read it. It’s so cute it melted my heart. And my heart is barely existent. (4 chapters, 17,790 words)
  • Try to Leave a Light On - Nico is distant, Will hardly ever sees him, and it’s starting to hurt. This is “porn with feelings” as stated by the tags. It’s angsty, but there’s a happy ending!!  (one shot, 3,710 words)
  • Redamancy - Nico ends up in the hospital too often, but it turns out that it’s not so bad after all. (one shot, 3,034 words)
  • With the Lights On - also one of my favorite Solangelo fics ever. They have a one night stand and then they keep seeing each other everywhere and one thing leads to another…. Agh. Doing this is bringing back so many emotions. (21 chapters,  47,686 words)


  • @theroyalsavage has some great fics on here too. They might all be on Ao3 but… just to be safe. (You may have to do some searching under their “my writing” tag, but it’s so worth it.)
  • honestly, anything by @warmestbloggerever too. (found here) Liv’s fics are the epitome of happiness and. kill me. So lovely.
  • Melting Sugar - cute fic where Will goes out of his way to get Nico’s favorite cookies from his childhood, basically. 
  • The “Straight” Roomate AU - I think the title is pretty self-explanatory…. this fic is just. agh.
  • Your Wish Is My Command - Solangelo Genie AU. SO GOOD.
  • idk man. If you need more fics, I have read so many it’s actually insane.
  • also, there are my fics *wink wink nudge nudge*


I’m just going to link you to some amazing blogs

(also, just kind of realizing after doing all of this that you can go to @solangelo and find everything you could ever dream of)

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lmao have you ever searched Haulet on twitter? That tag is full of karamels talking abt you. One of them tried to insult you by saying you reminded them of Roulette LMAO 😂 How is that even an insult?